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  By:   Jenna Gettman
        Katherine Howell
        Kirk Wise
        Pat Little
Face-to-Face Meetings Vs. Virtual Teaming
Face-To-Face Meetings   Virtual Teaming

 Costs:                 Costs:
   Travel                 Virtual Teaming
   Lodging                 Software (if applicable)
   Food                   Training
   Meeting Space          Implementation
   Salaries               Salaries
Benefits of Virtual Teaming
 Provides the ability to
  work outside business
 Allows people from
  many locations to
  interact easily and
  without travel costs
 Increased Productivity
 Less Costs for on going
Features                   Virtual Teaming

 Online Meetings           Document Sharing
                               Allows one participant to share
   Chat & Voice over IP        a document via desktop
                                sharing and allows other
 Screen Sharing                participants to make changes
                                by giving them control of the
 Ability to record and         keyboard and the mouse.
  archive meetings          Project Management
                               GoTo Meeting does not
 Use on a PC or MAC            provide for project
 Secure
                            Meetings
 Browser-based                Excellent meeting capabilities
                                with voice, video, and chat.
Features                 Virtual Teaming
                          Document Sharing
 File sharing
                             Nomadesk provides the ability
 Theftguard                  for users to collaborate on a
                              number of documents with
                              instantaneous synchronization
 Unlimited Storage           across all computers
 Documents are           Project Management
                             Nomadesk does not provide
  available online and        project management.
  offline                 Meetings
                             Nomadesk does not provide
 Secure                      the ability for teams to meet.
Features              Virtual Teaming

 Online Meetings      Document Sharing
                          Huddle provides the ability to
   Chat & VOIP            share any file with all
                           members of the group
 File Sharing
                       Project Management
 Discussion Board        Huddle allows project
                           management to take place
 Task Assignment &        using tasks and assignments
  Management           Meetings
 Group Whiteboard        Huddle allows for scheduled
                           online meetings using text
 Secure                   chat or voice calls.
 Browser-based
Features                   Virtual Teaming

 Online Meetings           Document Sharing
   Chat, Voice over IP,      Allows users to import a
                               document into the
    &Video                     Vyewbook
 Document Sharing          Project Management
 Desktop Sharing              Does not provide a project
                                management utility
 Desktop Screenshots
                            Meetings
 Secure                      Allows for meetings to take
 Browser-based                place using text chat, video
                               chat, and voice calls.
Features                     Virtual Teaming

 Online Meetings             Document Sharing
                                 The presenter can upload and
   Voice, Video, and text        present a document inside a
    chat                          meeting
 Whiteboard                  Project Management
                                 DimDim does not provide the
 Desktop Sharing                 ability to manage projects.
 Document Sharing            Meetings
                                 DimDim allows users to
 Secure (except Free             interact in meetings using
  version)                        video and voice conferencing
                                  as well as text chat
 Browser-based
Product Comparisons
    Features      GoTo Meeting         Nomadesk            Huddle            Vyew          DimDim

                                     Yes; Hard drive
   Web-based            Yes                                  Yes             Yes              Yes
                                      based as well
                    Free Trial
                                        $4.20/mo        Free w/Upgrades Free w/Upgrades Free w/Upgrades
      Cost        39.00 Annually
                                          Team:            Available       Available       Available
                  49.00 Monthly
                                                                         20 Vyewbooks
                  Meeting storage
                                                        1GB upgradable   w/ 50 uploads
     Storage      available for 90      Unlimited                                             N/A
                                                         to Unlimited    upgradable to
                                          256 bit
                                        encryption,       SSL + Full                      None w/ free
                   SSL+ 128 bit-
                                      storage within        Packet        SSL for all       SSL for
    Security      end-to-end AES
                                       Nomadesk’s         Inspection       Versions       Professional
                                       cloud, Theft        Firewalls                        Versions
                                      guard Security
                                        No, instant
  Live Meetings         Yes           synchronization        Yes             Yes              Yes
                                     across computers
                        Yes                Yes               Yes             Yes              No
                        No                 No                Yes              No              No
Recommendation - Huddle
 Our final recommendation is Huddle. Huddle makes
  virtual teaming easier by providing the user with a
  variety of tools to use in regards to online meetings,
  collaboration, and document and/or file sharing.
 Huddle is the only product with project management
 Huddle includes a vast majority of components that
  can be used in virtual teaming
 Huddle is secure and upgrades are available to
  accommodate varying amounts of data
Implementing Huddle
Process                   Costs

 3-Phase Process          Huddle Purchase
   Technical              IT Staff Time
                           Power User Time
   Administrative
    Implementation         End-user Training
   User Implementation
 Team Magenta
  recommends Huddle as
  our choice for a virtual
  teaming solution.
 Through our extensive
  research of virtual
  teaming and the
  products reviewed here
  we have concluded that
  Huddle is the best

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