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									                          Tybee Island City Council Agenda Synopsis
                                        05/24/07 7:00PM
                     Please silence all cell phones during Council Meetings
1    Consent Agenda 6:30PM
2    Call to Order
3    Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
              Invocation-All Saints Episcopal Church-Rev. Eddie Adkins
              Posting of the Colors-Tybee Island Memorial Color Guard
              Pledge of Allegiance
4    Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees
              Jimmy Carter-Issue Badges to Council
5    Visitors-There will be a 3 minute time limit on all visitors

             Sandy Major-Tybee Neighbors-Sneak 2 minute preview of Tybee Treasures Video.
             Larry Nesbitt-TIRPOA
6    Public Hearings-None
7    City Manager-Diane Schleicher
             Park and Sports Lighting Proposal and Agreement from Georgia Power-
             Approved w/Schleicher confirming energy efficient lighting

              Waste Water Treatment Plant-Contracted Operator Recommendation from
              HGB&D. Approved contingent on Mr. Hughes final review of agreement.
              Tennis Court Change Order for $5,000 to add base for proper
              drainage.Approved of $58,700 for Tennis Court Reconstruction ($8,000),
              Budget Amendment
              Memorial Park Basketball Overlay ($6,500), Jaycee Park Basketball Overlay
              ($5,200) and Jaycee Park Path Reconstruction ($39,000) from Contingency(100-
              9000-61-1000) to Parks Administration (100-6210-54-1110) Approved w/
              additional allowance of up to 15% on Path Reconstruction.
              Request for Agreement w/ Corps of Engineers to help with GIS cost for Tybee.
              Action Items -Additional or Larger Warning Signs-
8    Open Meeting for Business Legally Presented
9    New Business
              Minutes for April 12, 2007 with Addendum-Postponed
              Minutes for April 26, 2007 Approved
              Minutes for May 10, 2007 Approved
10   Old Business
              Minor Revision to Recorded Plat-Section 5-130 (J)(2) for Rocker
              Development, LLC. First Street between Miller Ave. and Fifth Ave. PIN 4-0003-12-
              022(15 lots) Zone C-2 and R-2--Planning Commission Recommends Approval--
              Separate Zoning Packet for Council's Review Approved
              TEXT AMENDMENTS
              2nd Reading Ethics Ordinance Approved-effective date 7/15/07
11   City Officials and City Attorney
              Presentation by Mayor Buelterman and Mayor Pro Tem Sessions on Hurricane
              Mayor Jason Buelterman
              Approval for Out of State Travel to Washington, DC June 5, 2007 Approved

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                                  Tybee Island City Council Agenda Synopsis
                                             05/24/07 7:00PM

             Coastal Georgia RDC request for funds to help with Construction Cost.Approved
             Obtain permit from DNR to move sand Approved to approach DNR to request
             permission to move sand from locations of acretion.
             Bubba Hughes
             Coastal Protection Ordinance Schleicher to arrange joint meeting between
             Council & Planning Commission.
             1st Reading-Text Amendment Chapter 10 regarding Animal Control
             1st Reading-Text Amendment to Create new Chapter 34-Article VI-
             Shuttle/Transportation Services Approved
12   Executive Session
13   Announcements and Meetings
            Movies in the (Memorial) Park-Monsters, Inc.-Saturday May 26th @ Dark:30
            Memorial Day is May 28th. City Holiday
            Public Forum-Hurricane Insurance-John Oxendine Georgia Insurance Commissioner- May 29th @
            City Hall 7:00PM
            Tybee Tour of Homes Day to benefit Hope House June 2nd-All day
            Marine Science Center-Tuesday's at Tybee- June 5-12-26 @City Hall 7:00PM
            Environmental Committee-June 6-City Hall 7:00PM
            PC Agenda Meeting-June 11th 7:00PM City Hall
            Mayor's Night In City Hall June 12th 6:00PM Please call for an appointment.
            Beach Task Force June 14th 11:30AM City Hall
            Water & Sewer Committee June 14th 5:30PM City Hall
            City Council Meeting June 14th 7:00PM Consent Agenda 6:30 City Hall
            Economic Development Committee June 18th 6:30PM at alternate location
            Planning Commission Regular Meeting June 18th 7:00PM at City Hall note Monday Meeting
            Master Plan Stakeholders Meeting June 19th @ 5:30 PM City Hall-Will be rescheduled if special
            election happens.
            City Council Meeting June 28th 7:00PM Consent Agenda 6:30 City Hall
14   Minutes from Board Meetings
            Tybee Island Historical Society Minutes for March 28th Board Meeting.

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