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                  Application Development,
                 Maintenance, Support and Testing

                 ( Mainframe and Distributed )
                        From Off Shore

                   National Systems Consulting, L.P.
 Mainframe Services Spectrum

          Node 3                                   Application Development

                                                 Application Maint. &Migration

Node 1             Node 2                            Web Transformation

                            Legacy and Open
                                  system              Production Support
                              Running over       Data Conversion from existing
         Different          Different Platform         To other System
                                                  Tool &Utilities Development
           (IBM, BULL,                             Application Enhancement
         Hitachi and Etc…

                                                     Reverse Engineering
                                Service Offerings

                                  Media & Entertainment,
                                                                   Aerospace & Avionics           Banking and Finance                  Healthcare

                                                                                                                                                         Project Management & Execution
Technology & Domain Expertise


                                                                             Technology Areas
                                       OO                                                            Legacy –        Egg. & Embedded
                                                     EAI / Web Services       Client / Server                                                Solutions
                                   Technologies                                                  Mainframe, AS/400     Technologies
                                                                                                                                           SAP, Kronos

                                                                           Software Lifecycle Services
                                                                                                   Application          Application
                                  Architecture/     Application/ Product      Testing and
                                                                                                  Customization/        Migration &        IT Helpdesk
                                     Design           Development              Validation
                                                                                                     Support           Reengineering

                                                                            Value-Added Services
                                                               Technical Writing/Documentation     IT and Off shoring roadmap      Reverse Engineering
                                   Software Implementation

                                                   End to end offerings across entire software lifecycle
Offshore Strengths & Credentials

    Competent & committed Software Professionals (Technical & Functional)
    Experience spans the complete software life cycle services (AMS), Web Transformation
     Projects, ERP on Midrange (JD Edwards)
    Strong Banking, Finance & Insurance Domain

Credentials (Leadership/Project Management)
    Well experienced in managing USA/Europe Clients
    Have set up large offshore dedicated Center (ODC) for fortune 500 companies
    Leadership/ Project Manager/Program Manager have exposure to USA corporate Culture

    Proven Processes in action for AMS services on Mainframe and Distributed Applications
    Continuous R&D efforts towards tools & utility development for high productivity
    Center of Excellence for Mainframe, Midrange and open system application technology

    Diversified Technology knowledge for different Applications – various tools & utilities
    Quantifiable ROI for customers (reduction of 10% of maintenance costs year on year)
    Good resource Ramping up capabilities
     Facilities & Infrastructure

 5,000 sq ft. facility in Plano, TX.
 Round-the-clock operations supporting worldwide development
   Uninterrupted and stable power supply with automated back-up
   24/7 physical security and access control
   Virtual project rooms with complete development, support & test
   Cutting-edge voice and data networks (Gigabit Ethernet, VoIP)
   State of Art modular workstations
   Information Security (Data, IP, Physical, System Access &
    Firewall)                                         Offshore
                       ISP Provider                        Team for
                                                           Customer at
              Service Providers i                          National
                       n India                             Systems
                 (VSNL/STPI)                                     Workstation



                                      Optional Security
                                      System at National
                                      Systems end



                                                           Other systems at
    Project Execution Methodology

Requirement      Knowledge             Onsite Execution          Prioritization
Study            Transfer
                                       Start Project             Key User Need
Due diligence    Document the          activities, simulate      Analysis/Prioritization
Goals,           systems, prepare      the offshore scenario,
expectations,    ‘Cook Book’, AID      and test connectivity
scope                                  to Offshore Center


                                         Project Execution Strategy

                Environment                Offshore Execution                 Metrics Analysis &            Knowledge
                Setup                                                         Measurement                   Repository
                                           Start Project activities, start
                BOA people at              collection of metrics. achieve     of Project / Deliverable of   Update case
                Offshore for KT            quality & productivity targets     success based on need,        database/
                                                                                                            Knowledge Bank
                Understanding of                                              expectations and project
                the business &                                                plan guidelines
                technical objectives
                of systems

Phase 1 Phase 2                                                               Phase 3
Maintenance & Support Services

       Understanding of business process and user
        requirements documentation                                                Providing necessary tools to identify
       New feature development – Mini SDLC Projects                               business rules
       Integration of new/re-write applications with existing                    Providing value-added services to enhance
        systems                                                                    system capability
       Re-structuring code to ease future maintainability                        Building tools and techniques to enhance
       Rationalization of data                                                    staff productivity
       Performance tuning                                                        Staffing and training the team on system
       Quality documentation of existing and future systems                       needs, tools and process
       Implementation support and user training                                  Defining quality and measurement programs
       24/7production support (TIER 3 Application Support)
       Tech Support

                                                    Corrective                Adaptive


        Bug Fixes
                                                                                  Risk prevention
        Response and remediation for application
                                                                                  Supervision and control of wear points
         run time errors
                                                                                  Tracking of performance indicators
        Corrective action for production related application
                                                                                  Adjustment of environments
    Production Support Services

•   Production support services:

     – Interaction with Client users and responding to and
       remedying an application run time error
     – Answering user questions regarding the applications
       and performing all necessary corrective tasks.
•   The Primary support is provided by the Onsite team

•   The secondary support shall be provided at Offshore.

•   Through a combination of composite teams (Onsite & offshore), we are structuring a
    24*7 model

•   All Production support Issues are entered in Service Center provided by the client and
    is tracked, monitored and referenced through it. The closure will be on Successful
    Execution in Production.
Process Flow
                                             ONSITE                    OFFSHORE

Application run time errors     End-User sends
                                support request
                                                                  Offshore Programmer
Functional queries                                              checks case database for
                                                                similar requests/solution
Support SLAs:                  Coordinator/Team
                                                                Conducts Impact Analysis
                                 checks request,
(Response Time)                                                 of customer requirements
                              prepares description,
                              assigns case number
Level 1 – 1 to 4 hrs           and enters in case
                                    database                     Implements Changes/
Level 2 – 5 to 8 hrs                                                  fixes defect

Level 3 – 9 to 14 hrs
                                   Review &                        Prepares Test Plan
                                                       Fix        Executes the test     Error
Modified or enhanced code                                             cases till
Impact analysis reports
                                                       Test            No Error         Test team
Review forms                                          Reports

Test reports                    Test and Release                      Release
                                  to production
    Operations Support

•    First and single point of contact for IT related queries
•    Able to support all time zones
•    Level 1 and Level 2 Support
•    Ensure Uptime at all times
•    Ensure SLA adherence at all times
•    Monitoring critical data servers
•    Disaster Recovery Plan for crisis situation
•    Network management (WAN and SAN)
•    Backup and Restoration management
•    Participation and Assistance for SOX compliance in IT audits
•    Interacting with clients to assist onsite/Global IT Requirements and
•    Upgrades and updates implemented on timely bases
•    All IT related Requests tracked to completion within SLA
•    Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/ Reporting of critical and routine tasks
   Operations – Process Flow
                             Client Inhouse                                               Task Allocation Table
      Users                  Team/ Offshore
(Globally Located)               Team                                               Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly /

                                                                                        Agreed Technical Duties

                                                                                              Triggered   by

                                                               Calls/Mails/                      Alerts
                                                               Alerts From                   Help Requests
                              Help   Request
                                                              GlobalUsers /                Program Requests
                                                                 Client/                   Calls to Helpdesk
                                                                Offshore               Agreed in Weekly Meetings


                     Moving Objects from Test to Live


                                 Process                                       SOX Compliance
                                Technical                                                                 Send for QA
                                                             Proceedures and

                            SOX Compliance                                                                IF QA Failed

    IF QA Failed              Send for QA                                                             Signoff from Team

                           Signoff from Team                                                               Archived

  Capabilities & Experience

Mainframe application development - S/390 IBM Mainframe, DB2,
COBOL, CICS, VSAM,HOGAN – Business Fast Fund application

Maintenance of core publishing enterprise application running on
AS/400 including periodic updating of tasks. Development
involving installation and versioning, 24/7 support desk for
maintenance & redress - IBM AS/400, ALDON, CA/400, RPG ILE,

Open Systems -.NET technologies, Java technology , Data Ware
housing Media application
Offshore Testing Methodology

                       Knowledge                     Testing                                                         Phase 3
                                                                                                          Option 2

 • Vision/Goals   • Familiarization of                         Option 1
                  Customer Systems &
 • Expectations
                  Specific Products
 • Scope                                              Dedicated Setup at                            VPN / Dedicated Link
                  • Training on Domain                                                              Based Access to Client
 • Systems/       specific to the Customer                                                          Systems
                  • Training on Customer
                  Processes & Project                 This warrants Migration/ Leasing
 • Team           Execution Methodologies             of Equipments. Also, Installation            Testers log into
 Organization     if needed                           & Training is needed                         Customer’s Network
                  • Training on Other
                  Standards followed by                         Development of Test Plan & Design

                                                                Development of Test Stubs/Suites

                                                                          Execute Test Cases till Regression
 Phase 1               Phase 2

                                                     Customer                                                        Test Reports

                                         Configuration Management / Backup / Adherence to Quality
 Testing Process

 Test Planning                     Test Design                 Execution of                   Test
                                                               Tests                          Reporting

• Prepare Test Plans for          • Test Designs are           • Ensure the entry criteria   • For every Iteration, Test
all kinds of Testing              prepared as per Test         before starting the tests     engineer will report the
                                  Design & Report Template                                   results of Testing. This file
• Test plans are to be as         & Guidelines of QMS          • Test Engineers to
                                                                                             will be maintained as a
per Test Plan Template &          unless specified by Client   conduct Tests using the
                                                                                             controlled item in project’s
Test Plan Guidelines of                                        Test Cases given in Test
                                  • Coverage of test cases                                   Version Control
QMS unless specified by                                        Design Document
                                  in the Test Design will be                                 Repository
                                  as per the Test Plan         • Test Engineers will
                                                                                             • PM & QA will review
• Plan the entry & exit                                        record the actual results
                                  • Modify/Update the test                                   and analyze the Test
criteria and test strategy                                     against the expected
                                  plan as & when required                                    Reports. QA will ensure
for each level of testing                                      results as per Test Design
                                                                                             that Testing is complete in
                                                               & Report Template
• Modify/Update the test                                                                     all aspects
plan as & when required                                        • In case of any defects
                                                                                             • QA & Sr. Mgr will review
                                                               found, PM will ensure that
                                                                                             and approve Test Reports
                                                               subsequent release are
                                                                                             & Acceptance Test
                                                               made only after defect fix
                                                                                             Reports, if any, shall be
                                                               • PM/PL will ensure that      sent to the client
                                                               defects identified in the
QMS : Quality Management System
                                                               previous level of testing
PM : Project Manager                                           are closed and test results
                                                               are verified & approved
PL : Project Leader
                                                               before subsequent levels
QA : Quality Assurance                                         of testing
                                                               • QA & PM will
                                                               recommend for release

 Time Spent on different project activities
 Estimated and actual time taken to complete the tasks under a Case
 Testing defects of different types and severity + post release defects
 Number of Post Delivery Defects
 Number of Cases received, open and closed in a period
 Time taken to close Cases of different types and severity
 Testing defects of different types and severity including post release defects
 Number of Post Delivery Defects
 Time taken to fix post-delivery defects
 Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
 Mean Effort To Repair (METR)
PROTRACK             E-QMS           ST-MATE            Know Bank        CaseDB       ProDash

                                                                           Case       Project
  Project            Web
                                     Estimation           Project        Database      Metric
Management          Enabled
                                        Tool           Documentation   (Maintenance   Analysis
 & Tracking          QMS
                                                                          Project)    System

                                     Quality Tools Infrastructure
Delivery Organization

      Onsite Coordinator (if necessary) will be responsible for all coordination with Customer Product
 Development & QA Organization. The Offshore Test Team will be responsible for executing QC activities as
                                         per Customer Processes

    Customer Product                        Project Execution Layer - Onsite

      Customer QA                   Onsite Coordinator (Depending on the size)

                                              Offshore Test Manager

                                              Offshore Test Lead (s)

            System Administrators                                      Test Engineers

                                                                              Project SQA
            Configuration Leaders

                                     Project Execution Layer - Offshore

   Dynamic communication locally increases knowledge transfer between the teams

     – Co-locate

     – Encourage communication
         Daily standup meetings
         Whiteboards

     – Get multiple communication modes working
         Email
         FTP
         Instant messaging (”chat”)
         Phones
         Web collaboration tools, Video Conference
  Human Resources
8:2:1         Outer layer
               0-3 Yrs

        Resource Pool
      Human Resources

   HR Focus

   • Recruitment & Selection only from known net work and reference
   • Individual growth discussed and agreed individually
   • Compensation & benefits are more than industry standards
   • Training & development compulsory for each one
   • Family involvement in Employee welfare
   • Evaluation and feedback on every six month
                                                                  Retention of knowledge
Employee Retention
                                                                  • Systems and processes
• Annually salary increase between 15 % to 25% on performance     • Knowledge management
• Longevity bonus Lump sump amount every by year                  • Bench / shadow resources
• Spot award on Project Quality delivery                          • Cross training
• Mentor and mantes Relation                                      • Notice board
• High productivity bonus/ project bonus
• Customer appreciation and reward
• Sponsorship for higher education

• Technical capability of candidates will be evaluated by identified technical panel
• HR will check with fitment of candidates based on personal standards, capability,
  interaction skills and organization stability.
• Based on evaluation from Technical panel and HR, the respective BU Head will
  approve selection of candidates.
• HR makes the ‘offer’ based on industry standard, internal parity and acceptance from
  the candidate.
• Post employment verification
       With the HR/Managers of previous employer
       Criminal records thro’ Passport and local Police
       Attitude / harmony checking thro’ candidate’s neighbors
       Authentication of educational records thro’ respective educational
Project Snapshot 1

Client :Bank is one of the US’s most highly regarded regional banks, which is
      founded more than 150 years ago in Western New York. Client had over $57
      billion in assets as of December 31, 2006
                                                                                       1000 USD 4th day

Credited 33,000 USD by customer                            Master                      2000 USD 3rd day
       on First day 0                                    Checking
                                                   (Selected by customer)              5000 USD 2nd day
                                                        USD 20,000

                                                                                       5000 USD 1st day

                                       Sub Account 2                   Sub account 3
      Sub Account 1                      USD 12000                       USD 3000                           Sub account 4
        USD 1000                          Priority 2                     Priority 3                           USD 2000
        Priority 1                Float Day 0 = 12000            Float Day 0 = 0                              Priority 4
Float Day 0 = 1000                Float Day 1 = 7000             Float Day 1= 0                       Float Day 0 = 0
Float Day 1 = 1000                Float Day 2 = 2000             Float Day 2= 0                       Float Day 1= 0
Float Day 2 = 1000                Float Day 3 = 0                Float Day 3 = 0                      Float Day 2= 0
Float Day 3 = 1000                Float Day 4 = 0                Float Day 4 = 0                      Float Day 3 = 0
Float Day 4 = 0                   Memo Hold =float of Day              Memo Hold =0                   Float Day 4 = 0
Memo Hold =float of Day                                                                                     Memo Hold =0
       Project Snapshot 1

Business Fast Funds
       This system will have mainly four major Process and one minor process
       A) Master Accounting Process - This defines the master account, it’s sub accounts hierarchy and takes care of aged and
       current float distribution. The input to this is from Hogan, CardPac/Shaw, CES and AFS system

       B) History process - This process defines all the detail transactions with reference to Post date in Business Fast Fund services.

       This file also contains the current float bucket of the Master Checking account and as well as the post date’s available balance
       and debit details of each Sub account’s.
       C) RAP Process - This process carries all the previous float (i.e. Aged float) details of the Master Checking account
       D) Maintenance Process - This process helps to add, remove, delete of sub accounts . Maintains the priority on sub accounts
       for BFF hierarchy.

                                   Accounting                                                                                              RAP Process
                                 Systems (MAS)


                            BFF History                                               Maintenance                                           Maintenance
                           Process (BHP)                                              Pending Data                                         (Client) Process
Project Snapshot 2

   World Leader & a leading innovator in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
equipment manufacturing with a total employee strength of 1500

   Maintenance, Enhancement and Migration of Work Force Central (WFC) 5.0

   Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 support
   Daylight Saving Time (DST) Upgrades: Upgrade WFC server as per the new DST rules and test
    it using Use Cases
   Migrate from WFC 5.0 to WFC 5.2
   Migrate 480 Series Timekeeper Terminal to 4500 Series Timekeeper Terminal
   Build Technical Manual & Electronic Repository (eRep)
   Monitoring WFC Servers (Background Processor, Communication & Application Servers)
   Recovering missed employee punches
Project Snapshot 3

   A leading multinational energy company with operations in more than 130 countries

   Development & Implementation of a Hospital Information System

Benefits to the Client

   Online integrated information across the hospital network anytime anywhere.

   The Management Information System section has been assisting top management in their
    decision making and strategic planning activity.

   Since the solution is totally web based, entire operation of Group hospitals in the region are
    managed into a single software resulting into real time information availability at various levels,
    reduced time of information passing, costs involved in software licensing and maintenance, etc.

   ICD 10 code has been implemented at the hospital to improve the quality of health data and
    patient care processes.
Project Snapshot 4

   Subsidiary of a world renowned Music Group
   The second largest Music Publishing businesses in the world owning the rights to more than a
    million compositions

   Maintenance of Music Publishing Application, B2B Systems Support and Technical Support

   Music Publishing Application Support
      – Support and management of the entire application (running on IBM AS/400 hardware)
   J2EE
      – 11 B2B Websites with presently registered users of 13,296.
      – Online Collaboration applications with Media pitching capabilities serving US and
        European users
   .NET
      – Archival DMS, Smart Scan Imaging, IT Scheduling and Business Intelligence
   Technical Support
      – 24X7 support – application
      – Networking and Data maintenance
   Benefits for customer

 Dedicated resources with Institutional knowledge & customer application knowledge

 National Systems keeps resource buffer of 20% at it’s cost

 Substantial growth in productivity due to increased throughput, at a vastly lowered cost

 Leveraging time difference between India and US, the solution building process can
   achieve much higher productivity

 Risk sharing through lower Fixed Costs and Overheads for Customer. Depending on
   volume, National Systems takes certain investments on its own

 Offshore team’s ability to scale up fast if required makes the development process less

 Only one time knowledge transfer (KT) for each application area – Multiple options for KT

 Leverage tools for collaborative approach
    Why National Systems?

   Domain Expertise: Industry practice built by subject matter experts
   Blend of CMM & Agile Practices: Process orientation, Shorter Iterations, Incremental
    Delivery, Greater Visibility & Control, total transparency
   Quality Management & Process: ISO 9001:2000 and CMM standards - followed
    with predefined templates available with National Systems or templates supplied by
    customer, Metrics Driven organization
   Our demonstrable track record: prestigious clientele, experience in setting up large
    dedicated centers for global customers
   Project Experience: National Systems has people who are well conversant with process
    es and procedures applied to successful offshore projects.
   24 *7 Technical support operations infrastructure
   Price/performance commitment (we share your risks)
   Excellent team ramp up abilities ( we have proved it time & again)
   Last but not the least – highly competent, committed and enthusiastic workforce
Contact Details

National Systems Consulting L. P., USA   National Systems India
Work Phone : +1 972-212-7433             Work Phone +91-80-26792906
Time Zone : CST                          Time Zone: India IST
Fax: +1 972-212-7434                     Fax: +91 80 26792944
Email:                Email:

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