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Letter to Terminated Employees for Refund of Fica document sample

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									                                                                   Fianacials - 60 Day Worklist
Advisory   Business                     60 Day      Complete
                          Status                               Priority   Rank                Request Title & Summary                      Requestor          Project         Stage     App
 Board      Service                   Target Date     Date
  HCM        HR       01-New                                   3-Med       0     Department ID Modification - ICode to prevent                SB       Break/Fix             01-PND     HCM
                                                                                 data entry of department 0000000 is also
                                                                                 preventing other rows from being saved if the row
                                                                                 eith department 0000000 still exists.
  HCM         BB      01-New                                   3-Med       1     EBC Soonerflex File Interface - Still having Issues          CB       Problem Mgt           01-PND     HCM
                                                                                 with some of the Refund Reversals.
  HCM         BB      01-New                                   3-Med       1     Payroll To GL - Issue with Garnishment Refunds               CB       Problem Mgt           01-PND     HCM
                                                                                 not populating the correct data on the HR
                                                                                 Accounting Lines.
  HCM         BB      18-UAT             06/30/11                          2     OLERS Contribution Interface - Missing prior                 EB       Problem Mgt           04-UAT     HCM
                                         04/28/11                                period RBA amounts. RBA amounts listed on a
                                         02/28/11                                payroll pertaining to a different pay period do not get
                                                                                 added to the Total Gross on the OLERS file.

  HCM         PY      18-UAT             06/30/11              3-Med       7     OESC Multiple Worksite Report- Amounts should                NT       Problem Mgt           04-UAT     HCM
                                         04/30/11                                match 0199 report, but do not. Need to use
                                                                                 PAY_CHECK , PAY_TAX tables instead of the
                                                                                 TAX_BALANCE table.
  HCM         PY      18-UAT             06/30/11              1-Exp       8     Workers Comp Reporting - Needs Prior Fixes Put               NT       Problem Mgt           04-UAT     HCM
                                         04/29/11                                in To 110 and 110S reports. Rewrite the 110 &
                                         02/28/11                                110S reports to use the same logic so they will
                                                                                 match each other. Include:
                                                                                 1. the fix for 110B query in all WC reports
                                                                                 2. WC FAAC Totals report: split out employee
                                                                                 funding by month.
                                                                                 3. report is missing some employees. Need to
                                                                                 replace the Job_Earn_Dist table with
                                                                                 Dept_Budget_Ern table (Comm Acct)
  HCM        HD       18-UAT             06/30/11              3-Med       20    COMIT Personnel Extracts - Modify the COMIT                AM/DH      Service Request       04-UAT     CRM
                                                                                 Personnel Extracts Process to build a commas-
                                                                                 delimited file and to redirect this file via FTP to the
                                                                                 COMIT Server.
  HCM         PY      12-DR Signoff      07/31/11              3-Med       20    Teachers Retirement Report - Rewrite to create               CB       Service Request       02-DEV     HCM
                                                                                 Teacher’s Retirement file in XML format and modify

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