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					                                       Appendix 2


Walsall Community Engagement Network

            2007 – 2010

         1 YEAR WORK PLAN
              2007 – 2008
                                                                                                                                Appendix 2


Discussions have taken place between WBSP, VCS Strategic Planning Group and CEPB to develop a way of working that focuses on
community engagement and establishing a mechanism to engage with the diverse, hard to reach communities within the borough. The
priorities for CEN are:

      Create two way communication between voluntary/community sector and statutory bodies
      Develop a mechanism for local consultation through the CEN
      Become the delivery vehicle for Walsall’s equality agenda through VCS networks
      Empowering local people to become agents of change in their local areas and communities
      Supporting the increased capacity of local people and local organisations to contribute to the delivery of LAA targets

To deliver these priorities the process requires CEN to establish a structured approach to engagement and to record and monitor data in a
way that enables CEN to feedback through appropriate sources such as CAG’s and LNP’s to improve the communities they are engaging
with and representing. There is a specific role for CEN to work at a level that encompasses local people and engages with them in a way
that they want to be engaged.

The development plan responds to the longer term community engagement and cohesion objectives of the Local Area Agreement
Community Plan. In particular it supports the objectives of the Partnership by:

      Eliminating all forms of discrimination and promoting social justice
      Promoting good community relations and securing community cohesion

In addition it supports the Equalities Partnership by promoting:

      Community cohesion and celebration of cultural diversity – how people get on in their neighbourhoods.

By addressing the above objectives the plan responds to the recent Local Government White Paper, Strong and Prosperous Communities,
which focuses on how we can continue to improve public services and the quality of life in our communities by working together.

Members of the CEPB add value collectively and strategically to the CEN role by being representative on LNP’s and many groups across
the borough of Walsall (See Appendix 1). They support the CEN’s focus to assist the Partnership in improving the community
engagement culture of the statutory sector and include and involve community members in local decision making within Walsall.

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                                                                                                                                   Appendix 2

At the beginning of 2007 a Neighbourhood Renewal Advisor was commissioned to review the role of the CEN. The tasks within the
assignment were the following:

      To identify the proposed role of the CEN within the wider framework for the Voluntary and Community Sector as set out in Walsall
       Borough Strategic Partnership’s (WBSP) board report and make any recommendations regarding this role.
      To review the CEN’s current arrangements; governance, action plan, resource availability, to judge its current and future ability to
       carry out the proposed role.
      To make recommendations regarding governance, structures, resources and action plan to ensure that the CEN can make an
       effective contribution to the achievement of LAA targets.
      To assist the CEN to identify where they contribute to LAA targets and how they can measure impact.

The recommendations were as follows:
    The CEN work plan for 2007/08 focuses on priorities agreed with the WBSP and within the LAA for action over the next 2-3 years
      with specific emphasis on achievable and clear goals in the coming year, and specifically the first two quarters.
    All activity needs to demonstrate how it will contribute to achieving LAA priorities and outcomes.
    The work plan should include a tangible range of project activity that can be clearly monitored and evaluated both quantitatively and
      qualitatively. The work plan should also set out what the partnership is getting for its funding (outcomes).
    There are agreements reached between the LSP and CEN about how CEN activity will be monitored and evaluated and what
      evidence will be required to support any monitoring claims.
    That work takes place in the short to medium term to clarify what and how the CEN will contribute to the achievement of WBSP
      goals regarding engagement and the further development of engagement strategy.

Detail of 3 Year Development Plan

The above recommendations are reflected in the three year development plan, which fit within the LAA, the Local Government White
Paper – Strong and Prosperous Communities and the partnerships involved to achieve the required outcomes.

The development plan is divided into eight key areas of delivery:

                                         VCS Involvement and engagement
                                         CEN communications strategy
                                         Community Cohesion
                                         Responding to the White Paper
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                                                                                                                                 Appendix 2

                                        Events and projects
                                        Equality and diversity
                                        Supporting volunteering
                                        Governance and accountability

Detail of 1 Year Work Plan

Following on from the three year development plan, this document sets out a 12 month work plan, which identifies specific activities and
quarterly timescales. It presents a framework within which the CEN will achieve the delivery of outputs that impact on a number of LAA
priority outcomes. Although the work plan is divided into key areas of delivery, there is a cross cutting theme throughout the paper.

Although the work plan appears ambitious, much of the groundwork has already taken place. It is anticipated that the CEN will be able to
deliver outputs in the document within the timescales indicated.

The activities are categorised as follows:
                                        Partnership Engagement Forum
                                        WBSP Communication Strategy
                                        CEN Communications
                                        Youth Consultation
                                        Engagement Tools
                                        Black Country Core Strategy
                                        Specialist Engagement Activities
                                        Volunteering
                                        ICLS 2 (Inter-cultural Communication and Leadership School)
                                        ICLS 2
                                        Community Forums
                                        Thematic Forums
                                        Proposed Engagement Partners
                                        Teaching Primary Care Trust
                                        Walsall Borough Strategic Partners
                                        2021 Vision for Walsall
                                        Promotion and Marketing Plan

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                                                                                                                                               Appendix 2

Ongoing networking with the statutory sector and promotion of the value of using CEN for community engagement will lead to work that
has not been identified as yet. We would envisage that the quarterly reviews of the 1 Year Work Plan will highlight and determine further
engagement within the community.

This plan may change with re-direction of LAA targets, which will be addressed by regular meetings with WBSP and a monitoring plan to
be set in place by the partnership.


VCS Involvement and Engagement

Activity                         Outputs                              Strategic Fit/Outcomes                       Partnership
Deliver agreed process for       Arrange meeting for all heads of     Community cohesion (Strong and               All forums
supporting existing              forums to discuss the way            prosperous communities govt. white paper)    LNP team
geographical and thematic        forward.                             SSC5.1 - influence decision making
Develop networks of themed       Categorise existing data,            LAA targets: SSC5.1 & SSC5.2                 Local VCS groups
and geographical contacts        identify gaps through research       (residents participating in local decision   Existing CEN forums
                                 and existing contacts                making and who say they feel they can        Statutory sector partners
                                                                      influence decisions)
                                                                      Building capacity of VCS (Strong and
                                                                      prosperous communities govt. white paper)

Conduct engagement on            Design engagement plans.             Secure the participation of local            West Mids Police
behalf of the statutory sector   Conduct engagement. Give             citizens (Strong and prosperous              Physical Regen Team
                                 technical and specialist advice      communities govt. white paper)               Manor Hospital
                                 on elements of engagement                                                         tPCT, LNP’s
                                                                                                                   West Midlands Fire
                                                                                                                   Youth Services
                                                                                                                   Vision 2021
Continue support and         Attend VCS strategic planning            Building capacity of VCS (objectives         WVA
involvement in VCS strategic group meetings                           of LAA – to further develop partnership      WBSP
planning group                                                        responsibilities)                            Govt Office West Mids
                                                                                                                   LNP team
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                                                                                                                                         Appendix 2

                                                                                                              Age Concern
                                                                                                              Walsall Council

CEN Communication/Consultation Strategy

Activity                       Outputs                              Strategic Fit/ Outcomes                   Partnership
Continue to develop the        Promote the Proximity Game as        SSC5.1 Reflect the aspirations and        Local VCS groups,
Proximity Game as a tool for   good practice in community           needs of local communities                businesses and statutory
engagement                     engagement                                                                     organisations
To develop and refine a        Promoting effective working          Capacity building (Govt. white paper)     Local VCS groups,
number of versions/models      practice and problem solving         SSC5.4 Encouraging volunteering           business, statutory orgs
of the Solution Activity       within the voluntary sector          (people engaging in formal volunteering   and members of the
                                                                    activity)                                 community
Provide a number of            Bi-monthly CEN newsletter            SSC11.1 Create a safer and                VCS groups
different mechanisms to        Attend selected LNP and CAG          stronger community (satisfaction with     Local businesses
support information and        meetings                             neighbourhood as a place to live)         Statutory sector
dialogue to, from and          Set up new website                   SSC5.1 Residents participating in         engagement partners
between the VCS, local         Distribute one off mailings to the   local decision making
people and Walsall Council     community on behalf of partners      SSC7.2 Raise awareness of local
                               Utilise resources on database to     issues (i.e. activities to raise public
                               provide access to people for         awareness of environmental issues)
                               consultation or engagement
CEN represented on WBSP        CEN contributes to                   SSC13.1 Residents satisfied living        tPCT
Communication Strategy         communicating positive               in their area and people get on well      Fire Service
Group                          information across the borough       together                                  Police
                               of Walsall                                                                     WBSP
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                                                                                                                                             Appendix 2

Community Cohesion

Activity                      Outputs                                Strategic Fit/Outcomes                       Partnership
ICLS                          Arrange and deliver leadership         Community cohesion (Govt. white              Local organisations and
                              training, conflict resolution and      paper)                                       businesses
                              training seminars for young            LAA key performance measures                 Executive officers from
                              adults                                 (Inclusive, Diversity and Involved)          Hospital Trust, tPCT and
                                                                     Equalities agenda within LAA (i.e.           Walsall Council
                                                                     Community cohesion and celebration of
                                                                     cultural diversity – how people get on in
                                                                     their neighbourhoods. Improve an
                                                                     individual’s life chances, empowerment and
                                                                     the economic regeneration of the borough)
Cultivate joint working       Attend forum, LNP and CAG              Support LNP in LAA purpose and               LNP’s
between LNP, CAG’s and        meetings                               aims (1.Improve cross cutting working        CAG’s
Community Forums                                                     2.Develop local pledges and actions to       Community Forums
                                                                     create involved, safer, healthier and
                                                                     prosperous communities 3.Engage the
                                                                     community in local decision making
                                                                     4.Connect local issues to borough wide
                                                                     priorities and outcomes 5.Communities of
                                                                     interest supported through the CEN and
                                                                     linked to the neighbourhood based
                                                                     structures developed by the council)
Develop a stronger             A greater and stronger                SSC13.1 People will think Walsall is         Existing and newly formed
relationship with existing and relationship with and between         a nicer place to live                        forums
newly formed themed            all forums                            Capacity building (LAA and govt. white
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                                                                                                                                          Appendix 2

forums                                                               paper)
CEPB                            Members attend and represent         Cross cutting themes within LAA (i.e. See appendix 1
                                on a variety of local meetings,      a joined approach to creating a vibrant
                                groups, forums and boards            VCS)

Responding to the White Paper

Activity                        Outputs                              Strategic Fit/Outcomes                       Partnership
Promote the Local               Support and development of           LAA areas of work (Broadening the            Local VCS groups
Government White Paper          themed and demographic               range of engagements that all residents      Existing/new emerging
and its implications to         forums                               have with the environment                    forums
Walsall and in particular the   Assisting and planning                                                            LNP’s
role of the VCS in its          engagements on behalf of                                                          Statutory orgs
implementation                  statutory sector                                                                  Service providers
                                Greater connection between
                                service providers and service
CEN represented on WBS          Improved engagement practices        SSC5.1 increasing capacity                   WBSP
Partnership Engagement          across the borough (CEN              (residents participating in local decision   Walsall Council
Forum                           writing paper on best practice)      making)                                      LNP team
                                Raising the profile of community     Improve cross cutting working as             WVA
                                engagement as a specialist           set out in LAA                               WM Police
                                Communicate methods that will
                                Contribute to borough wide best
                                practice guidelines
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                                                                                                                                 Appendix 2

Work in partnership with        Produce community                    SSC5.1 Influencing decisions       Statutory sector
organisations from the          engagement plans                     Community Cohesion (govt. white    Partnership Engagement
statutory sector to improve     Advising on best practice            paper)                             Forum
the quality and breadth of      Provision of specialist skills and
community engagement            tools
activities and change the       Feedback from people
culture of statutory sector     consulted with
regarding engagement            Influence change in policy and
                                practice of other agencies

Events and Projects

Activity                        Outputs                              Strategic Fit/Outcomes             Partnership
Identify funds for delivering   Attract broad sections of the        SSC5.1 & 2 Local people            CEPB
specific themed events as       general community                    participating in and influencing   WBSP
part of community               Provide a positive environment       decision making
engagement activities           for the collection or
                                dissemination of information
Work in partnership with        Deliver a joined up approach to      SSC5.1 & 2Influence on decision    Statutory partners
organisations to deliver        specific consultation exercises      making in the community            LNP’s
projects that involve the                                                                               Community forums and
community in engagement                                                                                 organisations

Equality and Diversity
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                                                                                                                                  Appendix 2

Activity                      Outputs                             Strategic Fit/Outcomes              Partnership
Improve access of under       Use existing resources to           SSC13.1 People get on better        LNP team
represented groups to the     develop a network of contacts       together                            Equality & Diversity team
broader VCS and to the        from under represented groups       SSC5.2 Influence on decision        CEPB
statutory sector              Identify appropriate forums for     making
                              them to be represented on
Ongoing research into a       Develop protocols for working       Cross cutting Issues within LAA –   LNP team
community engagement          with young people                   Culture and Engagement              Equality & Diversity team
response to newly emerging    Identify resources required for                                         CEPB
minority groups of specific   working with language, disability                                       Local VCS groups
interest to the statutory     and social barriers

Supporting Volunteering

Activity                      Outputs                             Strategic Fit/Outcomes              Partnership
Support WVA in promoting      Identify and signpost               SSC5.4 Increase number of people    CEN
the beneficial aspect of      prospective volunteers to WVA       engaging in formal volunteering     WVA
volunteering to both                                              capacity                            The wider community
volunteer and recipient
Working with organisations    Identify and signpost               SSC5.4 Increase volunteering        See Appendix 1
to identify volunteering      organisations to WVA                capacity                            WM Police
project opportunities                                                                                 Local VCS groups

Governance and Accountability

Activity                      Outputs                             Strategic Fit/Outcomes              Partnership
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                                                                                                                                Appendix 2

Office Manager to provide     Give regular feedback on           All stakeholders are informed of       ACW Board of Trustees
regular reports to employer   activity to line manager           CEN activity and are able to make      ACW managers
Age Concern Walsall CEO       Attend senior manager’s            informed decisions about service       CEN staff
for Board of Trustees, CEPB   meetings                           activity, finance and human            CEPB members
and Exec meetings             Attend CEPB meetings               resource issues
Age Concern Walsall CEO       Attend SSCP meetings and           Members of the SSCP will be aware      Pillar group members
to report to WBSP and         have regular meetings with Julie   of the activity, outputs and           WBSP representatives
SSCP pillar group on CEN      Ball                               partnerships involved and will
activity                                                         monitor the strategic fit within the
                                                                 LAA and the local government white
                                                                 paper Strong and Prosperous

Age Concern Board of          Monthly accounts to treasurer      Age Concern Walsall complies with      Age Concern Walsall
Trustees ultimately           Quarterly Board of Trustees        financial management requirements      trustees
responsible for financial     meetings                           set out in the Age Concern Quality     Age Concern the
management of CEN             Quarterly Finance & General        Counts quality assurance guide         federation
                              Purposes Committee meetings

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                                                                                                                                                           Appendix 2

ONE YEAR WORK PLAN 2007 – 2008

Activity                                Qtr 1                             Qtr 2                           Qtr 3                         Qtr 4

Partnership Engagement Forum            Draft Best Practice document      Commence work on                Assist in monitoring          Assist in monitoring
                                        for engagement activities,        engagement toolkit              effectiveness of WBSP         effectiveness of WBSP
Comprising representatives from the     present to the forum and work                                     consultation database         consultation database
voluntary and Community sector,         to completion
council, West Mids Police, WBSP
and others. The Forum was set up        Produce draft proposal for
to promote quality community            promoting best practice within    Deliver Best Practice           Assist in monitoring          Assist in monitoring
engagement practices across the         the partnership                   information to statutory        implementation of Best        implementation of Best
statutory sector                                                          sector partners                 Practice                      Practice

                                                                                                          Assess opportunities for      Assess opportunities for
                                                                                                          joining up engagement         joining up engagement
                                                                                                          activities                    activities

WBSP Communication Strategy             Draft a proposal for an           Finalise a proposal for an      Continue working to ensure    Continue working to
Group                                   enhanced strategic view from      enhanced strategic view         appropriate communication     ensure appropriate
                                        the group                         from the group and look to      between the community and     communication between
Comprising representatives from                                           implement                       statutory sector              the community and
CEN, council, West Mids Police,                                                                                                         statutory sector
tPCT, WBSP and others. The
Forum was set up to improve                                               Draft proposal for monitoring
communications within the                                                 effectiveness of proposals
partnership and between the                                               from the group
partnership and the community                                                                             Source ‘feel good’ articles
                                        Contribution of ICLS article to   Source ‘feel good’ articles     and events for the We Are     Source ‘feel good’
                                        We Are Walsall campaign and       and events for the We Are       Walsall campaign              articles and events for
                                        local newspaper                   Walsall campaign                                              the We Are Walsall

CEN Communications                      Research leaflet design,
                                        newsletter design and
CEN is actively involved in utilising   promotion ideas
existing thematic and geographic
forums and organisations to improve     Determine the response to the     Produce and distribute July     Produce and distribute        Produce and distribute
consultation activities between the     CEN newsletter                    and September newsletters       November newsletter           January and March
statutory sector and the community.                                       500 in total for 2 months       300 in total                  newsletters 700 in total
Through the coming year CEN will
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                                                                                                                                                                    Appendix 2

strengthen these links and develop      Produce and implement
new links in particular with ‘hard to   promotion plan
reach’, new and emerging population
of interest.

                                        Contact LNP team,                   Re-categorisation of contact     Using outreach and                 Using outreach and
                                        engagement partners and do          list to better reflect new and   promotional activities to          promotional activities to
                                        research to determine current       emerging ‘hard to reach’         enlist individuals and             enlist individuals and
                                        ‘hard to reach’ groups, new         groups and determine             organisations to fill identified   organisations to fill
                                        and emerging ‘engagement            geographic and thematic          geographic and thematic            identified geographic
                                        groups’                             gaps                             gaps                               and thematic gaps
                                                                                                             25 groups and 100                  25 groups and 100
                                                                                                             individuals                        individuals

                                        Regular attendance at the           Regular attendance at the        Regular attendance at the          Regular attendance at
                                        Network Developers Meeting          Network Developers               Network Developers Meeting         the Network Developers
                                        to look for opportunities to join   Meeting to look for              to look for opportunities to       Meeting to look for
                                        up engagement activities to         opportunities to join up         join up engagement                 opportunities to join up
                                        promote best practise               engagement activities and        activities and to promote          engagement activities
                                                                            to promote best practice         best practice                      and to promote best
                                        Arrange meetings to form            Develop protocols, working
                                        partnership with                    arrangements for working
                                        Neighbourhood Watch,                with newly linked
                                        Tenants & Residents Fed.,           organisations
                                        South Aldridge Forum,
                                        Community Associations,
                                        childcare groups & Asian
                                        women groups

                                        Develop correct protocol for        Develop formal working
                                        working with Asian women &          document as part of ‘Best
                                        young people’s groups               Practice’ for working with
                                                                            specific language, culture
                                                                            and gender groups

                                        Make contact with smaller
                                        groups (from theme forums) to

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                                                                                                                                      Appendix 2

                                          begin promotion of CEN’s
                                          activities and to profile

Youth Consultations                       Facilitate Willenhall Youth
                                          Conference (WYC) on behalf
CEN has successfully conducted, in        of Willenhall community
partnership with the LNP, CAG and         Forum, LNP and Health CAG
Youth Services in Willenhall, a
conference with 13 to 19 year olds.       Conduct WYC consultation
                                          50 young people

We are currently facilitating the         Prepare final report on WYC
recommendations that flowed from          and present to the Willenhall
the conference. It is expected that       LNP and CAG meetings
these conferences will take place in
each of the remaining LNP’s and we        Hold meetings to deliver the
have already started preliminary          recommendations of the WYC
activities for a conference in Streetly   plan, now the Willenhall Youth
                                          Project (WYP)
We are currently re-linking with
Youth Opinions Unite in order to join     Oversee production of project    Oversee production of         Monitor and evaluate WYP
up youth consultation work across         proposals by young people in     project proposals by young    project(s)
the borough                               Willenhall                       people in Willenhall

Link with other youth forum groups,                                        Set monitoring and            Produce WYP final report
youth clubs, Bloxwich Blakenall                                            evaluation                    and draft best practice
Youth and Children’s Group                                                 guidelines/practice for WYP   document for formal Youth
                                                                           project(s)                    Consultation Conference

                                                                           Monitor WYP project(s)

                                          Initial meetings to organise     Conduct the consultation at   Depending on outcome of
                                          Streetly Youth Conference        the SYC                       SYC, oversee production of
                                          (SYC)                            75-100 young people           project proposals by young
                                                                                                         people in Streetly

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                                                                                                                  Appendix 2

Assist in planning Streetly                                      Monitor and evaluate SYP
Youth Conference                                                 project(s)

                                  Prepare final report on the    Produce SYP final report
                                  SYC and present to the
                                  Streetly LNP meeting

Meeting with Youth Services       Assist in delivering
to seek agreement to work         recommendations from SYC
with the LNP team with a view     report (assumed to be
to conduct Youth Conferences      project production as per
in each relevant LNP area on      WYC)
a case-by-case basis

Draft proposal for presentation   In partnership with Youth      In partnership with Youth      In partnership with
to LNP’s regarding rolling out    Services, YOU and LNP’s        Services, YOU and LNP’s        Youth Services, YOU
Youth consultations               facilitate youth conferences   facilitate youth conferences   and LNP’s facilitate
                                  in each of the remaining 7     in each of the remaining 7     youth conferences in
                                  LNP areas                      LNP areas                      each of the remaining 7
                                                                                                LNP areas

Source external funding for       Plan, organise and conduct     Plan, organise and conduct     Plan, organise and
Youth Conference/Project          Youth Conferences in two       Youth Conferences in three     conduct Youth
events                            LNP areas                      LNP areas                      Conferences in two LNP
                                  200-300 young people in        300-450 young people in        areas
                                  total                          total                          200-300 young people
                                                                                                in total

Meet with Youth Opinions          Oversee production of          Oversee production of          Oversee production of
Unite (YOU) to work towards       project proposals by young     project proposals by young     project proposals by
joined up consultation and        people in LNP areas above      people in LNP areas above      young people in LNP
engagement work                                                                                 areas above

Seek agreement between
partners to join up YOU

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                                                                                                                                                  Appendix 2

                              consultation with Streetly
                              Youth Conference

                              Attendance at YOU Steering       Attendance at YOU Steering       Attendance at YOU Steering        Attendance at YOU
                              Group                            Group                            Group                             Steering Group

                              Development of alternate         Development of alternate
                              engagement strategies for        engagement strategies for
                              regular youth engagement         regular youth engagement
                              which may be used by YOU         which may be used by YOU
                              and other groups                 and other groups

                              Monitoring and evaluation of     Monitoring and evaluation of
                              implemented strategies           implemented strategies

Engagement tools              Ongoing development of cards     Determine a strategy for         Re-evaluate the Proximity
                              to use in Proximity Game         rolling out the Proximity        Game in light of experience
                                                               Game to people involved in       and enhance where
                                                               community engagement             indicated

                              Research ideas around
                              problem solving and solution

                              Finalise working model of        Determine a strategy for         Re-evaluate the Solutions
                              ‘Solutions Activity’, test and   rolling out the Solutions        Activity in light of experience
                              then make into a deliverable     Activity to people involved in   and enhance where
                              kit                              community meetings               indicated

                                                               Identify need for other tools
                                                               and design where

Black Country Core Strategy   Complete final Bus

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                                                                                                                                       Appendix 2

CEN has been working with the             300-350 residents
Physical Regeneration team on the
part of the Black Country Core            Set up working group to work
Strategy. We assisted in                  with Physical Regeneration on
determining the detail of their initial   wording and readability of
engagement exercise together with         strategy ‘Options’
the monitoring and evaluation of the
methodology used (use of                  Edit Physical Regeneration
Community Playbus and Proximity           report with a particular
Game).                                    emphasis on data analysis
                                          and information presentation
We assisted in joining up their
consultation with the LNP 2 year          Produce Monitoring and
pledge renewals. We are currently         Evaluation report
in early discussions regarding the
next phase of their engagement
activities (there will be three in all)

                                          Arrange contact and forward
                                          details to Physical
                                          Regeneration department of
                                          potential groups to form focus
                                          30 people

                                          Initial meetings to develop      Assist in implementing        Assist in implementing
                                          engagement plan for phase II     Phase II engagement           Phase III engagement
                                                                           activities                    activities
                                                                           250 people                    400 people

                                                                           Monitor and evaluate Phase    Monitor and evaluate Phase
                                                                           II engagement activities      III engagement activities

                                                                           Produce Monitoring and        Produce Monitoring and
                                                                           Evaluation report for Phase   Evaluation report for Phase
                                                                           II                            III

                                                                           Initial meetings to develop
                                                                           engagement phase III

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                                                                                                                                                             Appendix 2

Specialist Engagement Activities          Offer support/contacts and        Offer support/contacts and     Offer support/contacts and     Offer support/contacts
                                          information dissemination to      information dissemination to   information dissemination to   and information
CEN regularly work with a variety of      clients (Manor Hospital Green     clients                        clients                        dissemination to clients
organisations (statutory and VCS) to      Bridge Project, Vision 2021,
advise on or assist in relatively small   Gower Street Residents and
scale consultation activities. In some    HCC groups)
cases this assistance may grow to a
more significant opportunity to join      Develop list of possible          Conduct Themed                 Conduct Themed                 Conduct Themed
up partners into combined                 themed engagement events          Engagement event in            Engagement event in            Engagement event in
engagement activities                     and draft proposal for event      partnership with               partnership with               partnership with
                                                                            engagement partners            engagement partners            engagement partners
                                                                            (Manor Hospital, Physical      (Manor Hospital, Physical      (Manor Hospital,
                                                                            Regeneration, LNP)             Regeneration, LNP)             Physical Regeneration,
                                                                            100 people                     100 people                     LNP)
                                                                                                                                          100 people
                                          Hold meeting with West Mids
                                          Police to plan engagement
                                          activity at Alumwell Fun Day in

                                          Work with Neighbourhood           Continue to look for
                                          Watch and Street Champions        opportunities to join up
                                          to design the Consultation        smaller and larger scale
                                          event joined up with West         engagement activities with
                                          Mids Police to undertake at       partner organisations,
                                          Alumwell Fun Day in June          particularly an anticipated
                                                                            Engagement Plan with

                                          Conduct, monitor, analyse and     Produce report on
                                          evaluate consultation at          consultation conducted at
                                          Alumwell Fun Day                  Alumwell Fun Day
                                          120 people

                                          Work in partnership with          Work in partnership with
                                          Walsall Endeavours to deliver     Walsall Endeavours to
                                          small scale commission from       deliver small scale
                                          tPCT                              commission from tPCT

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                                                                                                                               Appendix 2

Volunteering   Research opportunities to         Research opportunities to      Research opportunities to   Research opportunities
               signpost individuals and          signpost individuals and       signpost individuals and    to signpost individuals
               groups towards volunteer          groups towards volunteer       groups towards volunteer    and groups towards
               projects and vice versa (Police   projects and vice versa        projects and vice versa     volunteer projects and
               School Liaison Officers,          (Police School Liaison         (Police School Liaison      vice versa (Police
               Groundwork)                       Officers, Groundwork           Officers, Groundwork        School Liaison Officers,
               Ongoing support for ICLS          Ongoing support for ICLS       Ongoing support for ICLS
               network                           network                        network                     Ongoing support for
                                                                                                            ICLS network

ICLS 1         Produce final report

ICLS 2         Attend initial Local Organising
               Group (LOG) meeting

               Prepare draft promotional         Assist in conducting seminar   Ongoing support for ICLS    Ongoing support for
               leaflet and compile list of                                      network                     ICLS network
               potential speakers

               Produce plan for attracting       Produce seminar report
               applicants (including
               promotional literature etc)

               Conduct interviews with
               Looking for 15-20 young
               adults to attend seminar

               Organise seminar event
               15-20 young adults

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                                                                                                                                                       Appendix 2

Community Forums                    Attend Willenhall Forum to
                                    facilitate restructuring
Eight meetings per year per forum

                                    Support and facilitate            Support and facilitate            Support and facilitate      Support and facilitate
                                    Willenhall Forum                  Willenhall Forum                  Willenhall Forum            Willenhall Forum
                                    10-20 people to include           10-20 people to include
                                    residents, councillors,LAP’s      residents, councillors,LAP’s

                                    Discuss Aldridge South Forum      Implement Aldridge South
                                    relationship with CEN, with a     Forum Plan
                                    view to use as an engagement
                                    10-20 people to include
                                    residents, councillors,LAP’s

Thematic Forums                     Revisit thematic forums,          Revisit thematic forums,
                                    highlight visible gaps in their   highlight visible gaps in their
                                    membership and                    membership and
                                    communications                    communications
                                                                      Increase membership by
                                                                      15% across all forums

                                    Contact theme groups to get       Work with thematic forums         Implement support and       Implement support and
                                    details of their sub groups       to produce support and            development packages        development packages
                                                                      development packages

                                                                      Organise routine for regular
                                                                      and ad-hoc communications
                                                                      with sub groups

Proposed Engagement Partners        Hold meeting with West Mids
                                    Police (WMP) to discuss how
                                    CEN will assist in engagement

                                    Produce a draft Engagement        Present draft WMP Plan            Support implementation of   Support implementation
                                    Plan built around                                                   WMP Plan                    of WMP Plan

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                                                                                                                                                    Appendix 2

                               Neighbourhood Police teams.                                         Looking for 250 people         Looking for 250 people
                               Look to join up engagement
                               activities to deliver policing                                      Monitor and evaluate WMP       Monitor and evaluate
                               priorities                                                          Plan                           WMP Plan

                                                                  Hold meetings with
                                                                  prospective engagement
                                                                  partners to assist in delivery
                                                                  of WMP engagement plan

                               Hold meeting with Fire Service
                               to discuss potential work
                               around LAA targets

Proposed Engagement Partners   Dependent upon internal            Implement Engagement
                               discussions in the fire service,   Plan elements
                               produce an Engagement Plan
                               to involve parents of children     Dependent on state of play
                               involved in Fire Safety            with Green Bridge
                               education                          submission, look to develop
                                                                  an Engagement Plan for
                                                                  promotion of scheme
                                                                  500 residents

                               In consultation with our Board     Experience suggests that         Design Engagement Plans,       Design Engagement
                               and existing partners produce      the outcome of this will be      monitor and evaluate results   Plans, monitor and
                               a list of statutory sector         work in designing                                               evaluate results
                               contacts where we can              Engagement Plans,
                               promote our services               monitoring and evaluation of
                                                                  250 residents on average
                                                                  per project

tPCT                           Disseminate information to

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                                                                                                                                             Appendix 2

                                    groups and individuals across
Health Commissioning Consultation   Walsall explaining the role of
Groups                              the HCCG’s and the process
                                    required to join them

                                    Check whether further            Draw up an Engagement             Support and develop   Monitor and evaluate
                                    assistance is required           Plan to support the               Engagement Plan       success of engagement
                                    supporting the process.          development of the tPCT
                                    Arrange meeting with Cath        Engagement Strategy
                                    Boneham to find out about        particularly in relation to
                                    engagement activities being      people focus groups
                                    carried out with a view to
                                    supporting them

                                    Initial meetings to scope out
                                    general consultation

                                    Draft reporting protocols for
WBSP                                regular meetings and
                                    information flow between the
                                    partnership and CEN as per
                                    NRA report

2021 Vision for Walsall             Contact individuals and groups
                                    to be used as interviewers and

                                    Conduct interviews to be         Dependent on state of play
                                    carried out as part of the       with project, look to assist in
                                    project                          developing an Engagement

Promotion Plan                      Complete plan and seek
                                    CEPB approval

                                    Change CEN title to

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                                                                  Appendix 2

Community Engagement

Re-branding                          Re-branding
 New message on CEN’s                CEN t.shirts/sweatshirts
    role                                for community events
 New tag line
 New logo                           Information
Information                           Develop website to be
 Create promotional                     an interactive
    website                              information
                                         dissemination and
                                         capture device
Statutory Sector                     Statutory Sector
 Prepare promotional                 Prepare video or slide
    literature (leaflet, postcard)       show of pictures for
 Powerpoint presentation                presentations
    for statutory sector ‘What
    CEN can do for you’
 Design and prepare
    display boards to take to
 Prepare a portfolio of
    completed work done for
    statutory orgs.
 Find out if it is possible to
    have a piece on the
    council website and if so,
    agree content
Community Sector
 Prepare leaflet or postcard
    to post out or drop off, in
    community language, with
    ‘ownership’ speech
 Powerpoint/talk
    presentation, emphasising
    the value of being involved
    in engagement
 Prepare display boards to
    take to community events
    and groups
Project Credibility
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                                                                                                                   Appendix 2

                                  Ask for letters of support   Project Credibility
                                   from partner agencies         Record positive
                                   worked with                      feedback from partners,
                                 Record positive feedback          customers and
                                   from partners, customers         consultees to use as
                                   and consultees to use as         part of promotional
                                   part of promotional              package and from part
                                   package and form part of         of monitoring process
                                   monitoring process
                                 Seek approval and
                                   recommendation from
                                   Communication Forum,
                                   Pillar groups and WBSP
                                   (as per NRA report)
                                 Set up a small group to       Event
                                   start work on planning        Conduct event
                                   event to promote
                                   Engagement Best Practice
                                   to organisation staff
                                   involved in community

Appendix 1

CEPB members are representative on various boards and committees, which are listed below in no particular order:

         Walsall Voluntary Action
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                                                                                                         Appendix 2

    Joint Advisory Committee
    Darlaston Multi #purpose Centre
    Walsall Tenants & Residents Federation
    Darlaston Committee Association
    Darlaston LNP
    Foster & Three Bells Tenants & Residents Association
    Streetly Association
    Streetly Health Watch
    Streetly Community Centre Committee
    Walsall East Health GROUP
    Aldridge and South Streetly LNP
    Aldridge and South Streetly Health and People CAG
    Walsall South East Health Commissioning Group
    Aldridge and South Streetly Community Forum
    Multi Faith Forum
    Walsall Children’s Fund
    Walsall College
    Aaina Women’s Group
    Black Sisters
    Walsall Women’s Forum
    Onwards Upwards Regeneration (OUR)
    Caldmore Housing Association
    St Matthews Ward LNP
    Walsall Housing Group
    Pleck &n Palfrey LNP
    WBSP
    Hospital Focus Group
    tPCT QOF (quality & outcome framework)
    PCPB
The above list is a snapshot of the list of boards, committees, forums and groups CEPB members attend.

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