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    Audeo Smart
    Hearing Aids

Features & Performance
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 If you seek top of the
    line features and
performance, you need
to give Phonak Audeo
   Smart hearing aids
 serious consideration.
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  The Audeo Smart
     hearing aids
 incorporate state of
the art features such
 as the CORE audio
processing platform.
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Audeo Smart Hearing
 Aids are available in
broad fitting ranges to
accommodate mild to
 severe hearing loss.
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Duophone enables you
     to enjoy phone
 conversations in both
 ears when the phone
   gets placed within
  range of the hearing
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  Management. This
combines an effective
microphone shield with
 advanced circuitry to
 suppress wind noise.
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  You don’t have to
worry about learning to
  adjust to different
    sound profiles.
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Let the Audeo Smart
hearing aids help you
 to get back much of
 what you may have
lost and provide you
    the joy of your
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