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             INTRODUCTION .......................................................................................................

 Section 1   APPOINTMENT, PROMOTION AND APPRAISAL .....................................

 Section 2   CODE OF CONDUCT................................................................................................
             Gifts and Hospitality
             Declaration of Interests
             Reporting of Fraud

 Section 3   SALARIES AND ALLOWANCES ..........................................................................

 Section 4   HOURS OF WORK AND ATTENDANCE ........................................................

 Section 5   LEAVE .............................................................................................................................

 Section 6   MATERNITY AND PARENTAL LEAVE ............................................................

 Section 7   SICKNESS ABSENCE ...............................................................................................

 Section 8   TRAVELLING AND SUBSISTENCE EXPENSES ..........................................

 Section 9   UNIFORMS AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING ...............................................

Section 10   HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK POLICY ..................................................

Section 11   INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ....................................................................................

Section 12   PENSION PROVISION .............................................................................................

Section 13   REDUNDANCY ...........................................................................................................

Section 14   DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION .....................................................................

Section 15   EMAIL AND INTERNET POLICY ......................................................................
             Data Protection Act 1998

Section 16   CUSTOMER CARE POLICY ...................................................................................

                                                                                           Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 1

   Appendix I   APPRAISAL SCHEME ...............................................................................................

  Appendix II   GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE ...................................................................................

 Appendix III   DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE ..............................................................................

 Appendix IV    APPEALS PROCEDURE ...........................................................................................

  Appendix V    SALARY BANDS/GRADING STRUCTURE .....................................................


Appendix VII    TRADE UNION RECOGNITION ........................................................................

Appendix VIII   EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES POLICY ....................................................................
                Employment Overview
                Employment Policy
                Alton Park RMO - In Delivery of and Access to Housing Services

 Appendix IX    ANTI-RACIST POLICY STATEMENT ................................................................

  Appendix X    HUMAN IMMUNO-DEFICIENCY VIRUS (H.I.V.) .........................................

 Appendix XI    STATUTORY RIGHT TO BE ACCOMPANIED ..............................................
                Staff Appraisal

                                                                                  Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 2

by Bobby Short

                    Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 3
     Appointment, Promotion & Appraisal

1        EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES                                                              demonstrated in that time. Employment will be terminated if a
                                                                                          probationary member of staff is subject to formal disciplinary
Alton Park RMO intends to fulfil its obligations as an equal                              action.
opportunities employer. In the selection, recruitment, training,
remuneration and treatment of staff it will have regard to job related            g)      An employee may be required to work from any office, depot,
criteria only and in particular will not discriminate on grounds of                       workshop or other location within the local area to carry out
disabilities, sex, religious belief, race, ethnic or national origin or marital           work appropriate to their grade and skills
status. All staff will be expected to conform with this policy in their
dealings, both with other staff and with members of the public.                   h)      Employees will be required to carry out effectively all tasks
                                                                                          within their capabilities set them by management
Full details of Alton Park RMO’s Equal Opportunities policy are
shown in Appendix VII.                                                            i)      Employees are subject to the terms and conditions of this
                                                                                          handbook and to any other of Alton Park RMO’s rules and
It is the wish of Alton Park RMO to secure the greatest community of                      regulations in force from time to time
interest between the residents of the Alton estate and the employees
of Alton Park RMO. Wherever possible it will want to employ                       j)      Employees, where eligible, will be encouraged to participate in
residents. In doing so Alton Park RMO will bear in mind the need to                       the non-contributory group personal pension scheme.
recruit a balanced workforce with appropriate skills and experience and
have regard to the equal opportunities policy.                                    k)      Normal Retirement Date will be the day preceding the 65th
Alton Park RMO will consider applications for employment from
disabled persons bearing in mind their aptitudes and abilities for the            l)      Subject to mutual agreement as to terms, Alton Park RMO, at
post for which they are applying. Should any member of staff become                       its sole discretion, may invite individual employees to extend
disabled, every effort will be made to ensure the continuation of                         their service beyond Normal Retirement Date.
employment following appropriate training. It is the policy of Alton
Park RMO to take positive action to ensure that the training, career              m)      Employees are not permitted to serve as Members of the
development and promotion of disabled persons should be, as far as                        Alton Park RMO Board whilst employed by Alton Park RMO.
possible, equitable to that of a person without such disability.                          Board Members and Alton Park RMO sub-committee
                                                                                          members who are successful in obtaining employment with
2        APPOINTMENTS                                                                     Alton Park RMO will be required to resign from their elected
Appointments to Alton Park RMO’s employment will be subject to the
following conditions which may be waived at Alton Park RMO’s sole                 3       PERIODS OF NOTICE
                                                                                  The normal period of notice except where longer periods are provided
a)       Receipt of satisfactory references                                       for by the Employment Protection (Consolidation) Act shall be four
                                                                                  weeks on either side for all staff graded at SO2 or below. For all grades
b)       Medical fitness for the work to be performed (if necessary the           at Principal Officer grade the notice period shall be two months, with
          employee or prospective employee may be required to                     the exception of the Chief Executive which shall be three months.
         undergo a medical examination). Where requested, Alton Park              During the probationary period the employment may be terminated by
         RMO would make representations to the Health Authority for               Alton Park RMO at one week’s notice on either side.
         an employee to be examined by a doctor of his or her own sex.
                                                                                  If an employee leaves the service of his/her own accord without
c)       Production of documentary evidence as to qualifications,                 giving due notice Alton Park RMO may claim an amount equal to the
         previous experience, etc                                                 salary for the due period of notice and any salary not paid up to the
                                                                                  time of leaving may be retained in full or partial settlement of the
d)       Production of documentary evidence, in accordance with the               claim.
         Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, of a potential employee’s
         right to work in the UK                                                  4       APPRAISAL

e)        Production of police checks where the employee has access to            The appraisal scheme is currently under review.
         children and young persons under the age of 18
                                                                                  5       TRAINING
f)       A period of probation, normally 6 months, which may be
         extended in individual cases where the first 6 months has not            The training needs of employees will be identified by Alton Park RMO
         been completed to the satisfaction of Alton Park RMO. An                 by the appraisal scheme and other means (e.g. training needs analysis).
         initial period of probation longer than 6 months may be                  It is the intention of Alton Park RMO to fill vacancies in the first
         stipulated where the work being performed is of such a nature            instance so far as possible by the promotion, training and transfer of
         that adequate evidence of performance cannot reasonably be               existing employees.

                                                                                                      Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 4
     Appointment, Promotion & Appraisal

To this end Alton Park RMO will, as far as it deems necessary and in        Where a promoted employee is in receipt of an acting allowance for
addition to on the job and induction training, provide the following        more than 6 months, this will be taken into account when assessing the
types of training schemes:                                                  new salary in the higher grade.

a)      Sponsored training whereby selected employees are sent on, or,      An employee who is transferred by Management to suit the needs of
        with the approval of Management, attend relevant external           Alton Park RMO to another job in the same grade, either in the same
        training courses in the interest of Alton Park RMO. Day             Department, or elsewhere in Alton Park RMO, will suffer no reduction
        release courses will also require authorisation from the Chief      of salary. If an employee applies for, and is successful in obtaining, a
        Executive.                                                          transfer to another job within the same grade the entry point will
                                                                            match the current salary point. If an employee applies for, and is
b)      Either internally or by the use of external resources such as       successful in obtaining, a transfer to another job within a lesser grade,
        seminars and short courses, provide for updating of skills and      elsewhere in Alton Park RMO, the entry point will be at the top of the
        knowledge and in particular the requirements of statute.            lower grade.

Training assistance provided under these schemes will include as            7       GRIEVANCES
appropriate paid release to attend a recognised college as required by
the course, payment of tuition and examination course fees. Alton Park      Alton Park RMO wishes to settle grievances as quickly and fairly as
RMO will not, however, make available a book and materials allowance,       possible. The detailed grievance procedure is set out in Appendix II.
or provide excess travelling allowances. Employees will be expected to
meet the cost of books and travel to demonstrate a commitment to            8       STAFF RECORDS
continued professional development.
                                                                            An employee will have the right to see his/her personal file within
It is a condition of continued participation in a training course           Central Support at a mutually convenient time on giving prior notice,
(scheme a) that the employee shall attend classes and courses regularly,    with the exception of any confidential medical correspondence or
carry out any necessary out of class work diligently and make               employers’ references.
satisfactory progress including passing of examinations. Failure to
comply may lead to the employee being removed from the course with
the requirement to refund costs to Alton Park RMO Ltd, and, where
satisfactory completion of the course is necessary for continued
employment in the post for which he/she was recruited, may lead to
the termination of employment.

Employees will be required to refund all costs if they leave the
employment of APRMO within two years of completing an academic
year. In the case of courses lasting for more than one academic year
costs will equate to those funded in the last two years. Day release or
extended training will require the authorisation of the Chief Executive


Promotion will be made on merit; length of service is not recognised
as a criterion for promotion. All vacant posts will be advertised
internally and externally and selection will be by means of interview
(conducted by at least one member of management, one Board
member, the Central Support Manager or deputy).

The interview and the selection decision will be based on the selection
criteria set out in the advertised person specification. Formal decisions
will be sent in writing by the Central Support Manager in the name of
the Chief Executive, except in the case of the Chief Executive
position which will be in the name of the Chairperson of Alton Park
RMO Ltd.

Where an employee has acted up for a period of twelve months or
more Alton Park RMO reserves the right to assimilate the employee
into the acting position without further interview. On promotion to a
job with a higher salary band an employee will be appointed at the
minimum of the new salary band or at a salary within the new band at
least one increment above the current salary.

                                                                                                Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 5
                                     Code of Conduct for Staff

1       INTRODUCTION                                                       i)      You must ensure you follow Alton Park RMO’s Equal
                                                                                   Opportunities Policy. Equality affects all areas of Alton Park
Alton Park RMO is committed to providing the highest standards of                  RMO’s work in the provision of services, purchasing decisions
service to its clients and customers and to care for its employees. In             and as an employer. All members of the community, residents,
return, its residents and the public are entitled to expect the highest            suppliers and your fellow employees have a right to be treated
standards of conduct and integrity at work from Alton Park RMO’s                   with fairness and equity
employees. This Code of Conduct acts as a framework with guidelines
which will enable employees to meet the aims and objectives of Alton       ii)     You must ensure you have read Alton Park RMO’s Equal
Park RMO. Breaches in conduct could result in disciplinary action. In              Opportunities Policy and understood the standards expected.
matters of interpretation please refer to your line manager.                       If you are unsure about any aspect of the policy you should
                                                                                   consult your manager.
                                                                           5       FINANCIAL CONDUCT
The highest standards of conduct are required from Alton Park RMO
employees at all times. You are expected to carry out your duties and      You must be aware of Alton Park RMO’s financial regulations,
responsibilities in accordance with Alton Park RMO policies and            standing orders and internal controls and work within these ensuring
procedures and ensure you are seen as courteous, efficient, professional   the resources for which you are responsible are used lawfully and for
and customer focussed.                                                     the purposes intended.

3       MAIN PRINCIPLES                                                    i)      You must be aware that it is a serious criminal and disciplinary
                                                                                   offence to corruptly receive or give any gift, loan, fee, reward
As an employee of Alton Park RMO you are expected to uphold the                    or other advantage in return for doing or not doing anything,
following principles (developed by Lord Nolan):                                    or showing favour or disfavour, to any person or organisation

Selflessness ~ take decisions solely in terms of the values and mission    ii)     If an allegation of corrupt behaviour is made, you must be
of Alton Park RMO. You must not do so in order to gain financial or                able to demonstrate that where any rewards have been
other material benefits for yourself, family or friends                            received, these have not been received in a corrupt manner.
                                                                                   Employees must always ensure that any reward/gift received is
Integrity ~ do not place yourself under any financial or other                     in accordance with the gift policy
obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might influence
you in the performance of your duties                                      6       RELATIONSHIPS

Objectivity ~ make certain that in the delivery of services, the           All employees need to achieve and maintain effective professional
appointment of employees or the awarding of contracts, you ensure          working relationships with colleagues, Board members and external
impartiality and that choices are made on merit alone                      contacts including residents.

Accountability ~ accept accountability for your decisions and actions      6.1     Board Members
to the Senior Management Team and Committees of Alton Park RMO,
its residents and stakeholders and submit yourself to appropriate          6.1.1   You are responsible to the Board through the line management
scrutiny                                                                           structure leading to the Chair. If your work brings you into
                                                                                   contact with Board members, mutual respect between you and
Openness ~ be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions              them is essential to the good running of the organisation.
you take. You must give reasons for your decisions and restrict                    Close personal familiarity between you and individual Board
information only when individual or commercial confidentiality is                  members could be prejudicial to this relationship and must be
clearly required                                                                   avoided, especially in the work context.

Honesty ~ declare any private interests relating to your duties and take   6.1.2   You must not try to use informal channels to influence Board
steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a lawful way and protect the             members on matters of Alton Park RMO business
reputation, values and mission of Alton Park RMO
                                                                           6.2     Residents
Leadership ~ promote and support these principles by leadership and
example.                                                                   6.2.1   If you are involved in the delivery of services, you must always
                                                                                   remember your responsibilities to the residents and community
4       EQUALITY                                                                   you serve, and ensure courteous, efficient and impartial service
                                                                                   delivery to all groups and individuals.
Equality of opportunity is a commitment of Alton Park RMO. The
commitment of every employee is also needed to ensure that the Equal       6.2.2   You must always clearly identify yourself (i.e. name, title,
Opportunities Policy is implemented in a practical way.                            department, employer), to any resident or member of the

                                                                                               Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 6
                                     Code of Conduct for Staff

        public with whom you have contact, and ensure that your             6.6     Trade Union Statements to the Press
        identity card is visible
                                                                            Alton Park RMO acknowledges that occasionally, when there is an
6.2.3   You must never allow any personal relationship with a resident      industrial dispute it may be necessary for staff who are recognised
        to conflict with the duties of your employment, or the best         Trade Union Representatives to make statements to the media. Such
        interests of any resident. You must never allow yourself to be      statements must deal only with the matters in dispute and must not
        compromised by, or take advantage of, your relationship with        include information likely to damage the interest or activities of Alton
        residents. Relationships with residents must be declared to         Park RMO. The Trade Union Representative must advise Alton Park
        your line manager.                                                  RMO, where possible, before the statement is made or as soon as
                                                                            possible after the event.
6.2.4   You must not influence or invite a resident to make a will or
        trust in which you are a named executor, trustee or                 7       CONFIDENTIALITY AND OPENNESS
        beneficiary. Residents should be referred to the Citizens
        Advice Bureau in this regard. Any attempt to influence a            Alton Park RMO wishes to act in an open and accountable way in
        resident in this regard will be treated as Gross Misconduct. If     relation to its residents, local communities, local authorities and other
        a resident requires assistance in handling money or valuables       interested parties. Information about Alton Park RMO, its work,
        you must contact Social Services or an appropriate agency.          Board and employees will be made available unless there are reasons
                                                                            for not doing so (such reasons could be for practical or confidential
6.2.5   You must not receive loans from residents, and may not give         purposes). The right to confidentiality of residents and other
        loans from your personal money to residents. Entering into          individuals using services is equally important and must be respected.
        such a financial relationship with residents will be treated as
        Gross Misconduct.                                                   7.1     Openness.

6.3     POTENTIAL RESIDENTS                                                 The law requires that certain types of information must be available to
                                                                            Board members, auditors, residents and the public. You need to be
If you are involved in the award of tenancies or allocation of housing      aware of which information can be openly given and act accordingly.
you must ensure absolute impartiality in the decisions made, and avoid      If in any doubt, you should refer to your manager.
any conflict of interest. Where a potential conflict is apparent you must
seek advice from your manager. Failure to declare an interest may be        7.2     Confidentiality
treated as Gross Misconduct.
                                                                            7.2.1   You equally need to be aware which information must be kept
6.4     CONTRACTORS                                                                 confidential. Personal information about residents, applicants
                                                                                    for housing, your colleagues or other individuals must be
All current or past relationships of a business or private nature with              regarded as strictly confidential. Information about such
external contractors or consultants or potential contractors or                     individuals may only be released outside the organisation with
consultants, should be declared to your manager. This applies whether               the written consent of the individual concerned. Exceptions
or not you personally are involved in the appointment or supervision                to this will only be made in meeting over-riding legal
of contractors or consultants. See also the Section on Tendering and                requirements, and you must have written permission from your
Purchasing Activities.                                                              manager to do so.

6.5     MEDIA                                                               7.2.2   You must not use any information obtained in the course of
                                                                                    your employment for personal gain or benefit, nor must you
6.5.1   You are prohibited without Alton Park RMO permission from                   pass it on to others who might use it in such a way.
        making any communication to a newspaper, journal, television
        or broadcasting on a matter relating to Alton Park RMO. This        8       Tendering and Purchasing
        permission should be obtained from the Chief Executive or
        the Chairperson.                                                    8.1     Staff involved in the area of tendering and purchasing may be
                                                                                    more vulnerable than other colleagues to accusations of
6.5.2   Permission for publishing books relating to any area of the                 impropriety. Even the appearance of impropriety can be
        business in which Alton Park RMO is involved must be sought                 highly damaging to the employee and to Alton Park RMO. It
        in advance of publication and may be given conditionally or                 is vital that all purchasing decisions are made on an objective
        unconditionally.                                                            basis, and seen to be so.

6.5.3   Invitations to contribute at conferences as an employee will be     8.2     You must exercise fairness and impartiality when dealing with
        such as to reflect Alton Park RMO policy, and must be                       all consultants, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors. All
        authorised by the Chief Executive. If you are invited in a                  orders and contracts must be awarded on merit, by fair
        personal capacity to make a contribution you must make it                   competition. You should follow Alton Park RMO regulations
        clear that the views expressed are your own views and not                   and procedures for ensuring fair tendering or procurement
        necessarily those of Alton Park RMO.                                        processes. See also the section on Declaration of Interests.

                                                                                                Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 7
                                     Code of Conduct for Staff

8.3     No special favour should be shown to any business with which         9.1.5   If you (or a member of your family) are a resident, tenant or
        you or your family have some personal or professional                        leaseholder of Alton Park RMO, you must not use your
        connection. The same applies to any business connected with                  position as an employee to gain any advantage or preferential
        current or recent former employees or their partners, close                  treatment.
        relatives or associates, or colleagues within a secret society
        Any such relationship must be declared to your manager and           10      OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES
        you must withdraw from the process where practical.
                                                                             10.1    Alton Park RMO has no wish to interfere in the private lives
8.4     Confidentiality of Information. If you have access to                        of employees, but there will be occasions where your outside
        information on tender costs or other commercially sensitive                  activities can affect your work, or the interests of Alton Park
        information, then you must not disclose that information to                  RMO.
        any unauthorised person or organisation.
                                                                             10.2    If outside interests conflict with the interests of Alton Park
8.5     Use of Employers Suppliers or Contractors                                    RMO you must declare the matter to your manager, and seek
                                                                                     advice from your line manager.
8.5.1   You must avoid the use for private purposes of suppliers,
        contractors, consultants or other organisations used by Alton        10.3    You must obtain written permission before undertaking
        Park RMO.                                                                    outside activities if your official duties overlap in some way
                                                                                     with the proposed activity, if it arises through your work, or if
8.5.2   In practice, this may not always be possible or practical. If you            it makes use of material to which you have access by virtue of
        use Alton Park RMO’s suppliers or contractors for personal                   your position. This applies equally to unpaid or voluntary
        services, you must achieve a separation between your personal                activity and to paid work.
        purchasing decisions and Alton Park RMO’s, and must not
        give or receive favourable treatment.                                11.     PAID EMPLOYMENT

8.5.3   Where you do use such a company, you must make a                     You must obtain permission from your manager before undertaking
        declaration to your manager for goods or services, and obtain        other paid employment which must not conflict or interfere with your
        written consent before such use.                                     work. Whilst there is no objection in principle to employees
                                                                             undertaking other paid employment, this must never be in paid Alton
9       EMPLOYMENT MATTERS                                                   Park RMO time, and you must ensure that you remain capable of
                                                                             carrying out your duties satisfactorily.
Employees involved in making appointments must ensure that these
are made on the basis of the ability of the candidate to carry out the       If you are offered payment for writing or speaking on behalf of Alton
duties of the position. Personal preferences should not influence            Park RMO, you must inform your manager and the sums obtained
judgements to be made. You must ensure you are aware of Alton Park           must be paid to Alton Park RMO.
RMO’s employment policies and adhere to these.
                                                                             12      USE OF FACILITIES
9.1     Ensuring Impartiality
                                                                             No paid outside work of any sort should be undertaken at your place
9.1.1   In order to avoid any possible accusation of bias, you must          of work, and no use should be made of office facilities (such as
        avoid being involved in an appointment where you are related         telephones, postage or access to secretarial support) in connection with
        to an applicant, or have a close personal relationship outside       such work. This prohibition includes receipt of correspondence and
        work with him or her. Any such relationship must be declared         incoming telephone calls. This also extends to unpaid or voluntary
        to your manager, whether or not you are involved in the              activity, unless you have written permission from your manager.
        appointment process.
                                                                             13      POLITICAL, CAMPAIGNING AND PUBLIC
9.1.2   Similarly, you must avoid being involved in decisions relating to            ACTIVITIES
        discipline, promotion or pay adjustments for any other
        employee who is a relative, partner or close personal friend.        13.1    You must avoid any activity in the public arena which could
                                                                                     bring Alton Park RMO into disrepute.
9.1.3   The law and Alton Park RMO’s procedures lay down rules for
        appointment, discipline and dismissal of staff. These must be        13.2    You must follow the lawful expressed policies and procedures
        observed impartially, subject always to the duty to act fairly and           of Alton Park RMO and must not allow your own personal or
        reasonably.                                                                  political opinions to interfere with your work or impartiality.

9.1.4   You must not canvass the support of colleagues or Board              13.3    You are prohibited from using your official position with
        members for any candidate applying for employment. You                       Alton Park RMO in connection with any parliamentary or
        must also resist and report any attempt by others to do so.                  municipal election or any election to any representative body
                                                                                     within the Alton Estate.

                                                                                                Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 8
                                      Code of Conduct for Staff

14      GIFTS AND HOSPITALITY                                                14.3.2 Other hospitality may be accepted, for instance where:

The principle of integrity requires that staff should not place              a)      There is a genuine need to impart information or represent
themselves under an obligation that might influence, or be perceived to              Alton Park RMO in the Community
influence, the conduct of their duties. This means that the receipt or
giving of hospitality and gifts must be subject to clear restrictions, and   b)      An event is clearly part of the life of the community or where
that any that are accepted or given must be declared and recorded.                   Alton Park RMO should be seen to be represented

14.1    Gifts                                                                c)      The hospitality is corporate rather than personal. Such
                                                                                     corporate hospitality should be declared to the Central Support
14.1.1 You must not accept or give cash, or personal gifts with a                    Manager
       significant monetary value, under any circumstances, although
       items of nominal value or free promotional pens, calendars,           d)      The hospitality concerns attendance at a relevant conference or
       diaries and similar items, may be accepted/provided, but                      course where it is clear the hospitality is corporate rather than
       should first be approved by your line manager.                                personal.

14.1.2 Gifts from residents should be refused unless to do so would          14.3.3 Where necessary under section 14.3.2 any hospitality received
       cause offence. Employees should always seek authorisation                    or given must be recorded in the hospitality register maintained
       from their line manager before accepting gifts from residents                by the Alton Park RMO Central Support Manager. The
                                                                                    register is retained in the office of the Alton Park RMO
14.1.3 Personal gifts may not be solicited or offered under any                     Central Support Manager and it is the responsibility of senior
       circumstances. When you have to decline a gift, you should be                managers to ensure that staff are aware of its location and
       courteous but firm, and draw the attention to the person                     their responsibility. It is the responsibility of the Alton Park
       making the offer to the existence of this code and also declare              RMO Central Support Manager to ensure the register is kept
       it to your line manager.                                                     up to date and available for inspection.

14.1.4 Any gifts that are provided by Contractors, suppliers, or             14.4    Site Visits
       consultants shall be recorded by the Central Support Manager
       and will be forwarded to local community organisations/               Where you have to go with a contractor or supplier to inspect sites or
       charities. Failure to declare gifts will be treated as gross          equipment, you should claim the cost of such visits which you
       misconduct.                                                           personally incurred in the ordinary way.

14.2    Hospitality                                                          15      SPONSORSHIP

14.2.1 You must never accept or give lavish hospitality which could          Where an outside organisation wishes to sponsor or is seeking to
       be interpreted as a way of exerting an improper influence over        sponsor the activity of Alton Park RMO, whether by invitation, tender
       the way you carry out your duties. Nor should you offer such          or negotiation, or voluntarily, the basic conventions concerning the
       hospitality to others on behalf of Alton Park RMO. The                award of contracts, and acceptance of gifts or hospitality apply.
       timing of hospitality in relation to procurement or purchasing
       decisions which Alton Park RMO may be taking is especially            16      EXPENSE CLAIMS
       sensitive. Above all, you must never solicit hospitality. As a
       general rule, you should not accept hospitality which Alton           16.1    Where hospitality is to be provided by Alton Park RMO, this
       Park RMO would not reciprocate in similar circumstances.                      should be approved in advance by the Chief Executive or in
                                                                                     his absence Alton Park RMO Central Support Manager or
14.2.2 When you have to decline hospitality, you should be courteous                 designated Senior Management Team member.
       but firm, and draw the attention of the person making the
       offer to the existence of this code. If necessary you should          16.2    Claims for reimbursement of expenses should be made on
       pay your share of any costs and claim these in the ordinary                   Alton Park RMO Expense Claim Form and submitted to
       way.                                                                          Finance together with receipts.

14.3    Acceptable Hospitality                                               16.3    Authorised invoices from suppliers should be paid in
                                                                                     accordance with the normal procedures.
14.3.1 You may accept working meals and light refreshments without
       making any declaration but these should not be accepted on a          17      DECLARATION OF INTERESTS
       regular basis. Any occurrence of more than 2 meals per
       calendar month must be declared to the Central Support                17.1    Given Alton Park RMO’s wish to maintain its reputation for
       Manager.                                                                      high standards of conduct and probity, it is considered
                                                                                     essential that employees make declarations of interest as

                                                                                                   Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 9
                                      Code of Conduct for Staff

17.2    You must ensure that your private or personal interests do not       18.2    Alcohol and Drugs
        influence your decisions and that you do not use your position
        to obtain personal gain of any sort, either for yourself directly,   Alton Park RMO’s Disciplinary procedure treats incapacity at work due
        or for your families, friends or associates. You should declare      to alcohol or drugs as a serious offence of gross misconduct which will
        any membership of an organisation not open to the public             result in dismissal. If employees have an alcohol or drugs related
        which has secrecy about its rules, membership or conduct.            problem Alton Park RMO reserves its right of referral of the
        (See Appendix 1 for definition of secret society).                   employee to Alton Park RMO Doctor for a medical report. Where
                                                                             appropriate, Alton Park RMO may offer assistance if the problem is
17.3    You must declare any actual or potential conflicts of interest       medically related.
        arising from previous sections of this Code in the register of
        interests maintained in Alton Park RMO Central Support               18.3    Disclosure of Information
        Manager’s office.
                                                                             Alton Park RMO has a Disclosure of Information policy and
17.4    Declarations                                                         procedure and employees are encouraged to notify management of any
                                                                             wrongdoing or malpractice.
17.4.1 You must be meticulous about declaring any actual or potential
       conflicts of interest as they arise, as affecting you, your close     APPENDIX 1
       family, friends or associates. You must declare to your
       manager any financial or non-financial interests that you             Definition of a Secret Society
       consider could bring about conflict with Alton Park RMO
       interests. These could typically involve the sale or purchase of      A secret society is any lodge, chapter, trust or regular gathering or
       property or the awarding of contracts to a person or firm, but        meeting, which:
       might be in other areas of Alton Park RMO’s work. If in
       doubt, you should seek advice from your manager.                      is not open to members of the public who are not members of that
                                                                             lodge, chapter, society or trust
17.4.2 You will be expected to sign an initial declaration for the
       register, and thereafter to update it whenever a new interest         includes in the grant of membership an obligation or requirement on
       arises. These registers will normally be available for public         the part of the member to make a commitment (whether by oath or
       inspection, unless there is a good reason for confidentiality.        otherwise) of allegiance to the lodge, chapter, society, gathering or
                                                                             meeting; and
17.4.3 Whenever a Board member or employee becomes aware of a
       conflict of interest he/she should take steps to declare that         Includes, whether initially or subsequently, a commitment (whether by
       utilising the Declaration Form – Conflicts of Interest and            oath or otherwise) of secrecy about the rules, membership or conduct
       return it to the office of Alton Park RMO Central Support             of the lodge, chapter, society, trust, gathering or meeting.
       Manager. Likewise, if the declared conflict of interest ceases
       to exist the Board member/employee should inform Alton                A lodge, chapter, society, trust, gathering or meeting as defined above,
       Park RMO Secretary such that the underlying records can be            should not be regarded as a secret organisation if it forms part of the
       annotated accordingly.                                                activity of a generally recognised religion. Nor should a chapter or
                                                                             branch of a trade union.
17.4.4 If you are a board or committee member of a social landlord
       or voluntary agency, you must declare conflicts of interest
       arising in the normal way. The same is true if you are an
       elected member of a local authority.

17.5    Conduct in Meetings

If you are present at any meeting which is discussing an item which
poses a conflict of interest for you, you must declare the interest. If
the conflict is clear and substantial, you must take no part in the
discussion and decision, and should offer to leave the meeting.


18.1    Smoking

Alton Park Alton Park RMO operates a No Smoking Policy on Alton
Park RMO premises.

                                                                                                Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 10
                                                       Code of Conduct for Staff


Declaration Form - Gifts and Hospitality

This form is to record any Gifts or Hospitality that a Board Member
or member of staff of Alton Park RMO has enjoyed/provided from
time to time in the execution of his/her duties on behalf of Alton
Park RMO. Please use a separate form for each item you need to
declare and return to Alton Park RMO Central Support Manager’s

Your Details


Job Title


Date of Declaration

Details of Declaration

Provider of gift/hospitality

What is the connection of the provider to Alton Park RMO

Nature of gift/hospitality (together with value)

Any other information that may be relevant

Signed (Employee/Director) ............................................................................

Signed (Central Support Manager) ..................................................................

Signed (Chief Executive) ...................................................................................

Recorded by Central Support Manager on ....................................................

                                                                                                               Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 11
                                                         Code of Conduct for Staff


Declararation Form - Conflicts of Interesr

This form is to record any actual or potential conflict of interest
arising under the Code of Conduct. Please use a separate form for
each conflict that you need to declare. Leave blank any boxes that are
not relevant to the declaration. On completion this form should be
forwarded to the office of Alton Park RMO Central Support Manager.

Your Details

1. Name

2.     Job Title

3. Department

4. Date of Declaration

Details of the Declaration

Please set out in the space provided (and, in need, on another sheet of paper) details of circumstances involved, highlighting family, business,
employment, contractual or other relationship that underpins this declaration of interest.

Signature (employee) ...........................................................................................

Signature (manager) ............................................................................................

Signature (Chief Executive) ..............................................................................

Recorded by CSM (date) ....................................................................................

                                                                                                                   Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 12
                                    Code of Conduct for Staff
19     REPORTING OF FRAUD                                                  21.6    Any fraud or corrupt act perpetrated or attempted by a senior
                                                                                   official of Alton Park RMO, irrespective of the value, is to be
19.1   The purpose of this policy is to ensure both staff and Board                reported to the Chief Executive and the Chair of the Finance
       members are aware of the actions that need to be taken in the               Committee immediately on discovery.
       event of detected or attempted frauds. This Policy applies to
       all elements of the activities of the Companies.                    21.7    The Chief Executive will advise the Chair of the Finance
                                                                                   Committee and the Chairperson of all frauds.
19.2   In the paragraphs below are a clear set of guidelines to which
       employees must adhere.                                              21.8    The Chief Executive is responsible for informing Alton Park
                                                                                   RMO’s External Auditors, Insurers and the Police as
19.3   All employees are expected to follow the laid down procedures               appropriate. The Police and External Auditors should only be
       for internal control, the latter being designed to minimise the             informed if there is clear evidence of the fraud.
       opportunities for fraudulent activity.
                                                                           21.9    It is the policy of Alton Park RMO that it takes appropriate
19.4   This policy complies with good practice within the Housing                  action against staff and Board members who perpetrate fraud
       industry.                                                                   and any individual whose conduct allows fraud to be
                                                                                   committed. Alton Park RMO will take action to recover any
20     RESPONSIBILITIES OF ALL EMPLOYEES                                           monies that have been lost. The actions taken in this context
                                                                                   will be reported to and reviewed by the Finance Committee.
20.1   It is the responsibility of all employees to report immediately
       any act of fraud or attempted fraud.                                21.10   Any act of fraud will be treated as a gross misconduct offence.

20.2   The employee must report the matter to their Department             APPENDIX 4
       Head or Central Support Manager. If this is inappropriate, the
       report should be made to the Chief Executive and/or the             Fraud Register Reporting
       Chair of the Finance Committee. All such notifications should
       be evidenced with a written report.                                 The Fraud Register will contain records of all detected fraudulent
                                                                           activities. When making such reports it should contain the following
20.3   No employee who brings such information forward will be             detail:
       penalised for so doing; this being reinforced by Alton Park
       RMO’s Policy on Disclosure of Information.                          · the date of the report

21     ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN                                                 · the name of the person uncovering the fraudulent activity

21.1   The Department Head will report any fraud or attempted              · to whom the incident was reported
       fraud to the Chief Executive or, if this is inappropriate, the
       Chair of the Finance Committee.                                     · a description of the actual/suspected fraudulent activity

21.2   The Chief Executive (or Chair of the Finance Committee)             · action taken to include:
       will, in consultation with other officers and professional
       advisors (as appropriate), determine how the matter will be         · involvement of the Chief Executive
       investigated. The Central Support Manager will be consulted,
        as required, regarding the invoking of Alton Park RMO’s            · involvement of the Central Support Manager
       disciplinary procedures.
                                                                           · involvement of the Finance Manager
21.3   The incident will be recorded in the Fraud Register, which is
       maintained in Alton Park RMO Central Support Manager’s              · reporting of the incident to the Chairperson of the Finance
       office. This Register will contain the records of both                Committee Audit Committee
       attempted and detected frauds and the actions taken. The
       records will also demonstrate the actions taken to reinforce the    · whether the Police were informed
       underlying disciplines to ensure that the possibility of repeat
       frauds is eliminated. Appendix 4 contains guidance as to the        · whether the External Auditors were informed
       content of any report associated with fraud.
                                                                           · whether the Insurers to Alton Park RMO were informed.
21.4   The Fraud Register shall be available for inspection at any time.
                                                                           Any subsequent written reports providing update on the incident
21.5   The Fraud Register shall be reviewed at each meeting of the         should also be copied to Alton Park RMO Central Support Manager
       Finance Committee.                                                  who will maintain a working file of all correspondence associated with
                                                                           frauds and cross-referenced to the Fraud Register.

                                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 13
                                                      Salaries & Allowances


The salary bands for full time staff are as set out in Appendix V and
are linked to Local Government pay scales; part time staff are paid
pro-rata to standard hours relative to the hours worked. Each post is
allocated to one of the bands, as determined by the Board. A list
showing the allocations is kept in the Central Support Manager’s
Office. Each post holder will have the band shown in his/her relevant
Contract of Employment.


New employees will be appointed to the minimum of the salary band
appropriate to their post except where Alton Park RMO, having regard
to qualifications and experience, decide to appoint at a salary above the
minimum. Inflationary increases will be as dictated by Local Govt. pay


Salaries are inclusive and cover the requirements, skills, working
conditions etc., set out in the employee’s job description. (Local Govt.
Inner London weighting will be added to the Local Govt pay scales to
achieve total salary payable).


Salaries will be paid in 12 equal instalments by bank credit transfer, or
similar arrangement approved by Alton Park RMO, on the 15th day of
each calendar month or on the working day preceding where the 15th
falls on a Bank Holiday or on a weekend.


Employees starting or leaving Alton Park RMO’s employment during a
calendar month will be paid for the number of days actually worked
pro-rata to a notional 365 days per annum. Employees absent without
pay for any reason will have their salaries calculated similarly.

                                                                            Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 14
                          Hours of Work & Attendance

1       STANDARD HOURS OF WORK                                              day, however, in exceptional circumstances 90 minutes may be taken
                                                                            with the prior permission of a supervisor.
Standard hours of work for all full time employees are 35 per week
exclusive of lunch break, averaged over a four week period, except
where contracts differ.


Start times will be 9.00am, and finishing times will be 5.00pm except
where contracts differ.


Employees who are required by management with advance notice to
work a total of hours in any four week period in excess of the 35
weekly average will be entitled to equivalent time off with pay (at the
employee’s current salary) to be taken within the following four weeks
at times mutually convenient to the employee and management. When
management agrees that it is not practicable to take the time off in this
period it will be paid for at the overtime rates set out in the schedule
of salaries.


Salaries are deemed to cover the working of short periods of overtime
when the work so requires where this involves working for a few
minutes beyond normal finishing time, for example, to finish a job,
complete a telephone conversation or await a relief and time off or
payment will not be granted in these circumstances.


Work on a designated Public Holiday will be compensated for the
hours actually worked by time off with pay on an alternative day (see
Section 5) and payment at the standard overtime rate shown in
Appendix V in addition to the normal day’s pay for that day, except
where contractual overtime exists and contracts state the compensated
time off with pay and relevant levels of pay.


Any employee who is unable to attend work on a day designated for
duty for whatever reason is required to inform his/her supervisor as
soon as possible, on the first day of absence, if this has not already
been done in advance. Employees may not absent themselves during
working hours from their place of work without specific prior
permission from the supervisor. Employees are also required to notify
their supervisor on the third and fifth day of absence.


Employees, who on the advice of Alton Park RMO’s medical adviser,
are working less than standard hours, would normally continue to be
paid for full hours for a period not exceeding six months.


Meal breaks will be determined on a local basis between management
and staff concerned. Normal meal breaks will be for 60 minutes per

                                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 15

1       HOLIDAYS                                                           2     SPECIAL LEAVE

1.1     Each employee is entitled, in addition to the eight Public         2.1   Paid leave of absence may be granted not exceeding three
        Holidays, to annual paid holidays of twenty five days, with the          working days where an employee is required to be absent from
        leave year commencing on the first day of the month in which             work in circumstances which could not reasonably have been
        the employee was born, at times to be agreed between                     foreseen and which cause serious domestic difficulties,
        management and the employee. The maximum leave permitted                 including death, funeral or serious illness of a close relative or
        in one period is twelve working days.                                    member of the employee’s household. The definition of a
                                                                                 close relative is as follows: Mother, father, sibling, child,
1.2     Some employees have their working hours arranged to provide              grandchild, grandparent, or person responsible for parenting.
        a three (or four) day working week with four (or three) rest
        days. When a rest day falls on a Public Holiday, and such an       2.2   Attendance at court as a juror or when subject to a subpoena
        employee is not required to work overtime on that day, the               to appear as a witness will entitle the employee to paid leave
        employee shall be entitled to an additional 7 hours of paid              for the period of attendance required by the court less any
        annual leave.                                                            allowances paid for the loss of earnings.

1.3    Leave Carried Forward                                               2.3   All requests for special leave must be made in advance where
                                                                                 practicable or as soon as possible if not, and supported by
At the discretion of management permission may be given for up to                documentary evidence if available. Additionally, parents with
five working days leave to be carried forward to the end of the first            responsibilities for disabled children may be granted special
month of the new leave year. This leave must be taken in the first               leave to attend the child’s medical appointments.
month of the new leave year. Otherwise leave not taken for any reason
will be forfeited. In no circumstances will payment be made in lieu of     3     SPECIAL LEAVE FOR PUBLIC DUTIES
holidays not taken.
                                                                           3.1   Subject to prior management approval and to release on any
1.4     At the discretion of management, up to five working days                 particular occasion being reasonable having regard to the work
        holiday may be anticipated from the next leave year.                     requirements, special leave as necessary up to an annual total
                                                                                 of six paid working days leave a year (or the equivalent in
1.5     Calculation of Leave Entitlement                                         shorter periods) will be given to employees carrying out public
                                                                                 duties including service as a JP; local authority elected
1.6     Holidays for employees who commence work after the start of              Member; member of a board of prison visitors; school
        the leave year or who leave during the year will be calculated           governor or manager; member of a National Health Service
        on the following basis:                                                  Trust; member of a National Rivers Authority.

        Completed calendar months of service, multiplied by 25,            3.2   HM Reserve forces and members of the Territorial Services
        divided by 12 (rounded up or down to the nearest whole day               will be permitted paid leave to attend annual camps.
        of leave)
                                                                           3.3   Statutory regulations do not require companies to grant paid
1.7     An employee will be deemed to have completed a calendar                  leave of absence, but may require an employer to grant unpaid
        month if he or she started work on the first working day, even           leave to attend to public duties. Exceptionally, leave in excess
        though the first day or days of the month fell at weekends or            of six working days may be granted without pay to attend to
        on Public Holidays. Similarly, a leaver will be required to work         these public duties to a maximum of 10 days (i.e. 6 days paid 4
        the last working day of the calendar month to earn full leave            days unpaid). Employees may of course use their annual leave
        entitlement for the month. Employees commencing between                  entitlement if they wish.
        the 2nd and 15th of the month will be entitled to one days
        leave for that month. Employees commencing on or after the
        16th of the month will accrue leave from the first day of the
        following month.

1.8     New employees shall (except where Alton Park RMO agrees
        otherwise) complete four months’ service before taking more
        than five days paid holiday, but they may be granted unpaid
        leave where holidays have been prearranged before
        commencement of service. Employees who leave during the
        year having exceeded their holiday entitlement will be required
        to repay Alton Park RMO for the excess leave.

                                                                                           Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 16
    Maternity & Paternity Leave, Parental
         Leave & Leave for Dependents

In accordance with the Maternity and Parental Leave Regulations 1999,       Maternity Pay. A woman who commences maternity leave without
which came into force on 15 December 1999, in conjunction with              giving the proper notice will be treated as being on unauthorised
amendments to the Employment Rights Act 1999, the revised                   absence which may be regarded as a disciplinary matter.
maternity provisions affecting employees whose Expected Week of
Confinement (EWC) is on or after 30 April 2000 apply as follows:            6       CALCULATION OF MATERNITY PAY

                                                                            6.1     Less than 26 Weeks Service
                                                                            There is no entitlement to SMP or Alton Park RMO maternity pay.
Maternity leave commences at the employee’s determination any time
from the beginning of the 11th week before the expected date of             6.2     More than 26 Weeks Service
confinement to the date of birth. An expectant mother will be
required to produce medical evidence of the expected date of                Employees who have 26 weeks service at the 15th week before the
confinement.                                                                EWC, will be entitled to 18 weeks Statutory Maternity Pay. The first six
                                                                            weeks are paid at the “higher rate”, calculated at nine-tenths of normal
2       QUALIFYING SERVICE FOR MATERNITY                                    full salary; the “lower rate”, paid for the remaining twelve weeks.
                                                                            6.3     Alton Park RMO Maternity Pay
Depending on the length of her service with Alton Park RMO before
taking maternity leave to have her baby, an expectant mother will be        Alton Park RMO’s maternity pay will be the amount which, when
entitled, subject to certain rules set out below, to one of the following   added to the statutory maternity payments, brings the total payment up
different levels of benefit. The service qualifications are:                to the level of normal salary. The employee is required to notify Alton
                                                                            Park RMO of the amount of any statutory payments. (Married women
3       MATERNITY LEAVE                                                     who have chosen to be exempt from the full National Insurance
                                                                            contributions will be deemed to be insured in their own right and the
a)       Ordinary Maternity Leave – no service requirement                  amount that would then have been payable will be deducted from full
All female employees, regardless of length of service, are entitled to      pay.)
ordinary maternity leave. A woman who is pregnant is entitled to have
18 weeks Statutory Maternity Leave. She has a right to return to work       7       RIGHT TO RETURN TO WORK
at the end of her maternity leave to a job on terms and conditions no
less favourable than those which would have applied if she had not          7.1     An expectant mother who is a member of staff, who takes
been absent.                                                                        maternity leave to have her baby, may apply to return to work
                                                                                    at the expiry of her maternity leave on terms no less
b)       Additional Maternity Leave - 1 Year’s Continuous Service                   favourable than those she would have enjoyed had she
A female employee who has completed at least 1 year’s continuous                    remained in employment during the period of absence,
service by the 11th week before the EWC is entitled to additional                   provided that she:
maternity leave. She has a right to return to work 29 weeks after the
date of birth. Ordinary maternity leave lasts for 18 weeks. Additional      a)      notifies the Central Support Manager in writing at least three
maternity leave runs from the end of ordinary maternity leave up to 29              months before the expected date of confinement:
weeks after the date of birth. If you have under 26 weeks service at the
qualifying week you will be issued with SMP1, which you should              i)      that she will be absent due to pregnancy
forward to your local Social Security Office to claim Maternity
Allowance                                                                   ii)     the date she intends to commence her maternity leave

4       STATUTORY MATERNITY PAY                                             iii)    that she wishes to return to work after the baby is born

In accordance with the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act       iv)     the date she intends to return from maternity leave
1992, a female employee who has employment with an employer (i.e.
Alton Park RMO), for a continuous period of 26 weeks (ending with           b)      provides a MAT B1 Certificate from a registered medical
the week immediately preceding the 14th week before the EWC), who                   practitioner or certified midwife stating her EWC
takes ordinary maternity leave to have her baby is entitled to have 18
weeks Statutory Maternity Pay. She is not entitled to any salary            c)      whilst on additional maternity leave, gives at least 21 days
payment from Alton Park RMO.                                                        notice of her return to work.

5       ALTON PARK RMO MATERNITY PAY                                        7.2     While Alton Park RMO will make every effort to ensure that
                                                                                    the employee will return to her former position, there may be
A female employee with 1 year’s continuous service, completed at the                exceptional circumstances when this cannot be arranged. In
11th week before the EWC is entitled to apply for 13 weeks on full pay              such cases alternative employment in a similar job will if
(including Statutory Maternity Pay), followed by 5 weeks Statutory                  possible be offered to the employee.

                                                                                              Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 17
 Maternity & Paternity Leave, Parental
      Leave & Leave for Dependents

8       UNDERTAKING TO RETURN TO WORK AFTER                                  maternity leave, by either the employer or employee. If the employee
        MATERNITY LEAVE                                                      is ill the normal rules on sickness absence will apply.

8.1     A woman who applies for paid maternity leave will be required        10      CONTINUITY OF SERVICE
        to sign an undertaking to return to work for a minimum
        period of thirteen weeks on the expiry of her maternity leave,       The period of absence on maternity leave of an employee who returns
        or to refund the maternity pay or such part thereof as Alton         to work at the end of ordinary or, if she qualifies, additional maternity
        Park RMO may decide if she does not return to work for that          leave, will be regarded as continuous service.
                                                                             11      SICKNESS BEFORE AND DURING MATERNITY
8.2     In exceptional circumstances Alton Park RMO may not                          LEAVE
        require any refund of maternity pay. These are likely to
        include the still-birth of the child; the death of the child         11.1    An employee who is pregnant will be given leave to attend
        during paid maternity leave; the birth of a child with a physical            maternity clinics, on production to her supervisor of her
        or mental disability; the loss of a partner through death; or                medical appointment card. Such leave will not count as
        serious mental or physical illness of the mother following the               sickness absence, but will be recorded as special leave.
        birth of the child.
                                                                             11.2    A pregnant woman who for medical reasons is absent from
8.3     If such circumstances do occur, it will be up to the woman                   duty with a pregnancy related illness any time after the 6th week
        concerned to provide medical evidence to the Central Support                 before the expected week of confinement, will have such
        Manager in support of her claim, before the expiry of her                    absence treated as the commencement of her maternity leave.
        maternity leave.
                                                                             11.3    If the child is still-born, or dies shortly after birth, paid
9       ALTON PARK RMO’S REQUEST FOR                                                 absence will normally continue for a period of four weeks after
        CONFIRMATION OF INTENTION TO RETURN                                          the event.
        TO WORK
                                                                             11.4    An employee on maternity leave is not eligible for paid
9.1     Return to Work from Ordinary Maternity Leave                                 sickness absence.

There is no notice required from the employee returning at the end of        12      HOLIDAY ENTITLEMENT AND PENSION
ordinary maternity leave, provided she has met the criteria stated in 7.1,           PROVISIONS
unless she intends to return early. It is therefore assumed she will
return at the end of the 18 weeks ordinary maternity leave.                  12.1    During the period of ordinary maternity leave, i.e. the first 18
                                                                                     weeks, the employee may benefit from the terms and
9.2     Return to Work from Additional Maternity Leave                               conditions of employment. This is with the exception of
                                                                                     remuneration. Consequently, for the 18 weeks of ordinary
9.2.1   Alton Park RMO will write to the employee 21 days before the                 maternity leave an employee may accrue leave.
        end of ordinary maternity leave to seek confirmation of the
        date of birth, the intention to return to work, and date of the      12.2    An employee who is a member of the pension fund who takes
        return                                                                       maternity leave to have a baby, will remain a fully paid-up
                                                                                     member of the scheme during the first 18 weeks of ordinary
9.2.2   The employee must respond within 21 days                                     maternity leave. When she returns to employment she will
                                                                                     have the option of buying back any service lost during her
9.2.3   Alton Park RMO will then write confirming the last possible                  absence.
        date by which she must return
                                                                             12.3    A woman taking additional maternity leave is entitled, during
9.2.4   Failure by the employee to respond could result in disciplinary              the period of leave, to the benefit of her employer’s implied
        action.                                                                      obligation to her of trust and confidence, and terms and
                                                                                     conditions relating to:
9.3     Early Return to Work from Ordinary and Additional
        Maternity Leave                                                      a)      Notice of termination of her contract by her employer

An employee must give 21 days notice if she intends to return to work        b)      Compensation in the event of redundancy or
before the end of ordinary maternity leave or, if she qualifies, before
the end of additional maternity leave.                                       c)      Disciplinary or grievance procedures.

9.4     Postponement of Return to Work

There is no provision for postponement of return to work after

                                                                                                Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 18
 Maternity & Paternity Leave, Parental
      Leave & Leave for Dependents

13     PATERNITY LEAVE                                                     h)      Seniority and pension rights of the employee must not be
                                                                                   affected because he/she has taken parental leave.
13.1   Leave will be granted with pay for a period of 3 days (plus an
       additional 2 days at the discretion of the Head of                  Conditions of Parental Leave
       Department), to an employee with at least 12 months service
       on the due date, to attend the birth of his child, and for          i)      Parental leave can be taken in blocks of 1 week up to a
       necessary domestic commitments immediately thereafter.                      maximum of 4 weeks per annum. Part of a week taken counts
       Leave without pay will be granted to an employee having less                as a full week
       than 12 months service.
                                                                           j)      A minimum of 21 days notice is required, stating the start and
13.2   Paternity leave cannot be accrued and may be taken only in the              end dates
       period immediately before or after his child’s birth.
                                                                           k)      The employer has a right to postpone parental leave if it would
13.3   Any statutory entitlements which are more beneficial than the               harm the business or organisation. It can be postponed for no
       provisions stated above will apply.                                         more than 6 months from the date on which the employee
                                                                                   wanted to start parental leave
                                                                           l)      Alton Park RMO has a right to ask for evidence to support a
14.1   Parental Leave was introduced on 15 December 1999 and is                    request for parental leave, e.g. birth certificate to demonstrate
       leave which is taken to look after a child.                                 proof of the child’s age.

14.2   Under the Parental Leave Directive, workers have the right to 3     15      LEAVE FOR DEPENDANTS
       months parental leave on the grounds of birth or adoption of
       a child. The rights to leave are individual and not transferable    15.1    Under the dependant leave provisions of the Parental Leave
       from one parent to another.                                                 Directive, an employee may take reasonable time off. There is
                                                                                   no service requirement for this right to unpaid leave.
14.3   An employee who has 1 year’s continuous service, as at the
       date of the intended parental leave, will be entitled to parental   15.2    Definition of Dependant
       leave if he/she:
                                                                           A dependant is defined as a spouse, child, parent or person who lives
a)     Is the parent named on the birth certificate of the child who       in the same household and any person who reasonably relies on an
       was born after 15 December 1999 who is under 5 years old            employee for assistance who is ill, injured or assaulted, to make
                                                                           arrangements for their care. Leave may be taken:
b)     Has adopted after 15 December 1999 a child under 18 (the
       right lasts for 5 years from the date on which the child was        a)      To provide assistance when a dependant falls ill, gives birth or
       placed for adoption)                                                        is injured or assaulted

c)     Has acquired full parental responsibility for a child born after    b)      To arrange and care for a dependant who is ill or injured
       15 December 1999, who is under 5 years old.
                                                                           c)      To take necessary action in consequence of the death of a
Key Elements of Parental Leave                                                     dependant

d)     The leave entitlement is 13 weeks for each child under 5 years      d)      To deal with unexpected disruption of arrangements for care
       of age, provided they were born after 15 December 1999. In                  of a dependant
       the case of part-time workers, the right is pro-rated
                                                                           e)      To deal with an unexpected incident involving the employee’s
e)     For a disabled child, parental leave may be taken at any time up            child at school.
       to the child’s 18th birthday

f)     The contract of employment will continue whilst an employee
       is on parental leave but no contractual terms other than terms
       relating to good faith and confidentiality will apply.
       Consequently, parental leave is treated as unpaid leave

g)     On return from parental leave, the employee must be given
       his/her job back or a job which has the same status, terms and

                                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 19
                                                                       Sickness Absence

1       NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE                                                      any one rolling year.

Employees absent due to sickness must make every reasonable effort           7       TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES
to notify their supervisor or in their absence the next senior officer, as
soon as possible, on the first day of absence, (or in the case of shift or   A temporary employee will not be entitled to paid sickness absence
rota workers as soon as they know they will be unable to attend), and        during the first three months of employment, but thereafter a Head of
also on the 3rd and 5th day of absence. Employees that fail to give          Department may, at his/her discretion, authorise paid sickness absence
correct notice will be regarded as absent without leave.                     up to a maximum of the company entitlement.

2       SICKNESS CERTIFICATES                                                8       CALCULATING SICKNESS ABSENCE DUE

For absence lasting less than 8 consecutive calendar days (including         In calculating the period of the allowance due in any year the amount
Saturday and Sunday) a written Alton Park RMO self-certificate is            of paid sickness absence at full or half rate respectively taken in 12
required. If the absence continues beyond eight days a doctor’s              months immediately prior to the current absence will be deducted
certificate must be sent not later than the eighth day and thereafter at     from the entitlements shown above.
weekly intervals. Shift and rota workers must inform their supervisors
in advance as soon as they intend to return to work.                         9       QUALIFYING DAYS FOR STATUTORY SICK PAY

3       MEDICAL EXAMINATION                                                  Qualifying days for Statutory Sick Pay purposes are Monday to Sunday
Alton Park RMO may with due notice require any employee to attend
a medical examination by a doctor of Alton Park RMO’s choice;                10      SICKNESS ABSENCE PAYMENTS
(Where requested Alton Park RMO will make arrangements for the
employee to be examined by a Doctor of his/her own sex) or to                The payment to be made in the case of full pay will be of an amount
submit a doctor’s certificate covering the first day of absence wherever     which, when added to the relevant rate of Statutory Sick Pay or other
the employee’s attendance record gives Alton Park RMO cause for              State sickness or injury benefit, will secure the equivalent of the
concern.                                                                     normal rate of pay. In no circumstances will payment be made at any
                                                                             amount which brings the total when added to Statutory Sick Pay or
4       SICKNESS DURING PERIOD OF NOTICE                                     other benefits above the normal rate of pay. Married women who
                                                                             have exercised their right to be exempted from the payment of full
An employee with less than two years service who has given notice of         National Insurance contributions are deemed to be insured in their
termination of employment will be required to submit a Doctor’s              own right in respect of State Sickness Benefits for the purpose of
certificate in respect of all sickness absence during the period of          calculating the amount of Alton Park RMO sick pay due.
notice. Un-certificated absence during this period will be treated as
unpaid leave.                                                                11      SICKNESS OCCURRING DURING HOLIDAYS

5       PAYMENT OF SICK PAY                                                  When a Public Holiday occurs during an employee’s “period of
                                                                             incapacity for work through sickness”, he/she will be granted one day’s
Alton Park RMO sick pay will be payable for sickness absence                 holiday pay (which will include any Statutory Sick Pay for that day) and
providing that all of the above procedures are followed and subject to       that day will not count against sick pay entitlement. Sickness of one
the provisions of the following sections:-                                   week or more occurring during annual holidays will be counted as sick
                                                                             absence provided a medical certificate acceptable to Alton Park RMO
6       SICKNESS ABSENCE PROVISION                                           is produced and the absence will not then be counted against holiday
6.1     Provided the above requirements are complied with an
        employee will be entitled to paid leave during sickness for the      12      INFECTIOUS DISEASES
        following periods:-
                                                                             An employee who contracts or has come into contact with an
6.2     In the first year of service up to 3 weeks full pay and 3 weeks      infectious disease must notify the Central Support Manager without
        half pay                                                             delay. If Alton Park RMO decides that the employee cannot attend
                                                                             work the absence shall be regarded as special leave with pay.
6.3     In the second and subsequent year of service 1 month full pay        A pregnant woman will be allowed paid sick absence for an appropriate
        1 month half pay                                                     period if there is an outbreak of rubella in her workplace and if she
                                                                             cannot be transferred elsewhere.
6.4     Employees may appeal against these limits. Appeals must be
        sent to the Chief Executive who will present the appeal to the       13      EXTENDED SICKNESS ABSENCE
        employment sub-committee. Maximum sickness absence
        provision that can be granted on appeal by the employment            Alton Park RMO may at its discretion extend paid sickness absence
        sub-committee is 4 months full pay and 4 months half pay in          entitlement in any individual case having regard to the length of

                                                                                               Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 20
                                                                    Sickness Absence

service of the employee, the nature of the illness, the medical          19      WITHHOLDING ALTON PARK RMO SICK PAY -
prognosis and any other factors which seem relevant to Alton Park                SICKNESS ABSENCE INTERVIEW
                                                                         A Sickness Absence Interview called under section 7.18 will be
14      INJURY AT WORK                                                   conducted by a manager appointed by the Head of Department
                                                                         concerned. The manager will give at least two clear working days
Where the absence is due to an injury at work which has been recorded    notice of the interview to the employee concerned, who may be
at the time and is accepted as such by Alton Park RMO or is due to       supported by a friend or Trade Union official (see also Appendix X -
certified industrial disease, resulting from employment by Alton Park    Statutory Right to be Accompanied). The manager will call for all
RMO, payment for a period up to three calendar months will be made       relevant documents from the Central Support Manager concerning the
in accordance with the conditions set out above for sickness absence     employee’s periods of absence, and will ask the employee to explain the
and such payment will not count against sick pay entitlement.            reasons for sickness absence. The manager will, in reaching a decision,
                                                                         consider, where appropriate, comparable levels of sickness absence
15      THIRD PARTY CLAIMS                                               amongst other employees within Alton Park RMO in general. The
                                                                         appeal from the manager’s decision will lie to the Head of Department,
Employees absent as a result of an accident in respect of which          whose decision will be final. Paid sickness absence will not be withheld
damages may be recoverable from a third party other than the Criminal    for more than six months on any one occasion.
Injuries Board, are not entitled to sick pay. However, Alton Park RMO
may advance a sum not exceeding the total sickness allowance to which    20      PROLONGED ABSENCE THROUGH ILL-HEALTH
they would otherwise be entitled. This advance is subject to an
undertaking by the employee that he/she will reimburse Alton Park        An employee with five years or more service with Alton Park RMO,
RMO for the amounts so received in full or in part as Alton Park         who has had more than 175 days of absence on full pay and 175 days
RMO may decide, having regard to all the circumstances. Where the        on half pay in any four year period will not be entitled to paid sickness
full sum is reimbursed the absence shall not count against sick pay      absence for a further twelve months, subject to management discretion
entitlement; where it is reimbursed in part Alton Park RMO will decide   in individual circumstances.
to what extent the absence will count against sick pay. The provisions
of this paragraph shall not affect the employee’s entitlement to         21      RETIREMENT ON GROUNDS OF ILL-HEALTH
Statutory Sick Pay. An employee will be required to reimburse Alton
Park RMO out of any compensation received from the Criminal              21.1    An employee who is unable to work because of ill-health may
Injuries Board for loss of earnings; but the absence shall not count             be called for examination by Alton Park RMO’s medical
against sick pay entitlement.                                                    adviser, who may recommend that the employee be retired
                                                                         21.2    If an employee wishes to appeal against a decision to retire
Should any member of staff become disabled, every effort will be                 him/her on the grounds of ill-health, the provisions of the
made to ensure the continuation of employment following appropriate              Grievance Procedure will apply.
                                                                         22      TERMINATION OF APPOINTMENT ON
17      MONTHLY REVIEW OF ALL SICKNESS ABSENCE                                   GROUNDS OF ILL-HEALTH

Records of sickness absence are maintained by the Central Support        An employee who is absent as a result of long or frequent periods of
Manager and levels of sickness absence throughout Alton Park RMO         ill-health, which are not of sufficient severity to qualify the employee
are reviewed every month. Alton Park RMO will monitor the pattern        for medical retirement, may, after full consideration by management
of all sickness absence and staff will be counselled in instances when   and consultation with the Trade Union, be discharged if the interests
there appears to be abuse of the provisions for paid sickness absence.   of Alton Park RMO require it.
Recommendations for additional action may be made to the
appropriate Head of Department or Chief Executive.


When an employee is absent on more than three occasions in any
twelve month period, and the sickness totals more than 10 working
days, management may, after consideration of all the circumstances in
each individual case, withhold paid sickness absence, after calling a
Departmental Sickness Absence interview.

                                                                                            Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 21
          Travelling & Subsistence Expenses

1       TRAVELLING AND SUBSISTENCE EXPENSES                                 Alton Park RMO business. Claims must be made quarterly and
        INCURRED ON DUTY                                                    certified by their supervising officer.

1.1     Claims for Repayment

Claims for repayment of travelling expenses must be made within two
months of the date they were incurred by the employee making the
journey giving details of time, date, places and method of travel.
Claims must be limited to expenditure necessarily and actually
incurred. An employee travelling to or from home directly from
official business away from their normal place of work is only
permitted to charge additional expenditure.

1.2     Claims for Travel Expenses

Claims will be met only for travel on duty and normally by public
transport using the cheapest fare available, at the time the journey has
to be undertaken. Taxi fares will only be repaid where public transport
is not available or the manager has given approval on grounds of
urgency or other special circumstances.

1.3     Use of Private Cars

Employees using their own cars must get prior approval from their
Head of Department which may be given for a specific occasion or for
a specified period of time not exceeding twelve months and they will
be paid the mileage allowance shown in the Schedule of Allowances
and Additional Payments (Appendix VI.) Permission will be granted
subject to the employee meeting whatever conditions Alton Park RMO
requires including those relating to driving licences and insurance.

1.4     Subsistence

No payments for subsistence will be made in respect of normal
working hours at Alton Park RMO. Employees required by Alton Park
RMO to work away from Alton Park RMO offices for more than half
a day will be eligible to claim a meals allowance to cover any additional
expenditure necessarily and actually incurred on meals as a result of
working away. For an overnight stay or for an absence of twenty-four
hours the allowances shown in Appendix VI shall be paid. Alton Park
RMO may at its discretion pay allowances in excess on specified
occasions where the standard allowances are considered inappropriate
having regard to the length of stay, and the place and nature of the
business to be performed.

1.5     Prompt Claims Supported by Documentation

All claims for subsistence must be made promptly and in any event not
later than two months after being incurred. Claims must include full
details as required by Alton Park RMO and be supported by receipts,
etc. No repayments will be made for incidental expenses, or alcoholic
drinks, except when visitors are being entertained. Claims must be
authorised by an appropriate officer.

1.6     Telephones

An employee required by Alton Park RMO to have a telephone in his/
her home for Alton Park RMO purposes will be entitled to repayment
of installation charge, rental charge and the cost of calls made on

                                                                                            Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 22
                  Uniforms & Protective Clothing


Alton Park RMO will provide protective clothing for the purposes of
health and safety, the scale and type of issue being decided by the
Management Team.

2       UNIFORMS

In order to be readily identified as having the requisite authority on
behalf of Alton Park RMO certain employees will be issued with
uniform apart from any protective clothing.


The provision of uniforms and protective clothing is made by Alton
Park RMO because of the job requirement and it is a condition of
employment that such uniforms and other protective clothing will be
worn on duty. An employee who is required by Alton Park RMO to
wear a uniform or protective clothing whilst on duty, and fails to do so,
will be subject to disciplinary action.

                                                                            Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 23
                                                    Health & Safety Policy

1       INTRODUCTION                                                         a)      to keep themselves informed of technological developments
                                                                                     and advances relevant to Alton Park RMO’s activities in order
In accordance with its duty under Section 2(3) of the Health and                     to improve health and safety at work
Safety at Work, Act, 1974, and in fulfilling its obligations to both
employees and the public who may be affected by its activities, the          b)      to keep themselves appraised of changes in legislation and
Directors of Alton Park RMO (hereinafter called “Alton Park RMO”)                    Approved Codes of Practice in order to achieve compliance
have issued the following statement of policy and basic good practice,               with the law, and to co-operate fully with the appropriate
in respect of health and safety.                                                     enforcing authorities in this respect

2       POLICY STATEMENT                                                     c)      to secure the co-operation and involvement of Alton Park
                                                                                     RMO employees in achieving safe working methods.
It is the aim of the Board of Alton Park RMO, so far as is reasonably
practicable, to ensure that:-                                                3.2     Employees’ Responsibility

a)      the working environment of all employees is safe and without         Alton Park RMO employees are reminded of the legal requirement to
        risks to health and that adequate provisions are made with           ensure that Alton Park RMO’s Health and Safety Policy is observed.
        regard to the facilities and arrangements for their welfare at       In particular, they are required:-
                                                                             a)      to take reasonable care of their own health and safety at work
b)      the provision and maintenance of plant and systems of work                   and of those who may be affected by their actions, or by their
        are safe and without risks to health                                         neglect

c)      with regard to any premises under its control, or operations on      b)      to co-operate with their employer to ensure that any duty, or
        which Alton Park RMO is working, persons who are not in                      requirement, for health and safety, imposed upon their
        Alton Park RMO’s employ, who may be affected by Alton Park                   employer by law, is performed, or complied with
        RMO’s activities, are not exposed to risks to their health and
        safety                                                               c)      not intentionally, or recklessly, to interfere with, or miss-use,
                                                                                     anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare.
d)      information, instruction, training and supervision is provided,
        as necessary, to secure the health and safety at work of all         3.3     Prime responsibility for health and safety rests with the Chief
        employees of Alton Park RMO                                                  Executive of Alton Park RMO, who is directly accountable to
                                                                                     the Board. Members of the Management Team and Managers
e)      arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transportation               will continually monitor the operation of this policy and
        of articles and substances for use at work are safe and without              recommend alterations as necessary. Management will review
        risk to health                                                               the policy annually.

f)      adequate information is available with respect to articles and       3.4     This Policy is to be read in conjunction with Alton Park
        substances used at work, detailing the conditions and                        RMO’s statements of Organisation and Responsibilities. Alton
        precautions necessary, to ensure that when properly used, they               Park RMO will also publish a Health and Safety Manual which
        present no risks to health or safety                                         explains in more detail the Health and Safety arrangements of
                                                                                     Alton Park RMO.
g)      there is suitable provision for the safe access and egress, to and
        from, all working areas.                                             4       RESPONSIBILITIES

The Board has direct concern for this policy and affords health and          It is to be noted that responsibilities are directly related to the
safety matters equal priority to other management functions within           organisation structure of Alton Park RMO. These responsibilities are
Alton Park RMO                                                               to be read in conjunction with, and to be considered part of the Health
                                                                             and Safety Policy Manual of Alton Park RMO.
The Board further expects all members of the Management Team and
Managers to accord the same level of priority to health and safety
matters and requires all Alton Park RMO employees to ensure that this
policy is observed.


3.1     It is the duty of Managers within Alton Park RMO to see that
        everything reasonably practicable is done to prevent personal
        injury and to maintain a safe and healthy place of work and

                                                                                               Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 24
                                                   Health & Safety Policy

5      THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE                                                  h)      non-compliance of employees with the fire/emergency
The Chief Executive is directly responsible to the Board for the
operations of Alton Park RMO and for the implementation of this             7.2.1   any unsafe practices they encounter; any difficulties or
policy. His/her specific responsibility is to:                                      problems related to Health and Safety matters.

a)     support the Health and Safety Policy within Alton Park RMO;          8       SECTION HEADS

b)     secure the necessary finance for the development and                 8.1     Managers are responsible for ensuring that all new employees
       maintenance of safe systems of work, which includes funds                    undergo Safety Induction Training as soon as possible after
       for equipment, training and monitoring the effects of the                    any commencement of their duties; and that any protective
       policy and for the provision of adequate welfare for                         equipment that may be required is issued, and the issue is
       employees;                                                                   recorded, before beginning any work requiring the use of such
c)     generally review Alton Park RMO’s health and safety activities.
                                                                            8.2     Should any employees report their lack of confidence to carry
6      THE MANAGEMENT TEAM                                                          out a task, or that a job is unsafe, Managers must establish
                                                                                    beyond doubt that the task is safe, before taking any action.
6.1    Members of the Management Team have a direct
       responsibility to the Chief Executive for ensuring that              9       SAFETY CO-ORDINATOR
       employees under their control work in a safe manner and
       understand their responsibilities contained in the general policy    9.1     The Safety Co-ordinator has a specific responsibility for health
       statement. Members of the Management Team must ensure                        and safety for Alton Park RMO and will act as the liaison link
       that Managers under their control carry out their respective                 between the Safety Advisers and the Chief Executive in
       responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of employees.            matters relating to the implementation of this policy.

6.2    Members of the Management Team, where appropriate, are               9.2     The Safety Co-ordinator is directly responsible to the Chief
       responsible for the keeping of Registers of inspections for all              Executive, for all matters relating to Health and Safety within
       site lifting gear, access equipment, hand tools, abrasive wheels,            Alton Park RMO.
        etc., as required by statute, and where applicable to areas
       under their organisational control.                                  9.3     The Safety Co-ordinator has specific responsibility for making
                                                                                    arrangements for and monitoring the following:-
                                                                            a)      regular inspections of work places and equipment and for the
7.1    Managers have a responsibility for ensuring that employees                   instigation of an effective system of dealing with hazardous
       under their control work in a safe manner and understand their               situations that may arise
       individual responsibilities contained in the general safety policy
       statement.                                                           b)      investigation and reporting of accidents/incidents in
                                                                                    accordance with Alton Park RMO’s procedure
7.2    Managers must look out for and prevent the following:
                                                                            c)      training of staff regarding Health and Safety at Work, paying
a)     untrained employees carrying out potentially dangerous tasks                 special attention to induction training of new entrants;
                                                                                    identifying training needs and ensuring that Alton Park RMO
b)     machinery becoming faulty (faulty equipment must never be                    policy is understood at all levels and that training effectiveness
       used)                                                                        is monitored

c)     working conditions becoming unfavourable                             d)      being aware of all changes in Health and Safety legislation that
                                                                                    may affect Alton Park RMO and taking appropriate action to
d)     members of the public or other non-employees trespassing on                  inform the Management Team
       Alton Park RMO property/sites or interfering with Alton Park
       RMO equipment                                                        e)      giving general advice to Alton Park RMO employees, after
                                                                                    consultation with the Head of Department concerned,
e)     employees ignoring hazards and potential hazards                             regarding Health and Safety at Work

f)     unsafe working methods                                               f)      the provision of adequate facilities and arrangements for the
                                                                                    welfare of employees
g)     accidents
                                                                            g)      periodical review of Alton Park RMO’s Health and Safety

                                                                                              Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 25
                                                    Health & Safety Policy

h)      the maintenance of first aid kits, accident books and registers      policies. However, these must comply with the standards set out in
                                                                             Alton Park RMO’s Health and Safety policy and where they do not,
i)      checking that the necessary fire precautions are adhered to in       Alton Park RMO’s policy will apply.
        accordance with policy arrangements and/or the Fire

9.4     In the event of encountering what the Safety Co-ordinator
        considers to be an unsafe or hazardous situation, in
        contravention of Alton Park RMO safety policy, he has the
        right and duty to intervene to stop the continuance of such
        practice. Any such incident is to be immediately reported to
        the Section Head or, in his or her absence, to the Head of
        Department responsible.


The Safety Co-ordinator may utilise the services of Safety Consultants
to assist him or her in meeting his or her responsibilities and may call
upon their services as arbitrators in areas of dispute regarding safety
working systems, etc.


11.1    Employees are responsible to their Managers/Supervisors for
        taking reasonable care for their own health and safety and that
        of others who may be affected by their actions. They must
        also co-operate with Alton Park RMO as far as it is necessary
        to enable it to discharge any statutory duty, or requirement,
        placed upon it by the Health and Safety at Work, Act, 1974.

11.2    Employees must work to the principles of this Safety Policy,
        Codes of Practice and/or Safe Working Procedures, as laid
        down in the Safety Manual, including the use of any protective
         equipment provided for their protection, applicable to the
        work in hand and to the area in which that work is being
        carried out. Employees should also be aware that it is an
        offence, punishable by law, to interfere with or “misuse”
        anything provided in the interests of health and safety,
        according to legal requirements. (The word “misuse” has been
        interpreted in case law as including “failing or refusing to use”,
        in respect of protective equipment).

11.3    Employees who breach the requirements of this policy
        document will be the subject of action in accordance with
        Alton Park RMO’s disciplinary procedures.


Alton Park RMO accepts that, in all cases where work is being carried
out on premises not owned, or occupied, by Alton Park RMO,
notwithstanding any of the foregoing, there is an overall requirement
to work to the requirements of the Health and Safety Policy, Codes of
Practice, Safe Working Procedures and/or Permits to Work of the
owner, or occupier, of such premises, in addition to the minimum
standards of this policy.


Sub-Contractors will be expected to have their own Health and Safety

                                                                                              Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 26
                                                                Industrial Relations

1       POLICY

It is the policy of Alton Park RMO to recognise any trade union
representing at least 33% of employees for the purposes of collective
bargaining, except in relation to pay scales which are linked to local
government pay scales.


Alton Park RMO will operate a system for the collection from pay of
contributions to trade unions.


Alton Park RMO will permit reasonable time off to representatives of
the a recognised trade union (details are set out in Appendix VIII) to
undertake trade union duties and activities directly related to industrial
relations within Alton Park RMO subject to the following principles:-


Time off, with or without pay, will not be given where the activity itself
consists of industrial action.


Time off with pay will be granted to members of unions to vote in
workplace union ballots subject to the principles set out in paragraph 3


Employee members of a recognised union will be allowed to meet on
Alton Park RMO premisies out of work hours.

                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 27
               Group Personal Pension Scheme

Alton Park will operate a non-contributory grouped personal pension

Alton Park RMO will contribute 3% of gross salary to the Standard
Life Pension Scheme provided, in accordance with Stakeholder pension
legislation requirements, after three months service.


The normal retirement date for both men and women is the day before
the 65th birthday.

                                                                       Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 28
                                                                 Redundancy Policy

Alton Park RMO intends as far as possible to avoid redundancy                        must go and the period over which the reduction must be
situations by careful planning and optimum use of its staff and other               achieved
resources. Nevertheless from time to time there will be occasions
when jobs become surplus to requirements in particular areas. In these      b)      in consultation with staff side, management will agree a
circumstances Alton Park RMO, in consultation as appropriate with                   “redundancy pool”
employees and their representatives, will give as much warning as is
practicable to their employees and the Department of Employment, in         c)      the staff concerned will be advised of the number and types
accordance with relevant legislation. This warning of redundancy will               of jobs and volunteers for redundancy will be invited to come
be given before any public announcement is made.                                    forward

1       DEFINITION OF REDUNDANCY                                            d)      individuals will then be selected for redundancy. Each person
                                                                                    will have the opportunity to discuss the situation with the
A redundancy situation exists if Alton Park RMO’s requirements for                  Central Support Manager, who will provide details of the
employees to carry out work of a particular kind have ceased or                     redundancy terms available.
diminished or are expected to cease or diminish. In such a situation
Alton Park RMO will need either to offer suitable alternative jobs (if      3.3     Appeal Against Selection for Redundancy
these can be found) or terminate the services of employees whose jobs
have become redundant.                                                      An employee who believes that he or she has been unfairly selected for
                                                                            redundancy may appeal, and such appeals will be made directly to an
2       SELECTION FOR REDUNDANCY                                            appeals panel. The same procedure will apply as for the Grievance
                                                                            Procedure, except that there will be no appeal from the decision of the
2.1     Redundancy Pool                                                     Chief Executive, the reasons for which shall be recorded in writing.
                                                                            Nothing in this section will prejudice the employee’s rights under
Alton Park RMO will define the appropriate pool from which the              statute or civil law.
redundant staff will be selected. The pool should include all those
workers whose jobs are very similar or those areas where there is a         3.4     Redeployment after Redundancy
good deal of interchangeability. As far as possible, the jobs of
Registered Disabled Persons will be protected.                              a)      when jobs have become redundant as a result of a
                                                                                    reorganisation of a section or department, staff whose jobs
2.2     Selection Criteria                                                          have been lost and who are suitably qualified and experienced
                                                                                    may apply for new jobs created in the reorganisation. All such
Alton Park RMO will wish to apply objective criteria as far as possible.            applicants will be interviewed, and considered against the
These will include individual ability and performance; attendance                   requirements of the job in the usual way
records; general attitude; health; and employee flexibility. Though
Alton Park RMO must safeguard its own interests and will wish to            b)      an employee who is re-deployed following redundancy will be
retain those employees who best contribute to Alton Park RMO’s                      entitled to a four week trial period. Depending on the nature
success, it will give priority to those who apply for voluntary                     of the job, management and the member of staff may jointly
redundancy from within the pool and may consider applications from                  agree to extend this trial period to a maximum of three
staff doing jobs of a similar nature outside the pool. All other criteria           months, to determine whether or not the employee is suited to,
being equal, Alton Park RMO will give preference to retaining the                   and happy in, the job. Such an extension will be recorded in
services of residents of the Alton estate.                                          writing at the start of the training period and set out the date
                                                                                    on which the trial period will end, and any terms and
3       CONSULTATION AND INFORMATION                                                conditions attached to the trial period. If during this period
                                                                                    either Alton Park RMO or the employee decides that the
3.1     Establishing the Existence of a Redundancy Situation                        redeployment was mistaken, the employee will be made
                                                                                    redundant on the terms and conditions originally offered as
Management will, before declaring a redundancy situation, discuss with              enhanced by the additional service
Staff Side any possible alternatives and invite suggestions that may
reduce the need for redundancies. (This may include restrictions on         c)      an employee who is re-deployed to another job in the same Job
the hiring of new permanent staff of comparable grades; reduction or                Band will retain the salary he or she enjoyed before
possibly elimination of overtime working; the termination of                        redeployment. An employee who applies for and is appointed
temporary staff or consultants on fixed term or temporary contracts.)               to a job in a lower Job Band will retain his or her salary if it is
Only when no other solution appears to meet the needs of the                        below the salary maximum for the new Job Band, and will
situation will an employee be declared redundant.                                   progress to the new maximum in the usual way. An employee
                                                                                    whose salary at the time of redeployment exceeds the
3.2     Handling the Redundancy                                                     maximum salary for the new job will not retain his or her
                                                                                    salary but will be appointed to the maximum of the new Job
a)      when it appears likely that there will be a redundancy situation,           Band.
        management will decide the number and types of jobs that

                                                                                              Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 29
                                                                Redundancy Policy

3.5     Advising the Department of Employment:                            3.11    Re-Employment of Redundant Staff

Alton Park RMO is required to advise the Department of                    An employee who has been made redundant may be considered at a
Employment of impending redundancies, giving the period of notice         later date for re-employment by Alton Park RMO. If an employee is
appropriate to the number of employees expected to be made                re-engaged, his or her earlier period of employment will not be
redundant. This does not affect the statutory rights of the individual.   regarded as continuous with the new employment so that, for
                                                                          redundancy purposes, his or her service start date will be the date of
3.6     Compensation for Redundancy                                       re-engagement.

Permanent employees of Alton Park RMO are entitled to statutory
redundancy terms in accordance with the DTI regulations.

3.7     Notice Period

3.7.1   Employees will be advised that they have been selected for
        redundancy and will be given formal written notice of
        termination of employment in terms of their contract of
        employment. This provides for a minimum of four weeks
        notice to staff who have been confirmed in their

3.7.2   Redundant staff will not normally be expected to work out
        their period of notice when this is in excess of four weeks.
         Pay in lieu of notice is normally paid in the form of an ex
        gratia award. Employees who are declared redundant may ask
        to leave Alton Park RMO during the first four weeks of
        notice. Management will make every effort to release such
        employees who will receive their full redundancy and in lieu of
        notice payments in accordance with their terms of
        employment. They will however only be paid for that part of
        the four week notice period that they actually serve.

3.8     Voluntary Redundancy

Sympathetic consideration will be given to employees volunteering
severance when redundancy has been declared, subject to the need to
maintain a balanced workforce and any other relevant factors which
may affect the future efficient operation of the department to which
the employee belongs. Where such agreement is reached, severance
payments and payments in lieu of notice, if appropriate, will be made
in accordance with the arrangements outlined above.

3.9     Job Finding

Reasonable time off with pay will be granted to employees under
notice in order to seek work, or to make arrangements for training for
future employment.

3.10    Deductions

Any sums of money owed by the employee to Alton Park RMO in
respect of cash advances, travel advances and other miscellaneous
sums, and the value of any holiday which the employee has taken in
excess of the entitlement due to that employee on the effective date of
redundancy, will be offset against the final payment due to the

                                                                                            Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 30
              Disclosure of Information Policy


The Public Interest Disclosure Act came into effect on 2 July 1999. Its    4.3     Disclosure Routes
purpose is to protect employees who disclose information about Alton
Park RMO which might be regarded as confidential from detrimental          To gain protection of the law, the employee must make the disclosure
action. The underlying aim is to encourage problems to be resolved in      following one of a number of prescribed routes:
the workplace promoting openness.
                                                                           · disclosure to the employer or other responsible person
                                                                           · to a legal advisor (made in the course of taking legal advice)
The Act provides for unlimited compensation for whistleblowers who
have been unfairly dismissed and require a change to confidentiality       · to a Minister of the Crown (Civil Service or associated employees)
clauses in contracts of employment. It uses the term workers rather
than employees and covers third parties, e.g. sub-contractors, agency      · to a prescribed person (including the Housing Corporation and the
staff. There is no qualifying period of service required.                    Charity Commission)

3       DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION                                          4.4     Disclosure

Where the nature of the disclosure falls into certain categories and the   in other cases (this will be protected where the disclosure is made in
manner of the disclosure is permitted under-the Act, then workers will     good faith, the employee reasonably believes the information is true, is
have protection in law from detrimental action taken by Alton Park         not making the disclosure for personal gain and where he/she meets a
RMO. The legislation modifies the Employment Rights Act 1996 and           number of associated criteria –these criteria are as detailed in the
defines:                                                                   section on External Disclosures).

a)      qualifying disclosures                                             4.5     Exceptional Serious Breaches

b)      the ways in which a disclosure should be made                      In making an external disclosure of exceptional serious breaches, i.e.
                                                                           where the subject of the disclosure is sufficiently serious to merit
c)      protection from detrimental action.                                bypassing other means of disclosure, the employee will be protected
                                                                           · the disclosure is made in good faith
4.1     Detrimental Action
                                                                           · he/she believes the substance of the disclosure and any allegations
This means any action taken by Alton Park RMO to penalise the                are truthful
employee for the action of disclosing information, e.g. dismissal,
victimisation, selection for redundancy on the grounds of disclosure,      · the disclosure is not made for personal gain
demotion, failure to give training or promotion, withholding a pay rise
etc.                                                                       · the matter disclosed is of an exceptional serious nature

4.2     Qualifying Disclosure                                              · in all circumstances it is reasonable for the employee to make the
A qualifying disclosure is one which gives the employee protection and
must fall into one of the following categories:                            5       POLICY AND PROCEDURE

a)      a criminal offence (is being or about to be committed)             Appendix 1 contains Alton Park RMO’s proposed policy, whilst
                                                                           Appendix 2 refers to the procedural stages.
b)      Alton Park RMO is failing to comply with its legal obligations
                                                                           APPENDIX 1 POLICY STATEMENT
c)      a miscarriage of justice
                                                                           1       Alton Park RMO is committed to and expects its employees to
d)      the individuals health and safety is being jeopardised                     be committed to abiding by legislative requirements at all
                                                                                   times. The purpose of this Disclosure of Information policy
e)      environmental damage                                                       and procedure is to set a framework which provides protection
                                                                                   for employees who disclose confidential information where
f)      Alton Park RMO is concealing information about any of                      they truthfully believe a wrongdoing or malpractice is being or
        these. The employee has only to have a reasonable belief that              is about to be committed.
        any of these are being committed and not proof or evidence.
                                                                           2       This policy has been introduced to enable employees to raise

                                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 31
                Disclosure of Information Policy

        concerns at an early stage and in the right way. Alton Park         1     INTERNAL DISCLOSURES
        RMO recognises that employees have a right and responsibility
        to raise concerns about the delivery of Alton Park RMO’s            1.1   The first step should be for the employee to disclose the
        services with their employer.                                             concern to the employer and if a qualifying disclosure is made
                                                                                  in good faith, in accordance with Alton Park RMO’s
3       PRINCIPLES                                                                procedure, then it will be considered a protected disclosure.

3.1     The principles underlying this framework are that: no               2     STAGE I
        employee who raises a disclosure in good faith in line with this
        policy and procedure will be penalised for doing so.                2.1   Where an employee believes a wrongdoing or malpractice is
                                                                                  either being or about to be committed the concern should be
3.2     Examples of wrongdoings or malpractice include, but are not               raised firstly with the line manager. This can be done either
        limited to:                                                               verbally or in writing. Where the employee feels unable to
                                                                                  follow that route, or would like to discuss the concern in
a)      financial irregularities                                                  confidence, the employee can contact Alton Park RMO’s Alton
                                                                                  Park RMO Central Support Manager, or a Board member
b)      dangerous working conditions                                              (other than the Chair or Chief Executive) who will arrange a
                                                                                  confidential interview. When raising your concerns you must
c)      fraud                                                                     declare any personal interest you have in the matter.

d)      a danger to public safety or the environment.                       2.2   Alternatively, any senior manager may be approached and they
                                                                                  will look into the concern. Once the employee has raised the
4       ASSURANCES                                                                concern it is Alton Park RMO’s responsibility to investigate the
4.1     Employees should be assured that at all stages their disclosure’s
        will be treated seriously and sensitively. This procedure is not    2.3   The manager will interview the employee making the
        for anonymous complaints. Whilst Alton Park RMO will make                 disclosure and assess what action should be taken. During the
        every effort to keep the employee’s identity confidential if he/          interview the employee will be advised of the next stage and
        she wishes this might not always be possible.                             told of the outcome of any investigation. Where action is not
                                                                                  taken an explanation will be given.
4.2     Employees who wish to use the procedure will have the right
        to be accompanied by either a Trade Union Representative or         2.4   If the matter is straight forward and can be resolved quickly in
        friend, provided that person is not involved in the area of               the interests of the employee then attention will be brought to
        work to which the concern relates. It should be noted that this           the manager responsible for the service. In complicated and
        person should attend to provide support only and will not be              disputed cases, or the possibility of other proceedings being
        allowed to become involved in the proceedings.                            implemented, e.g. disciplinary, audit investigation etc, an
                                                                                  investigation will be carried out by the manager.
4.3     The matter will be dealt with promptly. Where practicable,
        immediate action will be taken to resolve the situation. Where      2.5   If the employee is dissatisfied with the action taken and still
        a final outcome takes more time a resolution will be available            has concerns, or he/she considers the matter is so serious it
        within 28 days.                                                           cannot be discussed with anyone else, he/she can refer the
                                                                                  disclosure to Stage II of the procedure.
                                                                            3     STAGE II
It is the responsibility of managers to ensure that concerns raised by
employees under this policy are dealt with fairly and efficiently. They     3.1   In the event the employee considers the disclosure has not
are responsible for ensuring action is taken and the situation                    been resolved, he/she may refer the matter to any senior
monitored. Managers are required to register the nature of the concern            manager including the Chief Executive.
and make a record of the outcome in the register held by Alton Park
RMO Secretary. Advice can be sought from the Central Support                3.2   The senior manager will interview the employee, the line
Manager at all stages of the procedure.                                           manager with whom the disclosure was initially raised and
                                                                                  consider the outcome of any investigation.
                                                                            3.3   He/she is responsible for ensuring action is taken to resolve
This procedure is designed to encourage employees to notify                       the disclosure promptly and for advising the employee of what
management of any disclosure of wrongdoing or malpractice.                        action is taken. He/she is responsible for recording the
                                                                                  disclosure and outcomes in accordance with the section on

                                                                                            Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 32
            Disclosure of Information Policy


4.1   Under the Act the Secretary of State is empowered to
      prescribe regulatory bodies to whom protected disclosures may
      be made. An employee may be able to raise concerns directly
      with the regulators without having spoken to Alton Park RMO

4.2   Employees are, however, encouraged to raise the concern/s
      firstly with Alton Park RMO before going public to an
      external body to give Alton Park RMO the chance to
      investigate matters and resolve them.

4.3   If an employee reasonably believes that if he/she discloses
      internally to Alton Park RMO he/she will be the subject of
      detriment, or that evidence will be concealed or destroyed, or
      he/she has made a similar previous disclosure, or it is
      reasonable for the employee to do so, disclosure may be made

                                                                       Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 33
                                            E-mail & Internet Policy

1       POLICY STATEMENT                                                   v)      The Appropriateness of E-mail and Internet

Alton Park RMO, in providing electronic mail and Internet capability       Internal Email is a valuable medium of communication within Alton
to its employee’s at the discretion of Management, is committed to         Park RMO but, that being said, face-to-face communication continues
encouraging the use of these systems for the benefit of the business       to be encouraged, particularly for the debate of key business issues. In
and expects its employees to abide by the appropriate requirements of      order to comply with Companies legislation, official communication
use at all times. The purpose of this Email and Internet policy and        should be made using Alton Park RMO letterhead and whilst Email to
procedure is to set a framework, which provides protection for both        external parties will be a valuable medium for communication, staff
employees who use the systems and for Alton Park RMO and equally           should note that official communications from Alton Park RMO
provide a procedure for the authorised use of these services. In the       should be confirmed on Alton Park RMO letterhead, utilising the
context of Email this policy applies to both internal and external         regular mail system. For corporate correspondence staff utilising
communications.                                                            external Email should (as with fax correspondence) utilise the
                                                                           corporate template which provides clear identification of the
2       PROCEDURE                                                          originating Alton Park RMO and furthermore contains an appropriate
                                                                           disclaimer. Information should be distributed internally using the
2.1     Authorised Use                                                     Email system rather than sending hard copies.

Email and Internet is available for communication on issues directly       Note: Hasty messages sent without proper consideration may cause
concerned with the business of Alton Park RMO. Employees using             misunderstanding and abusive Email can be a source of stress and
this service should give particular attention to:                          damage.

i)      The Standard of Presentation                                       vi)     Electronic Exchanges

The style and content must be consistent with Alton Park RMO               Produce an evidential record and all such comments made by
standards e.g. any correspondence should contain the senders name,         employees during an exchange of Emails could be used in support or
department and Alton Park RMO with a contact Email, telephone or           defence of Alton Park RMO’s legal position in a dispute. Similarly,
fax number, date of the document and designation of the sender. The        computer generated information can be used as evidence in court in
content should meet the criteria specified in the appropriateness of       accordance with the Civil Evidence Act 1995.
Email/internet (2.1.v).
                                                                           vii)    Discovery
ii)     The Extent of Circulation
                                                                           Is one of the most important stages of litigation. Parties must
Messages should only be sent to relevant parties.                          discover or disclose all documentation which is relevant to a dispute.
                                                                           As a consequence there is an obligation on employees to preserve
iii)    The Visibility of Messages                                         documents from the time such a dispute arises. Emails are potentially
                                                                           discoverable documents to which access may be demanded and
If the message is confidential the user must ensure steps are taken to     employees are therefore advised to retain hard copies before they
protect confidentiality. Alton Park RMO and the employee will be           delete Emails from the system, this is particularly the case once a
liable for any defamatory information circulated both internally and       dispute has arisen (see also paragraph 3.4 below, relating to the storage
externally. Users of Email for any purposes should be aware that           time of Email messages).
confidentiality and privacy are not assured. At present Alton Park
RMO is not a paperless environment Accordingly, users must ensure          2.2     Unauthorised Use
important and critical information is not stored solely within the
system but printed hard copies retained on which key business              Alton Park RMO will not tolerate the use of Email/Internet systems
decisions are made. Where documents are stored within the system it        for:
may be appropriate for documents to be password protected.
Employees should avoid sending highly confidential information             · any communication that could constitute bullying or harassment or
through the Email system. It is an employee’s responsibility to              libel (eg on the grounds of sex, race, disability, colour, nationality,
maintain records in accordance with Alton Park RMO procedures.               ethnicity, religion, marital status, age, sexual orientation, etc).

iv)     Email/Internet Legal Implications                                  · personal use – the Email/Internet should not be used for personal
Offers of contracts sent via Email/Internet are as legally binding on
Alton Park RMO as those sent on paper. Alton Park RMO policy is            · accessing pornography
not to use this medium for issuing or placing orders or accepting these.
Electronic conversations on the internet can result in legally binding     · downloading or distributing copyright information and/or
contracts being put in place.                                                software available to the user unless explicitly authorised

                                                                           · disclosing confidential information about Alton Park RMO, its

                                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 34
                                               E-mail & Internet Policy

      employees, customer or suppliers                                        3.7     Employees should respond to Email on a timely basis,
                                                                                      generally within 2 working days. General mailboxes should be
· violation of British law (eg Computer Misuse, Obscene                               checked frequently within each working day and responses
  Publications, Copyright, Race Relations, Sex Discrimination                         should be provided immediately whenever possible.
                                                                              3.8     The Central Support Manager will ensure users are familiar
· damage of the integrity of a computer system or data/                               with the key principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 as
  programmes stored on a computer system                                              contained in Appendix 1 and how it relates to the Email/
                                                                                      Internet systems. They must ensure they operate in
Any unauthorised use of the system is likely to result in disciplinary                accordance with the requirements of the Act. In the context
action including summary dismissal.                                                   of the Data Protection Act, when using Email involving
                                                                                      correspondence concerning members of staff, no heading is to
3        IMPLEMENTING THE POLICY                                                      incorporate the names of employees. It is probably more
                                                                                      appropriate to use the wording ‘Staff ’ and, where appropriate,
3.1      The Central Support Manager will be responsible for managing                 ‘Private and Confidential’.
         the Email/Internet systems. He/she will be available to
         provide advice on all aspects of the Policy. Any department or       3.9     Employees who feel that they have cause for complaint as a
         function can be assigned an Email address to collect and                     result of Email/Internet communications should raise the
         respond to general or functional questions. Email is available               matter initially with their manager and with the Central
         to all employees but usage rights will be specified by the                   Support Manager. If necessary the complaint can be raised
         employee’s manager. Managers will determine Email usage                      through the Grievance Procedure.
         within Alton Park RMO policies for their sections.
         Management approval is required to add new Email addresses           APPENDIX 1 DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998
         and the manager will specify who has authorised access to
         mailboxes.                                                           1       INTRODUCTION

3.2      The Central Support Manager will be responsible for training         1.1     On 1 March 2000 the Data Protection Act 1984 was replaced
         all staff in the use of the system and issuing instructions and              by the Data Protection Act 1998 which regulates the
         guidelines as appropriate.                                                   processing of personal data, i.e. information from which an
                                                                                      individual (or employee) can be identified. For individual read
3.3      Alton Park RMO policy defines Email as property of Alton                     also employee.
         Park RMO and to that extent will be the subject of
         management review from time to time. Likewise access to the          1.2     The purpose of the Act is to protect the rights and freedoms
         Internet will be the subject of regular management review.                   of people and, in particular, their right of privacy with respect
         Hard copies of Email or Internet abuse will be used as                       to the processing of personal data.
         evidence in disciplinary proceedings. The Central Support
         Manager will monitor employee usage of the system (including         2       KEY CHANGES
         use of the internet) on a regular basis.
                                                                              2.1     The scope of the Act is much wider than previous legislation
3.4      Retention of Email correspondence within the e-mail                          with the definitions of processing and data being extended, the
         environment will be for no longer than two months. Should                    previous restrictions to automatically processed information
         users wish to file electronic messages, this should be done to               now including manual records and tighter controls for
         specific folders maintained on the main system.                              processing sensitive personal data.

3.5      Users will be issued with employee passwords, which will be          Data is defined as all personal information which is held about
         changed at bi monthly intervals and are confidential to the          individual people.
         user. Personal passwords are not to be shared as they are to
         provide accountability and protection from unauthorised              Processing covers any action involving collecting, recording,
         access. Where an employee is absent from the office,                 holding, organising, adapting, altering, retrieving, using, disclosing,
         arrangements should be made for the Email to be forwarded            combining, destroying or erasing data.
         to a designated colleague for response. Access to the Email/
         Internet systems using another employee’s password without           Manual Information refers to information recorded as part of a
         authorisation is likely to result in disciplinary action including   structured filing system, or as a set of information relating to an
         summary dismissal.                                                   individual, or by reference to criteria in relation to individuals, so that
                                                                              specific information relating to an individual is readily accessible.
3.6      All incoming Email and downloads from the Internet will be
         the subject of virus checks. The Central Support Manager is          2.2     Manual information also falls under the Act if it consists of
         responsible for ensuring that the relevant virus scanning                    information:
         software is regularly updated.

                                                                                                 Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 35
                                               e-mail & Internet Policy

i)      relating to the health of an individual and is provided by a        3.2      Sensitive Data
        health professional in connection with the care of that
        individual                                                          3.2.1    There are additional conditions to comply with where the data
                                                                                     is deemed to be sensitive personal data, i.e. information
ii)     forms part of a housing record kept in relation to tenancies                 relating to the racial or ethnic origin of the individual, political
                                                                                     beliefs, religious beliefs, trade union membership, physical or
iii)    forms part of a social services record kept in relation to social            mental health, sexual life, actual or alleged committal of
        services functions.                                                          offences or any proceedings relating to it.

3       THE EIGHT PRINCIPLES                                                3.2.2    Where the data falls into this category then in addition to
                                                                                     complying with the eight principles the individual must give
3.1     Alton Park RMO and its employees have a responsibility to                    their explicit consent to processing of the personal data. If
        ensure compliance with the Act in respect of all manual                      they have not then Alton Park RMO must show that the
        records. This means such records can only be processed                       processing is necessary for purposes of exercising/performing
        subject to the eight data protection principles:                             any right/obligation which is imposed by law in connection
                                                                                     with employment, or is necessary to protect the interests of
3.1.1   Personal Data must be processed fairly and lawfully and only                 the individual where consent cannot be reasonably obtained.
        if:an individual has given his/her consent to the processing or
        the processing is necessary for the performance of a contract       3.3      Right of Access to Personal Data
        with the individual:
                                                                            3.3.1    Under the new Act an individual has a specific right to:
· for compliance with a legal obligation
                                                                            a)       be told whether personal data of which he/she is the subject is
· in order to protect the interests of the individual                                being processed by Alton Park RMO

· for the exercise of any functions conferred on any person by an           b)       a copy of any information processed about him/her
                                                                            c)       a description of the information being processed
· for the exercise of any other functions of a public nature exercised
  in the public interest                                                    d)       a description of the purposes for which it is being processed

· for the purpose of legitimate interests pursued by Alton Park             e)       a description of any potential recipients of this information
  RMO if this does not prejudice the interests of the individual
                                                                            f)       in most cases, information as to the source of the data.
3.1.2   it is to be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful
        purposes and shall not be further processed in any matter           3.3.2    This includes information regarding Alton Park RMO’s
        incompatible with these purpose/s                                            intentions towards the individual as well as factual information
                                                                                     and expressions of opinion about the individual. In addition,
3.1.3   must be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the              where the information is processed automatically (e.g. on a
        purpose for which the data is processed                                      computer) and is likely to form the sole basis for any decision
                                                                                     significantly affecting the individual he/she is entitled to know
3.1.4   must be accurate and kept up to date                                         the logic involved in the decision making.

3.1.5   must not be kept longer than necessary                              4        PROCESSING

3.1.6   must be processed in accordance with the rights granted under       The Act expressly provides that personal information will not be
        the Act                                                             treated as processed fairly unless, as far as is practical, certain criteria
                                                                            have been met. These include informing individuals, on request, of
3.1.7   must be kept securely                                               the identity of the person/organisation controlling the information,
                                                                            the purposes for which the information is to be processed, and the
3.1.8   must not be transferred to a country outside the EU unless          recipients/classes of recipients to whom it may be disclosed.
        that country shows an adequate level of data protection.
                                                                            5        SECURITY
3.1.9   It is important to note that in accordance with the first
        principle to process data fairly and lawfully, the Act means that   In accordance with the Act, Alton Park RMO and its employees must
        data can only be processed with the individual’s consent.           take technical and organisational measures to prevent unauthorised or
        Where consent has not been given the processing can only            unlawful processing or disclosure of information. This means
        occur if it is necessary in order to perform a contract or          ensuring that computerised and manual filing systems cannot be
        comply with legal obligations.                                      accessed by unauthorised persons. Where a third party (e.g. contractor)

                                                                                                Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 36
                                            E-mail & Internet Policy

processes information on Alton Park RMO’s behalf, there needs to be
a written contract between the parties ensuring the processor acts only
on instructions given by Alton Park RMO.


Responsibility to comply with the Act rests with both Alton Park
RMO and employees of Alton Park RMO including members and
directors, all of whom may be found personally liable.


Where an employee wishes to request access to information relating to
the processing of personal data he/she should make a written request
to his/her manager in the first instance who should then discuss the
request with the Central Support Manager. Alton Park RMO must
comply with such requests promptly, and in any event within 40 days
beginning with the day on which the employer receives the request.

                                                                          Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 37
                                                        Customer Care Policy

1          INTRODUCTION                                                            professional manner and dealt with promptly

1.1        Alton Park RMO is committed to providing the highest              · contact the employee where a particular employee is requested
           standards of service through a customer-focused approach,
           which strives to put customers as our first priority. We define   · provide access to private interview rooms where a customer can
           customer care as meeting the needs of internal and external         contact the relevant department/employee by telephone
           customers on time, first and every time, and through a process
           of continuous improvement.                                        · provide assistance to customers in completing forms where this is
1.2        The purpose of this Policy and Procedure is to set a
           framework for employees as they apply Alton Park RMO’s            · ensure reception staff make regular checks on customers to ensure
           minimum standards of Customer Care.                                 they have been received.

2          OBJECTIVES OF CUSTOMER CARE                                       3.3      Office opening hours are usually 9.00 to 5.00, Monday to
We will:
                                                                             3.4      Alton Park RMO operates a complaints procedure but, when
· listen to our customers and find out what their needs are                           dealing with difficult customers, employees should:

· deliver quality and efficient services                                     · listen actively, let the customer talk and get their complaint/
                                                                               problem out in the open
· be courteous and polite and take complaints seriously , responding
  speedily and effectively                                                   · do not interrupt the customer but concentrate on what is being
                                                                               said and take notes
· consult customers and consider their opinions when making
  decisions which affect the business                                        · empathise and take responsibility, ask questions, advise the
                                                                               customer what we are going to do, agree timescales and keep the
· provide a Code of Conduct for employees                                      customer informed. It is better to under promise and over achieve
                                                                               than to over promise and not achieve.
· publish information and service standards
                                                                             3.5      Alton Park RMO recognises its duty of care to employees and
· seek customer feedback on the services provided                                     does not expect them to take abuse or be placed at risk. If a
                                                                                      customer is abusive staff should remain calm and respond in a
· ensure that there is mutual respect between the residents of the                    professional manner.
  Alton Estate and employees of Alton Park RMO.
                                                                             4        RECEPTION
                                                                             Alton Park RMO provides a staffed enquiry service via the Reception.
Alton Park RMO considers first impressions are important and these
should be positive. Customers/visitors should be treated courteously,        5        TELEPHONE CONTACT
politely and professionally.
                                                                             5.1      When employees receive a call, answer the call within six rings
3.1        Visitors                                                                   stating “Alton Park RMO,” then your name.

We will:                                                                     5.2      The direct dial facility (together with email address) should be
                                                                                      used on all correspondence. When staff are absent from their
· inform the member of staff the visitor is waiting                                   desk/office for more than three hours, their phone should be
                                                                                      switched onto their voice mail with an appropriate voice mail
· ensure visitors wait no longer than five minutes. If there is a delay               message. Alternatively phones can be diverted to another
  they should be informed                                                             member of staff provided they are advised accordingly.

· ensure reception staff make checks every five minutes that visitors        5.3      If you are not the appropriate person to respond to the call or
  have been received by the member of staff.                                          are unable to give an answer, ensure the customer receives a
                                                                                      call within 24 hours.
3.2        Customers
                                                                             5.4      When transferring calls, ensure the person taking the call has
We will:                                                                              the information relayed to them rather than having to ask the
                                                                                      customer to repeat it.
· ensure customers/potential customers are met in a welcoming and

                                                                                                Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 38
                                                     Customer Care Policy

5.5   When taking a telephone call, listen carefully to what the caller            characters, pictures etc. For women revealing clothing is
      is saying, take notes, check for understanding by summarising,               considered inappropriate. Casual and sportswear is considered
      be courteous and respectful, allow the customer to finish                    inappropriate for the office. Again, denim and jeans are not to
      speaking before you do, end in a friendly way and replace the                be worn.
      receiver after the caller.
                                                                           7.2     Staff who are on site supervising building work may need to
5.6   Staff are not expected to deal with persistent abuse over the                wear clothing which does not conform to Alton Park RMO’s
      telephone. If a caller is unduly aggressive/abusive they should              dress code for safety reasons. In such circumstances staff will
      be advised that they can only be helped if they are prepared to              be required to change into appropriate dress when they return
      talk calmly. If they persist then they should be advised you                 to the office.
      will put the phone down and refer the matter to your manager.
      Your manager will need to consider what action should be             7.3     Staff should also refrain from wearing excessive jewellery.
      taken in respect of the caller.                                              Rings should be kept to a minimum, i.e. wedding and
                                                                                   engagement rings. Facial jewellery and studs are not permitted
5.7   Staff should not:                                                            except for employees who wear such jewellery as part of their
                                                                                   ethnic culture. Ear rings may be worn but should not be large.
a)    argue with customers on the telephone                                        Necklaces should also be kept to a minimum, e.g. religious
                                                                                   (Cross, Star of David etc).
b)    lose their temper with callers
                                                                           8       EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES
c)    put the receiver down while the caller is talking
                                                                           8.1     Alton Park RMO will ensure that fair treatment is given to all
d)    use Alton Park RMO jargon.                                                   regardless of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race,
                                                                                   colour, ethnic/national origin, religion, political belief,
6     CORRESPONDENCE                                                               disability and age. Equal Opportunities Awareness training is
                                                                                   available to staff and the Board, to assist and understand their
6.1   Incoming mail will be sorted twice daily by the Customer                     responsibilities and implications.
      Services Officers. Sections need to collect their post from the
      specified point at morning and afternoon intervals.                  8.2     We actively encourage contractors and other organisations we
                                                                                   do business with to promote equal opportunities.
6.2   Correspondence should be opened, date stamped and
      distributed to directors, managers and staff following receipt.      9       PERFORMANCE MONITORING

6.3   Letters must be typed on corporate stationery to Alton Park          We are required to provide a responsive and customer-orientated
      RMO’s house style.                                                   service and within this context Alton Park RMO sets performance
                                                                           indicators. These include:
6.4   Letters should be responded to within five working days of
      receipt with a full response. Where this is not possible an          · to have up-to-date policies and procedures and staff manuals for
      acknowledgement should be sent.                                        all aspects of Alton Park RMO’s operation

6.5   Letters should be concise, contain the necessary information         · to have a published statement of service standards
      and answer the enquiry, be accurate and free from error, be
      polite and professional and promote a positive image of Alton        · to conduct customer satisfaction surveys
      Park RMO. Any response should refer to the date of the
      original customer enquiry and reference where appropriate.           · to have facilities accessible by wheelchairs and prams

6.6   Information leaflets and forms should be sent out within two         · to record the percentage of appointments cancelled/delayed
                                                                           · to record the percentage of letters, requests for forms and
6.7   Businesses are now increasingly using fax and email. The use           information, and telephone calls not responded to within target
      of these media is encouraged provided they comply with Alton           times
      Park RMO Email/Internet Policy.
                                                                           · to have residents newsletters published
                                                                           · to have forms and leaflet which meet the Plain English Campaign
7.1   The requirements of staff dress standards should reflect a             guidelines
      professional and business-like appearance. For a man a collar
      and tie is required together with suit or jacket and trousers, not   · to record customer complaints
      denim or jeans. Ties should not depict scenes, e.g. cartoon

                                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 39
                                                       Customer Care Policy

· to record the percentage of staff trained in Customer Care, Equal
  Opportunities and Interviewing Skills.

10      STAFFING

Alton Park RMO is committed to continuous training and
development of staff to ensure we provide a quality service to our
customers. Training needs are identified by managers and it is their
responsibility to ensure training needs are addressed. Staff appraisal
will be used to assess performance.


The Senior Management Team (SMT) have strategic responsibility for
ensuring Alton Park RMO fulfils it’s commitment to Customer Care.
The Director of Housing is responsible for leading, developing and
monitoring the Customer Care Policy and standards, reporting to the
Board at regular intervals. Managers are responsible for monitoring
the day-to-day activities of staff in achieving Alton Park RMO’s

                                                                         Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 40
                   APPENDIX I

Staff Appraisal

To be introduced

                      Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 41
                                                             APPENDIX II
                                                        Grievance Procedure

An employee may raise a grievance relating to him/her as an individual    5       CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND HEADS OF
in relation to any matters concerning his/her employment except                   DEPARTMENT
disciplinary matters (which are the subject of a separate procedure) or
matters relating to collective agreements (which will be dealt with       5.1     The Chief Executive and Dept Heads will lodge a grievance
through the negotiating machinery). A grievance involving written                 with their line managers. In the case of the Chief Executive
allegations against identified employees of Alton Park RMO will be                this will be the Chair. The timescales for responses will be as
dealt with under the disciplinary procedure. The aim will be to settle            above.
grievances as quickly and as near to the source as possible. The
following steps are provided for:-                                        5.2     There will be a right to appeal the decision to the Appeals
        MANAGER                                                           6       STATUTORY RIGHT TO BE ACCOMPANIED

The employee will discuss his/her grievance with the section manager      It is important to read this Grievance procedure in conjunction with
who will investigate the Grievance and respond with a decision within     Statutory Right to be Accompanied (see also Appendix XI).
five working days.


If the employee is dissatisfied by the response or the matter is one
which lies outside the authority of the section manager to deal with,
the employee may within five further working days make a request in
writing to the appropriate Head of Department (or to the Head of
another department where the employees first grievance was lodged
with a Head of Department) for a further hearing. The request must
set out details of the grievance and the remedy asked for. Within five
working days of receipt of the request the Head of Department will
arrange an interview either with him/her self or his/her appointed
representative at which the grievance can be discussed. A response will
be given within two calendar weeks.


3.1     If the employee is not satisfied with the response then within
        seven days (this period to reflect the exigencies of leave or
        sickness) he/she may ask for a meeting of Alton Park RMO
        Appeals Panel which shall be arranged as speedily as possible.
        (Normally not more than four weeks). The employee or his/
        her representatives and management representatives shall have
        the right to make oral and written submissions. The Panel will
        have available all documentary evidence from earlier stages and
        may ask questions of all parties and witnesses. The Panel will
        announce its decision at the conclusion of the hearing and the
        decision will be final. No further appeal will be allowed.

3.2     The Panel will consist of three Board Members nominated by
        the Employment Sub-committee.


a)      the employee is entitled to be represented by or accompanied
        by, a Trade Union official representative, or a friend, at any

b)      the time limit at any stage may be varied by mutual agreement.

                                                                                            Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 42
                                                        APPENDIX III
                                                  Disciplinary Procedure

INFORMAL WARNING - NOT PART OF THE                                          b)      What the Written Warning Must Contain
                                                                            The written warning must state the nature of the misconduct or
As part of the normal process of management a manager will advise           unsatisfactory performance; how the employee must improve, and in
and counsel the employees working for him/her, and will usually deal        what time-scale; and notify the employee of possible further
with minor infringements of the rules with an informal warning which        disciplinary action should an acceptable improvement not be made.
is not part of the formal disciplinary procedure.                           Written warnings should also set out the period of validity. The period
                                                                            of validity for a written warning will not usually exceed twelve months
THE FORMAL DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE                                           but may do so in special circumstances, as for example when an
                                                                            employee is warned never to repeat a particular offence.
The procedure for dealing with allegations of misconduct,
inefficiency/incapacity or conviction in a Court of Law shall be as         c)      Copy Retained on Personal File
detailed below. The procedure may be implemented at any stage
(under sections 1-3) if the employee’s alleged misconduct warrants          A copy of the warning will be placed on the employee’s file and a copy
such action. Disciplinary action for gross misconduct will be dealt         will be given to the employee within five working days which he/she
with under section 4. When the allegation appears to the immediate          may comment on, initial and return.
supervisor to justify more than an informal warning he/she should
give the employee a formal verbal warning.                                  3       DISCIPLINARY INTERVIEW

1       VERBAL WARNING                                                      a)      The Hearing

a)      Right to Representation                                             More serious allegations or repeated offences after issue of a written
                                                                            warning shall be reported by the manager to the appropriate Head of
This is the first stage of the formal disciplinary procedure and the        Department who will arrange for a disciplinary interview to be held.
employee is entitled to be represented by a friend or his/her trade         The employee shall be given written details of the allegations or
union at every stage of these formal proceedings. [It is important to       complaints made and shall at the same time be given at least one
read this Disciplinary procedure in conjunction with Appendix XI –          calendar week’s notice of the date of the hearing.
Statutory right to be Accompanied].
                                                                            b)      The Interview Panel
b)      Note of a Verbal Warning
                                                                            The Interview Panel will consist of three managers who have not
When a manager/supervisor considers an employee requires a verbal           previously been involved in the case. The more senior manager will
warning, and administers the warning, he/she will make a note of the        take the position of Chair.
warning, which will be lodged in the employees personnel file. This
warning will remain on file for 6 months. The employee will receive a       c)      The Interview Procedure
copy of the note. It must be made clear that this is the first stage of
the formal disciplinary procedure.                                          At the interview, first the manager and then the employee will make
                                                                            written and/or oral submissions, and may call witnesses in support of
2       WRITTEN WARNING                                                     their submissions. They may ask questions of witnesses and
                                                                            representatives. The members of the Panel may ask questions of the
a)      Supervisor Refers Matter to His/Her Manager                         manager, employee and witnesses called by the employee or
                                                                            management. A detailed (but not verbatim) written record will be
If the allegations are serious and cannot in the opinion of the             kept of the evidence given to the Panel.
supervisor be dealt with by a verbal warning, or there has been a failure
by the employee to improve following a recorded verbal warning, the         d)      Finding and Recommendation
immediate supervisor will refer the matter to his/her manager, unless
the immediate supervisor is section Manager/Head of Department or           At the conclusion of the interview the Chairman and panel will decide
the Chief Executive. (If the issue has come to light at a time when the     in private whether the complaints have been substantiated in whole or
immediate supervisor is absent, the manager may act directly, and in        in part and recommend in a written report to the Head of Department
person to investigate the allegations). The manager will interview and      the proposed course of action. If the employee is found blameworthy,
obtain written statements from (if possible) all the parties concerned.     this may include the issue of a final warning, suspension with or
The employee may ask for a friend or Trade Union representative to be       without pay, admonishment, reprimand, demotion, transfer or
present during the investigation. If the manager is satisfied that the      dismissal. The employee will be informed verbally of the Panel’s
allegations have been substantiated, he/she may issue a written             decision and recommendation.
warning, but in any event will advise the employee of the outcome of
the investigation.                                                          e)      Decision by Head of Department

                                                                            The Head of Department will carry out the recommendations of the

                                                                                              Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 43
                                                         APPENDIX III
                                                   Disciplinary Procedure

f)      Period of Validity                                                           suspend an employee from duties at any time pending or
                                                                                     during disciplinary proceedings but such period of suspension
Any punishment will be recorded on the employee’s personal file. If                  shall be at normal pay unless there is clear evidence of, for
the punishment is a warning against future misconduct, the period of                 example, unauthorised absence, fraud, financial irregularity,
validity will also be recorded. In the case of a final written warning the           damage to Alton Park RMO property or theft, in which event
validity will be reviewed after two years.                                           the Chief Executive may decide to withhold pay in whole or in
                                                                                     part. (The pay withheld will be restored if the allegations are
4       GROSS MISCONDUCT                                                             subsequently not proven).

The appeals procedure does not prejudice the right of the manager to         5.2     The procedure does not prejudice the right of management to
dismiss an employee summarily after an investigation of the facts has                call in the Police at any stage if circumstances require.
established than an offence constitutes gross misconduct. Dismissal
will be used where the conduct, performance or other aspects of the          6       CONVICTED EMPLOYEES
employee’s duties do not substantially improve after a final written
warning/where a single offence constitutes gross misconduct.                 6.1     Where an employee has been convicted in a court of law and it
                                                                                     appears to management that such conviction detrimentally
4.1     Examples of Misconduct/Gross Misconduct                                      affects his/her future employment a Disciplinary Interview
                                                                                     shall be held but the proceedings shall be limited to the effect
These examples are illustrative only and not exhaustive of                           of the conviction upon the employee’s ability to work and the
circumstances giving rise to disciplinary action. Depending on the                   fact of the conviction shall not be allowed to be disputed.
circumstances the gravity of the offence may be considered as either
misconduct or gross misconduct.                                              6.2     In the case of staff whose duties involve the Public a criminal
                                                                                     conviction involving children will result in instant dismissal.
a)      knowingly discriminating against individuals because of their
        sexual orientation, religion or ethnic origin;                       7       IMPRISONMENT

b)      physical violence, or abusive language towards or harassment         An employee who has been charged with a criminal offence, held in
        of another employee, visitor or resident during working hours        custody pending trial, or convicted and sentenced to imprisonment,
        or on Alton Park RMO property;                                       may be dismissed after a Disciplinary Investigation into the
                                                                             circumstances surrounding the case.
c)      unsatisfactory level or quality of work;
                                                                             8       INCAPACITY/INCAPABILITY
d)      damage to Alton Park RMO property;
                                                                             Where there is a proposal to dismiss on grounds of incapacity/
e)      dishonesty, theft, fraud, misuse of Alton Park RMO                   incapability not necessarily involving disciplinary allegations, an
        telephones, misuse of Alton Park RMO computer hardware or            interview to investigate the circumstances shall be held following the
        software;                                                            same general procedures as the Disciplinary Interview as contained in
                                                                             the Disciplinary Procedure. There shall be a right of appeal to an
f)      breach of, or disobedience to, Alton Park RMO rules                  Appeals Panel, which must be submitted within five working days of
        (including Health and Safety Regulations, using Alton Park           notification of the outcome of the Disciplinary Interview Panel’s
        RMO vehicles for unauthorised use) or to reasonable                  decision.
        instructions by a supervisor or manager;
                                                                             9       DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST A TRADE
g)      loss of qualification (eg driving licence) rendering the                     UNION OFFICIAL
        employee incapable of performing his duties;
                                                                             A proposal to institute disciplinary proceedings against an accredited
h)      incapability due to the influence of alcohol or drugs                official of the a Trade Union shall be dealt with in accordance with the
                                                                             ACAS Code of Practice on discipline and dismissals; in particular the
i)      unauthorised absence from place of work; poor time-keeping;          full time Trade Union officer shall be informed before proceedings
        excessive sickness absence: false recording of sickness; false       begin.
        reporting of sickness (e.g. reporting as sick when returning
        from leave to obtain extended leave)

j)      unauthorised use of Alton Park RMO’s Email and Internet


5.1     The procedure does not prejudice the right of management to

                                                                                               Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 44
                                                                  APPENDIX IV
                                                                Appeals Procedure

1       INTRODUCTION                                                      2.4     If the employee who has been summarily dismissed works in a
                                                                                  department for which the Chief Executive is responsible, the
This stands as an Appeals Procedure and includes Appeals against                  right of appeal will be to a head of department not previously
disciplinary action, grievance, selection for redundancy and sickness             involved in the case nominated by the Chairperson.
issues together with any other Alton Park RMO procedure which
contains a right of appeal.                                               2.5     When a dismissed employee appeals against dismissal, the
                                                                                  person conducting the appeal will consult the manager with
2       APPEALS AGAINST DISCIPLINARY ACTION                                       regard to the reasons for the dismissal and interview the
                                                                                  appellant. He/she will review the documents in the matter,
2.1     Whom to Appeal to and Time Limits                                         including the records of previous hearings/investigations, and
                                                                                  may call, at his/her discretion, any witnesses to clarify
An employee has a right of appeal against disciplinary action in one of           understanding of the matter.
three ways according to the manager (level of authority) taking the
decision:                                                                 2.6     An employee will not remain in Alton Park RMO’s
                                                                                  employment after his/her dismissal but, if the Chief Executive
a)      Oral and Written Warnings                                                 decides to reinstate his/her employment, the employee will be
                                                                                  paid for the days between the dismissal and reinstatement.
An appeal against warnings/decisions taken by a supervisor/manager                His/her continuity of service and pensionable employment
under the oral and written warning stages of the disciplinary procedure           during this period will be preserved if reinstated.
must be submitted to the next level of authority, or, where that person
has previously been involved in the case, to the head of another          2.7     There will be no further right of appeal from the Chief
department who has not previously been involved in the case.                      Executive’s decision.

An appeal against a warning/decision of a head of department must         2.8     At the conclusion of the hearing the person hearing the appeal
be submitted to an Appeals Panel.                                                 shall reach his/her decision in private as to the charge and
b)      Summary Dismissal
                                                                          2.9     It shall be open to the person hearing the appeal to:
An appeal against summary dismissal must be submitted to the Chief
Executive within five working days of the dismissal. The employee         a)      uphold/dismiss the appeal
must submit an appeal within five working days from receipt of the
written notification of the warning/decision.                             b)      uphold the appeal but substitute an alternative sanction

The appeal submitted by the employee must be made in writing, state       c)      implement suspension/adjournment pending a final hearing
the grounds of the appeal and what aspects of the matter are in                   (eg where further investigation may be necessary).
dispute. An appeal submitted late will not be allowed to proceed.
                                                                          2.10    The appellant will be notified of the decision by the person
The hearing of an appeal will normally take place within 15 working               hearing the appeal either by recalling the appellant or notifying
days of the appeal submission (at the latest not more than 20 working             him/her within 24 hours. A written confirmation of the
days).                                                                            decision will be issued within five working days.

2.2.    Appeals Panel                                                     3       APPEAL AGAINST SELECTION FOR
The panel will comprise a Chair and two other members nominated by
the Employment Sub-committee. No member of the panel will have            In accordance with Alton Park RMO’s Redundancy Procedure, an
previously been involved in the case.                                     employee who considers he/she has been unfairly selected for
                                                                          redundancy may appeal. The appeal must be made directly to an
2.3     Appeal to the Chief Executive                                     Appeals Panel and submitted within five working days of notification
                                                                          of the selection for redundancy. The same procedure will apply as for
An employee who, after an appropriate investigation of the facts, has     the Grievance Procedure.
been summarily dismissed, either
                                                                          4       APPEAL AGAINST GRIEVANCE
a)      having failed to improve his/her performance after being given
        a final written warning.                                          In accordance with Alton Park RMO’s Grievance Procedure an
                                                                          employee who is not satisfied with the response from a head of
b)      having been found to have committed an offence which              department may request a hearing of an appeals panel. The decision
        constitutes gross misconduct.                                     of the panel will be final. He/she must submit the appeal in writing
                                                                          within five days of receipt of written notification of the decision.
May appeal to the Chief Executive.

                                                                                            Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 45
                                                                    APPENDIX IV
                                                                  Appeals Procedure

5       EMPLOYEES ON PROBATION                                                      of the charge and, where the decision is upheld, the sanction.
                                                                                    The manager/panel will recall the employee and management
An employee who is still working within the first six months of his/                representative to inform them of the decision where practical,
her probationary service is not entitled to appeal to an appeals panel.             if the decision is made after the conclusion of the hearing.
A probationer who does not complete his/her probation satisfactorily                Where this is not possible the decision will be notified within
has no right of appeal against termination of employment according to               24 hours. In any event a written confirmation of the decision
the terms of his/her contract.                                                      will be issued within five working days. The decision of the
                                                                                    person/s hearing the appeal will be final.
        WITHHELD                                                            7.8     Written Records

In accordance with Alton Park RMO’s Sickness Procedure, an appeal           A written note of the appeal hearing will be made by the person/s
against a manager’s decision relating to the withholding of Alton Park      hearing the appeal. This note may be needed and used in the event of
RMO sick pay will be to the Head of Department whose decision will          an Employment Tribunal hearing.
be final. He she must submit the appeal in writing within five days of
receipt of written notification of the decision.                            8       EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATION

7       APPEALS HEARING PROCEDURE                                           The employee is entitled to be represented or accompanied by a Trade
                                                                            Union Official representative or a friend at any stage. As the appeals
7.1     The procedure set out in this section will apply to all appeals     process is an internal procedure, representation by a solicitor will not
        except appeals against summary dismissal (2.3).                     be permitted, nor will Alton Park RMO allow the tape-recording of
                                                                            internal procedures or the presence of observers.
7.2     Reference to person/s hearing the appeal is reference to the
        manager, Head of Department or Appeals Panel as

7.3     The appellant and the management representative will submit
        to Central Support any written documentation including
        statements together with the names of witnesses he/she
        intends to draw on at the hearing, no later than five working
        days before the hearing. These papers will be circulated to the
        person/s hearing the appeal on receipt of the documents.
        Only at the discretion of the manager or chair of the panel
        hearing the appeal will either side be permitted to present
        further documentary evidence, either before or at the hearing.
         If such documentary evidence is accepted, either side may
        seek an adjournment of the proceedings to allow for proper

7.4     An appeal will consider the written records of the proceedings,
        together with the written reasons for the warning/decision
        taken. It will consider the grounds of the appeal presented by
        the appellant or his/her representative and listen to evidence
        about those aspects which are in dispute. This will be followed
        by arguments presented by the departmental manager, where
        appropriate. The manager/panel members may recall
        witnesses or call new witnesses or evidence to clarify
        understanding of the facts.

7.5     Where an appeals panel hears an appeal the notice to the
        appellant will contain the names of the panel members
        together with the time, date and place of the appeal.

7.6     The hearing may be adjourned provided that, when
        reconvened, it is attended by the appellant and his/her
        representative and the management representative.

7.7     At the conclusion of the proceedings the person/s hearing the
        appeal shall reach his/her decision in private as to the validity

                                                                                              Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 46
                                                       APPENDIX V
                                              Salary/Grading Structure

1.       April 2000
2        Salaries will be linked to the Local Government Pay Scales and will include Inner London Weighting
3        These rates are effective from 1st April 2000.
4        Salaries will be revised as and when Local Government Pay Scales are revised. Wherever possible Grades will be linked to Local
         Government Grades

Salary/Grading effective from 1 April 2000.


                                              Based on 35 hours                  Based on 40 hours
Spinal           Salary 00                    Standard       Overtime            Standard       Overtime

4                11442                        6.29          9.44                 5.50            8.25
5                11763                        6.46          9.69                 5.66            8.49
6                12087                        6.64          9.96                 5.81            8.72
7                12138                        6.67          10.00                5.84            8.76
8                12729                        6.99          10.49                6.12            9.18
9                13050                        7.17          10.76                6.27            9.41
10               13275                        7.29          10.94                6.38            9.57
11               13974                        7.68          11.52                6.72            10.08
12               14214                        7.81          11.71                6.83            10.24
13               14256                        7.83          11.75                6.85            10.28
14               14748                        8.10          12.15                7.09            10.64
15               15000                        8.24          12.36                7.21            10.82
16               15297                        8.40          12.60                7.35            11.02
17               15600                        8.57          12.86                7.50            11.25
18               15855                        8.71          13.06                7.62            11.43
19               16356                        8.99          13.48                7.86            11.79
20               16857                        9.26          13.89                8.10            12.15
21               17379                        9.55          14.32                8.36            12.54
22               17766                        9.76          14.64                8.54            12.81
23               18210                        10.00         15.00                8.75            13.13
24               18723                        10.29         15.43                9.00            13.50
25               19236                        10.57         15.85                9.25            14.87
26               19776                        10.87         16.30                9.51            14.26
27               20349                        11.18         16.77                9.78            14.67
28               20928                        11.50         17.25                10.06           15.09
29               21657                        11.90         17.85                10.41           15.62
30               22299                        12.25         18.38                10.72           16.08
31               22920                        12.59         18.87                11.02           16.53
32               23523                        12.92         19.38                11.31           16.96
33               24141                        13.26         19.89                11.60           17.40
34               24750                        13.60         20.40                11.90           17.85
35               25215                        13.85         20.78                12.12           18.18
36               25815                        14.18         21.27                12.41           18.62
37               26469                        14.54         21.81                12.73           19.09
38               27168                        14.93         22.39                13.06           19.59
39               27975                        15.37         23.06                13.45           20.17
40               28647                        15.74         23.61                13.77           20.66
41               29337                        16.12         24.18                14.10           21.15
42               30018                        16.49         24.74                14.43           21.65
43               30705                        16.87         25.31                14.76           22.14
44               31395                        17.25         25.88                15.09           22.64
45               32040                        17.60         26.40                15.40           23.10
46               32754                        18.00         27.00                15.75           23.62
47               33447                        18.38         27.57                16.08           24.12
48               34134                        18.75         28.13                16.41           24.62

                                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 47
                                             APPENDIX V
                                    Salary/Grading Structure

                                    Based on 35 hours           Based on 40 hours
Spinal       Salary 00              Standard       Overtime     Standard       Overtime

49           34812                  19.13         28.69         16.74         25.11
50           35505                  19.51         29.26         17.07         25.60
71           38406                  21.10         31.65         18.46         27.69
72           39138                  21.50         32.25         18.82         28.23
73           39915                  21.93         32.90         19.19         28.78
74           40731                  22.38         33.57         19.58         29.37
81           42513                  23.36         35.04         20.49         30.71
82           43467                  23.88         35.82         20.90         31.35
83           44481                  24.44         36.66         21.39         32.08
84           45549                  25.03         37.54         21.90         32.85
1            38757                  21.30         31.95         18.63         27.95
2            46626                  25.62         38.43         22.42         33.63
3            46749                  25.69         38.54         22.48         33.72
4            46770                  25.70         38.55         22.49         33.73
5            46842                  25.74         28.61         22.52         33.78
6            46947                  25.80         38.70         25.80         38.70
7            47199                  25.93         38.90         22.69         34.04
8            49842                  27.39         41.08         23.96         35.94
9            49851                  27.39         41.09         23.97         35.95
10           49860                  27.40         41.10         23.97         35.96
11           49989                  27.47         41.20         24.03         36.05
12           50157                  27.56         41.34         24.11         36.17
13           50688                  27.85         41.78         24.37         36.55


Scale                Spinal Point                 Salary
                                                  (incl. LW)

1                    4-11                         11442-13974
2                    11-13                        13974-14256
3                    14-17                        14748-15600
4                    18-21                        15855-17379
5                    22-25                        17766-19236
6                    26-28                        19776-20928
SO1                  29-31                        21657-22920
SO2                  32-34                        23523-24750
PO1                  33-36                        24141-25815
PO2                  35-38                        25215-27168
PO3                  38-41                        27168-29337
PO4                  41-44                        29337-31395
PO5                  44-47                        31395-33447
PO6                  47-50                        33447-35505
PO7                  71-72                        38406-40731
PO8                  81-84                        42513-45549
PO8.PR               1-13                         38757-50688

                                                                          Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 48
                        APPENDIX VI
        Allowances & Additional Payments

The principle upon which the salary bands are based is that they             5.4     These allowances may be taxable, unless the absence from the
incorporate all the skills, qualifications and working conditions set out            normal place of business lasts more than five hours; and the
in Job Descriptions. The payment of a multiplicity of allowances is                  place where business is done is more than five miles from the
confusing, unfair and administratively time-consuming. The only                      normal place of business.
allowances which will continue to be paid are:
                                                                             5.5     A record is maintained of all expenses paid to staff. The
1       ACTING UP ALLOWANCES                                                         Inland Revenue requires Alton Park RMO to complete Tax
                                                                                     forms P11D in respect of expenses paid each year, when these
For undertaking the full responsibility of an employee in a higher                   total more than a sum determined annually by the Inland
salary band the relevant grade for the acting position will be paid at the           Revenue. Tax may be levied on these expenses unless the
lowest spinal column point (SCP). Where the employee is already in                   individual employee satisfies the Inland Revenue that the
receipt of a salary that is equivalent to that point or higher they will             expenses were reasonable and incurred on Alton Park RMO
receive an additional increment.                                                     business.

2       DESIGNATED FIRST AIDERS                                              6       MILEAGE ALLOWANCE

£200 per annum (in possession of certificate and undertaking refresher       A mileage allowance will be paid in respect of travel on Alton Park
training.).                                                                  RMO business authorised by an employee’s Head of Department, as
                                                                             i)      Owners of private cars driving them on Alton Park RMO
Individual contracts of employment may include additional payments                   business will be reimbursed at the rate of 40p per mile.
as appropriate.
                                                                             ii)     If an employee uses his/her private car on Alton Park RMO
4       EVENING/WEEKEND ATTENDANCE                                                   business for a journey in excess of 50 miles each way, Alton
                                                                                     Park RMO will normally reimburse only the cost of the
Attendance for meetings/events during evenings and the weekend will                  equivalent economy rail fare instead of mileage allowance. An
be compensated through time off in lieu (TOIL). Employees will                       employee travelling in his/her private car on Alton Park RMO
receive TOIL to the equivalent of the time worked.                                   business outside the local area, who takes another Alton Park
                                                                                     RMO employee, also travelling on Alton Park RMO business,
5       SUBSISTENCE ALLOWANCE                                                        as a passenger, will be entitled to claim half the rate of
                                                                                     economy rail fare for each relevant passenger.
5.1     Work Outside the Local Area.
                                                                             iii)    Insurance for Use of Car on Alton Park RMO Business.
5.2     Staff and Board Members whose work requires them to work
        outside the local area may be entitled to subsistence allowances     It will be the responsibility of each individual who uses his or her car
        as set out below. Claims for subsistence allowances should be        on Alton Park RMO business to check that the vehicle insurance
        supported by VAT receipts.                                           provides adequate cover for such use.

5.3     Reasonable costs will be reimbursed, on production of
        receipts, up to the following amounts, for expenses incurred
        whilst on Alton Park RMO business:

i)      Breakfast £5.

ii)     Lunch £5.

iii)    Evening Meal £10.

iv)     Incidental expenses, incurred whilst absent on Alton Park
        RMO business overnight, when food and accommodation
        expenses are paid by the Alton Park RMO, per 24 hours £5.

v)      If staff are required to be absent from their normal place of
        business overnight, or for several days and nights, reasonable
        food and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed on
        production of supporting invoices.

                                                                                                Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 49
                                             APPENDIX VII
                                      Trade Union Recognition

Alton Park RMO will recognise any Trade Union representing over
33% of employees for the purpose of collective bargaining.

                                                                  Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 50
                  APPENDIX VIII
Equal Opportunities Policy Overview

1       INTRODUCTION                                                           iii)    Selection criteria and procedures will ensure that individuals
                                                                                       are selected, transferred and promoted on the basis of their
1.1     Alton Park RMO , in publishing this policy on Equal                            relevant skills, merit and abilities.
        Opportunity, records its commitment to Equal Opportunities
        and its recognition that, in society as a whole, some groups and       2.1.2   Advertising
        individuals are disadvantaged in terms of employment,
        housing and services.                                                  Alton Park RMO’s intention to encourage Equal Opportunities and to
                                                                               operate an Equal Opportunities policy will be included in
1.2     It is our intention that this policy will address all areas of         advertisements, job descriptions and application forms. Advertising
        discrimination and that Alton Park RMO will abide by statute,          will be used to this end.
        including the Part-Time Workers Regulations 2000, the Asylum
        and Immigration Act 1996, the Disability Discrimination Act            2.1.3   Training
        1995, the Race Relations Act 1976, the Sex Discrimination Act
        1975, the Equal Pay Act 1970, and the provisions of the Code           Appropriate training shall be provided by managers to enable staff to
        of Practice in Rented Housing 1991 with regard to Alton Park           perform their jobs effectively. Such training will make provision,
        RMO, will be implemented as far as possible.                           where necessary, for individuals returning to work following a break
                                                                               for domestic reasons. Career development and training will be
1.3     The policy on Equal Opportunities is applicable to all Board           reviewed to ensure that all staff are given equal opportunity and, where
        Members and staff, and also aims to encourage co-operation             appropriate, development training to progress within Alton Park RMO.
        from consultants, contractors, suppliers and others employed,
        as well as tenants, leaseholders and owner-occupiers and others        3       RESPONSIBILITIES
        served by Alton Park RMO.
                                                                               3.1     Managers Responsibilities
                                                                               While the Chief Executive holds the overall responsibility for Equal
Alton Park RMO aims to be an Equal Opportunities organisation,                 Opportunity matters affecting Alton Park RMO, Alton Park RMO
which means:                                                                   Central Support Manager has delegated responsibility for corporate
                                                                               implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of the policy.
a)      in the provision of employment, housing and services Alton             Heads of Department of Alton Park RMO have delegated
        Park RMO will seek to ensure equality of opportunity and               responsibility and authority to ensure that employees under their care
        treatment for all persons                                              and others affected by their work activity have knowledge and
                                                                               understanding of this policy. Line Managers are responsible for the
b)      no person or group seeking housing, jobs, services or contracts        day-to-day aspects of equal opportunities, for ensuring that policy and
        with Alton Park RMO will be treated less favourably because            procedures are complied with and effective supervision and
        of their race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin,         monitoring is maintained.
        religion, sex, disability, marital status, age or sexual orientation
        (subject to specific statutory obligations)                            3.2     Personal Responsibilities

c)      to fulfil the commitments made in this statement, Alton Park           Notwithstanding these arrangements, all Board Members and
        RMO will seek information from applicants for housing and              employees have a personal responsibility for ensuring compliance with
        employment, so as to allow monitoring and assessment of its            both the law and Alton Park RMO policy on this matter.
        Equal Opportunities policy to be carried out
                                                                               4       EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES - EMPLOYMENT
d)      the contents of this statement will be communicated
        (translated where appropriate) to Board Members, staff and             4.1     This is a statement of Alton Park RMO’s policy for achieving
        The Alton Estate residents and prospective tenants.                            equality of opportunity in all of its employment practices.

2.1     Employment                                                             4.2     As well as accepting its responsibilities under the Part-Time
                                                                                       Workers Regulations 2000, the Asylum and Immigration Act
2.1.1   Recruitment                                                                    1996, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Race Relations Act
                                                                                       1976, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equal
i)      Alton Park RMO aims to ensure that no job applicant or                         Pay Act 1970, Alton Park RMO is committed to broad
        employee receives less favourable treatment because of unfair                  principles of social justice and is opposed to any form of
        discrimination.                                                                discrimination. It confirms that equal opportunity extends
                                                                                       into all the services it provides as well as its employment
ii)     To ensure that only relevant qualifications and experience are                 policies and practices.
        considered when recruitment takes place, each post will carry a
        job description and person specification against which
        candidates will be assessed equally and fairly.

                                                                                                  Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 51
                  APPENDIX VIII
Equal Opportunities Policy Overview

4.3     The Policy                                                                    arrangements should recognise the needs of both men and
                                                                                      women caring for children and other dependants. Therefore
4.3.1   Alton Park RMO fully recognises that its own policies and                     Alton Park RMO is committed to opening its jobs to job
        practices can be a major influence on the area of The Alton                   sharing wherever practicable. It will also ensure that its agreed
        estate.                                                                       procedures on maternity, paternity and parental leave are
                                                                                      applied fairly and reasonably.
4.3.2   The policy applies to potential as well as actual staff and relates
        to all aspects of employment including recruitment,                   4.6.2   Alton Park RMO will take action against all forms of sexual
        promotion, training, transfer, grievance and disciplinary                     harassment and behaviour at work including verbal or physical
        procedures and to the arrangements made for working for                       abuse or attack.
        Alton Park RMO. The policy will be made known to all staff
        and applicants for jobs.                                              4.7     Sexual Orientation

4.3.3   No applicant or employee will receive less favourable access to       4.7.1   A person’s sexual orientation is not a matter which Alton Park
        the jobs offered by Alton Park RMO because of his/her race,                   RMO will take into account in determining suitability for
        ethnic origin, religion, disability, age (below 65), sex, marital             recruitment, promotion, training or transfer for any post
        status or sexual orientation.                                                 (subject to specific statutory obligations).

4.3.4   Unless they are strictly justifiable other than on grounds of         4.7.2   Alton Park RMO will take action against all forms of
        race or sex, no conditions or requirements will be applied to                 harassment, including verbal or physical abuse or attack, of
        any job which would have a disproportionately adverse effect                  lesbians and gay men.
        on one of the sexes or a particular racial group. The only
        requirements or conditions which will be applied will be those        4.8     People with Disabilities
        which are strictly justifiable for the effective performance of
        the job.                                                              Alton Park RMO aims to observe the law with regard to the
                                                                              employment of people with disabilities.
4.4     Implementing the Policy
                                                                              4.9     Recruitment and Selection Decisions
4.4.1   In implementing the policy it is recognised that certain people
        may encounter particular difficulties in employment. The              The selection process is of crucial importance to this policy, and every
        following paragraphs go into further detail of the application        stage of the process must be carried out by people who fully
        of the policy in the fields of discrimination already prescribed      understand and are committed to the principles of the policy. Any
        by statute. However, it is to be emphasised that Alton Park           employee involved in any stage of the recruitment process should be
        RMO is opposed to any form of discrimination and will seek            adequately trained in the provisions of this policy.
        to eliminate any inequitable practices or behaviour.
                                                                              4.10    Training
4.4.2   Equality of opportunity is vital both to give individuals a fair
        and equal chance of developing their ability and realising their      4.10.1 To ensure that this policy is translated into action, Alton Park
        expectations and also for Alton Park RMO to make full and                    RMO will provide information, instruction, training and
        effective use of its staffing resources.                                     supervision.

4.5     Ethnic Minorities                                                     4.10.2 Equal Opportunities training for employees at all levels is an
                                                                                     integral part of this policy and attendance at designated
4.5.1   Alton Park RMO is opposed to racism wherever it is                           courses is mandatory. As a specific part of induction and on-
        perpetrated and its aim is to ensure action to eliminate racism              the-job training line managers will draw to the attention of
        in decisions made about employment. It recognises that many                  new employees Alton Park RMO’s policies and procedures in
        people may display racist attitudes unconsciously and that this              respect of Equal Opportunities and their personal
        is in some part responsible for the acute employment                         responsibilities in carrying out their particular jobs.
        difficulties experienced by ethnic minorities, including
        stereotyping and sparse support availability.                         4.10.3 Training will aim to:

4.5.2   Alton Park RMO will take action against all forms of racial           a)      ensure that employees are able to implement and monitor
        harassment including verbal and physical abuse or attack                      Alton Park RMO’s equal opportunities policy
        against colleagues or members of the public.
                                                                              b)      ensure that participants are fully aware of the relevant
4.6     Sex Discrimination                                                            legislation and codes of practice and their implications for
                                                                                      their work and Alton Park RMO
4.6.1   Alton Park RMO confirms that within the constraints of
        organisational objectives its employment practices and                c)      assist Alton Park RMO in revising its policies and practices,

                                                                                                 Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 52
                  APPENDIX VIII
Equal Opportunities Policy Overview

        identifying possible areas of discrimination and proposing          5       ALTON PARK RMO - IN DELIVERY OF AND
        ways of changing them                                                       ACCESS TO HOUSING SERVICES

d)      assist Alton Park RMO in adopting and implementing, when            5.1     Statement of Policy
        appropriate, effective systems of equal opportunities record-
        keeping and monitoring                                              As well as accepting it’s responsibilities under the Part-Time Workers
                                                                            Regulations 2000, the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, the
e)      assist Alton Park RMO in adopting effective policies and            Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975,
        practices to counter discrimination, including racial and sexual    the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Equal Pay Act 1970, Alton Park
        harassment.                                                         RMO is committed to broad principles of social justice and is opposed
                                                                            to any form of discrimination. It confirms that equal opportunity
4.11    Organisational Arrangements                                         extends into all the services it provides (including those provided by
                                                                            contractors on its behalf) as well as its employment policies and
4.11.1 This policy applies to all Departments and all employees of          practices.
       Alton Park RMO. Whilst Alton Park RMO Secretary will be
       ultimately responsible for implementing and monitoring the           5.2     In terms of its delivery of and access to Housing Services, the
       operational effectiveness of the policy by way of the Central                organisation will be guided by the following principles:
       Support Department, it is the duty of every Departmental
       Head to promote equality of opportunity in his/her                   a)      all applications for, and allocations of, residential
       Department. All managers have particular responsibility to                   accommodation and all associated services will be dealt with
       ensure that policy is being implemented. Each employee has a                 fairly and equally
       legal duty not to discriminate against individuals or
       disadvantaged groups. Alton Park RMO will make every                 b)      no individual or group of individuals will receive less
       attempt to prevent discrimination by way of its employees.                   favourable treatment by virtue of their race, colour, nationality,
                                                                                     ethnic or national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexuality
4.11.2 It is a condition of employment that all Alton Park RMO staff                or marital status
       should adhere to the equal opportunities policy. All
       employment conditions will be reviewed from time to time in          c)      all relevant policies of the organisation will be made freely
       consultation with the Staff Side, to ensure that they adequately             available and will take into account the requirements of the
       provide for the needs of employees in the groups outlined in                 community as a whole
       this policy.
                                                                            d)      the organisation will promote equality of opportunity and
4.12    MONITORING                                                                  good relations between persons of different racial groupings
                                                                                    and will endeavour to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination
The effectiveness of the policy can only be judged by using
information about how it is operating. Alton Park RMO uses a                e)      the organisation will support the right of every tenant to live
monitoring system to collect data and allow assessment to be made on                in their home free from any form of harassment. Policies
the progress of developing equal opportunity in employment.                         relating to harassment and related racial harassment and
                                                                                    associated procedures will aim to produce an effective
4.13    GRIEVANCES AND DISCIPLINARY ACTION                                          response to incidents of harassment. This is reinforced by the
                                                                                    inclusion of a clause making harassment a specific breach of
4.13.1 Alton Park RMO will take seriously and will investigate                      the tenancy agreements
       thoroughly, and, when proven, will deal effectively with all
       complaints of discrimination on grounds of race, colour,             f)      Alton Park RMO will implement appropriate staff training and
       nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, disability, age,           will have clearly designated staff with responsibility for
       sex, marital status or sexual orientation, and anyone who                    ensuring effective implementation of its policies
       makes a complaint or who gives evidence will not be
       victimised, or treated as if they are oversensitive about            g)      Alton Park RMO will put into place an effective monitoring
       discrimination.                                                              system which will be used to both record ethnic details and to
                                                                                    act as a means of reviewing policies, procedures and training
4.13.2 Any potential employee who perceives a problem about                         needs
       recruitment, training, promotion, transfer or the application of
       conditions of service should write in the first instance to the      h)      Alton Park RMO will ensure that publicity material is available
       Chief Executive.                                                             to those with visual or hearing difficulties

                                                                            i)      Alton Park RMO will ensure that priority is given to dealing
                                                                                    with repair problems which may cause particular difficulties for
                                                                                    disabled people and to the removal of graffiti where it is of a
                                                                                    racist or otherwise offensive nature

                                                                                               Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 53
                  APPENDIX VIII
Equal Opportunities Policy Overview

j)      Alton Park RMO will actively promote awareness of equal                      to take place
        opportunities within the community it serves and will require
        all recognised resident groups to oppose discrimination and          d)      that policies of Alton Park RMO are actively made known in
        support Alton Park RMO’s philosophy                                          all internal and external publications

k)      Alton Park RMO will require all contractors carrying out work        e)      that all staff have easy access to Alton Park RMO’s policies
        on its behalf to have a fully developed equal opportunities                  and procedures maximising, where possible, the use of
        policy and to actively support Alton Park RMO in ensuring                    information technology to achieve this
        that policies are effectively implemented.
                                                                             f)      that contractors carrying out work on its behalf are made fully
5.3     Monitoring                                                                   aware of Alton Park RMO’s policies and undertake to comply
                                                                                     with Alton Park RMO’s requirements in relation to equal
5.3.1   Monitoring of Alton Park RMO’s Equal Opportunities                           opportunities.
        policies and practices will be undertaken in relation to:
                                                                             5.5     Complaints of Discrimination
a)      various stages of the process of application and allocation of
        housing stock to identify inequality of treatment                    All complaints of discrimination will be dealt with using Alton Park
                                                                             RMO’s separate complaints procedure.
b)      complaints of harassment from tenants and other neighbour
        disputes to ensure that they are dealt with promptly and             5.6     Harassment
                                                                             5.6.1   Harassment - General
5.3.2   Monitoring records will be maintained by the Director of
        Housing and be subject to regular (not less than once every          5.6.2   Alton Park RMO policy is that all complaints of harassment
        quarter) reports to the Housing Management Committee                         should be logged, and thoroughly and impartially investigated,
        which will identify any requirements for changes to policies/                prior to action being taken. Alton Park RMO has a specific
        procedures, literature and staff training.                                   policy relating to incidents of Racial Harassment.

5.3.3   Targets will be set annually by the appropriate Committee to         5.6.3   Alton Park RMO is committed to a victim orientated approach
        determine:                                                                   and to giving support to residents suffering harassment. Alton
                                                                                     Park RMO expects its staff to be sensitive and understanding
a)      response times for responding to complaints of harassment                    in dealing with allegations of harassment, and to enlist the
                                                                                     support of statutory and voluntary organisations in any follow
b)      time taken to re-house victims of harassment where that                      up action required. The victim’s consent is required before
        course of action was appropriate.                                            action is taken.

5.3.4   Responsibility for ensuring that monitoring takes place and          5.6.4   Alton Park RMO recognises that many victims are afraid to
        that targets are set/reports made regularly to Committee rests               report a case of harassment because:
        with the Chief Executive.
                                                                             a)      they will not be believed
5.4     Implementation
                                                                             b)      they will be accused of inviting the harassment
5.4.1   Alton Park RMO recognises its responsibility as an employer
        for any discriminating act by employees in the course of their       c)      publicity or gossip may follow
        employment and its responsibility as a Landlord’s Agent for
        taking action on behalf of any tenants/applicants who are the        d)      they will be ostracised by other tenants or colleagues
        victims of discrimination or harassment.
                                                                             e)      they will be seen as trouble makers
5.4.2   Alton Park RMO will take all practical steps to ensure:
                                                                             f)      they may face physical or verbal abuse.
a)      that training and guidance is given to all employees/members
        of Alton Park RMO to ensure that they clearly understand             5.6.5   Although in many cases the alleged perpetrators may not be
        their position in law and the implications of Alton Park                     identifiable (and the victim may have continued to suffer
        RMO’s Equal Opportunities policies                                           harassment), empathy, interest and support should be offered
                                                                                     by Alton Park RMO and every effort made to liaise with other
b)      that policies, procedures and practices are regularly reviewed to            organisations to provide remedies or solutions.
        ensure that they do not discriminate either directly or indirectly
                                                                             5.6.6   The forms referred to in the procedure guide must be
c)      that appropriate data is gathered to enable proper monitoring                completed and actioned, to ensure a commonality of approach

                                                                                               Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 54
                  APPENDIX VIII
Equal Opportunities Policy Overview

        and to allow for regular monitoring of complaints.                5.9.2   Some examples of sexual harassment include:

5.6.7   If the alleged perpetrators are identified, and they are Alton    a)      unnecessary touching or physical contact
        Park RMO tenants, legal action should be considered following
        advice from the Line Manager.                                     b)      suggestive remarks or any other form of verbal abuse

5.7     Harassment - Definitions                                          c)      personal comments about an individuals appearance, clothes,
                                                                                  size etc
5.7.1   Harassment is defined as any form of unwanted comments,
        looks or contact, emotional and/or physical, racial, sexual or    d)      leering at a person’s body
        mental contact which is found objectionable, violent, offensive
        or makes a person feel threatened or uncomfortable.               e)      compromising invitations

5.7.2   The following are regarded by Alton Park RMO as being the         f)      displaying offensive posters or literature
        principal types of harassment:
                                                                          g)      demands for sexual favours
a)      racial harassment
                                                                          h)      physical assault
b)      sexual harassment
                                                                          i)      sexist assumptions and attitudes.
c)      harassment of people with disabilities
                                                                          5.10    Harassment of People with Disabilities
d)      harassment of lesbian women or gay men
                                                                          5.10.1 The term person with a disability describes many groups of
e)      other forms of harassment (e.g. intimidation).                           people with disabilities. A person may have impaired mobility,
                                                                                 be profoundly/partially deaf, or blind with epilepsy or may be
5.8     Racial Harassment                                                        mentally impaired. All these and many more are included in
                                                                                 the term people with a disability.
5.8.1   Racial harassment is a form of harassment where the action
        has a racial motive. In other words, the harassment               5.10.2 A person has a disability if he/she has a physical or mental
        concentrates on the race, colour or ethnic origin of an                  impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse
        individual.                                                              effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

5.8.2   Racial harassment can take many forms. Examples of                5.10.3 ‘Impairment’ covers physical or mental impairments; this
        activities which fall within Alton Park RMO’s definition of              includes sensory impairments, such as those affecting sight or
        racial harassment include:                                               hearing.

a)      physical assault                                                  5.10.4 The term “mental impairment” is intended to cover a wide
                                                                                 range of impairments relating to mental functioning, including
b)      verbal abuse                                                             what are often known as learning disabilities. However, the
                                                                                 Disability Discrimination Act states that it does not include
c)      racist graffiti                                                          any impairment resulting from or consisting of a mental
                                                                                 illness, unless that illness is a clinically well-recognised illness.
d)      damage to property/possessions                                           A clinically well-recognised illness is one that is recognised by a
                                                                                 respected body of medical opinion. Disability harassment can
e)      threatening or abusive racist behaviour/language, bullying,              take many forms as in all forms of harassment, some more
        intimidation.                                                            subtle than others. There are many words used to describe
                                                                                 people with disabilities which in themselves are offensive.
This list is not intended to be exhaustive and there may be many other           Some people say they are scared of people with disabilities,
actions which may constitute racial harassment.                                  others see people with disabilities as a threat. People with
                                                                                 disabilities can face both verbal and physical harassment
5.9     Sexual Harassment                                                        because of prejudice and sometimes ignorance.

5.9.1   Sexual harassment means unwanted and often persistent             5.10.5 As with all types of harassment, the victim should be asked
        comments, looks, suggestions or emotional or physical contact.           what they would like to see happen.
        Men can be sexually harassed, but it is apparent that the vast
        majority of sexual harassment occurs to women by men.             5.11    Harassment of Lesbian Women or Gay Men
        Sexual harassment is about power and involves one person
        imposing their will on another.                                   Lesbian women and gay men belong to a minority group

                                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 55
                  APPENDIX VIII
Equal Opportunities Policy Overview

(approximately 10% of the population), against which there is a
common discrimination. Many lesbians and gay men do not openly
discuss their sexuality because they feel unsafe, they are worried about
their job and their personal safety. When dealing with cases of
harassment against lesbians or gay men security is important. Always
ask the harassed what they feel able to deal with and always treat the
case with sensitivity. Remember that support can take many forms and
advice is available. To take no action may increase the pressure on the

5.12    Other Forms of Harassment

5.12.1 Within Alton Park RMO’s Equal Opportunities Policies there
       are other groups (e.g. religious sects etc) that are not
       specifically mentioned, all of which can face harassment.

5.12.2 Any individual can face some form of harassment and
       although may not suffer on such a scale that the identified
       groups have, will find the experience difficult and intimidating.

5.12.3 Harassment because of age, religion, appearance, trade union
       activity, through domestic violence or against people with
       H.I.V. or AIDS is also recognised and condemned by Alton
       Park RMO.

                                                                           Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 56
                                              APPENDIX IX
                                  Anti-Racist Policy Statement

Alton Park RMO is opposed to racism in all its forms and will give the                     are collected on a uniform basis.
highest priority to providing racial equality throughout its activities and
services. Racism, whether directed towards staff or members of the                 1.2.5   It is the policy of Alton Park RMO that it will not tolerate
Alton estate Community is unacceptable in any circumstances. In                            racial harassment of any tenant, any member of the tenants
carrying out this policy Alton Park RMO expects its staff to be aware                      household or any person occupying the property with the
of racism and to tackle it wherever it occurs.                                             tenant’s permission and that every tenant should have equal
                                                                                           access to Alton Park RMO’s services. Neither will it tolerate
Alton Park RMO will support staff or residents who challenge racism                        racial harassment of its staff.
as well as victims of racism. Alton Park RMO will regularly examine its
own structure and operational procedures in order to prevent the                   1.2.6   Alton Park RMO will offer advice and support to help victims
evolution of areas of racist practice, drawing up plans of action as                       of racial harassment, whoever they are, and will, wherever able,
appropriate. An important part of such plans will be the provision and                     take action against known perpetrators.
encouragement of training to make staff more aware of racism, and
ways of working with residents from different cultural groups. This                1.2.7   Alton Park RMO will prepare and implement procedures to
policy will be sent individually to all members of staff and job                           ensure that all complaints of racial harassment are properly
applicants and brought to the attention of The Alton Estate residents.                     logged and thoroughly and impartially investigated prior to
                                                                                           action being taken.
Alton Park RMO will require all contractors carrying out work on its
behalf to actively support Alton Park RMO’s stance against racism in               1.2.8   At all times, racial harassment will be dealt with in accordance
all its forms.                                                                             with the agreed procedure. The Police will be encouraged to
                                                                                           prosecute wherever feasible, but lack of Police response will
1       RACIAL HARASSMENT POLICY                                                           not be used as a reason for lack of action on the part of Alton
                                                                                           Park RMO. Alton Park RMO reserves the right to seek its
1.1     Alton Park RMO aims:                                                               own legal remedies (including eviction of perpetrators) and to
                                                                                           assist victims who may seek a legal remedy themselves.
a)      to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination
                                                                                   1.2.9   Following confirmation by investigation of circumstances
b)      to promote equality of opportunity and good relations                              which lead a victim to wish to move, efforts will be made to
        between persons of different racial groups.                                        secure a transfer. However, in cases where debt to Alton Park
                                                                                           RMO exists and a move to alternative Alton Park RMO
1.2     Definition of a Racist Incident                                                    property is requested, the Chief Executive’s authorisation
                                                                                           would be required.
1.2.1   Recommendation 12 of the report of the Stephen Lawrence
        Inquiry was that the definition of a racist incident should be:            1.2.10 Alton Park RMO will place an increasing emphasis on a
        ‘any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other          preventative approach to harassment through constant liaison
        person.’                                                                          with tenants and community groups.

1.2.2   This definition has already been adopted by the police and
        several other agencies and it is commended to all. It is a
        simpler and clearer version of the ACPO definition that was
        previously used by most agencies. It is vital that in establishing
        a comprehensive system for the reporting and recording of
        racist incidents, the different agencies involved are working to
        the same definition.

1.2.3   In his Action Plan on the Report, the Home Secretary said that
        the Home Office would “ensure that the Inquiry’s simplified
        definition of a racist incident is universally adopted by the
        police, local government and other relevant agencies”.

1.2.4   The definition of a racist incident that should be used by all
        agencies is that recommended by the Report of the Stephen
        Lawrence Inquiry. The purpose of this definition is not to
        prejudge the question of whether a perpetrator’s motive was
        racist or not: that may have to be proved if, for instance, the
        perpetrator is to be charged with a racially aggravated offence.
        The purpose of the definition is rather to ensure that
        investigations take full account of the possibility of a racist
        dimension to the incident and that statistics of such incidents

                                                                                                     Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 57
                    APPENDIX X
Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV)


a)    to prevent the spread of HIV infection by providing
      information and education;

b)    to protect its employees from the risk of infection in the
      course of their duties;

c)    to prevent and counteract discrimination against those who are
      H.I.V. positive

d)    to co-operate with the Health Authority and to support the
      work of voluntary groups active in counselling and helping
      people who are H.I.V. positive and those caring for them.


2.1   Alton Park RMO will take appropriate steps to protect
      employees from the risk of infection in the course of their
      duties. In consultation with Staff Side and with relevant
      professional advice, appropriate training, information and
      equipment will be made available to all employees.

2.2   Alton Park RMO will ensure that people who are H.I.V.
      positive will not experience discrimination in their employment
      with Alton Park RMO.

2.3   Employees who are known to be H.I.V. positive will only be
      re-deployed by mutual agreement and will not be prevented
      from continuing to work except where they are considered to
      be medically unfit through the normal procedures.

2.4   Alton Park RMO will ensure that counselling is available to
      employees who are known to be H.I.V. positive from skilled
      and trained people and that welfare services are made known
      to them and to employees who may have concern about H.I.V.
      related matters.

                                                                        Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 58
                          APPENDIX XI
       Statutory Right to be Accompanied

In accordance with the provisions of the Employment Relations Act          2.2     Postponing the Date
1999, workers will have a statutory right to be accompanied by a Trade
Union representative or fellow employee where they are required or         2.2.1   Alton Park RMO will set the date for a disciplinary or
invited by Alton Park RMO to attend certain disciplinary and grievance             grievance hearing in accordance with Alton Park RMO’s
hearings, and when they make a reasonable request to be accompanied.               policies, as contained in the Personnel Handbook. However, if
                                                                                   the employee’s chosen companion is not available he/she may
A worker includes an employee and anyone who performs work                         propose an alternative time and date which is reasonable and
personally for someone else but is not self employed.                              which falls within 5 working days of the original date, i.e. 5
                                                                                   working days beginning with the first day after the date
Employees will be protected against being victimised or dismissed in               proposed by Alton Park RMO.
connection with the right of accompaniment.
                                                                           3       AT THE HEARING
                                                                           Under legislation the chosen companion may address the hearing and
1.1     In disciplinary matters an employee is entitled to be              should be allowed to ask questions but not answer questions on behalf
        accompanied to meetings which could result in:                     of the employee. He/she is permitted to confer with the employee
                                                                           during the hearing and should be permitted reasonable time to confer
a)      the administration of a formal warning                             privately with the employee either during or outside the hearing.

b)      the taking of some other action against the employee               4       INFRINGEMENT OF THE RIGHT TO BE
c)      the confirmation of a warning or other action taken.
                                                                           If Alton Park RMO fails to allow an employee to be accompanied at a
1.2     The right to be accompanied applies to:                            disciplinary or grievance hearing or fails to rearrange the hearing to a
                                                                           date proposed by the employee when a companion is unable to attend
a)      disciplinary hearings as detailed above                            the date originally proposed, the employee may present a complaint to
                                                                           an Employment Tribunal and seek compensation.
b)      grievance hearings which concern the performance of a duty
        by the organisation in relation to the employee, i.e. legal duty
        arising from statute or common law, including contractual,
        bullying, harassment and equal pay issues

c)      sickness or

d)      capability procedures where a warning or other action may be
        the outcome

e)      staff appraisal meetings where a warning or other action may
        be the outcome.

f)      Informal meetings where no action will be taken as a
        result would not usually attract the right to be accompanied.


2.1     The employee is entitled to be accompanied by:

a)      a fellow worker, i.e. another of Alton Park RMO’s employees

b)      a full-time officer employed by the Trade Union

c)      a lay Trade Union officer or workplace representative who has
        been certified in writing by the Trade Union as having
        experience of, or received training in acting as an employee’s
        companion at a grievance or disciplinary hearing.

                                                                                             Alton Park R.M.O. Ltd. ~ Personnel Handbook | 59

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