Fee Schedule 2010-2011 by wulinqing


									                                                                           FEES - 2010 / 2011
                                                                          CARIBBEAN REGION

                                    COURSE FEES CDN$                                                                           OTHER FEES CDN$
LEVEL 1                                                                 NEW    REPEAT*            New Student Package Fee                                          100**
FA1    Financial Accounting Fundamentals                                  465      415            Application for Advanced Standing                                50***
EM1    Micro & Macro Economics                                            465      465            Transfer Credit (maximum $200)                                      50
LW1    Business Law                                                       465      415            Foundation Studies in Accounting                                  100
CT's   CT3 (AccPac tutorial)- CT1and CT2 are available online               40      n/a           Basic Tuition Fee                                                 380
LEVEL 2                                                                                           Late Enrolment /Course Registration Fee                           100
FA2    Financial Accounting : Assets (includes AccPac)                      540         490       AccPac ERP 5.3 (required for FA2, FA3, BC1)                       100
QU1    Business Quantitative Analysis                                       490         440       License Fee for:                                                   ****
MA1    Management Accounting Fundamentals                                   485         485       CICA Accounting Handbook (AT1, FA4)
CM1 Business Communication                                                  490         440       CICA Assurance Handbook (for AU1, AU2)
LEVEL 3                                                                                           CICA Public Sector Handbook (for PF1)
FA3    Financial Accounting:Liabilities & Equity (AccPac not incl.)         495         445       Processing Fee for Manual Reenrolment                           50*****
FN1    Corporate Finance Fundamentals                                       495         445       Challenge Exam Fee (textbook not included)
MS1    Managing Information Systems                                         500         450       Level 1-3                                                         300
BC1    Accounting Business Case (AccPac not included)                       150         150       Level 4-PACE                                                      325
LEVEL 4                                                                                           TX1 (all materials included)                                      375
MA2    Advanced Management Accounting                                       545         545       Supplemental Exam Fee                                            145 #
AT1    Accounting Theory & Contemporary Issues                              545         495       Supplemental PA Exam Fee                                         275 #
TX1    Personal & Corporate Taxation (includes Cantax)                      545         545       Exam Deferral Fee (prior to deadline)                           175 ##
AU1    External Auditing                                                    545         545       Exam Deferral Fee (after deadline)                              250 ##
BC2    Public Practice Audit Case (includes CaseWare)                       175         175       Exam Mark Appeals
FA4    Financial Accounting: Consolidations & Advanced Issues               545         495       Regrade                                                            150
PACE LEVEL                                                                                        Critique                                                           150
PF1    Public Sector Financial Management                                   545         545       PA Administrative Review                                           225
FN2    Ad       dC        t Fi
       Advanced Corporate Finance                                           545         495       Change of Exam Venue (per session)
                                                                                                  Ch        fE      V      (        i )                               75
AU2    Advanced External Auditing (includes ACL)                            545         545       Course Withdrawal Fee                                               85
MU1 Internal Auditing Control (includes ACL)                                545         545       Course Rescheduling Fee                                             85
MS2    Information Systems Strategy                                         545         495       Assignment Submission Extension - PACE ONLY                         30
TX2    Advanced Personal & Corporate Taxation                               545         545       Late Submission of BC1, BC2                                         50
PA1    Issues in Professional Practice                                      695         645       BC1, BC2 Resubmission Fee                                           50
PA2    Strategic Financial Management                                       695         645       Inactive Fee/ Certificate Delay Fee                                380
PARTNER UNIVERSITY DEGREE COURSES                                                                 Transcript /Letter of Good Standing                                 20
       SAIT Business Courses                                               750          n/a       CGA Membership Application Fee                                     250
       SAIT Directed Field Studies                                        1000          n/a       National CGA Certificate Replacement Fee
                                                                      6-credit    3-credit        Name Change (old certificate must be returned to CGA)              100
         Laurentian HBCom Courses                                         1500         750        Damaged Certificate (old certificate must be returned to CGA)      100
         Laurentian MBA Courses                                           2300        1150        Lost Certificate                                                   250

*        Only students who repeat a course in subsequent sessions where the textbook remains the same are eligible to pay the repeat fee.
**       New enrolees are assessed a one-time entrance fee of $100 to cover a portion of the student's start up costs. The fee contributes to the cost of
         opening the student's regional and national files, Ethic Reading Handbook, Student Handbook, and Study Guide where available.
***      New applicants with advanced standing who choose to enrol may deduct this assessment from the New Student Package Fee.
****     Students enrolling in AT1, FA4, AU1, AU2, PF1 will be required to purchase an online license for accessing the CICA
         Accounting/Assurance/Public Sector Handbooks via the CICA website link provided on a supplemental CD.
*****    Administrative fee for manual processing of re-enrolments by the CGA Office (as opposed to online re-enrolment by student).
#        If the supplemental exam is written in a session where the new lesson materials apply and the text remains unchanged, access to new online materials
         is included in this supplemental fee. If the text changes and the student would like to purchase it, the text costs plus shipping will apply.
##       Deadline to defer an exam is noon local time on the day of the scheduled exam or noon Friday for a Saturday exam.

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