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									Sun, surf and go fishing during a memorable Puerto Vallarta vacation:

Mexico villa rental is one of the best ways to celebrate your summer holidays. You can enjoy the bliss of Mexican sun and
warm tropical breeze on the idle and serene western Mexico beaches. The pacific coastline of Mexico has been developed as a
tourist itinerary fairly recently, as barely thirty years ago there was nothing noticeable here except raw beauty of nature.

It was all barren land and scarcely populated by small towns and fishermen’s settlements. Businesses were also limited as there
was no tourism at the time. It was all inhabited by the locals and their requirements were quite humble. Now that Puerto
Vallarta Beaches have been developed into full-fledged tourist spots and if you go by the reviews then these are one of the
most favorite places of Americans and Europeans to unwind and relax.

This development has actually converted the whole area into a hotspot of major economic activities. This area is basically
thronged by the vacation travelers throughout the year and now offers all kinds of amenities the tourists may need. These
amenities include spa services, cafe’s, restaurants, car rental services, wedding places, condos, villas, hotels and secluded

Mexico Beaches of Puerto Vallarta are situated on the beautiful Bay of Bandera. This bay is among the tourist attractions and
the water here is crystal blue. It is in the form of a harbor that is nearly four miles wide. It has so much to offer in terms of
water sports and activities that you would be busy for the entire time with fun and adventure.

Fishing has been a major sport and fun activity of Puerto Vallarta, even before it came into existence as a popular tourist
destination. The warm tropical sea and deep waters of the harbor coupled with manmade structures underwater make it an
unparallel place to enjoy fishing activities. Travel agencies and tourism department of Mexico promote it as a place where you
can enjoy fishing and magical blue waters of the Bandera Bay.

It has been a place, visited by a variety of fish including famous tuna and marlin, which are famous for their taste. Surprisingly
this bay is also visited by the sea monsters called humpback whales. People also enjoy the water activities such as deep sea
diving, which are easily accessible here. All of this wonderful experience makes Puerto Vallarta vacation a memorable
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