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    Chapter 25 is all about tools. This is an important
    chapter as, as they say, “The right tool is half the
    job”. This covers exactly what this chapter is
    about. Owner’s manuals, parts catalogs, service
    manuals, chemicals, as well as tools for both the
    do-it yourselfers and the professional workshops.
    No matter if you need a small tool kit to take with
    your trip or a professional piece of workshop
    equipment, it’s all listed and pictured in this
    chapter. New for 2005 are the workshop seats &
    Minilift, the latest manuals and parts catalogs,
    lots of new Jims tools and the Twin Scan
    diagnostic scan tool.

                                                           Zodiac workshop seat

                      Twin Scan 88 diagnostic
                      scan tool


     Owners Manuals

                                                                          799210   1994   All models, 4 language
                                                                          799002   1995   All models, English
                                                                          799211   1995   All models, 4 language
                                                                          799003   1996   All models, English
                                                                          799212   1996   All models, 4 language
                                                                          799004   1997   All models, English
                                                                          799213   1997   All models, 4 language
                                                                          799005   1998   All models, English
                                                                          799214   1998   All models, 4 language
                                                                          799007   1999   All models, English
                                                                          799215   1999   All models, 4 language
                                                                          799008   1999   All US models, English
                                                                          799231   2000   Sportster, English
                                                                          799227   2000   Sportster, 6 Language
                                                                          799230   2000   Dyna, English
                                                                          799226   2000   Dyna, 6 Language
                                                                          799232   2000   Softail, English
                                                                          799228   2000   Softail, 6 Language
                                                                          799229   2000   FLT, English
     OEM OWNERS MANUALS                                                   799225   2000   FLT, 6 Language
     Lost your manual or bought a used Harley but didn’t get the          799284   2001   Sportster, English
     manual with it? Don t worry we have got an OEM manual for your       799285   2001   Sportster, 6 Language
     bike. We may even have it in your own language. Check out the list   799282   2001   Dyna, English
                                                                          799283   2001   Dyna, 6 Language
     below and get yourself the right manual for your Harley-Davidson
                                                                          799289   2001   Softail, English
     or your Harley-Davidson sidecar.
                                                                          799290   2001   Softail, 6 Language
     Note: The 4 language manuals are a combined English, German,
                                                                          799286   2001   FLT, English
     French and Spanish manual. The 5 Language manuals also feature       799287   2001   FLT, 6 Language
     Italian and the 6 language manuals also feature Portuguese.          799292   2001   Maintenance Coupons, 6 Language
                                                                          799293   2001   Police models, English
     799117      1979   Sportster                                         799294   2001   FLTRSEI2, English
     799107      1982   FL & FX, English                                  799295   2001   FXDWG2, English
     799114      1982   FLT & FXR, English                                799384   2002   Sportster, English
     799108      1984   FL & FX, English                                  799385   2002   Sportster, 6 Language
     799115      1984   FLT & FXR, English                                799391   2002   V-Rod, English
     799118      1985   Sportster, English                                799392   2002   V-Rod, 6 Language
     799109      1985   FL & FX, English                                  799382   2002   Dyna, English
     799116      1985   FLT & FXR, English                                799383   2002   Dyna, 6 Language
     799202      1985   FLT & FXR, 4 language                             799320   2002   Dyna FXDWG3, English
     799119      1986   Sportster                                         799381   2002   Dyna FXDWG3, 5 Language
     799203      1986   FLT & FXR, 4 language                             799321   2002   Police, English
     799111      1986   Softail, English                                  799389   2002   Softail, English
     799110      1987   FXWG, English                                     799390   2002   Softail, 6 Language
     799120      1987   All models, English                               799393   2002   FLHRSEI, English
     799121      1988   All models, English                               799291   2002   FLHRSEI, 6 Language
     799122      1989   All models, English                               799386   2002   FLT, English
     799112      1989   FXWG supplement, English                          799387   2002   FLT, 5 Language
     799205      1989   All models, 4 language                            799831   2003   Sportster, English
     799123      1990   All models, English                               799832   2003   Sportster, kit English
     799206      1990   All models, 4 language                            799860   2003   Sportster, 6 Language
     799124      1991   All models, English                               799835   2003   V-Rod, English
25   799207      1991   All models, 4 language                            799836   2003   V-Rod, kit English
     799113      1991   FXDB supplement, English                          799862   2003   V-Rod, 6 Language
     799125      1992   All models, English                               799823   2003   Dyna, English
     799208      1992   All models, 4 language                            799824   2003   Dyna, kit English
     799000      1993   All models, English                               799858   2003   Dyna, 6 Language
     799209      1993   All models, 4 language                            799827   2003   Police, English
     799001      1994   All models, English                               799829   2003   Softail, English

                                                                           Owners Manuals

799830   2003   Softail, kit English         798108   2005 FLH & FLT, 6 Language     NEW
799859   2003   Softail, 6 Language          798109   2005 FLH & FLT, Dutch NEW
799826   2003   FXSTDSE, English
799825   2003   FLHRSEI2, English            Side car owner's manuals
799833   2003   FLT, English                 799009 1985 thru 1989, English
799834   2003   FLT, kit English             799010 1984 to present, English
799861   2003   FLT, 6 Language              799011 1984 thru 1990, English
799898   2004   Sportster, English           799012 1991 thru 1997, English
799899   2004   Sportster, kit English       799013 1998, English
799933   2004   Sportster, 6 Language        799014 1999, English
799934   2004   Sportster, Dutch             799237 2000, English
799902   2004   V-Rod, English               799296 2001, English
799903   2004   V-Rod, kit English           799396 2002, English
799938   2004   V-Rod, Dutch                 799828 2003, English
799939   2004   V-Rod, 6 language            799895 2004, English
799890   2004   Dyna, English                798052 2005, English NEW
799891   2004   Dyna, kit English
799928   2004   Dyna, 6 Language
799929   2004   Dyna, Dutch
799892   2004   FLHTCSE, English
799893   2004   FXSTDSE2, English
799894   2004   Police Models, English
799896   2004   Softail, English
799897   2004   Softail, kit English
799931   2004   Softail, 6 Language
799932   2004   Softail, Dutch
799900   2004   FLH & FLT, English
799901   2004   FLH & FLT, kit English
799935   2004   FLH & FLT, Dutch
799937   2004   FLH & FLT, 6 Language
798055   2005   Sportster, English NEW       Buell models
798056   2005   Sportster, kit English NEW   799987 1995    S2
798106   2005   Sportster, 6 Language NEW    799988 1996    S1
798107   2005   Sportster, Dutch NEW         799989 1996    S2/S2T
798059   2005   VRSC, English NEW            798000 1997    M2
798060   2005   VRSC, kit English NEW        798001 1997    S1
798061   2005   VRSCSE, English NEW          798002 1997    S3/S3T
798062   2005   VRSCSE, kit English NEW      798003 1998    M2
798110   2005   VRSC, 6 Language NEW         798004 1998    S1/S1W
798111   2005   VRSC, Dutch NEW              798005 1998    S3/S3T
798112   2005   VRSCSE, 6 Language NEW       798006 1999    models
798045   2005   Dyna, English NEW            798007 2000    models
798046   2005   Dyna, kit English NEW        798008 2001    models
798100   2005   Dyna, 6 Language NEW         798009 2001    M2/X1, 4 Language
798101   2005   Dyna, Dutch NEW              798010 2002    models
798047   2005   FLHTCSE2, English NEW        798011 2002    M2/X1, 4 Language
798048   2005   FLHTCSE2, kit English NEW    798012 2003    Firebolt
798102   2005   FLHTCSE2, 6 Language NEW     798013 2003    Firebolt, 4 Language
798049   2005   FLSTFSE, English NEW         798014 2003    Lightning
798050   2005   FLSTFSE, kit English NEW     798015 2003    Lightning, 4 Language
798103   2005   FLSTFSE, 6 Language NEW      798016 2004    Firebolt
798051   2005   Police Models, English NEW   798017 2004    Firebolt, 4 Language
798053   2005   Softail, English NEW         798018 2004    Lightning
798054   2005   Softail, kit English NEW     798019 2004    Lightning, 4 Language
798104   2005   Softail, 6 Language NEW      798117 2005    Firebolt NEW
798105   2005   Softail, Dutch NEW           798118 2005    Firebolt, 4 Language    NEW
798057   2005   FLH & FLT, English NEW       798119 2005    Lightning NEW
798058   2005   FLH & FLT, kit English NEW   798120 2005    Lightning, 4 Language   NEW

     Parts Catalogs

     Genuine Harley-Davidson books for the real enthusiasts and       The same books as used by the official dealers. Lists all
     collectors. These books will lead you through the models,        torque specifications for 1997 thru 2005 models.
     the parts, the tech-specs and all other you want to know         799303 1997 thru 2001 models
     about the Classic Harley models.                                 799322 2001 thru 2005 models NEW

     799015    The Legend Begins,
               Harley history from 1903 thru 1969
     799016    Parts Listing for 1909 thru 1932 models
     799017    Operation, Maintenance and
               Inspection of 1911 thru 1930 models
     799018    Parts Listing for 1930 thru 1949 models
     799019    Operation, Maintenance and
               Inspection of 1930 thru 1949 models
     799020    Shop Dope and Service Bulletins for 1917 thru 1949
               models, provides techtips, valuable trouble shooting
               advice and original specifications
     799021    Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Parts
               Listing of 1950 thru 1957 models
     799022    WLA and XA Military models from 1940 on
     799023    American made lightweight models
               1958 thru 1966
     799024    Cross-index from old to new Harley part
               numbers thru 1951
     799025    OEM antique literature The Legend Begins
     799026    OEM antique literature ad Slicks                       FACTORY SERVICE MANUALS
                                                                      Original Equipment Workshop manuals. A must for every
                                                                      repair shop, but also do-it-your-selfers can’t do without
                                                                      them to get the best results. We offer many of these Factory
                                       PAINTED PARTS                  Service Manuals in English, French, German, Italian and
                                       CATALOG 1989 TO                Spanish. Service Manuals in French, German, Italian and
                                       PRESENT MODELS                 Spanish for 2003 to present models come with an Electric
                                       799310 This catalog            Diagnostic Manual. Electric Manuals for English and older
                                       contains all painted parts     models must be ordered separately.
25                                     with all color codes,
                                       paint part numbers etc.
                                       Very useful information,       Note: For some models or years there are no complete
                                       when you need to               manuals available, only as a supplement to the manual for
                                       repaint a bike to the          the year before.
                                       stock colors.

                                                                                                                   Parts Catalogs

                                     English         French         German         Italian         Spanish
1959 thru 1973 45CI Servicar         799064          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                   1959 thru 1973 45CI Servicar
1972 thru 2003 XR 750                799065          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                         1972 thru 2003 XR 750
1958 thru 1969 Sportster             799052          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                        1958 thru 1969 Sportster
1970 thru 1978 Sportster             799053          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                        1970 thru 1978 Sportster
1979 thru 1985 Sportster             799054          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                        1979 thru 1985 Sportster
1986 thru 1990 Sportster             799055          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                        1986 thru 1990 Sportster
1991 thru 1992 Sportster             799056          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                        1991 thru 1992 Sportster
1993 thru 1994 Sportster             799057          799151         799166         799196          799181                     1993 thru 1994 Sportster
1995 thru 1996 Sportster             799058          799152         799167         799197          799182                     1995 thru 1996 Sportster
1997 Sportster (Supplement)          N/A             799155         799170         799200          799185                  1997 Sportster (Supplement)
1997 Sportster                       799059          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                   1997 Sportster
1998 Sportster (Supplement)          N/A             799156         799171         799201          799186                  1998 Sportster (Supplement)
1998 Sportster                       799060          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                   1998 Sportster
1999 Sportster                       799061          799153         799168         799198          799183                                1999 Sportster
2000 Sportster (Supplement)          N/A             799218         799220         799224          799222                  2000 Sportster (Supplement)
2000 Sportster                       799236          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                   2000 Sportster
2001 Sportster                       799259          799260         799261         799263          799262                                2001 Sportster
2002 Sportster                       799359          799360         799361         799363          799362                                2002 Sportster
2003 Sportster                       799809          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                   2003 Sportster
2003 Sportster (Kit)                 N/A             799840         799845         799855          799850                           2003 Sportster (Kit)
2004 Sportster                       799876          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                   2004 Sportster
2004 Sportster (Kit)                 N/A             799910         799915         799925          799920                           2004 Sportster (Kit)
2005 Sportster                       798030    NEW   798072   NEW   798080   NEW   798096    NEW   798088    NEW                         2005 Sportster
2002 V-Rod                           799314          799316         799317         799318          799319                                   2002 V-Rod
2003 V-Rod                           799813          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                      2003 V-Rod
2003 V-Rod (Kit)                     N/A             799842         799847         799857          799852                             2003 V-Rod (Kit)
2004 V-Rod                           799880          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                      2004 V-Rod
2004 V-Rod (Kit)                     N/A             799912         799917         799927          799922                             2004 V-Rod (Kit)
2005 VRSC V-Rod                      798034    NEW   798035   NEW   798074   NEW   798075    NEW   798082    NEW                     2005 VRSC V-Rod
2005 VRSCSE V-Rod (Supplement)       798083    NEW   798098   NEW   798099   NEW   798090    NEW   798091    NEW     2005 VRSCSE V-Rod (Supplement)
1940 thru 1947 Big Twins             799033          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                       1940 thru 1947 Big Twins
1959 thru 1969 Electra Glides        799034          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                   1959 thru 1969 Electra Glides
1970 thru early 1978 Big Twins       799035          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                 1970 thru early 1978 Big Twins
Late 1978 thru 1984 Big Twins        799036          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                  Late 1978 thru 1984 Big Twins
1980 thru 1983 FXR                   799044          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                             1980 thru 1983 FXR
1984 thru 1990 FXR                   799045          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                             1984 thru 1990 FXR
1991 thru 1992 FXR                   799046          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                             1991 thru 1992 FXR
1993 thru 1994 FXR                   799047          799148         799163         799193          799178                          1993 thru 1994 FXR
1991 thru 1992 Dyna                  799027          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                            1991 thru 1992 Dyna
1993 thru 1994 Dyna                  799028          799142         799157         799187          799172                         1993 thru 1994 Dyna
1995 thru 1996 Dyna                  799029          799143         799158         799188          799173                         1995 thru 1996 Dyna
1997 Dyna                            799030          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                       1997 Dyna
1997 Dyna (Supplement)               N/A             799155         799170         799200          799185                      1997 Dyna (Supplement)
1998 Dyna                            N/A             799156         799171         799201          799186                                    1998 Dyna
1998 Dyna (Supplement)               799031          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                         1998 Dyna (Supplement)
1999 Dyna                            799032          799144         799159         799189          799174                                    1999 Dyna
2000 Dyna                            799233          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                       2000 Dyna
2000 Dyna (Supplement)               N/A             799218         799220         799224          799222                      2000 Dyna (Supplement)
2001 Dyna                            799254          799255         799256         799258          799257                                    2001 Dyna
2001 Dyna (Police Supplement)        799279          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                  2001 Dyna (Police Supplement)
2002 Dyna                            799354          799355         799356         799358          799357                                    2002 Dyna
2002 Dyna (Police Supplement)        799379          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                  2002 Dyna (Police Supplement)
2003 Dyna                            799801          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                       2003 Dyna
2003 Dyna (Kit)                      N/A             799838         799843         799853          799848                              2003 Dyna (Kit)
2003 Dyna (Police Supplement)        799804          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                  2003 Dyna (Police Supplement)
2004 Dyna                            799868          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                       2004 Dyna
2004 Dyna (Kit)                      N/A             799908         799913         799923          799918                              2004 Dyna (Kit)
2004 Dyna (Police Supplement)        799871          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                  2004 Dyna (Police Supplement)
2005 Dyna                            798023    NEW   798068   NEW   798076   NEW   798092    NEW   798084    NEW                             2005 Dyna
1985 thru 1990 Softail               799037          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                           1985 thru 1990 Softail
1991 thru 1992 Softail               799038          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                           1991 thru 1992 Softail
1993 thru 1994 Softail               799039          799145         799160         799190          799175                        1993 thru 1994 Softail
1995 thru 1996 Softail               799040          799146         799161         799191          799176                        1995 thru 1996 Softail
1997 Softail (Supplement)            N/A             799155         799170         799200          799185                    1997 Softail (Supplement)
1998 Softail (Supplement)            N/A             799156         799171         799201          799186                    1998 Softail (Supplement)
1997 thru 1998 Softail               799042          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                           1997 thru 1998 Softail
1999 Softail                         799043          799147         799162         799192          799177                                  1999 Softail
2000 Softail                         799234          799217         799219         799223          799221                                  2000 Softail
2001 Softail                         799269          799270         799271         799273          799272                                  2001 Softail
2002 Softail                         799369          799370         799371         799373          799372                                  2002 Softail
2003 Softail                         799807          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                     2003 Softail
2003 Softail (Kit)                   N/A             799839         799844         799854          799849                             2003 Softail (Kit)
2003 Softail FXSTDSE                 799805          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                            2003 Softail FXSTDSE
2004 Softail                         799874          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                     2004 Softail
2004 Softail (Kit)                   N/A             799909         799914         799924          799919                             2004 Softail (Kit)
2004 Softail FXSTDSE2 (Supplement)   799872          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A             2004 Softail FXSTDSE2 (Supplement)
2005 Softail                         798028    NEW   798071   NEW   798079   NEW   798095    NEW   798087    NEW                           2005 Softail
1980 thru 1983 FLH & FLT             799044          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                      1980 thru 1983 FLH & FLT
1984 thru 1990 FLH & FLT             799045          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                      1984 thru 1990 FLH & FLT
1991 thru 1992 FLH & FLT             799046          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                      1991 thru 1992 FLH & FLT
1993 thru 1994 FLH & FLT             799047          799148         799163         799193          799178                   1993 thru 1994 FLH & FLT
1995 thru 1996 FLH & FLT             799048          799149         799164         799194          799179                   1995 thru 1996 FLH & FLT
1997 FLH & FLT                       799049          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                 1997 FLH & FLT
1997 FLH & FLT (Supplement)          N/A             799155         799170         799200          799185                1997 FLH & FLT (Supplement)
1998 FLH & FLT                       799050          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                 1998 FLH & FLT
1998 FLH & FLT (Supplement)          N/A             799156         799171         799201          799186                1998 FLH & FLT (Supplement)
1999 FLH & FLT                       799051          799150         799165         799195          799180                              1999 FLH & FLT
2000 FLH & FLT                       799235          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                 2000 FLH & FLT
2000 FLH & FLT (Supplement)          N/A             799218         799220         799224          799222                2000 FLH & FLT (Supplement)
2001 FLH & FLT                       799264          799265         799266         799268          799267                              2001 FLH & FLT
2001 FLTRSEI2 (Supplement)           799280          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                    2001 FLTRSEI2 (Supplement)
2002 FLH & FLT                       799364          799365         799366         799368          799367                              2002 FLH & FLT
2003 FLH & FLT (Police Supplement)   799399          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A             2003 FLH & FLT (Police Supplement)
2002 FLTRSEI2 (Supplement)           799380          799398         799397         799395          799394                 2002 FLTRSEI2 (Supplement)
2003 FLH & FLT                       799811          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                                 2003 FLH & FLT
2003 FLH & FLT                       N/A             799841         799846         799856          799851                              2003 FLH & FLT
2003 FLH & FLT (Police Supplement)   799803          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A             2003 FLH & FLT (Police Supplement)
2003 FLTRSEI2 (Supplement)
2004 FLH & FLT
                                                                                                                          2003 FLTRSEI2 (Supplement)
                                                                                                                                       2004 FLH & FLT      25
2004 FLH & FLT (Police Supplement)   799870          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A             2004 FLH & FLT (Police Supplement)
2004 FLH & FLT (Kit)                 N/A             799911         799916         799926          799921                         2004 FLH & FLT (Kit)
2004 FLHTCSE (Supplement)            799869          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                    2004 FLHTCSE (Supplement)
2005 FLHTCSE2 (Supplement)           798024    NEW   798069   NEW   798077   NEW   798093    NEW   798085    NEW         2005FLHTCSE2 (Supplement)
2005 FLSTFSE (Supplement)            798025    NEW   798070   NEW   798078   NEW   798094    NEW   798086    NEW           2005 FLSTFSE (Supplement)
2005 FLH & FLT                       798032    NEW   798073   NEW   798081   NEW   798097    NEW   798089    NEW                       2005 FLH & FLT
2005 FLH & FLT (Police Supplement)   798026    NEW   N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A             2005 FLH & FLT (Police Supplement)
1979 thru 1984 CLE sidecars          799062          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                    1979 thru 1984 CLE sidecars
1983 thru 1989 TLE sidecars          799062          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                    1983 thru 1989 TLE sidecars
1985 to present RLE sidecars         799062          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                    1985 to present RLE sidecars
1990 thru 1999 sidecars              799063          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                         1990 thru 1999 sidecars
1990 thru 2001 sidecars              799281          N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                         1990 thru 2001 sidecars
1999 to present sidecars             798021    NEW   N/A            N/A            N/A             N/A                          1999 to present sidecars

     Parts Catalogs

                                                                                       799092    1997   models
                                                                                       799093    1998   models
                                                                                       799094    1999   models
                                                                                       799241    2000   models
                                                                                       799248    2001   models
                                                                                       799348    2002   models
                                                                                       799819    2003   models
                                                                                       799818    2003   FXSTDSE models
                                                                                       799886    2004   models
                                                                                       799885    2004   FXSTDSE2 models
                                                                                       798040    2005   models
                                                                                       798038    2005   FLSTFSE models
     Original Equipment Parts Catalogs for    Shovelhead engines                       For FLH and FLT models
     most models from 1941 to present.        799090     1971 thru 1984 FX models      799069    1980 thru 1983 models
     These are the same parts books as used   799069     1980 thru 1983 FLT models     799070    1984 thru 1986 models
     by the Harley-Davidson dealerships.                                               799096    1984 thru 1990 FLHTP models
                                              For Evolution FX models                  799077    1987 thru 1990 models
                                              799091     1984 thru 1986                799078    1991 thru 1992 models
     For Sportster                                                                     799097    1991 thru 1992 FLHTP models
     799081     1954   thru 1978 models       For FXR models                           799098    1993 thru 1994 FLHTP models
     799068     1977   XLCR 1000 models       799071     1982 thru 1983 models         799079    1993 thru 1994 models
     799082     1979   thru 1985 models       799072     1984 thru 1986 models         799080    1995 thru 1996 models
     799083     1986   thru 1990 models       799096     1984 thru 1990 FXRP models    799099    1995 FLHTP models
     799084     1991   thru 1992 models       799077     1987 thru 1990 models         799104    1997 models
     799085     1993   thru 1994 models       799078     1991 thru 1992 models         799105    1998 models
     799086     1995   thru 1996 models       799097     1991 thru 1992 FXRP models    799106    1999 models
     799087     1997   models                 799079     1993 thru 1994 models         799243    2000 models
     799088     1998   models                 799098     1993 thru 1994 FXRP models    799247    2001 models
     799089     1999   models                                                          799251    2001 FLTRSEI2 models
     799240     2000   models                 For Dyna Glide models                    799347    2002 models
     799246     2001   models                 799078     1991   thru 1992 models       799351    2002 FLHRSEI models
     799346     2002   models                 799079     1993   thru 1994 models       799821    2003 models
     799820     2003   models                 799080     1995   thru 1996 models       799816    2003 FLHRSEI2 models
     799887     2004   models                 799073     1997   models                 799888    2004 models
     798041     2005   models                 799074     1998   models                 799883    2004 FLHTCSE models
                                              799075     1999   models                 799884    2004 FLT Police models
     For XR series                            799239     2000   models                 798042    2005 models
     799253     1972 thru 2001 models         799245     2001   models                 798037    2005 FLHTCSE2 models
                                              799252     2001   FXDWG2 models          798039    2005 FLT Police models
     For V-Rod models                         799345     2002   models
     799315     2002   models                 799352     2002   FXDWG2 models          Police Special Parts Supplements
     799822     2003   models                 799814     2003   models                 799100    1996 models supplement
     799889     2004   models                 799881     2004   models                 799101    1997 models supplement
     798043     2005   VRSC models            799882     2004   Police models          799102    1998 models supplement
     798044     2005   VRSCE models           798036     2005   models                 799103    1999 models supplement
25                                                                                     799242    2000 models supplement
     For Big Twin models 1941 thru 1984       For Softail models                       799249    2001 FLT Police supplement
     799095     1941 thru 1984 FL models      799091     1984   thru   1986   models   799250    2001 Dyna Police supplement
     799067     1966 thru 1984                799077     1987   thru   1990   models   799349    2002 FLT Police supplement
                                              799078     1991   thru   1992   models   799350    2002 Dyna Police supplement
                                              799079     1993   thru   1994   models   799817    2003 FLT Police supplement
                                              799080     1995   thru   1996   models   799815    2003 Dyna Police supplement

                                                                                                      Parts Catalogs

                                          BUELL PARTS CATALOGS
                                          Original Equipment Parts Catalogs for
                                          1995 to present Buell models. These       PRE DELIVERY AND SET-UP
BUELL SERVICE MANUALS                     are the same parts books as used by the   INSTRUCTIONS FOR 2001 THRU
OEM Buell Workshop manuals. A must        official Buell dealers.                   2005 MODELS
for every repair shop, but also do-it-
your--selfers can't do without them to    798020     1995 thru 2004 bodywork,       OEM instructions on how to install and
get the best results. Buell Factory                  all models                     adjust everything on a year 2001 thru
Service anuals are available in English   799964     1995 thru 1996 S2 & 2T         2005 Harley-Davidson before it goes
only.                                     799965     1996 thru 1997 S1              on the road for the first time.
                                          799966     1997 thru 1998 M2              799297 English edition 2001
799940     1995-1996 S2/S2T               799967     1997 thru 1998 S3 & S3T        799298 French edition 2001
799941     1996 S1                        799968     1998 S1 & S1W                  799301 Italian edition 2001
799942     1997 S1 Supplement             799969     1999 M2                        799300 Spanish edition 2001
799943     1997-1998 M2                   799970     1999 S3                        799837 English edition 2003
799944     1997-1998 S3/S3T               799971     1999 X1                        799863 French edition 2003
799945     1998 S1/S1W                    799972     2000 thru 2001 M2 & M2L        799864 German edition 2003
799946     1999-2000 M2                   799974     2000 thru 2001 S3 & S3T        799866 Italian edition 2003
799947     1999-2000 S3                   799975     2000 thru 2001 X1              799865 Spanish edition 2003
799948     1999-2000 X1                   799976     2002 M2 & M2L Cyclone          799907 English Edition 2004
799950     2001 M2/M2L                    799978     2002 S3-T Thunderbolt          798066 English Edition 2005 NEW
799952     2001 S3/S3T                    799979     2002 X1 Lightning
799953     2001 X1                        799981     2003 XB9R
799954     2002 M2/M2L                    799982     2003 XB9S Lightning
799956     2002 S3-T                      799983     2003 XB9SL Lightning
799957     2002 X1                        799984     2004 Firebolt
799958     2003 Lightning XB9S            799985     2004 Lightning
799960     2003 XB9R                      798115     2005 Firebolt NEW
799961     2004 Firebolt                  798116     2005 Lightning NEW
799962     2004 Lightning
798113     2005 Firebolt NEW
798114     2005 Lightning                                                           FACTORY SERVICE BULLETINS AND
           and tech NEW                                                             TECH-TIPS
                                                                                    An official Harley-Davidson publication
                                                                                    with loads of technical information,tips and
                                                                                    service bulletins for all models thru 1995.
                                                                                    799216 Tips service bulletins


     Factory Manuals

     A must for every bike builder, changes
     "guessing what to do" to "knowing what
     to do" when working on the electric s of
     your stock Harley-Davidson or Custom
     build motorcycle Wiring diagrams in

                                                Electrical Diagnostic manuals in other    FACTORY WIRING DIAGRAM
     799126     All 1986 thru 1990 models       languages                                 WALL CHARTS
                                                799275 Electrical Diagnostic              Exact the same wall charts you can find
                                                            manual all 2001 models,       in official dealer’s workshops. These
     Wiring diagrams & Electrical Diagnostic                French                        full color diagrams give you a clear view
     manuals in English                         799276 Electrical Diagnostic              of which wire goes where and connects
     799128 All 1991 and 1992 models                        manual all 2001               what to what.
     799129 All 1993 and 1994 models                        models, German
     799130 All 1995 and 1996 models            799278 Electrical Diagnostic              799133     1992   models
     799131 All 1997 models                                 manual all 2001 models,       799134     1993   models
     799132 All 1998 models                                 Italian                       799135     1994   models
                                                799277 Electrical Diagnostic              799136     1995   models
                                                            manual all 2001 models,       799137     1996   models
     Electrical Diagnostic manuals                          Spanish                       799138     1997   models
     in English                                                                           799139     1998   models
     799274 All 2001 models                                                               799140     1999   models
     799374 2002 Sportster models                                                         799244     2000   models
     799377 2002 V-Rod models                                                             799302     2001   models
     799375 2002 Softail models                                                           799904     2002   models
     799378 2002 Dyna models                                                              799905     2003   models
     799376 2002 FLH/FLT models                                                           799906     2004   models
     799808 2003 Sportster models                                                         798064     2005   models   NEW
     799812 2003 V-Rod models
     799806 2003 Softail models
     799800 2003 Dyna models
     799810 2003 FLH/FLT models
     799875 2004 Sportster models
     799879 2004 V-Rod models                   JOB/TIME CODE CONTENTS
     799873 2004 Softail models                 2001 MODELS
     799877 2004 FLH/FLT models                 These job/time codes give an indication
     799867 2004 Dyna models                    on the time needed or advised for the
     798022 2005 Dyna models NEW                execution of different repairs, and
     798027 2005 Softail models NEW             maintenance procedures on all 2001
     798029 2005 Sportster models NEW           model Harley-Davidsons.
     798031 2005 FLH/FLT models NEW
     798033 2005 V-Rod models NEW               799304     English edition
24                                              799305     French edition
                                                799306     German edition
                                                799308     Italian edition
                                                799307     Spanish edition

Signs, Flags & Stickers

Newly designed Zodiac point of sale
flags, stickers and dealer signs. Stickers
are available in different sizes that have
either normal or “wrong” sticky side for
inside the window use.

Note to consumers: When you are in a
Harley Shop or Harley Workshop and           999965     Zodiac Authorized Dealer
you don’t see one of these signs, you                   sticker, 17 5/16” x 23 5/8”
must really start to wonder if you are in               (44 x 60 cm) sticks to the
the right place!!                                       inside of a window             ZODIAC SHOPPING BAGS
                                             999960     Zodiac sticker, 8 1/4” x       Made from fully recyclable Low
                                                        11 11/16” (21 x 29.7 cm)       Density Polyethylene these shopping
                                             999959     Zodiac sticker, 8 1/4” x 11    bags are full color printed with
                                                        11/16” (21 x 29.7 cm), stick   the Zodiac logo surrounded by
                                                        to the inside of a window      artist’s impressions from nine different
                                                                                       Harley engines: Ironhead Sportster,
                                                                                       Evolution Sportster, Flathead, Panhead,
                                                                                       Knucklehead, early,- and late Shovel,
                                                                                       Evolution Big Twin and Twin Cam.
                                                                                       These bags look so good, they will be a
999976 Zodiac flag 40” x 60”                                                           collector’s item soon. Bags are 16 1/8”
       (100 x 150 cm)                                                                  wide and 18 1/2” high. Sold to dealers
                                                                                       in packs of 100 pieces.
                                                                                       999922 Zodiac shopping bags,
                                             999991     Zodiac sticker, 17 5/16” x                  100-pack
                                                        23 5/8” (44 x 60 cm)
                                             999992     Zodiac sticker, 17 5/16” x
                                                        23 5/8” (44 x 60 cm) sticks
                                                        to the inside of a window
                                             999923     Zodiac stickers, oval 5 3/4”
                                                        x 2 19/32” (14.5 x 6.6 cm),
                                                        100 pack
999964      Zodiac Authorized Dealer
            sticker, 8 1/4” x 11 11/16”
            (21 x 29.7 cm)                                                             ZODIAC LIGHTED AUTHORIZED
999963      Zodiac Authorized Dealer                                                   DEALER SIGN
            sticker, 8 1/4” x 11 11/16”                                                Dealers who are serious about Zodiac
            (21 x 29.7 cm) sticks to the                                               have this state-of-the-art lighted design
            inside of a window                                                         on the counter or in the shop window.
999966      Zodiac Authorized Dealer                                                   The Zodiac logo is a full-color print with
            sticker, 17 5/16” x              ZODIAC NEON STYLE INDOOR LOGO             CNC engraved contours, giving an extra-
            23 5/8” (44 x 60 cm)             The classic looks of a neon sign in a     ordinary appearance. Only available to
                                             new, state-of-the-art design. A real      authorized Zodiac dealers. Measures
                                             Zodiac dealer can’t do without one.       13” x 8 1/2” (33 cm x 22 cm). Sign is        25
                                             Logo measures 29” x 12 1/2” (74 cm x      equipped with a 230V 8W TL light.
                                             32 cm), and can be attached to the wall   999979 Zodiac lighted authorized
                                             or hung from the ceiling with the                    dealer sign
                                             included chain. Sign is equipped with
                                             two 230V 15W TL lights.
                                             999981 Zodiac neon style indoor logo

     Cleaners & Polishes

                         SPECTRO’S ALL                                                                          X-TREEM PRE-WAX
                         PURPOSE                                                                                CLEANER
                         CONTACT/ BRAKE                                                                         Designed to remove
                         CLEANER                                                                                old wax buildup and
                         An ideal spray to                                                                      oxidation prior to
                         quickly clean and                                                                      waxing your vehicle.
                         degrease all metal                                                                     This products is safe
                         surfaces, leaving no    PROFESSIONAL ENGINE CLEANING                                   for all clear coated
                         residue. Works          BRUSH KIT                                     surfaces. X-Treem recommends it to be
                         perfectly when used     731542 It is the same for cleaning            used once or twice a year prior to waxing
     to clean your disc brake rotors, calipers   equipment as it is for tools: the proper      your bike. This way you will be sure to
     and brake pads. Can also be used for        tool is half the job. This kit contains 9     get a professionally prepared finish.
     degreasing engine parts. Sold in 12.5 oz.   different brushes with stiff nylon bristles   Available in single 16 oz. bottles with flip
     bottles.                                    in diameters ranging from 1/4” thru 5”.       top as well as a shop case of 12 bottles
     235213 12.5 oz. Spray can (each)            The perfect tool to clean oil passages        of 16 oz.
     235214 Shop case of 12 Spray cans           and beating bores. Bristles will not melt
                                                 when used with solvents. All brushes          238473      X-Treem pre-wax cleaner
                                                 have a loop on the end of the handle for      238474      Shop case of 12 bottles
                      HELMET AND HELMET          easy hanging and storage.
                      VISOR CLEANER
                      Ideal for cleaning                                                                        X-TREEM WHEEL
                      insects, dirt, grease,                                                                    AND TIRE CLEANER
                      silicon etc, from                                                                         This PH balanced
                      helmets and helmet                                                                        environ-mentally
                      visors. Can                                                                               friendly cleaner is easy
                      also be used to                                      NEVR-DULL                            to use. Just spray on
                      clean light units and                                WADDING                              the entire wheel and
     fairings. Comes in a spray cans of 150                                POLISH                               hose off, no waiting or
     ml. (does NOT contain CFK gas). 12                                   232010               soaking is necessary. Available as a
     Cans in a display carton or per single                               Nevr-Dull is         shop case containing 12 pump spray
     spray can.                                                           chemically           bottles of 16 oz. or separately.
     239290 Single spray can                                              impregnated          238465 X-Treem tire and
     239277 Display carton of 12 cans            cotton wadding manufactured under a                       wheel cleaner
                                                 special process. Cleans and polishes by
                                                 the combination of special ingredients.
                      SPRAY CAN                  All you do is tear off a small wad of                          WURTH BELT DRIVE
                      MOTORCYCLE                 Nevr-Dull and rub slowly over the                              LUBRICANT WITH
                      CLEANER                    surface to be cleaned, then take a clean                       TEFLON
                      Easy to use motorcycle     dry cloth and gently buff. Your metal                         This easy to use spray is
                      cleaner. Can be used       surfaces will shine like never before.                        developed      for     the
                      to clean the complete      Removes rust and tar while leaving a                          maintenance of toothed
                      motorcycle                 high luster and protective film on                            belts and therefore the
                      including parts            chrome, aluminum, brass and other                             ultimate maintenance
     made of stainless steel, chrome,            surfaces.                                                     product for use on
     aluminum, rubber etc. Protects against                                                    primary as well as rear belt drives.
     corrosion, is PH neutral and acid free.                                                   Among other special ingredients it
25   The cleaner is based on natural                                                           contains Teflon, which has excellent
     products and will biologically break                                                      lubrication properties for use on rubber
     down. Available in a shop case of 12,                                                     and or kevlar drive belts. The use of this
     as well as a single can.                                                                  lubricant helps to extend the life of your
     239291 Single can                                                                         belt. Comes in a 300 ml spray can.
     239278 Shop case of 12                                                                    Sold each.
                                                                                               239318 Belt drive lubricant

                                                                                    Spectro Cleaners & Polishes

SPECTRO XL-1 PREMIUM                        SPECTRO QWIK SHOT ONE-STEP                  SPECTRO XL-2000 WINDSHIELD &
MOTORCYCLE WASH                             DETAILER                                    PLASTIC POLISH
Unbeatable cleaning power blended to        Spectro Qwik Shot cleans, shines and        The ultimate combination of cleaner,
perfection for use on all types of street   protects in one easy-step. The              polish, and sunscreen for all plastic
bikes. Can also be used for dirt bikes,     revolutionary cleaner & polish              surfaces. Easy to apply and fast drying,
ATV’s, and PWC’s. The unique blend of       formulated specifically for motorcycles.    XL-2000 quickly restores hazy
grease cutters and PH balanced              Qwik Shot easily removes surface dust,      scratched Plexiglass, fiberglass and
cleaning agents powers off dirt, grease,    dirt, light grease, water spots, bug        plastic. Renews windshields for
grime, bugs, brake dust and road film       splatter and road film while beautifying    maximum clarity. Enriched with
yet is gentle enough to use everyday        and protecting the finish. Use Qwik         Carnauba wax, UV absorber and an
without fading or stripping wax, decals,    Shot on chrome, aluminum, fiberglass,       anti-static agent, XL-2000 provides
pin striping or custom paint jobs. Spray    plexiglass, clear coats and other painted   long-lasting protection with a durable
Spectro XL-1 on the entire bike and         surfaces. Ideal for a quick and easy        high-gloss shine. deal for all
thoroughly rinse for a sparkling, streak-   shine on the road or when no water is       motorcycles windscreens, fairings and
free clean that leaves bikes looking new.   available. Qwik Shot is an aqueous          fairing screens. XL-2000 is a blend of
Spectro XL-1 is an aqueous based            suspension of silicone oil, cleaning        ultra-fine polish in an emulsion of
cleaning solution containing water          agents and lemon fragrance. Available       waxes, silicones, grease cuttings
conditioners and anionic surfactant.        in 5 oz. spray cans and 16 oz. bottles.     solvents and sunscreen. Comes in a 8
Contains no petroleum solvents or harsh                                                 oz. bottle.
chemicals, is non-flammable, non-           721765     5 oz. Spray can, dealer
combustible and completely soluble in                  pack of 24                       721767     8 oz. Bottle, dealer pack
water. Available in spray cans, bottles     741215     5 oz. Spray can, each                       of 6
and cans.                                   721766     16 oz. Bottle, dealer pack       741217     8 oz. Bottle, each
                                                       of 12
721759     5 oz. Spray can, dealer          741216     16 oz. Bottle, each
           pack of 24
741211     5 oz. Spray can, each
721760     25 oz. Bottle, dealer pack
           of 9
741212     25 oz. Bottle, each
721761     32 oz. Bottle, dealer pack
           of 12
741213     32 oz. Bottle, each
721762     1 Gallon can, dealer pack
           of 4
741214     1 Gallon can                                                                                                            25
721763     5 Gallon can

     Lusher Care

                                                                                           LUSTER PAD METAL POLISH
                                               LUSTER REVITALIZER                          Luster pad metal polish contains a
                                               Replenishes the liquid ingredients          specially formulated cleaner/polish em-
                                               in Luster Lace. Just a few drops of         bedded into the cloth. Luster Pad is
                                               Revitalizer can extend the life and         perfect for flat and uneven surfaces and
                                               polishing qualities of Luster Lace.         is excellent on aluminum wheels, engine
                                               701215 Revitalizer, 2 oz. bottle            casings, valve covers and much more.
                                                                                           Just a 2” piece is all you need. For the
                                                                                           larger surfaces use the Luster Super Pad.

                                                                                           701212     Luster pad metal polish,
     LUSTER CARE DISPLAY RACK                                                                         3/4” total 5ft.
     The perfect presentation of Luster Care                                               701213     Luster Super pad metal
     products in your shop. An attractive                                                             polish, diameter 13 cm
     sales display, completely built and
     loaded with Luster Care products, only
     requires limited space (32x32cm).
     Comes complete with 6x Luster Lace
     Combo (701208), 6x LusterPad
     (701212), 6x LusterSeal (701214), 6x      LUSTER LACE METAL POLISH
     Revitalizer (701215) and a pack of info   Luster Lace is a polishing system like no
     brochures.                                other. It’s so unique it’s patented.
     701216 Luster Care display rack           Developed specifically for round and
                                               tubular objects, Luster Lace polishes all
                                               the way around in one motion, so you
                                               don’t miss a spot. Polish impregnated
                                               Luster Lace is fast and easy to use with
                                               polishing power that can’t be beat. No      LUSTER SEAL METAL SEALANT
                                               other method cleans and polishes with       Luster Seal metal sealant is an
                                               the speed or efficiency of Luster Lace      advanced non-abrasive acrylic formula
                                               Metal Polish. Available in three            specially designed for cleaning,
                                               convenient sizes or a combo pack that       preserving and protecting chrome, clear
                                               covers it all.                              coat, painted wheels or any bare metal
                                                                                           surface. Seal in the shine, seal out
                                               701209     Luster Lace Narrow, 1/2”,        pollution, oxidation and salt damage.
                                                          14 pieces and 18ft. total        When used alone or with any Luster
25                                             701210     Luster Lace Medium, 3/4”,        Care polishing product, Luster Seal
                                                          9 pieces and 15ft. total         Metal Sealant will seal and protect your
                                               701211     Luster Lace Wide, 1 1/4”,        shine for up to 6 months.
                                                          6 pieces and 14ft. total         701214 Luster Seal 8 oz. bottle
                                               701208     Luster Lace Combo,
                                                          4 Narrow, 3 Medium and
                                                          2 Wide, total 15ft.

                                                                                                          Thread Lockers

                  LOCTITE THREAD-                              LOCTITE 271 RED,                            LOCTITE 545
                  LOCKERS                                      STUD 'N' BEARING                            HYDRAULIC
                   For the professional                        MOUNT                                       SEALANT
                   and serious bike                            High strength for                            Designed for sealing
                   builders we offer a                         Heavy Duty                                   and locking hydraulic
                   variety of Loctite                          applications.                                and pneumatic
                   threadlockers,                              For permanently                              systems. Contain no
                   sealants and retainers                      locking studs                                particles that
in different strength. Make your             and press fits. Restores worn bearing                          could contaminate
selection of the right grade for the right   houses. Replaces set screws and snap        fluids or foul valves. For use with
job Loctite 222 Purple threadlocker for      rings. Locks against vibration loosening.   hydraulic brake line fittings and nipples,
aluminum Low strength threadlocker           Requires extra effort for removal (OEM      as well as transmission, and pneumatic
designed for use with fasteners under        99671-87T).                                 fittings. Has controlled locking strength.
1/4” (6 mm) in aluminum, that require                                                    722039 36 ml. Bottle
occasional adjustment. Removable with        720111     6 ml. Tube
normal hand tools.                           720112     36 ml. Bottle
                                                                                                        LOCTITE 640 BEARING
720138      6 ml. Tube                                                                                  FIT AND SLEEVE
720139      10 ml. Bottle                                      LOCTITE 272 RED,                         RETAINER
                                                               HIGH TEMPERA-                             High strength, anaerobic
                                                               TURE, HIGH                                adhesive. Secures any
                  LOCTITE 242 BLUE                             STRENGTH                                  slip fit assemblies.
                  ALL PURPOSE                                  Prevents bolts and                        Adds up to 3000 PSI
                  REMOVABLE                                    press fits from 3/8”                      holding power. Secures
                  MOUNT                                        to 1” (10 mm to           bearings, bushings valve guides, valve
                   Medium strength           25 mm) from loosening due to shock,         seats, liners, etc. and restores fit to
                   thread locking fluid      severe vibration and heat stress. Suited    worn or out-of-tolerance assemblies.
                   that locks all nuts,      for temperatures up to 450Þ F               Requires special tools and heat for
                   bolts, seals, screws      (235Þ C). Removable with heat and           removal.
                   and fittings              hand tools.
1/4” (6 mm) or larger. Will seal against                                                 720116      6 ml. Tube
air leaks, oil leaks, fuel and hydraulic     720137     6 ml. Tube                       720117      36 ml. Bottle
leaks. Can be easily dismantled with         720113     10 ml. Bottle
regular tools (OEM 99642-87T).
720110 6 ml. Tube                                            LOCTITE 290 GREEN,
720180 36 ml. Bottle                                         PENETRATING
                 LOCTITE                                     A low viscosity liquid
                 PERMANENT                                   that wicks along the
                 STRENGTH THREAD-                            threads of pre-
                 LOCKER RED                                  assembled fasteners to      LOCTITE THREADLOCKER JOB PACKS
                 A high strength thread                      secure them in place.       Single job-size packs of our most
                 locker that can be          For fasteners ranging from #2 to 1/2”       popular threadlocking products, Loctite
                 applied to 3/8” to 1”       (2.2 mm to 12 mm) in size.                  242 and 271. Great for add-on sales to
                 fasteners. Designed for     Removable with heat and hand tools.         repair parts or service charges. Small
securing parts that must withstand                                                       products packages are easily carried in
heavy shocks and vibration. Heat and         720114     6 ml. Tube                       a tool belt or box.                          25
hand tools are required for disassembly.     720115     36 ml. Bottle
                                                                                         720134      Loctite 242 refill 0.5 ml
720181      6 ml. Tube                                                                               pack of 25 tubes
722038      36 ml. Bottle                                                                720135      Loctite 271 refill 0.5 ml
                                                                                                     pack of 25 tubes

     Thread lockers & Chemicals

                         LOCTITE                              PERMATEX SUPER GLUE                            PERMATEX ULTRA
                         STRIPPED                             Permatex Super Glue works                      GREY RTV SILICONE
                         THREAD REPAIR                        on more surfaces than                          GASKET MAKER
                          Loctite's 'Form-A-                  other instant adhesives.                       Designed for High-
                          Thread' repair is the               Special formula allows for                     Torque applications.
                          answer to stripped                  faster bond on more                            Sensor safe, low odor,
                          threads on bolts.                   surfaces. Comes ready to                       non corrosive. Has
                          Makes        reliable   use in a 2 gram tube.                       outstanding oil resistance and is
                          thread        repairs   722048 Permatex Super Glue                  guaranteed not to leak. Works in the
                          without drills, taps,                                               temperature range of -75ÞF to 625ÞF
     tools or inserts. Restores worn, stripped                                                (-60Þ to 330Þ C), resists auto and
     or damaged threads and eliminates                                                        shop fluids and is vibration proof.
     future corrosion, galling, seizing and                      PERMATEX GASKET              720132 3.5 oz. Tube
     rust. Suggested applica-tions: Intake                       REMOVER
     manifolds, timing cover bolt threads,                        This fast-curing formula,                 PERMATEX      ULTRA
     valve cover bolt threads etc. Loctite                        sensor-safe gasket                        COPPER HIGH TEMP
     claims it is effective between -65 to                        remover quickly removes                   SILICONE RTV GASKET
     300 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 to 165                           even baked-on gaskets                      720131      Permatex
     degrees Celsius) and up to 125ft. lb.                        and sealants. Removes                      Ultra     Copper       high
     720118 .44 oz. Kit                                           gaskets from any type of                   temperature silicone RTV
                                                  assembly in 10 to 12 minutes,                              gasket is sensor-safe, low
                                                  prevents damage to flanges and              odor and non corrosive. It is the most
                     PERMATEX “THE                reduces scraping and sanding. It also       advanced high temperature silicone
                     RIGHT STUFF”                 prepares metal parts for new gaskets        gasket available and gives superior
                     GASKET MAKER                 and assembly. A “must-have” for every       adhesion, is outstanding oil resistant and
                       The latest in rubber       professional and great help for do-it-      has     excellent    torque     retention.
                       gasket tech-nology,        yourself jobs. Comes in a 12 ounce          Temperature range from -75ÞF to 700ÞF
                       makes a leak               spray can.                                  (-60Þ to 370Þ Celsius), resists all types
                       proof and blow-out         720128 Permatex gasket remover              of automotive and shop fluids and
                       resistant gasket                                                       vibration. Recommended for use on
                       in just one minute that                                                exhaust manifolds and connectors, valve
                       out-performs a pre-cut                                                 covers, etc. Comes in a 3 ounce (90 cc)
                       gasket. Specified on                    PERMATEX ELIMINATOR            tube. Sold each.
     production lines by the major car                         II ENGINE DEGREASER
     builder such as General Motors, Ford                      Quickly dissolves
     and Chrysler. Temperature range -75Þ                      and removes grease, oil                    PERMATEX “GREEN”
     to 450Þ Fahrenheit (-60 to 290                            and dirt from all types of                 DECAL & PAINT
     Celsius). Resists automotive and                          equipment. Cleans iron,                    STRIPPER
     industrial fluids. Suggested application:                 steel, aluminum, magne-                     720124         Permatex
     Valve covers, crankcases, covers,                         sium and copper. Not                        “Green” products are
     transmissions, etc. Comes in                 harmful to metal, rubber, plastic or        environment friendly products that are
     pressurized can, simply clean and dry        concrete. Rinses off easily with water.     bio-degradable. Contains no CFC's or
     the surfaces, apply the bead                 Comes in easy to use 15 ounce (445          harsh chlorinated solvents but do the job
     continuously by pressing the applicator      cc) aerosol spray can.                      they are made for. “Green” decal & paint
     tip, assemble the parts within 5             722049 Permatex Eliminator II               stripper quickly strips and removes
     minutes of applying The Right Stuff                      engine degreaser                decals, stickers, stripes and paint.
25   and drive away without waiting.                                                          Eliminates costly and time-consuming
                                                                                              sanding and scraping. Works in 10-15
     720136      4 oz. Auto tube                                                              minutes at temperatures from 40ÞF to
     720127      7 oz. Auto tube                                                              100ÞF (5Þ to 38Þ Celsius). Comes in
                                                                                              easy to use 12 ounce (355 cc) spray
                                                                                              cans. Sold each.

                                                                    Silicone Gaskets, Sealants & Chemicals

             PERMATEX                                         LOCTITE COLD WELD                                          NEW
             CARBURETOR & CHOKE                               BONDING
             CLEANER                                          COMPOUND
               Effectively removes gum,                        A 15 minute, two-part
               varnish and deposit build-                      adhesive and filler
               up. The “shear action”                          system that eliminates
               spray systems improves                          the need for welding or
performance, and fuel burns more                               brazing. Once cures, it
efficiently.     Biodegradable,      non-     can be drilled, sanded, painted or filed.
corrosive, non-caustic, low toxicity, no      Works on aluminum, steel, brass, bronze
CFC's or chlorinated solvents. 12 oz.         etc. and will fill cracks in castings.      SPECTRO ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT
Spray can. Sold each.                         Resists most automotive, shop and           Spectro     assembly      lubricant     is
722037 Carburetor and Choke                   cleaning fluids. Withstands temperatures    recommended for initial scuff and wears
             cleaner                          to 300ÞF intermittent and has over          protection in re-assembly and repair of
                                              3000 PSI shear strength on steel.           engines. This is a heavy lubricant
                                              720121 Two 1 oz. tubes                      fortified with anti-scuff polymers.
              PERMATEX DIELECTRIC                                                         Spectro assembly lubricant when,
              TUNE-UP GREASE                                                              applied to rings, cam lobes, gears and
             Permatex Dielectric tune-                    PERMATEX PRUSSIAN               bearings, coats and plates completely
             up      grease    protects                   BLUE                            and assuring total starting protection. It
             electrical    connections,                   Permatex Prussian Blue          is compatible with all petroleum-based
             wiring and bulb sockets                      aids precision fitting of       products. It also exhibits anti-rust
             from salt, dirt and                          machined           surfaces.    properties for prolonged storage of
corrosion and prevents voltage leakage                    Locates high spots on           engine or transmission parts.
around any electrical connection. Also                    bearings, valves, gears and     741335 Spectro assembly lubricant
prevents spark plugs from fusing to                       other close to the tolerance                (12 bottles of 4 oz)
boots. Comes in 0.33 ounce (10 ml)                        components.       Permatex
tubes. Sold each.                                         Prussian Blue is non-drying
720126 Permatex Dielectric tune-up            and easy to clean up. Sold in .75 fl. oz.
           grease                             (22 cc) tubes.
                                              720133 Permatex Prussian Blue
                   PERMATEX                              PERMATEX VALVE                                         THREAD LOCK
                   “GREEN”                               GRINDING COMPOUND                                      Rivera claims
                   PLASTIC CLEANER                      Will make valve grinding an                             that these thread
                   720125 “Green”                       easy job, will also remove                              locks have
                   products are                         burrs, surface defects,                                 performances
                   environment friendly                 carbon, gum and corrosion.                              equal to or better
                   products and bio-                    Can also be used for lapping      than the leading brand and are much
                   degradable. Contains                 and grinding chromium.            more cost effective. There are two kinds
no CFC's or harsh chlorinated solvents                  Permatex valve grinding           available being Blue for low-strength
but do the job they are made for.                       compound mixes with water         service removable thread lock or Red
“Green” Permatex Plastic Cleaner cleans       to form an easy to use paste. Sold in       for high strength semi permanent thread
and polishes most plastics (including         1.5 ounce and 3 ounce boxed tubes.          lock. Comes in 34 FL oz. bottles and
Formica), fiberglass, acrylics, enameled                                                  are sold each.
surfaces, ceramics, stainless steel and       720217     1.5 ounce boxed tube
glass without scratching. Removes             720218     3 ounce boxed tubes              700536      Blue low-strength service        25
grease, stains and dirt. Forms a water                                                                removable thread lock
repellent, anti-static shield which resists                                               700537      Red high-strength semi
fogging. Comes in a 16 ounce (0.47                                                                    permanent thread lock
liter) spout-top can. Sold each.

     Tie Downs & Locks

                            TIE DOWNS
                             Extra     heavy-
     duty tie downs, especially designed for
     holding heavy motorcycles like the
     Harley Davidson. The locking cam is
     ‘toothed’ and two-sided, not just
     clamping the strap, but gripping it        BLACK BUNGEE CORDS                               BAR & SHIELD PADLOCK &
     between two facing toothed jaws that       Plain black single trap bungee cords.            LEATHER POUCH
     will not vibrate loose or pull free. The   Available in 16” and 24” length (40              One of the best selling locks of all time.
     strap is woven from weather resistant      and 60 cm). These cords are all you              A beautiful lock with a long, proven
     nylon web, is 5 feet long and 1” wide      need to handle your tie-down needs               history of success. The leather pouch
     and fitted with 3/8” vinyl coated steel    without disturbing the appearance of             provides a handy place to store your
     hooks. Sold in pairs.                      your motorcycle. Sold in 10 packs.               padlock. It has a snap flap, embossed
                                                                                                 Bar & Shield logo, and it is sized to hold
                            TIE-DOWN            080010       Bungee cords, 24” long              a variety of padlocks, including the
                            BRACKET AND         080021       Bungee cords, 16” long              Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Padlock.
                            CABLE GUIDE                                                          Two Heavy-Duty tie straps are included.
                           090067                                                                Lock and pouch are sold separately.
     Chrome plated bracket, used as a
     bungee cord tie-down (bolted to rear                                                        750100      Bar & Shield padlock
     fender bolt) or as a cable guide. 10                                                        750101      Bar & Shield padlock pouch
     Pack (OEM 38623-68).

                            TIE DOWN
                            FITTING KIT
                              236299            PINGEL® LOCKSTER™ PADLOCK
                              These tie down    AND LOCKHOLDER
     fittings lock into the floor mounted       The lockholder was designed to store the
     anchor plate thus providing secure         padlock on your bike when it is not
     attachment of the tie down straps. Easy    securing the bike. It holds your lock in
     to install and easy to remove when not     place so it’s there when you need it.            HARLEY-DAVIDSON BRAKE DISC
     in use. Excellent for the use in vans,     Holder is made of polished stainless steel,      LOCK
     trailers and the back of pick-ups. Each    to avoid rust or corrode. Installation is fast   Hardened drop forged steel design
     kit includes lock ring, anchor plate and   and simple by using existing holes, no           combined       with     “angled     pin
                              hardware.         drilling is required. Holder may be              engagement” provides tough security
                                                mounted to numerous places.                      protection and resists cutting, sawing
                            CHROME                                                               and chisel attacks. Designed to prevent
                            BUNGEE NUTS         234406       Padlock holder                      rollaway theft. Easy to use push
                             Made of high-      234407       Padlock                             button/snap shut lock mechanism offers
     grade carbon steel, then chrome plated.                                                     simple operation. Compact and sleek
     Bungee nuts can work as tie-down knob                                                       design is embellished with a brilliant
     or an excellent spring anchor and can                                                       chrome-plated finished and includes
     be used to replace shock absorber nuts.                                                     stamped      Harley-Davidson      logo.
     Sold in pairs.                                                                              Includes    key     registration-  and
25                                                                                               replacement service, and limited
     345160     Bungee nuts 5/16” - 18                                                           lifetime warranty. Designed and
                UNC                                                                              manufactured Kryptonite Corp. USA.
     345161     Bungee nuts 3/8” - 24 UNF                                                        Fits ’83-later Harley-Davidson front
                (OEM 98184-90T)                                                                  brake discs, except models equipped
     345162     Bungee nuts 3/8” - 16 UNC                                                        with 19” Laced Wheels.
                (OEM 98185-90T)                                                                  750102 H-D disc brake lock

                                                                                        Wheel locks & Work seats


CHOCK                                       CHOCK                                       Too low to take to the local Pub but
The Pingel® wheel chock secures a           The Pingel® wheel chocks are also           excellent for workshop use. Features
motorcycle in your van, truck or trailer,   available with drilled mounting holes.      swivel style wheels for easy "crawling"
and features a quick and easy removal.      They mount permanently on the floor of      around the bike, 15" diameter bottom
The wheel chock is made from heavy          your truck or trailer. The wheel chock is   tool and parts tray, gas type shock
duty thick wall steel construction and      made from heavy duty thick wall steel       absorber in the seat post to spare your
includes a near-flush floor mounting        construction and includes mounting          back and 14 1/2" diameter seat area.
hardware for easy installation and          hardware for easy installation. Available   The seat is height adjustable from
removal. The wheel chocks are available     in 3 dimensions. These wheel chocks         17 1/2" (44 cm) to 22 1/2" (57 cm).
in 3 dimensions 3 1/2”, 5 1/2” and          are a trademark of Pingel Enterprises       Available with full color Flamed Zodiac
6 1/2” wide. Extra wheel chock              Inc. and are made in the USA.               Logo or North Sea Chopper logo.
mounting hardware is separately
available to enable the location of the     236346     3 1/2” Wide, takes wheels        999901     With Zodiac logo
wheel chock in alternate locations. There              with up-to 3 1/2” wide tires     999902     With North Sea Chopper
is also a mounting plate available that     236347     5 1/2” Wide, takes wheels                   logo
will take 3 1/2” or 5 1/2” wide wheel                  with 3 3/4 to 5 1/2” wide
chocks. These wheel chocks are a                       tires
Trademark of Pingel Enterprises Inc. and    236348     6 1/2” Wide, takes wheels
made in the USA.                                       with up-to 6 1/2” wide tires
                                                       (150/160 mm)
236342     3 1/2” Wide, takes wheels
           with up-to 3 1/2” wide tires
           (8.5 cm)
236343     5 1/2” Wide, takes wheels
           with 3 3/4 to 5 1/2” wide
           tires (9.5 cm to 13.5 cm)
236344     6 1/2” Wide, takes wheels
           with up-to 6 1/2” wide tires
           (13.5 cm to 16.5 cm)
236345     Extra wheel Chock
           mounting hardware (pair)
236349     Wheel chock mounting plate
           3 1/2” and 5 1/2”                THE WORKSHOP SCOOTER
                                            Take the load off your feet and back
                                            when working on a bike with the
                                            Workshop Scooter. Seat has four swivel
                                            wheels to allow you to creep around                                                   25
                                            your project, vinyl covered seat, a handy
                                            tool tray, and comes bright red painted.
                                            721676 Workshop Scooter

     Motorcycle Lift

                                                                                            Trike Extensions
                                                                                            Used when lifting trikes. Comes
                                                                                            complete with ramp extensions and
                                                                                            pipe support. Extended width is 50 1/2”
     HANDY AIR ASSISTED WORKSHOP                                                            (128 cm) and 20” (51 cm) deep.
     LIFT                                                                                   Extends the lift to 82” (208 cm)
     The Handy AirLift is used in motorcycle                                                741354 Trike Extensions
     workshops around the world. It has a
     lifting capacity of 1000 Lbs. (453 KG)
     and an 80” x24” (203 cm x 61 cm)
     deck, making it ideal for working on
     motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles, etc.
     The Handy lift is made of solid steel and
     is powered by air. Required air pressure
     is 100 psi. (7 bar) and 6.7 CFM             13” Front Extension
     (190 liter/minute). Lift provides a safe    If you need to work on a long bike,
     and comfortable height to work on your      here's the secret. This Front Extension
     bike. Complete the lift with a Cycle Vise   makes the Handy Lift 13” longer, which     ORIGINAL MOTOR MOVER
     to position bikes upright, the fully        adds up to 93” (236 cm). Front             No more lifting when parking,easy to
     adjustable 13” Front Extension, the Lift                                               handle, high Quality zinc-plated and
     Dolly to make it easier to move the lift    Extension is 3 3/4” (9.5 cm) high, total   powder coated steel construction, takes
     around your workshop, or the Trike          length is 24” (61 cm), and 24 1/2” (62     up to 400 kg, complete easy-to-build
     Extensions to allow you to work on          cm) wide.                                  set with allen head screws, allen head
     trikes as well.                             741352 13” Front Extension                 wrench and covers, 4 high-quality,
     741350 Handy Air Lift                                                                  swivel mount wheels with ball bearings,
                                                                                            easy to follow assembly instructions, 12
                                                                                            months warranty.

                                                                                            721445 For 150 to 260 wide
                                                                                                   rear tire

                                                 Lift Dolly
     Cycle Vise                                  The Handy Lift is heavy, so use the Lift
     The essential lift accessory, positions     Dolly to glide it around your workshop
25   bikes upright.                              741353 Lift Dolly
     741351 Cycle Vise

                                                                                                           Motorcycle Lift

HAADEELIFT CE                                                        MEGALIFT CE
The all-purpose Heavy-Duty HaaDeelift is a very compact lift         722050 Very stable and economically priced motorcycle
with a wide range of uses. It is an unbeatable tool in any           lift with a lifting height of 15 3/4” (40cm). Comes complete
professional workshop but its price makes it also very               with heavy duty wheels and foot operated hydraulic jack. Lift
popular with bike owners. Works great with stock or custom           has a zinc plated finish, the platform is covered with rubber
built bikes. Features easy to operate foot pedal, is lockable in     pads.
three positions and is very user-friendly. For those that need
to move the lift with the bike on it, there is a set of heavy        Specifications: Folded height 3 1/2” (90 mm), Lifting height
duty swivel wheels available. These wheels make the unit             15 3/4” (400 mm), Maximum load 880 lbs. (400 kg),
easy to move around.                                                 platform 14 5/32” x 23 5/8” (360 x 600 mm), Weight 61
                                                                     lbs. (27.5 kg)
Specifications: Folded height 4” (100 mm), Maximum
height 16” (400 mm), Maximum load 1100 lbs (500 kg),
Platform 19 3/4” x 15” (500 mm x 380 mm), Weight 66
lbs (30 kg). When used for Sportster or Dyna Twin Cam 88
frame adapters are needed. These adapters must be ordered                                                      ZODIAC MINI-LIFT
                                                                      NEW                                      The Zodiac Mini-
                                                                                                               Lift was originally
238176      CE HaaDeelift             Frame adaptor                                                            de-signed for use in
238178      Optional wheel set                                                                                 professional work-
238319      Replacement bottle                                                                                 shops but also
            jack                                                                                               found its way to the
238325      Frame adapter for                                                                                  Harley owner. The
            Twin Cam models                                          Mini-Lift is an un-beatable tool when working on motorcycles
238326      Frame adapter for Sportster                              without center stand. For Sportsters there is an optional
                                                                     frame support bracket kit available that is fully adjustable to
                                                                     the width of the bottom tubes. In general this kit is not
                                      B2 EASY-LIFT BIKE              required for Big Twins. The Mini-Lift is perfect for use in
                                      STAND                          combination with a workshop lifting platform when working
                                      The B2 Easy-Lift is an         on the front end or when taking out the rear wheel. Features
                                      easy to use bike stand that    great usability top, quality and is economically priced.
                                      can be used for storing or     Specifications: Folded height 3 1/2" (90 mm), Lifting height
                                      servicing your V-Twin. It is   15 3/4" (400 mm), Maximum load 660 lbs. (300 kg),
                                      placed under the lower         Platform size 5 7/8” x 17 3/4” (150 mm x 450 mm), Weight
frame tubes and uses a handle to tilt the stand over. Stand is 9”    29 lbs. (13 kg).
(230 mm) high, enough to lift the rear wheel from the ground for     970250 Zodiac Mini-Lift                                           25
easy chain or belt tensioning, rearbrake service or rear wheel       238218 Optional frame support bracket kit
removal. Two piece construction made from heavy gauge zinc
coated steel and covered with a high density plastic tube to
prevent the frame paint from damaging.
231652 B2 Easy-Lift bike stand

     Motorcycle Lift

                                                                        SUPERLIFT CE
                                                                        Specially developed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. With
                                                                        its lifting height of 50cm, the Superlift is ideal for the biggest
     ECONO HAADEE LIFT                                                  cleaning job! Its super-low minimum height makes its just
     This is an economy version of the popular HaaDee lift. To          perfect for the H-D lower specials! For those that want the
     reduce the price we offer this kit that has to be assembled.       possibility to move the lift with bike around there is a set of
     Except for the hand operated jack, it functions exactly the        heavy duty swivel wheels available. These wheels make the
     same as the standard HaaDee lift. It works with stock or           unit easy to move around. Super-Lift... for a Superbike!
     custom bikes and can, just like the original, be equipped with     Specifications: Folded height 3 3/8” (85 mm), Lifting height
     frame adapters for Twin Cam or Sportster models and is             19 3/4” (500 mm), Maximum load 1100 lbs (500 kg),
     lockable in three positions. It shares the same qualities and      platform 18” x 30” (460 x 760 mm), Weight 82 lbs (37 kg).
     accessories as the original HaaDee lift. To change the lift at a
     later date to a foot operated lift we offer the foot-pedal as an   238177      CE Superlift
     option. Instructions for easy assembling are included.             238178      Optional wheel set
     231653 Econo Haadee Lift
                                                                        MINI-LIFT CE
                                                    231654              The CE
                                                                        was originally
                                                                        designed for
                                                                        use in
                                                                        workshops but
                                                                        also found its
                                                                        way to the
     Accessories                                                        regular Harley owner. The Mini-Lift is an unbeatable tool
     231654 Pedal Set                                                   when working on motorcycles without center stand. For
     238178 Wheel set                                                   Sportsters there is an optional frame support bracket kit
     238325 Frame adapter for Twin Cam models                           available that is fully adjustable to the width of the bottom
     238326 Frame adapter for Sportster                                 tubes. In general this kit is not required for Big Twins. The
                                                                        Mini-Lift is perfect for use in combination with a workshop
                                                                        lifting platform when working on the front end or when taking
                                                                        out the rear wheel. Great usability, top quality and
                                                                        economically priced.
25                                                                      Specifications: Folded height 3 1/2” (90 mm), Lifting height
                                                                        15 3/4” (400 mm), Maximum load 660 lbs (300 kg),
                                                                        Platform size 5 7/8” x 17 3/4” (150 mm x 450 mm), Weight
                                                                        29 lbs (13 kg).

                                                                        238175      B2 Mini-Lift CE
                                        238325           238326
                                                                        238218      Optional frame support bracket kit

                                                                           Allen key & Torx Head Drivers

It is not without reason
they say, “Good tools are
half the job”. We offer a
complete line of USA made
High Quality Allen head
and Torx head keys, screw
drivers and T-handle
drivers made by Eklind, the
world       leader       in
manufacturing allen keys
and similar. Each kit is
manufactured of 8650
alloy steel for years of
trouble free use. These
professional quality tools
are now available at very
competitive prices. Since
the introduction of the V-
Rod, metric sizes have
become a must in every
Harley workshop too, that’s why we now offer these kits in   C) Holder kits, one side with Ball end
both metric and standard. The best for the custom builder    741262 Contains Inch sizes .050”, 1/16”, 5/64”,
and a must for the professional workshop. Ball end driver               3/32”, 7/64”, 1/8”, 9/64”, 5/32”, 3/16”,
offers you an easy fastening in an up to 35 degree angle.               7/32”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”
                                                             741263 Contains Metric sizes 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm,
A) Folding kits                                                         3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm,, 8 mm, 10 mm
741269 Contains Inch sizes 5/64”, 3/32”, 7/64”, 1/8”,        741261 Straight both sides, contains T10, T15, T20,
           9/64”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 7/32”, 1/4”                             T25, T27, T30, T40
741266 Contains Metric sizes 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm,           741260 Straight side and Ball end side, contains T10,
           3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm                                       T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40
741265 Contains Metric sizes 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm,
           6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm                                 D) Ball end Hex driver in Inch sizes in workshop quality
741268 Contains Torx sizes T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15,         plastic holder
           T20, T25                                          741273 Contains Inch sizes .050”, 1/16”, 5/64”,
741267 Contains Torx sizes T8, T10, T15, T20, T25,                       3/32”, 7/64”, 1/8”, 9/64”, 5/32”, 3/16”,
           T27, T30, T40                                                 7/32”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”
                                                             741274 Contains Metric sizes 2 mm, 2.5 mm,
B) Folding Biker kit                                                     3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
741264 Contains Phillips head screw driver, Flat screw
           driver and Allen head 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm            E) Power-T 6” (150 mm) long T Bar drivers in workshop
                                                             quality plastic holder
                                                             741270 Contains Inch sizes 5/64”, 3/32”, 7/64”, 1/8”,
                                                                         9/64”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 7/32”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”
                                                             741271 Contains Metric sizes 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm,            25
                                                                         4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
                                                             741272 Contains Torx sizes T8, T10, T15, T20, T25,
                                                                         T27, T30, T40


     FOLD-UP TORX KEY SETS                      INCH SIZE HEX KEY SETS                      INCH SIZES COMBINATION
     Handy, compact fold-up torx key sets, a    Good quality, reasonable priced, hex key    SPANNER SET (11 PCS)
     must to have in your tool roll. Harley     sets in inches sizes. Made from heat-       234690 Made of chrome vanadium
     uses this type bolt heads for example on   treated 8650 Alloy steel with black oxide   steel to exact dimensions, this toolset
     the calipers and stators of all late       finished.                                   will enable you to fasten or loosen
     models. Available in 8 key holder and      234766 Hex key set short, 8 sizes           almost every bolt and nut on your bike.
     9- key set (not in holder).                           (.050” to 5/32”)                 Sizes are: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”,
     235598 Torx key set, 8 keys T6-T25                                                     1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8”, 11/16”, 3/4”,
     235587 Torx key set, 9 keys                                                            13/16” and 7/8”. Comes in a handy
                 T10-T50                                                                    plastic tool roll with eyes, so it can be
                                                                                            easily stashed in your red bag or hung
                                                                                            up at the wall. A must for every Harley

                                                FOLDING HEX & TORX
     BOLTS                                      TOOLS
     234696 This “hard to get” size 40 Torx     236257 Cruz Tools are American
     key fits the caliper bolts on all late     made quality tools. This folding inch
     Harley models (needed when replacing       size hex and Torx combination set is
     brake pads).                               designed for use on Harley’s and is a       “ON THE ROAD” TOOL KIT
                                                real utility tool as it contains            These kit was designed as an “on-
                                                5/21”, 3/16”, 1/4” and 5/16” hex keys       board” tool kit for all Harley owners. It
                                                as well as T25, T27 and T40 size Torx       contains all tools needed for an on the
                                                keys.                                       road repair after a break-down. You
                                                                                            should not leave home without this kit.
                                                                                            The kit contains a 11 piece inch size
                                                                                            combination spanner set, 9 piece fold-
                                                                                            up hex key set, screwdriver with
                                                                                            5 different slotted and Phillips bits,
                                                                                            combination pliers, adjustable wrench
                                                                                            and a voltage indicator lamp (6 to 24
                                                                                            volt) all wrapped in a tough easy to take
                                                                                            pvc tool roll.
25                                              INCH SIZES BOX WRENCH SET                   234698 “On the road” tool kit
                                                234691 This 8 piece, chrome
                                                vanadium quality box wrench set must
                                                be present in every Harley owner’s
                                                toolbox. Sizes are cut very accurate to
                                                fit perfectly. Set contains spanners from
                                                1/4” up to 7/8”.


M14 FOLDING TOOL SET                        FOR HARLEY’S
Inspired by outdoorsman-style multi-        Cruz Tools starts with “American Made
tools, Cruze Tools designed this tool       Quality Tools” and adds essential
specifically for motorcyclists. The         emergency items for a complete
Outback'r H13 is a powerhouse of            “Roadside Solution”. They put their top
functionality for use on Harley-Davidson    quality tools in a top quality durable
motorcycles. Included are three hex         600 denier coated polyester pouch that
keys (5/32', 3/16”, and 1/4”), two Torx     is built to last too. As Cruz Tools says:
keys (T25, T27), slotted and Phillips       “Our kits are designed for the roadside,    CRUZ TOOLS TEARDROP TOOL KIT
screwdrivers, a socket driver with 3/8”,    you will probably end up using them in      Almost the same contents as the Great
7/16”, and 1/2” sockets, 10mm box           the garage, too”.                           American Tool Kit, but in a pouch that’s
and 9/16” open-end wrenches, plus a                                                     designed to fit into a Softail “teardrop”
spoke wrench. The Outback'r for metric                                                  style toolbox. A generous supply of tools
bikes features four hex keys, two                                                       and roadside items are provided, yet it
screwdrivers, a socket driver with 8, 10,                                               remains amazingly uncluttered. There’s
and 12mm sockets, 13 and 14mm                                                           no need to disrupt the clean lines of
open-end wrenches, and three spoke                                                      your Softail with saddlebags just to
wrenches. At only 9 ounces and 3.5                                                      carry tools.
inches, you won't have any trouble                                                      700480 Teardrop Tool Kit
finding a spot to carry it. Built to last
using heat-treated chrome vanadium          Cruz Tools Large Roadside Tool Kit
and carbon steel.                           236255 A roll-up style pouch with
                                            comprehensive content, including
                                            5 different inch size combination
                                            wrenches, an adjustable wrench,
                                            locking pliers, hex and Torx keys, 6-in-1
                                            screwdriver, two spark plug sockets to
                                            handle stock spark plugs on any model,
                                            spark plug gap gauge, insulation tape,
                                            cable ties, mechanics wire, WD-40, tire
                                            pressure gauge and a shop towel. Pouch      CRUZTOOLS V-ROD TOOL KIT
740301     Outback'r H13 for Harley-        is about 9.5” long and 3” in diameter       The exciting new V-Rod is touted as a
           Davidson                         when rolled up.                             metric bike, which is not entirely
                                                                                        correct. There is still some legacy
                                                                                        fractional items, and the Motor
                                                                                        Company's beloved torx fasteners are
                                                                                        fully evident. CruzTools designed a kit
                                                                                        specifically for your V-Rod that is highly
                                                                                        capable       using    their    exclusive
                                                                                        PowerDrive (tm) wrenches, plus loads
                                                                                        of other tools and roadside items - all
                                                                                        packaged in a double-panel 600 denier
740303     Outback'r M14 for metric         Cruz Tools Basic Roadside Tool Kit          polyester      pouch.     Contains:     3
           bikes                            236256 A zip-up style pouch with            combination wrenches, 8" adjustable
                                            essential tools. Contains 5 different       wrench, locking pliers, 6 hex and 3 torx
                                            inch-size combination wrenches, hex         keys, 2AA flashlight, tire gauge, thread     25
                                            and Torx keys, 6-in-1 screwdriver, spark    locker, and more.
                                            plug multi tool, tire pressure gauge,
                                            mechanics wire, cable ties and a shop       740305      V-Rod Tool Kit
                                            towel. Pouch measures 9” x 4” x 1 1/2”
                                            thick and weighs in at under 2 pounds.



                                                                                              SPARK PLUG HOLE THREAD CHASER
                                                                                              Whenever you are in doubt about your
     CRUZ TOOLS COMPACT AMERICAN                  CRUZ TOOLS METRIC ECONOKIT M1               spark plug hole thread use this tool to
     TOOL KIT                                     Your vehicle may have come with a tool      clean up the thread. This double ended,
     An affordable kit without sacrificing        kit, but with the only virtue that it was   14 mm and 18 mm thread chaser
     quality or capability, all in a compact      free. The Econokit M1 allows a major        easily cleans up sparkplug holes and so
     package. The 8” adjustable wrench            upgrade in both quality and content         reduce the change of cross threading. It
     serves double-duty to handle large           over OEM kits, yet at a very reasonable     is to be used with 13/16" socket
     fasteners, and as breaker bar for spark      price. Four combination wrenches, an        750315 Jim's sparkplug hole thread
     plug sockets. Only about 1.5” thick          eight-inch adjustable wrench, locking                   chaser
     when zipped up, so you’ll hardly notice      pliers, and much more permit a wide
     it in your saddlebag.                        range of operations. The pouch shares
     700481 Compact American tool kit             many of the same design principles as
                                                  from the Cruz Tools premium kits.
     NEW                                          740302 Metric Econokit M1

                                                                                              EMERGENCY TIRE REPAIR KITS
     CRUZTOOLS AMSPORT BUELL                                                                  These small pouches contain patches,
     TOOLKIT                                                                                  plugs, plug tool, vulcanizing glue, three
     This toolkit is specially put together for                                               high pressure CO2 cartridges as well as
     Buell's. Inside the zip-up pouch there is                                                the handy Moto Pump to make emergency
     a large supply of inch-size and metric                                                   tire repairs. When you have repaired the
     wrenches, twelve hex keys, a set of          40 PIECES TAP AND DIE SET                   puncture you load the Moto Pump with a
     pliers and much more to give you             A handy tool set for cleaning damaged       cartridge, connect the hose with the tire
     confidence on those long rides               threads. Not intend for cutting/tapping     valve, and just pull the Moto Pump trigger
                                                  new threads. Contains one tap and die       cartridge holder to inflate the tire. The
     740307      CruzTools Buell toolkit          in each of the following sizes: 4-40, 6-    patches, glue and cartridges can also be
                                                  32, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24, 12-24, 1/4”-        used to repair inner tubes in tube-type
                                                  20, 1/4”-28, 5/16”-18, 5/16”-24,            tires. Available in a 1 1/2” X 3” X 5” dark
                                                  3/8”-16, 3/8”-24, 7/16”-20, 7/16”-14,       green fabric pouch or 1 1/2” X 4” X 5”
                                                  1-1/2”-20, 1/2”-13 and 1/8”-27 NPT,         genuine       black      leather    pouch.
                                                  as well as a T-handle, die handle, screw    Comprehensive instructions enclosed.
                                                  driver and screw pitch gauge. This all      235348 With green fabric pouch
25                                                supplied in a handy plastic box.            235349 With black leather pouch
                                                  234755 Tap and die set
                                                                                              WARNING: Patches and/or plugs should
                                                                                              be used for emergencies only and should
                                                                                              not constitute a permanent repair. Do
                                                                                              not exceed 45 MPH (70 KMH) until a
                                                                                              permanent repair can be made.




                                                                                          STARTER CABLES
                                                                                          Sick and tired of cheap and poor quality
                                                                                          starter cables that don’t work because
                                                                                          of bad cable to clamp connection or
                                                                                          burn out because they are to thin. This
                                                                                          is the solution, these cable have a
CRUZ TOOLS TIREPRO™                                                                       flexible pure copper core, are well
UNIVERSAL TIRE REPAIR KIT                                                    NEW          connected to the full insulated clamps
Unless you're carrying the TirePro, road                                                  and what is most important THEY
and trailside flats can mean a call to the                                                WORK. Manufactured according to DIN
tow truck. The TirePro repair kit is                                                      72553 standards. Available in Heavy
equipped for both tube and tubeless                                                       Duty 16 mm2 x 3.0 mtr. long and an
tires. Patches are provided for tube                                                      extra Heavy Duty 25 mm2 x 3.5 mtr.
repair, plus easy and reliable plugs for                                                  long. The extra Heavy Duty set is also
tubeless tires. A unique valve complete                                                   available with safety separators.
with hardware lets you use your engine
as an unlimited supply of fresh air. The     CRUZ TOOLS TIRE PRO TIRE GAUGE               A. 239268      Starter cables 16 mm2
valve is adaptable to any combination        Did you ever look inside the toolbox of a                   X 3.00 mtr.
of cylinders and most spark plug sizes.      mechanic? Most likely you did find a         B. 239270      Starter cables 25 mm2
No wheel and tire removal tools are          tool like this precision tire pressure                      X 3.50 mtr. with
included in this kit, but do come with       gauge. Not only does it provide quick                       separators
most Cruz Tools tool kits.                   and accurate readings, but also a valve      C. 239269      Starter cables 25 mm2
740300 Universal Tire Repair Kit*            holds the reading and allows bleeding of                    X 3.50 mtr.
                                             air until the desired pressure is reached.
                                             A 12" long flexible hose with a 40-
                                             degree brass chuck permits access to
                                             difficult places and every valve stem.
                                             The large 2" dial is very easy to read and
                                             is accurate over a 0 - 60-psi range.
                                             740306 Cruz tools tire pro tire




     JIMS DENTAL PICK                              VISE SOFT JAWS                              TIMING VIEW PLUG
     Everybody knows the problem. Trying to        These soft aluminum jaws will prevent       133017 Timing tool for use on all
     remove an o-ring by using your                parts from being marked and damaged         Harley’s. Insert into the timing hole
     fingernails and getting no grip on it. This   by regular vise jaws. Sold in pairs.        when stock plug is removed. Makes
     tool makes life easy, the fine tip end is     721127 Vise soft jaws                       adjusting the timing an easy job. When
     hooked for easy usage, and proves to be                                                   the timing is done, replace the stock
     useful in many aspects of motorcycle                                                      plug (OEM 96295-65T).
     repair work. This precision tool comes                                      NEW
     with a contoured grip for comfort and is
     made from 24 series Stainless Steel and                                                                                 NEW
     hardened to 30-34 Rockwell for
     750325 Jims dental pick

                                                                                               JIMS MECHANIC'S STETHOSCOPE
                                                                                               This tool allows you to pinpoint internal
                                                                                               engine noise by amplifying vibrations
                                                                                               resonating through the metal probe.
     CRUZ TOOLS MAX HOOK SPRING                                                                Simply touch the probe to the engine,
     PULLER                                                                                    and follow the noise to its loudest point.
     We've tried other spring hooks, and they                                                  750337 Mechanic's stethoscope
     just didn't cut it - either the hook was      BURET
     too flimsy or we couldn't get enough          For those engine builders that don't like
     leverage. The MaxHook's T-handle              guess work when it comes to
     provides plenty of leverage. And instead      compression ratio, we have a 100 ml
     of welding the hook onto the rod, which       glass made Buret that is helpful when
     can become brittle and break, Cruz CNC        checking head cc's for calculating
     machined it right out of the rod stock,       compression ratios.
     then bent it.                                 750356 Glass 100 ml buret
     740304 MaxHook Spring Puller



235857 This American made Clutch           PULLEY JAM BAR                            TOOL FOR PRO-CLUTCH & PRIMO
hub puller is used to remove wet and dry   These are just what is needed to loosen   BELT DRIVES
clutch hub without removing clutch         primary belt pulley nuts without air      The clutch hub puller is manufactured
release rod. A must for Big Twin owners    tools. They effectively “jam” or          from billet aluminum for durability. This
from 1936 thru 1990. This puller comes     immobilize the primary drive to allow     unique puller attaches directly to the
with 4 bolts (OEM 95960-52C).              tightening with a torque wrench           clutch hub studs. Turning the threaded
                                           or loosening with a breaker bar.          center bolt puts pressure on the
                                           Prevents damage to rotor or magnets       transmission main shaft and pulls the
                                           sometimes caused by air-wrench (chain     clutch hub off. This puller makes Pro-
                                           or belt primary applications).            Clutch maintenance easy. The clutch
                                                                                     hub tool engages and holds clutch hub
                                           720508     4 Speed & Softails             splines to allow correct torque
                                                      (12.812 center)                specifications to be applied to the clutch
CLUTCH HOLDING TOOL FOR                    720509     5 Speed FXR                    hub nut (left-hand thread) when
HARLEY BIG TWIN                                       (11.300 center)                installing a Pro-Clutch or Primo belt
132113 A must for all clutch repairs,                                                drive. Also holds clutch hub for dis-
keeps the clutch from turning on all                                                 assembling. For use on all Big Twins
Big Twins 1936 and later (except                                                     with Pro Clutch or any Primo diaphragm
diaphragm clutch) when removing or                                                   spring operated primary belt drive
installing the clutch hub nut.                                                       system.
Constructed for years of dependable
service.                                                                             700528      Primo clutch hub puller
NEW                                        CLUTCH HUB & SPROCKET PULLER              700523      Clutch hub tool
                                           132107 For pulling clutches on all
                                           Big Twins, including hubs with 10
                                           studs. Eliminates the need to remove
                                           kickstart cover when removing clutch
                                           hub. Can also be used to pull motor
                                           sprocket on Big Twin and Sportster,
                                           Sportster transmission sprocket and the
                                           rotor assemblies on 1970 to present
JIMS PRIMARY DRIVE LOCKING                 Big Twins (OEM 95960-41A).
Tool made by Jims from non-marring
Delrin to lock front primary chain and
motor sprocket. Can be used on all                                                                                                25
750331 Primary drive locking tool


                                   NEW                                                                                   NEW

     “SCORPION” CLUTCH                           COMPRESSOR TOOL                           TOOL
     Barnett Tool & Engineering developed        A late model clutch spring tool that is   This tool is made to lock the hub
     this clutch hub puller to ease removal of   designed around the human hand. It        assembly. When removing and installing
     their Scorpion clutches on all Harley       features additional access windows to     the clutch hub nut this is the proper
     and Buell models, except on 1971-83         ease removal and installation of the      way. Can be used on V-Rod 2002 to
     Ironhead Sportsters. Made from Billet       snap ring on 1990 to present Big Twins.   present.
     Aluminum. Comes complete with a             Can also be used on 1991 to present
     7/16" hex bolt, protection cap and six      Sportster and Buell models when used      750332     Clutch hub locking tool
     socket head screws. Easy to use and         in combination with Sportster clutch
     won’t damage your main shaft.               spring compressor nut (ZPN 233155).

     722099     Scorpion clutch hub puller       235788     Clutch spring compressor
                                                            tool for Big Twin
                                                 233155     Sportster clutch spring
                                                            compressor nut for use with
                                                            ZPN 235788


     BARNETT CLUTCH TOOL                         JIMS CLUTCH SPRING                        JIMS V-ROD CLUTCH HUB
     The clutch removal tool for Big Twin        COMPRESSOR FOR SPORTSTER                  ALIGNMENT TOOL
     allows removal of clutch pressure plate,    American made compressor, to be used      This handy tool is useful when working
     springs and spring retainer as one unit.    for removal and installation of 1971      on the clutch basket of the V-rod. It is
     Unique self-centering design, polished      thru 1984 Sportster clutch parts.         designed for alignment of the clutch
     and chrome plated.                          237350 Clutch spring compressor           plates during assembly.
     236473 Clutch removal tool for                        (OEM 97178-71)                  750334 Jims V-Rod clutch hub
                Big Twin 1941 thru 1984                                                                  alignment tool


CLUTCH                                      GEAR PULLER                                 133024 A new, easy to use tool that
USA made diaphragm clutch spring            This tool was designed specifically to      eliminates guess work and lets you spot
tools. Makes it easy to remove and re-      remove the starter clutch ratchet gear      problems before they happen.
install clutch retainer ring on Sportster   without damage to the gear or shaft. Used
models from 1984 to present and Big         on all kick starter equipped 4 Speed Big    FEATURES:
Twins 1990 to present.                      Twin models from 1936 thru 1986. Easy       •   Degree wheel
                                            to use and will not slip of the gear.       •   Cast aluminum cutaway timing cover
232570     Fits 1990 to present Big         233176 Mainshaft clutch ratchet
           Twins and 1991 to present                    gear puller                     CHECKS:
           Sportsters                                                                   •   Camshaft end play and timing
232571     Fits 1984 thru 1990                                                          •   Crankshaft end play
           Sportsters                                                                   •   Breather valve end play and timing
                                                                                        •   Timing gear lash
                                                                                        •   Tappet roller to cam lobe contact
                                                                                        •   Lifter blocks to cam alignment
                                                                                        •   Pinion shaft run out
                                                                                        •   Flywheel timing marks
                                                                                        •   Tappet roller travel in guide slots
                                            JIMS CLUTCH LOCK PLATE                      •   Complete instructions included
                                            Locks the clutch shell to the clutch hub
                                            on 4 Speed Big Twin models from 1941
                                            thru 1984 when removing or installing
                                            the clutch hub nut.
                                            239478 Clutch lock plate

BARNETT CLUTCH LOCK PLATE                                                               TOP DEAD CENTER INDICATOR
Used to lock outer shell to inner hub for                                               Top dead center indicators are fitted in
both removal and installation. Fits all                                                 the spark plug hole and to be used in
Big Twin models from 1941 thru early                                                    conjunction with a degree wheel to
1984.                                       “TAPER SHAFT” CLUTCH HUB                    accurately locate absolute top dead
721919 Clutch lock plate                    REMOVAL TOOL                                center. Available to work with either 12
                                            700542 Simply mount the tool on             mm or 14 mm spark plug, degree wheel       25
                                            the left hand threads of the                not included.
                                            transmission main shaft, and give the
                                            end of the tool a sharp tap with a          721860     Top dead center indicator,
                                            medium weight hammer and the clutch                    12 mm
                                            hub simply “pops” off. Works with all       721861     Top dead center indicator,
                                            taper shaft clutch hubs.                               14 mm




     TOOL                                       SPORTSTERS                                 ENGINE & TRANSMISSION
     131170 This unique and complete            Perfect for engine repair or as a show     STAND KIT
     tool kit is a must for all engine and      stand. These powder coated steel           This kit provides a solid and versatile
     transmission rebuild shops. Now you        stands are available in 3 versions, one    work center for a variety of engine types.
     can easily remove and replace all          for use with both OEM and aftermarket      With this kit an engine builder can freely
     engine and transmission bearings and       single cam Big Twin engine cases from      position complete engines and
     seals. Each kit is complete with           1936 thru 1999, the second for Twin        transmissions into the most optimum
     carrying case and contains 14 pieces       Cam 88 engine cases 1999 to present,       working position. The base stand allows
     of tools and 12 pieces of assorted         and one for 1957 to present Sportster      360 degrees of rotation while the
     hardware. Each tool is marked with an      and Buell engines.                         modular cradles swivel and lock in 180,
     identification number that follows the                                                90, and 45 degree angles. The base
     information included in the instruction    231649     For single cam Big Twins        easily bolts to a workbench, and comes
     book.                                                 1936 thru 1999                  ready to use with all hardware included.
                                                           (OEM 96815-46)                  Each piece is constructed from high
                                                711286     For Twin Cam 88 engines         quality steel. Available as a complete kit
                                                           1999 to present                 that works with all Big Twin, Twin Cam
                                                                                           and Sportster engine cases ass well as
                                                                                           all 5 Speed transmissions. All parts are
                                                                                           also sold individually.
                                                                                           741919 Complete Engine &
                                                                                                       Transmission Stand kit

                                                     721700                                Kit includes:
                                                                                           741913 Base stand
                                                                                           741916 “Taller” Single Cam Big Twin
      NEW                                                                                             Cradle
     JIMS FLYWHEEL TRUING TOOL                  721700     For Sportster and Buell         741915 Twin Cam 88 “A” Cradle
     With this tool JIMS makes it possible to              engines 1957 to present         741917 Sportster and Buell Cradle
     fine tune the flywheel assemblies. It is                                              741914 Twin Cam 88 “B” Cradle
     easy to use and features both flywheel                                                741918 5 & 6 Speed Transmission
     expander and contractor in one tool.                                                             Cradle
     Can be used on all tapered shaft
     flywheel assemblies.
                                                                                          CRANKSHAFT TRUING STAND
     750330     Flywheel truing tool                                                   131100 Renewed design truing stand
                                                                                       for all Harley-Davidson motors. The best
25                                                                                     value for money. This LOW PRICED
                                                                                       truing stand features: 10” right hand
                                                                                       swing, 6” left hand swing and a full 18”
                                                                                       center to center capacity. Full 49 kg
                                                                                       weight. Unit is complete with Harley-
                                                Davidson type beam indicators, accurate to .002 inches. Usable for all Big Twin
                                                and Sportster cranks (OEM 96650-30).


                                                                                              S&S CONNECTING ROD ALIGNMENT
                                                                                              This pin is used to check connecting rod
                                                                                              alignment after rods have been installed
                                                CRANK ASSEMBLY REMOVING TOOL                  in flywheels and lower end is
RITE-ON-TIME V-TWIN TIMING TOOL                 This tool is a must for any workshop, it      assembled. Pin is 4 1/2” long and
736080 The conventional, time                   presses flywheels from the cases              .7920” to .7923” in diameter and
consuming manner of going back and              without using a hammer or the need for        hardened to R.C. 45 to 50. Can be used
forth to either side of the motorcycle to       a big hydraulic press. Just bolt it to your   on all Sportster and Big Twin models to
time ignition or camshaft is history with       case and use a wrench. Will also press        present.
this new tool. The Rite On Time Tool is         cases apart and break sealant bond.           750031 S&S connecting rod
developed and made in Canada. The tool          Fits 1955 to present Big Twins.                           alignment tool
allows the professional V-Twin shop             237337 Crank assembly
mechanic, and do-it yourself mechanic                       removing tool
alike, the opportunity to make the task of
timing American Built V-twins much
more accurate, simple, cleaner and less
time consuming than conventional
methods. The patented Rite On Time
timing tool allows you to perform all of
your engine timing procedures from the
right hand side after determining TDC
(top dead center) as opposed to timing          JIMS SPROCKET SHAFT HARD CAP
off of the flywheel. It allows you to time      This hard cap protects the sprocket shaft
off the camshaft, providing you very            when working on the engine, must be
accurate timing for your Harley Davidson        used when working with our crank
Big Twin or aftermarket performance             assembly removing tool (ZPN 237337).
engine. All this is performed in 1/3 of the     Works with all 1955 to present Big Twin
time usually required. Just bring the           models.
engine is to TDC and the Rite-On-Time           233200 Sprocket shaft hard cap                PUSH ROD LENGTH MEASUREMENT
tool allows you to time off the cam                                                           TOOL
through the use of a timing light and                                                         This tool will help you to determine the
degree plate. Once the easy to                                                                correct length of each push rod, thus
understand installation instructions have                                                     help you to achieve the correct valve
been followed, and the degree plate is                                                        train geometry. The valve train geometry
installed, the engine can be timed to your                                                    must be checked whenever you have
desired timing specifications, from the         JIMS ROD ALIGNMENT TOOL                       built a High Performance engine and
right hand side of the bike. Its accuracy       A handy tool for easy checking of rod         new pushrods, cams or valves are used.
is unprecedented. The Rite On Time              straightness without removing rods from       238957 Push rod length
timing tool can be used to effectively time     the case. Available for use on Big Twin                  measurement tool
engines for all applications…Street to          and Sportster motors to present or Twin
Strip! Made of precision machined               Cam 88 models 1999 to present.                                                           25
Stainless Steel, and costing significantly
less than most electronic devices, the          235799      Fits Big Twin & Sportster
Rite On Time tool, will still be in your tool               models
box long after your electronic timing           741910      Fits Twin Cam models
device has spent its life. In fact, it may be
the last timing device you will ever need.


     CAMBUSHINGS                                Use to remove pinion bushing from cam         INSTALLING TOOL
     Special tool for installing and drilling   cover in one easy operation on all Big        235810 For use on Big Twin engines
     dowel pin hole in cam bushing to the       Twin models from 1954 to present.             from 1955 to present to install crank
     factory location. Tool is supplied with    237346 Pinion bushing puller                  shaft assembly into crank case Timken
     drill number 31.                                                                         bearing (OEM 97225-55) (use with
                                                                                              OEM 39361-69 to install oil seal on
     235796     Sportster 1957 thru 1990                                                      1969 to present Big Twins).
     235798     Big Twin 1970 to present

     FOR BIG TWIN                               FOR BIG TWIN                                  CAM BEARING INSTALL TOOL
     Special tool for installing and drilling   To remove the inner cam bearing from          This tool makes it possible to install the
     dowel pin hole in the pinion bushing to    Big Twins on 1958 to present case set         cam needle bearing without damaging
     factory location on Big Twin motors        without splitting the cases, it also          the bearing on all Big Twin models
     from 1954 thru 1999. Tool is supplied      prevents the rollers from falling out         1958 to present.
     with drill number #31.                     while removing.                               237351 Bearing install tool
                                                235787 Cam bearing puller
     235797     For use on 1954 thru 1992
                Big Twins
     721541     For use on 1993 thru 1999
                Big Twins (not Twin Cam)

                                                SPORTSTER CAM BEARING PULLER                  JIMS ALTERNATOR ROTOR
                                                Remove the inner cam bearing on your          REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION TOOL
                                                1957 thru 1990 Sportster without              741911 This tool is a must when you
25   ROCKER ARM BUSHING &                       splitting the cases. This tool easily pulls   have to remove or install the alternator
     ROLLER BEARING PULLER                      the bearing from the case, and it also        rotor of a 45 Amp. charging system as
     237339 Use to pull out the rocker          keeps the rollers from coming out during      used on all FLH and FLT models 1997
     arm bushing or roller bearing on 1957      removal. Works on all 4 Speed Sportster       to present. This tool will protect the
     to present Sportsters and 1966 to          models 1957 thru 1990.                        threads on the sprocket shaft from
     present Big Twins (OEM 95760-57).          237338 Sportster cam bearing                  damage while pulling the rotor free from
                                                             puller                           its magnetic hold.


                                             NEW                                                                    NEW

JIMS SPROCKET SHAFT SEAL                     B 750318   Dual spindle Twin Cam
INSTALL TOOL                                            88 cam relief tool         TAPPET BLOCK CLEARANCING CUTTER
Made to press the oil seal over the                                                Made by Jims in the U.S.A., this tool is
sprocket shaft into Big Twin crankcases                                            used to clearance tappet blocks for
from 1969 to present. Must be used in
                                                                      NEW          high-lift cams. Tool will remove only the
combination with sprocket shaft bearing                                            material needed to allow the tappet
installation tool (ZPN 235810).                                                    roller to clear the tappet block.
233199 Sprocket shaft seal install                                                 Professional results in a manner of
             tool                                                                  minutes. Can be used with 1984 thru
                                                                                   1999 Evolution Big Twins and 1986
JIMS CAM RELIEF TOOL                                                               thru 1990 Sportster engines, including
If you want to use larger than stock or                                            aftermarket and S&S engines.
high lift cams you will have to take out                                           750323 Jims tappet block clearance
some case material. To do this properly                                                        cutter
you need a cam relief tool. There are 3
versions each for a different engine type.
The Twin Cam version is available in
single or dual spindle. The dual spindel
will safe set up time. Simply mount this     C 750319   Cam relief tool for
tool and slowly turn in the threaded                    Evolution Big Twin style
body as you power through a standard                    engines
drill with 1/2" chuck.                                                NEW
                                                                                   SINGLE CAM RELIEF TOOL FOR BIG
                                                                                   TWIN ENGINES BY ZIPPER’S
                                                                                   The ultimate tool when installing High
                                                                                   lift cams in Big Twin motors. With this
                                                                                   cutting tool you can provide clearance
                                                                                   for the cam’s rear intake lobe by
                                                                                   removing material from the engine case,
                                                                                   a necessity when installing almost any
A 750317       Single spindle Twin Cam       D 750320   Cam relief tool for 1991   aftermarket cam. It provides an easy
               88 cam relief tool                       to present Sportster       and professional way to machine the
                                                        and 1995 to present        engine case, even with the engine
                                                        Buell                      installed in the frame. It may also be
                                                                                   used when assembling an engine from
                                                                                   scratch, thereby eliminating the need to    25
                                                                                   set-up the case half on a milling

                                                                                   232057     Cam relief tool
                                                                                   232089     Cam tool cutter bit


     BIG TWIN & SPORTSTER MODELS                  741904 Use to safely remove the
     Precision machined tool, used to             cam gear from the camshaft on all            JIMS PINION GEAR LOCK TOOL
     remove pinion gear of all Big Twin and       single cam Big Twin models 1939 thru         Use to lock pinion gear, necessary to
     Sportster models. This tool also installs    1999. This precision tool acts as a          torque the pinion nut. Tool is simple to
     the pinion gear on 1951 thru 1955 Big        stable base keeping the camshaft             use, just align underneath gear and
     Twin and all Sportster models, collar        perfectly straight for easy removal. A       screw into case. Use ZPN 234994 to
     included.                                    3/8” ball bearing is included to protect     tighten pinion nut.
     237349 Pinion gear puller                    the camshaft’s end while pressing off        239475 Pinion gear lock tool
                 (OEM 96830-51)                   the gear. To accurately install the cam
                                                  gear use ZPN 721540 Cam Gear
                                                  Alignment tool.

                                                                                               JIMS INNER CAM BEARING
                                                                                               INSTALLATION TOOL
                                                                                               This tool installs the inner cam bearing
                                                                                               to the proper depth. Can be used on all
                                                                                               Big Twin engines from 1958 to present.
                                                                                               239476 Inner cam bearing
                                                                                                           installation tool

     Another high precision tool from Jims.       This handy fixture is easily mounted in
     Designed to index the cam gear’s             a vise, and is used when installing or
     position while removing or installing the    removing the cam cover bushings on
     cam gear on cam shafts used in 1970          Shovelhead and Evolution Big Twins
     thru 1999 single cam Big Twins. When         1970 thru 1999. It holds the cam cover
     the cam gear is removed, the gear can        in a flat position and keeps it from being
     be repositioned to another camshaft in       scratched (not Twin Cam).
     exactly the same spot. It is also possible   721539 Cam cover holding tool for            JIMS CAM SEAL REMOVER AND
     to press the gear on in the advanced or                   Big Twin 1970 thru 1999         INSTALLER TOOL FOR 1970 THRU
     retarded position. Easy to use, time                                                      1999 BIG TWINS
     saving and accurate. Use ZPN 741904                                                       235994 This tool is the first on the
25   to remove.                                                                                market to remove and install the cam
     721540 Cam gear alignment tool                                                            seal on 1970 thru 1984 Shovelhead
                 1970 thru 1999 single cam                                                     and 1984 thru 1999 Evolution Big
                 Big Twins                                                                     Twins without removing the cam cover.
                                                                                               Tool can also be used to remove the
                                                                                               cam cover from the crankcase. Does
                                                                                               NOT work on Twin Cam models.



ALIGNMENT TOOL                               BIG TWIN CAM BUSHINGS                       Use this tool to perform the final profile
Use to check the alignment of the cam        High quality tool to line ream the cam      lapping of the valve seat. The suction
bearing to the cam cover bushing to          cover bushing of Big Twin models from       cups affix to either dished or flat, and
well within .0003” of center line. Any       1970 to present.                            small or large valve faces. The
binding of this tool indicates               235795 Cam bushing line reamer              comfortably shaped handle is ideal for
misalignment of cam cover, and or                       tool                             quick and smooth rotations.
bushing. A must for engine builders.                                                     750316 Jim`s valve seat lapping tool
Use on Big Twins from 1970 to present.
239481 Cam bearing & bushing
           alignment tool

                                             ROCKER BUSHING REAMER TOOL
                                             American made tool to ream newly
                                             installed rocker bushings in line with
                                             each other. For use on 1966 to present
                                             Big Twin rocker arms and 1957 to
                                             present Sportster rocker arms.
                                             235794 Rocker bushing reamer tool           MINI VALVE SPRING TESTER
                                                         (OEM 94804-57)                  The mini valve spring tester provides a
                                                                                         solution for checking valve spring
JIMS ROCKER ARM BUSHING                                                                  pressure accurately when assembling
INSTALLER                                                                                cylinder heads. A must for the
Use this tool to install rocker arm                                                      professional engine builder. Tester may
bushings in rocker arms with or without                                                  also be used for testing clutch springs.
press. This tool will install each bushing                                               Tester is hex design for easier handling,
to the correct depth for the best oil                                                    and can be used in a vise, arbor or drill
control. Use the puller ZPN 237339 for                                                   press with the optional drill press
removing bushings, and ream to size                                                      flange. Mini valve spring testers are
with the line reamer ZPN 235794. This                                                    available in two different ranges: 0-300
rocker arm bushing tool works on Big                                                     PSI or 0-1000 PSI.
Twin models from 1966 to present and         JIMS VALVE SPRING
Sportster models 1957 to present.            COMPRESSOR TOOL                             234410      0-300 PSI mini valve spring
235825 Rocker arm bushing                    235849 American made valve spring                       tester
            installer                        tool necessary for removing or installing   234412      0-1000 PSI mini valve            25
                                             valves. Fits all overhead valve Big Twins               spring tester
                                             including 1984 to present Evolution         236382      Optional drill press flange
                                             models and Evolution Sportster models
                                             1986 to present (OEM 96600-36B).


     This set is helpful in areas where the        EVOLUTION ENGINES                           SET
     motorcycle frame may prevent the use          Time saving, American made, tools for       Valve guide tool set for simple removal
     of conventional tools. Kit contains           proper installation of shoulderless valve   and installation of valve guides. Made
     4 wrenches, suitable for most models.         guides and valve guide seals in             from outstanding materials to insure a
     750030 S&S rocker cover wrench                Evolution engines 1984 to present. The      life time use.
                set                                tool handle is used to remove the           235893 Valve guide driver tool set
                                                   shoulderless guides as well a driver for

                                                   both valve guide and valve guide seal

                                                   235790     Valve guide drive tool
                                                   235791     Valve guide mounting tool
                                                              (Use with ZPN 235790)
                                                   235792     Valve guide seal mounting
                                                              tool (Use with ZPN 235790)
                                                                                               JIM'S SOLID CARBIDE VALVE GUIDE
     JIMS COMPRESSION RELEASE                                                                  These unique reamers feature a 2" long
     VALVE TOOL                                                                                pilot for perfect alignment with the valve
     When you want to install compression                                                      guide while reaming. With these
     release valves this tool will be the guide                                                reamers you can expect to ream a valve
     fixture for drilling them. You can use this                                               guide to exact dimensions without any
     tool for machining 1999 to present Twin                                                   taper in just a few seconds. The solid
     Cam heads, for preparing heads to                                                         carbide reamers are available in 7
     install ZPN 750300, compression                                                           different diameters.
     release valves. Install on the front or
     rear head, with or without the valves                                                     750304      .3110"   (7.90mm)
     installed. Simply drill, tap and install.                                                 750305      .3115"   (7.91mm)
     750314 Jim's compression release                                                          750306      .3120"   (7.92mm)
                  valve tool                                                                   750307      .3410"   (8.32mm)
                                                                                               750308      .3772"   (9.58mm)
                                                                                               750309      .3777"   (9.59mm)
                                                                                               750310      .3782"   (9.61mm)



NO-GO PLUG GAGES                            KIT                                         & SOCKETS
Stop many of those mysterious valve         Rowe's professional valve guide pusher      Rowe's valve guide drivers & sockets are
guide seizures by using this very           kit lets you push the guide into the head   used to drift valve guides into the head.
accurate and easy-to-use tool. Just         by using a hand wrench rather than          The sockets are designed to take the
measure the valve stem, add the             drive it in with a punch. Recommended       guess work out of installing shoulderless
desired clearance and put the matching      press fit is .0015” to .002”. There are     Evolution Big Twin and Evolution
gauge pin in one end of the handle. In      two kits available. One for 5/16” bore      Sportster guides and insure that the
the other hand you put in a 1 size          guides as used in Evolution motors, the     guides are installed to the proper depth.
smaller gage pin. Check the bore with       other for 3/8” bore guides as used in
the small pin and you will feel the tight   pre-Evolution motors. Parts are also        Driver set for pre-Evolution motors, set
spots. Hone the guide up to allow the       available separately.                       contains a 5/16” driver, an 11/32”
large size gauge pin to slip in and you                                                 driver and 3/8” driver
are done. Kit contains 2 handles and        Note: Not designed for use with air         721131 Driver set
plug gages in the sizes .3105”, .3110”,     wrenches!
.3115”, .3120”, .3405”, .3410”,                                                         Separate   drivers
.3415”, .3770”, .3775”, .3780”,             Pre-Evolution pusher kit, contains          721128      5/16” Driver
.3785” and .3790”. The double-end           stud, thrust washer and needle bearing      721129      11/32” Driver
handle is also available separately.        721139 3/8” Pusher kit                      721130      3/8” Driver

721126     Complete valve guide plug        Replacement parts for 3/8” kit              Optional socket
           gage kit                         721140 Needle thrust bearing                721132 Socket for Evolution
721125     Replacement                      721141 Thrust washer                                   Sportster intake guides, use
           double-end handle                721142 Stud                                            with ZPN 721128 driver
                                                                                        721133 Socket for Evolution
                                            Evolution pusher kit, contains stud,                   Sportster exhaust guides,
                                            thrust washer and needle bearing                       use with ZPN 721129
                                            721135 5/16” Pusher kit for                            driver
                                                      Evolution                         721134 Socket for Evolution Big
                                                                                                   Twin & Twin Cam 88 guides,
                                            Replacement parts for 5/16” kit                        use with ZPN 721130
                                            721136 Needle thrust bearing                           driver
                                            721137 Thrust washer
                                            721138 Stud




     SUNNEN VALVE GUIDE PILOT KIT                                                          TAPPET BLOCK AND OIL PUMP
     AND VALVE SEAT DRIVER KIT                                                             ALIGNMENT TOOL
     Sunnen is known for their top quality        JIMS PUSHROD COVER SEAL SEAT             Alignment tool to ensure that the tappet
     tools for professionals. The valve guide     CUTTER                                   tracks on centerline of cam lobe on
     pilot kit contains all drivers from .310”    Use to correct any misalignment with     1977 to present Big Twins. Must be
     thru .380” for valve guide installation.     pushrod cover O-ring seats when          used whenever one of the tappet blocks
     Optionally this kit can be used with a       pushrod covers refuse to seal. Works     is removed. Use two of these alignment
     valve seat driver kit. This valve seat       with Evolution Big Twins 1984 thru       tools on 1999 to present Twin Cams to
     driver kit is a must for mechanics that      1999 and Sportster 1986 thru 1990.       align the oil pump to cam support plate.
     remove and install new valve seats.          Instructions included.                   Helps reduce oil scavenging problems
     Available as a valve seat driver kit or in   750322 Pushrod cover seal seat           associated with oil pump misalignment.
     separate parts.                                          cutter                       (OEM 33443-84). Available in two
                                                                                           versions: Zodiac's economical priced
     Valve seat driver kit, contains valve                                                 ECO-line or USA made by Jims.
     seat driver, valve seat driving rings
     1 1/2” x 1 5/8”, 1 3/4” x 1 7/8” & 2”                                                 131110     ECO-line alignment tool
     x 2.215”
     721096 Valve seat driver kit

     Valve guide pilot kit for valve guides
     from .310” thru .380”
     721144 Valve guide pilot kit
                                                  TAPPET ADJUSTING GAUGE
     Replacement parts                            133019 A simple quality tool for
     721097 Valve seat driver                     checking and adjusting hydraulic
     721098 Valve seat driving ring               tappets without removing them.
              1 1/2” x 1 5/8”                     Measures the clearance between the       235868     Jims USA made alignment
     721099 Valve seat driving ring               lifter and the pushrod. Works with all              tool
              1 3/4” x 1 7/8”                     Big Twins 1953 thru 1984, except
     721100 Valve seat driving ring               Evolution models (OEM 94438-79).
              2” x 2.215”



131141 Used to install or remove          WRENCH
counter-shaft sprocket nut on all Big     Extra long two piece design. The inner     JIMS FLYWHEEL SOCKETS
Twins from 1936 thru 1984. Zinc           collar will retain the wrench to the nut   Look no further for the best flywheel
plated finish (OEM 94660-37).             for safer service work. Fits 1936 to       rebuilding sockets available. Zodiac
TAPPET GUIDE PULLER FOR                   present Big Twins (1 7/8” hex).            offers these low-profile flywheel sockets,
                                          235848 Main shaft sprocket locknut         which are just long enough to give
                                                       wrench (OEM 94660-37A)        100% nut to sprocket contact and
                                                                                     100% drive end contact. Machined flat
                                                                                     at the nut receiving end to eliminate
                                                                                     rounding off the nut and greatly
                                                                                     reducing the risk of bodily injury. These
                                                                                     sockets are machined from solid steel
                                                                                     4130 chromium-molybdenum and heat
                                                                                     treated to give a lifetime of service.
SPORTSTER MODELS                                                                     Available in various models for use on
235806 Removes press-fit tappet                                                      Big Twin models from 1954 to present
guides from the crankcase after tappet                                               and Sportster models from 1981 to
body adjusting screw is removed. Fits                                                present.
Sportster models from 1957 thru 1978      PINION NUT SOCKET TOOL
(OEM 95724-57).                           234994 This tool is used to remove         236213      For use on Big Twins 1954
                                          or install the pinion shaft cam gear nut               thru early 1981, 1 5/16”
                                          in all Big Twin models from 1955 to                    socket with 1/2” drive
                                          present (OEM 94555-55).                    236216      For use on Big Twins 1972
                                                                                                 to present, 1 5/8” socket
                                                                                                 with 3/4” drive
                                                                                     236215      For use on Big Twins late
                                                                                                 1981 thru 1989, 1 1/4”
                                                                                                 socket with 1/2” drive
                                                                                     236214      For use on Big Twins late
                                                                                                 1983 to present, 1 1/2”
                                                                                                 socket with 1/2” drive
                                                                                     236217      For use on Sportsters
JIMS BIG TWIN SPROCKET LOCKER                                                                    1981 to present, 1 3/8”
Another great tool available. This Big                                                           socket with 1/2” drive
Twin sprocket locker is for use on belt   JIMS PINION GEAR NUT SOCKET
driven Big Twin models from 1980 to       FOR 1954 THRU 1989 BIGTWINS
present and is used to lock the final     Use this tool to remove or secure pinion
drive sprocket when removing or           gear nut to pinion gear shaft. Tool has                                                 25
installing the sprocket nut, use this     1/2” drive and can be used with the
locker with our lock nut wrench           pinion gear locker tool (ZPN 239475)
(ZPN 235848).                             as shown elsewhere in this catalog
235842 Sprocket locker                    (OEM 94555-55A).
                                          235780 Pinion gear nut socket


                                                                                              JIMS PISTON PIN BUSHING TOOL
                                                                                              Use to remove and install wrist pin
     RAM-JETT WRIST PIN BUSHING                   JIMS PISTON PIN KEEPER TOOL                 bushings on all models, without
     TOOL AND REAMER                              This tool helps you to install retaining    removing the rods from the crankcase.
     Designed for use on all Big Twin and         ring in piston in one easy step without     237347 Piston pin bushing tool
     Sportster motors with stock to five inch     distorting ring. For the safest wrist pin              (OEM 95970-32C)
     strokes from 1936 to present. This tool      retention possible. Useable for Big Twin
     will increase productivity quality and       1983 to present, Sportster late 1985 to                                     NEW
     maintain recommended tolerances,             present and Buell 1987 to present.
     taking the guess work out of sizing wrist    233149 Piston pin keeper tool
     pin bushings. The tool will accurately
     ream-to-size a clean, straight and round
     bushing hole in one pass without                                           NEW
     removing the rods from the crankcase.
     This operation can be completed in half
     the time it would normally take without
     removing the engine from the frame.
     237223 Tool and reamer kit                                                               JIMS PISTON RING GROOVE CLEANER
                                                                                              This tool is specially designed to clean
                                                                                              up the compression ring slots. It will
                                                                                              remove the carbon build-up easily. The
                                                                                              tool includes two cleaning spurs with
                                                                                              sizes 5/64" , 3/32" , 1/8" , 5/32" , 3/16"
                                                  JIMS OUTER PRIMARY COVER                    , 1/4", 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2mm. Can be
                                                  STARTER BEARING REMOVER TOOL                used on all pistons with 2 3/4" to 5" (70
                                                  Very user-friendly tool to extract the      to 127 mm) diameter.
                                                  starter bearing from the outer primary      750327 Piston ring groove cleaner
                                                  cover. Bearing can easily be removed,
                                                  even if the cover has been chromed with                                    NEW
     JIMS PISTON PIN BUSHING                      bearing installed. Works on all Big
     REAMER TOOL                                  Twins 1965 thru 1988 that use needle
     These Jims piston pin bushing reamer         bearing OEM 9063 for the starter shaft.
     tools can be used with the rods in or out    This tool will also remove the
     of the motor. Reamers are easy to use        countershaft gear bearing (OEM
     with their specially designed lead in        35961-52) used on Big Twins 1952
     taper at the start of each tool. Will ream   thru 1990 as well as 4 speed Sportster
     the piston pin hole to exact tolerances.     clutch gear.                                JIMS PISTON SUPPORT PLATE
     Available for single cam Big Twins,          750329 Outer primary cover starter          When installing rings and cylinders the
     Twin Cams, and Sportster models.                          bearing remover tool           support plate is a big help. The plate will
                                                                                              give you a firm flat support to push the
25   711283      For use on single cam                                                        bottom of the piston against. This will
                 Big Twins                                                                    make it much easier to install the rings
     711285      For use on Twin Cam 88                                                       and cylinder over the piston. No more
                 models                                                                       turn over or damaging the pistons. Can
     711284      For use on Sportster                                                         be used on all H-D style engines.
                 models                                                                       750328 Piston support plate



INSTALLER                                  BUSHINGS                                   This tool is used to hold the flywheel
Jims developed this tool to easily         This is the finest precision line reamer   assembly in vise, with or without left
remove and install wire type wrist pin     available. Use to line ream pinion         case attached. Can be used on all Big
clips without damage to the piston. Can    bushing in cam cover from right case       Twin models from 1955 to present and
be used on all 1984 thru 1999              race. For use on Sportster models from     comes complete with instruction sheet.
Evolution engines.                         1986 to present.                           234131 Sprocket shaft holder
750326 Wrist pin clip remover &            235999 Line reamer for Evolution
           installer                                  Sportster pinion bushing

                                           PINION BUSHING REAMING TOOL                CRANKCASE BEARING LAPPING
PINION BUSHING LINE REAMER KIT             234995 This tool is used to ream           TOOL
This is the finest precision line reamer   pinion shaft bushings of the Big Twin      This crankcase lapping tool aligns left
available. Must be used for in-line        cam covers. Usable for all models 1955     and right main bearing races as well as
reaming of the cam cover pinion            to present.                                lapping to size or over-size on all
bushing with the right case bearing race                                              Sportster, Big-Twin and 45 motor cases
on all Big Twin engines 1954 to                                                       (OEM 96710-40). Replacement lap
present. Can also be used for the                                                     head separate available.
Sportster idler gear bushing.
235850 Pinion bushing reamer kit                                                      234996     Crankcase bearing lapping
            (OEM 94805-57)                                                                       tool
                                                                                      235003     Lap head 1 3/4”
                                                                                                 (OEM 96718-58)

                                           ROWE FLYWHEEL REBUILDING
                                           Another professional tool from Rowe.
                                           This flywheel rebuilding fixture allows
                                           servicing and disassembly of flywheels
                                           in a standard vise. Two 7/16” allen set
                                           screws hold the bottom keyed flywheel                                                25
                                           while the channel iron keeps the un-
                                           keyed top flywheel from moving when
                                           installing or removing sprocket and
                                           pinion shafts.
                                           721143 Rowe flywheel rebuilding


                                                                                           JIMS SNAP RING INSTALLER &
                                                                                           REMOVER TOOL
     ROD LAPPING TOOL                          JIMS BIG TWIN CRANKCASE LAP                 Exclusively designed by Jims to make
     American made rod lapping tool for        TOOL 1958 TO PRESENT                        installation and removal of Timken outer
     precise lapping of Big Twin, Sportster,   Here is the next step in case lapping       race snap rings easy and without
     K models, 45” and Indian connecting       with the release of Jims new pinion         damaging the case. A must when
     rods. Kit includes arbor assembly as      bearing race lap. This tool allows the      working on 1990 to present cases
     well as 1 1/2” and 1 5/8” lap heads. A    engine builder to achieve the best of       without inserts. This tool can be used
     must for every engine build shop (OEM     both worlds: removal of more material       on all Big Twin models from 1969 to
     96740-36).                                in less time with greater accuracy than     present and comes with instructions.
                                               a conventional lap. This “first of its      233154 Snap ring installer and
     235809     Complete rod lapping tool      kind” case lap is guided on both sides      remover tool
     235811     Replacement lap head           of the pinion bearing race. This
                1 5/8”                         additional support on the cam gear side
                                               of the bearing race is achieved by
                                               means of a bolt on base plate that
                                               precisely locates a drill bushing in
                                               which the lap turns. This base plate is
                                               located on the same engine case pins
                                               as the cam cover. The positioning of this   DRILLING JIG OIL PASSAGE
                                               drill bushing is held within .0002” to      234930 This crank-case oil passage
                                               the engine case pins or within .0002”       drilling jig is used to perform crankcase
                                               of case centerline. Now instead if          drilling modifications when installing an
                                               guiding only from the left side with        S & S and other late oil pump assembly
                                               Timken bearings, which are a floating       on early Big Twin crankcases. Made of
     ROWE CONNECTING ROD HONING                fit, Jims case lap uses a special ground    steel and heat treated file hard for
     KIT                                       bearing sleeve to hold left side of         durability, this fixture enables the
     This tool is made by Rowe for the         lapping shaft without movement. Both        builder to do four modifications:
     professional crank rebuilder. Complete    ends of the lap are supported in            • Drill the primary oil supply passage
     kit contains 1 1/2” & 1 5/8” mandrels,    precisely the same centerline as the            from the breather valve gear cavity
     1 1/2” & 1 5/8” truing sleeves as well    flywheel assembly. With this extremely          to the back side of the oil pump
     as a roughing, a medium and fine finish   rigid arrangement, it is possible to            body on late generator and early
     honing stones.                            power the lap with a low speed drill            alternator cases.
     721110 Connecting rod honing kit          motor without fear of chatter in the        • Drill the pressure relief passage
                                               lapped bearing race. If a drill motor is        from behind the main oil pressure
                                               not available you can power the lap tool        valve to the gear cavity on
                                               by the conventional hand crank. All             alternator cases.
                                               wear surfaces are hardened and ground       • Drill the crankshaft and main
                                               to steel for a lifetime of service.             bearings supply passage on
25                                             235989 Crankcase lap tool for                   generator cases.
                                                            Big Twin                       • Drill the crankshaft and main
                                                                                               bearings supply passage on early
                                                                                               alternator cases
                                                                                           • This tool is a must for all
                                                                                               workshops, engine builders and
                                                                                               High Performance shops.


                                                                           JIMS OIL
                                                                           SNAP RING
                                                                         This tool will
                                                                         help you to
                                                                         easily install       ALLEN CYLINDER TORQUE BOLTS
JIMS OIL PUMP DRILL JIG TOOL                                             the     outer        FOR EVOLUTION SPORTSTER
This incredibly easy to use crankcase oil                                snap ring on         CYLINDERS
passage jig allows you to modify Big         all Big Twin oil pump shafts, without            232232 Bolts are a shorter version of
Twin 1973 thru 1980 crankcases to            “over-stretching” the ring. Just apply oil       the bolts supplied with Delkron‘s torque
accept the later style 1981 thru 1991        to the ring expander, hold up to the end         plate kit (ZPN 232231) and must be
style oil pump. Works for OEM as well        of the shaft, then push ring onto the            used in combination with the torque
as aftermarket pumps. Each jig includes      shaft with sleeve.                               plates supplied in this kit for precise
an instruction sheet.                                                                         boring of the aluminum cylinders of the
233148 Oil pump drill jig tool for                                                            Evolution Sportster.
            Big Twin

                                                                                              EVOLUTION CYLINDER STUD TOOLS
JIMS EXHAUST STUD DRILL PLATE                JIMS TAPPET OIL FILTER SCREW                     Finally, available. Two helpful tools that
This tool is designed to guide and keep      PLUG TOOL                                        will make assembling or extracting the
alignment of the drill bit when drilling     236220 How easy can it get. Use this             cylinder studs on Evolution motors an
out broken exhaust studs. A follow up        simple tool to remove tappet oil filter screen   easy thing to do. Tools are made from
with a tap is all that is needed to clean    without removing your exhaust pipes. Note:       high tensile steel for extra strength.
up threaded hole. This tool can be used      Only works with slotted screw.                   They can be used on Evolution motors
with motor in most frames. Will work on                                                       of both Big Twin and Sportster models.
Big Twins 1984 to present, Sportster
1986 to present and Buell 1987 to                                                             237205      Cylinder stud assembly tool
present.                                                                                      237212      Cylinder stud extracting tool
233144 Exhaust stud drill plate

                                             DELKRON CYLINDER TORQUE
                                             232231 These cylinder torque plates
                                             are a must for all shops or mechanics
                                             working on aluminum cylinders. Delkron
                                             torque plates are made of 4130 steel,            JIMS HEAD HOLDER TOOL
                                             machined then hardened to a RC50 and             A very handy tool when working on
                                             ground to .0005” flatness. By using these        cylinder heads. It holds the head            25
JIMS OIL PUMP SEAL INSTALLER                 cylinder torque plates on aluminum               through the spark plug hole and can be
Easily install oil pump seal perfectly       cylinders you are assured of perfect             clamped in a vise. It has 14 mm and
below gear surface for a no leak fit. This   roundness when they are assembled and            12 mm ends to be used on 1948 to
installer can be used on all aluminum        torqued in the motor. These plates are           present Big Twin models and 1957 to
Big Twin pumps.                              drilled and tapped for use with Shovelhead       present Sportster models.
236218 Oil pump seal installer               and Evolution Big Twin cylinders.                239477 Head holder tool


     FOR EVOLUTION ENGINES                                                                    TIMKEN BEARING REMOVER FOR
     This accurate gauge is made by Jims                                                      BIG TWIN MODELS 1955 THRU 1985
     and allows precise measuring of 90°           SPROCKET SHAFT BEARING                     This tool will remove the sprocket shaft
     when tightening head bolts on Evolution       PULLER FOR SPORTSTER                       Timken bearing on Big Twin models
     Big Twin, Evolution Sportster and Buell       With this tool you can easily remove the   with a separate sprocket shaft as stock
     models. The torquing sequence is              inner Timken bearing from the sprocket     from 1955 thru 1985 and as found in
     lasered on the gauge and it comes with        shaft without removing the shaft from      aftermarket flywheels for models from
     instructions.                                 the flywheels. Use on Sportster engines    1955 to present.
     233145 Head bolt torque gauge for             from 1957 thru 1976.                       235793 Sprocket shaft bearing
                 Evolution head bolts              239479 Sprocket shaft bearing                         remover

     Use to install the bearing race in the left
     crankcase. With this tool you can press
     in the bearing races straight time after      TIMKEN BEARING REMOVER FOR                 TIMKEN BEARING REMOVER FOR
     time. Use on Big Twins from 1969 to           SPORTSTER MODELS                           BIG TWIN MODELS 1986 TO
     present and Sportster models from             This tool is used to remove the Timken     PRESENT
     1977 to present.                              bearing from the sprocket shaft without    This tool will remove the sprocket shaft
     239480 Left crankcase bearing race            removing the shaft from the flywheels.     Timken bearing on Big Twin models
                 installer                         Can be used on all Sportster models        with an integral sprocket shaft as stock
                                                   from 1977 to present and Buell models      from 1986 to present. A specialized tool
                                                   from 1987 to present.                      that does the job better than anything
                                                   233470 Timken bearing remover              else on the market.
                                                                                              233478 Sprocket shaft bearing

     235801 For use on all models
     connecting rods. Supports both sides of
     rod, when races are removed or
     replaced, minimizing the possibility of
     distortion to female rod or race.


RACE TOOL                                   GUIDE                                         SPORTSTER MODELS
Used to remove and install the Timken       This tool will spread the crankcase           Precision tool by A.R.T. (Advanced
bearing race in the crankcase. To be        pinion bearing rollers while re-              Racing Technology) is used to position
used with ZPN 237107 Spacer Driver          assembling the right side engine case         cam lobe in exactly the correct
and ZPN 235804 Race & Bearing               on to the flywheel assembly of any Twin       relationship to the cam gear and
Installation Tool.                          Cam 88 model 1999 to present.                 establish perfect valve train timing.
                                            720534 Jims Twin Cam crankshaft               237995 For Sportster and XR
721543     Bearing race tool for 1969                    guide                                       camshafts
           to present Big Twins,
           including Twin Cam 88
721544     Bearing race tool for 1977
           to present Sportster models
237107     Spacer driver tool
235804     Race & bearing installation

                                            JIMS CAM COVER BUSHING                        CAM GEAR SIZE MEASUREMENT
                                            REAMER TOOL                                   PINS
                                            This tool allows reaming of the cam           These cam gear size measurement pins
                                            cover bushing, without disassembly of         have to be used when measuring the
                                            the crank cases and without the need of       sizes of your cam gears. Measurement
                                            another right engine case, by piloting off    should be done over the pins (as shown
                                            the cam bearing. This is how it works         on photo). Installing the right cam gear
JIMS CAM COVER BUSHING                      with the motor you are repairing, either      will reduce noise. Gear size measure-
REAMER                                      on the bench or in the frame. With new        ments (over pins) are listed in the 1990
233147 This bushing reamer kit will         or good inner cam bearing installed, bolt     Harley-Davidson workshop manual
line ream the cam case bushing, as well     reamer plate to right case, this will align   using .108” pins instead of .105” pins
as the cover bushing. Reamer will ream      from your inner cam bearing to your cam       (as for earlier years).
the inner cam bushing, and outer cam        cover dowel pins, then bolt your cam
bushing, to a finish size of about .0008”   cover (with new bushing ZPN 231489            232604     Cam gear size
to .0015”, over cam size, for using a       installed) over the two dowel pins on                    measurement pins .108”
needle bearing style cam. Once the case     reamer plate. Lube piloted reamer and                    diameter
inner cam bushing is reamed to size.        ream cam bushing from outside in. All         232605     Cam gear size
The cam cover, with new bushing             reaming chips stay only in tool. Now                     measurement pins .105”
installed, can be line reamed from the      your cam bushing is line reamed to your                  diameter                        25
newly reamed inner cam bushing to the       inner cam bearing. For the best cam
outer cam cover bushing. This will          alignment possible. Works on Big Twins
insure a true centerline for your cam       1970 to present. Includes instruction
shaft. For use on Big Twin single cam       sheet.
motors 1936 to 1969.                        234053 Jims Cam cover bushing
                                                        reamer tool



     STARTER BEARING REMOVER TOOL               This transmission lapping tool insures       TOOL FOR BIG TWINS
     Very user-friendly tool to extract the     proper fitting of roller bearing, stock or   American made tool to install or remove
     starter bearing from the outer primary     oversize, with transmission mainshaft        the bearing inner race on the
     cover. Bearing can easily be removed,      races. Will lap races on all Big Twin        transmission main shaft of late 1984 to
     even if the cover has been chromed with    transmissions.                               present Big Twin models.
     bearing installed. Works on all Big                                                     235789 Bearing race tool
     Twins 1965 thru 1988 that use needle       234997      Complete tool
     bearing OEM 9063 for the starter shaft.                (OEM 96710-77)
     This tool will also remove the             234998      Replacement lap head
     countershaft gear bearing (OEM                         1.870” (OEM 96710-79)
     35961-52) used on Big Twins 1952
     thru 1990 as well as 4 speed Sportster
     clutch gear.
     750329 Outer primary cover starter
         bearing remover tool
                                                                                             JIMS 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION
                                 NEW                                                         STAND
                                                                                             Perfect for repairs to any 5- or 6 Speed
                                                                                             Big Twin transmission, including Twin
                                                SHIFT FORK GAUGES                            Cam 88. This high quality powder
                                                These American made tools are ideal for      coated steel transmission stand mounts
                                                setting and aligning shifter forks of        easily into a vise. Note: Does not work
                                                1939 thru 1986 4 Speed Big Twin              for 5 Speeds in a 4 Speed transmission
                                                transmissions.                               case, for this you have to order ZPN
     INSPECTION PLUG TOOL                       235807      For use with 1939 thru           721536 Jims 5 Speed transmission
     Designed to remove or install the OEM                  1978 transmission                            stand
     style primary cover clutch adjusters                   (OEM 96384-39)
     access plug and filler plug without        235808      For use with 1979 thru
     distorting the plug's slot. Works on all               1986 transmission
     1954 thru 1990 Sportster and on K-                     (OEM 96385-78A)
     models with aluminum primary covers.
     750333 Jims XL primary inspection
                 plug tool


                                                                        JIMS 5
                                                                          This tool
                                           allows easy installation of transmission
JIMS BIG TWIN TRANSMISSION                 shafts, without the need to use an arbor   JIMS TRANSMISSION STUD
STAND                                      or hydraulic press. Can be used to         INSTALLER
Top quality tool to clamp transmission     install the mainshaft as well as the       This tool is for easy installation of the
in a vice. Useable for all 4 Speed         counter shaft in 5 Speed and               bottom mounting studs on all rigid
transmissions and rubber mount 5           6 Speed transmissions.                     mount transmissions. For use on
Speed trannies except 1993 to present      721545 Transmission shaft installer        all 1936 thru 1986 4 Speed
FLT models.                                                                           transmissions, and 1985 to present
235983 Jims Big Twin transmission                                                     5 Speed Softail transmissions.
           stand                                                                      721547 Transmission stud installer

                                           JIMS TRANSMISSION DOOR
TOOL                                       This tool is designed to remove and        COMPENSATING SPROCKET
Tool to install inner and outer 5th gear   install the transmission door bearings.    WRENCH
bearings to factory depth on Big Twin 5-   With this tool you can also remove the     235805 USA made compensating
& 6 Speed models 1991 to present, and      door for replacement without removing      sprocket shaft nut wrench. Fits Big Twin
Sportster and Buell 1991 to present.       the complete transmission assembly.        models from 1955 thru early 1970 and
New bearing depth incorporated, will       For use on 1980 to present Big Twins       Sportster models from 1957 thru 1976
still work on early depth. Comes with      with 5- or 6 Speed transmissions.          (OEM 94557-55A).
comprehensive instruction sheet.           721549 Transmission trap door
231461 Jims main drive gear                            bearing tool
            bearing tool

                                           JIMS SHIFTER SHAFT SLEEVE TOOL
JIMS TRAP DOOR PULLER                      Use to remove and install the shifter
This handy tool easily removes the         shaft sleeve in all 5 and 6 speed Big      WHEEL BEARING RACE REMOVER
trapdoor from 5- and 6 Speed               Twin transmissions. This tool may be       AND INSTALLER TOOL
transmissions. This puller pulls the       used to remove or install replacement      Use to remove and install the bearing       25
trapdoor with the gears and shafts         or upgrade shifter shaft sleeve,           cups in cast wheels on 1973 thru 1999
attached without damaging the door         assembly and drum. Works for Big           Big Twin and Sportster models. Must be
bearing.                                   Twins 1980 thru 1999 as well as Twin       used with ZPN 235804.
721546 Trap door puller for 1980 to        Cam 1999 to present.                       235921 Wheel bearing race remover
           present Big Twin 5- and         750335 Shifter shaft sleeve tool                      and installer tool (OEM
           6 Speed transmissions                                                                 33071-73)


                                                                                           JIMS CLEVEBLOCK SPREADING
     JIMS TOOL DRIVER SPACER                    JIMS STEERING HEAD BEARING                 When cleveblocks in FXR rubber mount
     The effectiveness of any bearing race      RACE TOOL                                  frames from 1980 thru 1994 are
     remover tool is dependent on the ability   Makes removal and installation of          replaced they need to be positioned to
     to grip the race. This spacer applies      steering head bearing races as used in     install in the rear of the transmission.
     outward force on the bearing race tool     1949 to present Big Twin, 1978 to          This tool will spread the swing arm
     to allow easier removal. Must be used      present Sportster and Buell models an      cleveblocks allowing for the installation
     with handle ZPN 235804. Works with         easy job. Must be used with driver         of the swing arm.
     most Jims bearing race tools, such as      spacer (ZPN 237107).                       233167 Cleveblock spreading tool
     ZPN 233171, 237351 and 235921.             233171 Steering head bearing race
     237107 Jims tool driver spacer             tool

     TOOL                                                                                  JIMS CLEVEBLOCK BUSHING REAR
     235804 This driver must be used                                                       SWINGARM ASSEMBLY TOOL
     with ZPN 237107 wheel bearing              WHEEL BEARING REMOVER AND                  Use this tool to remove and replace
     race remover & installer tool (OEM         INSTALLER KIT FOR 2000 TO                  swingarm cleveblocks. The silicone
     33416-80)                                  PRESENT MODELS                             filled bushings will damage if not
                                                Use to remove and install “new style”      installed properly. This tool presses on
                                                sealed wheel bearings, as used in all      the outer sleeve of the bushing,
                                  NEW           2000 to present Harley-Davidson and        preventing damage to the cleveblock.
                                                Buell models, without damaging the         Can be used with or without a press on
                                                wheel.                                     FLT 1980 to present, FXR 1982 to
                                                741912 Wheel bearing installer and         1994 and all FXR style aftermarket
                                                          remover                          frames.
                                                                                           233162 Cleveblock bushing rear
                                                                                                       swingarm assembly tool

     This tool will support the brake caliper
     pistons for removal by holding the
     pistons square to their bores. This        JIMS STEERING HEAD BEARING
     prevents any damage to the pistons and     RACE INSTALLER
25   the piston bores so seals can easily be    This tool is designed to pull steering
     replaced. For use on 4 piston brake        head bearing cups straight and true into
     calipers 2000 to present.                  Big Twin frames from 1936 to present
     750336 Brake caliper piston                as well as most aftermarket frames.
                remover                         233161 Steering head bearing race


                                                                                       JIMS TOOLS FOR TWIN CAM 88
                                                                                       We offer a complete line of tools for the
                                                                                       Twin Cam engine. These tools are a
                                                                                       must for every workshop.

This tool is the best and safest way to
remove or install the 35 mm fork tube
caps on all Glide forks, narrow and
wide. It has a rubber protective coating
on the inside to prevent damage to the
nut. Socket is low profile, to clear most   JIMS TWIN CAM TOOL BOARD                   JIMS CRANKSHAFT BEARING
handlebars.                                 This is the ultimate mechanics Twin        REMOVER AND INSTALLER FOR
235984 Fork tube nut socket,                Cam tool kit. This kit includes the tool   TWIN CAM 88
            3/8” drive                      board, with all necessary hangers, bins    This quality tool is designed and made
                                            and overlays, along with the complete      by Jims to remove and replace the right
                                            list of tools below. If you are serious    side crankcase bearing on Twin Cam ""
                                            about servicing the Twin Cam motors,       engines. Precision made and piloted
                                            this kit is a must!                        using Delrin, a non-marring material, to
                                            741903 Complete Twin Cam tool              press bearing in and out straight with no
                                                         board kit                     damage to the case. Does not work with
                                                         (including all tools)         Twin Cam "B" engines.

                                            Individual parts                           720483     For Twin Cam "A" 1999 thru
                                            720535 Tool board only (no tools,                     2002
                                                       but with all hangers, bins      750321     For Twin Cam "A" 2003 to
MAIN DRIVE GEAR BUSHING TOOL                           and overlays                               present NEW
235802 Used for replacing and               720483 Crankshaft bearing tool
installing main drive gear bushings         720491 Cam bearing puller
on all Big Twin models from 1936            720490 Wrist pin remover & installer
thru 1986.                                  720482 Wrist pin remover
                                            720534 Crankshaft guide
                                            720489 Cam/Crank sprocket lock
                                            720485 Camshaft remover &
                                            720486 Cylinder torque plates
                                            720487 Inner cam bearing remover           JIMS INNER CAM BEARING
                                                       tool                            INSTALLER TOOL FOR TWIN CAM
                                            720492 Crank shaft bushing tool            88
                                            720484 Inner cam bearing installer         This tool will install the two inner cam
                                                                                       needle bearings on Twin Cam 88              25
                                                                                       motors. It perfectly aligns to the shaft
                                                                                       bores for a precision press fit.
                                                                                       720484 Inner cam bearing installer
                                                                                                   for Twin Cam


     INSTALLER TOOL FOR TWIN CAM 88                  TENSIONER UNLOADER                          FOR TWIN CAM 88
     This multi-functional tool will remove and      This tool will unload the pressure on the   Use to remove and replace wrist pin
     replace front and rear camshafts and the        primary and secondary cam chain             bushings in Twin Cam 88 motors
     ball bearings in Twin Cam 88 motors. It         tensioners to assemble and disassemble      without removing the connecting rod
     provides the precision alignment of the         cams. This tool also checks spring loads    from the crankcase.
     camshaft to insure a smooth press in and        on the chain tensioners.                    720490 Wrist pin bushing tool for
     out of the support plate.                       720488 Jims Twin Cam 88 cam                            Twin Cam
     720485 Cam shaft tool for Twin Cam                          chain tensioner tool

     Jims cylinder torque plates are essential       JIMS TWIN CAM 88 INNER CAM
     to check cylinder measurements                  BEARING REMOVER
     accurately. These torque plates simulate        Designed like Jims' popular Evolution
     stress conditions when boring and honing        cam bearing tool to remove the bearing
     and are lasered with the correct torquing       easily without any damage to the
     sequence and fit both stock and most big        crankcase. This precision built tool will
     bore Twin Cam 88 cylinders.                     also keep the pin rollers from
     720486 Cylinder torque plates for               accidentally falling into the crankcase.    ROD HOLDER TOOL
                 Twin Cam                            720487 Inner cam bearing remover            Used to keep connecting rods in place
                                                                 for Twin Cam                    and eliminate twisting or bending of the
     NEW                              JIMS                                                       connecting rod while reaming or honing
                                      TWIN                                                       the wrist pin bushings on all Big Twin,
                                      CAM                                                        Sportster, Buell and Twin Cam 88
                                      CASE                                                       models. Works well with ZPN 720490
                                      BORING                                                     and 237347 wrist pin bushing tools, as
                                      TOOL                                                       well as ZPN 711283, 711284, and
                                       This new                                                  711285 Wrist pin bushing reamers
                                       Jims                                                      741909 Rod holder tool
     case boring tool takes out all the guesswork    JIMS TWIN CAM 88 CAMSHAFT/
     of boring both Twin Cam "A" and "B"             CRANKSHAFT SPROCKET LOCK
25   crankcases to accept all 4" bore cylinders.     This precision tool allows the technician
     Works well with the Jims 100" piston and        to lock the cam shaft and cam shaft
     cylinder kit, as well as S&S Super Sidewinder   sprockets to properly remove, replace
     Hot Set Up kits. This tool is designed to be    and torque the sprocket bolts. Made
     used in a heavy duty 15" drill press            from non-marring Delrin.
     750301 Jims Twin Cam case boring                720489 Cam and crank sprocket
                    tool                                         lock tool for Twin Cam



BEARING REMOVER                               SHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOL                         INSTALLER AND REMOVER FOR
Once the camshafts are removed from           This tool is a must have for maintaining     TWIN CAM “B” MODELS
the support plate, this specialty tool will   a long life of your balancer drive chains    Designed to protect expensive engine
remove the bearing from the camshaft.         and bearings. When using this tool           cases by using a specially designed
Unlike a general purpose puller this tool     there is no need for guessing for            support block to remove or install cam
was designed to remove the bearing            alignment because it will take all the       side crankshaft bearing on Twin Cam 88
straight with no slipping or binding.         guess work out of setting up your            models with balance shafts (TC88B). Use
720491 Outer cam bearing remover              sprocket and chain alignment on a Twin       Zodiac press fit lube ZPN 741905 on
            for Twin Cam                      Cam "B" engine.                              case and bearings while installing.
                                              750312 Jim's balancer shaft                  741905 Crankshaft bearing installer
                                                           alignment tool                             & remover

                                                                            NEW                                         NEW

FOR TWIN CAM 88 MODELS                        REMOVER AND INSTALLER                        PINS FOR TWIN CAM "B"
This Jims tool will remove and install        This tool will pull the bearing from the     This tool is developed to secure the
crankshaft bushings in the support plate      Twin Cam "B" motor case in one easy          engine balancers on Twin Cam "B"
on Twin Cam 88 models. Piloted for            smooth motion preventing any damage          engines when servicing the flywheel
accurate operation.                           to the bearing bores. The installing         assembly This tool locks into the
720492 Crankshaft bushing tool                portion of this tool is designed to push     balancer's sprocket pin holes to prevent
                                              on the outer diameter of bearing             the balancer from turning out of
                                              preventing any damage to the bearing         synchronization with the flywheel.
                                              itself or it's bore.                         750311 Jim's balancer shaft
                                              750313 Balancer shaft and bearing                        retention pins
                                                             remover and installer tool.


     CRANKSHAFT BUSHING REAMER                    SHOCK SPANNER                               SOFTAIL SHOCK PRE-LOAD TOOL
     FOR TWIN CAM MODELS                          133012 Works on Harley V-Twins to           This high quality tool allows easy spring
     Use this tool when replacing crankshaft      set more or less, spring compression        pre-load adjustment on all Softail
     bushings in any 1999 to present Twin Cam     on the rear shocks. Can be used on          shocks, 1989 to present (OEM
     88 motor. This tool will ream bushings for   models 1958 thru 1984 and Sportster         94455-89).
     proper size, and align crankshaft to cam     models 1958 thru 1974. Zinc plated          741884 Softail shock pre-load tool
     support plate. Made by Jims.                 finish.
     741906 Twin Cam crankshaft
                 bushing reamer

     This Jims tool will cut the time it takes    PRE-LOAD TOOL FOR SOFTAILS                  PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION
     to remove the wrist pins as it can be        MODELS                                      STANDARD SHOCK TOOL
     used easily by one person. No need for       This tool allows easy spring pre-load       This USA made shock tool works on
     another technician to hold the piston        adjustment on 1989 to present Softails.     most shocks found in this catalog. No
     while you drift the pin out. Can be used     It also doubles as a disassembly tool for   more hassle when changing springs,
     on all Sportsters and Big Twins,             1984 thru 1988 Softails to install          this tool makes it an easy job. Place
     including Twin Cam 88 models.                lowering kit spacers.                       shock in the holder, insert the pin
     720482 Wrist pin remover                     233679 Softail pre-load tool                through the hook, turn arm until holder
                                                                                              compresses the spring far enough to
     NEW                                                                                      remove the collars and release arm
                                                                                              again. A must in every workshop.
                                                                                              235125 Standard shock tool

     S&S MAIN JET TOOL                            SHOCK ABSORBER PRE-LOAD
     This tool makes it easy to change main       SPANNER
     jet in S&S GAL, GBL, MGAL, MGL,              Simple but very effective tool to adjust
25   Super B, Super E and all two-throat          the shock absorber spring pre-load.
     carburetors. A must for every                Works on most shock absorbers.
     professional workshop.                       235188 Pre-load Spanner
     750264 Main jet tool for changing
                series #72 main jets



This 3” oil filter socket wrench works to   EXTRACTOR                                   A small tool that is a must for every
install and remove most OEM and             No more difficulties in dismounting         Wheel builder or workshop. Fits six
aftermarket 3” oil filter cartridges as     molex style connectors. The receptacle      most common spoke nipple sizes
well as our Spin-On replacement oil         and pin extractor will easily remove the    including all sizes used on Harley-
filter & oil cooler combinations.           pins. Can be used on all models.            Davidson wheels.
235472 3” Oil filter socket wrench                                                      721119 Spoke wrench
                                            750338     Pin extractor
                                            750339     Receptacle extractor

                                                                         NEW             NEW

PROFESSIONAL FORK OIL LEVEL                                                             WHEEL TRUING & BALANCING
ADJUSTER                                    JIMS 6-IN-1 RECEPTACLE                      STAND
This tool is the quickest and most          EXTRACTORS                                  A solid piece of equipment, made by
accurate way to set the oil level in each   This handy tool easily removes an           Rowe in the U.S.A. True on centers or
fork leg. Designed for the professional     assortment of harness style receptacle      "V" slot, balance on ball bearings. The
mechanic, works on most forks. The          pins with either one of these 6 into 1      same tool as used in all of the Harley-
aluminum level adjuster on the hollow       tools. This tool originally came from the   Davidson Schools.
steel filler probe makes adjusting fork     automotive industry but, as we found        722516 Wheel truing stand only
oil levels an accurate and easy task.       out, also works great on motorcycles.
235189 Fork oil level adjuster
                                            750340     6-in-1 for ALDL, pack-con
                                                       and weather connectors
                                            750341     6-in-1 for all tong-style



     JIMS DUAL GAUGE LEAK-DOWN TESTER                                    “ACCEL 300+ CRIMP” HEAVY-DUTY PLUG WIRE &
     This tester is of a superior large 2 1/2” diameter dual gauge       ELECTRICAL WIRE TOOL
     design incorporating an in the field adjustable right hand gauge,   The best wiring crimping tool available. The 300+ Crimp
     a precision air regulator, an aluminum black anodized main          tool is supplied with three removable stripping/crimping die
     body, corrosion resistant solid brass coupler, and hose for both    type jaws. One for spark 7-9 mm plus wires and two styles
     12 mm and 14 mm plug holes. Oil resistant boots provide             for primary wire terminals. An absolute must for making
     added protection to both gauges. This tool enables the              custom plug wire sets or wiring harnesses. Constructed with
     professional engine builder/tuner a way to pinpoint leakage of      a heavy-duty hardened steel frame with molded non-slip
     the piston bore, rings, valves, heads, and gaskets without taking   hand grips. An adjustable ratchet mechanism produces
     the engine apart. Much more versatile than a simple                 consistent factory style high quality crimps.
     compression gauge. Complete instructions are included.              231953 Accel 300+ Crimp too
     233143 Dual gauge leak-down tester

                                                                         LASER ASSITED DRIVE BELT OR DRIVE CHAIN
                                                                         ALIGNMENT TOOL
     RACER'S SAFETY WIRE KIT                                             Whenever you remove the rear wheel of your motorcycle you
     For safety wiring of nuts and bolts, kit includes stainless wire    need to re-align the chain or belt when you replace it. This
     and special stainless washers that make safety wiring a “no         handy tool really takes the guesswork out of this job. Simply put
     drill” operation. Wire is separately available.                     the Chain Alignment Tool on your sprocket or pulley and the
     235193 Safety wire kit                                              laser beam shows you if everything is lined up properly. Correct
                                                                         alignment increases the lifetime of your complete drive train,
     235272      Safety wire                                             tire, wheel bearings and even reduces fuel consumption and
                 .035 (0.9 mm)                                           improves road holding. The Class-2 quality laser has a tolerance
25               1 lbs.                                                  of less than 0.01 mm per meter chain or belt and works on two
     235267      Safety wire                                             normal RR-14 “penlight” batteries. The Chain Alignment Tool is
                 .025                                                    economically priced - every bike owner should have one in his
                 (0.65mm)                                                tool box and is an absolute must for a professional workshop.
                 1 lbs.                                                  701225 Mark II Laser Drive Line
                                                                                      Chain Alignment Tool



A professional tool for workshop use,
allowing you to check wheel alignment
within minutes. First you check if the
final drive is in line with the included
Chain Alignment Tool, than attach the
CNC machined aluminum gauges to the
front and rear wheel and switch on the
laser and you can see at a glance if the
wheels are in line or not. The two
gauges with integrated class-2 lasers
guarantee a measuring tolerance of less
than 0.5 mm/meter. No more hassling
around with ropes or bars of steel, the
Bike Alignment Tool (B.A.T.) gives
secure information. Perfect for Custom
Bike Builders, crash damage controls,
and a real help in solving road-holding
problems. Professionals know that          TWIN SCAN 88 DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL
professional tools require professional    This low-cost diagnostic scan tool is
care, so the B.A.T. comes complete with    compatible with 2001 to present Twin
a high impact plastic case to store it     Cam and V-Rod models that are equipped
properly.                                  with Delphi Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI),
                                           but can also be used on 2003 to present
Complete kit contains:                     carburated models that have the late style
• Laser Chain Alignment Tool with two      12-pin ignition module. The including
  1.5 Volt LR44 batteries                  software has three major functions:
• One pair front wheel gauges with         reading and clearing diagnostic trouble
  clamps                                   codes, displaying real time engine data,
• One pair rear wheel gauges with          and displaying logged data on your own         download the data and examine in detail
  clamps                                   Windows PC. The Twin Scan 88 is                what happened before and after the code
• High Impact plastic case                 especially useful for diagnosing hard to       was set. A range of capabilities for
• Two laser equipped gauges                find intermittent trouble codes. The           analyzing and printing out logged data is
                                           motorcycle can be operated normally even       displayed in a chart recorder format. The
701226     Professional Bike Alignment     when the Twin Scan 88 is installed. When       Twin Scan 88 is supplied complete with
           Tool                            your bike works o.k., so when the Twin         Windows software. Requires a PC with
                                           Scan module does not show no trouble           minimum 30MHz Pentium running               25
                                           code, the unit can be set up to store data                             ,
                                                                                          Windows 98, ME or XP and an RS-232
                                           for the last hour of operation. If a trouble   serial port.
                                           code is set, the unit stops automatically
                                           logging data 30 minutes after the code is      741965     Twin Scan 88 diagnostic
                                           set. Days or weeks later you can still                    scan tool


     Standard Motor
     Products, an
     industry leader in
     the US aftermarket,
     has recently
     expanded its Blue
     Streak Diagnostic
     Monitor (BDM) to
     included diagnostic
     coverage for
     motorcycles from
     1995 to present
     and Buell models
     1999 to present.
     Electronics are an
     integral part of any
     vehicle today and
     Harley’s are no
     different. These
     electronic control
     modules give
     access to a great
     amount of data.
     Since accurate
     information remains
     the best way to
     locate and solve
     problems quickly,
     all technicians in
     the aftermarket can
     benefit from using a
     BDM. The BDM is designed using the state of the art Hitachi   The BDM allows the aftermarket access to OEM scan data to
     scan tool bringing powerful graphing capabilities plus OEM    repair the bike correctly the first time. Available as Basic
     functions in a easy and convenient way to the technician.     BDM Kit, which includes everything to get started or as BDM
                                                                   Pro Kit, which features a built-in 2-channel Oscilloscope and
     Some of the highlights included in the software include:      digital multi-meter. Both the Basic and Pro versions come
                                                                   with a cartridge to diagnose all ECM controlled carbureted
     • Read and clear trouble codes                                models to present, as well as Marelli Fuel Injected FLH/FLT
     • View live data from the ECM                                 models 1995 thru 2001. Cartridges to diagnose 2001 to
     • Graph data                                                  present Delphi Fuel Injected models and 1999 to present
     • Perform a 100 frame snapshot                                carbureted and fuel injected Buell models must be ordered
     • Active Diagnostics, such as fuel pump, injectors,           separately.
25     coil, plus more
     • User friendly, easy to use menus                            721792     Basic BDM Kit
     • Large viewing area                                          721793     BDM Pro Kit
     • Upgradeable to Pro model                                    722193     Cartridge to diagnose 1999 to present
                                                                              Buell models
                                                                   722192     Cartridge to diagnose 2001 to present Delphi
                                                                              Fuel Injected models