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					                                Tiffany Dovydaitis, RN, WHCNP-BC
                             University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
                                       Center for Health Equity
                                            (609) 306-8269

Clinician; Student Nurse Practitioner in various settings (2006-2007)

       Delaware Valley OBGYN & Princeton Midwifery, Lawrenceville NJ
       Planned Parenthood of Mercer County, Trenton, NJ
       Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Hamilton, NJ
       HiTops Adolescent Sexual Health, Princeton, NJ

Staff RN; LDRP, University Medical Center at Princeton, Princeton, NJ (2004-2007)

       Provide primary, professional nursing care to antepartum, laboring and postpartum women and
        their newborns
       Work as a circulating RN in the OR for cesarean sections and provide PACU recovery
        immediately post-op
       Trained in RTS and UNITE grief support for women experiencing fetal demise
       Often worked as evening/night shift charge nurse

Research Consultant; Oregon Law Center, Portland, OR

       Consulted on Robert Wood Johnson funded grant “Protection Against Sexual Assault of
        Indigenous Farmworkers”.
       Developed a farmworker-oriented sexual assault protocol for Virginia Garcia Memorial Health
       Provided focus group trainings for indigenous community research partners
       Led qualitative analysis of focus group and individual interview data

Student Intern; Cigna, Philadelphia, PA

       Worked with occupational health department, human resources, security, legal services and
        behavioral health to evaluate Cigna’s efforts to curb intimate partner violence among Cigna’s
        employees nation-wide.
       Made recommendations for reducing corporate costs and consequences of intimate partner
        violence at Cigna

Assistant Professor; Mercer County Community College, School of Nursing (2009-Present)

       Clinical instructor, Maternal Child Health

Adjunct Professor; The College of New Jersey, School of Nursing (2007-2008)

       Course leader, Research for Health Related Sciences
Guest Lecturer (Invited)

        University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, NUR781 Well Woman Care, Recognizing the
         Trafficking Victim in the Clinic. (Fall, 2009).
        University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, NUR679 Issues in Occupational Health.
         Indigenous Farmworker Health in the US. (Fall, 2008).
        University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing. NUR680 Advanced Practicum/Residency in
         Occupational Health. Reproductive Health in Occupational Health Practice. (Spring 2008/2009)
        University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, NUR677 (PUBH530) Environmental Toxicology:
         Risk Assessment and Health Effects. Environmental endocrine disruptors, PCB’s, MeHg and
         teratology. (Summer, 2007)
        The College of New Jersey, School of Nursing, NUR340 Caring in Psychosocial Health. Adult
         Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. (Spring, 2004)

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Dovydaitis, T. (2008). Fish Consumption During Pregnancy: An Overview of Risks and Benefits. Journal
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        Center for Health Equity, The University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing
       Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence, The University of Pennsylvania, School of
        Social Policy and Practice
       Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR), Philadelphia, PA


       Mary Louise Brown Research Award, 1st place, AAOHN National Conference, 2008
       Alice Paul Award: Prestigious annual award given to students, who have demonstrated
        outstanding service to women in the Penn community, 2007
       Sigma Theta Tau International Society of Nursing
       Women’s Health & Environmental Network Scholarship, 2007


Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (currently enrolled)
Master of Science in Nursing, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (2007)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ (2004)