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					Nutrition Test

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Multiple Choice: For each of the following questions, circle the letter of the answer that best answers the

1.   A calorie is a unit of

     A.   volume
     B.   temperature
     C.   energy
     D.   mass

2.   The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is defined as;

     A.   A measure of the rate at which a person’s body burns calories while at rest
     B.   A person’s metabolic rate before going on a diet
     C.   The best calorie-burning rate that a person can achieve
     D.   All of the above

3.   The number of calories a person burns in a day is affected by;

     A.   How much that person exercises
     B.   The amount of fat and muscle in his or her body
     C.   The person’s basal metabolic rate
     D.   All of the above

4.   Experts recommend that adults get more than ______ minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each

     A.   20
     B.   30
     C.   45
     D.   60

5.   Which of these statements is true?

     A. Women can get both anorexia and bulimia, but men can’t get anorexia.
     B. Both women and men can develop an eating disorder, but they’re more common in women
     C. Both women and men can develop anorexia and bulimia, but men don’t have body-image problems.

6.   People with anorexia:

     A. Have an intense fear of being fat
     B. Feel better when they’ve reached their goal weight
     C. Eat huge amounts of food but don’t gain weight

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7.   People with bulimia:

     A. Don’t participate in sports
     B. Quickly begin to look very different
     C. May use laxatives or diuretics to lose weight

8.   People who weigh at least _____ less than the healthy weight for their height may not have enough body fat
     to keep their organs and other body parts healthy.

     A. 15%
     B. 25%
     C. 35%

9.   According to doctors, the best confirmation that a person’s weight is health is

     A. How much the person eats and exercises
     B. Body mass index
     C. Whether a person feels comfortable and confident with his or her weight.

10. A person with a health weight has a BMI of about:

     A. 18-27 for women or 19-27 for men
     B. 24to 34 for women or 29-39for men
     C. 11 to 17for women or 8-18for men

11. Both anorexia and bulimia can lead to:

     A. Feeling of guilt and depression
     B. Drug use
     C. All of these things.

12. Which food is the best source of complex carbohydrates?

     A.   Celery
     B.   Candy bar
     C.   Steak
     D.   Milk

13. Amino acids are the building block for this nutrient:

     A.   Protein
     B.   Fats
     C.   Carbohydrates
     D.   Minerals

14. A major source of energy for your body comes from

     A.   Mineral
     B.   Vitamins
     C.   Carbohydrates
     D.   Water

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15. An example of a food that contains complete proteins is

    A.   Fish
    B.   Fruit
    C.   Peas
    D.   Brown rice

16. One major function of protein is

    A.   Transporting vitamins
    B.   Carrying waste from cells
    C.   Producing nerve tissue
    D.   Building and repairing body tissue

17. An example of fat high in saturated fatty acids is

    A.   Olive oil
    B.   Butter
    C.   Corn oil
    D.   Soybean oil

18. If you take in more calories than you burn, you will

    A.   Gain weight
    B.   Maintain your weight
    C.   Lose weight
    D.   Decrease you BMI

19. Body composition is

    A.   The same as weight
    B.   The same throughout a person’ lifetime
    C.   The same for all teens
    D.   The ratio of body fat to lean body tissue

20. The following supplies the most calories per gram?

    A. Carbohydrates
    B. Fat
    C. Protein
    D. All supply the same number of calories per gram
21. Purging of the digestive system following overeating is a symptom of;

    A.   Binge eating
    B.   Bulimia nervosa
    C.   Anorexia nervosa
    D.   Fad dieting

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22. Which of the following is a type of eating disorder?

    A.   Anorexia nervosa
    B.   Fasting
    C.   Weight-cycling
    D.   Fad diets

23. Which of the following is NOT a health risk associated with being overweight?

    A.   Type 2 diabetes
    B.   Joint problems
    C.   Asthma
    D.   High blood pressure

24. The Nutritional Facts panel on food products includes which of the following types of information?

    A.   Number of calories per serving
    B.   Price per ounce
    C.   The expiration date
    D.   The cooking process

25. Where would you find the % of Daily Dietary Recommendations?

    A.   MyPyramid
    B.   U.S. Dietary Guidelines
    C.   Nutritional Facts Label
    D.   None of the above

True or False: For each statement, circle True or False.

True         False          1.   Your body converts all carbohydrates to fiber.
True         False          2.   Water-soluble vitamins are stored in fat.
True         False          3.   Water is a nutrient that is vital to every body function.
True         False          4.   A set of recommendations for eating healthy are the Dietary Guidelines for
True         False          5. Corn syrup is a type of protein.
True         False          6. You should base a healthful eating plan on the guidelines in MyPyramid.
True         False          7. People with bulimia nervosa binge, then purge their digestive system.
True         False          8. Eating disorders can be fatal.
True         False          9. There are four calories in a gram of fat.
True         False          10. .Fructose is a sugar.

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Fill in the Blank: Into each sentence below, copy a term from the word bank that correctly completes the
Nutrient                Complete protein       cholesterol             Fiber                   Caloric Intake
calcium                 Incomplete protein     Caloric expenditure     iron                    BMR

1.   A ________________ is a substance found in food that helps with body processes.
2.   A protein which contains all of the essential amino acids is a _________________________.
3.   Proteins from plant sources than do not contain all the essential amino acids are ______________________.
4.   Saturated fats may lead to raising blood _________________________________.
5.   A nutrient found in dairy products which builds bones and teeth is ________________________________.
6.   The amount of energy needed just to keep your body alive when it is at rest is known as your _____________.
7.   Red blood cells require __________________ to help transport oxygen.
8.   The amount of calories used in a day to maintain life processes and energy needs is the
9.   The ____________ is the part of grains and plant foods that cannot be digested.
10. Knowing your ___________________________ is important so you can monitor the amount of food energy
    needed for one day.

Essay Question: Calculate the BMI for a boy 64 inches tall and 164 pounds. After you calculate the BMR state if
the boy is underweight, healthy weight, or over weight. List three recommendations for nutritional and exercise.

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