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									                            Study Guide for Literature Test
This guide will help you focus your studying for the test on our fifth literature selection, “The
King of Mazy May”

Section 1: Critical Reading

This section consists of 14 multiple choice questions worth 5 points each. They ask specific
questions about:
    Walt’s beliefs and character traits
    How to use signal words (see worksheets for list)
    The Klondike setting and why people were drawn to it
    The conflict between good characters (Walt) and evil characters (stampeders)

The following is a sample question from the test:

Each sentence has a signal word or phrase in italics. In which sentence is the signal word or phrase

            a)   Walt Masters is not a very large boy, because there is manliness in his makeup.
            b)   On account of the poor lead dog, the sled kept going off the trail.
            c)   No snow had fallen for weeks, so the trail was hard and icy.
            d)   Walt could hear the men yelling to their dogs, but he could not see them.

Section 2: Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar

This section consists of 6 multiple choice questions about the vocabulary words introduced in the
selection, the spelling rule we covered (adding the suffix -or), and the identification of pronouns and
their antecedents. Know the meaning of the vocabulary words and how to identify correctly, or
incorrectly, spelled words. Do not ignore the vocabulary and grammar. Many points are lost
here.These questions are also worth 5 points each.

Section 3: Essay Questions
Your 3 previously written paragraphs (summary, character analysis, and setting analysis) will take
the place of essay questions. They will be graded separately.

    1. “The King of Mazy May” is about a conflict between a boy and a group of men; it is also a
       story of conflict between good and bad. In an essay, describe Walt’s good qualities and the
       claim-jumpers’ bad qualities. Cite examples from the story to support your description.
    2. Some people think that a person’s character, or nature, is mainly inherited from his or her
       parents; others believe that a person’s character is formed mainly by the experiences he or
       she has early in life. In an essay, analyze Walt’s character and skills. Using details from the
       text to support your analysis, state which of the qualities are part of his nature and which
       might result from how and where he grew up.
    3. “The King of Mazy May” is set in the Yukon territory just after 1900 – a rugged wilderness
       with few comforts of civilization. Write an essay in which you explain the effect of this
       setting on the story. Begin your essay by describing the setting, using appropriate details
       from the text. Continue by explaining how the setting, including climate and terrain, has a
       significant effect on the story’s events.

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