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									                                         Judges Newsletter
                                                                                 June 2006
Amazing as it is, another skating season has passed us by. Like many others, it has been a
busy one full of competitions, test sessions and changes that continue to move our sport in
new directions. And if any of you have been like myself this season (hopefully not, but I know
Jason Whiting can agree), you have logged many miles and seen numerous tests and
performances across the province. Because of the unconditional support and dedication of all
our officials in the province, we continue to provide quality services to our clubs and skaters.

With that being said, everyone also needs to take the time to rest and relax so they can be
ready for the challenges of a new season…it will be here before we know it. As you enjoy your
time away from the rink, don’t forget to frequently logon to the Members Only section of the
Skate Canada website for updates. New information and changes will begin to appear shortly
as the 2006 ACGM in Markham and the ISU Congress in Budapest are completed and
preparations for the new season begin. The latest news items and events within our province
can be found on the Skate Canada – Saskatchewan website, so be sure to check it out.

As an additional piece of homework for the off-season, take some extra time to review the
various test standards for evaluating tests. It never hurts to refresh our minds and reassure
ourselves that we are properly applying the Skate Canada standards when evaluating tests and
judging competitions. Likewise, for everyone who has been trained in CPC, review this criteria
as well. For many of us, it has been almost a year since we have used the material and we
should be prepared and ready for the challenges of the upcoming season.

Questions and comments are always welcomed, so please feel free to contact the Section office
or any member of the judges committee at any time. If you have any news you would like to
share, please send me an email with the details so that it can be added to the next newsletter.
Enjoy the summer!
Brett Hines
Newsletter Coordinator

If you would like to receive the Judges Newsletter via email in the future, please
forward your email address to bretthines@sasktel.net.

                                               I WISH…
                      There was a Referee Clinic…Or maybe a Novice Dance Clinic…
                         Does this sound like you? Do you have a wish list of clinics or
                      workshops? The Saskatchewan Judges/Evaluators Committee needs
                      your input to see what clinics or workshops should be offered in the
                              upcoming year to service the needs of our officials.

                      If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact Carla Laevens at
                             (306) 628-3949 or by email at cmlaevens@sasktel.net
Saskatchewan Judges Newsletter                                                         Page 1
June 2006
From the desk of Carla Laevens - Judges/Evaluators Chair Report
I think I am pleased I have been appointed as the Judges/Evaluators Chairperson for another two-year term.
My committee members are: Allyson Senecal, Brett Hines, Judy Moore, Karen Howard, Jason Whiting,
Debbie Rodgers, Marilyn McEwen and Sylvia Wandzura.
We are anticipating a very busy year. There will be continued training throughout the year- both for CPC and
the Well Balanced Program. It is very important that you keep in touch with us. It will be mandatory for you to
take this training to continue to judge; even at the Regional Competitions. Please check our website
regularly. I would like to suggest you contact your Regional Coordinator and get to know him or her. They are
our front line in communications and we need to work with them. If you do not know who they are, contact
our Section office and Danielle can help you.
CDS will be in North Battleford and will offer several things for judges. This might be a good time to take the
Juvenile clinic as a refresher to update your qualifications. Is there any interest in a Referee clinic? Or do
you have any other suggestions? Please contact one of our committee members with your ideas.
We are constantly trying to recruit new judges and evaluators. If there is someone you know who you think
would be a good candidate, please contact me and I will take it from there.
Invitations to judge at our provincial competitions will me mailed out in early July. Please take a couple of
minutes and fill these out COMPLETELY and return them by the date listed.
For those of you going to summer competitions, please remember you are representing Saskatchewan.
Take some time this summer for you and your family. I will be away off and on this summer, so if you trying
to reach me – be patient – I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Carla Laevens
Judges/Evaluators Chair

                                     DID YOU KNOW…

      Effective July 1, 2006, the mileage rate will now be $0.40 per km

Saskatchewan Judges Newsletter                                                                        Page 2
June 2006
From the desk of Allyson Senecal - Officials Development Report
Summer competitions can be a fun and rewarding experience. There are many opportunities to meet new
judges from different areas of the country and judge skaters that you have never seen before.
Please keep in mind that the new CPC judging system will be in effect and it will not be uncommon for
schedules to be off time and/or some confusion to occur at one point or another. Please be as patient and as
accommodating as possible to the host committee. Competitions holding STARSkate events as well will still
be using the 6.0 judging system and you may be required to work back and forth between the two judging
systems, so please keep yourself focused and on top of your paperwork.
Host committees will be covering your expenses from the airport pickup point only and until they drop you off
at the airport for the return flight home. They will be covering your hotel and meal expenses while you are at
the competition. All other travel expenses are covered by Saskatchewan section. Please submit an expense
sheet for travel to and from airport as well as airport parking, if applicable. Expense sheets should be sent to
Carla Laevens. Any judges who have accepted a personal invitation to judge out of province should check to
make sure that the host section is covering all of your expenses. If the Saskatchewan Judges’ committee has
not arranged for you to attend their competition, the committee hosting the competition will be required to pay
for your travel expenses as well as any other expenses incurred.
In all cases, receipts must be attached to any expense claims; i.e. taxi fares to airport, airport parking, etc. If
you are in a position to drive to your summer competition, remember that mileage expenses reimbursed will
not exceed that of an airfare ticket. You will be reimbursed for the lesser of the two expenses; return airfare
or mileage, whichever is the least.
While you may have an opportunity to trial judge at an out-of-province competition, please remember that
you are an ambassador of the Saskatchewan section first and foremost and that your main objective is to
officiate for the host committee, judging in whatever events you are needed the most. For those of you who
have been Tech Rep at competitions before, you know how difficult it is to change judging assignments at
the last minute. Please be mindful of any requests that you may make to the Tech Rep, making sure that any
requests be made well in advance. Please check with the Tech Rep ahead of time and remind him/her of
which events you would like to trial.
The judges’ committee hopes you enjoy your judging experience while attending any summer competitions!

Allyson Senecal
Officials Development Co-ordinator

Saskatchewan Judges Newsletter                                                                           Page 3
June 2006
                           Trial Judging Process
Congratulations to our new competitive judges in Saskatchewan! We are happy to see some new
faces around the rink this past season. Now that you are embarking on your judging career, you
will need to keep a file of your actual judging and any trial judging sheets that you do in order to
advance to the next level as a competitive judge. Along with trial judging, you will also need to
have referee’s reports filled out on your actual judging of an event before you can apply for a
Please keep in mind the following guidelines when you are attending a competition with the intent
of trial judging or obtaining a referee’s report:
   1. Please inform the Tech Rep and/or Accounting Committee of the competition in advance of
      any trial sheets that you may require.
   2. The Referee of each event must be asked in advance if you would like a report done on
      your trial or actual judging. Referees get a lot of requests for reports and not all of them will
      agree to do one.
   3. At the end of each event, make a photocopy of your JPR’s (Judge’s Personal Record), one
      for you and one for the Referee of your event.
   4. Hand the Referee of each event that you have trial judged your original JPR’s, a copy of the
      protocol, the correct judging assessment form for the Referee to complete (trial or actual
      judging) as well as a stamped envelope with your return name and address on it. Make
      sure you fill out the top portion of the assessment sheets with your name and judging level,
      number of skaters, etc. The Referee will then review your sheets and fill out the
      assessment form and return it to you.
When you feel you have fulfilled all of the requirements for your next judging promotion, please
contact me at the address below. I will ask you for the following documents: a list of all events you
have actually judged and trial judged, listed in a “Judging Promotion Request” form, your JPR’s
and a copy of the protocol, along with any satisfactory trial judging and referee reports.
Promotions up to and including Novice requests can be forwarded to me at any time during the
year. Any Junior or Senior promotion requests must be sent to me no later than August 30th to be
considered for a fall promotion. Spring promotion requests for Junior and Senior must be submitted
no later than mid-March.
If you need a copy of the Promotion Request form, please contact me and I will send it to you via
Good luck with your competitive judging career!
Allyson Senecal
Officials Development Co-ordinator
Skate Canada – Saskatchewan

Box 2082                              Phone: (306) 882-4180
Rosetown SK S0L 2V0                   E-mail: allysenecal@sasktel.net

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Saskatchewan Judges Newsletter                                                                Page 4
June 2006
Moving Up The Ladder                                                                Continued…
Trial Judging Process

Evaluator promotions begin at test sessions. These steps will help you move up the ladder…
 -   Contact your Regional Coordinator and Coordinators of surrounding regions for a list of test
     sessions in your area. This is your first line of communication to finding test sessions around
     the province.
 -   Contact the Test Chair and Evaluator of the test session you wish to attend. Indicate your
     intentions so that the appropriate test sheets can be prepared and copied for your use. Extra
     time may also need to be added to the test session so that discussion of results can occur
     with the Evaluator.
 -   Arrive at the rink early with all your materials on hand. Complete the necessary paperwork.
 -   Under the supervision of the Evaluator, conduct the tests following proper procedures.
     Evaluate the tests and discuss the results with the Supervising Evaluator as time permits.
 -   Complete the necessary paperwork and supervised evaluator reports with the Evaluator at
     the end of the test session.
 -   Photocopy these reports with the appropriate attachments and mail your supervised
     evaluator reports to Judges Chair (Carla Laevens) when you are ready to apply for your

  Skate Canada – Saskatchewan Judges/Evaluator Committee
Chairperson                  Carla Laevens        (306)   628-3949     cmlaevens@sasktel.net
Past Chairperson             Judy Moore           (306)   545-9397     jmoore@regina.ca
Section Vice-Chair           Marilyn McEwen       (306)   245-3758     hmhmcewen@sasktel.net
Officials Development        Allyson Senecal      (306)   882-4180     allysenecal@sasktel.net
Competition Chairperson      Jason Whiting        (306)   584-1545     jason.whiting@sasktel.net
Coaching Representative      Sylvie Wandzura      (306)   693-2321     sylvie.w@sasktel.net
Synchro Representative       Debbie Rodger        (306)   868-2292     debbie.rodger@rqhealth.ca
Member at Large              Karen Howard         (306)   789-4430     kl_howard@hotmail.com
Member at Large              Brett Hines          (306)   978-0300     bretthines@sasktel.net

     2205 Victoria Avenue                                    865 Shefford Road
     Regina, SK S4P 0S4                                    Ottawa, ON K1J 1H9
      Ph: (306) 780-9245                                    Ph: (888) 747-2372
     Fax: (306) 780-9242                                   Fax: (613) 748-5718
     sk.skate@sasktel.net                              skatecanada@skatecanada.ca

Saskatchewan Judges Newsletter                                                             Page 5
June 2006
            TEST DAY IS OVER…OR IS IT???
                       Finishing the Paperwork
In our last newsletter, information and ideas were shared on how to provide positive feedback to
skaters. So your job is done right? Unfortunately there are still several duties we are required to
complete as evaluators while at a test session. Completing the test and summary sheets is
another important part of the test day procedure.
Always ensure that all the required information is completed on a test sheet when conducting a
test. This information includes the skater’s name, home club, the club hosting the test, date, coach
and your name as the evaluator. All fields on the top portion on the sheet need to be completed for
record keeping purposes. The test chairperson should have all of this completed prior to your
arrival at the rink.
Once you have completed evaluating the test, ensure that you have completed all check marks in
the appropriate columns to communicate the result of the test. This should be done clearly on the
top and bottom of the test sheet to indicate the test as a “Pass” or a “Retry”. Provide your
comments (remember to keep them positive and constructive) at the bottom of the sheet. Last but
not least, ensure you have signed the top portion in the appropriate space before moving onto the
next test sheet.
The test chairperson should have all the appropriate information completed on the summary sheet.
This includes the skaters name, Skate Canada number, home club, authority to test and test code.
This information is mandatory in order for Skate Canada to process the summary sheet and
appropriately credit the skaters with a pass or retry on tests. Ensure the test chairperson has
completed their job. If not, indicate what information is missing and the importance of this
information being recorded. Double check the top portion of the test sheet to the summary sheet
to ensure that the result matches for a “Pass” or “Retry”. Make sure that the proper test code has
also been used. Initial in the proper space for each test that you have evaluated.
Everything should be marked legibly with dark ink (not pencil) so that markings transfer through all
3 copies if carbon copy paper sheets are used; or so that it can be photocopied clearly if a single
sheet is used. If any of the information is missing or can not be read, summary sheets will be
returned to clubs from Skate Canada and the Section. Please help the test chairperson out by
doing things properly the first time.
What if…
A test is pulled within 2 weeks of the test day?
     A line is drawn through the entry and “NOT TRIED” or “WITHDRAWN” is written. The test is
     marked as a retry and the Skate Canada test fee must be paid unless due to illness or injury.
     You should still initial this test on the summary sheet.
A higher test was conditional on passing a lower test and the skater did NOT pass the lower test?
     No fee is paid for the higher test. Cross out the higher test and write in “CONDITIONAL”.
     Initial this test on the summary sheet.
By taking a few extra minutes to pay attention to these important details, test sessions will run
smoothly and efficiently every time.

Saskatchewan Judges Newsletter                                                               Page 6
June 2006
                    Spreading the Good News…
    Our judging numbers continue to grow as we congratulate Sheri Roger of Meadow Lake on
       completing her first promotion. This brings our total number of new judges to three for the
       season with Abby Plonka and Cheryl Roundy receiving their promotions earlier in the year.

    Doug Steele has had a busy winter season traveling around the globe.     He has officiated at
       Synchro events in Berlin, Toronto, Milan, Helsinki and Prague and even squeezed in some
       vacation time in South America, the Torino Olympics, Munich and Venice.

    Congratulations to Laurel Dutton-Wilkins and her family.     They celebrated the birth of a
       baby girl on April 5 that they named Robyn Faith Laura.
    The pitter-patter of little feet will grow by two-fold in the Peace household soon. Jayson
       and his wife Candace are expecting the arrival of their second child in early November.

    Congratulations to the following who received awards at the Skate Canada – Saskatchewan
       AGM in Saskatoon on May 6.
        o Jayson Peace – Skate Canada Officials Award of Excellence and Coaches Choice Award
        o Allyson Senecal – Volunteer Recognition Award
        o Meagan Briske – Volunteer Recognition Award

    Doug Steele was recently a recipient of a Saskatchewan Centennial Medal for his continuing
       volunteer efforts in the sport of figure skating. He this award on May 26 in Saskatoon at a
       function hosted by Lt. Governor Linda Haverstock.
    Meagan Briske will be leaving us for a short period of time.
                                                                She will be heading to Spain
       from September to December to complete her internship in Education specializing in Math
       and Art. Meagan her mother Pam will also do some touring through Europe in August
       before she begins her teaching.
    Jayson Peace has been selected as a Technical Specialist for the ISU Junior Grand Prix
       event in Courchevel, France in late August. This is the first of eight competitions that
       comprise the ISU Junior Grand Prix series.

                                 DON’T FORGET
  Judges CAN NOT accept invitations to single panel any competitive tests.
   Only the Judges/Evaluator Chair Carla Laevens is permitted to give out such
   assignments (Duties of Officials, Policy 3.2)
  Judges CAN NOT accept invitations to judge OR evaluate at clubs outside of the
   Section. These requests must go through Carla Laevens and their own
   Judges/Evaluator Chairperson prior to the allowance of such invitation being
   accepted (Duties of Officials, Policy 3.7)
  Comments on test sheets should always be POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE.
   We are here to motivate and develop the skater; not to punish and hinder them.

Saskatchewan Judges Newsletter                                                             Page 7
June 2006
                   2006/2007 Calendar of Events
Wild Rose Invitational Competition                      Aug 4 – 7           Edmonton, AB
PRAIRIE SKATE                                           AUG 11 – 13         SASKATOON
Summer Sizzle Competition                               Aug 11 – 13         Burlington, ON
North American Challenge Skate                          Aug 17 – 19         Burnaby, BC
BC/YT Summer Skate                                      Aug 17 – 20         Burnaby, BC
COS Summer Skate                                        Aug 17 – 20         Thornhill, ON
SGI SASK SKATE                                          SEP 29 – OCT 1      SASKATOON
Royal Glenora Invitational                              Oct 13 – 15         Edmonton, AB
CLUB DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR                                OCT 20 – 22         NORTH BATTLEFORD
Skate Canada International                    Nov 2 – 5      Victoria, BC
BMO Financial Group Western/Eastern Challenge Nov 30 – Dec 3 Moncton, NB
ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final                  Dec 14 – 17         St. Petersburg, RUS

BMO Financial Group Canadian Championships              Jan 15 – 21         Halifax, NS
BMO Financial Group Junior Nationals                    Jan 31 – Feb 3      Brampton, ON
ISU Four Continents Championships                       Feb 5 – 11          Colorado Springs, USA
BMO Financial Group Canadian Synchro                    Feb 22 – 25         Chicoutimi, QC
SASKTEL JEAN NORMAN COMPETITION                         FEB 23 – 25         MOOSE JAW
Jeux du Canada Games                                    Mar 4 – 10          Whitehorse, YT
ISU World Figure Skating Championships                  Mar 19 – 25         Tokyo, JPN
HomeSense National STARSkate Championships              Mar 22 – 24         Calgary, AB
National Adult Championships                            Mar 22 – 24         Calgary, AB
ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships            Mar 28 – 31         London, ON
Glencoe Invitational                                    Apr 5 – 7           Calgary, AB
SKATE CANADA – SASKATCHEWAN AGM                         MAY 5               REGINA

                                   Dates are subject to change.
        Check the Skate Canada – Saskatchewan website for the latest updates and additions at

Saskatchewan Judges Newsletter                                                               Page 8
June 2006

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