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									3 Legit Online Jobs to Jump-Start Your Work-
             From-Home Profits

Are you sick of the morning commute, sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a
day, and the whole 9 to 5 work grind in general? If you are – and I definitely
don’t blame you – how would you like to discover some legit online jobs that
you could work at instead? I’m talking stay at home, make your own hours,
work in your pajamas kind of online jobs. Sounds pretty great, right?
I know you’re probably thinking, “How much money can I really make
working online? And aren’t most Internet jobs scams?” To answer your first
question, working at an online job is the same as any offline job; you get out
of it what you put into it. If you’re a motivated, self-starter, then you can do
very well working from home full-time. Some Internet marketers are able to
pull in 6 figures a year (I wouldn’t count on that, especially not right away,
but it absolutely is possible). And as far as your scam question goes, yes,
scam jobs definitely do exist online so you have to proceed with a degree of
caution. But, if you’re smart about your job selections, doing research
beforehand, talking it over with other people, then you should be fine.
Now, please allow me to share with you a few of my favorite online jobs so
you can get an idea of whether this is truly an endeavor you’d like to pursue.

Mechanical Turk and Elance
These two websites are freelance marketplaces where people can browse a
huge selection of job listings, which include tasks like blog writing,
programming, and website designing to name a few. Then, the way it works
is, once you find a job you think you’d be interested in, you make a job
proposal and bid and wait to see if you are accepted. If you are, congrats! If
not, shake it off; there are plenty of other jobs you can try. You won’t make
a ton of money on Mechanical Turk and Elance, but they are great places to
start if you need to get your foot in the door or want to get your hands on
some quick cash. Also, don’t forget the power of connections. As you build
relationships with other people in these marketplaces, those relationships
can lead to more lucrative job opportunities.

Write Articles for eHow.com
If you are a good writer with knowledge of the fundamentals of keyword
research, then this online job is right up your alley. With eHow, you are able
to pen as many how-to articles as you would like and then you earn a
percentage of the advertising revenue that each one of your articles
generates. Plus, the cool thing about eHow is that all of your articles will
keep right on earning you money long after you first submitted them based
on the continual ad revenue they generate.
Help a Local Business Get Online
You may be surprised by how many local businesses either don’t have a
website at all or they have one that is utterly lackluster and not doing them
any good. In either case, once you learn some SEO tricks and social media
strategies, you can approach these businesses and present them with your
plan to improve their online presences. Provided that you can
deliver favorable results, these businesses will be willing to pay you
handsomely for your services.

Now, admittedly, I have presented you with online jobs that are more so
geared towards getting your foot in the door. If you’d like to learn more
advanced techniques for really sinking your teeth into the world of Internet
marketing, then I would highly recommend investing in a product called IM
Quick Start, which will teach you the hands-down best Internet marketing
business models that will turn you a significant profit, plus so much more.

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