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									              Using Hand Knotted Or Hand Tufted Carpets

There is an ongoing debate among homeowners as to which carpet type to use: hand knotted or hand
tufted. Basically they both look pretty much alike, however there are some basic differences between
the two particularly when it comes to the way they are produced. The hand tufted carpets are also
known as Full cut or latex carpets, and making them don't require any particular skill, unlike knotted
carpets which take much longer to make and need some knowledge in getting the knots lying the
right way.

When making a hand-tufted carpeting, you need to use good quality wool material. On the other
hand the quality of the hand-knotted rug is mostly based on how many knots are available per square
inch. Many people call the hand tufted types as disposable as they seem to be the lower cost ones
that don't need much labor and expertise in doing them. This means that they are cheaper when
bought so they are a better alternative when budget is your biggest motivator.

If the tufted rug is made of low quality wool, it won't make a good quality piece in the long run and
it will start showing signs of wear really fast. Getting a good quality piece means that you will have
to shop around and buy it from a company with a good reputation.

There is a third type of rug that can be also used for your carpeting, called flat woven rug. This is
quite lightweight and very easy to look after and clean. You can see many of these items as show
pieces that are hung mostly on the walls than laid on the floor. You won't find knots on this type and
this makes it a much easier construction than the previous two types.

To properly care for your staircases the best option is to use wood stair treads, while for areas around
your staircases where a full fledged carpet cannot fit you can easily go with some beautiful well
placed braided stair treads.

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