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					                                                              SCS News
951 N. Forest Ridge Blvd.
  Broken Arrow, Okla.
                            Letter from the SCS President
                            Dear Fellow PGA Professionals,
   Fax: 918-357-3328        Spring has finally arrived and hopefully great golf weather is here for the next six
                            months, at least! For those of you able to attend the Spring Meeting in Tulsa thank        you for your participation. We had a terrific couple of days of education, fellowship,
                            and fun that always seem to get me excited to come home and do a better job.

                            A special “thank you” to Eddie Roethlisberger and Kurt Gibson for their hard work
                            and efforts in respectively putting together the education program and special
                            awards dinner. Based on the feedback from the attending members, the interactive
                            classes were welcomed and provided tremendous best practices, all of which can be
                            found on the Section website. The special awards dinner was exactly that…special!
                            Thank you to everyone involved in the success of the Spring Meeting!

                            If you haven’t heard, the Section is putting on its inaugural Teaching & Coaching
                            Summit this coming October 12 & 13 at Gaillardia Country Club! This event will
                            be patterned after the national event and will provide an exceptional learning op-
                            portunity for everyone attending. Hank Haney will be our keynote instructor and
                            spend the day sharing his wealth of knowledge in the game. On Tuesday, past
                            South Central Teachers of the Year will lead break out sessions on various parts of
                            the game. To get signed up, you must go through the Section website (www.
                   and payment with credit card is required. Availability is
                            limited so sign up today! Congratulations to Brian Soerensen and his committee
                            for making this dream a reality. Thank you to Peter Vitali and Gaillardia C.C. for
                            hosting this special event!

                            Other exciting news is the incorporation of the South Central Section PGA Founda-
     Office Staff:          tion, led by Cimarron Grubb, who will serve as chair. The mission for the Founda-
                            tion is “Making a difference through the Game of Golf!” It has been organized ex-
  Barry Thompson            clusively for education and charitable purposes. The possibilities are limitless and
 Executive Director         the Foundation affords us the avenue to take our Section to a higher level. Please
                            log on and explore some of the many ways you can get involved! You will see much
   Walter Hopper            information regarding this subject in the near future.
   Tour Director            In closing, best wishes to you and your facility for a successful 2009! This advice
                            might be worth what you paid for it, but in these times it is more important than
   Joyce Cherblanc          ever to lean on each other. Trade ideas, seek solutions and offer a helping hand to
    Office Manager          assure we are all successful as we navigate through this economic climate.
  Amanda Hamilton           Fairways & Greens,
 Junior Coordinator
                            Cary Cozby
     Doug Turner            President, South Central Section PGA
     CareerLinks            Wichita Country Club
 PAGE 2                           S C S N E WS                                  J ANUARY- MARCH 2009

2009 Special Award Winners                                           Mercedes Benz
             Golf Professional               Private Merchandiser    Newest Official
             Cary Cozby                      Peter Vitali
             Wichita Country                 Gaillardia Country      Patron of the PGA
             Club                            Club                    Mercedes-Benz, makers of one of the
                                                                     world's most recognized luxury vehi-
             Bill Strausbaugh                                        cles, is proud to be the newest Offi-
             Cary Cozby                                              cial Patron of The PGA of America.
             Wichita Country                                         Mercedes-Benz is pleased to be the
             Club                                                    Official Vehicle of The PGA of Amer-
                                                                     ica, the Official Vehicle of the PGA
                                                                     Championship and Senior PGA
            Assistant Profes-                Public Merchandiser
                                                                     Championship, Proud Supporter of
            sional                           Ken Smith               the 2010 and 2012 Ryder Cup, Pre-
            Matt Naylor                      Harbor Oaks Golf        senting Sponsor of the 2010-2013
            Pleasant Valley CC               Course                  PGA Play Golf America Days, 2011-
                                                                     2013 PGA Professional National
                                                                     Championship and Senior PGA Pro-
                                                                     fessional National Championship.
                                                                     Mercedes-Benz will announce a spe-
                                                                     cial pricing incentive program for
                                                                     PGA members, apprentices, PGA
                Junior Golf
                                                                     Section Executive Directors and staff
                Leader                           Presidents Plaque   on the purchase or lease of select
                Chris Jarrett                    Dan Langford        automobiles at least once a year.
                LaFortune                        Earlywine Park GC   Complete details will be posted on
                Park GC                                              this page and a notice will also be
                                                                     included in the weekly PGALinks
            Teacher of the Year                                      Mercedes-Benz is proud to offer a
            Josh Cook                                                wide variety of vehicles, starting at
                                                                     $32,900. To learn more about the ve-
            Wichita Country
                                                                     hicles, visit ( http://
            Club                                            ) and click on the
                                             Hall of Fame Inductee   "Vehicles" tab. Their Web site allows
                                             Jeff Hamm               you to build your own vehicle to meet
                                             Longhills Golf Club     your specific needs.
                                                                     To locate the dealership closest to
                                                                     you, visit ( http://www.
          Horton Smith                                      ), click on "Find Dealer"
          Bob Phelps                                                 and enter your zip code. A list of
                                                                     dealerships with contact information
          University of Central
                                                                     and directions will be provided.
          OK                                                         Mercedes-Benz USA, headquartered
                                                                     in Montvale, New Jersey, is responsi-
                                            Leon Faucett Salesman    ble for the sales, marketing and ser-
                                            of the Year              vice of all Mercedes-Benz and May-
                                            Tom Funderburk           bach products in the United States.
                                            Callaway Golf            For more than 40 years, MBUSA has
          Resort Merchandiser                                        taken pride in its commitment to the
          Mike Hammond                                               customer by providing superior qual-
                                                                     ity luxury vehicles coupled with out-
          WinStar Golf Course
                                                                     standing customer support.
                                                                     If you have any questions, please
                                                                     contact Heidi Wegmueller at hweg-
                                                            or (561) 624-
      PAGE 3                                                  S C S N E WS                                              J ANUARY- MARCH 2009

SCS Junior Tour
                                            Updates on the Section Professional
Our SCS Junior Tour begins June 1,
2009. If you are hosting a Junior Tour
Tournament you will be receiving
your Host Responsibilities the begin-
                                            Please review the guidelines and information for the Section PGA Professional Championships carefully.
ning of April. Please call or email us if   This information is designed to assist you in preparation for your Championship.
you have any questions regarding this       It is important to be aware of the PGA Board of Directors decisions (November 2008) concerning entry
paperwork.                                  fees and prize money payout for Section PGA Professional Championships (listed below).
We are always looking for new ideas,
venues and volunteers. Please take a         All PGA Sections that combine their own Section Championship and their Section’s qualifier for the PGA
look at our Junior Schedule on the          Professional National Championship are now required to have only one entry fee and one
website. If you can help with our JTC       prize money breakdown. This is intended to ensure that all eligible members play in the one
at the end of July, call Walter Hopper      combined event and also play for the same purse and receive the same tee gifts.
at the Section Office for more informa-      In addition, all Sections may only pay out their PGA Professional Championship prize money per
tion.                                       their customary stroke-play prize-money payouts, but in no case may they pay more than 50
                                            percent of the starting field.

                                            Based upon these decisions, all participants must enter through PGA of America Membership Services
                                            or / and all must adhere to the July 8, 2009 entry deadline.
                                            No late entries will be allowed. The 2009 Section Entry Information will not be mailed this year, but
                                            will be available on mid-May. Entries will begin Wednesday, May 27, via tele-
                                            phone and on-line at or . The 2009 Section PGA Profes-
                                            sional Championship entry deadline is 5:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 8.
                                            Section entry fees (which will be detailed in the 2009 Section Entry Information) are as follows:

                                            Section Entry Fee Section Entry Fee Section Entry Fee
                                            Aloha $160                 Michigan $225              Rocky Mountain $225
                                            Carolinas $290             Middle Atlantic $285       South Central $140
                                            Central New York $200      Midwest $220               South Florida $175
                                            Colorado $250              Minnesota $240             Southern California $275
                                            Connecticut $210           Nebraska $150              Southern Ohio $180
                                            Dixie $200                 New England $300           Southern Texas $110
                                            Gateway $150               New Jersey $275            Southwest $150
                                            Georgia $180               North Florida $200         Sun Country $220
                                            Gulf States $150           Northeastern New York $110 Tennessee $215
                                            Illinois $240              Northern California $210   Tri-State $200
                                            Indiana $135               Northern Ohio $185         Utah $285
                                            Iowa $110                  Northern Texas $110        Western New York $140
                                            Kentucky $195              Pacific Northwest $280     Wisconsin $255
                                            Metropolitan $225          Philadelphia $195

                                            Applicants who have transferred to a new Section after the July 8 entry deadline have the option of
                                            competing in their original Section or in their new Section, but not in both. In order to compete in their
                                            new Section, they must inform their new Section of their intention at least seven days prior to that Sec-
                                            tion's event. Transfers will NOT affect the number of spots or monies allocated to each Section after the
                                            July 8 entry deadline.

                                            Note: The 2010 PGA Professional National Championship will be contested Sunday – Wednesday
                                            Championship (June 27 – 30, 2010), with practice rounds available on both courses Thursday, Friday
PAGE 4                                          S C S N E WS                                    J ANUARY- MARCH 2009

SCS New Foundation                                                              Golf Coach at Rogers
If you were unable to attend the      outlines of those programs. As
                                                                                State University
2009 SCSPGA Spring Business           with any Foundation, the early           Former Southeastern Conference and
Meeting, Education Seminar &          success will come from                   Big 10 Conference Coach of the Year
Merchandise Show...let me in-         MEMBER INVOLVEMENT such                  Lynn Blevins has been named the first
form you on some exciting news        as yours.                                men's and women's golf coach at
                                                                               Rogers State University.
regarding the South Central Sec-
tion PGA Foundation.                  Ways to get involved:                    Blevins brings 15 years of head coach-
                                                                               ing experience at the NCAA Division I
The Articles of Incorporation for     Membership                               level to the Hillcats. He guided the
                                                                               men's golf programs at the University
the South Central Section PGA         100Holes of Golf Marathon
                                                                               of Oklahoma, the University of Florida
Foundation were approved in           SCSPGA Foundation Pro-Am,                and the University of Iowa over a 15-
December of 2008. As outlined         Dinner & Silent Auction                  year period before transitioning to the
in the Articles of Incorporation,                                              private golf business sector in 1994.
the Foundation has been organ-        When it comes to raising money           He led the Gators to an SEC Champi-
                                                                               onship in 1985 and spurred the Hawk-
ized exclusively for charitable       for the Foundation, the only limit       eyes to a Big 10 crown in 1992.
and educational purposes includ-      is your imagination.                     Now, after a 15-year hiatus, Blevins
ing, for such purposes, the mak-      Participation is the key to our          returns to his coaching roots to de-
ing of distributions to organiza-     success. We invite you to take a         velop a brand new program.
tions that qualify as exempt or-      few moments and view these pro-
                                                                               "I'm really excited to get back into
ganizations under the 501 (c)(3)      grams and find the one the best          coaching," Blevins said. "It's a rare
tax code. The charitable pur-         suits you and your facility.             opportunity to start a new program
poses of the Foundation shall                                                  and put a footprint or a signature on
also include providing access to      As the Foundation continues to           that program. I'm really looking for-
                                                                               ward to the challenge."
scholarships in order to pursue a     mature, its mission will remain
college education.                    steadfast…”Making a difference           Blevins currently serves as the Direc-
                                      through the Game of Golf!”               tor of Golf Operations at Scissortail
The Foundation has created sev-                                                Golf Club in Verdigris, Okla. He heads
                                                                               the Buffalo Golf Group, Inc., which
eral programs to assist in the
                                                                               took over management of the course in
fundraising effort. Attached are                                               May 2008. As President and CEO of
                                                                               the BGG, Blevins has overseen the
                                                                               construction, start up and manage-
                                                                               ment operation of five golf courses over
Congratulations                       Newly Elected                            the past 15 years.

Tom Cannarozzo                        Members to SCS                           Blevins began his coaching career at
                                      Tyler Bolin of Crestview Country Club,   his alma mater where he led the Uni-
                                      Wichita, Kan.                            versity of Oklahoma men's golf pro-
Tom has successfully completed the                                             gram from 1979-81. He spent the next
requirements for becoming certified   Paul Clagg of South Lakes Golf Course,   seven years at the University of Flor-
in Instruction through The PGA        Jenks, Okla.                             ida, directing the Gators to a third
Certified Professional Program.                                                place finish at the 1985 NCAA Cham-
He now joins a special group of PGA                                            pionship after claiming the SEC title
                                      Devin Davenport of Oak Tree Country
Professionals (less than 1% of the                                             earlier that season. Blevins moved to
                                      Club, Edmond, Okla.
entire membership) who have                                                    the University of Iowa in 1990 and
                                                                               won a Big 10 Championship in 1992.
committed themselves to the           Bradley Golden of the PGA Tour,
certification program and are among   Oklahoma City, Okla.                     RSU announced its plans to add men's
the most skilled in our business.                                              and women's golf programs for the
Achieving distinction through         Michael Hansen of Quail Creek Golf       2009-2010 academic year in January.
education provides Tom with           and Country Club                         The Hillcats will compete as a member
enhanced career opportunities and                                              of both Sooner Athletic Conference and
elevates employer and consumer        Kirt Mowery of Crestview Country         the NAIA and will be immediately eli-
awareness of our profession.          Club, Wichita, Kan.                      gible for both conference and national
                                                                               championship events. Ten SAC schools
                                      Chad Mullens of Sim Park Golf Course,    currently field a men's golf team while
                                      Wichita, Kan.                            eight compete in women's golf.
 J ANUARY- MARCH 2009                                              S C S N E WS                                             PAGE 5

 National News                                                                             McGladrey Team
The PGA of America Board of Direc-              place points increase to 1,000 (from
tors approved three items related to            800) for the winner of the PGA Cham-       Championship
tournament competition and one item             pionship, U.S. Open and British Open,
related to membership on Feb. 26,               and 500 points (from 400) for the PGA
2009, during its meeting in Palm                Professional National Championship.        Section Qualifier is
Beach Gardens, Fla. Beginning in                First-place points for the Winter          July 20, at Belmar
2010, The PGA will adopt new equip-             Stroke Play Championship will in-          Golf Club in
ment rules governing groove specifica-          crease to 250 (from 200); second-place     Norman, Okla.
tions as a condition of competition for         points will decrease from 185 to 175;      Sign up today.
the PGA Championship, Senior PGA                third-place points will decrease from
Championship and PGA Grand Slam                 170 to 165; and fourth-place points will
of Golf. The PGA has also recom-                decrease from 160 to 155.
mended the adoption of the condition            First-place points will increase to 500
for the 2010 Ryder Cup which is under           (from 400) for the winner of the Senior
the direction of Ryder Cup Europe as            PGA Championship and U.S. Senior           Patriot Golf Day 2009
host administrator.                             Open, and 250 points (from 200) for        September 4 through 7, golfers will be
Furthermore, The PGA has recom-                 the Senior PGA Professional National       asked to donate a minimum of $1 to raise
mended that the 41 PGA Sections that            Championship. First-place points for       funds to benefit
make up The PGA of America do not               the Winter Senior Stroke Play Cham-        the Folds of
adopt the condition of competition for          pionship will increase to 125 (from        Honor
their events in 2010.                           100).                                      Foundation,
In addition, The PGA’s Board ap-                                                           which provides
proved the use of distance measuring            PGA Honorary President Brian               educational
devices in the National Championship            Whitcomb of Bend, Ore., and past PGA       scholarships to
of The McGladrey Team Champion-                 Golf Professionals of the Year Jim         the families of
ship, the first nationwide grassroots           Manthis of Coon Rapids, Minn., and         those who have
best-ball amateur championship con-             Brent Krause of Montgomery, Ala.,          become disabled
ducted by The PGA of America, begin-            head an eight-member 2009 class of         or lost their lives in the line of duty.
ning in 2009. The Championship will             inductees that features former Masters     Go to to learn
be conducted Oct. 26-28 at Pinehurst            Champion Claude Harmon Sr. and leg-        more.
(N.C.) Resort.                                  endary teaching professional Harvey
                                                Penick, all of whom will be enshrined
Twice a year PAT requirement ap-                in the PGA Golf Professional Hall of
proved; POY points standings adjusted           Fame.                                      SCS Play Golf
The Board also approved a regulation            They are joined in this year's Hall of
that would require apprentices who              Fame class by former UCLA Coach            America Day
entered the PGA PGM program with-               and renowned teaching professional         This year the SCS will host 3 Play Golf
out having fully passed the Playing             Eddie Merrins of Los Angeles; former       America Days.
Ability Test (PAT), to attempt the PAT          PGA of Rules Committee Chairman
at least twice a year. This regulation,         Don Essig III of Indianapolis, Ind.; and   June 27 at Belmar Golf Club, Norman
intended to keep PGA apprentices on             Harry "Cotton" Berrier of Pigeon           Okla.
track to become members, goes into              Forge, Tenn., a three-time PGA of
effect July 1, 2009.                            America Board member and one of the        July 11 at Auburn Hills Golf Course,
In addition, The PGA Board recom-               founders of the Tennessee PGA Sec-         Wichita, Kan.
mended changes as to how points are             tion.
accumulated for the PGA Professional            The inductees will be honored in a         August 15 at First Tee of Arkansas,
Player of the Year and Senior PGA               ceremony, Tuesday, May 5, in conjunc-      Little Rock, Ark.
Professional Player of the Year                 tion with The PGA of America Spring
Awards.                                         Meeting, at the PGA Education Center
                                                                                           Help make this year a success.
Retroactive to January 1, 2009, first-          at PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Fla.
                                                                                           Volunteer to give 10 minute free
                                                                                           lessons. Call the Section office for more
                                                                                           information or email us. 918-357-3332
 American Express and The                                                                  or
 PGA of America Present
 Friend of a Card member
 Card members can take a private lesson
 from a PGA Professional and bring a
 friend along at no extra charge. Just search
 the database for a PGA Professional in
 your area, call to schedule a lesson, and
 bring a friend for free when you pay with
 your American Express Card.
 PAGE 6                                                 S C S N E WS                                      J ANUARY- MARCH 2009

2009 Eligibility...
The privilege of participating in the South Central PGA Section Tournament Program will be extended to any South Central
PGA Member who is primarily employed or Apprentices who are employed full time in the area required by their classification
in the South Central Section, in good standing and otherwise eligible, and who meet the requirements listed in Article V, Sec-
tion 1, of the PGA of America Constitution, By-Laws, and Regulations. Eligible classifications are as follows:

          A-1             Head Professionals at a recognized golf course
          A-2             Head Professionals at a recognized golf range
          A-4             Directors of Golf
          A-5             Past PGA Presidents
          A-6             Professionals employed at PGA recognized facilities or PGA recognized golf school as either golf in-
                          structors or supervisors of golf instructors
          A-7             Directors of Golf or Head Professionals at a PGA recognized golf facility under construction
          A-8             Assistant Professionals
          A-9             Professionals employed in positions of management, development, ownership, operation and/or fi-
                          nancing of golf facilities
          A-10            Golf Clinicians
          A-11            Golf Administrators
          A-12            Golf Coaches
          A-13            General Manager
          A-14            Director of Instruction
          A-15            Retail
          A-16            Golf Course Architect/Builder
          A-17            Golf Course Superintendent
          A-18            Golf Media
          A-19            Golf Manufacturer Management
          A-20            Golf Manufacturer Sales Representative
          A-21            Tournament Director
          A-22            Rules Official
          A-23            Golf Club Fitting/Golf Club Repair
          A-24            Golf Industry
          LMA             Life Member Active
          LMMA            Life Member Master Professional Active

Registered Apprentices – Apprentices who are registered in the PGM Program who have passed the Playing Ability Test
or if they have attempted the Playing Ability Test at least twice within two years and shoot one 18-hole score that is equal to
or less than the Playing Ability target score for 18 holes plus 5 strokes; and who have met the educational requirements set
forth by the Section.
Class “F” Members and Class A “Inactive” Members and suspended Apprentices are not eligible to participate in sanctioned
South Central PGA events.

Section 2. Exceptions
           (a) A-3 Members of the SCSPGA (Professionals with exempt status on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, Nationwide
Tour or LPGA Tour) are ineligible to participate in SCSPGA “Class A” Qualifying for Nationwide Tour events or any pro-ams.
           (b) A SCSPGA Member (other than an A-3 member) or Apprentice is not eligible to participate in a Section Major
Championship Event if he has played in more than ten tournaments in the twelve months preceding the date of entry; how-
ever, a SCSPGA Member or Apprentice may compete in Pro-Am Events upon invitation of the host professional. The following
is a list of tours used to determine the ten tournaments: PGA Tour, Champions Tour, Nationwide Tour, LPGA Tour, PGA
European Tour, Canadian Tour, Australia/New Zealand Tour, JPGA Tour, The Sunshine Tour (South Africa), The Asian Tour,
The Safari Tour, The PGA Challenge Tour, National Senior Tour, European Seniors Tour, JPGA Senior Tour, WPGT, JLPGA,
Golden Bear Tour, Hooters Tour, Futures Tour, Senior Series, Gateway Tour, US Pro Golf Tour, Heartland Tour and Tight
Lies Tour (or any other “mini” tour that the tournament committee deems a “like” tour). The U.S. Open, U.S. Senior Open,
PGA Championship and Senior PGA Championship are not included in the ten-tournament count.
           (c) A SCSPGA “Class A” Member may request an extension of his playing privileges from the date he becomes unem-
ployed. The member, after requesting an extension, will receive an extension of one month of playing privileges for each full
year of PGA membership (maximum of 12 months) or until the time he becomes inactive. A member may only use this type of
extension one time in a two-year period. Such requests shall be made in writing to the Executive Director.
           (d)      A SCSPGA Member or Apprentice from a different chapter may be invited by the host professional to partici-
pate in a pro-am event at his club. There is no limit as to the number of SCSPGA Members or Apprentices that a host profes-
sional may invite.
           (e)      A PGA Member or Apprentice of a Section other than the South Central Section may be invited by the host
professional to participate in a pro-am event at his club. Not more than three non-SCSPGA members may be invited to an
event, unless approval for an additional number is granted by the Tournament Committee.
 PAGE 7                                             S C S N E WS                                 J ANUARY- MARCH 2009

Mentorship Program                          Changes in Apprentice Eligibility 2009
Apprentice Requirements for South           Effective July 1, 2009, The PGA        is no change in the employment
Central Section PGA Tournament              of America Apprentice eligibility      situation. If the Apprentice has a
Playing Privileges                          will enhance the belief that the       change in the employment situa-
To all newly registered Apprentices         green grass employment experi-         tion after July 1, 2009, the Ap-
(January 1, 2009):                          ence and ongoing mentoring of          prentice must then meet the eligi-
                                            aspiring members is a vital part       bility at that time in order to re-
If you wish to play in a Chapter or         of one becoming a PGA of Amer-         main eligible and earn credits.—
Section tournament in 2009, prior to
                                            ica Member.                            1. As a Head Professional (B-1
registering for an event, you MUST:
                                            Registration Eligibility, Effective         or B-2), Director of Golf (B-4),
♦ Be currently listed by PGA of Amer-
    ica as an Apprentice in good stand-
                                            July 1, 2009—                               or General Manager (B-13) at
    ing, and active status in the South     1. As a Head Professional (B-1              a “PGA Recognized Golf
    Central Section.                            or B-2), Director of Golf (B-4),        Course” or “PGA Recognized
♦ Complete a mandatory Apprentice               or General Manager (B-13) at            Golf Range”.
    Orientation Program (AOP). AOP’s            a “PGA Recognized Golf             2. As a Teaching Professional
    are administered by designated Men-         Course” or “PGA Recognized              (B-6) or Assistant Profes-
    torship Directors. These are avail-         Golf Range”.                            sional (B-8) under the super-
    able on the website under Appren-       2. As a Teaching Professional               vision of PGA Member Head
    tice Corner                                 (B-6) or Assistant Profes-              Professional (A-1 or A-2),
♦ Pass the PAT per National registra-           sional (B-8) under the super-           PGA Member Director of Golf
    tion requirements. Dates & locations        vision of PGA Member Head               (A-4), PGA Member General
    are available on the website under
                                                Professional (A-1 or A-2),              Manager (A-13) or LPGA
    Apprentice Corner.
                                                PGA Member Director of Golf             Class A Head Professional at
In addition:                                    (A-4), PGA Member General               a “PGA Recognized Golf
                                                Manager (A-13) or LPGA                  Course”, “PGA Recognized
Each calendar year, all Apprentices in          Class A Head Professional at            Golf Range”, or “PGA Recog-
the South Central Section must earn             a “PGA Recognized Golf                  nized School”.
three (3) education credits to be allowed       Course”, “PGA Recognized           3. As an administrator (B-11) at
Tournament Playing Privileges for the           Golf Range”, or “PGA Recog-             the PGA of America National
following year. If you wish to play in a        nized School”.                          Office, PGA Section, the PGA
Chapter or Section event in 2010, you
                                            3. As an administrator (B-11) at            Tour, or LPGA Office.
must earn three (3) education credits in
2009. Points may be earned by attending         the PGA of America National        4. Following successful comple-
at least one of the following:                  Office, PGA Section, the PGA            tion of Level 1, Apprentices
1. Attend a Chapter or Section Education        Tour, or LPGA Office.                   may transfer to any of the fol-
Seminar                                     Earning of Experience Credits,              lowing classifications and
2. Attend an Apprentice Mentorship          Effective July 1, 2009—Note: if             earn experience credits with
Workshop                                    the current employment of the               or without PGA Member su-
3. Attend a Chapter or Section Annual or    Apprentice meets eligibility in af-         pervision: B-9, B-10, B-12, B-
Semi-Annual meeting or a Chapter meet-      fect through June 30, 2009, the             14, B-15, B-16, B-17, B-18, B-
                                            Apprentice will continue to be              19, B-20, B-21, B-22, or B-23
If you fail to earn all of the required     considered eligibly employed July
education credits during the year, you      1, 2009 and after, providing there
will be required to make up the deficit
credits (up to 3 credits), plus the three
(3) credits for the new year (maximum of
6 total), before being allowed to play in
any Chapter or Section event.

If you have any questions regarding the
Playing Privilege requirements for Ap-
prentices, please contact the South Cen-
tral Section office (918) 357-3332 from
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday.
  J ANUARY- MARCH 2009                                    S C S N E WS                                          PAGE 9

2009 Tournament Schedule                                                     PAT Schedule
                                                                             April 20
April                                   20     McGladrey Sectional           Fairfax GC, Edmond, Okla.
6-8   District 7 Cup Match,                   Qualifier, Belmar Golf         May 5
      Branson Missouri                        Club, Norman, Okla.            Forest Ridge GC, Broken Arrow, Okla.
13-14 Assistants Match Play,            27-28 Senior Match Play, Ad-         May 20
                                                                             MacDonald Park GC, Wichita, Kans.
      Shawnee CC, Shawnee,                    ams GC, Bartlesville,
                                                                             June 8
      Okla.                                   Okla.                          Reflection Ridge GC, Wichita, Kans.
20    Pro-Senior, Stillwater CC,                                             July 20
      Stillwater, Okla.                 August                               Lincoln Park GC, Oklahoma City, Okla.
                                        3     Pro-Scratch, Muskogee          August 19
May                                           CC, Muskogee, Okla.            Muskogee CC, Muskogee, Okla.
4     Skins Game, Battle                3-9   Nationwide Wichita             August 26
      Creek GC, Broken Arrow,           10    Assistant Championship,        Kickingbird GC, Edmond, Okla.
      Okla.                                   Golf Club of Oklahoma,         September 14
18    Pro-Lady, Chapter Event                 Broken Arrow, Okla.            Trosper Park GC, Oklahoma City,
20    Senior Lake Hefner Pro-           17-18 Senior PNC, Oakwood            Okla.
                                                                             September 21
      Am, Lake Hefner GC,                     Country Club, Enid, Okla.
                                                                             Longhills GC, Benton, Ark.
      Oklahoma City, Okla.              24-25 Section PNC, Wichita CC,
                                                                             October 5
                                              Wichita, Kans.                 Greystone CC, Cabot Ark.
1     Assistant Cup Matches,            September
      Ponca City CC, Ponca              8     Pro-Assistant, Pleasant
      City, Okla.                             Valley CC, Little Rock,       Nationwide Tour
1      Senior Pro-Pro, Oaks
      Country Club, Tulsa,
                                        14-15 Chapter Championships
                                                                            June 15-21, Fort Smith Nationwide,
      Okla.                             21    Senior Team, Stillwater       Hardscrabble Country Club, Fort Smith,
15    Team Championship, Bai-                 CC, Stillwater, Okla.         Ark.
      ley Ranch, Owasso, Okla.          28-29 Section Championship,
15-21 Nationwide Ft. Smith                    Texarkana CC, Texar-          August 3-9 Wichita Nationwide, Crestview
22     Pro-President, Oklahoma                kana, Ark.                    Country Club, Wichita, Kan.
      City G & CC, Oklahoma
                                                                            The SCS will
      City, Okla.                       October
                                                                            host two
29    SCSPGA Foundation Pro-            19-20 Las Vegas Pro-Am, Las         Nationwide
      Am, Belmar Golf Club,                   Vegas, Nevada                 Tour events
      Norman, Okla.                     26-27 Pro Superintendent,           this season, we
                                              Chapter Event                 are one of the
July                                                                        only PGA Sections to do so. To keep this a
6     Assistant Association             November                            success we need your help. Volunteer!
      Championship, Hard-               2-3  Jordan Cup, North Texas
      scrabble CC, Ft. Smith,                                               Contact our Tournament Director, Walter
                                                                            Hopper for more information.
                                                                            918-357-3332 or
13-15 Match Play, Gaillardia
      CC, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Updated Entry Form Requirements                                             Rules and
All major championship entry forms shall be returned, with payment
to the South Central PGA, on-line, via mail, facsimile, overnight car-
                                                                            The new SCS Rules and Regulations
rier or by calling the Section office prior to the stated entry deadline.   are now posted on the Website. Please
On-line, faxed and telephone entries will only be accepted with a valid     print off and read as there are many
credit card. Forms which are incomplete or without proper advance en-       updates and changes all Members will
try fee or with an invalid credit card will be returned and the entry re-   need to know.
jected. Entries will not be accepted after the stated entry deadline.