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					                               Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan                  ELA A 10

Throughout our studies of Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan you will be responsible for
completing the following:

Ghost Story Journals

1. Each day you are responsible for doing a journal response after each story.
      What is your initial reaction to the story (5 marks)
      Did the story scare you in any why? Why or why not? (5 marks)
      Would you have reacted differently than the people in the story did? Explain
      fully? (5 marks)
      Do you believe the story? Why or why not? (5 marks)
      What is the most interesting thing about this story? Why did you find it
      interesting? (5 marks)

Marks - 25 marks for completed journals
I am marking one journal. You can choose by writing a (*). If you do not make that
choice I will chose at random which journal entry to mark.

Story Selection

Page 15 – “A Warning from Doc’s Wife”
Page 18 – “An Unseen Playmate”
Page 22 – “Mystery at the Moose Head”
Page 38 – “A Cold reception at Belle Plaine”
Page 111 – “Spirits of the San”

Ghost Story Assignment

You will be required to create your own ghost story (1-2 pages). Later, you will be
required to orally present your ghost story to the class. The story itself can be
something that actually happened to you or someone else or it can be something that
you make up on your own. At the conclusion of your oral presentation the class will be
asked to guess if you’re lying or telling the truth.

Writing assignment – 24 marks (6+1 Traits Rubric)
Oral presentation – 16 marks

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