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    This Presentation Will Show You…

•   How to access the system
•   How to view your Personal Information
•   How to view your Payroll and Compensation info
•   How to view your Benefits
•   How to request paid time off
•   Changes to the payday calendar
•   How to record hours worked
•   How to get help and more information
•   Next steps
 About This Presentation….

This presentation contains the facts about the
transition from HRMS to HRIS
(Human Resource Information System):
   – What the changes are
   – Why the changes are being made
   – How they will affect you

Two of the items are significant changes:
   – Changes to recording hourly work
   – Changes to the Pay Date calendar for everyone
Ground Rules

Please ask questions to further your understanding
  about how the system works.

Please read the FAQs in your Reference Guide prior to
  asking your question.
Some Quick Definitions

HRIS – Human Resource Information System – the
   replacement for HRMS (Human Resources
   Management System) – This is the new software and
   procedures for the HR world.
Exempt - Those employees who are paid an annual
Non-Exempt – Those employees who are paid hourly.
Employee Self Service – the portal where you access your
   data in HRIS.
Accessing the System
To access Info About HR:

                              from any

To access Info About HCM:

                            from any
Employee Self Service Portal Access

                            You can get
               http://??    to the portal
                            from the HR
                            website, the
                            HCM web
                            site or by
                            typing in the
  Accessing Your
Personal Information
Your Personal Information

Now you can update your personal Information online, 24/7
  from any computer that can reach the internet.

This replaces the paper form that you printed out and hand-
  carried to USB.

When you make a change, it is changed globally and in
 real time – all ASU systems that are connected to
 PeopleSoft are updated.
View and Update Your Information

From the Eportal -> Click on Self service, then Personal Info
View Your eProfile

               Change your data by clicking on
               the “Change” buttons.
View and Update Your eProfile

                 In each screen, you can
                 change, add, delete and save
                 your changes.
Payroll and Compensation
What’s new?

You will be able to see pay information on-line.
  – view checks and advices online
  – make changes to W-4 forms (non-resident
    aliens excluded)
  – request direct deposit.
 Payroll and Compensation

From the Eportal -> Click on Self service, then Payroll and Compensation
 Payroll and Compensation

Employee Self Service -> Payroll and Compensation -> View Paycheck

                                          If you get a paper paycheck,
                                          you can view the information

                                          Paper paychecks will continue
                                          to be mailed.
 Payroll and Compensation

Employee Self Service -> Payroll and Compensation -> View PaySlip

                                               If you have Direct Deposit,
                                               your payslips can be
                                               viewed and printed here.

                                               You will no longer get
                                               physical mailings of your
                                               pay slip (advice) – you can
                                               come here to print them at
 Payroll and Compensation

Employee Self Service -> Payroll and Compensation -> Direct Deposit

                                                        Here you can
                                                        easily edit your
                                                        direct deposit
 Payroll and Compensation

Employee Self Service -> Payroll and Compensation -> W4 Tax Information

                                      Your W-4 changes are easily
                                      made online.
Payroll and Compensation

                    And request a W-2
Why are we Changing to ePay?

The new system is easier for you.
  You have access:
  – From any computer that is connected to the
  – Any time day or night
  – Changes are real time (no delay) and are
    changed in every system that is connected to

The new system is now available.
  A future change:
  – January 2008 for Qualified Life Events changes

In the interim, any benefit change requests will
  continue to be done via hr/forms
  – Declaration for Change Form
  – Leave of Absence Form

Declaration of Change
• Declaration of change form

Leave of Absence Form

• Request for Leave of

• Benefits are effective now
• Premiums will be withheld each pay date:
   – 26 pay periods for employees being paid year round;
   – Less pay dates for employees on 8-, 9-, or 10-month pay schedules;
   – Additional pre-collected benefits deductions to cover the summer
     months will be withheld beginning January of each year.
• Dependent information and beneficiary information is
  viewable online.
• Dependent info and beneficiary information is updatable in
  Open Enrollment, next opportunity will be January.
Requesting Paid Time Off
Requesting Paid Time Off

Requesting Paid Time Off (vacation or sick days):
  – Exempt (Salaried) employees will use the
    online time sheet.
  – Non-Exempt (Hourly) employees will also use
    an online time sheet, or fill out a paper form
    available at and turn it
    in to the Department Time Admins.
     • Department Time Admins will enter
       requests in the online time sheet.
 Requesting Paid Time Off

The online time sheet offers these benefits to
   – Future Entries of Paid Time Off Accepted
   – Verification of Paid Time Off Requests
     Against Accrual Balances
   – FLSA Compliance
 Requesting Paid Time Off - Exempt

Employee Self Service -> Time Reporting -> Report Time -> Web Clock
Requesting Leave for Hourly

Request for paid
Time off
New Pay Date Calendar
 Change to the Pay Date Calendar

ASU will be joining the other Arizona Universities,
 Arizona state departments in processing all pay
 on a bi weekly lagging pay system.

If you get paid TWICE a MONTH (Semi-monthly or SM), you
    will be paid EVERY OTHER WEEK (Bi-weekly or BW).
     – 26 pay checks instead of 24
     – Annual pay doesn’t change
     – Each pay check will be slightly smaller (there are two
        more paychecks in each year!).
Change to the Pay Date Calendar

 – Auto deposit will roll over automatically.
 – Paycheck estimator online is available so you
   can plan. (HCM website)
 – The new pay date calendar is a lagging week
   schedule, which allows for corrections prior to
   pay check delivery.
 Change to the Pay Date Calendar

Current System      Paycheck here

   Week 1             Week 2          Week 3        Week 4
       Is for these two weeks

Lagging Week System
                                    Paycheck here

   Week 1             Week 2          Week 3        Week 4
     Is for these two weeks         Lagging Week
View the Pay Date Calendar

Access the HRIS
website and click
on the Payroll and
Payday Calendars
link under the
 Why Change the Pay Date Calendar?

Historically ASU processed 24 semi-monthly
  payrolls and 26 bi-weekly payrolls for a total of 50
  payrolls each year.

Converting everyone to the same schedule, ASU
 can reduce the payrolls to 26. This simplifies the
 system and reduces cost, increases accuracy.
Record Time
 Record Time for Hourly Employees

Hourly (non-exempt) employees will record their
  time using their timesheet or departmental
At the end of each pay period, the Department
  Time Administrator will run a process to convert
  your Recorded Time into payable time, applying
  University policy and FLSA rules.
Record Time for Hourly Employees

Let’s read through the FAQs in the ESS Reference
 Why Record Time for Hourly Employees?

Ensures FLSA compliance – you’re being paid
  according to the fair labor standards act!
You will receive overtime, comp time when you
There will be an accurate reflection of your time
Department Time Administrator

Any time the time recorded is changed, you need a
  signed form –
Then the department admin will be able to update
  your time record.

Go to HR forms – look for “Time Adjustment Form”

Departments must keep signed, approved
 documentation on file. (audit trail)
Where to get help
Where to get more info

•   Email
•   Call the ASU help desk (480) 965-6500
Next Steps
Next Steps

• If you are Hourly (non-exempt): Discuss with your
  manager and department the details of how you
  will record your time.
• Identify your Department Time Administrator.
• Review the auto withdrawals from your direct-
  deposit account.
• Encourage co-workers to go to the HRIS site for
  the latest information about HRIS.
This brings us to the end of this presentation.
                  Thank you!

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