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									Division Chair: Luis Gomez-Mejia
College of Business
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-4006
PH: 602 965-8221; FAX: 602 965-8314

Division Chair-Elect: Lynn McFarlane Shore
W.T. Beebe Institute of Personnel & Employment Relations
College of Business Administration
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30303-3038
PH: 404 651-2006; FAX: 404 651-1700

Past Division Chair: Robert D. Gatewood
Terry College of Business
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-6256
PH: 706 542-8068; FAX: 706 542-3858

Program Chair: Lois Tetrick
Department of Psychology                                       HRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHR
University of Houston                                          HR                            HR
Houston, TX 77204-5341                                         HR FROM THE DIVISION CHAIR    HR
PH: 713 743-8516; FAX: 713 743-8588
                                                               HR                            HR
Program Chair-Elect: Timothy Judge
Department of Management and Organization                                   MOVING FORWARD
Pappajohn Business Administration Building--108
University of Iowa                                                           by Luis Gomez-Mejia
Iowa City, IA 52242-1000
                                                                            Arizona State University

                                                               This April, Lynn Shore (upcoming chair of the HR
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:                      Term Expires
                                                               Division) and I had a casual philosophical
Jerry R. Ferris                             2000
Herb G. Heneman                             2000               discussion at SIOP as to how to make our division
Stella Nkomo                                2000               more "exciting". Neither Lynn nor I knew exactly
Sandy Wayne                                 2000               what this meant, but this is a concern that we have
Diana Deadrick                              2001               heard from a number of people over the years.
Kevin Williams                              2001               Perhaps this perception may induce prospective
Joe Martocchio                              2001               members to join other divisions that are perceived
Jose Cortina                                2001               to be more interesting, accounting in part for our
Herman Aguinis                              2002               relative decline in numbers since the 1990s. I
Tayla Bauer                                 2002
                                                               certainly can't claim to have an answer to the
Rodger Griffeth                             2002
Cynthia Stevens                             2002
                                                               "excitement" question, but this is an issue that has
                                                               remained in my mind since Lynn and I talked
                                                               about this. For what is worth, let me take a crack at
Christine M. Riordan
                                                               it. In my view this perception has nothing to do
The University of Georgia                                      with the activities of the division or its leadership
                                                               during the past 10 years or so. We have a vibrant
K. Michele (Micki) Kacmar                                      group of people and many highly committed
Florida State University                                       members who have done an excellent job pushing
                                                               forward the agenda of the division. Many of the
HR DIVISION WEBSITE:                                           things we do as part of the academy meetings are                           seen as a lot of fun and attract a large number of
                                                               people from outside the division (e.g., last year it
ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT                                          was almost impossible to get to the ice cream
WEBSITE:                                                       during the ice cream hour in Chicago). The survey                                       conducted as part of our five-year review in 1999
                                                               by Herman Aguinis shows that most
                                                               members are very happy with the activities of the
Volume XXIV, Number I                                      1                                 Spring 2000
division. Thus, this "lack of excitement" notion           program during the last ten years (and I am as
runs a lot deeper than simple operational or               guilty as any as program chair) shows that we are
programmatic aspects of how we do things in the            still wedded to the old model               (selection,
division. Let me advance some ideas as to the              compensation, training and development and the
underlying causes of this lack of excitement, and          like, with some more recent labels such as
how we may begin to address them.                          diversity, international, and HR strategy). We need
                                                           to change our graduate curricula to emphasize the
We are still viewed by many as being too myopic            end objectives of what we are trying to accomplish
and functional, dissecting what we do into the             (e.g., enhanced productivity, innovation, and
traditional HR domains of selection, training,             competitiveness thorough HR practices) rather
compensation and so forth. One of my colleagues            than the HR practices organizations should
has even added "HR strategy" as another                    implement (e.g., "broadbanding", "competency
functional area of HR. As a whole our textbooks,           based testing", "360 degree appraisals"). Lastly,
syllabi, and curriculum still follow that                  we need to change the image, still held in some
"functional" perspective. Years ago when                   quarters, that HR is just an applied subfield. This
powerful, centralized HR departments were                  requires that we enhance the theoretical value of
common in large corporations, and divided                  our models, and that we engage in more
according to functional titles, this breakdown made        synergistic work with scholars from other
sense and corresponded to "the real world". But            management areas and business disciplines. To do
currently most of these functional tasks are               all these things is a tall order, but I believe that it
outsourced to consultants, and managers have been          can be done even if it takes several years and a
given much more discretion to make HR decisions            change of mentality.
in an effort to enhance organizational flexibility
and responsiveness. Yet we still remain largely            Changing the subject to more operational issues, as
encapsulated into the functional model, which              my chairmanship expires I would like to mention
many see as somewhat outdated, disjointed from             some of the unique initiatives that are currently
many of the issues confronting today's                     taking place and that may be valuable to our
organizations, and therefore "boring".                     members in the future. First, the division
                                                           conducted an exhaustive five-year evaluation
How can we change this perception to make what             during 1999-2000, which produced some
we do appear more exciting and appealing? This             interesting ideas for improving the division in the
will require far more than window dressing or              future. The evaluation was spearheaded by a
better marketing of what we do. We need to start           committee of five (Herman Aguinis as chair, and
thinking in terms of organizational problems (e.g.,        David Balkin, Roger Griffeth, Cynthia Stevens,
How can we improve organizational productivity?            and Dianna Stone as members). Second, the
How can we enhance innovation? How can we                  international committee under the chairmanship of
deal effectively with foreign competition?) that           Steve Werner developed an excellent web page to
may be approached from a variety of HR                     push forward our international agenda. Third, the
perspectives rather than HR content domains. We            teaching committee (Mary Gowan as chair, with
need to expand our conceptual frameworks to                Cheryl Adkins, Foard Jones, H. Kline, and Janice
better capture new organizational realities where          Miller as members) has put together an
HR activities are decentralized not only across            outstanding proposal to facilitate the teaching of
external parties (e.g., consultants) but also across       HR, including a web page for teaching related
all managers. We need to be more relevant and              issues. Fourth, the division is in dire need to enter
play a larger role in MBA programs, the flagship           full-fledge into the Internet era. In our most recent
program in most of the prestigious business                executive committee meeting at SIOP we
schools. We need to develop closer linkages in our         discussed the need to develop an integrated HR
research and teaching with other mainstream                site that ties together much of what we do and that
business disciplines such as accounting and                stimulates entrepreneurial activities of the
finance, as well as other management areas such as         members (the teaching and international web pages
strategic management and entrepreneurship.                 being part of it). The web page would have
We may want to redesign our conference programs            linkages to useful sites to our members, and would
to avoid reinforcing an obvious functional                 be a repository of information in one site that
breakdown, as we have done during the past 50              would be useful to all of our members and
years or so. In fact, a close examination of the           prospective members. This would include, for
headings and session titles in our conference              instance, the five year evaluation report, electronic
Volume XXIV, Number I                                  2                                  Spring 2000
email addresses of all members, listing of all the         exceptional! The bad news is that because of
awards and criteria to apply for them, the                 program constraints we couldn't accept them all.
committee structure of the division and the like. In       Secondly, I want to thank everyone who reviewed
addition, we may consider in the future the                submissions. We had 203 people volunteer to
possibility of having the newsletter on the web,           review this year. Fortunately, we were able to
which could save thousands of dollars in printing          keep the number of submissions that each
and mailing costs. A committee is currently                individual had to review down to a manageable
examining these information technology related             number. Unfortunately, not everyone received
issues                                                     submissions that were on their most preferred
                                                           topics. I appreciate the care that everyone showed
                                                           in providing feedback to the authors and the
 (Steve Werner as chair, with J.H. Dulebohn, H.            timeliness with which everyone responded. Look
Kline, and T. Weber as members). Lastly, we have           over the list of reviewers and at the meeting, please
created a new position of Treasurer for the                express your appreciation for their contributions!
division. This is a three-year appointment and will
ensure that financial documentation, processing of         Lastly, but by no means least, I'd like to thank
payments and resource allocation decisions are             Margie Knighton, Anika Gakovic, and Brian
tracked by a cognizant member of the Executive             Miller from the University of Houston. They
Committee as the chairmanship of the division              provided essential expertise and energy with the
rotates from year to year. The treasurer for 1999-         details of creating the program. Also, Jean
2002 is Rodger Griffeth.                                   Bartunek, the All Academy Program Chair and her
                                                           coordinator, Raul Necochea were invaluable in
                                                           helping with many of the technical details.
It has been a pleasure and a challenge to have
served as division chair since last August, and I          Now for some highlights…
really appreciate the wonderful assistance that I
have received from many of you.                            The HR Division TV Guide for both Professional
                                                           Development Workshops and the Regular Program
TORONTO 2000   TORONTO 2000 TORONTO 2000                   is on page 14 of this newsletter. Feel free to bring
HR                                   HR
                                                           this to Toronto with you; however, do check the
HR       2000 ACADEMY OF             HR                    regular program to make sure that some last
HR    MANAGEMENT MEETING             HR                    minutes changes have not affected the schedule.
HR                                   HR
                                                           The range of topics for this year's sessions is broad
       AOM PROGRAM IN TORONTO                              including strategic HR, mentoring, work attitudes,
                                                           organizational justice, diversity, work-family
               by Lois E. Tetrick                          issues, teamwork, international HR, flexible work
              University of Houston                        arrangements, safety, compensation and benefits,
                                                           and performance. There are several HR paper
By the time you read this, the complete program            sessions and symposia; however, the HR Division
for the Academy of Management Meeting will be              is co-sponsoring several Showcase Symposia, Joint
on the web page at or              Symposia, Shared Interest Track Paper Sessions,
the meeting web site at http://www.aom.pace                and Interactive Paper Sessions. All of the sessions
.edu/meetings/2000. Be sure to check it out for            promise to be exciting, but if you are looking for a
the complete listing of all symposia, panel                more interactive discussion of research ideas, I
discussions, paper sessions, interactive paper             encourage you to attend one of the Interactive
sessions, and art and poetry events.                       Paper Sessions. Each Interactive Paper Session
                                                           has been organized around a theme and will be
Before providing some highlights for the Human             relatively informal with people sitting around
Resources Division program, I want to express my           tables and a facilitator to help instigate a lively
sincere thanks to everyone that is responsible for a       discussion.
fantastic program. First, thank you to everyone
who submitted papers or symposia to the HR                 As if there aren't enough choices from the events
Division. There were about the same number of              the HR Division's sponsoring or co-sponsoring, do
papers and symposia submitted as in prior years -
146 papers and 41 symposia. The quality was                check the program for All Academy symposia
                                                           related to the conference theme - A NEW TIME.
Volume XXIV, Number I                                  3                                 Spring 2000
Also, while you are at the Royal York for the             Cardy, Robert L.
Interactive Paper Sessions, you will want to visit        Carey, James
the Art and Poetry: Images of a New Time in               Carr, Jon C.
Ballroom 2 or the Village Square in Ballroom 1.           Carraher, Shawn
You will be at the number of artists in our midst!        Casino, Scott
                                                          Chadwick, Clint
I would like to call your attention to a few social       Chaison, Gary
events. The HR Division Ice Cream Social is               Clark, Mark
scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Monday afternoon and the          Clegg, Chris Prof.
HR Social Hour is scheduled for 5:30 p.m.                 Cleveland, Jan
Tuesday. Both will be held in the Sheraton:               Cohen, Debra J.
Dominion Ballroom N. Also, the HR Division                Colella, Adrienne
Business Meeting is scheduled for 3:40 p.m.               Cordes, Cynthia
Tuesday in the Sheraton: Simcoe.                          Croll, Lee W.
                                                          Crooker, Karen J.
Most of the HR sessions are scheduled to occur at         Currall, Steven C.
the Sheraton, but you will notice that there are a        DaSilva, Nancy
fair number of sessions that will be at the Royal         Deadrick, Diana L.
York. It is about a 10-minute walk either                 DeFrank, Richard S.
underground or on the sidewalk between the two            DeGroot, Timothy
hotels. There also will be a shuttle running              Delery, John E.
between the hotels. See you in Toronto, Aug. 4-9!         Dougherty, Thomas W.
                                                          Eder, Robert W.
Reviewers                                                 Eisenberger, Robert
Adkins, Cheryl                                            Ellis, Barbara
Aguinis, Herman                                           Engle, Sr., Allen D.
Alge, Bradley                                             Erez, Amir
Allen, David G.                                           Faley, Robert H.
Allen, Tammy                                              Fay, Charles H.
Ash, Ronald                                               Feldman, Daniel
Avolio, Bruce                                             Finstad, Krista
Balkin, David                                             Fiorito, Jack
Baltes, Boris                                             Fisher, Cynthia D.
Barclay, Lizabeth A.                                      Flanagan, Michael F.
Barling, Julian                                           Foti, Roseanne
Barnes-Farrell, Janet                                     Fukami, Cindi
Barringer, Melissa W.                                     Gallagher, Daniel G.
Baruch, Yehuda                                            Ganster, Daniel
Batt, Rosemary                                            Gilson, Lucy
Bauer, Talya N.                                           Glasgow, Kay M.
Baugh, Gayle                                              Goldberg, Caren
Beadles, II, N. A.                                        Gowan, Mary
Beehr, Terry                                              Graham, Mary E.
Berkley, Robyn A.                                         Grandey, Alicia A.
Besseyre des horts, Charles H.                            Griffin, Ricky
Blancer, Donna                                            Gupta, Nina
Bono, Joyce E.                                            Guthrie, James
Boswell, Wendy                                            Harzing, Anne-Wil
Bozeman, Dennis                                           Havlovic, Stephen J.
Breaugh, James                                            Higgins, Chad
Brewster, Chris                                           Hofmann, David
Buckley, Michael                                          Hosoda, Megumi
Budhwar, Pawan S.                                         Huber, Vandra
Burke, Mike                                               Hyland, MaryAnne
Caligiuri, Paula                                          Icenogle, Marjorie
Campion, James E.                                         Irving, Greg
Cappelli, Peter                                           Iverson, Roderick
Volume XXIV, Number I                                 4                          Spring 2000
Jansen, Karen                      Riordan, Christine M.
Jex, Steve                         Rockmore, B. Wayne
Johnson, Gene                      Rogers, Edward W.
Johnson, Nancy                     Rosse, Joe
Jones, Gwen                        Ryan, Ann Marie
Jones, Robert G.                   Saha, Sudhir K.
Julius, Dan                        Salas, Eduardo
Karren, Ronald                     Sanchez, Juan
Kidder, Deb                        Sargent, John
Klaas, Brian                       Schalk, Rene
Klein, Howard J.                   Schaubroeck, John M.
Klimoski, Richard                  Schmitt, Neal
Konopaske, Robert                  Schoenfeldt, Lyle
Kraimer, Maria                     Scholz, Chris
Kravitz, David A.                  Schriesheim, Chester A.
Lahey, Mary Anne                   Scullen, Steve
Landon, Timothy E.                 Shaw, Sue R.
Latham, Gary                       Sigler, Tracey
Lee, Barbara                       Sinclair, Robert
Lepak, David P.                    Singh, Gangaram
Lepine, Irene                      Sivasubramaniam, Nagaraj
Levine, Edward                     Skarlicki, Daniel
Loher, Brian                       Stamper, Christina
Lowe, Kevin                        Steel, Robert P.
Lust, John A.                      Steele-Johnson, Debra
Macan, Therese                     Stewart, Greg
Marler, Janet                      Stone, Dianna
Martinko, Mark                     Tansky, Judy
Martocchio, Joe                    Tesluk, Paul
McClurg, Lucy                      Thacker, Rebecca A.
McHugh, Patrick                    Tharenou, Phyllis
Meglino, Bruce M.                  Thierry, Henk
Miceli, Marcia                     Thomas, Steven L.
Miceli, Nicholas S.                Thoresen, Carl J.
Miller, Janice S.                  Tung, Rosalie
Mollica, Kelly                     Turner, Nick
Monat, Jonathan S.                 Vandenberg, Robert
Montemayor Edilberto F. (Ed)       VanDyne, Linn
Morgeson, Frederick P.             VanScotter, James R.
Morishima, Motohiro                Varma, Arup
Mulvey, Paul W.                    Viswesvaran, Chockalingam
Ondrack, Dan                       Wanous, John
Osman-Gani, Aahad M.               Wayne, Sandy J.
Ostroff, Cheri                     Weatherly, Elizabeth
Parsons, Charles K.                Werner, Jon
Pearce, John                       Werner, Steve
Phillips, Jean                     Wesson, Michael
Phillips, Jim                      Wheeler, Kenneth G.
Ployhart, Robert                   Whitener, Ellen M.
Price, Jim                         Wiley, Carolyn
Raghuram, Sumita                   Williams, Margaret
Rau, Barbara                       Wright, Patrick
Ravlin, Elizabeth                  Wright, Tom
Raymark, Pat                       Yongqing, Fang
                                   Zhu, Cherrie
Richardson, Hettie
Richey, Brenda
Volume XXIV, Number I          5                               Spring 2000
     AWARDS COMMITTEE REPORT                              This year, two winners of the Herbert Heneman Jr.
                                                          Career Achievement Award will be announced at
                by Jose Cortina                           the HR Division Ice Cream Social.
            George Mason University
                                                          Subcommittee Members:
1999-2000 HR DIVISION AWARD WINNERS                         Jerry Ferris (Chair), Florida State University
                                                            Bob Gatewood, University of Georgia
Each year, the HR Division makes five awards at             Rich Klimoski, George Mason University
the annual national meeting of the Academy of               Dianna Stone, University of Central Florida
Management. Four subcommittees implement
rigorous evaluation processes in an effort to                      Scholarly Achievement Award
identify the best of the nominees in each category.
The Herbert Heneman, Jr. Award is given to the            Of the 13 nominations received, the committee
nominee that, throughout his or her career, has           determined that the winner of the 1999-2000
distinguished himself/herself in the field of human       Scholarly Achievement Award is:
resource management. The Human Resources
Scholarly Achievement Award is given to the               Theresa Welbourne, University of Michigan and
author(s) of the most significant article published       Linda Cyr, Harvard University, "The Human
in HR. The Ralph Alexander Best Dissertation              Resource Executive Effect in Initial Public
Award is given to the recent graduate with the            Offering Firms". Academy of Management
most outstanding dissertation research on an HR-          Journal, 42, 616-629.
related topic. The Best Convention Paper Award
is chosen from among the highest rated                    Subcommittee Members:
submissions to the annual conference and is given           Peter Hom (Chair), Arizona State University
to the paper among these that is judged to be               Cheri Ostroff, Arizona State University
superior. Finally, the Best Student Convention              Cynthia Lee, Northeastern University
Paper Award is chosen from among the highest                David Waldman, Arizona State University
rated student submissions to the annual conference               (West & Main Campuses)
and is given to the paper among these that is               Gary Blau, Temple University
judged to be superior.                                      Jack Feldman, Georgia Institute of
The Heneman Award is presented at the HR                    Janice Miller, University of Wisconsin--
Division Ice Cream Social (on Monday), whereas                   Milwaukee
all other awards are presented at the HR Division           Joan Brett, Arizona State University (West
business meeting (on Tuesday). The subcom-                       Campus)
mittee chairs will make the awards presentations.           Ralph Katerberg, University of Cincinnati
Make sure to check the Academy program for the              Loriann Roberson, Arizona State University
times and locations of these two events. Please             Manuel London, State University of New
plan to attend to help us honor these individuals.               York at Stony Brook
                                                            Tom Lee, University of Washington
For the 1999-2000 cycle, the four subcommittees
were chaired by Jerry Ferris (Heneman Award),                Ralph Alexander Best Dissertation Award
Peter Hom (Scholarly Achievement), Theresa
Welbourne (Dissertation Award), and Sandy                 Of the eight submissions, the subcommittee
Wayne (Best Convention Paper and Best Student             determined that the winner of the 1999-2000 Ralph
Convention Paper). We are all indebted to these           Alexander Best Dissertation Award is:
four individuals and the people that they chose to
comprise their subcommittees. They each logged            Robert Ployhart, University of Maryland (Ph.D.
many hours in determining the winners of this             from Michigan State University under the direction
year’s awards, and the result of their efforts is a       of Neal Schmitt), “An interactionist approach to
superb list of recipients. I think I speak for all        assessing personality in work contexts: Construct
division members when I say that Luis owes you            validation of an integrated personality-situational
each an overpriced beer in Toronto.                       judgment predictor of customer service
            Herbert Heneman, Jr.
          Career Achievement Award                        Subcommittee Members:

Volume XXIV, Number I                                 6                                Spring 2000
   Theresa Welbourne (Chair), University of              challenges we face in terms of both research and
        Michigan                                         teaching activities.
   Amir Erez, University of Florida
   Marcie Cavanaugh, Cornell University                  One workshop, “A Dialogue Among Experts in
   Diane Johnson, University of Alabama                  Teaching International HRM” (Saturday, August
   Suzanne Masterson, University of Cincinnati           5, 1pm to 3pm, location TBA – check the
        (last year’s winner!)                            Academy Program), will engage the audience in an
                                                         exciting dialogue about trials, errors, successes,
         Best Convention Paper Award                     and failures in teaching global HRM. This
                                                         workshop features faculty facilitators from Europe,
Of the 15 submissions received, the subcommittee         Asia, and the Americas, all of whom have hands-
determined that the winners of the Best                  on experience teaching global HRM: Elizabeth F.
Convention Paper award are:                              Cabrera (Universidad Carlos III), Paula Caligiuri
                                                         (Rutgers University), Jason Heh Huang (National
Roderick Iverson and Stephen Deery, University           Sun Yat-sen University), Henrik H. Larsen
of Melbourne, “Job performance and voluntary             (Copenhagen Business School), Kathy Monks
turnover:     An   examination    of    linearity,       (Dublin City University Business School), Randall
curvilinearity, and the moderators of time,              S. Schuler (Rutgers University), Mary Ann Von
unemployment rate, and perceived ease of                 Glinow (Florida International University), Mary R.
movement using event history analysis.”                  Watson (Vanderbilt University), Steve Werner
                                                         (University of Houston), and Carolyn Wiley
Of the 6 submissions received, the subcommittee          (CARWIL Management Consulting).
determined that the winner of the Best Student
Convention Paper award is:                               The second teaching-related workshop, “How
                                                         Technology is Changing the World of HRM and
Amanuel Tekleab, University of Maryland,                 What We Teach” (Sunday, August 6, 10am to
“Easing the pain: Determinants and effects of            Noon) will discuss the role of technology in
psychological contract violations.” (coauthored by       managing Human Resources and the trends in
M. Susan Taylor)                                         HRM education brought about by changes in
                                                         technology. This workshop features facilitators
Subcommittee Members:                                    from both industry and academia, all of whom
  Sandy Wayne (Chair), University of Illinois –          have hands-on experience dealing with the
       Chicago                                           technology imperative as it affects HRM: Maria
  Talya Bauer, Portland State University                 Engleleit (PeopleSoft), Mary Gowan (University
  Maria Kraimer, Cleveland State University              of Central Florida), Hal Gueutal (SUNY - Albany),
  Adrienne Colella, Texas A&M University                 Jodi Littlestone (, Kimberly Lukaszewsky
  Paul Jacques, SUNY Binghamton                          (SUNY - Albany), and Dianna Stone (University
  Dan Cable, University of North Carolina                of Central Florida).

                                                         The third workshop, “A New Time in HR
         PRE-CONFERENCE                                  Research” (Saturday, August 5, 3:30 to 5:30pm)
 FACULTY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS                           will be a lively discussion about issues relevant to
                                                         bridging the research “gap” between academia and
             by Diana L. Deadrick                        practitioners; i.e., what research agendas are being
           Old Dominion University                       pursued by various constituents (academics,
                & Debra Cohen                            consultants, and practitioners) and what types of
         George Washington University                    interactions between these groups are desired.
                                                         This workshop features key people from academia,
This August, the HR Division will be sponsoring          research-oriented consulting firms, and research-
three faculty development workshops as part of the       interested practitioner organizations: John Burdett
Division’s pre-conference program, two of which          (Orxestra Consulting), Debra Cohen (George
are teaching-related (in direct response to our          Washington University), Charles Fay (Rutgers
membership requests). The faculty development            University), Mark Huselid (Rutgers University),
workshops are designed to address the interests of       Susan Meisinger (Society for Human Resource
“not-so-junior” faculty members (i.e., Associate         Management), Sara Rynes (University of Iowa),
and Full Professors) and provide a forum for             and Mary Watson (Vanderbilt University).
participants to discuss and debate some of the
Volume XXIV, Number I                                7                                Spring 2000
As always, the HR Division’s faculty development              and Joe, as well as Deb, Ed, Stella, John, and Ann
workshops are free and open to all Academy                    Marie for their great work on the pre-conference
members. Because seating space will be limited,               program this year!
pre-registration is encouraged (but not required).
If you want more information about the
workshops, or if you want to pre-register, please               2000 JUNIOR FACULTY CONSORTIUM
contact: Mary Watson or Steve Werner about the                    ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR
International     HRM      Teaching     workshop                          APPLICATIONS
(Mary.R.Watson @, SWerner @; Mary Gowan about the HRM Technology                                 by Patrick M. Wright
Teaching workshop (Mary.Gowan @;                                 Cornell University
and Debra Cohen or Mary Watson about the HRM
Research and Practice workshop (DCohen @                      The 2000 Junior Faculty Consortium has shaped, Mary.R.Watson @                     up to be an exciting and enriching event. The
                                                              consortium will run from the morning of Saturday,
                                                              August 5th, through noon on Sunday, August 6th.
      PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                                Coordinated by Patrick Wright (Cornell U), Stella
             WORKSHOPS                                        Nkomo (U of South Africa), and Edilberto
                                                              Montemayor (Michigan State U), it will feature
                by Timothy A. Judge                           some of the field's outstanding researchers and
                 University of Iowa                           teachers to share their insights regarding strategies
                                                              for a successful career.
We have an exciting preconference (August 5-6)
program planned for Toronto, with choices that                Saturday morning will begin with participants
will entice all members of the HR Division.                   brainstorming some of the fears and concerns they
                                                              have regarding their careers, and this information
Diana Deadrick and Deb Cohen have put together                will provide the foundation for the later
three interesting professional development                    discussions with our panels. The group will then
workshops on cutting edge HR issues--teaching                 join the doctoral consortium for editor’s roundtable
international HRM, the research-practice gap in               sessions on strategies for publishing. The first
HR, and how technology is changing HRM. Please                session will focus on publishing in academic
consider attending one of the sessions. In addition,          journals and will include Maureen Ambrose
there are a number of sessions co-sponsored by the            (Academy of Management Journal), Jim Breaugh
HR Division that you might want to consider                   (Journal of Applied Psychology), Ed Conlon
attending (though we'd rather have you attend the             (Academy of Management Review), Rodger
sessions we are sponsoring alone!).                           Griffeth (Human Resource Management Review),
                                                              John Hollenbeck (Personnel Psychology), and
Pat Wright, Ed Montemayor, and Stella Nkomo for               Micki Kacmar (Journal of Management). The
the HR Junior Faculty Consortium, and Joe                     second will focus on publishing in practitioner
Martocchio, John Delery, and Ann Marie Ryan for               journals and will include Mark Huselid (Human
the HR Doctoral Consortium, have lined up a great             Resource Management) and Paul Swiercz (Human
group of panelists for their programs. Although the           Resource Planning).
Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortia are
separate, as in past years, there is a joint session on       Saturday afternoon will consist of two sessions.
the editors' roundtable that features the editors of          First, Don Schwab, (U of Wisconsin), Mark
the major journals that publish HR research. Please           Roehling (Western Michigan U), and Theresa
consider nominating a junior faculty member (or               Welbourne (U. of Michigan) will lead the
nominate yourself!) for the Junior Faculty                    Strategies for Innovative Research session. The
Consortium and a doctoral student for the Doctoral            Strategies for Interesting Teaching session will be
Student Consortium.                                           led by John Boudreau (Cornell U), Linda Cyr
                                                              (Harvard U), and Ellen Kossek (Michigan State).
Finally, make sure to join me at the HR Division
Reception 5:30-7:30 PM on Saturday (Sheraton                  Sunday morning sessions will consist of Strategies
Centre: Essex).                                               for Managing Service, led by Marcie Cavanaugh
                                                              (Cornell U), Deborah Crown (U of Alabama), and
Reports from Diana, Pat, and Joe--with details on             Bob Gatewood (U of Georgia) and Strategies for
their programs--follow. Many thanks to Diana, Pat,            Survival and Success led by Wayne Hochwarter
Volume XXIV, Number I                                     8                                 Spring 2000
(U of Alabama), Susan Jackson (Rutgers U), and
Gary McMahan (U of Texas at Arlington).                    Space is limited, so only one student per doctoral
                                                           program can be nominated. The registration /
Both days begin with a continental breakfast prior         nomination form is to be completed by the student
to the 8 a.m. start, and a lunch will be served on         and signed by the head of the program nominating
Saturday. Participants are also invited to a joint         the student. Please send nominations to Joe
Junior Faculty/Doctoral Student Consortium                 Martocchio as soon as possible. (A Registration
reception Saturday evening.                                Form is provided on the last page of this
We are inviting all HR Division junior faculty
members with less than 4 years of experience who           If you have any questions regarding the
have an interest in research and/or teaching in HR         consortium, please feel free to contact one of the
to attend. Those interested in attending should send       three program coordinators:
(1) their contact information, (2) a brief bio, and           Joe Martocchio (,
(3) a $30 check made out to the Academy of                    John Delery (
Management to:                                                Ann Marie Ryan (

        Patrick M. Wright
        393 Ives Hall
        School of ILR                                       AN INVITATION FROM THE TEACHING
        Cornell University                                             COMMITTEE
        Ithaca, NY 14853-3901                                                   by Mary Gowan
                                                                      University of Central Florida
Participants are encouraged to submit contact info           News from the HR Division Teaching Committee
and bios electronically, but they will not be
considered registered until the check has been             The Teaching Committee would like to invite all
received.                                                  members of the Division to attend the upcoming
                                                           preconference workshop at the Academy meeting in
                                                           Toronto. We have a great program lined up with an
                                                           excellent panel of presenters. The workshop is
       HR DOCTORAL CONSORTIUM                              entitled "How Technology is Changing the World of
                                                           HR and What We Teach About HR," and is
               by Joe Martocchio                           scheduled for Sunday, August 6, from 10:00 a.m. -
        University of Illinois--Champaign                  noon. The program panel includes Hal Gueutal, State
                   John Delery                             University of New York at Albany; Dianna Stone,
                                                           University      of    Central     Florida;    Kimberly
            University of Arkansas
                                                           Lukaszewsky, State University of New York at
              & Ann Marie Ryan
                                                           Albany; Jodi Littlestone, iXL; and Maria Engleleit,
           Michigan State University                       Peoplesoft. The focus of the program is on the use of
                                                           HRIS in organizations and how that impacts what we
The HR Division once again will be hosting a               need to be teaching about human resources practices.
Doctoral Student Consortium prior to this year’s           The      distinguished     panel     brings    together
Academy Conference in Toronto. The doctoral                representatives from industry and academia to
consortium provides students with a chance to              address this issue. The workshop will include an
meet leaders in the field as well as other students,       opportunity for participants to dialogue with the
and to exchange research ideas and career advice.          panel. No preregistration is required. Include this on
Students find this to be an invaluable experience.         your list of "must do" activities while in Toronto.

This year’s consortium will be in Toronto on               We are also going to be recommending to the
August 4-6. The number of distinguished                    Executive Committee of the HR Division that an
individuals who have volunteered their time to             award be established to recognize outstanding
meet with the doctoral students is impressive. The         teaching in the field of human resources. We would
program includes a keynote by Kevin Murphy, an             appreciate input from any Division members about
editors’ roundtable, numerous content and process          the criteria that should be used for selection of
small group discussions with leaders in various            winners of this award. Please send any suggestions
topic areas, and sessions on job search, teaching,         you have to Mary Gowan, Chair of the Teaching
                                                           Committee, at
and career issues.
Volume XXIV, Number I                                  9                                  Spring 2000
                                                              Criteria for functions such as performance
                                                              appraisal, selection, and training, among others,
                                                              are directly influenced by whether the source for
                                                              these criteria is a job content model or a strategic
HRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHR                              orientation model. A job content approach might
HR                            HR                              generate a quantity of production standard that an
HR      FEATURE ARTICLE       HR                              organization might try to maximize through
HR                            HR                              selection, performance appraisal, compensation
HRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHR                              and other practices. However, a strategy approach
                                                              in that same organization might yield criteria
        CONSIDERING THE SOURCE                                focused on risk taking and innovation. What you
                                                              get for criteria is directly determined by the source
                  by Bob Cardy                                for those criteria.
             Arizona State University
                                                              The choices in today’s organizations go beyond
Welcome to another feature article. The purpose               the job content and strategy approaches. Another
of this portion of the newsletter is to present new,          increasingly popular model is based on the
different, and innovative approaches to HRM.                  customer as the source of criteria.           Many
Please send me any comments or suggestions you                organizations are now taking a customer focus as a
might have concerning feature articles.                       means for distinguishing themselves in the
                                                              marketplace. Putting customers into a primary
The topic of this column grew out of my                       position in defining performance can have a
incorporation of strategy into some of the HRM                dramatic influence on criteria. The Phoenix Police
courses I teach. As I’m sure many of you do, I                Department, for example, used to measure its
have taught HRM, at least implicitly, from a                  performance in response to burglary calls in the
legal/traditional job analysis model. That is, job            number of minutes and seconds it took a squad car
content drives the generation of criteria for                 to arrive. In contrast, the department’s policy in
selection, performance assessment, training and so            regard to a missing child was to wait 24 hours
on. However, this approach does not capture                   before beginning an active investigation.
common practice in many organizations.                        However, the police began a community based
                                                              policing approach, a customer based model of
Strategy offers a competing approach to the                   doing business. As a result of customer focus
traditional HRM model. The strategic orientation              group input, the Phoenix Police now do not
of a firm is a logical basis for determining the              approach burglaries as immediate emergencies, but
content of HRM practices. HRM provides a                      take immediate action in cases of missing children.
principal means by which strategy is realized. A              The priorities of the citizens did not match the
strategic initiative is nothing but conceptual                internally generated priorities of the department.
abstraction until it is enacted though HRM. It is,            As a result of customer input, the department
for example, what gets measured and what gets                 changed its performance criteria and increased the
rewarded that makes a strategic direction tangible            level of performance at least from the perspective
and achievable.       A strong strategically driven           of its customers. The customer source can yield
approach is distinctly different from the traditional         criteria distinct from those generated with the job
job content approach.                                         content or strategy approaches.

Probably a major distinction is that the job content          Yet another source option for criteria is values. As
approach is based upon a current (or maybe past)              argued by Jim Collins in his recent book, Built to
analysis while the strategic approach is clearly              Last, the strategic model may not offer a firm
future-oriented.      The job content approach                organizational foundation. With a strategic model
attempts to capture and codify current job                    at its foundation an organization is at the mercy of
practices. The strategic approach attempts to                 whims of the market. A change in the market can
capture a vision of the future in sufficient detail to        demand significant alteration in an organization’s
direct people to that reality. To continue doing the          strategic initiatives. In contrast, values can offer
same things, no matter how precisely, does not                long-term stability regardless of market volatility.
move an organization toward a new and improved                A values based approach might yield, for example,
status.                                                       criteria focused on ethical action and honest and
                                                              fair service. With values as the focus, performance
                                                              criteria can take on a very different look.
Volume XXIV, Number I                                    10                                  Spring 2000
Measures, such as fairness, honesty, and ethical              example, criteria based on job content may be
treatment, based on values of the organization can            most effective in mechanistic organizations while
provide important signals and rewards for what is             values-based criteria may be best in organic
important to an organization. Organizational                  structures. Likewise, the customer source for
changes (such as downsizings and mergers) can                 criteria may be best when an organization pursues
result in psychological contracts that are                    a differentiation strategy, whereas job content or
ambiguous and degraded. The stability of values-              values may best serve as sources for criteria for
based measures may serve to clarify and                       organizations that are in a defender mode. The
strengthen the psychological contracts that workers           possible interaction between sources of criteria and
develop within an organization. Through such                  organizational strategy or structure is an interesting
clarification, values-based criteria could lead to            domain for HRM research.
outcomes such as improved performance,
increased citizenship behaviors, and greater                  In addition to these conceptual issues, the legal
individual intent to stay.                                    defensibility of the alternatives to the job content
                                                              approach needs to be given careful consideration.
The above consideration does not include all                  For example, consider a charge of discrimination
possible sources of criteria, but probably includes           in, say, appraisal and promotion, being brought
the major options. The customer-based approach                against a company that developed criteria based on
offers a source of performance criteria that is not           the strategic approach. The first line of defense for
the product of a top/down process. Being driven               such a company would be to present job analysis
by customer concerns, whether those customers                 information.       However, with the strategic
are internal or external to the organization, can             approach, employee could be treated differently
break down barriers and improve the performance               due to performance differences on criteria that are
of the organization. Taking a customer based                  based on a possible future. Imagine a promotion
approach to developing criteria can break down                or pay differences between male and female or
barriers between divisions or functions and                   between white and Hispanic that was driven by
between the organization and it’s external                    strategic criteria if the difference couldn’t be
environment. The values based approach offers                 justified based on present job duties or
stability.    Further, the operationalization of an           performance, the organization could be in for
organization’s values into measurable criteria can            serious legal difficulty. The defensibility of each
make very apparent the culture of an organization.            of the alternative sources needs to be given serious
What an organization is really about can be made              consideration.
explicitly clear to employees and outside observers
through the criteria that are developed.                      Criteria in organizations seem to be increasingly
                                                              coming from sources other than the traditional job
The alternative sources of criteria provide a                 content model. Some of the major alternatives
number of interesting research issues.        For             have been identified in this column, but much
example the balance among the sources is a topic              research is needed. Research on these alternative
needing consideration. The basic approaches are               sources promises to provide both scholarly and
not individually exclusive. Certainly, day-to-day             applied payoffs.
business captured by the job content model can’t
be ignored while a future vision is pursued.
However, the most effective mix of the job content
and strategic based criteria not clear.

The most effective forms for the various types of
criteria needs to be studied. It may be, for
example, that outcome measures may often fit with
a strategy approach while behavioral and even
personality types of measurement often fit a
customer or values based approach.                The
possibility that different forms of criteria work best
with each source needs to be investigated.                    HRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHR
                                                              HR                            HR
At a broader level, the various sources for criteria          HR       OTHER NEWS           HR
may have differential fit with various                        HR                            HR
organizational structures and strategies.       For
Volume XXIV, Number I                                    11                                   Spring 2000
       HR DIVISION ELECTION 2000                            (Insert your own email address, first name and last
                                                            name in the command, where shown)
            by Jeanette N. Cleveland
          Pennsylvania State University                     Please join us - the success of HRDIV_NET
                                                            depends on you!
The Division was very fortunate to have had an
exceptional slate of nominees this year for both
Program Chair-Elect and Executive Committee.
Please join me in congratulating the new Program-            INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCES
Chair Elect and new Executive Committee                          MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE
                                                                           by Steve Werner
Patrick Wright, Full Professor, at Cornell                               University of Houston
University is the incoming Program-Chair Elect.
He will be assuming his role at the August                  I'm pleased to report that the International HRM
Academy meeting in Toronto. The four new                    Committee (IHRMC) has completed two projects
Executive Committee members are:                            that we are very excited about. The first is the
                                                            IHRMC website located at
   Robert Cardy (Arizona State University)                  .edu/ihrmc. The website is designed to provide
   Adrienne Colella (Texas A & M University)                academics interested in International Human
   Susan Jackson (Rutgers University)                       Resource Management a forum to gather ideas
   Dianna Stone (University of Central Florida)             from other people's IHRM syllabi, to welcome
                                                            comments on working papers, and to provide and
In addition, I would thank both Joe Martocchio              receive information about faculty development
and Wayne Cascio who served on the 1999-2000                programs, conferences, journals, and research
Nomination/Election Committee.                              opportunities. If you teach IHRM we would
                                                            appreciate getting a copy of your IHRM syllabus
                                                            and working papers you would like to have
                                                            interested others comment on. (See http://www
                 HRDIV_NET                               for
                                                            submission procedures.) Also please let all your
                by Mark Huselid                             colleagues interested in IHRM know about the site,
   Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey              and encourage them to also submit their syllabi
                                                            and working papers.
HRDIV_NET is a members-only listserv dedicated
to research, teaching, and the practice of human            The second project is the pre-conference workshop
resource management.        You can send and                in Toronto. The workshop, "A Dialogue Among
exchange questions, answers, pearls of wisdom,              Experts in Teaching International HRM," will be
frustrations, and ideas with all HRDIV_NET                  held on August 5th, 2000, from 1-3pm. Our goal in
members who have access to BITNET,                          the workshop is to engage the audience in an
INTERNET, or another compatible electronic mail             exciting dialogue about trials, errors, successes,
system. Topics can include almost anything,                 and failures in teaching global HRM. This
including research ideas, statistical methods,              workshop features faculty facilitators from Europe,
research methodology, teaching methods, requests            Asia, and the Americas, all of whom have hands-
about member activity in particular topic areas,            on experience teaching global HRM. In addition,
                                                            the facilitators are the members of the IHRMC
If you are interested in participating            in        (Elizabeth F. Cabrera [Universidad Carlos III],
HRDIV_NET, please send an email to:                         Paula Caligiuri [Rutgers University], Jason Heh
                                                            Huang [National Sun Yat-sen University], Henrik
                          H. Larsen [Copenhagen Business School], Kathy
                                                            Monks [Dublin City University Business School],
The body of the message should contain only the             Randall S. Schuler [Rutgers University], Steve
following one-line command:                                 Werner [University of Houston], and Carolyn
                                                            Wiley [CARWIL Management Consulting]), Mary
       ADD HRDIV_NET email first last
Volume XXIV, Number I                                  12                                 Spring 2000
Ann Von Glinow [Florida International                     HRMJ is published University of Michigan, John
University] and Mary R. Watson [Vanderbilt                Wiley & Sons, and the Society for Human
University]. As always, this HR Division’s faculty        Resource Management. Submissions may be sent
development workshop is free and open to all              to:    Editor
Academy members. We look forward to seeing                       Human Resource Management Journal
you in Toronto!                                                  c/o Production Office
                                                                 939 Travis Road
P.S.     Those of you interested in International                Fort Collins, CO 80524
HRM may want to join our list-server (maintained
by Herman Aguinis). To join, send the following
one-line message to
                                                                     ANNOUNCING THE
                Subscribe INTHR {your name}                      ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT
                                                                  NEW DOCTORAL STUDENT
  For example: Subscribe INTHR Steve Werner                            CONSORTIUM
                                                                       August 5, 2000

                                                          Are you new to your doctoral program and
                                                          wondering how you will ever make it to
                                                          graduation? Never been to the Academy of
                                                          Management Meeting before and wondering what
                                                          it is all about?

                                                          Join us in Toronto on Saturday, August 5th for the
                                                          New Doctoral Student Consortium.
 A special note of appreciation to:
                                                          The NDSC provides an interactive environment in
      DR. BOB CARDY                                       which doctoral students in their first two years can
                                                          learn more about succeeding in their doctoral
  Arizona State University                                program, entering the academic profession,
                                                          participating in Academy of Management
                                                          divisions,     interest   groups     and    regional
        for his feature article,                          associations, and getting the most out of the
    "Consider the Source"                                 Academy Meeting. The consortium allows
                                                          participants to meet and interact with other
         beginning on page 9                              doctoral students from around the country and the
          of this newsletter.                             world. Throughout the day, a lively exchange of
                                                          ideas and information will occur through peer
                                                          discussion groups, panel discussions with select
                                                          faculty, and distinguished speakers from the
                                                          Academy. Who knows – you might just form
                                                          friendships and research partnerships that will last
                                                          for the rest of your career!

                                                          For more information, visit the NDSC web site at
                                                ,             or
                                                          contact Melissa Cardon at


        Huselid Named Editor of HRMJ

Mark Huselid has been named Edtior of the
Human Resource Management Journal (HRMJ).
Volume XXIV, Number I                                13                                  Spring 2000
                                                   Human Resources
                                     Program Chair: Lois E. Tetrick, U. Of Houston
                        Professional Development Workshop Chair: Timothy A. Judge, U. of Iowa
             Start                           Division Program                                               Shared Program
                                                                                    80:SPDW: CMSW Doctoral Workshop  SC:Norfolk


             3:00pm                                                                 81:SPDW: CMSW Junior Faculty Workshop  SC:York
             8:00am 160:HR Junior Faculty Consortium  SC:Windsor East              87:SPDW: What's Critical?  RY:Ontario
                    161:HR Doctoral Consortium  SC:Windsor West
            10:00am 162:Roundtable: Jr. Faculty and Doctoral Consortia  SC:Essex   97:SPDW: Practice/Activity Theory  RY:Ontario

                                                                                    98:SPDW: Teaching Critically  RY:Tudor 7
             1:00pm 163:Dialogue on Teaching International HRM  SC:Essex
             2:30pm                                                                 107:SPDW: Interpretive Methods for Critical Research  RY:Ontario
                                                                                    108:SPDW: Critical Perspectives on Strategy  RY:Tudor 7
             3:30pm 164:Academia and Practice in HR Research  SC:Dufferin
             5:30pm 165:HR Division Reception  SC:Essex                            110:SPDW: CMSW Reception and Roundtables  RY:Ballroom
             7:30pm                                                                 112:SPDW: CMSW: Social Time  RY:Ballroom
             8:00am 166:HR Junior Faculty Consortium  SC:Windsor East              116:SPDW: Critical Research in the Management Journals 

                                                                                    117:SPDW: Gender, Work, and Employment in Academia  RY:British
             8:30am 167:HR Doctoral Consortium  SC:Windsor West                    121:SPDW: Organizational Research and Methods  RY:Ontario
            10:00am 168:Technology and HRM Change  RY:Nova Scotia
            10:30am                                                                 128:SPDW: CMSW Plenary Speaker: Doug Henwood  RY:Ballroom
             8:30am 169:Expatriate Adjustment in Asia  SC:Simcoe                   248:SIT: Predicting with Personality  RY:New Brunswick
                    170:Flexible Work  SC:Dufferin                                 251:SIT: Outsourcing  RY:Saskatchewan
            10:40am 171:Strategic Human Resources  SC:Dufferin                     161:SHCS: Organizational Justice Research  SC:Ballroom Centre
                    172:Work Attitudes  SC:Simcoe                                  192:JS: HRM and Performance  SC:Civic Ballroom
                                                                                    195:JS: Organizational Mentoring and Time  SC:Conference Room
                                                                                    196:JS: New Directions in International HRM  H:McDonald

                                                                                    252:SIT: Supportive Organizations  RY:New Brunswick
            12:20pm 173:Black Box of Strategic HRM Research  SC:Dufferin
                    174:Compensation  SC:Simcoe
             2:30pm 175:Organizational Citizenship Behavior  SC:Dufferin           169:SHCS: Potential of Cultural Differences  SC:Ballroom Centre
                    176:Turnover and Job Loss  SC:Simcoe                           205:JS: International HR and Global Leaders  H:McDonald
                                                                                    206:JS: Fast Growth Firms  RY:Alberta
                                                                                    255:SIT: Perceiving Justice  SC:Windsor East
                                                                                    298:IP: Compensation, Gainsharing  RY:Canadian 6
                                                                                    299:IP: Appraisal & Feedback  RY:Canadian 7
             4:10pm                                                                 260:SIT: Revolu'ary & Continuous Change  SC:Windsor East
             5:30pm 177:Ice Cream Social  SC:Dominion Ballroom N
             8:30am 178:HRM and Firm Performance  SC:Dufferin                      215:JS: Group Transactive Memory: Measurement  SC:Dominion
                    179:Psychological Contracts  SC:Simcoe                         Ballroom N
                                                                                    216:JS: Sexual Harassment Policy Effects  RY:Territories
            10:30am 180:Organizational Performance  SC:Dufferin                    175:SHCS: Gente del Corazon  SC:Dominion Ballroom N

                    181:Stress and Health  SC:Simcoe                               219:JS: Importance of Management History  RY:Territories
                                                                                    220:JS: Trustworthiness at Work  RY:Alberta
                                                                                    221:JS: Work-Family Conflict in 21st Century  SC:Civic Ballroom
             2:00pm 182:Leadership and Occupational Safety  SC:Simcoe              223:JS: Social Capital in Organizations  SC:Civic Ballroom
                    183:Training  SC:Dufferin                                      226:JS: Workplace Aggression Patterns  SC:Conference Room D&E
                                                                                    332:IP: Selection and Recruitment  RY:Canadian 3
             3:40pm 184:HR Business Meeting  SC:Simcoe                             231:JS: U.S. Companies and Work/Life Strategies  RY:Alberta
                                                                                    270:SIT: Inventiveness and Innovation  RY:New Brunswick
             5:30pm 185:HR Social Hour  SC:Dominion Ballroom N
             8:30am 186:Teamworking and Well-Being  SC:Simcoe                      181:SHCS: Challenging Structure  SC:Ballroom West

                    187:Diversity  SC:Dufferin                                     233:JS: Strategic HR Architecture  SC:Civic Ballroom
                                                                                    236:JS: Workplace Romance  RY:Territories
                                                                                    272:SIT: Shared Cognition and Sensemaking  RY:Saskatchewan
                                                                                    273:SIT: Interorganizational Networks  SC:Windsor West
            10:40am 188:Work and Family in a New Age  SC:Dufferin                  365:IP: Brain Drain, AIDS & Org. Outcomes  RY:Canadian 4
                    189:Selection - Interviews  SC:Simcoe
            12:20pm 190:Benefits  SC:Simcoe                                        245:JS: Compensation Design  SC:Conference Room D&E

   Volume XXIV, Number I                                             14                                        Spring 2000
                                            Registration Form
                             Human Resource Division Doctoral Consortium
                             2000 National Academy of Management Meetings
                                           Toronto, August 4-6

       Nominee’s Name                   __________________________________________________

       University and                   __________________________________________________
       Doctoral Program                 __________________________________________________

       Mailing Address                  __________________________________________________

       Phone                            __________________________________________________

       E-mail                           __________________________________________________

       Research Interests               __________________________________________________

       Name and Signature of            __________________________________________________
       Nominating Person                __________________________________________________

       Address of Nominating Person __________________________________________________

       Phone of Nominating Person       __________________________________________________

       Please send nominations as soon as possible to:

       Joe Martocchio
       Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations
       University of Illinois
       504 East Armory Avenue
       Champaign, IL 61820

Volume XXIV, Number I                                15                     Spring 2000
                        SPRING 2000

Volume XXIV, Number I      16         Spring 2000

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