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                               NEW BRANCH OR EXTENSION CAMPUS

                                 SUBMIT SIX COPIES

                          Council on Occupational Education
                        7840 Roswell Road, Bldg. 300, Suite 325
                                Atlanta, Georgia 30350
                             (800) 917-2081/(770) 396-3898
                                 FAX (770) 396-3790

Main Campus Name:____________________________________________________________________


Telephone: (____) ____________________________ FAX #: (_____) ____________________________

Chief Administrative Officer:_____________________________________________________________

New Campus Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: (____) ____________________________ FAX #: (_____) ____________________________

Name of On-Site Administrator for New Campus: ___________________________________________

Date of Application: ____________________________________________________________________

  NOTE: Must be submitted at least 30 days prior to campus becoming operational.

                                       (February 2011)
Please keep in mind that many of the Commission’s applications and all publications are available at the Council web site
( When completing the application, please make sure to:

         *        Refer to the most current edition of the Handbook of Accreditation.
         *        Provide complete answers to all questions.
         *        Include all requested documentation.
         *        Submit the original application and five complete copies.
         *        Submit a check which includes the application fee ($1,000), annual dues (for new branch campuses), and for
                  non-public institutions, the site visit deposit ($2,000).


An institution must submit an application when planning to add a new branch or extension at least 30 days prior to the date the
new campus is to become operational. Applications for new branches or extensions will not be accepted until any prior
substantive changes requiring a site visit have been granted final approval by the Commission.

Upon receipt of all of the above documents, the Executive Director shall review the application and may request additional
documentation, grant initial approval of the branch or extension, or refer the application to the Commission for action at its
next meeting. The Commission reserves the right to require a preliminary visit to any potential branch or extension campus
location prior to granting initial approval.

Failure to provide advance notification may call into question the entire institution’s accreditation.

Within 180 days after the branch or extension is granted initial approval, an on-site visit will be conducted at the new branch or
extension and, if appropriate, the main campus. Council staff will contact the institution to schedule this visit. The visiting team
(which may include a Commission representative) will consider the adequacy of the branch or extension and its potential
impact on the institution as a whole. The visiting team will submit a written report to the Executive Director within 30 days
after completing the site visit. A copy of the visiting team report will be mailed to the institution. The institution must provide
the Commission with a response for any recommendations in the team report within 30 days of the date that the report is
mailed to the institution. Identification of deficiencies documented during the visit may result in the institution’s being placed
on special status (warning, probation, or show cause) or losing its accreditation. The cost of the on-site evaluation will be borne
by the institution.

The institution’s response report, if required, must provide documentation that deficiencies or violations of the standards,
criteria, and/or conditions of accreditation have been corrected. The Commission will review the application, the team report,
and institutional response, if required, at its next meeting and will make a final decision on extending accreditation to include
the new branch or new extension.



I certify that all appropriate documentation has been enclosed with this completed application and that all
information contained in the application is correct.

         Signed this ___________ ___________                ____________
                          Day       Month                       Year

         Signature of Chief Administrative Officer

Name of New Campus: ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number (_____) ____________________________ FAX #: (_____) ________________________________

Name & Title of On-Site Administrator for New Campus: _________________________________________________

 1. The new location meets the definition for a branch or for an extension
    (see Handbook of Accreditation, page 29).                                       Branch [ ___ ]     Extension [ ___ ]

 2. Expected date when branch or extension will open with students attending: ____________________________________

 3. Is the planning for this expansion mentioned in the institution's long-range plan and most recent Annual Report?
    YES____ NO___

    If no, explain why not: ___________________________________________________________________________

 4. Provide documentation of need for the activities including a description of:

    a) Number of schools in area offering the same programs(s);
    b) Demographic studies; and,
    c) Occupational surveys.

 5. Attach a budget which includes major categories such as administration, instructional programs, personnel salaries, plant
    maintenance, lease or rent of building, insurance, custodial service, security service, projected revenue, expenditures, and cash

 6. Explain the governance and administrative organization. Attach an organizational chart identifying positions of key
    individuals with chain of authority and location by department and facility.

 7. Use the attached educational program chart(s) to describe each program to be offered at the new site. All appropriate columns
    on the chart must be completed. For programs not presently approved at the main campus, submit new program applications
    or applications for program replication/relocation.

    If this new campus is located outside of the marketing area of the main campus, provide completed Employer Program
    Verification Forms for each program being offered at the new campus. NOTE: Job Corps Centers may use the most recent
    VES (Vocational Education System) Report in place of the COE Employer Program Verification Form.

 8. Use the rosters provided to list planned administrators and instructional personnel.

 9. Complete the attached Personnel Form for each NEW administrator and instructor.

10. Attach a description of the planned learning resource center size, location, and budget. Include a listing of equipment, support
    personnel, and resources that will be made available to students at the learning resource center.

    Will the center be accessible to all students before, during, and after regular classes? YES____ NO____

11. Provide a floor plan of the planned branch or extension facility, including media center, and other inside or outside areas to be
    utilized by faculty, students, support personnel, recruiters, financial aid personnel, etc.

12. Provide minutes, records, and/or other documentation which reveals the planning and approving of activities leading to the
    creation of this branch or extension. You may use benchmark date/event summary or other means to describe the
    planning/development process. It need not be lengthy.

13. Are there any management agreements, option agreements, or other contractual agreements between the owner(s) of the main
    campus and other parties with respect to the branch or extension bearing on the management and control of the branch or
    extension? YES____ NO____ If yes, provide explanation.

14. Provide examples of planned publications announcing and/or describing the program(s) and activities, including a draft copy
    of the school catalog, flyers, published advertisements and announcements. The draft copy of the catalog should clearly refer
    to the branch or extension by name and address and indicate is relationship to the main campus. If the branch or extension
    offers programs that are different in type, length, cost, or other aspects from those offered at other campuses, then these
    differences should be made absolutely clear. If the branch offerings are to be presented in a catalog supplement, then it
    should be identified as such. Programs to be offered at the branch different from those offered at the main campus and all
    programs to be offered at extensions must be included in the main campus catalog.

15. Non-public institutions provide a financial statement, including notes, audited by an independent certified public accountant
    for the most recent fiscal year. (Financial statements which show a negative net worth of the institution will be grounds for
    the plan to be rejected.)

    On forms provided in this package, request that the independent certified public accountant use the audited financial
    statement to complete the information requested on the COE Financial Form.

16. Provide proof of ownership. If a corporation, indicate the owners and show proof of the ownership. If the corporation is held
    by another corporation, provide a structure of ownership that identifies individuals by name, percent of ownership, and
    position within the company.

17. If the planned new branch or extension has been in operation under different ownership, submit copy of application that will
    be submitted for change of ownership and approval by the state licensing agency.

18. Provide a copy of the letter from the institution’s state licensing agency indicating approval of the new branch or extension
    and the programs offered there.

19. Institutions owned by a non-profit corporation recognized by the IRS as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of
    the IRS Code, submit documentation that the inclusion of this branch or extension with the programs to be offered is within
    the recognition of the IRS.

20. If establishing a branch campus, submit a check in the amount of $3,500 ($1,000 application fee, $500 branch campus yearly
    dues, and $2,000 deposit for site visit for non-public institutions).

    If establishing an extension campus, submit a check in the amount of $3,000 ($1,000 application fee, and $2,000 deposit for
    site visit for non-public institutions).

    Make your check payable to the Council on Occupational Education.


                                                        EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS
                                                             DATA COMPILED AS OF (date):

Programs listed below
are those of the:                   Main Campus               Other Campus Location:

                                                                                                                                            Semester Credit Hours             Quarter Credit Hours
Check appropriate box to indicate method of measuring program length:                                  Clock Hours                          Complete Clock/Credit             Complete Clock/Credit
                                                                                                                                            Chart – Next Page                 Chart – Next Page


                                                             Distance Education
                                                             % of Total Courses

                                                             Available Through
                                            PROGRAM                               DELIVERY METHOD                             CREDENTIAL                                STUDENTS                 INSTRUCTOR

                                                              within Program
                                             LENGTH                                (Check One or More)                                                                                                S
        PROGRAM NAME /





           CIP Code                                                                                                                                            PROGRA





  (Use One Line For Each Program)          Clock    Credit                                                                                                      START
                                           Hours    Hours                                                                                                        DATE

                                                                            (October 27, 2005)

                                       for Completing the Postsecondary Educational Program Chart


1.        Complete one chart for each campus of the institution (main campus, branch, extension, instructional
          service center)
2.        Indicate the manner in which the length of the program is measured (clock hours/semester credit hours/quarter credit hours).
          More than one option may be indicated.
3.        One Clock Hour/Credit Hour chart must be completed for each program and must accompany the
          Educational Programs chart.
4.        All documentation submitted to the Commission must be TYPED and provided in English.

IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS (From the Handbook of Accreditation):

Program—A combination of courses and related activities (e.g. laboratory activities and/or work-based activities) that lead to a
credential and is offered by an institution to develop competencies required for a specific occupation.

Distance Education—As defined, for the purposes of accreditation review, a formal educational process in which the majority of the
instruction occurs when student and instructor are not in the same place. Instruction may be synchronous or asynchronous. Distance
education may employ correspondence study, or audio, video, or computer technologies.

A Credit Hour is equivalent to a minimum of each of the following: one semester credit for 15 clock hours of lecture, 30 clock hours
of laboratory, or 45 clock hours of work-based activities; or one quarter credit for 10 clock hours of lecture, 20 clock hours of
laboratory, or 30 clock hours of work-based activities.


1.        List all programs offered by the institution as of the date the chart is completed.
2.        List only those programs that educate students for the purpose of job entry or job advancement.
3.        List only those programs that are actively enrolling students or those that have enrolled students within 12 months of the date
          of the chart.
4.        Include Vocational English-As-A-Second-Language programs offered at any campus.
5.        Indicate the name of each program as it appears in the institution’s catalog. (Program names must be consistent with the
          names printed in institutional publications AND state approval documentation.)
6.        Be sure to indicate what percentage of the total number of courses within the program are offered through distance education
          delivery methods. Example 1: If an accounting program is offered entirely through classroom delivery AND entirely through
          online instruction, enter the program as shown below being sure to indicate ‘classroom’ and ‘online’ under ‘Instruction
          Delivery Method’ and a ‘100’ in the percentage column. Example 2: If a Business Office Technology program is offered in
          part through traditional classroom instruction and in part through online instruction, list it as shown below indicating ‘50’ in
          the percentage column and indicate ‘classroom’ and ‘online’ instruction. Example 3: If a Computer Aided Drafting program
          is offered only through online instruction, list it as shown below indicating 100 in the percentage column and indicating
          ‘online’ instruction only.

                            PROGRAM                              DELIVERY METHOD                                  CREDENTIAL                                   STUDENTS                     INSTRUCTOR
                                            % of Total Courses

                                            Distance Education
                                            Available Through
                                             within Program

                             LENGTH                               (Check One or More)                                                                                                            S
        CIP Code                                                                                                                                   PROGRAM






 (Use One Line For Each                                                                                                                              DATE

                           Clock   Credit

       Program)            Hours   Hours

 Accounting / 52.0302       1190       70              100       X           X                                                  X                   2/15/90        59           243                 4           6
 Business Office
 Technology / 52.0401       1279       44                50      X           X                                                  X                   10/31/01                    175                 4           4
 Computer Aided Drafting
 /                          1800                       100                   X                                                  X                   4/30/03                            72           2           4

                    Commission of the Council on Occupational Education

Name of Institution:_______________________________________________________________


Name of Program:________________________________________________________________

This program is (check one):

_____ An Existing Program      _____ A New Program         _____ A Substantially Revised Program

The program length is (specify length):

______ Clock Hours        ______ Semester Credit Hours        ______ Quarter Credit Hours

Amount of tuition and fees charged for the total program: $_______________

Excerpt from the Handbook of Accreditation, 2010 Edition, page 43, criteria B.5 and B.6:

       5.      At least every two years, three bonafide potential employers review each
               educational program and recommend admission requirements, program content,
               program length, program objectives, competency tests, instructional materials,
               equipment, method of evaluation, and level of skills and/or proficiency required
               for program completion, and appropriateness of the delivery mode for the
               program. (Objectives 2-B-2 and 2-B-4)

       6.      The institution considers the length and the tuition of each program in relation to
               the documented entry level earnings of completers. (Objective 2-B-2)

   NOTE: Job Corps Centers may use the Vocational Evaluation System (VES) Report in place of
   the COE Employer Program Verification Form.


  We have reviewed the __________________________ program and recommended
  requirements for: admissions, program content, program length, program objectives,
  competency tests, instructional materials, equipment, method of evaluation, and the skills and/or
  proficiency required for completion.

  The verifiable range of remuneration that can reasonably be expected by completers who enter
  this field upon completion of the program is:

                From $ ____________ annually to $ ____________ annually
                       (Based on year-round, full-time employment)


  Name _________________________________________ Title ________________________

  Company Name ______________________________________________________________

  Address ____________________________________________________________________

  Signature ___________________________________Date_____________________________


  Name _________________________________________ Title ________________________

  Company Name ______________________________________________________________

  Address ____________________________________________________________________

  Signature _________________________________Date______________________________


  Name _________________________________________ Title ________________________

  Company Name ______________________________________________________________

  Address ____________________________________________________________________

  Signature ___________________________________Date____________________________

                                                      ROSTER OF INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF

Complete this roster for all (full & part-time) instructional staff currently employed and on site. Indicate which instructors teach courses within
Associate Degree Programs with an asterisk (*). Complete one chart per location.

                                                                            EXPERIENCE                                         CURRENT
              NAME                           YEAR            MOST              In Field              COURSES              INSTRUCTIONAL
      Note: Group by program                  OF           ADVANCED           and/or In              TAUGHT                LOAD IN HOURS
                                          EMPLOYMENT        DEGREE           Classroom                                   Part-Time Full-Time
                                        ROSTER OF ADMINISTRATIVE AND SUPERVISORY STAFF

Complete this roster for all (full & part-time) administrative and supervisory staff currently employed and on site. Complete one chart per location.
                                               YEAR                                                                   NUMBER OF HOURS
              NAME                               OF          EDUCATION                    EXPERIENCE                   EMPLOYED PER
                                          EMPLOYMENT                                                                         WEEK

                                                PERSONNEL FORM

Complete this form for each NEW person employed in an instructional or administrative capacity, full- or part-time.

Full Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

School: ______________________________________ City: ___________________________________________

Date of Initial Employment: ____________________________________ Full-Time: _______ Part-Time: _______

Present Title: _________________________________ How Long In Position? _____________________________

Describe primary responsibilities including subjects taught: _____________________________________________


Other Responsibilities: __________________________________________________________________________

Describe current instructional/administrative licenses and/or credentials and attach copies to this form:


Educational Background (Attach additional sheets if necessary)
                                      Attendance                                              Award
       Institution & Address       From          To           Major Studies               Diploma/Degree

Related Work Experience:

          Company & Address                   FROM     TO                      Job Title & Duties

If instructing, how and when were you trained to teach?


How do you maintain up-to-date professional knowledge? (Organization activities, self-study, publications?)


I certify that the information contained on this form and attached hereto is correct and complete.

Employee's Signature ________________________________________________________ Date ____________