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Graduation Project Reflection II


									                                                                                                   Alyssa Friman

                                        Graduation Project Reflection II

        So far, my graduation project is going okay. Since I was sick for two weeks I am so far behind and

I feel like I can’t catch up! My research paper is really killing me. I have never been the type of person to

be a perfectionist, but I want this paper to be perfect. I think that I am feeling this way because the topic

of autism is something that really touches me, and I am very interested in it, and I want others to know

about it also. I’m hoping that I can just hurry up and stop trying to make it so perfect so I can just get it

finished and it’ll be one less thing for me to worry about. My Scentsy is doing great! I am getting a lot of

business from people at my mom’s work, my mom really got them hooked on it and they just keep

ordering and ordering! I have sold about $300+ worth of Scentsy already, and that was just in my first

order. My first campaign of Avon went really well. I sold $292 worth of products. When I got sick, I just

kind of but selling behind me, which got me behind in the books that I have to order from the Avon, and

then I just decided that since I am doing so great in the Scentsy that I am just going to stick with the

Scentsy and forget the Avon. The other day I was looking at one autism website and I saw that they

were selling bracelets to help find a cure for autism, I thought that was very interesting, so I am thinking

about getting a hold of the company, tell them what I am doing, and see if they can give me a discount

price on the bracelets so I can sell them as well. I didn’t think that this project would be as much work as

it is, but it definitely is. I really enjoy it though, so I am glad on everything that I chose. I hope I keep

feeling this way throughout the year. 

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