Graduation Project Reflection 1 by fjzhangxiaoquan


									Alyssa Friman

                                       Graduation Project Reflection 1

        I am very excited for my graduation project. Just last week I finally figured out what I am doing.

Because I’ve always been so interested with autism, and that I am such a people person, I thought that

selling Avon and Scentsy would be a great idea for me! From the money that I make from selling these

products I am going to give it to an autism organization; I’m not sure which one yet, so that will have to

be figured out in the future. I am so excited for the fall festival coming up because I am getting a booth

for the Avon stuff (someone already had a Scentsy one ). I’m really hoping this will go as good as I

think it will! To learn more about autism, I will be attending a workshop with Ms. Schmitz, which I am

also very excited about that. Because of the fact that I have 3 cousins that have autism, it is very

interesting for me to learn about. I’m hoping that with doing the research paper I will learn a lot and

understand autism a lot more. I’m even excited about doing my research project because I think that

will help me more understand autism, and I am ready to learn as much as I can about this. Last year, I

was dreading having to do this senior project, but now that I have finally figured everything out I am so

incredibly excited for it. I really hope that things will go as good as I hope they will!

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