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									q    S. GOLD CHARM The color can vary from light               ORCHIDS We offer a few varieties expected to do well in        AFRICAN VIOLETS
     yellow to a full gold, depending on temperature. Try to   the same conditions as African violets.                        Leaves $1.25 each, plants $3.50 each.
     keep above 10C.                                           PHALAENOPSIS and DORITAENOPSIS                                 These plants have been selected from among 100s of
q    S. CORAL CASCADE Brilliant rose coral flower.             The Orchid most likely to succeed in your home is the          varieties introduced in the past few years. They will
                                                               "Moth Orchid" with large blooms in white, cream, pink, or      provide interesting color combinations in both blooms and
q    S. MALIBOU Large coral red, edged in a line of red.
                                                               mauve. Once mature they will generally bloom at least          leaves. We include some yellows — they are not solid
q    S. MADISTO Large double pink flowers.                     twice a year and the blooms will last a long time. Water       yellow, but feature splashes or shadings of yellow. For all
q    S. MISS SHIMANO Delicate shades of white &                about twice a week in the summer, once a week in the           varieties, color varies with growing conditions. Varieties
     lavender with a thin edge of darker lavender.             winter. Regular fertilizing is necessary.                      new to the catalogue this year are shown with _.
q    S. ROCKET Two-toned blooms of deep purple and             q $15.00 Assorted varieties in 4" pots.                        LARGE PLANTS
     white throat, which extends out to sepals.                DENDROBIUM                                                     _   APACHE CHARMER Pansy-shaped flowers on
q    S. TWILIGHT TANGERINE Bright orange flowers               These can be grown side by side with the Phalaenopsis              foliage accented in pink and white on wavy dk green.
     with veining extending down into the white throat.        above. The flowers are smaller but more numerous.              _   ARAPAHOE Semi-double stars of brilliant red,
     Wide open blooms.                                         Assorted colors — Pink, Purple or 2-tone.
                                                                                                                                  pointed bright green leaves. Vigorous grower.
q    S. WHITE XMAS Very strong, glossy leaves. Many            q $15.00 Assorted varieties in 4" pots.                        q   BUCKEYE BOUQUET Semi-double to double ruffled
     translucent white blooms, sometimes tinted pink.          PAPHIOPEDILUM
                                                                                                                                  blooms in lavender-pink with raspberry and purple
     Blooms early December.                                    These "Lady Slipper" orchids have mottled green leaves             fantasy, variable raspberry edge. Leaves variegated
q    SOLANUM JASMINOIDES (Potato Vine) Star                    and large green or burgundy blooms lasting up to 6                 green and cream.
     shaped white blooms of this floriferous vine are          weeks. They are warm growing and prefer low to medium
     accented by a cluster of yellow stamens.                  light levels. Water and fertilize as for Phalaenopsis.         q   BUCKEYE CHERRY FRECKLES Semi-double pansy
                                                                                                                                  pink blooms with red fantasy. Variegated foliage in
q    STAPELIA (Carrion flower) Succulent with fleshy           q $20.00 Assorted varieties in 4" pots.                            green, white, and cream.
     angular upright stems, smelly flowers                     ONCIDIUM
                                                               The "Dancing Ladies" produce a cloud of flowers in             q   CANADIAN BOREAL Semi-double purple pansies
q    STEPHANOTIS FLORIBUNDA (Madagascar                                                                                           with coral puffs, white edge. Dark green foliage.
     Jasmine) Wiry twiner with leathery leaves and very        yellow with red, burgundy, or brown markings. Some
     fragrant white flowers.                                   varieties are fragrant. They prefer warm days and bright       q   CHANTILLY LACE Double white stars with thin red
                                                               morning light. Do not overwater.                                   edge. Ruffled foliage in green and white.
                                                                                                                              q   CHIFFON PRINCE Large semi-double blooms in light
     flowers over velvety green foliage.                       q $15.00 Assorted varieties in 4" pots.
                                                               ZYGOPETALUM                                                        lavender tipped in royal purple. Dark olive foliage with
q    STREPTOCARPUS ASSORTED Blooms in assorted
                                                               Sweetly scented with 7-8 flowers in green, purple, or              tan variegation.
     shades of pink, violet, blue, lilac, lavender.
                                                               burgundy, that last 4-8 weeks. Late winter to spring           q   CHRISTINE Semi-double to double pink two-tone
q    SUCCULENTS, assorted. Small varieties.                    bloomer, mature plants can bloom twice a year. Low to              pansies with darker eye, white-green ruffled edge.
q    TETRADENIA RIPARIA (Nutmeg Bush) Woody-                   medium light, cool nights to induce blooming. Keep moist.          Variegated green, pink and white wavy leaves.
     stemmed shrub with musky leaves, creamy flowers.          q $15.00 Assorted varieties in 4" pots.                        _   DEEP SKY Single dark blue pansies with dark pink
q    TIBOUCHINA URVILLEANA (Glory Bush) Free                                                                                      and white markings, over dark green foliage.
     branching tree-like shrub with fresh green hair           FERTILIZERS                                                    q   DESIGNER STAR Semi-double plum stars with pink
     covered leaves. Large 3" royal purple blooms.             $3.50 Schultz African Violet fertilizer – suitable for most        fantasy, white edge. Dark green quilted leaves.
q    TIBOUCHINA URVILLEANA EDWARDSII Larger                          flowering plants, liquid, 155 gm.                        q   DUMPLIN' Double pink two-tone blooms over plain
     flowers and a more compact habit than above.              $4.00 Plant Prod 15-30-15 flowering plant fertilizer, dry          green, quilted leaves.
q    TILLANDSIA, assorted. Bromeliads and air plants.                powder, 250 gm.                                          q   FICKLE FLIRT Semi-double pink stars with blue
q    TRACHELOSPERMUM ASIATICUM (Asiatic                        $5.99 RainGrow organic fertilizer 4-2-3 A liquid fertilizer        fantasy, white edge. Plain green, quilted foliage.
     Jasmine) A compact vine with tidy dark green leaves             derived from compost emulsion and a blend of             q   FREDETTE'S RISEN STAR Pink semi-double stars
     adorned with cinnamon scented yellow blooms.                    natural plant extracts. 250 gm.                              with a sparkling of raspberry glitter over tailored green
_    TRADESCANTIA SPATHACEA (Moses in a Cradle)                $9.99 RainGrow 4-2-3 500 gm.                                       and cream variegated foliage.
     Rosette of green lance-shaped leaves, purple below.       $7.99 Raingrow Liquid Bloom-A-Long 0-12-0 (liquid
                                                                     bonemeal) contains fast and slow release                 q   GRANGER'S WONDERLAND Semi-double light blue
                                                                     phosphorus for better blooms. 300 gm.                        fringed blooms cap plain green ruffled leaves.
                                                                                                                              q   GREAT EXPECTATIONS Double lavender fantasy
                                                                                                                                  blooms with white edge. Plain green foliage.
                                                                                                                              q   NATALIE PINEAULT White ruffled edges on double
                                                                                                    Episcia                       wine blossoms. Deep green foliage with red reverse.
                                                                                                    Strawberry Patch          q   ODE TO BEAUTY Beautiful semi-double coral stars,
                                                                                                                                  banded in raspberry and sporting a wide white edge.
                                                                                                                                  Dark green quilted leaves.
                                                                                                                              q   PAGAN IMAGE Double stars of peachy-pink with
                                                                                                                                  glowing centers and fringed edges. Dark green and
                   Allamanda cathartica                                                                                           cream foliage, slightly ruffled.

23                                                                                       Check website for new varieties 24                                                              1
q   PARADISE LOST Double lavender stars with white          PASSIFLORA (Passion Flower) Vining plants that can               on spreading branches. A nice shrubby foliage plant.
    frilled edge. Medium green, ruffled leaves.             be twined on a trellis or planted in a basket.               q   RADERMACHERA SINICA (China Doll) An excellent
q   PLENTY OF PEPPER Large semi-double stars up to          _ P. AMETHYST Twining stems with spectacular                     foliage plant with glossy green leaves and many
    2 1/4" across, in glowing Cajun-red. Medium green           fragrant purple-mauve blooms, three-lobed leaves.            branches. Likes moist, fertile soil.
    glossy foliage that is tailored and pointed.            _ P. CAERULEA (Blue passion flower). Fast-growing,           RHIPSALIDOPSIS (Easter Cacti) These resemble
_   POWDER KEG Semi-double dark red stars with white            semi-evergreen climber with blue and white flowers,      Christmas Cacti but the branch segments are more gently
    edge. Dark green quilted leaves with red reverse.           followed by edible, but not especially delicious, egg-   rounded. They normally bloom in April and May, and
_   PUEBLO Large semi-double stars in deep and bright           shaped yellow fruit. Frost hardy in mild areas.          sometimes again in the fall. Culture is similar to
    coral. Dark green tailored foliage.                                                                                  Christmas Cacti but they do not need to be "timed".
                                                            q P. EDULIS Edible 3" fruit in your sunroom! White
q   RAINBOW'S NEW HORIZONS Semi-double light-                   blooms with lavender corolla. Delicious fruit juice.     q R. ANDROMEDA Deep lavender pink flowers. A very
                                                                                                                             heavy bloomer and a vigorous grower.
    medium blue stars with white and pink fantasy.          _ P. MOLLISSIMA Large pink flowers, yellow fruit.
    Tommie Lou variegated, quilted foliage.                     Leaves three-lobed, softly-downy underneath..            q R. CAPRICE Pink star-shaped blooms, with a darker
_   RODEO COUNTRY Semi-double to double medium                                                                               midstripe down each petal.
                                                            q P. VITIFOLIA Profuse red blooms, petals somewhat
    blue blooms. Dark green leaves with red reverse.            reflexed. Grape-like thick leaves.                       q R. GAERTNERI GIANT Flaring flowers of brilliant
q   SOMETHING SPECIAL Semi-double dark blue-                                                                                 orange red often hiding the leaves completely.
                                                            _ PELARGONIUM VANCOUVER CENTENNIAL A                             Largest blooms of any Easter Cactus to date.
    purple blooms dance over plain green foliage.               dwarf plant with golden maple-like leaves with bronze
q   SPLENDIFEROUS Single pale pink stars with red               central splotches, and bright orange-red flowers.        q R. ROSEA A tiny jointed plant that produces clouds of
    eye, white fringed edge. Dk green quilted leaves.                                                                        light Pink flowers. Almost a miniature. It needs to be
                                                            q PENTAS LANCEOLATA (Egyptian Star Cluster) An                   moist but too much water is fatal.
q   STARLETTE Semi-double pink stars banded in red,             everblooming plant with umbels of red or pink flowers.
    edged in white and green. Dark green quilted foliage.       Bright green leaves. Good light.                         q R. SUTTERS GOLD Large blooms of Gold Orange-
q                                                                                                                            Red, and just a fleck of Red. Even, compact grower.
    SUN SIZZLE Single to semi-double fuchsia stars with     q PEPEROMIA LITTLE FANTASY Small heart shaped
    white wavy edge. Med green quilted leaves.                  wrinkled leaves, rat-tail flower spikes.                 _ RHIPSALIS CEREUSCULA (Rice cactus) Thin
                                                                                                                             green segmented stems with cream flowers.
q   SWELL ELEGANT Single dark red-fuchsia frilled           q PEPEROMIA PEPPER FACE Large spoon shaped                       Segments break easily into rice like fragments.
    pansies with white markings. Variegated dark green,         leaves with white-cream variegation.
    pink and bronze, glossy leaves.                                                                                      q RHODOCHITON ATROSANGUINEUM (Purple Bells)
                                                            q PEPEROMIA GUAVEOLENS Banana like leaves,                       A climber from Mexico with heart-shaped leaves and
_   SWIFTY THRILLER Fringed double lavender two-                burgundy on bottom and green on top.
    toned blooms. Green, cream, and pink ruffled leaves.                                                                     long-lasting, dark purple bells.
                                                            PHYGELIUS Cape Fuchsia Fairly hardy herbaceous
q   TOMAHAWK Vibrant semi-double Red blooms over            perennials from South Africa with hanging fuchsia-like       q RUELLIA MAKOYANA (Monkey Plant) Violet tinged
    dark Green foliage on a symmetrical plant.              blooms. Good patio plants to attract hummingbirds, can           olive green leaves with silvery veins on top, purple
                                                                                                                             lower surface. Fuchsia trumpet flowers 3 cm long.
q   VENUS BUTTERFLY Semi-double large watermelon            be over-wintered outdoors in mild areas.
    red two tone star, up to 3" across. Dark green          q PHYGELIUS AFRICAN QUEEN Coral pink blooms.                 q SANSEVIERIA TRIFASCIATA LAURENTI (Mother-
    pointed, red-backed foliage.                                                                                             in-Law's Tongue). Sword-like leaves with golden
                                                            q PHYGELIUS MOONRAKER Creamy yellow flowers.                     edges, a very tough plant.
q   VICTORIAN VELVET Very large deep magenta semi-          q PHYGELIUS DEVIL’S TEARS Scarlet flowers with
    double stars with frilly edging accented in pink. Red       yellow throat.
                                                                                                                         q SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA (Strawberry Geranium)
    reverse on medium green leaves.                                                                                          Hanging basket plant producing smaller plantlets on
                                                            q PLECTRANTHUS AMBOINICUS (Cuban Oregano)                        runners. White flowers. Bright light, not too wet.
q   WHITE LACE Ruffled white double flowers mottled             Thick fuzzy green leaves with oregano fragrance.
    with purplish-blue. Ruffled medium green foliage.                                                                    q SCHEFFLERA ARBORICOLA (Hawaiian Dwarf
                                                            q PLECTRANTHUS VARIEGATA (Swedish Ivy) Fast                      Schefflera) Shrubby, needs bright light and moist.
q   WINDY DAY Semi-double blue stars with white-green           growing trailing plant with hairy green leaves with      SCHLUMBERGERA (Christmas Cacti ) They will
    ruffled edge. Dark green red-backed leaves.                 white scalloped edges. Leaves release a pleasant         normally bloom the same time each year but you can
                                                                herbal aroma when touched.                               experiment in 2 ways. Temperature: keep nights 12-15C
STANDARDS leaves $1.25, plants $3.50                        q PLECTRANTHUS NICO A spreading or trailing                  to set buds. Light: more than 12 hours of darkness at
q ACA’S CORAL LAGOON Ruffled stars of semi-                     foliage plant with very dark shiny leaves that are       about 15C will initiate flower buds. Give bright filtered light
    double coral. Dark green scalloped foliage.                 burgundy on the reverse.                                 and let dry out somewhat between waterings.
q   ACA’S RED EMBER Semi-double red pansy blooms            q PLUMBAGO AURICULATA (Cape Leadwort)                        q S. ASPEN Snow white bloom with serrated edges.
    over green and white variegated foliage.                    Attractive plant with true blue, Phlox-like flowers in       Keep temp above 10C or blooms will be pinkish.
q   ANNABELLE Double pink two-tone shaded blooms                profusion from spring to winter. A rare color.           q S. BRIDGESII The original Christmas Cactus. Small
    over dark green leaves with red backs.                  q PODOCARPUS MACROPHYLLUS (Buddhist Pine)                        glossy green leaves on an arching stem. Carmine red
_   ALAMO FROST Semi-double white blooms with                   Upright stems with narrow glossy leaves. Keep in a           and purple blooms.
    green edge over medium green leaves.                        cool spot.                                               q S. BRISTOL QUEEN Dramatic 2" bloom. White
_   ALAMO GOLDRUSH Double gold blooms with pink             q PORTULACARIA AFRA VARIEGATA (Rainbow                           centers and fuchsia petal edges and tips.
    shading over variegated green and white leaves.             Bush) Lovely succulent with red brown stems and
_   ALAMO RAINBOW White and lavender semi-double
                                                                                                                         q S. CHRISTMAS FLAME Silky white Inner petals,
                                                                pretty leaves, margined in creamy white and a thin           outer petals golden yellow. Keep above 10C.
    blossoms with blue and pink fantasy edges, medium           carmine red edging.
    green plain leaves.                                                                                                  q S. CHRISTMAS MAGIC II Very big flowers here.
                                                            q PSIDIUM GUAJAVA (Guava) Leathery green leaves                  Purplish red.
2                                                                                   Check website for new varieties 21                                                               22
JASMINUM (Jasmine) Sweetly scented blooms. At least        q   MIKENIA TERNATA (Plush vine) Fast-growing trailer         q   ANTONIA Double fantasy blooms with a green edge
some of these varieties are always in bloom. Grow in           with small purplish hairy leaves. Keep moist, likes           over plain green foliage.
good light but not full summer sun. Keep evenly moist.         bright light.                                             q   APACHE ARROWPOINT. Large, double lavender
_ J. FIONA SUNRISE Deciduous climber with brilliant        _ MIMOSA PUDICA (Sensitive Plant) Feathery leaves                 flowers with darker lavender edges. Green and
   yellow leaves and white fragrant flowers in summer.         that fold up when touched, pink ball flowers.                 bronze, crown-variegated foliage.
_ J. FLORIDUM Compact species with small                   q MONSTERA DELICIOSA (Swiss Cheese plant),                    _   APACHE DIAMOND Bright raspberry semi-double
   everblooming flowers. Small green leaves.                   Mexican breadfruit. Large glossy split leaves and             ruffled stars, over white, green, and pink leaves.
q J. HUMILE REVOLUTUM Yellow blooms and a spicy                aerial roots, needs support to grow large.                _   APACHE SHOWOFF Hot pink semi-double pansies
   carnation fragrance.                                    q MUEHLENBECKIA COMPLEXA (Maidenhair vine)                        with red eyes over dark green and pink foliage.
q J. NUDIFLORUM Nearly erect plant with glossy green           Tiny leaves and black stems. Bears small, white           q   APACHE SUNBURST Large pansies with upper
   leaves. Yellow blooms in early spring.                      edible fruit.                                                 petals in burgundy and lower in pink. Dark green
q J. OFFICINALE Poet's Jasmine. Fragrant starry white      q MURRAYA EXOTICA (Orange Jasmine) A compact                      leaves edged with white and pink ruffles.
   flowers on twining stems from spring to fall.               plant, but can be constantly in bloom and covered         q   APPLAUSE Semi-double lavender blooms shading to
q J. OFFICINALE GRANDIFLORUM (French Perfume                   with small red berries. Orange scented white flowers.         purple edge, over plain green foliage.
   Jasmine) Double white flowers on twining stems from     _ NANDINA DOMESTICA (Heavenly bamboo) An                      _   ARIA Single to semi-double blue-purple stars with
   spring to fall. Strong scent.                               upright evergreen shrub with compound leaves in               white edge over dark green, cream, and pink foliage.
q J. POLYANTHUM (Winter Jasmine) Blooms early in               metallic green, turning red in winter. Cane like stems.   q   BIG DADDY Large semi-double blooms of bright
   the year with deliciously scented masses of white           Limited quantities.                                           purple, up to 3". Green foliage with red reverse.
   flowers. Compact vine.                                  NEMATANTHUS Primarily hanging basket plants but can           q   BLUE DRAGON Semi-double to double stars of pale
q J. SAMBAC (Maid of Orleans) Bushy growing. Single        be grown in pots. Orange, red & yellow pouch-shaped               blue with dark eye and red band, variable green edge.
   fragrant blooms used for scenting tea.                  blooms. They need a bit more light than violets.                  Dark green foliage.
q J. X STEPHANSE Evergreen hybrid between                  q N. CHRISTMAS HOLLY Bright shiny green leaves.               q   BLUEBEARD Semi-double blooms in blue over
   J.beesianum and officinale. Climbing vine with              Brilliant red blooms.                                         variegated foliage.
   slender shoots. Fragrant pink flowers, summer.          q N. DUGNY Large yellow flowers with red stripes. Dark        q   BLUSHING FANTASY Pink semi-double and double
q J. TORTUOSUM A South African vining Jasmine with             glossy foliage shaded deep red. (limited #)                   stars splashed with deep blue fantasy, hot pink eye.
   good vigor and a fruity fragrance from its pure white   _ N. DIBLEY'S GOLD Dark Green leaves variegated                   Deep green foliage with red reverse..
   star-shaped flowers.                                        with Gold. Orange flowers.                                q   BLUSHING IVORY Single ivory stars blushed with
_ KOHLERIA CLOWN PRINCE Fuzzy leaved                       _ N. FRECKLES Orange flowers with maroon spots                    wide bands of pink-orchid glitter. Dark green foliage.
   gesneriad with rose blooms sporting darker rose dots        where petals join. Glossy green leaves.                   q   BOB SERBIN Semi-double red sticktite pansies with
   on face and throat. Fairly compact. Keep moist.         q N. STOPLIGHT Leather-like green leaves, with red                a thin white edge. Dark green, quilted leaves with
q LANTANA CAMARA (Yellow Sage) A West Indies                   undersides. Small red blooms in pedicels.                     serrated edges and red backs.
   shrub with bristly green leaves. Flowers open pink      q N. TROPICANA Dark green shiny leaves. Large gold            q   BOB'S OMEGA Single pink blooms with a rose stripe
   and yellow, maturing to red-orange.                         blooms, striped in garnet red.                                frosting plain green foliage.
q LANTANA MONTEVIDENSIS (Weeping Lantana)                  NERIUM OLEANDER (Rose Bay) Evergreen shrubs that              q   BRIGHT EYES Single pale lavender two-tone blooms
   Everblooming lavender flowers with a trailing habit     reach 3 or 4 feet if potted in tubs, so make ideal patio          over variegated leaves.
   suitable for baskets.                                   plants. Can also be pruned back for houseplants. Long
                                                                                                                         _   CANADIAN MOONLIGHT Single to semi-double pale
q LEDEBOURIA SOCIALIS (Silver squill). Tiny bulbs          narrow leaves, upward growing. Poisonous.                         purple pansies over frosted green and white foliage.
   form straplike leaves with leopard spots and small      q N. DOUBLE PINK Heavy bloom clusters of large,               q   CANDY SWIRLS Semi-double white and pink large
   spikes of Muscari-like flowers.                             double pink flowers.                                          pansies with pink eye and edge. Medium green
_ LONICERA NITIDA BAGGESEN'S GOLD (Gold box                q N. DOUBLE WHITE Large double white flowers that                 leaves, quilted and scalloped.
   honeysuckle). Bushy evergreen shrub with golden             offer a nice contrast to the pink if potted together.
                                                                                                                         q   CENTENNIAL THUNDER Large white blooms with
   leaves in bright light, great for container topiary.    _ N. RED Clusters of single red blooms, narrow leaves             lavender-tinted ring and edges, green leaves.
_ L. NITIDA LEMON BEAUTY (Box Honeysuckle)                     that are dark green and glossy.
                                                                                                                         q   CHARTREUSE WONDER Semi-double to double
   Upright evergreen branches with narrow green            OXALIS (Shamrock) Mostly green leaved plants with
                                                                                                                             white blooms graced with lacy chartreuse edges and
   leaves, each with a golden border.                      shamrock leaf shapes. These can be multiplied by
                                                                                                                             brushed with light pink. Wavy light foliage.
q MANDEVILLA SANDERI (Dipladenia) Light pink               division. Low light and cool. Most need a rest period.
                                                                                                                         q   COLONIAL PORT FAIRY Semi-double to double
   flowers, yellow throat to 3 ". Shiny green leaves.      q O. REGNELLII Clump forming with green leaves,                   blooms of light blue over medium green leaves.
   Everblooming. Pinch to keep in shape.                       topped by tiny light pink flowers in summer.
                                                                                                                         q   COLONIAL TASMAN Semi-double lavender flowers
q MARANTA LEUCONEURA (Prayer Plant). Oblong                q O. REGNELLII TRIANGULARIS As above but with                     with blue fantasy. Dark green leaves.
   green leaves with brown blotches.                           deep, velvety purple leaves.
                                                                                                                         q   CORAL MAGIC Single to semi-double dark coral-red
q MARANTA ERYTHRONEURA (Herringbone Plant).                q O. DEPPEI A bulb-forming four-leaf-clover from                  blossoms displayed over dark green leaves.
   Similar to the prayer plant, but with bold red veins.       Mexico with red-pink flowers in summer.
                                                                                                                         q   CORALETTE Double coral blooms with variable white
_ MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA (Tea Tree) Shrub with             q OSCULARIA DELTOIDES A succulent with thick                      edge. Light green, glossy, quilted leaves.
   citrus scented leaves and white bottlebrush flowers.        toothed blue-grey leaves and pink daisy-like blooms.
                                                                                                                         q   DELFT IMPERIAL Double blue two-tone fringed

19                                                                                  Check website for new varieties 20                                                           3
    blooms with variable white edge. Quilted leaves.                                                                          HOYA (Wax Plant) Hoyas are mostly vining and make
                                                              q    FITTONIA ARGYRONEURA NANA (Silver nerve
q   DESIGNER DRESS Semi-double pink frilled stars with             plant) Attractive foliage plant with ovate leaves netted   great houseplants in pots and baskets. They can be
    lighter shading, white edge. Dark green, heart-shaped,         in silver veins. Small-growing.                            trained to climb. Keep in bright light, do not overwater.
    quilted, and wavy leaves.
                                                              q FUCHSIA TRIPHYLLA GARTENMEISTER                               q H. AUSTRALIS Robust, with large green waxy leaves
q   DIERDRE Semi-double light red and light pink blooms            BONSTEDT A reliable winter blooming Fuchsia.                    and clusters of fragrant white flowers.
    over green leaves.                                             Bright orange-red flowers. Dark bronzy leaves.             q H. BELLA Miniature wax plant. Small green leaves,
_   EUREKA Single to semi-double blue stars with lighter      _ FUCHSIA Assorted Named varieties with a range of                   white blooms with purple centers. limited
    centers, rays, and edges. Tommie Lou green and pink            bloom types and foliage. Hardy in mild areas.              q H. CARNOSA The old-fashioned wax plant. Large
    foliage with red reverse.                                 HEBE (New Zealand boxwood)                                           waxy green leaves with silver flecks, pink blooms.
q   FESTIVE AMETHYST Semi-double amethyst stars               These small evergreen shrubs have neatly arranged               q H. CARNOSA compacta regalis (Hindu Rope)
    shaded with lavender, as well as streaks of dark          leaves in a variety of shades and shapes and usually                 Curled blue green leaves bordered in pink and cream.
    purple. Deep green, quilted foliage.                      feature small flowering spikes. Sun or part shade, cool              Pink blooms.
q   FESTIVE HOLIDAY White semi-double pansies edged           growing, hardy outside in mild areas.                           q H. CARNOSA Krinkle Dark green curled leaves.
    in red top leaves with mosaic variegation.                _ H. ANOMALA Slender upright red-purple stems with              q H. CARNOSA Tricolor Dark green leaves with cream
_   FIREBRAND Semi-double coral, red, and pink blooms              small dark green leaves. The flowers are white,                 and pink centers.
    blaze above medium green plain foliage.                   _ H. AUTUMN GLORY New leaves purple, maturing to                q H. CARNOSA variegata Large green leaves with
q   FIREWORKS. Double red blooms over dark green,                  green. Purple flowers.
                                                                                                                                   cream edges, new leaves often pink & cream.
    quilted leaves.                                           q H. BUXIFOLIA PATTY'S PURPLE Compact grower                    q H. CORONARIA Small bright green leaves. Broad
q   GHOST DANCE Large double white blooms, usually                 with glossy Boxwood foliage. Small spikes of lavender           clusters of small white snowflake-like blooms.
    touched on the edges by a ghostly shade of green.              spirea-like flowers.
    Light quilted leaves of mid-green.                        _ H. KATRINE Cream & green leaves, purple blooms.               q H. CRASSIPES Small round green leaves. Flowers
                                                                                                                                   are fuzzy, deep rose colored.
q   GLITTER STAR Large double pink stars with a ruby          q HEBE WAIREKA Larger rounded leaves of gold and                _ H. GLOBULOSA Long strongly veined leaves.
    red glitter edge. Ivory and rose variegation on leaves.        green and a more open habit than other varieties.
                                                                                                                                   Flowers creamy white. Limited quantities.
q   GOLDEN THREADS Double and semi-double white                    Deep purple flowers in summer.
    stars shaded and brushed with tones of yellow.            HEDERA HELIX (Ivy) English Ivy provides a vast array of         _ H. INCRASSATA Shiny four inch leaves with slight
                                                              different leaf shapes and patterns. Prefers to be cool.              veining, large buff and red flowers. Limited quantities.
    Medium green tailored foliage.
q   GRAFFITI Semi-double pink stars streaked with a blue      q H. DUCKFOOT forms tiny mounds of miniature                    q H. LACUNOSA Small glossy leaves, tiny ruffled
                                                                   leaves shaped like duck feet.                                   white flowers. Limited quantities.
    stripe. Symmetrical, medium-green foliage.
_   GRAND MASTER Single purple sticktite stars with           q H. GLACIER Leaves of green and white. Compact                 q H. LONGIFOLIA Pencil thin leaves and blooms of
                                                                   rather slow grower but worth the wait.                          starry white. Limited quantities.
    raspberry edges above medium green foliage.
q   HAWAIIAN PEARL Semi-double and double stars of            q H. GOLD CHILD Grey-green centers with golden                  _ H. NICHOLSONIAE Clusters of yellow star shaped
                                                                   margins, five-lobed leaves.                                     flowers with white centers, strongly veined leaves.
    ivory, banded in a wide halo of deep lavender rose.
                                                              _ H. GOLD DUST Medium green leaves diffused with                     Limited quantities.
    Deep green leaves.
q   HIS PROMISE Grow under lower light to bring out the            creamy yellow variegation.                                 q H. OBSCURA Deep rose-pink glossy leaves with
                                                              _ H. GOLD HEART Dark green leaves with a central                     light green veins. Clusters of salmon pink flowers.
    varying soft yellow tones on glistening double white
                                                                   splash of gold.                                                 Small, compact growing. Limited quantities.
    blossoms. Bright green, tailored foliage.
                                                              q H. HAHNS SELF BRANCHING An all green ivy that                 _ H. PUBICALYX RED BUTTONS A fast growing hoya
q   HOT SPOT Large ruby red semi-double stars. Wavy                                                                                with bunches of scented mauve-red flowers.
    foliage shapes into a compact show plant.                      spreads rapidly.
                                                              q H. IVALACE (Lacy Leaf Ivy) Small, closely held frilly         q H. SERPENS Miniature trailer with dark green, dime
q   IMPOSTER Double plum-wine stars with white edge.                                                                               sized leaves. Large clusters of fragrant pink flowers.
    Dark green and cream, glossy leaves.                           leaves of crinkled dark green.
                                                                                                                                   Limited quantities.
_   IRISH MAIDEN Double green flowers touched with            q H. KOLIBRI Silver-white flecked with emerald.
                                                              _ H. OAK LEAF Miniature oak-shaped leaves.                      q H. TSANGII Small dusky rose oval leaves with
    white and pink, over medium green ruffled foliage.                                                                             maroon edges. Clusters of red flowers tipped with
q   ISLAND CORAL Double coral pansies with white              q H. PETITE POINT Deeply divided green leaves with                   yellow. Compact grower with trailing stems. Limited
    edge. Medium green, plain, pointed leaves.                     very sharp points.                                              quantities.
_   JONATHAN Semi-double lavender blooms with darker          _ H. RITTERKREUZ Leaves shaped like Knight's                    q HYLOCEREUS UNDATUS (Red Dragon Fruit). A
    top petals float above dark green foliage.                     Cross, dark green with five pointed lobes.
                                                                                                                                   night blooming cactus like Epiphyllum, with trailing
q   JUNE ROSE A unique tri-color double. Red with orchid      q H. SCUTIFOLIA An interesting ivy of perfect heart-                 stems, large fragrant blooms, large edible red fruit.
    and a heavy edge of white. Dark green foliage.                 shaped leaves.
                                                              HIBISCUS (Rose of China) These plants can be grown
                                                                                                                              q IMPATIENS NIAMNIAMENSIS (Congo Cockatoo)
q   KIMONO Semi-double burgundy pansies with pink                                                                                  Ever blooming, drooping jewel-like red -yellow parrot
    fantasy. Medium green leaves.                             indoors or as patio plants. If you want to keep them small
                                                                                                                                   shaped flowers. Long ovate green leaves.
                                                              and well shaped prune after flowering. Keep moist at all
q   LADY BIRD A large brilliant double red. Dark green
                                                              times and give good light.
                                                                                                                              _ IOCHROMA GRANDIFLORA (Blue Datura) Small
    quilted foliage. Outstandingly beautiful.                                                                                      Datura-like blue flowers on half-hardy shrub.
                                                              q ASSORTED A mixture of large blooming types.                   _ IRESINE HERBSTII Blood Leaf produces bright red
q   LAMBERT CLOSSE Semi-double lavender red stars.
                                                                   Colors vary from yellow to pink, red, and two-toned.
    Dark green and cream variegated foliage.                                                                                       leaves given bright light and moisture.

4                                                                                       Check website for new varieties 17                                                               18
 q   E. BELLA VISTA Flared bell blooms in raspberry          q    E. SUMMER WONDER Narrow pale raspberry purple            _   LUCKY LUCILLE Semi-double lavender stars with
     purple with pink sepals. Early bloomer.                      inner petals have darker stripes. Wheel shaped               dark tips fringed in white. Green & white foliage.
 q   E. BOB GRIMSHAW Multi-petaled flower of deep                 blooms usually late in season.                           q   MAJESTY Slightly frilled 1.5" blooms shaded,
     scarlet. Inner petals have wide ring of hot fuchsia.    q E. THREE ORANGES Contrasting shades of orange.                  streaked and blushed with varying degrees of yellow
 q   E. DESERT SUNRISE Glowing orange-lavender inner              Inner petals dark orange with magenta, next tan-             and pink. Wavy green serrated foliage.
     petals, outer petals red. Opens wide.                        orange, sepals orange and purple.                        q   MARCHING BAND Single to semi-double hot pink
 q   E. EMPRESS Shades of pink and coral, cup and            _ E. TIKI TORCH Orange inner petals with intense                  pansy edged in fuchsia-red. Dark green foliage.
     saucer bloom shape.                                          raspberry edging.                                        q   MICHIKO Double pale pink blooms with rose top
 q   E. EUPHROSINE Blooms of double pink in about the        _ E. UNNAMED Hybrids We have some plants that                     petals. Variegated green, pink and white leaves.
     mid-season. A good reliable bloomer.                         have come to us without names, but they are still        _   MIDNIGHT AURORA Double dark blue blooms
                                                                  gorgeous. $3.50                                              edged with raspberry. Red-backed foliage.
 q   E. FLORENCE REED ARNOLD Extra large double
     with coral pink petals and brick red throat.            q E. WAIKIKI RAINBOW Bell-shaped blooms of fuchsia            q   MISS ELLIE Bright fuchsia semi-double blooms with
 q   E. GEORGE WOODARD Orange red with plum throat                inner petals and long orange-red sepals. Full double         ruffled edges. Medium green slightly pointed foliage
     Slightly ruffled blooms.                                     blooms, eye-catching!                                        forms a compact-growing rosette.
 q   E. GNARLY GOLD A perfectly round shape of multi-
                                                             EPISCIA (Flame Violets) Lovely pot plants with colorful       q   MISTY CLOUD Semi-double dark blue flowers with
                                                             foliage and blooms. They like it warm. Do not let the heat        white edge. Dk green leaves with red backs.
     petaled yellow, dark in the back ranging to lighter
                                                             drop below 60F. These plants do best in a large bowl.         q   NESS’ CHERRY SMOKE Large semi-double white
     shades on the front. Very vigorous.
 q   E. HEAVEN SENT Unique combination of lavender
                                                             q E. ACAJOU Metallic Silvery green foliage with quilted           pansies, trimmed in cherry red. Light green quilted
                                                                  brown edges. Red flowers.                                    foliage. A good "low light" plant.
     edged in ruffled white. Outer petals are red and
     orange.                                                 q E. BLUE NILE Blue-green and bronze leaves with              q   NESS’ ORANGE PEKOE Semi-double to double
                                                                  contrasting light green centers. Light blue flowers.         coral pansies. Dark green Tommie Lou foliage.
 q   E. IVORY BROCADE Satin white inner petals with
                                                             _ E. CHOCOLATE SOLDIER Chocolate borders on
     ruffled edges. Outer petals deep yellow, edged in                                                                     q   NEW CREATIONS BLACKJACK Double blue
                                                                  silvery green leaves. Red blooms.                            flowers often streaked in white. Dark red backed
 q   E. JENNIFER ANN -Well shaped yellow blooms with
                                                             q E. COUNTRY MOONSHINE Green leaves with dark                     foliage. Well-behaved show plant, very popular.
                                                                  brown glittering edges.                                  q   NIGHT FEVER Deep burgundy semi-double pansies
     long, spiky outer petals and cupped inner petals in
     graduated lengths.                                      q E. FIMBRIATA BLUE HEAVEN Green foliage with a                   splashed with darker burgundy fantasy. Symmetrical,
                                                                  pebbled surface, fringed white flowers banded with           dark green, red-backed foliage.
 q   E. MAIDU Overlapping petals of deep Indian orange,
                                                                  lavender, violet streaks in throat.
     wrapped around a bright magenta throat. Loose cup.                                                                    q   NUBIAN STAR Large pink semi-double stars over
 q   E. MARIE JOSEPHINE Giant creamy yellow blooms,
                                                             q E. KEE WEE Brownish green foliage accented with                 foliage with champion variegation, red reverse.
                                                                  rose veins. Bright red blooms. Vigorous.                 q   OPTIMARA Assorted named varieties Selection will
     opening huge and lasting long.
 q   E. ORANGE CRUSH Wide open bell-shaped bloom
                                                             q E. LIMON Dark green leaves with attractive patterns             vary during the shipping season.
                                                                  of green. Lavender blooms that supplement a red          q   OZIO Double pink blooms with purple fantasy, fuchsia
     in golden orange, with darker orange midstripe and
                                                                  blooming collection.                                         frilled edge. Dark green, quilted foliage.
     edges. Greenish throat. Good, pendulant growth.
 q   E. OXYPETALUM (Night Blooming Epiphyllum)
                                                             q E. PINK ACAJOU Orange red blooms. Leaves light              q   PEACEMAKER A pink fantasy bloom of semi-double
                                                                  green accented in black-green and overlaid in pink.          blue stars, outlined with a raspberry edge. Quilted
     Where modern hybrids come from. Beautiful white
     cup-shaped blooms in a "Dutchman's Pipe" shape.         q E. SILVER SKIES Red blooms on mini light green                  sturdy medium green foliage.
                                                                  foliage with silver luster, brown edges.                 q   PEACH PUFF Semi-double peach-pink two-tone
 q   E. PAINTED DESERT Soft sunset colors of very light
     orange with a raspberry throat. Several rows of         q E. STRAWBERRY PATCH Large rosy pink leaves                      stars with darker tops. Medium green, quilted leaves.
     petals, shorter in front.                                    with silvery green centers, red-orange blooms.           q   PIRATE’S GOLD Double white stars with lemon-
 q   E. RED SAILS Bright scarlet red inner petals            q E. UNPREDICTABLE VALLEY Unstable foliage of                     yellow blush. Medium green, wavy foliage
     deepening to bright red outer petals. Opens wide.            green, white and pink, orange flowers with yellow        q   PLAYFUL DREAMER Wavy semi-double pansy
                                                                  throat.                                                      shaped blooms in pink and shading and blushed in
 q   E. REWARD Silky wide-open blooms in multi shades
     of yellow. Inner petals yellow brushed in cream.        q EUPHORBIA MILII (Dwarf Crown of Thorns) Woody                   yellow and ivory. Dark green foliage.
     Vigorous growth habit.                                       stems, thorns and frequent scarlet flowers.              q   PLAYGIRL Semi-double light pink blooms with darker
 q   E. ROSE OF LANCASTER Stunning tomato red                _ FEIJOA SELLOWIANA (Pineapple Guava) A shrub                     eye. Medium green, quilted leaves.
     satiny petals with rounded edges. Wide open.                 with fuchsia-like blooms and guava-flavoured, green      q   POSH PURPLE Dark purple double and semi-double
                                                                  fruit. Hardy in mild winter areas.                           blooms over attractive medium green foliage.
 q   E. SAKURAHIME Large blooms in shades of cherry
     blossom pink.                                           q FICUS ELASTICA The ever popular rubber plant,               _   RAINBOW'S MEADOWLAND Pale lavender semi-
                                                                  with large dark shiny green leaves.                          double blooms with darker eye and edges. Medium
 q   E. SHAWNA Compact flower with petals of pure,
     sparkling white. Outer petals are solid lavender.       q FICUS PUMILA QUERICIFOLIA RIKKI (Creeping                       green leaves.
                                                                  Fig) Ideal for covering topiary forms. Tiny oak shaped   q   RAINBOW'S QUIET RIOT Large semi-double stars in
 q   E. SIEGFRIED Exquisite pastel pink inner petals are          leaves forming a dense mat.
     framed by rose yellow sepals. Easy to grow, vigorous.                                                                     sapphire blue-purple with white fantasy. Dark green
                                                             q FICUS PUMILA SNOWFLAKE Creeping Fig with tiny                   scalloped foliage.
 q   E. SPARKLE Brilliant red with a touch of fuchsia on          leaves with a border of wide snow white.
     innermost petals. Ruffled, funnel form. Wavy growth.                                                                  q   RAINMAN Masses of large dark blue stars edged in
15                                                                                    Check website for new varieties 16                                                         5
    white and touched in green. Dark flat symmetrical        q   B. JAMES WALKER Blooms profusely showing                      _    CISSUS RHOMBIFOLIA Grape Ivy Green glossy 3-
    foliage. Very strong grower.                                 reddish-purple bracts.                                             lobed leaves, very tolerant of poor conditions.
q   RAPID TRANSIT Semi-double medium blue pansies            _ B. LAVENDER Lovely lavender bracts, small leaves.               CITRUS Easy to grow plants that will bear fruit in the
    with wide white-green edge. Dark green, plain,                                                                             home or Greenhouse. Good air circulation, moderately
                                                             q B. PAGODA PINK Pale pink double, hint of green.                 warm temperatures and as much light as possible will
    pointed leaves with red backs.
                                                             q B. RASPBERRY ICE Raspberry red blooms over                      keep them happy. Can be outside in summer.
_   RASPBERRY CRISP Light pink semi-double pansies               variegated green and white foliage (limited).
    with raspberry edges. Dark green leaves.                                                                                   q C. AURANTIIFOLIA Dwarf Bearrs Seedless Lime.
                                                             q B. SAN DIEGO RED The brightest red of all, even in                   Juicy lemon-sized fruit in winter/spring.
q   RASPBERRY RAMPAGE Single to semi-double                      low light. Very upright growth habit.
    stars in dark raspberry with white fluted edge. Dark                                                                       q C. LIMON MEYER An old variety of dwarf lemon is
    green and white variegated foliage.
                                                             q B. SCARLET O’HARA Vigorous grower with large                         delicious with golden yellow fruit. The best of the
                                                                 leaves and Scarlet bracts.                                         Citrus for cooler temperatures.
q   RHAPSODIE Assorted named varieties Selection
                                                             q B. TEXAS DAWN Delicate Rose Pink bracts.
    will vary during the shipping season.                                                                                      q C. LIMON EUREKA Variegated Pink Lemon with
                                                             BRUGMANSIA $8.00 plants, $5 cuttings.                                  white variegated foliage tinged with pink.
q   SATIN BOW Single to semi-double frilled lavender         "Angel’s Trumpets" are striking perennial plants for
    stars with rose center and fantasy. Dark green, glossy   indoors or patio. Flowers are large, trumpet shaped to 12"
                                                                                                                               q C. MAXIMA Pummelo. Giant grapefruit-type fruits on
    leaves with maroon backs.                                                                                                       strong branches with large leaves.
                                                             and hang down. A variety of colors from white to yellow,
q   SCENARIO Semi-double stars of violet red, bordered       orange, and red. Note: These plants are poisonous.                q C. TANGELO Grapefruit-orange hybrid produces
    in purple. Very symmetrical medium green foliage,                                                                               orange-red fruit.
                                                             q BRUGMANSIA ASSORTED Seedlings from hybrids
    variegated in cream and pink.                                of several varieties. Most will be named crosses, in a        q CLERODENDRUM THOMSONIAE (Glory Bower)
q   SEA DRIFT Double medium blue stars with white                wide range of bloom colors and sizes.                              Vigorous climber, green leaves covered in crimson
    ruffled edges. Medium green wavy foliage.                                                                                       flowers peeking from white calyces.
                                                             q B. xCANDIDA DOUBLE WHITE Fragrant double
q   SHIMMER SHAKE Pink, double, frilly stars accented            white blooms hang from downy leaves.                          q CODONANTHE GRACILIS Small growing gesneriad
    with blue fantasy. Dark green foliage.                                                                                          with white pouch-shaped flowers in profusion, each
                                                             q B. x INSIGNIS FROSTY PINK Flaring blooms begin                       marked in red and yellow.
_   SNOW BALLET Double white blossoms garnish                    yellow, then turn white and finally pink.
    pointed, quilted green leaves.                                                                                             q COFFEA ARABICA (Coffee Plant) Grow your own
                                                             q B. PEACHES & CREAM Variegated green and white                        coffee! Dwarf tree with shiny dark green foliage.
q   SUMMER PASSION Semi-double dark pink blooms                  leaves, creamy blooms darkening to peach.
    with red glitter overlay and a white edge. Dark green,                                                                          Grows to about 18" in the house.
                                                             q B. SANGUINEA (Red Angels Trumpet) Large                         q COLEUS Assorted Foliage plants in a wide range of
    plain leaves.                                                trumpet-shaped red flowers to 8" marked and blended
q   SUNCOAST CIRCUS CANDY Full double pink                                                                                          colors and patterns.
                                                                 in yellow. Soft downy foliage.
    blooms heavily ruffled with chartreuse edges.                                                                              q CRASSULA OVATA Tricolor (Tricolor Jade) Thick
                                                             q B. SUAVEOLENS BLANC White to cream flowers.                          fleshy leaves in green white and pink. Easy, tough.
    Symmetrical ruffled, dark green leaves.
                                                             q B. VERSICOLOR CHARLES GRIMALDI Pale orange                      _ C. OVATA California Red Tip Thick fleshy leaves in
q   SUNCOAST PAISLEY PRINT Semi-double dark pink                 to deeper golden orange, profuse fragrant flowers.
    pansies with purple fantasy. Dk green leaves.                                                                                   green with red edges when grown in bright light.
                                                             q CACTI ASSORTED Small desert type cacti in a                     _ C. LYCOPODIOIDES Watch chain Crassula. Tiny
q   SUNNY SKIES Single to semi-double pale blue stars            variety of shapes and sizes.
    streaked in various amounts of yellow. Medium green,                                                                            leaves on thin stems, like green chains. Does best in
    quilted foliage.
                                                             q CALLISTEMON VIMINALIS (Weeping Bottle Brush)                         6 to 8 hours of full sun per day, in a porous soil.
                                                                 Pendulous branches, bright Red flowers.                       q CROSSANDRA INFUNDIBULIFORMIS (Firecracker
_   SUNSET ROSE Clusters of double pink stars held
                                                             _ C. CITRINUS Red flowers, lemon scented.
    over dark green and rose variegated leaves.                                                                                     Flower) From tropical India. Glossy green foliage and
q   THUNDERCLOUD Double white, dark orchid, and
                                                             _ CARICA PAPAYA. Fast growing woody herb for                           beautiful pastel orange flowers. Takes full sun.
                                                                 large pot. Lovely fruit. Keep warm and moist.                 q CUPHEA HYSSOPIFOLIA Mexican heather is a
    purple blossoms loom over quilted green leaves.
_   TINA Double fuchsia blooms over plain green leaves.
                                                             q CEROPEGIA WOODII (Rosary Vine) Small heart-                          densely branched small shrub with small, glossy
                                                                 shaped leaves showering down in long chains. Small                 leaves and tiny lavender flowers.
q   TIPSY GYPSY Pink and purple pansies frolic over.             heart-shaped Grey flowers.
    variegated leaves.                                                                                                         q CYANOTIS KEWENSIS (Teddy Bear Vine) Small
                                                             q CESTRUM NOCTURNUM (Night Jessamine) White                            green leaves covered with rusty brown hairs. Good
q   TOMORROW’S PINK ICE Light pink semi-double                   flowers emit an intoxicating fragrance at night.                   hanging basket plant.
    blooms brushed and shaded with raspberry. Edged in           Summer to fall blooming.
    the same shade. Quilted foliage.                                                                                           q DATURA (Devil’s Trumpet) $5.00 These shrubby
                                                             _ CHIRITA CHASTITY A gesneriad with upright sprays                     short-lived perennials are related to Brugmansia but
q   TONY’S JENNIFER Semi-double purple frilled pansy             of lavender trumpet blooms over a 20 cm rosette.                   have flowers that point up rather than hang down. We
    with darker tips. Dark green, red-backed foliage.
                                                             _ CHIRITA TAMIANA A miniature rosette gesneriad                        will have limited numbers of a few varieties.
q   TRANQUILITY Semi-double pansies with fringed                 with white blooms streaked with purple.                       EPIPHYLLUM (Orchid Cactus) $5.00
    edges. Lower petals brushed with two-tone blue,
    uppers white. Dark green, quilted foliage.
                                                             q CHLOROPHYTUM COMOSUM VITTATUM Spider                            Give them lots of light, but no full summer sun and they
                                                                 plant. The ever-popular adaptable plant with green            will reward you with flowers to 8" in a rainbow of colors.
q   TROPICAL ROSE Rose-like semi-double and double               leaves with creamy white centers.                             Keep them just moist. They can be grown in pots,
    blooms in deep rosy-mauve, blushed in the centers                                                                          hanging baskets or even patio stands.
    with dark pink. Dark green foliage.
                                                             q CHLOROPHYTUM COMOSUM VARIEGATUM
                                                                 Spider plant. This one has the reverse variegation,           _ E. ACKERMANII The parent species of the many
_   VALESKA Sticktite white pansies with dark blue               with leaves edged in white.                                        hybrid day-flowering varieties. Bright red blooms.
6                                                                                         Check website for new varieties 13                                                              14
q   A. MEGAPOTAMICUM KENTISH BELLE Narrow                     BEGONIA                                                           thumbprint, over plain green foliage. From Russia
    leaves and dangling yellow flowers with red calyces.      A diverse group of plants that grow best in shaded but        q   VAMPIRE'S KISS Semi-double and double blood red
_ A. MEGAPOTAMICUM VARIEGATUM Blooms like                     bright locations. They enjoy lots of humidity.                    stars, shaded in almost black. Lightly quilted foliage.
    Kentish Belle, larger leaves with yellow spots.           _ B. BENITOCHIBA Palmate leaves in metallic rose-                 Extremely good bloomer.
q A. MARIGOLD BELLE Orange red with red veins.                    red. Self-branching and shrubby. Pink flowers.            q   VICTORIAN ELEGANCE Dark red-mauve semi-
                                                              q B. BOWERI Foliage plant with bristly pointed leaves             double stars, with a wide pale pink ruffled edge. Deep
_ A. ROSEUS Soft pink blooms with darker veins.                                                                                 green foliage with red reverse.
                                                                  netted with brown.
q A. SOUVENIR DE BONN Variegated leaves in bright                                                                           q   WHAM BANG Double cerise-red fluted blooms. Dark
    green with broad white edges.                             q B. CHRISTMAS CANDY A vigorous cross of
                                                                  Semperflorens x Argentine species. Double red                 green, glossy, ruffled foliage.
q A. VESUVIUS RED Drooping bells in rich red.                     blooms over Christmas. Green leaves.                      q   WILLODENE Semi-double blooms of peach pink with
q ACALYPHA HISPIDA (Chenille plant) Fuzzy red cat-            q B. COSIE One of the best white Angel Wing                       deeper eyes and darker edging. Shaded green, white
    tails over small green leaves, nice in hanging baskets.                                                                     and pink variegated foliage.
                                                                  Begonias. Pearl colored blooms. Long slender dark
ACHIMENES (Cupid’s Bower) Rhizomatous plants
loaded with colorful blooms over small leaves. Great for
                                                                  foliage. Winter blooming.                                 q   WRANGLER'S SNOWFIELDS Semi-double stars of
                                                              _ B. CRASSICAULIS Stout upright stems hold large                  snowy white over bronzy dark green foliage.
hanging baskets. They go dormant for the winter.
_ A. PURPLE KING Large purple blooms.                             sharp lobed deciduous leaves; sprays of tiny flowers      q   ZAPPED Double coral blooms with pink and purple
                                                                  appear in late winter.                                        fantasy, dark green red-backed leaves.
_ A. PARK'S MIX Assorted pinks and purples.                   q B. ERYTHROPHYLLA Beefsteak begonia – large
q AESCHYNANTHUS (Lipstick Plant)                                  round leaves with blood red backs, white flowers.         MINI & SEMI-MINIATURE Leaf $1.25, Plant $3.50
Showy hanging basket plants. Do best in a warm location
and if allowed to dry out between waterings.
                                                              q B. FUCHSIOIDES A shrubby begonia with small oval            If space is a problem or you enjoy masses of bloom on
                                                                  leaves and coral red flowers in numerous short            small plants, try these. Keep in small pots (2 or 3").
q A. BLACK PAGODA Dark green leaves netted in                     sprays. Grows to 3 ft (1 m) tall with graceful drooping   Growing conditions are the same as for Standards.
    burgundy, yellow-orange red-tipped bloom.                     branchlets. Prefers good light.                           q ANGEL LACE Blooms of two toned lavender doubles
q A. LOBBIANUS Fiery red blooms with creamy throat.           q B. HOT TAMALE Long dark fluted leaves with                       on this semi-miniature blend in well with the medium
    Dark green leaves.                                            maroon undersides. Showers of pink-red blooms.                 green and white variegation.
_ A. LONGICAULIS Bold zebra striped leaves, green             q B. LUCY LOCKET Vigorous plant with robust light             q BABY BLUE JEANS Single and semi-double pansies
    flowers. Grown mainly for foliage.                            bronze leaves and double balls of pink flowers.                in medium blue, medium green foliage. Semi-mini.
_ A. MICRANTHUS Compact trailer with small thick              _ B. OROCOCO Coppery green-gold leaves, slightly              q BALLET BLUE ICE Masses of double blue flowers
    green leaves and dark red blooms.                                                                                            over medium green semi-miniature foliage.
                                                                  pebbled, edged in rust, on trailing stems.
q A. MONA LISA Dark green leaves, deep scarlet                q B. RICHMONDENSIS Arching 12–15 " stems with                 q BLUE SILHOUETTE Semi-double light blue two-tone
    blooms in darker calyces.                                                                                                    pansies with variable white and green. Black-green
                                                                  glossy dark green foliage bear pendant clusters of
q A. PURPLE STAR Large-red flowers, upright growth.               pink blooms.                                                   leaves with red back. Semi-mini.
q A. RUBENS Light green leaves and upright clusters           _ B. SCHARFFII Fleshy upright stems bear large, hairy         q BOO MAN Semi-double to double light blue frilled
    of yellow-orange tubular blooms.                              pointed olive leaves with red backs. White flowers.            pansy with white-feathered top petals, variable green.
_ ALBIZIA JULIBRISSIN (Mimosa) Shrub with lacy                                                                                   Black-green leaves. Semi-mini.
    foliage and pink powderpuff flowers. Takes some frost     BOUGAINVILLEA (Paper Flower)                                  _ BRIDAL LADY Single to semi-double white sticktite
q ALLAMANDA CATHARTICA (Golden Trumpet) A                     These plants require lots of light. They are ideal for the         ruffled bells over green and cream girl foliage.
    climbing or bush plant with large yellow blooms.          greenhouse or patio/sunroom. Compact types can be             q CRUSHED VELVET Semi-double frilled blooms in
q ALOE CHINENIS (Medicine Aloe) A smaller growing             grown in 4" pots. All look great in hanging baskets, but           deep burgundy, over dark green foliage. Semi-mini.
    version of the famous Aloe Vera.                          are best planted in groups of 3 in large baskets. Prune
                                                              back when finished blooming and re-pot or add fertilizer.
                                                                                                                            _ DEAN'S KITTEN Single pink blooms with orchid eyes
q ALSOBIA DIANTHIFLORA Large deeply fringed                                                                                      over dark green red-backed leaves. Semi-mini.
    white flowers. Small dark green downy leaves in tiny      q B. BARBARA KARST Brilliant red blooms on an
                                                                  upright or basket plant. The standard red variety,        q FROSTY FUN Double white large blooms over
    rosettes. Stoloniferous, trailing.                                                                                           variegated green and white foliage. Semi-mini.
_ ALYOGYNE HUEGELII (Blue Hibiscus) Evergreen                     even more red in strong sun.
                                                              _ B. XBUTTIANA Hybrid of glabra x peruviana.                  q GEISHA GIRL Semi-mini in peach two-tones with
    shrub with lilac blue blooms and lobed leaves.                                                                               upper petals in a deeper peach. A prolific bloomer
q ARISTOLOCHIA MACROPHYLLA (Dutchman's                            Shrubby with pink to red bracts.
                                                                                                                                 with dark green, pointed foliage that shapes well.
    Pipe) A vigorous vine with large heart-shaped leaves      q B. CALIFORNIA GOLD Golden yellow blooms.
                                                                  Prolific bloomer in either a pot or hanging basket.       q GOLDEN DAWN White with rays of yellow and
    and unusual pipe-shaped blooms.                                                                                              fuchsia on variegated white foliage. Semi-mini.
q A. ELEGANS (Calico Flower) Flowering vine from              q B. DOUBLE GOLD Compact growing. Bushy ever
                                                                  blooming double golden orange bracts.                     q HONEY BLUE ANGEL Semi-double dark blue
    Brazil. Yellow throated blooms marked in purple                                                                              blooms with white edge. Mini green girl foliage.
    brown and white.                                          q B. DOUBLE RED Double bracts of crimson red.
                                                                  Compact grower.                                           q HUTZLER'S BABY Single pink and purple fantasy.
q ASPIDISTRA ELATIOR (Cast Iron Plant) An old                                                                                    Medium green leaves. Semi-mini.
    favorite with long green leaves, easy care.               q B. DOUBLE WHITE Similar growth habit to the above
                                                                  plants but the bracts are double white.
                                                                                                                            _ LEMON COOKIE Semi-double to double creamy
_ A. ELIATOR MILKY WAY As above, but with clusters                                                                               white blooms with yellow centers over medium green
    of white spots like night sky.                            q B. GLABRA Slightly smaller growing, more flexible                and white leaves. Semi-mini.
_ A. ELIATOR VARIEGATA Broad creamy stripes.                      branches. Pinkish purple bracts.
11                                                                                     Check website for new varieties 12                                                            7
_   LEMON DROP Double white pansies splashed and                q   SASSY SISTER Deep pink double blooms with                q   RAMBLIN’ MAGIC Pink double fantasy dotted in
    rayed with yellow, Semi-mini with tailored foliage.             fringed edges in green. Dark green leaves. Semi-mini.        purple. Compact shiny green foliage. Semi-mini.
_   LEONE Double white stars with red edge over                 _   SHUTTER BUG Dark blue double blooms over                 _   SPECKLED BABY Double pink blooms with blue
    pointed, quilted, and ruffled leaves. Semi-mini.                variegated leaves. Semi-mini.                                fantasy. Medium green quilted foliage. Miniature.
q   LITTLE BRITCHES Fully double pink fantasy with tiny         _   TRINKET O' PINK Bright pink double blooms over           _   SUNNYVALE TRAIL Single blue and purple stars
    blue dots and dashes on all the petals. Medium green            green and tan leaves with red backs. Semi-mini.              tinged with pink Plain green leaves. Semi-mini.
    semi-miniature foliage.                                     q   VON'S SIMPLE SIMON Single purple sticktite pansy.        q   SWEET AMY SUE Double pale pink blooms with blue
_   LITTLE PRO Semi-double pink blooms over dark                    Dark green, quilted leaves. Semi-mini.                       fantasy, green edge. Green, quilted leaves. Standard.
    green quilted leaves with red reverse. Semi-mini.                                                                        q   TEENY BOPPER Single purple blooms. Pointed, tiny
_   LOVEY DOVE Semi-double white pansies edged in
                                                                TRAILING African Violets Leaf $1.25, plant $3.50.                leaves. Miniature.
                                                                Trailing African Violets produce many crowns, each           q   WAGON TRAIL Single two-tone pink blooms over
    pink, yellow accents. Variegated leaves. Semi-mini.
                                                                blooming as a separate plant. This gives you a pot full of
q   MIDNIGHT RASCAL Semi-double medium blue                     blooms in a short time. They can be used in baskets for a
                                                                                                                                 semi-mini Green foliage.
    pansies with raspberry frilled edge. Medium green,          cascade of bloom. Many are mini or semi-minis.
    ovate, red backed leaves. Semi-mini.
                                                                q ALWAYS PINK Single pink blooms over plain leaves.
q   MOTLEY CREW Semi-double pink stars with a hint of               Miniature.
    mauve and variable white markings. Olive green
    semi-miniature foliage.                                     q BLOOMS AWAY Blue and white semi-double
                                                                    blooms. Miniature medium green foliage.
_   NESS' BLUE SQUIRT Double medium blue blooms
                                                                _ CALIFORNIA LIGHTNING Single lavender stars over
    over dark green leaves. Semi-mini.
                                                                    medium green foliage. Miniature.
q   NESS’ DYNOMITE Double dark fuchsia blooms with
    thin white ruffled edge. Dark green leaves with red
                                                                _ DRESDEN DOLL Double pale pink blooms dance
                                                                    above medium green foliage. Standard.
    back. Semi-mini.
q   NESS’ FIREFLY Semi-double fuchsia pansy with
                                                                _ FALLING SNOW Semi-double white blooms over                                  Saintpaulia rupicola
                                                                    light green leaves. Semi-mini.
    lighter edge. Dark green red-back leaves. Semi-mini.                                                                     SAINTPAULIA SPECIES plants $3.50
q   PETITE BLARNEY Double pink blooms with green
                                                                _ FANCY TRAIL Double pink blooms show well above
                                                                    variegated green and white foliage. Standard.            q   Saintpaulia grandifolia #237 An abundance of
    edges over miniature girl foliage.                                                                                           single blue-violet blooms adorn light green elliptical
q   PRECIOUS PINK Semi-double pink blooms over
                                                                q GLITTER FOUNTAIN Semi-double pink with ruby
                                                                    glitter edges, sometimes speckled. Variegated                foliage with long petioles. Large-growing.
    Tommie Lou variegated leaves. Semi-mini.
                                                                    foliage. Standard.                                       q   Saintpaulia rupicola Single medium blue blooms, 3
q   ROB’S ANTIQUE ROSE Semi-double silver-rose
                                                                q HONEYSUCKLE ROSE Lavender rose double                          or more per peduncle. Medium green, heart-shaped
    sticktite pansies with darker shading, silver-green tips.                                                                    glossy leaves. Multi-crowned standard or trailer.
                                                                    blooms. A standard grower with appealing white and
    Dark green leaves with red back. Semi-mini.                                                                              q   Saintpaulia velutina Single medium violet with
                                                                    green variegated foliage.
_   ROB'S BOOLAROO Semi-double light pink sticktite
                                                                q HOT PINK BELLS Single pink bells over medium                   darker eye. Five per peduncle. Black-green, round to
    pansies with blue fantasy. Quilted leaves. Semi-mini.                                                                        heart-shaped, velvety leaves, serrated edges and
                                                                    green semi-mini foliage.
q   ROB’S HALLUCINATION Semi-double dark blue                                                                                    red-purple back. Single crown, may sucker. Standard.
    sticktite star with pink fantasy. Crown variegated tan
                                                                q LAMBS' EARS Double cream-white blooms with
                                                                    bright pink edge. Bright green leaves. Standard.
    green, and gold foliage with red reverse. Semi-mini.                                                                     TROPICAL AND FOLIAGE HOUSEPLANTS
_   ROB'S HOKIE POKIE Semi-double cream pansies
                                                                q MAGIC FOUNTAIN Pink single to semi-double stars            Except where noted, these plants need normal house
                                                                    over crown variegated standard foliage.                  temperatures, as much light as possible without full sun
    with red edges. Variegated leaves. Semi-mini.
q   ROB’S MAD CAT Double pink and blue fantasy with
                                                                q MILKY WAY TRAIL A sky full of dainty white single          (except in winter) and as high a humidity as can be
                                                                    and double pansies. Semi miniature.                      maintained. Use a little fertilizer every week and prune to
    ruffled petals trimmed in red-purple. Dark green
    foliage. Semi-miniature.                                    _ MINT PINK Double light pink stars with mint green          keep in shape. Price $4.00 unless otherwise noted.
                                                                    edging and petal tips. Semi-mini.                        Cuttings may be available for $2 – please inquire first.
q   ROB’S PINK PRISMS Semi-double pale pink with
    rose-lavender fantasy, rose band, thin white edge.          q NATALIA'S CANDIED POPCORN Double white with                ABUTILON (Flowering Maple) Known to the Victorians
    Variegated dk green, white & pink foliage. Semi-mini.           pink blush. Dark green leaves. Semi-mini.                as Flowering Maples, these bushy plants with maple-like
                                                                q NYAKA TRAIL Single dark blue blooms with darker            foliage and bell flowers make excellent houseplants. They
q   ROB’S SARSPARILLA Fringed semi-double rust
                                                                                                                             bloom most of the year and are not bothered by the odd
    pink blooms with red brown edges. Semi-mini.                    centers over dark green semi-mini leaves.
                                                                q PACIFIC PEARL Double white/blue multicolor.                cool period. Fertilize regularly and keep moist.
q   ROB’S TEMPTRESS Double fuchsia blooms over
                                                                                                                             _ A. ALBUS Drooping white blooms on sturdy plants.
    green and white foliage. Semi-miniature.                        Variegated wavy, pointed foliage. Miniature.
q   ROB’S WHIPPOORWILL Mounds of semi-double                    _ PINKY WINK Double pink pansies, with heart shaped          q A. CARMINE BELLE Red blooms, orange centers.
    pink apple-blossoms with darker tips, crown-                    medium green foliage. Semi-mini.                         q A. CRIMSON BELLE Rich crimson flowers.
    variegated foliage, semi-miniature.                         q PIXIE BLUE Single purple-blue blooms with dark             q A. BELLA Various colors including peach, yellow,
q   ROB’S WHODUNIT Large single blooms of white to                  centers over medium green miniature foliage.                  white, pink, dark red.
    pale pink with fuchsia eye. Dark green foliage. Semi-       q RAMBLIN’ DOTS Lavender double stars with purple            _ A. MEGAPOTAMICUM HUNTINGTON'S PINK
    miniature.                                                      fantasy. Yellow/green standard foliage.                       Hanging soft pink blooms with red calyces.

8                                                                                        Check website for new varieties 9                                                           10

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