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					Learning Objectives
                             Prepared by
  The National Youth Programme Committee
                         Scouting Ireland
                           October 2005
                                      Scouting Ireland
 is built on a shared respect for the uniqueness of young people.
   We believe in the abilities of young people and their wish to
                 discover and harness their own potential.
We help them achieve this by providing them with the support and
                             encouragement they need.

 “We accept each young person as he or she is – a unique human being with his or her own personal
  background and experience of life thus far, variations in needs, capacities, interests and pace of
                                  ‘Scouting: An Educational System’ WOSM 1998
This document has been produced by the National Youth Programme Committee of Scouting Ireland, with the
assistance of the Programme Development Team. We used the methodology outlined in the Renewed Approach to
Programme document as devised by the World Organisation of Scout Movements. The Educational Objectives have
been developed in respect of each of the areas of personal growth outlined in the aim of the Association, building on
the Educational Proposal. Educational Objectives are outlined for each Stage of Development of young people as
outlined in the Stages of Development document. To inform our work, we made use of surveys completed by young
members of the association, young people not involved in Scouting, adult members of the association and other
stakeholders including parents, teachers and community representatives.       We also received valuable input and
guidance from Jacqueline Collier, former Director Youth Programme, European Scout Region and João Armando
Gonçalves, European Scout Committee.
Character Development                                                                                Educational Objectives

Accepting myself and recognising my own potential for growth and what it is I can become. Developing myself in a
manner consistent with a set of values and with mutual respect and understanding for others.

      Pre-                           Early Adolescence                 Adolescence                Post Adolescence

Understand the ideas of         Show that I understand the   Show that I have principles    Demonstrate that I have the
right and wrong                 difference between right     and that I understand the      confidence to live by the
                                and wrong                    Promise and Law                Promise and Law

Be kind to others and don’t     Show that I understand the   Show that I understand that    Demonstrate my awareness
do harm                         value of friendship          people are more important      and understanding of the
                                                             than things                    true value of all things

Identify the things that I do   Know my strengths and use    Demonstrate that I can learn   Demonstrate the ability to
well and those that I don’t     them to strive to address my from my experiences and        believe in myself
do so well                      areas of need                accept the outcome of my       Accept my abilities and be
                                                             actions                        content with them while
                                                                                            striving to be the best that I
                                                                                            can be
Character Development                                                                                 Educational Objectives

Development & Practice
      Pre-Adolescence               Early Adolescence                    Adolescence               Post Adolescence

Show that I always try to do   Practice fair-play            Know how to assess a            Demonstrate my ability to
my best                                                      situation and when it’s         take a stand and be strong
                                                             important to take a stand       in the face of adversity

Learn about respecting         Treat others with respect

Understand what injustice,     Understand how injustice,     Explore where injustice,        Be able to identify injustice,
inequality and conflict are    inequality and conflict may   inequality and conflict occur   inequality or conflict and
                               affect people                 and explore possible            explore ways of resolving it,
                                                             resolutions                     and where appropriate play
                                                                                             my part in its resolution

Experience the power of my     Explore my dreams and         Explore how I might make        Demonstrate that I have the
imagination & dreams           aspirations                   my dreams and aspirations       courage to live out my
                                                             a reality                       dreams and aspirations

Know the Scouting Spirit       Understand the importance     Live the Scouting Spirit
(mutual trust, loyalty,        of Scouting Spirit
comradeship, empathy and
Physical Development                                                                               Educational Objectives

Understanding my body and my physical capabilities, while developing skills through appropriate physical challenges.

Taking Care of Myself
     Pre-Adolescence             Early Adolescence                  Adolescence                Post Adolescence

Understand what food is     Demonstrate that I know       Demonstrate that I play an
good for me                 the benefits of good          ongoing & active role in
                            nutrition & a balanced diet   maintaining my own dietary

Know the importance of      Take responsibility for
cleanliness                 personal hygiene and the
                            impact it has on others

Be active & exercise        Explore & understand the      Protect and maintain my health
regularly                   benefits of a healthy and     through my choice of a healthy
                            active lifestyle              balanced lifestyle. Be
                                                          responsible for my physical
Physical Development                                                                                 Educational Objectives

       Pre-Adolescence           Early Adolescence                   Adolescence                 Post Adolescence

Know my body                Understand how our bodies       Be comfortable with how my      Be able to identify when
                            are continuously changing       body functions                  my body is working well

                            Understand the implications                                     and when it isn’t and have
                                                                                            the good judgment to get
                            of these changes on my life
                                                                                            help when I need it

Know how my body works      Identify my unique physical     Demonstrate that I appreciate   Understand that society is
                            strengths and know my           my own physical capabilities    richer because of physical
                            limitations                     and the abilities of others     difference

Know what affects my        Appreciate the benefits of      Appreciate my responsibility    Before I make important
body                        choosing a healthy lifestyle.   to myself with regard to my     lifestyle choices I will
                                                            lifestyle choices, such as      inform myself of all the
                                                            choice of diet, use of          risks/benefits involved
                                                            drugs/alcohol, sexual
                                                                                            Recognise and understand
                                                            relationships                   the impact of my choices
                                                                                            on myself and others

Identify people, places and Understand the role I have      Know the personal safety        Recognise and understand
situations that may         in keeping others safe and      support structures that exist   the impact of physical
threaten my safety and      the impact of my actions on     and how to avail of them when   abuse on myself and
know how to keep safe.      the safety of others.           necessary.                      others
Emotional Development                                                                                 Educational Objectives

Having the confidence and security to be aware of and express my emotions, and to understand and accept them.
Learning how to deal with situations and people I meet everyday while having respect for other people’s emotions and
being aware of the impact of my actions.

My Emotions
     Pre-Adolescence               Early Adolescence                 Adolescence                 Post Adolescence

Understand what makes         Recognise the emotions I     Be able to understand and        Be able to recognise,
me feel the way I do          am experiencing and some     accept my emotions and the       interpret and accept my

Be aware that my feelings     of the steps I can take to   effect they have on my life      emotions, their changing

are normal and can            get along with them                                           nature, and the effects

change                                                                                      they have on all aspects of
                                                                                            my life

Know that it’s okay to talk   Know that I can share my     Accept that sometimes I may      Know how others can
to people I trust about       feelings and accept help     need support and can use         support me in
how I feel                                                 appropriate support structures   understanding my
Emotional Development                                                                                    Educational Objectives

     Pre-Adolescence              Early Adolescence                    Adolescence                   Post Adolescence

Understand that other        Understand that people         Understand that each individual     Be tolerant of the
people have feelings         express their emotions         needs to take responsibility for    emotional needs of others
                             differently                    their own emotions

Know that my feelings can    Understand that the way I      Understand the appropriate way Strive to express my
affect what I do             express my emotions            in which to express my              emotions constructively
                             affects others                 emotions

     Pre-Adolescence               Early Adolescence                   Adolescence                   Post Adolescence

Be able to understand what    Be prepared to challenge       Be able to assess the             Demonstrate the confidence
things are challenges for     myself                         challenges I can deal with        and ability to deal with life’s
me                                                           and how                           challenges

Explore what is important     Establish a set of personal    Be able to reassess my            Stand up for my personal
to me                         beliefs and values             personal beliefs and values       beliefs and values

Understand that everybody     Understand that I am           Show an understanding of my Develop my potential and
is unique and important       unique and that my             unique value and potential        recognise the possibilities
                              uniqueness is part of my       for growth and assert my          for my future
                              development                    own individuality
Intellectual Development                                                                            Educational Objectives

Having the ability to create ideas, leading to a plan of action and carrying it through to its conclusion using common
sense. Being able to plan and analyse and take on board the consequences of my actions. Having the ability to
understand how a team works, and my role within it. Having the ability to evaluate a situation and follow instructions
as appropriate.

       Pre-Adolescence              Early Adolescence               Adolescence                 Post Adolescence

Be open to challenging        Be able to set myself         Demonstrate an ability to      Demonstrate an ability to
myself                        challenges with realistic     analyse information, and       assess situations, identify
                              goals                         match it to my needs and       resources, make an
                                                            wants, in order to achieve a   informed choice, form my
                                                            goal; and accept that there    own opinions, and
                                                            may be more than one           recognise the best possible
                                                            solution to any problem        solution to a given situation

                                                            Recognise that I may need
                                                            resources other than my
                                                            own to complete tasks
Intellectual Development                                                                             Educational Objectives

Skills/Attitudes (cont’d)
      Pre-Adolescence             Early Adolescence                  Adolescence                Post Adolescence

Find out how learning can   Be open to new ideas and        Understand that there are     Be responsible for my own
be fun                      ways of learning                different ways of learning    learning
                                                            and explore them              Be able to incorporate the
                                                            Accept that people learn in   learning styles of others
                                                            different ways and that       into all aspects of my life
                                                            there are benefits to each

Be Creative                 Explore my capacity for         Develop my creativity,        Apply my capacity for
                            imagination, ideas, and         imagination, innovation and   imagination & ideas, and my
Be Imaginative
                            creativity                      reason                        ability to be innovative and

Learn to make choices and   Be able to source information   Understand the implications   Demonstrate an ability to
decisions                   and be able to critically       of my decisions and learn     make decisions, execute
                            evaluate each possibility to    from the outcomes             and review a project and
                            help make decisions                                           accept responsibility for the
Intellectual Development                                                                           Educational Objectives

     Pre-Adolescence              Early Adolescence                  Adolescence                Post Adolescence

Be an active participant in   Show an understanding of     Demonstrate a commitment to     Understand how teams
a small group                 the benefits of teamwork,    working with others within a    work and strive to get the
                              identify my role as a team   team                            best from all members in a
                              member & the contribution    Understand the role, skills &   given situation
                              I can make, including the
                                                           responsibilities of team
                              willingness to lead and
                                                           membership and leadership
                              accept responsibility
Social Development                                                                                     Educational Objectives

Having a sense of belonging in a group, through friendship and interaction. Developing an understanding of social
issues in my communities, and recognising my responsibility to appreciate cultural diversities. Having fun.

Interaction with People
     Pre-                        Early Adolescence                     Adolescence                 Post Adolescence

Be a friend                 Show what it is to be a          Understand & accept the          Show that I value the

Understand that everyone    friend and recognise the         changing nature of my            people and relationships in

is different                value of friendship              relationships                    my daily life

Be welcoming and include    Recognise my unique              Recognise that my life will be   Develop the skills and

others in the things I do   abilities and the abilities of   enriched as a result             attitudes needed to build
                            those around me                                                   and maintain meaningful
                                                                                              and appropriate
                                                                                              relationships and

Explore how people          Explore the importance of        Learn ways in which I can        Demonstrate that I use my
communicate                 communication and                improve my communication         communication skills
                            listening                        skills                           effectively

                            Be comfortable in
                            expressing myself with my
Social Development                                                                                          Educational Objectives

Cultural Appreciation
       Pre-Adolescence            Early Adolescence                    Adolescence                    Post Adolescence

Demonstrate my               Be committed to the             Appreciate the importance of        Respect the social
understanding of my own      inclusion of various            difference in cultures and          integration of other
culture                      cultures in my society          traditions; treat all people with   cultures
                                                             dignity and respect
Explore the traditions and   Explore how cultural
cultures in my own and       diversity affects the world I
other societies              live in

Community & Society
       Pre-Adolescence            Early Adolescence                    Adolescence                    Post Adolescence

Understand that it is        Be involved in my               Develop and demonstrate a           Recognise my roles within,
important that I am          community and help those        sense of civic responsibility.      and make a positive
considerate and help         around me when needed           Define and explore my opinions      contribution to society
others                                                       on social equality and inclusion

Understand and               Understand and
demonstrate how I use the    demonstrate how I use the
Promise in my everyday       Law and Promise in my
life                         everyday life
Spiritual Development                                                                               Educational Objectives

Having an understanding and acceptance of myself and my value as a unique human being, and an equal acceptance of
the value of others. Having respect for myself and others and the world in which we live. Having a sense of
responsibility for my environment and my place in it. Developing a personal awareness of a higher being and an
expression and exploration of a faith.

      Pre-Adolescence               Early Adolescence                 Adolescence                Post Adolescence

Participate in an expression   Develop my relationship with   Demonstrate that I live by   Be able to express, uphold
of faith                       God through my interaction     my spiritual beliefs         and where appropriate re-
                               and connection with others                                  evaluate my spiritual
                                                                                           beliefs/faith upon reflection

Experience the beauty of       Demonstrate an appreciation    By my choices show my        Understand and
nature                         and care for the environment   commitment to the            demonstrate a respect and
                               around us                      preservation of nature and   appreciation for my
                                                              the environment in which I   environment (natural,
                                                              exist                        human, built), the role I play
                                                                                           in it, the contribution I
                                                                                           make to it, and the impact
                                                                                           my actions have on it
Spiritual Development                                                                              Educational Objectives

      Pre-Adolescence             Early Adolescence                Adolescence                 Post Adolescence

Be aware of the wonder of   Reflect on the wonder of God   Explore and develop my
God                         all around me                  spiritual being, and my
                                                           relationship with God,
                                                           through my interaction and
                                                           connection with others,
                                                           nature, and the
                                                           environment in which I exist

See God in the world        Recognise that everyone will   Accept the need to create      Recognise my spirituality as
around me                   have their own appreciation    time and space to reflect on   an essential part of my life
                            of Spirituality and God        my Spirituality

                            Take the opportunity to
                            reflect on Spirituality in