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					Perfect Vision I have been doing quite a bit of research about Type IIc hybrid muscles and hybrid muscle training. Very interesting concepts. In short, training involves a series of combinations of aerobic and anaerobic training. Today, despite rubbery legs from working with my trainer yesterday, I embarked on hybrid training. I put on my 25 pound weight vest, put my head down and started cranking away at a series of hill repeats at various speeds. Given the newness of the training, heat and steepness of the hill, it was most challenging. I anticipated doing 10 for my first time out. After 7, the tank was on empty. Normally, frustration, disappointment and self-pity to a degree come for a short visit when things to not go as planned. Before they could make themselves comfortable, I spotted my friend Skipper. Skipper is a older Jack Russell whom I gotten to know over the past 3 years. It was the first time I looked up since this session began. Here he was, purple golf ball in his mouth, wanting to play. Here he also was, reminding me of how wonderful it is to be doing what I am doing and where I am doing it. In addition to Skipper with his never-ending supply of energy, in front of me was a scene most people dream about, a living portrait of tropical topography. The beauty was stunning, from the gentle waves combing the backs of a half dozen alligators to the wind dancing on the outstretched wings of a Cumaran sitting on a pole. The cardinals, blue jays and white herons glided across the sky like an American flag flowing in the wind. At that moment, I came to realize one thing : Sometimes, I get so blinded by what I should be doing right, that I do not see what is good. David Orman

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Description: It is amazing what can happen when you train using Hybrid methods.