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									                                [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]                 24 April 2011 [Update]

English for Careers Room
Reading :

Reading (เรืองละ 20 Copy)

 No.           Topic                      Level 1                 Level 2                    Level 3
  1    First Day at Work         My first Day at Work      Time for Work               Work in Dubai

2&3    On the Phone              Dealing with over the     How to deal with            How to make more of
                                 phone                     difficult people on the     Meetings
  4    On the Phone               Dealing with over the    How to deal with            How to make more of
                                 phone                     difficult people on the     Meetings
  5    Business                  Correspondence            Correspondence              Correspondence (Main
       Correspondence            (Scanning)                (Scanning and               idea and Opinion)
  6    Making Arrangement        Europa Events Ltd         Manses Hotels               A Plan for Business

  7    Money Matters             The Development of        Accountants and             Re-investment Pay off
                                 Accounting                Auditors

  8    Meetings                              -                          -              Minutes of Meetings

  9    Business Negotiations     Business Negotiation 1    Business Negotiation 2      Business Negotiation 3

 10    Products and Marketing    A New Tape Storage        CP Trading                  Organic Produces VS.
                                 System                                                Regular Produce
 11    IT and E-Commerce         Google                    How to protect your         IBM

 12    Business Trends           Sales Report on Dog       Coca-Cola                   Marks & Spencer
                                 food and Cat food

 13    Applying for a Job and    Know the Value of your    Job Advertisement           What Employers want
       Job Interview             Skills

                                [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]   24 April 2011 [Update]

Reading in Business (เรืองละ 1 copy)

   1. Pepsi to India
   2. McDonald‟s History
   3. Why Bridgestone paid $26 billion for freestone?
   4. Disaster of Euro Disney
   5. Harley-Davidson
   6. The Peril of E-Business
   7. It‟s a Matter of Degree
   8. „Satisfiers and Motivators‟
   9. Starting Your Own Company
   10. Benefits of Membership
   11. Flexi PA Plan
   12. When Are You Entitled to a refund?
   13. The Thai Chamber of Commerce
   14. Advice to Consumers
   15. Japan Increases Trade and Investment in Asia
   16. Is Money Becoming obsolete?
   17. Banthoon Lamsam, the banker of the Year
   18. The World Wireless Web
   19. Danger-Business People at Work!
   20. Here, Try This Dish
   21. A Short History of Olivetti
   22. Message from the Prime Minister
   23. E-Commerce
   24. Big Future for Direct marketing
   25. GE Seek E-Commerce Partners
   26. Marks and Spencer
   27. Applications and Interviews
   28. Working Out Communications Problems
   29. Marketing Yourself as a Product
   30. A letter from Forbes
   31. Recruitment and Selection
   32. Different Kinds of Companies

                            [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]   24 April 2011 [Update]

33. Winning Business with Tough Proposals
34. Future of Commerce
35. Good News from City bank
36. A Pocket Guide to Downtown Internet
37. Is “Smart” Pricing Really Smart?
38. Nintendo
39. Suppliers, Delivery and After-Sales
40. Hotel Dining
41. Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre
42. Cadbury Schweppes Place
43. An Industrial Estate in Thailand
44. Most Modern Acrylic Fiber Plant
45. Insuring Goodwill at Allstate
46. Perspective www.ibm.com for e-business Solution
47. When Action Speak Louder Than Words
48. What is Marketing?
49. Thee Cutting Edge in Auctions

                                 [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]   24 April 2011 [Update]

Reading From Classified Advertisements (เรืองละ 2 Copy)

  1.   The Details Discount Card
  2.   Study Gems Jewelry
  3.   Learning Thai
  4.   Fitting Models
  5.   Branson Ultrasonics (Thailand)
  6.   Summer Course 1999
  7.   Urgently Required
  8.   Bookstore Guide
  9.   David Jones Of Australia
  10. Poetry Contest
  11. „Take That‟ Competition
  12. Richard Ellis Industrial
  13. Instant Cash
  14. Bangkok Map
  15. Arts & Crafts
  16. Quality Report
  17. Request for Expressions of Interest
  18. Office Building & Showroom

English for Careers Room
Writing :

Writing Skills (เรืองละ 10 Copy)

  1.   Inquiry Letter
  2.   Order Letter
  3.   Complaint Letter
  4.   A Cover Letter when Applying for a Job
  5.   Product Description
  6.   Describing Business Trends
  7.   Target and Achievement

                               [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]   24 April 2011 [Update]

LEARNING ENGLISH FROM NEWS (Vocabulary) (เรืองละ 4 Copy)

  1.    Underground projects in jeopardy
  2.    Firm Suu Kyi military locked in war of wills
  3.    Soldiers scramble to save cracking dykes
  4.    Thais hope US zoo will return „orphan‟ monkeys
  5.    „Titanic‟ sails away with eleven Academy Awards
  6.    Nuclear crisis plan to avert Y2K disaster
  7.    „Doggone lucky‟ for abandoned tiger cubs
  8.    Jordan‟s king mourned by world leaders
  9.    Cases of child labor increase
  10.     Balloonists lose track of time during journey
  11.     Ozone layer wreckers show slight decrease
  12.     Baggio fans go crazy as star arrives
  13.     Man Utd plan TV channel
  14.     „Tiger mania‟ knows no bounds
  15.     Schools ban virtural pets
  16.     Star – struck Jordan, Rice rewrite records
  17.     Experts find proof of life on Mars
  18.     Alarm over Phuket sea-walking
  19.     Cantona makes history for United
  20.     It‟s more than money, says German envoy
  21.     Spacewalkers fix tool – box on station
  22.     Rare insects sell for up to Bt100,000
  23.     Pol Pot receives humble send-off
  24.     Headlines (20 Topic)

                                [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]   24 April 2011 [Update]

English for Careers Room
English for Specific Purposes :

English For Engineering (เรืองละ 10 Copy)

   1. Electronics in the home
   2. Mechanisms
   3. Ways of linking ideas
   4. Energy conservation
   5. Safety Instructions
   6. Linking what you read with what you know
   7. Suspension Bridges
   8. Call phone
   9. Digital Watch
   10. Technician
   11. Change of State of Matter
   12. Magnetism
   13. Computers
   14. Aircraft & Aircraft Engines
   15. Waste recycling plant may go to Jurong
   16. Bugs-Electronic Listening Devices
   17. Job Ads
   18. Writing…..
   19. Wanted :qualified engineers

                              [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]   24 April 2011 [Update]

English for Economists (Business in Context)

   1.   Shell
   2.   The Problem of a Country
   3.   Daewoo Motor
   4.   Running Your own Business
   5.   Partnerships
   6.   Tesco
   7.   The Best Type of Business
   8.   Accounts
   9.   Start - Up costs
   10. The Body Shop and Virgin
   11. A Typical Day for Mitesh Mistry
   12. Why Do People Work ?
   13. The Informal Group
   14. Working Together
   15. Marketing
   16. What Do Customers want ?
   17. Product and Its Importance
   18. How Do Businesses Attract Customers ?
   19. How Do Businesses We get petrol ?
   20. Marketing Plan
   21. How Are Goods Produced ?
   22. The Location of a New Supermarket
   23. Movement and the Economy
   24. Friends of the Earth

Reading - ACC (อย่างละ 50 copy)

  1. Requests
  2. Banking
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Traveler‟s Cheques

                             [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]   24 April 2011 [Update]

English for Careers Room
Subject Lesson :

LA 217 English for Specific Purposes 1 ( IT )

  1.    The computer
  2.    The desktop
  3.    Using a word processor
  4.    Word processing : for and against
  5.    Storing data
  6.    Crating a folder
  7.    Saving files
  8.    The Internet
  9.    Research on the Internet
  10.   E-mail, telephones and the post
  11.   Mobile phones
  12.   Writing e-mail
  13.   E-mail addresses and servers
  14.   Sending files over the Internet
  15.   Viewing and downloading files
  16.   Music on the Internet
  17.   Desktop publishing ( DTP )
  18.   Image editing
  19.   Reviewing websites
  20.   Designing Web pages
  21.   Multimedia
  22.   E-commerce
  23.   Chat rooms
  24.   Netiquette
  25.   Computer programming
  26.   Videoconferencing
  27.   Men, women and IT
  28.   Careers in IT

                       [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]       24 April 2011 [Update]

LA 218 English for Specific Purposes 2 ( IT )

                       Unit 13       The World Wide Web
                       Unit 14       Websites


                                               ่ ่
                       1. สานวนภาษาอังกฤษทีใช่บอย (ภาษาอังกฤษแบบมือโปร)
                       2. ภาษาอังกฤษไว ้สมัครงานและสัมภาษณ์งาน
                       3. ภาษาอังกฤษไว ้เทียวรอบโลก

 Level       SRA 1C              SRA 2A,             SRA 2B               SRA 2C

 Easy         Orange              Brown               Brown                Aqua

               Gold                Lime               Lime                 Blue

               Tan                 Aqua               Aqua                Purple

              Brown                Blue                Blue               Violet

               Lime                Purple             Purple               Rose

              Green                Violet             Violet               Red

               Blue                Rose               Rose                Orange

               Aqua                 Red                Red                 Gold

              Purple              Orange             Orange               Brown

              Violet               Gold                Gold                Tan


Difficult      Red

                         [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]           24 April 2011 [Update]

                     Reading For Understanding (RFU)

                         Lesson Card NO. 1 - 100

                         Lesson Card NO. 1 - 100

                         Lesson Card NO. 1 - 100

General English Room
Grammar :

Grammar Series

              Unit                                            Topic
G1-0 Mixed tense                G1-0.1 Present Simple, Present Perfect, Past Simple
                                G1-0.2 Present Simple, Present Continuous
                                G1-0.3 Simple Past, Past Continuous
                                G1-0.4 Simple Past, Present Perfect
                                G1-0.5 Simple Past, Present Perfect
                                G1-0.6 Simple Past, Present Perfect
                                G1-0.7 Present Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect Simple
                                G1-0.11 Revision of Tense

                            [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]              24 April 2011 [Update]

G1-1 Present Simple Tense           G1-1.1   Introduction (Thai)
                                    G1-1.2   Affirmative, Negative
                                    G1-1.3   Yes/ No Question
                                    G1-1.5   Question / Negative
G1-2 Present Continuous             G1-2.1   Present Continuous (Introduction-Thai)
                                    G1-2.2   Present Continuous (Introduction-English)
                                    G1-2.3   Present Continuous(Exercise)
                                    G1-2.4   Present Continuous, Going to
G1-3 Present Perfect Simple         G1-3.1   Present Perfect (Introduction-Thai)
                                    G1-3.2   Present Perfect (Introduction-English)
                                    G1-3.3   Present Perfect (Exercise)
                                    G1-3.4   Present Perfect (Since, For)
G1-4 Present Perfect Continuous     G1-4.1   Present Perfect Continuous (English)
                                    G1-4.2   Gone to, Been to
                                    G1-4.3   Present Perfect Continuous
G1-5 Past Simple Tense              G1-5.1   Past Simple Tense (Introduction-English)
                                    G1-5.2   Past Simple Tense (Introduction-Exercise)
                                    G1-5.3   Past Simple Tense (Introduction Thai-Exercise)
G1-6 Past Continuous                G1-6.1   Past Continuous (Introduction-Thai)
                                    G1-6.2   Past Continuous (Exercise)
                                    G1-6.3   Affirmative, Negative
G1-7 Past Perfect                   G1-7.1   Past Perfect (Introduction-Eng)

G1-8 Past Perfect Continuous        G1-8.1 Past Perfect Continuous

G1-9 Future Simple                  G1-9.1   Future Simple, Will
                                    G1-9.3   Future Simple Tense , going to
G2-0 Mixed modal Verbs              G2-0.1   Modal Auxiliary Verbs
                                    G2-0.2   Exercise
                                    G2-0.3   Can, Could, May, Would
G2-1 Can, Could, Able to            G2-1.1   Can
                                    G2-1.2   Can, Could, Able to
                                    G2-1.3   Can, Could (Exercise 1)
                                    G2-1.4   Can, Could (Exercise 2)
G2-2 May, Might                     G2-2.1   Introduction to May, Might
                                    G2-2.2   May / Might
                                    G2-2.3   May, Might (Negative Form)
G2-3 Should, Ought to               G2-3.1   Should / Ought to
                                    G2-3.2   Should & Ought to
                                    G2-3.3   Should
                                    G2-3.4   Should in Different situations
                                    G2-3.5   Should / ought to (position & Negative)
G2-4 To be use to, To get used to   G2-4.1   Introduction (English)

G2-5 Used to                        G2-5.1 Introduction (English)

G2-6 Must, Have to                  G2-6.1   Introduction (Thai)
                                    G2-6.2   Introduction (English)
                                    G2-6.3   Different between Must and Have to
G2-8 Had Better                     G2-8.2   Had Better

                              [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]                24 April 2011 [Update]

G3-0 Mixed Nouns                      G3-0.1   Mixed Noun (types)
                                      G3-0.2   Mixed Noun (holiday lists)
G3-1 Singular & Plural Noun           G3-1.1   Singular, Plural (Introduction-Thai)
                                      G3-1.2   Singular, Plural (Introduction-English)
G3-2 Countable &Uncountable Noun      G3-2.1   Countable &Uncountable Noun (Introduction-Thai)
                                      G3-2.2   Countable &Uncountable Noun (Introduction-English)
                                      G3-2.3   Discriminate Countable / Uncountable Noun
                                      G3-2.4   To Practice the use of Nouns
                                      G3-2.5   To be able to use Countable / Uncountable Noun
G3-3 Proper & Common Noun             G3-3.1   Proper Noun (Introduction)
                                      G3-3.2   Proper Noun (Exercise)
G3-4 Possession                       G3-4.1   Possession Noun / Pronoun
                                      G3-4.2   To be able to use possessive’s
G4-0 Mixed Pronouns                   G4-0.1   Types of Pronoun

G4-1 Subject, Object                  G4-1.1   Introduction (English)
                                      G4-1.2   Exercise 1
                                      G4-1.3   Exercise 2
G4-2 Possessive Pronoun, Adjectives   G4-2.1   Possessive Adjective
                                      G4-2.2   Possessive Adjective and Possessive Pronoun
                                      G4-2.3   Possessive Pronoun
G4-3 Reflexive Pronoun                G4-3.1   Reflexive Pronoun 1 (Introduction-English)
                                      G4-3.2   Reflexive Pronoun 2

G4-4 One(s) Each Other, Selves        G4-4.1   One (Introduction-English)
                                      G4-4.2   Each other, one another
                                      G4-4.3   Each other, selves
G4-5 Relative Pronoun                 G4-5.1   Relative Pronoun

G5-1 Verb to be                       G5-1.1 Verb to be (Introduction-English)

G5-2 Contraction                      G5-2.1 Contraction (Introduction-English)

G5-3 Verb of Perception               G5-3.1 Verb of Perception (Introduction-English)

G5-4 Verb to Use                      G5-4.1 Verb to Use (Introduction-English)

G5-5 Verb followed by Gerund          G5-5.2 Verb + ing
     (Verb with -ing)

                              [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]               24 April 2011 [Update]

G5-6 Verb with and without to         G5-6.2 Verb with to (Infinitive)

G5-7 Verb followed by-ing or to       G5-7.3 Infinitive or –ing

G5-8 Verb with preposition +V.ing     G5-8.2 Verb with preposition + v.ing

G5-10 Verb + Object + Infinitive      G5-10.1 Verb + Object + infinitive

G5-11 Finite and Non Finite Verbs     G5-11.1 Finite Noun / Finite Verbs

G6-0 Mixed Gerunds, Infinitives       G6-0.1   Gerund and Infinitives as Subject
                                      G6-0.2   Infinitives and Gerund in various context
G6-1 To infinitive                    G6-1.1   To infinitives
                                      G6-1.3   To + Infinitives
G6-3 To + Infinitive /Like + V. ing   G6-3.1   To + Infinitive / Like + V –ing

G7-0 Mixed Adjectives                 G7-0.1 How to Construct and Use Adjectives
                                      G7-0.2 To practice using adjective
                                      G7-0.3 To be able to use long adjective as comparative and
                                      G7-0.4 How to Contract and Use adjectives
                                      G7-0.5 To be able to use adjective and adverb correctly
G7-1 Ordering Adjectives              G7-1.1 To put the adjective in the correctly position
                                      G7-1.2 To be able to use adjectives and put it in the right order

G7-2 the Same, Similar, Different,    G7-2.1 Comparison: the Same, Similar, Different ,Like, Alike
     Like, Alike
G7-3 Comparative Adjectives           G7-3.1 Comparative Adjectives
                                      G7-3.2 To Learn about Comparing for Good Choices
G7-4 Superlative Adjectives           G7-4.1 Superlative Adjectives
                                      G7-4.2 Use Superlative Comparison
G8-0 Mixed Sentences                  G8-0.1 Past Progressive (Yes/ no Question, Wh -Questions)
                                      G8-0.2 Yes / No Questions and Statements
G8-1 Type of Sentences                G8-1.1Types of Sentences

G8-2 Capitalization                   G8-2.1 Capitalization

G8-4 Relative Clauses                 G8-4.5 Relative Clauses (5)

G8-6 Imperatives                      G8-6.1 Imperative(Let‟s)

G8-7 Wh-Questions                     G8-7.1 Wh-Questions

G9-1 Some / Any                       G9-1.1 Some / Any

G9-2 Much, Many, A lot, A little /    G9-2.1 much, many, a lot , a little (exercises with picture)
     A Few                            G9-2.2 much, many, a lot , a little (exercise)
G10-0 Mixed Prepositions              G10-0.1 To Use Prepositions Correctly
                                      G10-0.2 Preposition of Place, Location and Time

                            [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]             24 April 2011 [Update]

G10-1 Place and Position           G10-1.1 Preposition about Place and Position

G10-2 Preposition of Time          G10-2.1 Time

G10-0 Mixed Prepositions           G10-0.1 To Use Prepositions Correctly
                                   G10-0.2 Preposition of Place, Location and Time

G10-1 Place and Position           G10-1.1 Preposition about Place and Position

G10-2 Preposition of Time          G10-2.1 Time

G11-0 Mixed Conjunctions           G11-0.1 Because, Because of, As, Since, So

G12-0 Mixed Auxiliary Verbs        G12-0.1 And Too, So, Either, Neither

G13-0 Mixed Adverbs                G13-0.1 Adverbs of Manner, Place and Time

G13-1 Adverbs of manners           G13-1.1 Adverbs of manners 1
                                   G13-1.2 Adverbs of manners 2
G13-2 Adverbs of Time              G13-2.1 Adverbs of Time (Since / For)

G14-0 Mixed Question Tags          G14-0.1 Question Tags (Introduction-Thai)
                                   G14-0.2 Question Tags (introduction-English)
G15-0 Mixed Passives               G15-0.1 Present and Past Tenses
                                   G15-0.2 Some Passive Structure
                                   G15-0.3 Active-Passive Voice

G16-0 Mixed Conditionals           G16-0.1 Use 3 Types of If Clause / If and Wish
                                   G16-0.2 Use First and Second Conditions
                                   G16-0.3 If / Wish
                                   G16-0.4 First and Second Conditions
G17-0 Mixed Direct / Indirect      G17-0.1 Use Direct Questions (Mixed Types)
Speeches and Questions
G17-1 Wh-Questions With Be, Do     G17-1.1 Wh-Questions With Be
and Modal Verbs                    G17-1.2 Wh-Questions With Do
                                   G17-1.3 Wh-Questions With Modal Verbs
G17-2 Yes / No Questions With      G17-2.1 Yes / No Questions With Be
Be, Do and Modal Verbs             G17-2.2 Yes / No Questions With Do
                                   G17-2.3 Yes / No Questions With Modal Verbs
G17-3 Indirect Questions With      G17-3.1 Indirect Questions With Perfect Construction
Perfect Construction
G17-4 Indirect Questions-          G17-4.1 Indirect Questions-Reported Speeches
Reported Speeches

                                 [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]    24 April 2011 [Update]

English for Careers Room
Dictionary :


 1.   บริษัท โรงพิมพ์ไทยวัฒนาพาณิช จากัด (เป็ นชุด 1,2 / 2 ชุด)                        16 เล่ม
 2.   บริษัท LONGMAN (Business 1,Contem 1)                                              2 เล่ม
 3.   บริษัท ซีเอ็ด Book (ไทย-อังกฤษ 3, อังกฤษ-ไทย 1)                                   4 เล่ม
 4.                   ิ
      สานั กพิมพ์แพร่พทยา (ไทย-อังกฤษ 1,อังกฤษ-ไทย 1)                                   2 เล่ม
 5.   บริษัท OXFORD                                                                     1 เล่ม
 6.   บริษัท CAMBRIDGE (Advanced 2,Inter 1)                                             3 เล่ม
 7.   บริษัท G7 PUBLICATIONS CO.LTD                                                     1 เล่ม
 8.                     ้ ้            ่
      บริษัท อมรินทร์พรินติงแอนพับลิชซิง จากัด (มหาชน)                                 22 เล่ม
 9.             ั่
      บริษัท วิชน สมาร์ท จากัด                                                         10 เล่ม

                                                                        Summary        61 เล่ม

English for Careers Room
Magazine :


 1.   Business Week (ฉบับเก่า)                                                         23 เล่ม
 2.   Future (ฉบับเก่า)                                                                10 เล่ม
 3.   Nation Geographic (ฉบับเก่า)                                                      9 เล่ม
 4.   New week (ฉบับเก่า)                                                               7 เล่ม
 5.   Bangkok 101                                                                       2 เล่ม
 6.   Reader‟s Digest                                                                  11 เล่ม
 7.   Bangkok Post (หนังสือพิมพ์ประจาวัน)                                                 -
                                                                        Summary        62 เล่ม

                              [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]    24 April 2011 [Update]

English for Careers Room
Text Book Material :

                       ื่     ื
English For Hotel (รายชอหน ังสอ)

 1.   English For International Tourism                                    master 2 / copy 5
 2.   Highly Recommended                                                   master 2 / copy 5
 3.   High Season                                                          master 2 / copy 4
 4.   High Season Workbook                                                   -       / copy 5
 5.   Be y Guest                                                           master 1 / copy 5
 6.   Ready to Order                                                       master 1 / copy 4
 7.   English For Hotel Services - 1                                       master 21 /       -
                                                                 Summary          57 เล่ม

Reading For Pleasure (English)

                     Name                                   Author                 Amount
I Wonder Why :
   - Camels Have Humps                         Anita Ganeri                              3
   - Castles Had Moats                         Philip Steele                             1
   - Countries Fly Flags                       Philip Steele                             3
   - Flutes Have Holes                         Josephine Paker                           3
   - Greeks Built Tempes                       Hona Macdonald                            1
   - Kangaroos Have Pouches                    Jenny Wood                                3
   - My Tummy Rubles                           Brigid Avison                             3
   - Planes Have Wings                         Chris Maynard                             3
   - Pyramids Were Built                       Philip Steele                             3
   - Romans Wore Togas                         Hona Macdonald                            1
   - Sanakes Shed Their Skin                   Amando O‟Neill                            3
   - Soap Makes Bubbles                        Babara Tayloy                             3
   - Spiders Spin Webs                         Amanda O‟Neill                            3
   - Stars Twinkle                             Carole Stott                              3
   - The Dodo Is Dead                          Andrew Charman                            3
   - The Sea Is Salty                          Anita Craneri                             3
   - The Sun Rises                             Brenda Walpole                            3
   - The Wind Blows                            Anita Gancri                              3
   - The Telephone Rings                       Richard Mead                              3
   - Trees Have Leaves                         Andrew Charman                            3
   - Triceratops Had Horns                     Rod Theodoru                              3
   - Tunnels Are Round                         Steve Parler                              3
   - Vultures Are Bald                         Amanda O‟Neill                            3

                               [English for Careers Room (M Floor)]                24 April 2011 [Update]

   -   Zips Have Teeth                               Barbara Taylor                                3
   -   The Sahara is cold at night                   Jackie Gaff                                   2
   -   Mountains Have Snow on Top                    Jackie Gaff                                   2
   -   Fish Grew Legs                                Jackie Gaff                                   2
                                                                                 Summary         72 เล่ม

Reading For Pleasure (Thai)

                     Name                                             Author                    Amount
ภาษาทัศนา                                            ปราณี กุลละวณิชย์, ม.ร.วกัลยา ตังศภัทย์       10
Business Conversation สนทนาภาษาอังกฤษ                สรรเสริญ สุวรรณประเทศ                          3
อังกฤษธุรกิจฉบับเสริมศัพท์และไวยากรณ์                David Holmes                                   1
เรียนภาษาอังกฤษด ้วยตนเอง                            SALLC                                          3
การใช ้พจนานุกรม                                     SALLC                                          9
At The Restaurant                                    Robert Liesenbonghs                            1
Business Conversation                                สรรเสริญ สุวรรณประเทศ                          3
สนทนาภาษาอังกฤษนาหรับครอบครัว                        ลาดวน จาดใจดี                                  1
สนทนาภาษาอังกฤษ ฉบับสมบูรณ์                          John Steven, วิทยา จิตรภงศ์                    1
อ่านเร็วอย่างเข ้าใจ                                           ิ
                                                     รศ.ดร. ศิรพร , ลิมตระการ                       1
Bamboo from a journal of English – เล็ก language     Dhurakijpundit University                      7
learning and teaching (ปกสีมวง)
Bamboo from a journal of English language            The Department of English                      6
learning and teaching (ปกสีขาว)                      Dhurakijpundit

Bamboo from a journal of English language            The Language Institute of                      4
learning and teaching                                Dhurakijpundit
(เล่มใหญ่ ปกสีมวง)
อ่านเร็ว อ่านคล่อง ไม่ต ้องท่องศัพท์                 Janya In – ong                                 1
The English Grammar World I                          รองศาสตราจารย์ดนั ย ไชยโยธา                    6
                                                     อ.พิทัต แก ้วประกอบ
The English Grammar World II                         รองศาสตราจารย์ดนั ย ไชยโยธา                    6
                                                     อ.พิทัต แก ้วประกอบ
                                                                              Summary            63 เล่ม


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