WJCC Chemistry SOL Review Program Overview

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					                WJCC Chemistry SOL Review Program
                                     By Anne Mooring

Welcome to the WJCC Chemistry SOL Review Program. This program is composed of
five interactive powerpoints that cover the five main categories in the Virginia Chemistry
End Of Course Test. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get a calculator. You are allowed to use a TI-83 Calculator on the Virginia SOL.

2. Open or print out the Virginia SOL Periodic Table. This is designed to fit on an 11.5”
   x 17” piece of paper. Your chemistry teacher can also supply you with a copy. This
   periodic table is loaded with hints that normal periodic tables lack. You can just
   keep it open in Acrobat Reader as you work on the Powerpoints.

3. Get scratch paper and a pencil.

4. Open Powerpoint Part 1 and start working. After you finish the Powerpoint, try Part
   1 practice multiple choice problems in the word document. These are taken from
   released SOL tests.

5. Continue with Powerpoints 2-5.

6. When you are done with the powerpoints, go to
   http://etest.ncs.com/Customers/Virginia/pat_home.htm and download one of the
   chemistry practice SOLs. These have toolbars identical to the real Chemistry SOL.
   However, there’s an extra icon at the top that allows you to review each answer as
   you go. Note, you will need to download the test software which is free and takes a
   couple of minutes to download on a fast connect. This site is sponsored by the
   Virginia Department of Education.