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					SMART School Websites and Helpful Resources
Prepared by Lisa deRoy, Education Consultant

Websites to Use Immediately
There are over 1400 Notebook lessons correlated to MN standards. Must have
Notebook software in order to download. Great place to start!

Teaching with the Web
This is one of the first sites I use to go to when developing units or lessons.
Wealth of information. Categorized by themes.

Internet 4 Classrooms
I can’t say enough about this site! Check out the Links for K-12 Teachers and
Assessment Assistance

Jefferson County School District, TN
This is one of the best district websites I’ve found. Literally, you can spend hours
here searching through collections of Power Points, websites and all of their
math, science and social studies digital curriculum for K-12 and K-8 (science and
social studies).
       K-12 Math Online
       K-8 Social Studies Online
       K-8 Science Online
       Power Point Collections (Download so you can make customize for your
       Teacher Tools - websites

Songs for Teaching

A Maths Dictionary

SMART School Districts (download Notebook lessons, interactive
websites, resources)

Center School District - Kansas City, Missouri
Elementary and Secondary SMART Notebooks Templates
SMART Ideas Templates

Kenton County Schools

Wichita Public Schools
Sorted by subject

Morgan District, Missouri
Few Notebook files here. Also Kidspiration and Inspiration

Winnipeg School Division
Notebook lesson K-8. Even though this is not a US school site the lessons are
still valid for teaching the MN standards.

UK Interactive Whiteboard Website (The UK has been using
interactive whiteboards longer than any other country in the world. They
have some very powerful national and non-profit websites for SMART
Board users.)

The UK Education System refers to grade levels as Key Stages. Below is the
translation for each stage:

Key Stage 1= K–3       Key Stage 2 grades 4–6         Key Stage 3 grades 7–9

                         Key Stage 4 grades 10–12
National Whiteboard Network
K-6 Literacy, Math and Science UK site. The navigation on this site is a little tricky but
the site has more SMART Notebook lessons to download than any other website I’ve

seen (other than SMART Technologies’ website. It also has wonderfully engaging Excel
activities, Power Points and other resources to download. Many are in Zip files. Navigate
by starting at front page on SITE MAPS. Chose grade level. Next chose subject and
topic. Downloads will be on right-hand side in box. Place cursor over icons so you can
determine which downloads are SMART Notebook. You can also search by seasonal
package. Go underneath the Title on the front page. Click LITERACY or
MATHEMATICS. Click on either the packages (Autumn, Summer, Spring or search by
       From the National Whiteboard Network site. A teacher took another interactive
       whiteboard’s files and converted them to SMART Notebook files. They look like
       they are appropriate for grades 5-6.
       From the National Whiteboard Network site. More SMART Notebook lesson
       downloads. Mathematical Challenges – grades 3, 4
K-6 resources. Download SMART Notebook lessons. Follow directions on page.
K-12 resources organized by UK’s KS1, KS2, and KS3. Excellent site.
Flash files, Power Points, Excel, PDF and Word. To open Flash files, Right click
– OPEN. Do not SAVE TARGET AS for Flash files.
K-12 UK site. Browse by subject in right-hand column or links on center of page .
Some links direct user to complete interactive white board lessons.
K-12 UK site. Search by grade level and subject. Many lessons created by
organization while others submitted by teachers using SMART Boards as well as
other interactive white boards. Pay attention to xbk files. These are SMART
Notebook files.
BGfL Whiteboard resources (K-6). Search by grade level and subject
K-6 UK site. Go to TEACHING IDEAS. Search by subject. Download Power
Points, PDFs, Word docs.
K-1. Four sample activities to use on an interactive white board.

SMART Resources
SMART Education (Separate from SMART Tech website) Must register to
access materials - Free
Primary notebook lessons:
Elementary notebook lessons:
Copy this link into the URL address section on an Internet page.

SMART Ideas Lessons (Separate from SMART Tech website) Must register to
access materials - Free
SMART Education - Elementary

Primary Resource
Wonderful K-5 website – all subjects. Download Notebook files, Power Points,
PDF follow-up activities. Many Flash files. Note: UK Primary Social Studies does
not correlate well to social studies state standards.


Virtual Field Trips

K-12 Website Portals
K-6 Internet resources

Interactive Websites
Great for K-10.

Power Point Resources
Game templates as well as sample games
Language Arts Power Point Games and presentations

K-12 Collection
Lessons in blue available for public access

SMART Education (Separate from SMART Tech website) Must register to
access materials - Free
Primary Power Points
Elementary Power Points
Secondary Power Points

Language Arts
Interactive Online Stories
Students are prompted to click on certain characters and prop in story to find out
what happens
online stories from various websites
This is a subscription website but they do have some freebies. Only $99 a year
for a school.
Croatian fairy tales. Interactive, online stories with audio. Nicely done. Good for
multicultural fairy tale unit.

Reading Comprehension
Use these templates as a guide to build your own templates using SMART Ideas.
Great for follow-up activities for online stories or read aloud stories.
Fact or opinion?
Graphic Organizers
Literature Graphic Organizers and activities
Cause and Effect interactive activity
Inference questions
Main idea tutorial
Main idea quizzes
Reading comprehension (good activity or model lesson for middle to advanced
Reading comprehension materials – use capture tool to create interactive
activities in SMART Notebook.
Create your own adventure – Good for center activity.
Language Arts review
Author’s purpose – online interactive practice

Literature, Stories

Interactive Writing Activities

Literature Activities and Lesson Plans
K-3 Cyberguides. Many include follow-up activities
4-5 Cyberguides

A Maths Dictionary for Kids
Division and Fraction Tutorials in Power Point – scroll down
Geometry and Fraction Jeopardy Power Points
Math – Power Points
Math Power Points Grades 6-8
Project Interactivate. Very creative website for teaching grades 3-5 science and
Math applets! –Check out this website! It is well worth your time. Links to various
websites with interactive math activities
Virtual Manipulatives Grades 1-6
UK site. Three math lessons for interactive white boards, (place value,
comparison, number line)
(Elementary and secondary) Interactive Internet activities and games
(1-5) A Math Teacher’s Tool Kit. 12 Flash files to use while teaching math.
(K-6) Interactive activities, Flash files, games. Includes place value, sequencing,
patterns, reasoning, algebra and number squares. Use the tabs at the top of the
page to navigate.
Terrific, elementary interactive Math dictionary from Australia.
(K-6) Another great link from down under with volumes of activities. Certainly
worth checking out.

Math Virtual Manipulatives Flash Files
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
calculating angles flash files
Cards – fractions, decimals, square numbers, etc.

Decimal Number Line
Place Value
Sorting Angles
Sorting Shapes
Sorting Triangles


Online Simulations

Virtual Courseware for Earth & Environmental Sciences

Visible Human Project

A Guided Tour of the Visible Human

Virtual Frog Dissection

Eisenhower Clearinghouse of Online Simulations for Math & Science

Amusement Park Physics

Science Resources
Windows to the Universe. The only website I know of that is differentiated and
Science Power Points K-12
Another link to Jefferson County. This is a Power Points with some great links to
web quests.

BBC Science sites
Matter websites
Energy websites

Solar System
Windows to the Universe – only website I have found that differentiates the
reading levels. Bilingual – English/Spanish. Fantastic images that you can
capture with the Notebook capture tool. Great website for modeling Reading for
Information lessons. This is on my Top 5 website list.
A portal to various space links. Some of these links are already listed in this
BBC Science and Nature:Space
Earth, Sun and Moon
BNSC – The Solar System
Solar System Jigsaw
Solar system trading cards
Hubble Site News Center
The Virtual Solar System
Solar System images
Planetary Photo Journal
Welcome to the Planets

Portal to a number of interactive activities around plants. This could be the pot of
gold at the end of the rainbow! Some of the sites here are also listed below.
Meet the Plant Parts
Flower parts
The Great Plant Escape – out of the U of I – great website for studying plants
Plant parts – structure and function. Nice microscopic images
Helping Plants Grow Well
The Biology of Plants – Thorough overview of plants. Appropriate reading level
for third graders. Very nicely done. From the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Interactive Plant Quiz
Honey Bee Colony Collapsed Disorder Podcast
How does this crisis effect pollination?

Animal classes
Critter Corner – Habitats
Who Lives Here games – by PBS
National Geographic – Animals
Zoobooks – by alpha order.
BBC Nature/Animals
Franklin Institute – Comprehensive Vertebrate list to websites for additional
research, info

How Animals Meet Their Needs
Animal Communities
Sounds of World Animals
Nature’s Songs
Animal Homes
A to Z Animals
Amazing Animal Senses
Room 108 – Animal Group Quiz
Room 108 – Animal Adaptation Quiz

Other Resources
Excellent website for simple and compound machines

Activities with Optics

Coastal Environment
Online “Big Book” about coastal environment. Offers lessons, activities and
resources. Created by UK school teachers and students.

Sammy Seagull
From the same series as Coastal Environment.
Secondary science website. Great interactive activities, Flash files.

Wonderful resource to use with your unit!

Social Studies
Jamestown Adventure

A Colonial Family and Community

A Day in the Life

Lee Summit’s Links to Revolutionary War Resources and Activities

Colonial and Revolutionary War Sites

The Road to Revolution


A link to five websites offering different aspects of Japanese life
Peggy’s Japan Page – great visuals, easy to read – nice virtual field trip
My Trip to Japan – nice overview of the country, good images, short narratives.
Virtual Japanese restaurant
Popular main Japanese dishes
After-school club activities
Folk tales from Japan
A Field Trip to Japan
Japanese children’s songs
These are MP3 files that you can download and link to images or text in
Japan for 6-10 year olds – pictures with short descriptions. Nice intro
Practice using chopsticks
Kids Web Japan
Japan photo album
Virtual koto

Google Shortcuts
Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Google a topic by searching specifically in U.S. SCHOOL DISTRICTS. This
shortcut means your hits drop down dramatically and your search becomes much
more efficient.

Every state has academic standards and although the pacing of those standards
may vary from state-to-state, essentially, schools typical teach very similar
concepts and benchmarks. Many school districts host websites and sometimes,
teachers post activities, webquests, virtual field trips and computer-based
activities for their students. Instead of reinventing the wheel, get on board and try
it out.

                                                         States to include in your

                            MO, CA, IL, OH, VA, NC, FL, TX, TN

    Lee Summit School District – 5th Grade Keyboarding

Search by domain name

    .com – commercial based, run by a business
    .gov – a government agency
    .mil – a military
    .org – a business or
    .int – a large
    .net – a large
    .edu – a university or
    educational facility