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					                 Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany

Marie Curie Training Site - Application Form
Core Project Title        Signals of New Physics at High Energy Colliders,
                          Analysis Methods and Detector Research (SCALARS)

Contract Number           HPMT-2000-00113

1. Return complete application to

Frau Prof. Dr. Dorothee Schaile
LMU München
Sektion Physik
Am Coulombwall 1
D-85748 Garching / Germany

2. Applicant

Name: Last, first, middle                                     Gender (male/female)

Date and Place of Birth

Citizenship                                                       Native Language

Home address



Phone and fax numbers

Institute address, Phone and fax numbers

3. Fellows Qualification*

List in chronological order the colleges and universities attended. Please provide official
copies and validated transcripts of your academic record documenting your courses, grades
and degrees. Please add a Curriculum Vitae on a separate page.

    Name of Educational Institution, Location   Entered/Left     Degree or Diploma (date received dd/mm/yy)



Title and subject area of pre-doctoral university diploma

Title and subject area of doctorate

Expected date of PhD: ____________________

4. Language Proficiency

List your foreign language training, including English - if not your native language. Rate level
of reading, speaking, and writing competency in each language (poor, fair, good, excellent)
                    Years of Training    Comprehension         Reading       Speaking          Writing


5. Former Stays in Germany

How many months have you stayed in Germany during the last two years? _____________
Have you already been a fellow of another Marie Curie Training site? YES / NO
Name and Place of the Training Site:

Duration from                              to

    attach additional pages if necessary
6. Research*

A. Proposed topic of research with summary of current state of the art, innovative aspects
and need for training (max. 2 pages)
B. Reasons for applying for this Marie Curie Training Fellowship at the Ludwig-Maximilians
University Munich: How does your research project relate to the focus of the Training Site?
Complementary aspects of your research at home and at the Site program (max. 1 page)
C. Duration - Intended stay at the Marie Curie Training Site:
from ________ (dd/mm/yy) to ___________(dd/mm/yy), in total ________ months
D. Tick the subject most applicable to your research interests:
 LEP        LHC          detectors         calibration

7. Advisor/Supervisor at home institution

Please attach a letter of recommendation (see recommendation form).
This letter is not necessary if there are already collaboration contacts between the
home institution and the guest institution.

Tel and Fax

8. Paid Contracts

Please name all positions you held during the last 3 years:

Name of Company or Institution                             Location                       Period of stay

9. Applicant's Signature

I hereby confirm that I have read the guidelines for eligibility criteria, which accompany this application
and all other Site-specific criteria, and that I fulfil the criteria for applying for a pre-doctoral fellowship at
the Marie Curie Training Site, detailed in the homepage of the Site. I also confirm that the information
provided is correct and true, and understand that missing or false information may lead to outright
rejection of this application or termination of a fellowship at a letter date.

                  Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany

Marie Curie Training Site - Recommendation Form

To the Applicant

Complete the information below and then give one of these forms to your local supervisor and another
scientist of your choice, along with an envelope marked "Letter of Recommendation". The referees
should return the letter to you in the sealed envelope. Submit the envelope together with the remaining
application material to the Marie Curie Training Site Coordinator.

                    (Last/Family)                  (First)                  (Middle)

To the Referee

The above-mentioned is a prospective Applicant of the Munich-based Marie Curie Training
Site "Matter on the Nanoscale: Manipulation and Characterization".
We would appreciate a candid evaluation of the applicant's qualifications, potential, and
motivation to carry out advanced scientific studies in our Marie Curie Training Site.
Please attach your short letter to this form and return it to the applicant in the sealed
envelope she/he provides. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.
This letter is not necessary if there are already collaboration contacts between the
home institution and the guest institution.

Summary Evaluation

Name of the Recommender
Title /Position

               Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany

Marie Curie Training Site - Eligibility Criteria

To the Applicant

Please check carefully if you fulfill the following requirements of the EU Commission.


 Fellows must be nationals of a European Union Member State, or be able to provide proof of
 having resided in a Member State for at least the last five years prior to their selection by the
 host. Fellows should ensure that they are able to fulfil the visa requirements for Germany.


 Fellows may not carry out their fellowship in the country of their nationality and his/her recent
 center of activity. Hosts cannot appoint researchers who have carried out their normal
 activity in the country where the research is going to take place for more than 12 months in
 the two years immediately prior to their selection by the
 host. Fellows may not carry out their fellowship at the University of Munich, if they normally
 pursue their doctoral studies anywhere in Germany.


 At the time of selection the fellow must be 35 years old or less, with allowances being made
 for time spent caring for children and for compulsory military or civil service.

 Research Experience

 The scheme is directed to postgraduate researchers pursuing doctoral studies in a subject
 area similar to that of the Training Site. The stay must be directly relevant to the doctoral
 studies pursued. The stay at the Marie Curie Training Site must be
 recognized as an integral part of the doctoral studies in writing by the research supervisor of
 the doctoral studies in the home university.