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Company Details
Business Intelligence (BI) solutions seek to distill large amounts of transactional and
operational data into specific reports and metrics which provide insight into enterprise
performance. An integrated BI solution builds on the foundation of a Data Warehouse, adds
online analytical processing (OLAP) tools and seeks to aggregate highly summarized information
within digital dashboards. Such a solution addresses the needs of a variety of users - from
executive management and line of business owners to business analysts seeking to better
gauge and understand their business.

Why Data Warehouse ?
Techlogix has extensive experience in implementing BI solutions using a metric driven, data
mart based approach which seeks to incrementally build the complete Data Warehouse. This
allows us to deliver fully functional BI applications which address specific business areas (such
as Sales, Manufacturing) within a 90 day timeframe. We have experience in a variety of BI
platforms including Business Objects, Cognos, Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft and Informatica.

      Selection of OLAP platforms and ETL tools (used to extract, transform, and load
       operational data into the Data Warehouse on an ongoing basis)
      Data Warehouse design based either on the Kimball or a fully relational model
      Design and development of ETL routines to support individual data marts as well as as
       Enterprise Data Warehouse
      Design and development of standard and ad-hoc reports
      Integration of graphical metrics into Dashboards and Enterprise Portals
      Integration of Enterprise Analytic and Data Mining tools into the BI solution
      Post-production Data Warehouse support


Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan

The objective of the Information Systems & Technology Division (IS&T Division) is to provide
efficient support to the Commission regarding all aspects of Information Systems & Technology.
It is responsible for organizing and implementing an integrated system designed to support the
workings of the Commission and its communication with the Company Registration Offices
(CROs) throughout Pakistan. The IS & T department aims to provide services right, first time, in
time and every time to maximize the Commission’s productivity and minimize the stakeholders
Need of Data Warehouse ?
The Commission has large quantities of data that have been collected over a period of years.
The Commission recognizes that there is a lot of value in this historical data and has decided to
build data warehouses to make the data accessible in a meaningful and timely manner.
The Data Warehouse would generate reports dynamically and help in better decision making
based on the extensive data analysis and mining capabilities. The information generated can
also be helpful in regulations and policy decisions. The objective is to empower users in various
divisions at SECP to work on the data warehouse from their operational requirements point of
view for generating various reports having policy implication


eSolution Warehouse Karachi

Company Details
eSolution Warehouse is a fast growing IT Company that has been operational in the IT Sector
since 2001. They have a vast experience in IT field and employee a team of highly qualified,
skilled and dedicated professionals, with fresh ideas and broader intellectual horizons, they use
modern development tools and state-of-the-art techniques in almost all the areas of
Information Technology.

They are providing Quality Services No Matching Standards with a commitment to quality &
excellence. They provide one-step solution covering Project Management & Planning, Systems
Analysis & Design, Database Application Development, Software Quality Assurance, Hardware
Supply & Maintenance, Network and Intranet Setup & Maintenance, Website Designing &
Development, Ecommerce Solutions, Educational & Corporate Training Services and IT
Consulting Services. Their moto is that
“We know how important it is for your business to maintain the standards that you have worked
so hard to set! Therefore, we guarantee the quality of our work that conforms to prevail world

A data warehouse is a repository of an organization's electronically stored data. Data
warehouses are designed to facilitate reporting and analysis so this company is providing the
utilities to different sectors for that purpose there is a need of the Data ware house as I have
mention above all the company details.

State Bank of Pakistan

Our mission is to ensure timely dissemination of high quality statistics for the monetary and
macro-economic policies leading to the prosperity of Pakistan

The Statistics and Data Warehouse Department aspires to set and maintain the highest
standards of excellence in the compilation and dissemination of efficient statistics

Statistics and Data Warehouse Department is a core department of the State Bank of Pakistan.
Mr. Zahid Hussain, the founder Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, established it in the late

Why Data Warehouse ?
 This department has been responsible for collection, compilation and dissemination of
statistics on economic, financial and monetary aspects most pertinent to the central banking.
The Department is primarily engaged in collecting and compiling data of various periodicity on
money and banking, international trade, monetary accounts, balance of payments, exchange
rates, external reserves, foreign direct investment and private external debt etc and the various
data tables are disseminated through website.
The department regularly brings out three monthly, one bi-annual and eight annual
publications. The department has a central role in providing statistical data to the Government,
policymakers, academia and other stakeholders. The system of data collection and processing
has gone through a major change over the past few years. Most of the data are collected
electronically and processed using specifically designed software for the purpose. With the
adoption of IT facilities, the performance of the department has improved significantly in terms
of efficiency as well as quality. Special studies to adopt recent development in the area of
official statistics at international level for harmonisation and improvements of statistics under
compilation are also a feature of the work. This department has commitment of producing
quality statistics with high reliability and timely dissemination. This department is disseminating
data according to General Data Dissemination Standards (GDDS).


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