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JIA_September_Newsletter by mudoc123


									Jacket Integrated Academy Newsletter
September 28, 2010         PRINCIPAL’S NEWS                                 Nicole S. Piggott - Principal
Volume 4, Issue 1                                                  
                                  Welcome to the start of                                (336) 727-2772
                          another great year at the Academy!
                          We are so excited about this                     Academy Stars
                          upcoming year and so very proud of
                          all of the student’s success last
                          school year!
                                  Just a couple of reminders as
                          we embark on this school year:
                          Please ensure that your student             Each month, Academy teachers
                          attends school on a daily basis! It is      select one student from his/her
                          very important that students be in          classes that has demonstrated good
                          class everyday because so much              behavior, good citizenship, has
 Title 1 Meeting          valuable information is lost when           worked hard in class, and has good
 & Student Led            they do not attend. Also, please            attendance to be an “Academy
                                                                      Star.” Our most recent set of stars
  Conferences             remind your student to be on time
                                                                      are: Jackie Cornell, Aaliyah
                          to all of his/her classes on a daily
    Thursday,             basis.
                                                                      Hawkins, Veronica Jimenez,
                                                                      Jacquelyn Okafor, Paskesia Powers,
 September 30                     This Thursday, we will host         Amber Rights, and Raven Scales!
     6:00 pm              our first Academy Parent meeting!           Each star will have his/her picture
                          You will have the opportunity to see        posted on the Academy hall!
                          exactly what your son/daughter is
                          doing in class through our student                 CONGRATULATIONS!
                          led conferences. It would be great              KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
     Upcoming             if ALL our parents and students
      Events              could attend! Refreshments will be
    9/30/10 –
     Academy Parent       NEW TEACHER SPOTLIGHT
     Night                             Camille Lee                             Tabitha Moser
    9/30/10 –            Camille Lee teaches English III and
                                                                      Ms. Tabitha Moser is a native of
     Registration ends    English IV for Jacket Academy . This is
                                                                      Winston Salem. She is a proud
     for Crosby           her 4th year teaching; she previously
                                                                      graduate of Hampton University,
     Scholars             taught at Atkins High School- The
                                                                      Hampton, Virginia where she majored
                          School of Biotechnology, and also
    10/4/10 – College    teaches developmental reading for
                                                                      in Biology. Ms. Moser has a Master
     Fair                 Forsyth Tech Community College. She is
                                                                      of Science degree in Community
    10/6/10 – Progress   originally from Winston-Salem, and
                                                                      Health Education from Old Dominion
                                                                      University, Norfolk, Virginia. Ms.
     Reports Issued       received her Bachelor’s degree in
                                                                      Moser teaches Anatomy and
    10/8/10 –            English from Winston-Salem State
                                                                      Physiology, Earth/Environmental
     Registration ends    University. She received her Master’s of
                                                                      Science, Engineering for the Future,
     for Nov. SAT         Education in Curriculum & Instruction
                                                                      and Biology. Ms. Moser enjoys
                          with a concentration in
    10/13/10 – PSAT –    English/Language Arts from the
                                                                      spending time with family and
     9th – 11th grade     University of Phoenix. When she is not
                                                                      friends, traveling, watching sporting
     students             running after her two children, she
                                                                      events, volunteering in the
    10/15/10 -           enjoys reading and scrapbooking.
                                                                      community, and roller-skating.
     Homecoming           She absolutely loves teaching and             Jacket Academy extends a
    10/21/10 – Picture   learning from people of all ages,             warm welcome to Ms. Lee
     Retakes              especially adolescents. She is honored to          and Ms. Moser!
                          be a part of the Jacket Academy team for
    10/29/10 –
                          the 2010-2011 school year.
     Teacher Workday
Page 2 of 3                                               Jacket Integrated Academy
                           This year, your student has the opportunity of having two
                           wonderful counselors to
                          Counselor’s Cornerwork with. Ms. Jo Collins comes to us most
                           recently from Hill Middle School. She will be working with all of the
                           Academy students this year. Mrs. Tiffany Wilson, who most recently was
                           the Registrar, is a counseling intern who will work directly with the
                           Academy students this year as well! Feel free to contact either one in
                           student services at: 727-2230
                           SAT/ACT and PSAT
                           If you your child receives free/reduced lunch, they qualify for a fee
                           waiver to take the SAT/ACT. Students are allowed two fee waivers
                           during their high school career. Additionally, the PSAT will be given to
                           students enrolled in Jacket Integrated Academy on Wednesday, October
                           13, 2010.
                                                       Regular Registration       Late or Fee Waiver
                                  Test Date
                                                             Deadline            Deadline Registration
        .                      October 9, 2010         September 10, 2010         September 24, 2010
                              November 6, 2010           October 8, 2010           October 22, 2010
                              December 4, 2010          November 5, 2010          November 19, 2010
                                                       Regular Registration       Late or Fee Waiver
                                  Test Date
                                                             Deadline            Deadline Registration
                               October 23, 2010        September 17, 2010           September 18 –
                                                                                    October 1, 2010
                             December 11, 2010          November 5, 2010        November 6 - 19, 2010
     “...Preparing         College Fair
       students to         Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools will hold their annual College Fair
                           on Monday, October 4, 2010 at the Benton Convention Center from 5pm-
become competent           8pm. Come and have an opportunity to meet with several admissions
   and empowered           counselors from various college and universities all in one place.
                           Senior Checks
        learners!”         Your seniors are in the process of meeting with their counselor
                           individually to discuss their graduation status. Each student should bring
                           home a graduation evaluation form for your signature. Please return the
                           form to your senior’s counselor.
                           Scholarship Bulletins
                           Scholarship bulletins are located in the Student Services office. We
                           encourage all students and parents to contact Mrs. Sansbury at 727-2230
                           and give your email address. If your email address is in the system, she
                           will email you a scholarship bulletin electronically.
                           Progress Reports and Report Cards
                           The 2nd progress reports will go out on Wednesday, October 6th.
                           The first report cards will go out on November 3rd!
   Harris Teeter VIC Education Program         Parent Portal
   If you shop at Harris Teeter or know        Would you like to have 24/7 access to your
   someone who does, please consider           son/daughter’s grades and attendance history? If
   linking your cards to the Academy!          so, please make sure you sign up for the Parent
   This can be done by presenting your         Assist! Parent Assist is an on-line program that
   VIC card at any Harris Teeter store or      allows parents to see their student’s grades,
   simply giving Mrs. Piggott your VIC         attendance, and demographic information on the
   card number and she can link it on-         computer at any time. If you would like to sign-
   line. Our VIC school number is 6379.        up, you will need to come in and see our data
                                               manager – Ms. Grissler in Student Services.
Page 3 of 3                                                              Jacket Integrated Academy

New Tardy Policy
 As the school year progresses, we       3rd – Verbal Warning with Parent
are seeing more and more students        Contact
tardy to class. Please speak to your
                                         4th – Parent Conference with Student
student about the importance of
arriving to class on time. We have       5th – After School Detention
developed a new tardy policy this        6th – Period ISS
school year:
 st                                      7th – ISS All day with Parent
1 – Verbal Warning                       Conference
2nd – Verbal Warning                     8th & 9th – Out of School Suspension
                                         10th – Unexcused Absence
 Not sure what to do with all of         most plastic bags receive cash
those grocery store plastic bags you     prizes! So please begin sending in
collect on an almost weekly basis?       your plastic bags from any grocery
Well we have the answer! The             store to Mrs. Underwood – room 310!
Academy is partnering with Harris        The winners will be announced in
Teeter in order to collect and           the spring and hopefully we will be
recycle plastic grocery store bags!      one of them!
Harris Teeter sponsors a contest for                                              Jacket Integrated Academy
schools – the schools that collect the                                              3545 Carver School Road
College Advisor                          and success. I am most excited
                                                                                   Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Ariel Cochrane-Brown, has the                                                               Phone:
                                         about the opportunity to encourage
esteemed pleasure of serving Carver                                                     (336) 727-2772
                                         students to recognize and achieve              Cell: 462-1398
High School and Simon G. Atkins          their highest potential while in high
Academic & Technology High School        school and as they go through the                   Fax:
Complex in Winston-Salem, NC. As                                                        (336) 727-8211
                                         college application process. As a
a college adviser, I assist students,    near peer to my students, I am young              E-mail:
parents and teachers in exploring        enough to remember the anxieties of
post-secondary options, applying to      being in high school preparing for
college, applying for scholarships       college and mature enough to have
and financial aid, registering for the   an authoritative position and             ...Preparing students
ACT/SAT, and visiting college            recognize things high school             to become competent
campuses. I also host and assist         students may overlook. Overall, I            and empowered
school and community-wide events         seek to make a change in the lives I            learners!
related to college preparation           touch on a daily basis.
 Crosby Scholars
      Crosby Scholars is a community organization that focuses on helping
      prepare students for college. We are in the process of registering all of
      the Academy 9th & 10th grade students. Students will have the opportunity
      to complete the on-line application in their English class. In order to
      complete the process, parents must sign an agreement form that must be
      returned to school as soon as possible. The requirements for the program
      are that students attend at least one Saturday Academy during the school
      year, participate in community service and maintain their grades. For
      more information please visit their website:
            Jacket Integrated Academy Teachers
                        2010 – 2011

Garnet Balwah – Civics & Economics, Psychology, US History,
World History

Edward Beiles – Physical Science

Devyn Bullock Cannon – English I and English II

Camille Lee – English III and English IV

Tabitha Moser – Anatomy, Biology, Earth/Environmental
Science, Engineering

Sharon Strachan – Integrated Math I, II, III and Calculus

Penny Underwood – Advanced Functions, Algebra II,

Charon Williams – Civics & Economics

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