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Agile Software Company

To: Mr. Anonymous. IT Manager, IT Department,14 A-DHA, Lahore.

From: Mr. Zaheer ud din Babar. CEO. IT Department, The Mall, Lahore.

Date: 03 April 2009

Subject: Appreciation Letter on Maintaining Performance

I am eager to have you as a part of our team. I have seen your potential skills a valuable contribution
to our company and clients. Your dedication towards your work and the efficiency of your final
project was really commendable. It was tremendous effort by you completing all the difficult projects
in the before time with all of the work products along. Your really managed the team well. Stack
holders have given the full payment in time by providing the all work products ands that’s why our
company has earned more than estimated before from this projects. You will definitely given a bonus
by a company in the next month.
We are looking forward for such good project planning and performance from your team in future.

Best Regards,

Description: Appreciation Letter on Maintaining Performance