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Internal_Quality_Assuarnce_Cell_2005-06 by keralaguest


									                           -- 1 --


Tq : Ron                                    Dist : Gadag
      (Affiliated to Karnataka University Dharwad)

      Internal Quality Assurance Cell
     Annual Report Submitted to NAAC
           e-mail :
                                              -- 2 --

                                                                    Ph : 268222 - 08381

The Director,
National Assessment and Accreditation Council
2 / 4 Dr Rajkumar Road
PO Box 1075
Rajaji Nagar
Bangalore - 560010

                Sub: Submission of the IQAC post NAAC Accreditation report for the
                     year 2005-06

Respected Sir,

                I am pleased to inform your kind office, that our Board of Management and
Governing Body have decided to submit the IQAC post NAAC Accreditation report for the
year 2005-06.
                I have the honour to submit the said report to your office for your kind perusal.

                                    THANKING YOU,

                                                              Yours faithfully

Place : Naregal                                             [SHRI S.V.PATIL]
Date : 5-7-2006                                                 PRINCIPAL

Encl : IQAC Report 2005-06
                                   -- 3 --

                  THE IQAC

  Name of the Institution   :      S.A.V.V.P. Samiti's
                                   Shri Annadaneshwar Arts, Science and
                                   Commerce College, Naregal -582119
                                   Tq : Ron Dist : Gadag
                                   Karnataka State
                                   Ph No : 08381-268222

  Year of Report            :      2005-06

                                PART- A
                                        -- 4 --

The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards
quality enhancement and the out come achieved by the end of the year :

a.    As planned earlier the teaching of English and Mathematics on intensive basis
      was to be continued for the current year also.
b.    Periodical academic audit to be continued as done during the previous year. The
      teachers will be given full academic freedom and intellectual liberty by making
      self assessment of their performance.
c.    The laboratory building belonging to the Zoology Department will be provided
      for use during the current year after completion.
d.    Development of garden in the college campus if the monsoon develops as per
      the forecast.
e.    It is proposed to provide added encouragement to extra curricular activities
      conducted by each department in particular and by the college in general.
f.    It is proposed to provide career and professional guidance and arrange for
      campus selection programmes by establishing contact with Multi - National
      Corporations and other employment providing establishments.

                                       PART- B
1.    Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the institution :
                                            -- 5 --

       During the academic year 2005-06 several activities were taken up in view of
the fundamental goals and objectives of the institution. The following are some of the
highlights of the activities undertaken.
a.     The number of students admitted to the institution during the year comprise a
       major percentage of students belonging to the rural, poor and downtrodden
       sections of the surrounding areas.                                  ( Encl No I )
b.     Every effort was made to ensure the allround development of the personality of
       each student.
c.     The meritorious students were encouraged through providing additional
       facilities, so that they can be role models for the average students.
d.     The career and employment guidance cell arranged for guidance regarding self
       employment opportunities available to the students A three day training
       programme was organized by CEDOK to impart information and infuse
       confidence regarding self employment.
e.     As we are a rural college, it is necessary to modify the mindset of the students
       from the traditional style of thinking to the modern and scientific style. Hence
       we are making every effort to adopt modern technology in teaching & learning
       process and thereby bring a change in the mindset of the students.
f.     We believe that the purpose of education is not merely enabling a person to
       read and write but also to make him a responsible and contributing citizen of
       the country. The institution relentlessly strives to create a sense of social
       responsibility and awareness among the students towards preservation of
       ecological balance by maintaining minimal and most essential interference in
       the ways of nature. We teach our student to contribute to the creation of a
       healthy and constructive social environment by staying away from the social

2.     New academic programmes initiated (UG and PG) :
       During the year, the main attention was towards strengthening and
consolidating the existing programmes. Hence no new programmes were introduced.
However the institution is gearing up to implement the semester system from the
academic year 2005-06 as per the decision of the Karnataka University in pursuance of
the decision of the Inter University Board (IUB)

3.     Innovations in curricular design and transaction :
                                         -- 6 --

       The curricular design and transaction is normally provided by the university
academic council. There is heardly any scope for the institution to interfere in this
regard. However many senior members of the staff are members of the Board of
studies which is a recommendatory body for adopting the syllabus. These members try
to introduce innovative ideas to be included in the syllabus & present the same before
the board of studies for recommendation.

4.     Inter-disciplinary programmes started :

       Inter-disciplinary programmes are not part of the U.G programmes. Hence no
such programme was introduced during the year.

5.     Examination reforms implemented :

       The students were made to appear for the Monthly, Quarterly, Terminal, and
Preparatory Examinations at college level. However the annual examinations are
conducted by the university itself.

6.     Candidates qualified NET / SLET / GATE etc :

       -- NIL--
7.     Initiative towards faculty development programme :

       Two of the staff members were deputed to Karnataka University under the FIP
financed by U.G.C. One teacher has jointed back after completion of his M.Phil
studies in Botany. The other teacher doing Ph.D in Hindi is going to complete his Ph.D
in September 2007. One teacher in commerce is doing Ph.D privately without seeking
FIP assistance and study leave. Several teachers participated in various seminars
workshops, conferences etc. The details of the participation can be found in enclosure.
                                                                           (Encl No II)

8.     Total number of seminars / workshops conducted :
       Seminars and debates were conducted in the classrooms by the concerned
teachers of various subjects. In addition to this various other programmes were
conducted under the aegis of various extra curricular associations like Career and
Employment Guidance Bureau, Cultural and Debating Union, NSS, NCC and the like.
                                                                          (Encl No III)

9.     Research projects
                                        -- 7 --

      a.     Newly implemented :         i)       A minor research project with UGC
                                                  assistance of Rs : 45000/- is taken up
                                                  by Dr Aravind Sajjan.
                                         ii)      A proposal of major research project
                                                  has been submitted to UGC for
                                                  sanction by Shri A.J.Handi.
      b.     Completed :                          Nil

10.   Patents generated, if any :
      So far the institution has not developed linkage with industries for research.
Hence there are no patents generated.

11.   New collaborative research programmes :
      -- NIL--

12.   Research grants received form various agencies :
      Rs : 45,000/- from U.G.C

13.   Details of research scholars.

      1.     Shri A.B.Mangalore
             Subject / Designation       :        S.S.L in Hindi
             Date of Birth               :        23-5-1961
             Date of Joining             :        13-12-1991
             Qualification               :        M.A, M.Phil in Hindi
             Universtiry for Ph.D        :        Two Year
             Period of deputation        :        From 11-10-2004 to 10-10-2006

      2.     Shri A.K.Nashi
             Subject / Designation       :        S.G.L in Commerce
             Date of Birth               :        18-3-1954
             Qualification               :        M.Com, M.Phil in Commerce
             Doing Ph.D                  :        Privately

14.   Honors / Awards to the faculty :
      -- NIL --

15.   Internal resources generated :
                                              -- 8 --

        Internal Resources are generated through student’s fees, contributions from
management, Alumni association and public donors. Apart from this, resources are
generated through computer job works, Xerox services, etc

15.     Details of departmetns getting SAP, COSIST (ASSIST) / DST, FIST, etc.
        assistance / recognition :

17.     Community services :
        NSS special camp was held at Jakkali village for 10 days from 5th to 14th
November 2005. Several social and constructive works were carried out during the
        Blood Group Test was conducted by the Zoology Department in the month of
February 2006.                                                     (NSS Report Enclosed)

18.     Teachers and officers newly recruited :
        22 Temporary Teaching and 2 Non Teaching staff members were recruited on
ad-hoc bases during 2005-06

19.     Teaching & Non-Teaching staff ratio :

               Teaching              Non-Teaching                 Ratio
                  29                      21                     1.38 : 1

20.     Improvements in the library services :
        Computerization of the library is going on.

21.     New books / journals subscribed and their value :
                                                        Number              Value
1.      Text Books                                       511           Rs     52644.00
2.      Reference Books                                  409           Rs     44992.00
3.      Periodical / Journals                            023           Rs      9999.00
                                Total Value                            Rs    107635.00

22.     Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the
        action taken on student feedback :
        In all the courses, that is B.A, B.Com, B.Sc Part-I, II & III, the students
assessment of teachers is in practice for the last six years and whenever there are any
shortfalls on the part of the teachers, such teachers are advised to improve the quality
of their teaching, guidance and student support as required.
                                            -- 9 --

  23.     Unit cost of education :
         Year          Including salary component         Excluding salary component
        2005-06                 Rs 8367/-                         Rs : 507/-
  24.     Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and
          examination results, issue of certificates.
          Computerization of the office is going on.

  25.     Increase in the infrastructure facilities :
          The independent Zoology Laboratory Building built with the UGC assistance is
  completed and ready for commissioning. The college proposes to seek UGC grants for
  constructing an independent Botany Laboratory.

  26.     Technology up-gradation :
          The institution is planning to upgrade the labs with modern equipments and also
  to provide modern education technology and training in its use to the teachers.

  27.     Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students :
          Computer and internet facilities are provided on need basis of students and

  28.     Financial aid to students
               Name of the Scholarship                   No of Students Amount (Rs)
Post metric scholarship                                       111        33300/-
Govt of India scholarship to SC students                       39        150000/-
Govt of India scholarship to ST students                       87        219256/-
Post metric scholarship to Cat-I students                      07         2100/-
E.B.L charges to Cat-I students                                29        32200/-
Students Welfare Fund                                          16         2744/-
Student Aid Fund                                               39         6825/-
B.S.Kallanagoudar endowment scholarship                        01          126/-
Shri Huchchireshwar endowment scholarship                      02          264/-
Nandi Behur endowment scholarship                              01          550/-
S.S.Hiremath endowment scholarship                             01          264/-
Dr Basavaraj Mugali endowment scholarship                      01          500/-
  29.     Activities and support from the Alumni Association :

          The managing committee of the association met on 5-2-2006 at 10-30 am in the
  college under the chairmanship of Principal S.V.Patil, Shri Ravindranath Doddameti
  Member of the association was the Chief Guest. The meeting resolved to conduct one
  day workshop for the final year BA, BSc and BCom students. The topic of the
  workshop was various opportunities of jobs in different fields.
                                         -- 10 --

       The workshop was conducted on 10th February 2006 at 10-30 am for the final
year degree students. Dr Kolannavar, Director Leather Industries Corporation
Government of India, was the chief guest and delivered lecture on the topic "Enter
preneurship and job opportunities in Leather Industries"

       Presently the Alumni Association has 181 registered members. The amount in
Balance of the association is Rs : 40000/-

30.    Activities and support from the Parent-Teacher Association :
       Parent – Teacher meetings were held twice during the year on 16-8-2005 &
8-2-2006. Parent’s suggestions are taken as feedback to regulate the academic
activities of the college.

31.    Health Services.
       The students are provided with health services throughout the academic year on
a nominal fee of Rs : 5/- per year. The college has a visiting doctor who is present in
the dispensary for two hours daily and available always in case of emergency.
Annually, a compulsory medical examination is conducted for each student by inviting
doctors from various specialization's, who provide consultancy services free of cost.
However during this health check-up programmes some voluntary organizations
provide few life saving drugs freely. The medical check-up was conducted on

32.    Performance in Sports activities :

       Kumar B.C.Masagi of BA III was selected as University Blue in chess and
participated in inter university chess tournament held at Vellur in Tamil Nadu.

       Kumari Sandya Dasar was selected as University Blue is kho-kho for the sec
and consecutive year and participated in inter university kho-kho tournament held at
Koimbattur in Tamil Nadu.

       Kumari Sandya Dasar secured fourth place in the long jump event in the
Karnataka University 55th inter collegiate athletic meet held at B.H.S.P.G.P science
college, Jamakhandi and received Rs : 100/- cash prize.
                                                                          (Encl No III)

33.    Incentives to outstanding sports persons :
       As a routine all the sportspersons of the college are given nutrition supplements
like egg, bread, banana, milk etc to support their nourishment during the practice
                                            -- 11 --

34.     Student achievements and awards :
        The following statement shows the achievements of our students in the annual
exam 2005.
  Class    Students       Appeared     D       Ist     II nd   III rd   Total   Percentage
  B.A III           122      111       32      34      22       07       95      85.58 %
 B.Sc III           18       16        08      04      02        0       14      87.50 %
B.Com III           26       26        02      10      09       01       22      84.61 %

35.     Activities of the Guidance and Counselling unit :
        Three day Entreprenership Awareness camp was organised under the joint
auspices of Employment Information and Career Guidance Bureau and CEDOK,
Dharwad from 30-1-2006 to 1-2-2006. The details are enclosed.                   (Encl No III)
36.     Placement services provided to students :
        Shri B.C.Masagi student of BA III has been selected as a soldier in the CRPF
37.     Development programmes for non-teaching staff :
        Computer training is given to the non-teaching staff with a purpose of enabling
them to cope with impending total computerization of the administration.

38.     Healthy practices of the institution :
        *      Periodical tests, Examinations and Seminars are conducted to check the
               quality of learning of the students.
        *      Student’s feedback is evaluated and measures are taken to overcome the
        *      In order to impart value based education, special lectures are arranged by
               inviting role model personalities. With a view to promote the all-round
               development of the personality of the students, the Golden Student
               Scheme has conducted various competitions.
        *      Cash prizes are given to the meritorious students.

39.     Linkages developed with National / International, Academic / Research
        bodies :
        -- NIL --

40.     Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add :
      i. Shri S.V.Sankanur has been nominated as a member to the Karnataka Rajya
        Vijnana Parishat Bangalore for the academic year 2005-06
                                      -- 12 --

ii. Shri C.I.Maradimath delivered, two Guest Lecturer one on NSS and Rural
   Development at NSS Special Annual Camp Nidagundi and another one on
   Youths and Festivals at Jatra Mahotsava Shri Annadaneshwar Math Mundaragi.

iii. Shri S.F.Kuriyavar delivered five Guest lecturers on the topics "Electronics and
   it applications", 4-3-2005. THe advantages of Physics to the Human Society
   and its challenges, 2-12-2005, Electronics and its applications at taluka level
   science workshop programme to the high school teachers 4-1-06, conventional
   & non-conventional energy sources & conservation of energy resources 2-2-

iv. Kumar V.C.Kotagi & M.L.Koppad, B.Sc III participated in the Inter collegiate
   Botany Quiz Competation held at Dept of Botany, Basaveshwar Science
   Collge, Bagalakot on 15th October 2005.
v. Shri B.D.Karadennavar delivered lecture on "World Trade Organization and
   India" on 13th March 2005 in the Commerce Department function.

vi. As part of IQAC activities for the year 2005-06 Orientation Programme for first
   year degree students was organized on 20th August 2005 to initiate the students
   positively towards the Institutional goals.
                                           -- 13 --

       The IQAC proposes to take some more steps during the next academic year
2005-06 towards attending the gole of sustained quality enhancement. The plan of
action for the year 2006-07 is as follows.

a.     The teaching of English and Mathematics will be taken up on intensive basis so
       that the students get well equipped to face the challenges that the corporate
       world is throwing to provide employment.

b.     The periodical academic audit will be continued as done during the previous
       year. And the teachers will be inspired to make a self assessment of there
       performance and institute improvements on there own by maintaining academic
       freedom and intellectual liberty.

c.     The zoology department laboratory, which is completed will be commissioned
       for the use of students at the beginning of the academic year.

d.     As the monsoon appears to develops promisingly it is planned to develop the
       garden in the campus.

e.     It is proposed to develop extra curricular activities with further boost.

f.     The plan to provide career and professional guidance along with campus
       selection programmes by establishing contact with various state, central, private
       and M.N.C's for providing better employment to the eligible students.

g.     It is proposed to conduct a state level seminar in the college with the assistance
       of U.G.C


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