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									28th World Congress of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association                                                                                                                                                             Preliminary Programme
Rooms           Room 1                        Room 2                        Room 3                      Room 4                      Room 5                        Room 6                                Room 7                   Room 8                             Room 9                      Room 10
Streams         Cardiology/                   Surgery II                    Dermatology                 Internal Medicine II        Feline Medicine II            Urology II                            Ophthalmology            Infectious Disease II              Dentistry                   Practice Management &
                Pulmonary II                  (Orthopedics)                                             (Clinical Pathology)                                                                                                                                                                    Human Animal Interaction
                Suwannee Nithiuthai           SOTAL: Leo Brunnberg          Chiara Noli                 Bernard Feldman             Richard LeCouteur             Claudio Brovida                       Peter Bedford            Boonlert Lumlertdacha              Cecilia Gorrel              Yeoh Eng Cheong
08.30-09.15     Risks of Canine               Non-Contact-Plate: A          Non-inflammatory            Clinical Approach to        Neuromuscular Disorders       UTI : How to Diagnose                 Corneal Ulceration -     Molecular Epideminology of         Periodontal                 An Overview of
                Heartworm Infection           Biological Method for         Alopecia in Cats            the Anemic Patient          in Cats                       Correctly and Treat?                  the Problem Patient      of Rabies in Thailand              Disease                     Companion Animal
                in Thailand                   Fractures in Dogs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Practice in Malaysia
                Hitoshi Kitagawa              Leo Brunnberg                 Chiara Noli                 Fred Reyers                 Margie Scherk                 Carl Osborne                          Ellen Bjerkaas           Cathleen Hanlon                    Cecilia Gorrel              Tan Hwa Luck
                Heartworm Caval Syndrome:     Treatment of Long Bone        Seborrhea: Why and          Leukocyte Profiles          Perspectives in               Recent Advances in Feline             This is Not              Rabies Postexposure                Orthodontics                Development of Small Animal
09.15-10.00     Pathophysiology               Fractures in Cats : An        How Does it Happen?         in Small Animal             Feline Pain                   Lower Urinary Tract Disease:          Conjunctivitis           Management of Veterinary Patient                               Veterinary Practice in a
                                              Interlocking Nail System                                  Diseases                    Management                    Therapeutic Rights and Wrongs                                                                                                 Rapidly Developing Country :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Singapore (1970-2002)
10.00-10.45                                                                 Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit                                                                                                                      Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit
                Clarke Atkins                 Katsuyoshi Nagaoka            Didier-Noel Carlotti        Fred Reyers                 Margie Scherk                 Carl Osborne                          Peter Bedford            Albino Belotto                     Ayako Okuda                 Philipe Moreau
10.45-11.30     Complications to              Surgical Techniques for       Clinical Aspects and        Liver Enzyme                Feline Megacolon              Bacterial Pyelonephritis:             Glaucoma -               PAHO Regional Program              Feline Resorptive           Client Needs and
                Heartworm Disease             Puppies and Adult : What      Diagnostic Therapy of       Profiling : What Works                                    Cause, Cure, Control                  Is Effective Treatment   for the Elimination of             Lesions                     Expectations
                                              are the Differences?          Pyoderma                    and What Does Not?                                                                              Possible?                Rabies Transmitted by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dogs in the Americas
                Hitoshi Kitagawa              Katsuyoshi Nagaoka            Didier-Noel Carlotti        Jennifer Charles            Stan Marks                    Carl Osborne                          Peter Bedford            Oswald Jarret                      Ayako Okuda                 Philipe Moreau
                Canine Pulmonary              Surgical Techniques for       Cutaneous Pseudo-           Bile Acids                  Update on Feline              Nonsurgical Management of             Retinal Lesions:         New Vaccination Strategy of        Dentigerous Cysts and       Merchandising in your
11.30-12.15     Heartworm Disease:            Complicated Cases             Neoplasms in Dogs                                       Gastrointertinal              Canine and Feline Urolithiasis        Their Diagnosis          Feline Leukemia                    Bone Augumention            Clinic: Why and How?
                Surgical Heartworm                                          and Cats                                                Neoplasia                                                           and Significance                                            (Bone Graft)

                Removal and Pathophysiology
12.15-14.00                                                                 Lunch
                Philip Fox                    Herman Hazewinkel             Susan Shaw                  Jennifer Charles            Andrew Sparkes                Scott Brown                           Simon Peterson Jones     Maurice Roze                       Frank Verstraete            Family Pet Vet Bond
                Treatment of                  Elbow Dysplasia:              Deep Cutaneous Infections   Low Sodium Potassium        Feline Systemic               Diet and Renal Disease:               Progressive Retinal      Manifestations of Canine           Surgical VS Closed          Charles Wayner
14.00-14.45     Thromboembolism               Hereditary Aspects            in Cats : Beware Poorly     Ratio-Differential          Hypertension : A              Myths and Realities                   Atrophy: an Overview     Leishmaniasis : An Update in       Extraction Techniques       What is Our Role in Responsible
                                              and Screening Programs        Healing Fight Wounds        Diagnosis                   Hidden Killer                                                                                Diagnosis & Treatment                                          Pet Ownership?

                Clarke Atkins                 Leo Brunnberg                 Stephen White               Bernard Feldman             Carmel Mooney                 Joseph Bartges                        Simon Peterson Jones     Craig Greene                       Frank Verstraete            Charles Wayner
                Differentiation of            Osteochondrosis in            The Eosinophilic            Transfusion Medicine        Complications &               Rusty Plumbing-                       Conditions of the Lens   Canine Leptospirosis-              Odontogenic                 Communication with
14.45-15.30     Heart Failure and             Dogs                          Granuloma Complex in                                    Consequences of               Nutrition and Chronic Renal Failure                            A Reemerging Disease               Tumors                      Clients: Seeking First
                Respiratory Disease                                         Dogs & Cats                                             Feline Hyperthyroidism                                                                                                                                      to Understand, Then to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                be Understand
                David Church                  Roger Clarke                  Douglas Deboer              Bernard Feldman             Susan Shaw                    Scott Brown                           Maurice Roze             Craig Greene                       Frank Verstraete            Charles Wayner
                General Principles of         Triple Pelvic                 Waltham's Speaker           Transfusion Medicine        Feline Immune-Mediated        Update on Feline                      Anterior Uveitis :       Lyme Borreliosis -                 Principles of Oral          The Bond : The
15.30-16.15     Treatment of Small Animal     Osteotomy in the Dog                                      Cases Discussion            Skin Disease                  Hypertension Diagnostic               Diagnosis and            Media or Reality                   Oncologic Surgery           Veterinary Profession's
                Respiratory Disorders                                                                                                                             and Treatment                         Treatment                                                                               Global Glue

16.15-17.00                                                                 Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit
                                              Roger Clarke                  Stephen White               Fred Reyers                 Margie Scherk                 Kenneth Bovee                         Ellen Bjerkaas           Yumi Une                           Sean Murray                 Philipe Moreau
17.00-17.45                                   Circlage Wiring               Medical Management of       The Cytological Diagnosis   Pancreatitis - Overlooked &   Does Systemic                         Uveitis of the Cat       Helicobacter Species               Clinical Investigation of   Communication Tools of
                                              Techniques                    Otitis Externa              of Fungal Disease in        Underdiagnosed                Hypertension Adversely                Related to Systemic      and Helicobacter                   New Dental Technologies Today and Tomorrow
                Philip Fox                                                                              Immunocompromised Patient                                 Affect Renal Function in Dogs?        Diseases                 Infectious Disease in Animal       for Companion Animals
                Interactive Case Studies in   T.N. Ganesh                   Stephen White               Takashi Yamada              Andrew Sparkes                Kenneth Bovee                         Maurice Roze             Craig Greene                       Sean Murray                 Roger Clarke
                Heart Failure Managemant      Bone Grafting Techniques in   Newly Described Diseases    Development of a Canine     Feline Hepatic Disease -      Renal Dysplasia in                    Ocular Manifestations    Infectious Disease                 Clinical Advancement        WSAVA Microship
17.45-18.30                                   Small Animal                  and Newly Utilized Drugs    Trypsin-like Immunoreactivity Where are We Now?           Shih Tzu Dogs                         of Parasitic Disease     Avoid Vaccine Induced              in Nutrition Management     Working Group
                                                                                                        Assay System                                                                                                             Reactions in Dogs and Cats -       of Oral Health
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vaccine Reaction Dissatisfaction
18.30-22.00                                                                 Thai Night                                                                                                                                           Thai Night

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