Chemistry Quiz Review Guide

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					                       Chemistry Quiz Review Guide

Chemistry (pg 66-73)
    Be prepared to draw the an atom
        o Electrons (-), neutrons (neutral), protons (+)

    Know what elements are and that elements are made of the same kind
     of atoms

    Know what a compound is and the difference between atoms and

    Chemical formulas of these compounds: Water, Carbon dioxide,
     Carbon monoxide, Oxygen, Glucose

    Chemical reactions (identify the reactants and products of a chemical
        o  = Yeilds
        o Reactants and Products

    Know what a Mixture is

    Organic (carbon) and inorganic compounds

    Unique properties of water

Advanced Science Questions (Possible Bonus Questions)
      Be able to convert between units of the metric system

      Be prepared to write the reactions of photosynthesis and
          o Be prepared to describe the complementary relationship
              between photosynthesis and respiration