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Welcome to our HDMI Family
HDMI Members
    HDMI Switch
    HDMI Repeater
    HDMI Splitter
    HDMI & DVI Adaptors
    Cable
1.    HDMI to HDMI, ( Economic type)
2.    HDMI to HDMI with Weave
3.    HDMI to HDMI with Weave & Strip
4.    HDMI to DVI , ( Economic type)

    Wall Plates
HDMI Switch

 HDMI Switch is a standard Switch that meets HDMI 1.1 and 1.2
 Specification. It allows access to multiple HDMI devices, such
 as DVD players and Satellite Set-top boxes to one HDMI
 display. HDMI is the best choice for home theater systems and
 dual computer users. No more operation of manually plugging
 in different HDMI connectors in needed to view different HDMI
HDMI Switch Models

                  HDMI 2X1 SWITCH
                  9V Power adapter
                  IR Remote control
                  User Manual
                  Gift Box

                  HDMI 4X1 SWITCH
                  9V Power adapter
                  IR Remote control
                  User Manual
                  Gift Box
Switch Features
   Two/Four input one output HDMI source switch and repeater
   HDMI ATC compliance certified
   Max. Compatibility with all types of HDMI and DVI devices
   Input and output cable length capability to 50ft.(15m)each
   Doubles as a cable extender for long cable lengths-up to 100ft (30M)
   Dimensions:165mmW*70mmD*25mmH
   Power requirements:100-240VAC,50/60Hz, 4W Max.operating,1W
    Maximum Stand by
   Full product safety compliance tested and certified
   Comprehensive automation system control via IR Remote and
    Integrated IR remote control storage
   Switches HDMI ,HDMI/HDCP DVI, and DVI/HDCP between any
    device or type-DVD,PC,STB,HDTV, AV Receiver
HDMI Repeater

    Introduction:
    The HDMI repeater extends the length of any HDMI cable by
     regenerating the HDCP-compliant digital video signal before it
     outputs to the digital display or projector. It enables you to relocate
     your DVD player or satellite receiver to a safe, quiet and clutter-free
     environment and eliminate noise in you home theater or viewing
    How to works:
    Place your digital display as far as you need it to go by using HDMI
     cables to and from the HDMI Repeater. The HDMI Repeater is
     connected with a HDMI (male to male ) cable from the HDMI Devise
     to HDMI Repeater input . The HDMI Repeater output uses a second
     HDMI (male to male ) cable to go from the output to any digital
     display with a HDMI connector.

         HDMI Repeater with adapter
         1 Input 1 Output

         Mini type HDMI repeater w/o
         1 input 1 output
Repeater Features

   Perfects digital video sent over long stretches of HDMI cables
   Extends Digital displays away from the HDTV source
   Maintains multiple high definition resolutions up to 1080p or
    1920×1200 for computers
   Allows you to customize the HDMI cable to 30M (without DC power
    supply ), mini type w/o DC power supply.
   Allows you to customize the HDMI cable to 50M (with DC power
    supply )
   Supports DDWG standards for HDMI compliant monitors
   HDCP Compliant
   Installs in seconds
    HDMI Splitter
   The HDMI Splitter is a distribution hub that sends the same A/V signal output to
    two, four or eight HDVI digital screens. It is a flexible solution to accommodate
    multiple displays. The HDMI Splitter offers solutions for Home Theater information
    distributional installation, Conference room presentation and corporate training
   Features:
    Splits the HDMI signal to two HDMI displays(HDMI-SP-122QL)
    Splits the HDMI signal to four HDMI displays(HDMI-SP-124QL)
    Connects two or more HDMI displays at the same time to the same video source
    Supports 480i,480p,720p,1080i and 1080p resolution
    HDMI Specification 1.2 Compliant
    DVI Specification 1.0 compliant
    Supports HDCP Compliant devices
    Low cost solution for A/V equipment integration
    Plug-and-play, Installs in seconds
Splitter Models

 Item No.                                   Description
 SP-122     1xHDMI input,2xHDMI outputs distribution amplifier,full HD1080
 SP-124     1xHDMI input,4xHDMI outputs distribution amplifier,full HD1080
 SP-128     1xHDMI input,8xHDMI outputs distribution amplifier,full HD1080
 SP-228     2xHDMI input(switch),8xHDMI outputs distribution amplifier full HD1080
 SP-428     4xHDMI input(switch),8xHDMI outputs distribution amplifier full HD1080
HDMI & DVI Adaptor (1)

HP-DJ                                          HJ-DP

HDMI Plug To DVI -D Jack Adaptor Gold plated   HDMI Jack To DVI-D Plug Adaptor, Gold plated
HDMI & DVI Adaptor (2)

                      DVI-D Female to HDMI-A Male adaptor with gold
        HMDF-OC:      Plated connector. With silver white color plating . Right

                      DVI male to VGA female super slim and compact with
        DVIM/ VGAF:
                      gold plated connector

                      HDMI Female to Female fully shielded adaptor black
                      color case

                      DVI-I to DVI-D 90 degree L-shape converter with gold
                      plated connector
HDMI Cables(1)

                 HDMI INTERFACE CABLES
                 HDMI PLUG TO HDMI PLUG,
                 GOLD PLATED, NY CABLE,
                 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,15 Meter Lengths

                 HDMI Blister Packed
                 WEAVE/*M/BLR HDMI PLUG TO
                 HDMI PLUG, GOLD PLATED,
                 BLACK COLOR, Blister pack
HDMI Cables(2)

                 HDMI-1021/G/BK WEAVE/*M/BLR
                 HDMI PLUG TO HDMI PLUG,
                 GOLD PLATED, BLACK COLOR
                 OF WEAVE WITH SILVER, 2M,

                 HDMI TO DVI-D PLUG (18+1), NY
                 CABLE, Economic type
HDMI Wall Plates

  HD-01: One HDMI port wall plate

  HDMI Female to HDMI Female & One RCA Jack

 HDMI Female to HDMI Female & Dual RCA Jack

  HDMI Female to HDMI Female & Triple RCA Jack

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