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		                Phone 755-0125 ext. 2210                MR.BODAS          Room 29

              AP Environmental Science (APES)                                                            Homework

              Spring 2010 syllabus
Date          In class activities, labs, topics/major ideas/concepts for the day, exams                  These are the due dates,
              etc. The syllabus is subject to change due to field trips, adequate                        so come to class with the
                                                                                                         assignments done on the
              supplies, weather conditions, or instructor’s professional opinion.                        dates listed!
                                                                                                         Begin Reading and
              Start of Second Semester                                                                   outlining Ch 15
              Intro to Ch. 15 Geologic Forces & Mineral Resources
              Review questions Ch. 15                                                                    Thinking critically #2&4
              Video: Rock Cycle
              Rock classification lab igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rocks
               Molnar Activity pg. 23-26

              Ch. 15 Mining and mineral resources, environmental impacts of mineral resources            Finish reading and
2/8           Cookie Mining Lab                                                                          outlining Ch 15
              Mining Practices Discussion->surface, subsurface, pit, strip mines, acid mine drainage
              Video Clip: California’s natural mineral resources                                         Read supplement 19 pg.
              Video: Ring of Fire                                                                        S54 in back of text.
                                                                                                         Thinking critically # 1
              Virtual Earthquake activity                                                                Project Q #2

              Virtual Earthquake activity wrap up
                                                                                                         Read Supplement #11
2/10          Molar Virtual lab pg 21-30 (handout)
              Video Clip: California’s natural mineral resources                                         in back of text pgs43-
              Environmental Impacts of mining ( heavy metal contamination, acid drainage, mining         s45 and outline it!
              reclamation and remediation)                                                               Your Cookie Mining
                                                                                                         Labs are due.

              Test Chapter 15 Mining and mineral resources                                               Chapter 15 Outline, and
                                                                                                         Virtual Earthquake
              Intro. To non-renewable resources                                                          activity should all be
Holidays      Video: End of Suburbia & Collapse of the American Dream                                    completed
2/12 & 2/15

              Eco Column Announcements/ EcoColumn Lab write up guidelines
              Non-renewable energy resources
                                                                                                         Begin reading ch. 16
              Cartoon Guide to EnvironChapter 10
              Environmental Science: “Soft Energy Paths” pg. 119                                         Thinking critically #1-4
2/18          Discussion Coal, Oil, Natural Gas resources and extraction techniques
              Video Clip: Oil on Ice  (Review Q’s 17.1-17.4)                                             Work on ch. 16 outline
              Handout Molar CO2 emissions form fossil fuel (handout pg167-170)

              Nuclear Power & Nuclear waste-Fission and Fusion energy production                         Finish reading and
              Nuclear chemistry review                                                                   outlining ch. 16
2/22                                                                                                     Thinking critically #5-8
              Review Q’s 16
              Video: Fusion                                                                              Molar CO2 emissions form
                                                                                                         fossil fuel (handout pg167-
              Project question #3                                                                        170). due

              Renewable energy resources                                                                 Begin Reading and
                                                                                                         outlining ch. 17 Energy
2/24          Energy Calculations Intro worksheet, common units, dimensional analysis                   Phone 755-0125 ext. 2210            MR.BODAS          Room 29

               Molnar Solar absorption Lab pg. 175-178 (Handout)                                         calculation practice sheet
               Review questions ch. 17                                                                   Thinking critically #1-3
               Photovoltaic cells energy production article
                                                                                                         Work on Ch. 17 outline
               Renewable energy sources discussionàhydroelectric, wind, biomass energy, etc.
2/26           Energy Use Inventories (using your bills and virtual energy inventory)
Late           Biodiesel article Bring a copy of gas and electric bill!!!                                Thinking critically #4-8
Start                                                                                                    Bring a copy of gas and
               Video: NOVA “Who killed the electric car”                                                 electric bill!!!

               Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology & demo                                                      Read Finish Ch. 17
               Review questions ch. 17                                                                   Vocab.
3/2            Discussion hydrogen production, geothermal energy, decentralization of power supplies     Home energy saver
               and living “off” the power grid                                                           virtual activity:
               Video: Hydrogen Fuel cells or Solar Energy “Saved by the Sun”                   

               Miller Lab Energy Conservation pg. 93-98 (Handout)

               Test ch. 16 & 17 Non-renewable and renewable energy resouces                              Finish and turn in energy
                                                                                                         conservation lab from last
3/4                                                                                                      class as necessary.
               Intro. To Chapter 18 Toxicology, risk assessment, infectious diseases
                                                                                                         Bring all your outlines
                                                                                                         and text question to turn
                                                                                                         Study for test!!!!

               Video: NOVA: “Meningitis: Killer Disease on Campus”or DVD clip Rx for survival           Read and outline Ch. 18
               Ch. 18 Risk assessment and management, toxicology                                         Thinking critically #1-5
               Internet activity “Toxics in San Diego” (handout)                                         Read and outline
                                                                                                         supplement 22 &23 pg.
               Begin infectious disease mini-project in computer lab (handout)
                                                                                                         s65-s67 in back of text
               Discussion dose response curves, biological pathogens, antibiotic resistance, risk

               Review Questions 18                                                                       Finish reading and outline
               LD 50 Lab & Toxicology -->California Blackworms                                           ch. 18
3/10           Environmental Science Article: “ Environmental Carcinogen and Hormone Mimics”
Progress       Discussion dose response curves, biological pathogens, antibiotic resistance, risk       Thinking critically #7&8
reports        assessment / Case studies TB, malaria, HIV
               Share infectious disease mini-project info. as time allows                                Turn in infectious
               (Take home particulate pollution sampling dish)                                           disease mini-project

                                                                                                         Turn in Ch. 18
                                                                                                         materials- text
3/12           Test Ch 18 Risk assessment, toxicology,                                                   questions, outlines, etc.
               Airborne particulate pollution lab                                                        Bring back
                                                                                                         pollution samples

                                                                                                         Begin reading and
               Ch. 19 Air Pollution (Review Q’s)
                                                                                                         outlining ch. 19. list
3/16           Cartoon Guide to Environment; Chapter 13                                                  Thinking critically #1-4               Phone 755-0125 ext. 2210              MR.BODAS                   Room 29

              Discussion/notes Atmospheric structure and composition, outdoor air pollution,
CAHSEE        chemistry of photochemical smog (COx, NOx, VOC’s)

              Discussion indoor air pollutants and physiological effects, reducing indoor                Continue Reading and
              pollutants                                                                                 outlining ch. 19
3/18          Radon Fact Sheet                                                                           Thinking critically #5-7

              Acid deposition/Acid precipitation causes and chemistry
              Acid deposition lab (AP)

              Ch. 20Earth’s climate history/Greenhouse effect/ greenhouse gases discus                  Begin reading and
              Review questions 20                                                                        outlining ch. 20
3/22                                                                                                     “Climate Change”
              Molnar Global warming internet activity pg. 10 (handout)
                                                                                                         Thinking Critically #1-4
              Video Clip: “NOVA: Global Warming “What’s Up With the Weather” or
              Global Warming “ The Science and the Signs”                                                Finish acid
                                                                                                         precipitation lab as

3/24          Discussion global warming, rising sea levels?, greenhouse gas emission reduction ,etc.    Continue reading and
              Tropospheric Ozone Lab                                                                     outlining ch. 20
Late start    Review chemical reactions regarding stratospheric ozone, protection of ozone, ozone        Thinking critically #5-8
              depletion and cancer incidence correlation                                                 Read article
              DVD Strange Days on Planer Earth “The One Degree Factor”                                   Environmental Science:
                                                                                                         “Supporting ozone

              Test Chapters 19 & 20 Air Pollution & Global atmospheric changes                           Study for Test Chapters
              Water Pollution Video “We all Live Downstream”                                             19 & 20
                                                                                                         Hand in homework
                                                                                                         questions / outlines
                                                                                                         Turn in ozone lab

              Grade FRQ essay questions Ch. 19&20                                                        Begin Reading and
              Ch. 21 Water Pollution Discussion types and sources of water pollution                     outlining ch. 21 “Water
              Water quality criteria
                                                                                                         Thinking critically #1-4
              Ground water contamination simulation Lab “Fruitvale”
4/1                                                                                                      Finish reading and
              Ch. 21 Review Questions
                                                                                                         outlining ch. 21.
              Discussion / notes ocean pollution and pollution reduction, sewage treatment systems and   Thinking critically #5
              Storm drain runoff                                                                         Project Q # 1 &3 (use
              Drinking Water quality analysis lab                                                        internet to research & Max
                                                                                                         of one page for #3)
              (Bring a drinking water sample one per group of 4 or 5 people)                             (Bring a drinking water sample one per
              San Diego & California water quality issues                                                group of 4 or 5 people)
                     Assign Driving Survey & Transportations Roa 28.1 & 28.2 (handout) pg.
                      275                Phone 755-0125 ext. 2210            MR.BODAS             Room 29

              Spring Break                                                                              Work on transportation
Spring               Work on Driving Survey & Transportations Roa 28.1 & 28.2 (handout) pg.            survey
Break 4/3-            275
4/11                 Finish Drinking water lab as necessary

                                                                                                        Read and outline ch. 22
              Video: Recycling “Time and Time Again” / Article: buying recycled product                Thinking Critically #1
4/12          Review Questions 21
Post Spring   Molnar Solid waste inventory Lab How much trash do we make?                              {Research local recycling
Break         Discussion 3 R’s reduce, reuse, recycling, waste management                              programs answer project
              VideoWorld of Chemistry #26 “Waste management”
                                                                                                        Q#2 (1 page max)}
              “YoreTown’s New Landfill” site evaluation activity

              Waste Management & hazardous waste / Case Studies dioxin, mercury, lead                   Finish reading and
                                                                                                        outlining ch. 22 solid
              Bioremediation and Phytoremediation
                                                                                                        waste management
              Molar Investigation #31 “Tires in the environment” (handout)
                                                                                                        Thinking Critically #6 &
              DVD”Trashed”                                                                             #7 Project Q #5
              Miller solid Water Prevention & Management Activity (handout)

4/16          Test ch 21 & 22 Water Pollution & Solid Waste management & hazardous waste                Bring all your questions
                                                                                                        and outlines to turn in
End of 3rd    Intro. to Ch. 23 “Sustainable Cities” urbanization, sprawl, urban planning               from ch. 21 & 22
qt.                 “Smart Growth” Internet Activity                                                   Work on driving
                                                                                                        transportation survey
              Ch. 23 Discussion Transportation and mass transit                                        Begin reading and
                   Design a mass transit upgrade for San Diego                                         outlining ch. 23
                   Review questions 23                                                                 Thinking critically
4/20               Design e2 video & questions                                                         #1-5

                                                                                                        Finish driving

              Video: Urban Sprawl or “End of Suburbia”                                                  Finish reading and
              Driving Transportation Survey Results due!!!!                                             outlining ch. 23
              Enviro. Science Article Towards Sustainable Development” (340-349)                       Sustainable cities &
4/22                                                                                                    smart growth
                                                                                                        Driving Transportation
                                                                                                        Survey Results due!!!!

4/26          Intro. to Ch. 24 Economics and Environment                                                Begin reading and
              Video: Endangered Planet “The High Cost of Environmental Growth”                         outlining ch. 24
                                                                                                        Environmental economics
              Grade FRQ’s 21&22
                                                                                                        Thinking Critically #1-3
              Optimization / Cost benefit analysis/ Economists views of pollution control
              Review questions Ch 24
              Enviro. Science Article ”Our Lady Fatima: Why political questions are not all economic”
              AP EXAM Practice Questions               Phone 755-0125 ext. 2210                 MR.BODAS             Room 29

4/28          Ch. 24 Economics an d environment full cost pricing & external costs                      Finish Reading and
              Environmental taxes and fees / Pollution permit trading / Sustainable ecomomies            Outlining ch. 24
STAR               Enviro. Science Article “Towards Sustainable Development”                                 Thinking
TESTING                                                                                                           Critically #4&5
              Enviro. Science Article ”Our Lady Fatima: Why political questions are not all economic”
                                                                                                         Project question #2
              Make sure to do your best on the STAR exams, as it figures into TPHS’s API score,          sustainable business flyer,
              which colleges consider in terms of academic achievement, and college acceptance.          brochure [Design and
              STAR scores also influence school funding! Leave a good legacy!!!!!!                       develop one]

              Steady State economics article                                                             Begin Reading and
4/30          Ch. 25 Environmental Politics and Environmental Law                                        outlining ch. 25 Politics,
              Environmental legislation & Environmental Policy                                           environment,
STAR          Video Race to Save the Planet “ It Needs Political Decisions”                             environmental legislation
TESTING       Environmental Impact Reports                                                               Thinking Critically #2&3
              Review Questions 25                                                                        Project Q #2

              AP EXAM Review & Practice tests and practice FRQ’s                                         Turn in eco-friendly business
              Make sure to do your best on the STAR exams, as it figures into TPHS’s API score,
              which colleges consider in terms of academic achievement, and college acceptance.
              STAR scores also influence school funding! Leave a good legacy!!!!!!

5/4           Environmental Legislation Project                                                          Finish reading and
                  Video & Reflection “ Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price”                             outlining ch. 25
              AP EXAM Review & Practice test s and practice FRQ’s
5/6           Test ch. 23, 24,25 Sustainable cities and growth, Environmental economics, and             Turn in packet materials
              Politics and the environment (Environmental Legislation)                                   for ch. 23, 24, 25
                   AP EXAM Review
                   Practice tests and practice FRQ’s                                                    Study for test
              If you miss this test due to taking one of the AP tests, you will need to make this up
              after school……

5/10                 AP EXAM Review
                     Practice tests and practice FRQ’s
                     Strategies and scoring of the exam / Doing problems without calculators.

Tuesday       APES AP EXAM Good Luck and Do Your Best!!! (8:00 am)                                       Get a good night’s
1,3,5 day

5/12          APES AP EXAM Reflections                                                                   AP Exam recovery, eat
              Video Monumental: “David Bower’s Fight For Wild America” or
              National Geographic “Human Footprint”                                                      well, go to sleep, and
              Video Reflection essay                                                                     congratulate yourself for a
                                                                                                         job well done!!!
              Field Studies Permission slip forms and discussion of
              alternative assignments!!!                 Phone 755-0125 ext. 2210                   MR.BODAS          Room 29

              Intertidal Diversity Lab (in class)                                                            Read over mini-guide
                                                                                                             and review website
              Review characteristics and major phylogenetic traits of common tide pool organisms in
                                                                                                             content of pertinent web
                                                                                                             sites related to lab!
                     Video Inter-tidal ecology and marine invertebrates
                     Mini Quiz on marine Invertebrate phyla
              Ch. 26 Environmental Ethics                                                                    Read chapter 26
Progress      Enviro. Science Article “The Ethics and Respect of Nature” (350-359)                           Thinking critically
reports                                                                                                      questions # 2, 4,5
              Video Environmental Ethics and personal case studies (take notes)
              Video Reflection Essay (choose three individuals from the video and write an essay
              addressing their personal sacrifice, motivation, environmental views, etc.)

              Ethical dilemma and the environment activity (Ethics card situation analysis)                  Aritcle Enviro. Science
Late start    Aritcle Enviro. Science”In a time of crisis”                                                   Ambssadors from
                                                                                                             another time”
CAT           Inconvenient Truth DVD clip-->Ethics analysis of Global Environmental Issues
              Make sure you have all your permission slip forms signed                                       1 page summary

5/24          Intertidal Community field Study Meet at Tide Park in Solana                                  Make sure you read over
              Beach.                                                                                         the lab and you know
                                                                                                             what you are supposed to
                     Try to be there early so I can let you out in time to get back to your next period
                                                                                                             do in terms of lab
                      at TPHS.
                     Dress appropriately, your feet will get wet!!!!
                     Quadrat studies in research teams!                                                     If you don’t have the
                                                                                                             handout check the PDF
              Make sure I have all your permission slips, and insurance forms in by today,                   file on line.
              otherwise, you cannot attend the field study, and will be assigned a research paper
              in lieu of participating in inter tidal field studies.

              Class time to work on Shannon Diversity Tidepool /Intertidal lab                               Work on Intertidal
                                                                                                             community study

              Turn in Intertidal community field study lab!!!!!                                              Turn in Intertidal
              Introduction to Chaparral Study (Data collection, group and individual responsibilities,       community field study
              group hypotheses formation, statistical significance, experimental design)                     lab!!!!!

              Read over chaparral and coastal sage scrub community info
              Insects of Coastal Sage-Scrub and Chaparral community Lab

6/2                                                                                                          See online PDF if you do
              Plant Samples and Identification (out in the local canyon, dress appropriately)
                                                                                                             not have the handout!!!!
              Chaparral and coastal sage scrub community info                Phone 755-0125 ext. 2210          MR.BODAS            Room 29

              Chaparral study/ field work Location TBA (Likely area on west side of I-5 near Mango    Read over chaparral
              Drive or potentially in Encinitas) If you do not show up for this you qualify for the   and coastal sage scrub
              alternative assignment research paper!!
                                                                                                      community info.

                                                                                                      Work on chaparral
              Work on chaparral field study in class with your group members                          field study

6/10                                                                                                  Hand in chaparral
              Chaparral field study due (no     late papers!!!!)                                      plant field study.
              Video 11th hour

6/14                                                                                                  Study for final exam
              APES SEMESTER II Final EXAM (multiple choice)

6/15                                                                                                  TURN IN YOUR
              APES Video and refection (Video of choice- from selected environmental videos)
Sinlge                                                                                                TEXTBOOKS!!! Bring
period day    Last day for seniors/senior check out day (make sure I sign your form)                  your book to class!!
              Goodbye and Good Luck!!!
              Have a great summer!!!
6/16 FN
              APES Service Learning Day on Campus for Juniors
Per 1 & 5

              Have a great summer!!!

6/17 FN
              APES Service Learning Day on Campus for Juniors
Per 3 & 4

              Have a great summer!!!

6/18 FN per
              APES Service Learning Day on Campus for Juniors
              Have a great summer!!!       End of Semester