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					                        strategy guide

   GrandTheft Auto:
                 Our full walkthrough will
                 have you kissing the
                 don’s ring in no time

psp/ps2                           words: martin paul
                              Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                    02
 strategy guide

getting started      walkthrough                            100% completion
03   psp controls    04   vincenzo                          16   odd jobs
03   ps2 controls    05   ma cipriani                       17   street races
03   wanted levels   05   jd o’toole                        17   unique stunt jumps
03   basics          06   maria                             19   hidden packages
                     07   salvatore leone                   22   rampages
                     10   church confessionals              22   completion checklist
                     10   donald love
                     12   leon mcaffrey
                                                            cheat codes
                                                            23   codes
                     13   toshiko kasen
                     14   final mission
                     14   extra missions: portland
                     16   extra missions: staunton island
                     16   extra missions: shoreside vale

                                                              Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                                               03
  strategy guide

                                                                                                                                                                      getting started
GETTING STARTED                                           FIRST-PERSON VIEW                                            BASICS

                                                          X . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sniper zoom out            WASTED
PSP CONTROLS                                              Square . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Zoom in           If Tony is killed at anytime during
                                                          O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fire   a Mission or dies just out of plain
Left analog stick: . . . Move character                   Left analog. . . . . . . . Aim/Move scope                    stupidity (i.e. falling into the ocean
L shoulder: . . Center camera / Move                                                                                   and drowning, car explosion, etc.), he
camera / Toggle aim                                       WANTED LEVELS                                                is “WASTED” and then taken to the
R shoulder: . . . . . . . . . . Aim weapon                                                                             nearby hospital. All his weapons and
Square:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jump       If Tony causes too much trouble                              $1000 are taken from him before he
Triangle: . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enter vehicle         at any given time, he will receive a                         is released from the hospital. Note: if

                                                                                                                                                                   controls • wanted levels • basics
Circle: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fire weapon           Wanted Level star. Each star received                        Tony’s health is low, he can replenish
X: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Action button    increases the number of police (or                           it by using the age-old “Hooker Trick.”
Start:. . . . . . . . . . Stats/Options menu              even FBI and Army) that will chase                           Pick up a hooker in the Red Light
D-pad up/down: . . . . . . . . . Free aim                 after him.                                                   District, drive into a private alley, and
(First-person view)                                                                                                    let the magic happen.
D-pad left/right: . . Change weapons                      ONE STAR
and clothing (in safe house)                              Any policeman in the area will chase                         BUSTED
                                                          after Tony.                                                  If Tony is caught by police, he is
PSP VEHICLE CONTROLS                                                                                                   “BUSTED” and taken to the nearby
                                                          TWO STARS                                                    Police Station. His weapons and
Left analog stick: . . . Control vehicle                  More policemen will come after Tony.                         $1000 are taken from him and then is
L shoulder: . . . . Toggle camera view                                                                                 released.
(for drive-by only)                                       THREE STARS
R shoulder: . . . . . . . . . . . .Handbrake              The Police and a Police chopper will                         HEART PICK-UP
Square:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Reverse        take chase.                                                  This is a heart icon found mostly in
Triangle: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Exit vehicle                                                                     front of the hospitals. When running
Circle: . . . . . . . Fire weapon (drive-by)              FOUR STARS                                                   low on health, grab one of these to
X: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Accelerate   The Police Chopper begins deploying                          replenish your HP to 100%.
D-pad up: . . . . .Vehicle mission on/off                 troops.
D-pad down: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Horn                                                                         ARMOR PICK-UP
D-pad left/right: . . . . . . Toggle radio                FIVE STARS                                                   Bulletproof vest icons are secretly
                                                          The FBI comes in after Tony.                                 scattered in each city. Each pick-up
PS2 CONTROLS                                                                                                           gives Tony 100% Armor.
                                                          SIX STARS
X . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sprint/Skip     The Army is deployed.                                        POLICE BRIBE PICK-UP
O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Attack/Fire                                                                 This is a six-starred icon that takes
Triangle . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enter vehicle          REDUCE YOUR WANTED LEVEL                                     away one Wanted Star from your
Square . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jump       There are three simple ways to fooling                       current Wanted Level, which takes
L1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pick up object      the authorities and reducing your                            some of the heat off of you.
L2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cycle weapons          wanted level.
R1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Target                                                                WEAPON PICK-UP
R2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cycle weapons          Change Clothing                                              In certain areas of the game specific
R3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Look behind       If Tony has a two-star (or lower)                            weapons are hidden in hard to reach
L3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Free aim     Wanted Level, go to the safe house                           areas. Usually, weapons are available
Left analog stick . . . . . . . . . . . . Move            and change clothes to automatically                          for pick-up if a civilian or authority
Right analog stick . . . . Move Camera                    lose the heat.                                               figure is “accidentally” killed. Some
Select . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Camera mode                                                                         weapons are simply placed in a
Start . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pause     Pay-N-Spray                                                  specific location.
                                                          Take your vehicle (no matter how
PS2 VEHICLE CONTROLS                                      damaged it is) to the Pay-N-Spray and                        ADRENALINE PICK-UP
                                                          get it repaired and repainted. After                         This is a pill icon that serves to pump
X . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Accelerate    the re-touching of the vehicle, stay                         up your strength. When taking the
O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Attack/Fire    in the garage until the Wanted Level                         adrenaline pill, time slows down and all
Triangle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Exit vehicle         disappears. Each re-spray is $100 if                         punches will send the victim flying high
Square . . . . . . . . . . . . Brake/Reverse              the vehicle is damaged or free if the                        in the air. This will give you a huge
L1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cycle radio     vehicle is not damaged.                                      advantage in tough missions.
L2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Look left
R1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hand brake       Collect Bribes
R2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Look right     Scattered in various areas of the game
R3 . . . . . . . . . Activate special mission             are police bribe icons. Each icon
L3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Horn   decreases your Wanted Level by one
L2+R2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Look behind          star, so learn where they are to lose
                                                          the heat.

                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                               04
 strategy guide

For this walkthrough, missions
are listed per contact. Instead of
separating the missions out by island,
all missions will be listed in their
entirety for each contact. Unlockables
are listed with each mission, where


Objective: Drive Vincenzo Around
Unlockable: Completing this
mission unlocks the Leone costume

   The mission is simple. You have to
drive Vincenzo to certain parts of the
city as he requests. After you drop him
off at Atlantic Quays, the mission is
complete.                                  SMASH AND GRAB ($1000)
                                           Objective: Pick Up the Boys Before
SLACKER ($100)                             They Get Killed
Objective: Pick-Up the Dealer
                                              Grab a four-wheel car (either a
   Grab any nearby vehicle and drive       Taxi or Mafia Sentinel) and then drive
over to the Saint Marks area. Follow       over to the gas station. Haul ass into
the map to the yellow blip to find the      the barricade and then drive up to the
dealer. Park the car in the marker         boys and let them in the car. Be careful
and then watch the cutscene. After         NOT to run into the gas pumps or they
the cutscene, drive the dealer to          will explode. Haul ass out of there and
his contact past Chinatown and the         make for the Pay- N-Spray to lose the      down to the large ship at the Docks.
mission is complete.                       heat. Once that’s done, drive them         Walk up the ramp to the yellow marker
                                           back to their hideout to complete the      and enter the ship. When you enter
DEALING REVENGE: ($500)                    mission.                                   the room, head down the walkway and
Objective: Kill Three Dealers                                                         then make a right turn before heading
                                           HOT WHEELS ($93)                           down the stairs. You’ll find a bulletproof
   Drive over to the blip in Chinatown     Objective: Take the Car and Destroy It     vest and a powerful Colt Python. Head
to find the first dealer. Instead of using                                              down the stairs and into the bottom
a melee weapon, equip a firearm and            Head over to Atlantic Quays             deck to start the masquerade.
blow the dealer away. From there, get      and pick up the Banshee with the
in your vehicle and just run over the      merchandise in the back. Once you          The camera angle changes to a bird’s
remaining two to complete the mission.     enter the car, your Wanted Rating          eye view and Tony will be chased by
                                           increases to three stars. Haul ass         multiple chainsaw wielding wise-guys.
SNUFF ($500)                               out of the area and zoom over to the       The point of this level is to kill every
Objective: Kill the Target                 Pay-N-Spray. Once that’s done, drive       single wise-guy with the Colt Python
Unlockable: Completing this mission        to Saint Marks and then bring the car      before they kill you. The trick here is
opens up JD O’Toole’s first batch of        to the crusher in Harwood to complete      to keep running around the area until
missions                                   the mission.                               Tony is a good distance away from the
                                                                                      baddies. When the distance is large
   Drive to the construction site at       THE PORTLAND CHAINSAW                      enough, turn around and shoot one
Hepburn Heights. Exit the car and          MASQUERADE ($3000)                         or two Python bullets at the wise-
shoot the first two guys in front of the    Objective:Kill Vincenzo Before He          guys and then repeat the process. To
building. Run into the construction area   Kills You                                  avoid getting tired, tap the X Button
and take out the remaining men and         Unlockables: Completing this mission       repeatedly. This will make Tony run
then run for your target. Even though      unlocks the Overalls outfit and opens       around the area without slowing down.
he takes cover next to a car, he doesn’t   up Slash TV                                After all the chainsaw guys are dead,
actually get in so run up to him and                                                  Vincenzo walks in with an automatic
snuff him out to complete the mission.        This mission does not open up until     weapon at the ready.
                                           Tony finishes all the missions for Ma
                                           Cipriani. Buy lots of ammo for the Tec-    Boss Battle: Vincenzo
                                           9 from Ammu-Nation and then drive          After the cutscene, equip the Tec-9

                                            Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                                   05
 strategy guide

(or any automatic you’ve got) and start   After defeating Sucho, whack him to       are toast, the mission is complete.
wailing on Vincenzo. Simply target him    complete the mission.                     After this mission, Ma’s hitmen will still
and then keep firing until he expires.                                               pursue you from time to time if you
Mission complete.                         DEAD MEAT ($500)                          are in the Portland area. A pop-up will
                                          Objective: Give Your Ma Some...Meat       appear when a hitman is nearby. It’s
MA CIPRIANI                                                                         up to you to take care of him or ignore
                                             Drive over to Casa’s Deli and pick     him. After Tony becomes a made man,
SNAPPY DRESSER ($100)                     him up. Drop him off at the saw mill in   Ma will call off the hits.
Objective: Take a Photo of Giovanni       Atlantic Quays and watch the cutscene.
Casa                                      After the cutscene, chase after Casa      JD O’TOOLE
                                          and waste him. Now enter the car and

                                                                                                                                     ma cipriani • jd o’toole
   After the cutscene, head to the safe   haul ass outta there. Drive to the Pay-   Whenever taking missions from JD,
house and pick up the camera. Drive       N-Spray and then back to Ma’s house       you must change your clothes to
over to the deli and wait for Casa to     to deliver her the goods. Eeew.           regular street clothes or JD will not
drive off. Tail him as he picks up some                                             give you the mission details.
ladies and then drives to his secret      NO SON OF MINE (NO REWARD)
area just past Callahan Point. After      Objective: Protect Yourself From Ma’s     BONE VOYEUR ($500)
the vile cutscene, exit the vehicle and   Mafia Hit                                  Objective:Pick Up the Money From
stay a good distance away to snap                                                   the Girls
the photo. Take 2-3 good pics and            We recommend having lots of M4
Casa will get spooked and drive off.      and Tec-9 ammo for this mission.              After the cutscene, get in a vehicle
Regardless, take the pictures back to     After the cutscene, equip yourself with   and start looking for the girls walking
Ma to complete the mission.               your heaviest firepower and watch          the beat in the Red Light District. Stay
                                          for the first wave of hitmen. When         in the Red Light district. If a girl tells you
BIG RUMBLE IN LITTLE CHINA                they appear, start shooting at them       about her money being stolen, chase
(NO REWARD)                               while strafing from left to right. Never   after the idiot and then run him down to
Objective: Whack a Couple of Triad        stay still. Three waves of hitmen will    take the money back. Keep collecting
Wise-Guys                                 descend to your area, so be smart.        money until you reach the amount
                                          After killing each hitman, run up and     needed to complete the mission.
    Grab a vehicle and start chasing      grab his weapons to replenish your
after the bulletproof van (sorry, no      supply of ammo. Once all the hitmen
drive-bys). Keep ramming it until
it explodes. If you need to change
vehicles while trying to explode that
van, do it. Once the van is toast, head   WHENEVER TAKING
into the Chinatown market and whack
the remaining Triad members to            MISSIONS FROM JD, YOU
                                          MUST CHANGE INTO
complete the mission.

Objective: Win the Race

   You can win this race using the
                                          YOUR STREET CLOTHES
Mafia Sentinel or Banshee (if you can
find it). Use the radar wisely to see
your next marker in the checkpoint
race. You’re better off focusing on
the checkpoints, rather than trying
to ram your opposition off the road.
Halfway through the race, you should
be in first place. If not, then use the
radar to catch up. Just follow the
path and the win should come easily.

                                               Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                                06
 strategy guide

                                                                                         weapon,) equip an automatic rifle and
                                                                                         go down to the street to take out the
                                                                                         Sindaccos mano a mano. Run around
                                                                                         the area and shoot all the guys that
                                                                                         appear in the street. Stay mobile and
                                                                                         the Sindaccos will fall like ants. When
                                                                                         the cops show up, take them all out to
                                                                                         complete the mission.

                                                                                         CALM BEFORE THE STORM

                                                                                         Objective: Do a Little
                                                                                         Reconnaissance Work

                                                                                            Head over to Salvatore’s place and
                                                                                         get into any vehicle. Tail Massimo
                                                                                         in the chopper as it makes its stops
                                                                                         around specific areas in Portland. The
                                                                                         chopper will stop by Hepburn Heights
                                                                                         and then on a rooftop in Chinatown.
                                                                                         Enter the alley and go up the stairs
                                                                                         to listen in on the conversation. After
DON IN 60 SECONDS ($1000)                   SALVATORE’S SALVATION                        Tony is spotted, take out the Chinese
Objective: Drop Off Salvatore at            ($1500)                                      Triads. Eliminate all the Triads with
His House                                   Objective: Save Salvatore Before He          arrow markers to complete the mission.
                                            Gets Crushed
   Drive the car to the Pay-N-Spray                                                      THE MADE MAN ($1500)
to lose the heat. Now drive back to            Try this mission on a motorcycle for      Objective: Kill JD O’Toole
Salvatore’s place to complete the           faster results. After the cutscene, tail
mission.                                    the vehicle but not too closely. Stay           Pick up Mickey and drive the car with
                                            about a half mile away, just far enough      JD to the crusher in Harwood.When
A VOLATILE SITUATION ($1000)                to see the car make its turns.               the other hitmen arrive, take them out.
Objective: Stop the Game House                                                           After Mickey disposes of JD, drive
From Being Destroyed                        TACTIC #1: Once you reach the area           Mickey to his place and then drive the
                                            with Salvatore, haul ass after the car       car off into the ocean. Either head to
   Buy some heavy firepower and lots         but DO NOT shoot at the trunk of the         the waterfront just past the Red Light
of ammo for it at Ammu-Nation and           car or Salvatore dies. If you are still on   District or the Docks and then speed
then head for the casino building on        the motorcycle, do a drive-by to the         up and jump out of the car before it flies
the radar. Eliminate the first group         side of the car to scare the driver out.     into the ocean. Once the car is in the
of Sindacco losers until a cutscene         Kill them both and then drive the car        ocean, the mission is complete.
occurs. After the cutscene, enter the       back to Salvatore’s mansion.
rigged truck and drive it away from the                                                  MARIA
casino. Get enough speed and then           TACTIC #2: Instead of wasting bullets,
jump out. Once the truck explodes           haul ass to the crusher in Harwood and       SHOP TIL YOU STROP ($100)
away from the casino, the mission is        patiently wait for the car to arrive. Once   Objective: Take Maria Shopping
complete                                    the wise-guys exit the car, immediately
                                            enter the car and haul ass outta there.         Maria pulls a couple of Winona
BLOW UP “DOLLS” ($1500)                     Do NOT waste time trying to kill the         Ryder-ish heists in the shops that you
Objective: Destroy the Sindacco             baddies, just get in the car and get         drive her to. When Maria exits the
Strip Club                                  outta there. Drive back to Salvatore’s       shop, haul ass to the Pay-N-Spray
Unlockables: Completing this mission        mansion to complete the mission.             each time. After Maria shoplifts the
reveals a Hidden Package and a USJ.                                                      third store, lose the Wanted Level and
                                            THE GUNS OF LEONE ($3000)                    then make the dash for her apartment
    Grab a Sindacco Argento and drive it    Objective: Snipe the Sindaccos               to complete the mission.
to 8-Ball’s shop in Harwood to fit it with
a bomb. After that, drive the car to the       This mission does not necessarily         TAKEN FOR A RIDE ($500)
club entrance. The Sindacco boys will       give you too many options. Drive             Objective: Take Maria to a Dealer
question who you are but will let you in    over to the alley in the Red Light
(if you took the Sindacco car.) Park the    District and go up the stairs to the            Use a motorcycle for this mission.
car in the yellow marker and get out.       roof. Collect the sniper rifle and then       Take Maria to the dealer on the radar
Run like hell away from the club (and       enter the marker. Snipe the Sindaccos        and then wait for her as she enters the
the whizzing bullets). Detonate the car     from above. Or, instead of sniping           dealer’s car. When the dealer drives
to complete the mission.                    the Sindaccos from above (the PSP            off, chase after him and start blasting
                                            controls are REALLY wonky with this          the car with some Tec-9 power until

                                              Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                                07
 strategy guide

they stop. Eliminate the dealers and
then get Maria back to her apartment
to complete the mission.

Objective: Win the Race
Unlockable: Completing this mission
opens up the bike races for each

   You’ll partake in a Sanchez race,

                                                                                                                                    salvatore leone
so be a cheater and find a PCJ-600
instead. Head to the starting line and
get your racing skills ready. Complete
the race in first place to complete
the mission.

BIKER HEAT ($1500)
Objective:Kill Wayne

   Head over to Chinatown and find
Wayne. Make sure to have lots of
Tec-9 ammo before getting on with           the entire game. We will detail all his    ROLLERCOASTER RIDE ($1000)
this mission. After the cutscene, chase     missions under this listing.               Objective: Scare Union Chief Hopper
after Wayne and gun him down using                                                     Location: Portland
drive-bys. Do not try to kill the other     THE OFFER ($500)                           Unlockable: Completing this mission
bikers trying to slow you down. Focus       Objective: Make an Offer They              unlocks the Chauffeur costume
on getting to Wayne or you will lose        Can’t Refuse
sight of him. Once Wayne is down and        Location: Portland                            Go to Head Radio in the Harwood
out, the mission is complete.                                                          area and take out the limo driver to
                                               Take a vehicle and drive on down        steal his uniform. Now get in the car
OVERDOSE OF TROUBLE                         to the yellow blip near Harwood. Drive     and wait for the union chief to leave
(NO REWARD)                                 the vehicle into the yellow marker and     the building. Do this BEFORE the
Objective: Get Maria Her Zap                get out. After a scuffle with the local     time limit or she will freak out and the
Unlockable: Completing this mission         union boys, get the hell outta there.      mission is failed. If you made the time
unlocks the Goodfellas costume              Haul ass and just run out of there to      limit, she’ll enter the car. It’s time for
                                            complete the mission.                      some fast and furious driving.
   Wait for Maria to enter the car and
then drive to Callahan Point. After that,   HO SELECTA ($500)                          Just like the “Fender Ketchup” mission
take her to Hepburn Heights, then her       Objective: Pick Up Some Hookers            in GTA: San Andreas, drive around
apartment, and then to Salvatore’s          Location: Portland                         like a madman. Do stunt jumps, 180
mansion. In between areas, lose the                                                    degree turns, crash into things, and all
biker gang and the heat by heading            Grab the Mafia Sentinel (or a Taxi)       that stuff. Her scare-meter should go
to the Pay-N-Spray. Once you reach          and start picking up girls. Kill off the   up really fast so this shouldn’t be too
Salvatore’s mansion, the mission is         guys that they are with to get them into   hard. After she caves in, head to the
complete.                                   your car. Drop them off at the Portland    Pay-N-Spray and then drop her off to
                                            Docks and then find the rest nearby         complete the mission.
SALVATORE LEONE                             and drop them off to complete the
                                            mission.                                   CONTRA-BANNED ($100)
Nearly 70% of all the main missions                                                    Objective: Make a Deal
for Tony are from Salvatore. And all of     FRIGHTENERS ($1000)                        Location: Portland
Salvatore’s missions span throughout        Objective: Beat Up Some Union Guys
all three islands over the course of        Location: Portland                            Grab the Mafia Sentinel and pick up
                                            Unlockables: Completing this mission       the boys located on the radar. Drive on
                                            unlocks the Avenging Angels outfit and      down to the Docks and meet up with
                                            the Avenging Angels missions               the dealer. After the cutscene, enter
                                                                                       the Patriot and haul ass to the Pay-
                                               Drive to the three areas indicated      N-Spray. Once your Wanted Level is
                                            in the map and beat the crap out of        gone, drop off the vehicle indicated on
                                            the union bosses to scare them. You        the radar to complete the mission.
                                            can also kill one of them to make the
                                            mission easier. Getting all three will     SINDACCO SABOTAGE ($1500)
                                            complete the mission.                      Objective: Kill the Diablos
                                                                                       Location: Portland

                                              Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                              08
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                  salvatore leone
   Grab an automatic from Ammu-             time to collect the loads of money          in several ways but we will tell you
Nation and get lots of ammo. Head           scattered around the burning building.      the best one. First, get some heavy
over to the Red Light District and start    DO NOT run around. Stay safe from           firepower and lots of ammo. The
blasting any of the Diablos that appear     the flames and collect every pile of         Mayor is located in the center of
on the street. Just like the turf wars in   cash before the timer runs out. Once all    Belleville Park jogging, so put on your
San Andreas, you will encounter three       the dough is collected, haul ass outta      running shoes. Drive towards the
waves of Diablos. When you finish            the area and drive back to Salvatore’s      center of the park and then whack the
each wave, be smart and grab the            place to complete the mission.              Mayor. Grab his phone and then RUN
weapons they drop to replenish your                                                     outta the park. As soon as the Mayor
supply. Kill all three waves to complete    DRIVING MR. LEONE ($4000)                   is shot, you won’t have enough time
the mission.                                Objective: Drive Salvatore to               to get in your vehicle because of the
                                            Staunton Island                             constant gunfire. So run to the street,
THE TROUBLE WITH TRIADS                     Location: Portland                          grab a car, and then haul ass to the
($1500)                                                                                 safe house to complete the mission.
Objective: Collect the Money                   Salvatore tells you to take him to the
Location: Portland                          ferry docks. As soon as you enter the       MAKING TONY ($2000)
                                            docks, the police chase after you. To       Objective: Become a Made Man
   Head to the warehouse in Atlantic        the left of the dock entrance is a dirt     Location: Staunton Island
Quays and watch the cutscene. After         road shortcut. Immediately make the         Unlockable: Completing this mission
the warehouse is destroyed, take the        turn there and weave your way to the        unlocks the Antonio costume
                                            Callahan Bridge. Make the jump to the
                                            other side of the bridge and then drive        After finding the note, enter the car
                                            to the safe house in Fort Staunton to       with Mickey and drive to the location
                                            complete the mission.                       of the ceremony. Congrats, you’re now
                                                                                        a made man. After this mission, Ma
                                            A WALK IN THE PARK ($1500)                  Cipriani calls off the hitmen that are
                                            Objective: Kill the Mayor                   after you in Portland.
                                            Location: Staunton Island
                                            Unlockable: Completing this mission         CAUGHT IN THE ACT ($2000)
                                            unlocks the Sweats costume                  Objective: Make the Mayor’s
                                              You can complete this mission             Assistant Talk

                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                                 09
 strategy guide

Location: Staunton Island                  timer expires. Once all the men are         to kill all the Forelli marks indicated on
Unlockable: Completing this mission        dead, the mission is complete.              the radar. Smash into the Forelli cars
opens up McAffrey’s missions                                                           and then take them out with a heavy
                                           SHOOT THE MESSENGER                         weapon. Don’t rely too much on the
   Drive to Bedford Point to start the     ($3000)                                     Hoods for help and focus on wasting
mission. Get your FPS aiming ready         Objective: Kill the Forelli Snitch          the Forelli marks. Once all the Forellis
because this mission will be a hard        Location: Staunton Island                   are down, the mission is complete.
one. With the AK-47 in hand, shoot all     Unlockable: Completing this mission
the bad guys that are waiting on the       unlocks the Wise Guy costume                DEAD RECKONING ($3000)
rocks and on the docks. Shoot at red                                                   Objective: Kill Paulie Sindacco
barrels whenever possible and keep             Head for the dock at Bedford Point      Location: Shoreside Vale

                                                                                                                                    salvatore leone
firing. The last part of the mission        and enter the boat. Locate the other
involves a helicopter. Shooting down       Forelli boat on the radar and then             Take the drive down to the
the chopper ends this part of the          chase after him. If you’re lucky, you       Cochrane Dam (where the final
mission. Once the assistant tells you      can destroy the boat with constant          mission of GTAIII took place). Once
the details, the mission is complete.      drive-by fire before it makes it to the      there, kill the baddies in your way and
                                           dock in Aspatria. Speed up next to          grab the rocket launcher next to the
SEARCH AND RESCUE ($2000)                  it and start shooting non-stop until a      Sanchez. Enter the Sanchez and race
Objective: Rescue Salvatore                cinematic show the boat’s explosion. If     past the speedboat. Instead of trying
Location: Staunton Island                  you were unfortunate enough to miss         to catch up with it, get ahead of it and
                                           the boat, get the snitch when he docks.     look for a rocky jetty. Exit the Sanchez
   Pick up the bulletproof limo in         When he exits the boat, quickly exit        and fire the rocket when the speedboat
the Newport carpark and then drive         your boat and shoot him down. If he         gets close. All it takes is one good shot
down to Fort Staunton. Park it in the      escapes, chase after him and then gun       to complete the mission.
marker and then get out. Waste all         him down using drive-bys. Once the
the Sindaccos in the way and look for      snitch is dead, the mission is complete.    SHOGUN SHOWDOWN ($3000)
Salvatore. Waste the men guarding                                                      Objective: Steal the Rhino
him and then get him into the limo.        ROUGH JUSTICE ($2500)                       Location: Shoreside Vale
Drive Salvatore back to the garage         Objective: Put a Hit on the Forellis
next to your safe house to complete        Location: Shoreside Vale                       Grab a Yakuza Stinger and drive
the mission.                               Unlockable: Completing this mission         down to Aspatria. With the Stinger,
                                           unlocks the Lawyer outfit                    you can gain access to the compound
TAKING THE PEACE ($2500)                                                               without resorting to too much
Objective: Control the Sindacco Car           You cannot enter the police station      bloodshed. Drive the car inside and
Location: Staunton Island                  until Tony changes his clothing. Drive      then park next to the Rhino. Enter the
                                           over to the clothing shop near Fort         Rhino within the compound and then
  Similar to the RC missions, enter        Staunton to change into some good-          haul ass to 8-Ball’s shop and rig it with
the van near the hospital to start he      looking attire and then head back to the    a bomb. Exit the Rhino and detonate it
mission. Take control of Paulie’s car      police station and watch the cutscene.      to complete the mission. We suggest
and drive it recklessly into the Forelli   After the cutscene, head over to            rigging the Rhino and then parking it
meeting. Run over all the Forelli and      Shoreside Vale and pick up a few hood       in your safe house garage. Close the
Sindacco guys before the 5-minute          gangstas for the Forelli hit. The goal is   garage doors and then detonate it.
                                                                                       You’ll see why when you do it.

                                                                                       THE SHORESIDE REDEMPTION
                                                                                       Objective: Protect Salvatore’s Van
                                                                                       Location: Shoreside Vale

                                                                                          Enter a police car and then wait at
                                                                                       the marker outside the police station.
                                                                                       Follow the Securi-car as it heads to the
                                                                                       courthouse. After the ambush, protect
                                                                                       the van from the Sicilian mobsters. Use
                                                                                       drive-bys on their cars while staying
                                                                                       behind the van. When Tony is given
                                                                                       the word, bust through the Sicilian
                                                                                       blockade. Bust up two more barricades
                                                                                       and keep the van from getting
                                                                                       damaged. Once the van makes it to the
                                                                                       courthouse, the mission is complete
                                                                                       and Salvatore will give you the final
                                                                                       mission, “The Sicilian Gambit.”

                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                              010
 strategy guide

                                                                                      truck will complete the mission.

                                                                                      FALSE IDOLS ($1500)
                                                                                      Objective: Kill Three Celebrities

                                                                                         The goal is to kill each celebrity
                                                                                      before they reach the radio station.
                                                                                      Head to Phil’s place and get a rocket
                                                                                      launcher for easy access.

                                                                                      Black Lightman: Enter a motorcycle

                                                                                                                                 church confessionals • donald love
                                                                                      and head for his area. When his limo
                                                                                      pulls out, start blasting it with the
                                                                                      drive-by and blow it up.

                                                                                      DB-P: DB uses a bulletproof Patriot,
                                                                                      so you’ll need some heavy firepower.
                                                                                      Use the rocket launcher and blow his
                                                                                      vehicle into dust.

                                                                                      Faith W: Find Faith’s helicopter on
                                                                                      the radar and target it with the rocket

THE MANY SKELETONS IN                                                                 launcher.

DONALD LOVE’S CLOSET                                                                  Once all three are dead, go to the
                                                                                      church to complete the mission.

ARE REVEALED AS YOU                                                                   DONALD LOVE

PASS HIS MISSIONS                                                                     In Vice City, Donald had nothing
                                                                                      to do. In GTAIII, Donald had a ton
                                                                                      of skeletons in the closet that were
                                                                                      never revealed. In this game, you will
CHURCH                                     at the same time, and that’s not a good    (finally) see what the skeletons in the
CONFESSIONALS                              thing. Get as far as possible and then     closet are all about. Like Salvatore,
                                           start blasting all of them until the man   Donald’s missions span from Staunton
The Church Confessional missions           with the briefcase also keels over. Pick   to Shoreside Vale. Locations are noted
do not open up until you’ve completed      up his briefcase, lose the heat, and       with the mission objective.
Donald Love’s first mission.                drop off the briefcase to the Liberty
                                           Tree to complete the mission.              THE MORGUE PARTY CANDIDATE
L.C. CONFIDENTIAL ($1500)                                                             ($1000)
Objective: Kill the Informant              Mission Tip: We suggest doing this         Objective: Steal a Hearse
                                           mission after Phil Cassidy’s shop          Location: Staunton Island
   Drive on down to the Newport            opens for business. Purchase a rocket
overpass and grab the nearest FBI          launcher and then shoot a rocket at           Follow the blip on the map to find
vehicle and drive it to meet with your     the helicopter and the other wise-guys     the hearse. Ram it until the driver runs
contact. Do it discreetly so that you      to make the mission a breeze.              off scared. Now enter the hearse and
don’t get tagged by the heat. When he                                                 clean it up at the Pay-N-Spray. Drive it
exits your vehicle, quickly get out and    KARMAGEDDON ($1500)                        to Love Media garage to complete the
gun him down before he enters the          Objective: Cause Mayhem                    mission.
other car. Once that’s done, collect the
stuff he was carrying and then haul            It’s destruction derby time. Grab      STEERING THE VOTE ($1500)
ass to the Liberty Tree to complete the    the fire truck indicated on the map and     Objective: Drive the Campaign Van
mission.                                   start driving it around like a madman.     Location: Staunton Island
                                           Smash into everything you see and
THE PASSION OF THE HEIST                   running over everyone in the way.             You need to collect five area
($1500)                                    Keep causing destruction until the         checkpoints to pass the mission.
Objective: Steal the Briefcase             meter on the right fills up. But you also   Scattered in various areas of the map
                                           need to destroy the fire truck itself       are yellow markers. Drive to each one
   Get lots of heavy firepower and lots     before the timer runs out. Simply drive    as fast as you can to get the message
of ammo for it. Head on down to the        off a bridge or ledge and have it land     out through the speakers. Another
Dock area past the hospital but DO         upside down to blow it up (or go to the    opposing van is also doing the same
NOT head in carelessly. The men in         8-Ball shop next to the Pay-N-Spray.)      thing as you are and collecting the
this area carry AK-47’s and they all fire   Filling the meter and blowing up the       same checkpoints. Keep collecting

                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                               011
 strategy guide

checkpoints until you reach five to        they turn black (to confirm they’ve            man, immediately shoot the mystery
complete the mission.                     been destroyed). Once that’s done,            man and collect the ballots he drops.
                                          chase after the remaining vans with           Follow the van two more times (be
CAM-PAIN ($1500)                          your motorcycle and do frontal drive-         quick when whacking the mystery men
Objective: Kill the Opposing Party        bys. Destroy the vans to complete             or you lose the van,) and collect the
Location: Staunton Island                 the mission.                                  ballots to complete the mission.

   Follow the blips on the map to find     LOVE AND BULLETS ($2000)                      LOVE ON THE ROCKS (NO
the election campaigners. The nearest     Objective: Protect Donald Love                REWARD)
one is in the Trans-Am building just      Location: Staunton Island                     Objective: Get the Van with the
southwest of the Love Media building.                                                   Evidence

                                                                                                                                  donald love
Head up the stairs and then blast the        Just like the Salvatore mission, you       Location: Staunton Island
ones with the red arrows (and blast the   are told to snipe the Forelli’s that try to
ones guarding them, too). Get back        destroy the limo. Our suggestion is to           This mission requires lots of
into the car and eliminate the second     NOT snipe them. When the ambush               patience and lots of ammo. Meet up
set at City Hall. Then find the last set   starts, get out of the car, equip an          with the contact in Newport and he’ll
of election campaigners at the Liberty    automatic, and start blasting all the         tell you the details. Now drive on down
City University and whack them to         Forelli’s that are surrounding the            to the docks and start blasting all the
complete the mission.                     vehicle. Keep firing until they all fall.      guards you see. Keep strafing and
                                          Once they’re all down, the mission is         taking cover while running deeper
FRIGGIN THE RIGGIN’ ($1500)               complete.                                     into the compound. Once you see the
Objective: Destroy All the Presses                                                      van with the blue arrow, enter it and
Location: Staunton Island                 COUNTERFEIT COUNT ($2500)                     haul ass to the Pay-N-Spray. Once
                                          Objective: Collect the Counterfeit            you drive the van to the Love Media
   Your best bet is to do this mission    Ballots                                       building, the mission is complete.
on a motorcycle. Drive to Phil’s shop     Location: Staunton Island
and get the flamethrower. Now drive                                                      THE PANLANTIC LAND GRAB
to the printing press building. Head         Use a motorcycle for this mission.         ($3000)
into the printing press area and start    Follow the ballot van closely until           Objective: Kill Avery Carrington and
torching the pallets and machines.        it makes its stop. When the driver            Get the Briefcase
Torch the pallets and machines until      exchanges the ballots with the mystery        Location: Shoreside Vale

                                               Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                                   012
 strategy guide

                                                                                        LEON MCAFFREY
                                                                                        SAYONARA SINDACCOS ($1500)
                                                                                        Objective: Wipe Out the Sindaccos

                                                                                           Speak to McAffrey and then enter
                                                                                        the vehicle. When he stops, exit and
                                                                                        start blasting all the Sindacco guys in
                                                                                        the area and then head for
                                                                                        McAffrey’s car.

                                                                                        Now he’ll drive around while you take

                                                                                                                                        leon mcaffrey
                                                                                        aim at the approaching Sindacco guys
                                                                                        on bikes and cars. Eliminate everyone
                                                                                        you can until McAffrey reaches his
                                                                                        destination. Destroy the helicopter at
                                                                                        the end of the path and the mission is

                                                                                        THE WHOLE NINE YARDIES
                                                                                        Objective: Lure the Forellis

It’s Avery from Vice City. Make your        NO MONEY, MO’ PROBLEMS                         Grab a bike and head to the Forelli
way to the Airport and wait for Avery       (NO REWARD)                                 area in Newport. When you reach
to arrive. Once he takes off in his car,    Objective: Meet with 8-Ball                 the area, jack the bike that one of the
ram him off the road. Do drive-bys to       Location: Shoreside Vale                    Forellis is using and then let them
sweeten the deal until he stops and                                                     chase after you. Take the road where
runs out. Kill Avery when he exits the         You will not receive 8-Ball’s call for   you took the bike and go straight.
car and then grab the briefcase to          this mission until you finish Toshiko’s
complete the mission.                       missions. Go to 8-Ball’s place and          Lure the Forelli bikers into the
                                            meet up with him. He’ll tell you about      Yardie trap. Help out the Yardies in
STOP THE PRESS ($2000)                      the weapon he’s concocting and tells        eliminating the Forelli bikers and the
Objective: Kill Ned Burner                  you come back later with $20,000            mission is complete.
Location: Shoreside Vale                    (after he calls you). Mission completed.
                                                                                        CRAZY “69” ($2000)
    You will not receive this mission       BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE                     Objective: Kill 20 Forellis with a
from Donald until you finish all the         (NO REWARD)                                 Katana
Church Confessional missions. Head          Objective: Plant the Explosives             Unlockable: Completing this mission
on down to the church confessional          Location: Shoreside Vale                    unlocks the Yellow Dragon costume at
and beat the living crap out of Ned                                                     all safe houses
Burner. When he divulges the info you          This is a pretty difficult mission that
need, take him with you to the place he     requires you to drive a very fragile           Head into Belleville Park and start
tells you. After you make it to the area,   van. Follow the checkpoints and             slashing at those Forelli’s. Use the
Ned will take off in a Faggio. Grab the     plant all the bombs in their required       run and gun method by slashing while
nearest car or bike you’ve got and gun      locations. After placing the last bomb      running. All it takes is one good slash
him down the complete the mission.          and escaping the tunnel, the mission        each to kill these guys. Kill 20 Forellis
                                            is complete.                                and the mission is complete.
($2000)                                     LOVE ON THE RUN ($6000)                     NIGHT OF THE LIVID DREADS
Objective: Get the Dead Bodies              Objective: Get Donald Love to the           ($2000)
Location: Shoreside Vale                    Airport                                     Objective: Help the Yardies
                                            Location: Shoreside Vale
   Get into a motorcycle for this                                                           Drive on down to Newport and start
mission. Haul ass towards the                  This mission is almost identical         blasting the first set of baddies you see
ambulance in Wichita to get Avery’s         to the final mission in GTAIII (it even      in the alley. After killing the first batch, a
body and then bring it to the airport.      takes place at the same mansion). Be        cutscene will occur with an injured Yardie.
After that, head back to Staunton           sure to have lots of M4 ammo before         Waste the remaining wise-guys to trigger
Island and get Ned Burner’s body.           taking this mission. After the cutscene,    the next cutscene. Clear a path for the
Lose the heat that come after you and       run to the back of the mansion and get      Yardies to bring their injured guy to the
deliver Ned’s body to complete the          into the pool. From there, shoot all the    sidewalk. Blast all the Sindaccos until
mission.                                    Colombian guys that emerge until all        the Yardies reach the ambulance. In the
                                            of them are dead. Once that’s done,         corner is a body armor pick up. Once
                                            take Donald to the airport to complete      you enter the marker on the sidewalk, the
                                            the mission.                                mission is complete.

                                            Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                               013
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                 toshiko kasen
MUNITIONS DUMP ($2500)                    with the M4. Either way, waste them           After the cutscene, find Toshiko’s
Objective: Destroy the Ammunitions        all. Once they’re down, grab the rocket    limo around the block and drive it to
Carrier Trucks                            launcher on the dock and blast the         her front door to pick her up. After
                                          speedboat with the red arrow. After        that, head over to the clothing store in
   When the mission starts, use           that, enter the speedboat with the         Torrington to change into a hot-as-hell
constant drive-bys on both of the         blue arrow and deliver the boat to Phil    Tuxedo. Now drive on down to the
trucks. Ignore the other Forelli back-    Cassidy in Aspatria. When you get          Opera House near Liberty Campus
ups and just focus on shooting the        there, the mission is complete.            and get ready for a Forelli ambush.
trucks. OR...if you got the money, go                                                After the cutscene, waste all the Forelli
over to Phil Cassidy’s shop and get       CASH CLASH $3000                           losers before they kill Toshiko. Once
yourself a nice rocket launcher. Once     Objective: Destroy the Vans Before         they’re down, enter the limo and haul
both trucks are destroyed, the mission    They Reach the Casino                      ass to the Pay-N-Spray. Drive Toshiko
is complete.                                                                         back to her place to complete the
                                             Get a motorcycle and some               mission.
TOSHIKO KASEN                             automatic firepower for this mission.
                                          After the mission starts, drive down to    CASH IN KAZUKI’S CHIPS $4000
All of Toshiko’s missions are available   Aspatria and start blasting at the vans    Objective: Kill Kazuki
after you complete the “Shogun            that drive down the road. There are
Showdown” mission for Salvatore.          three vans to dispose of so be quick. If      Pack some serious firepower for
                                          you have a rocket launcher, get ahead      this mission and then head to Kazuki’s
MORE DEADLY THAN THE MALE                 of the vans and try blasting them all in   place in Fort Staunton (it’s the safe
$2000                                     one go. Once all three vans are toast,     house area from GTAIII). After the
Objective: Steal the Arms Shipment        the mission is complete.                   cutscene, start blasting every Yakuza
                                                                                     baddie in the way until Kazuki enters
   Buy a sniper rifle and an M4 for this   A DATE WITH DEATH $2000                    the helicopter. Collect all the weapons
mission. Drive on down to the Docks       Objective: Go on a Date with Toshiko       from the dead Yakuza and haul ass
area and exit the car. You should be      Unlockable: Completing this mission        to the casino. Before reaching the
able to see the Yakuza guys from          unlocks the White Tuxedo costume           casino, exit your vehicle and blast the
above. From there, you can either         Be sure to pack some heavy firepower        waiting Yakuza guys from a distance.
snipe the Yakuza guys one by one or       before taking this mission.                Head for the stairs to the rooftop
go Rambo on them and start blasting                                                  when the coast is clear. Take out the
                                                                                     Yakuza waiting on top and then head
                                                                                     for the heli-pad. Kazuki has two guys

COMPLETE ‘SHOGUN                                                                     protecting him. If you have a firearm
                                                                                     equipped, they will start shooting at

SHOWDOWN’ FOR                                                                        you. Kazuki fights with a katana and
                                                                                     expects you to do the same. If you

                                                                                     want to avoid getting shot, take on
                                                                                     Kazuki mano a mano. If not, quickly
                                                                                     target him and blast him until he

TOSHIKO’S MISSIONS                                                                   expires. Once that’s done, blast the
                                                                                     other two guys and then grab Kazuki’s

                                            Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                             014
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                               final mission • extra missions: portland
sword. Now haul ass back to Toshiko’s     PART 3: CHASE AFTER THE                   and immediately target the chopper.
place to complete the mission.            MAYOR                                     You need to get in many good shots to
                                          If you need to replenish your ammo,       bring it down. Be quick or you will take
FINAL MISSION: THE                        health and armor, do it now. Take         constant gunfire from the chopper.
SICILIAN GAMBIT                           Salvatore to the docks at Newport         Blast three well-aimed rockets at the
                                          and head for the boat. Kill the waiting   chopper to finish the game. Watch
This is a multi-tiered mission that       gunman at the pier and then enter the     the end cutscene and then party like
will take lots of patience and a smart    boat.                                     there’s no tomorrow.
trigger finger. Buy lots of M4 ammo,
rocket launcher ammo, MP5 ammo,           At this point, it becomes FPS shooter     EXTRA MISSSIONS:
and some armor. Your objective is to      time. Take out all the boats until        PORTLAND
take over Liberty City. Completing this   the chopper appears. Shoot down
last mission unlocks the King outfit.      the chopper and then take out the         SLASH TV
                                          remaining boats that chase you until      Just like the Portland Chainsaw
PART 1: DRIVE TO CITY HALL                you reach the light house.                Masquerade mission, the goal is to
Get in the car and drive Salvatore to                                               kill all the chainsaw-wielding baddies
City Hall in Staunton Island. As you      PART 4: REACH THE TOP OF THE              that appear before they kill you. More
head over there, a bunch of Sicilian      LIGHT HOUSE                               baddies will appear in each level.
wise-guys will try to ram you off the     When Salvatore reaches the light-         Complete Level 5 of Slash TV to
road. Ignore them and just zoom over      house, destroy the boat blocking the      unlock the Cook Outfit.
to Staunton Island.                       dock to continue the mission. Get out
                                          your heavy firepower and start blasting    9MM MAYHEM
PART 2: AMBUSH THE SICILIAN               your way to the top of the lighthouse.    There is a Freeway hidden in the alley
AMBUSH                                    There are about 4-5 gunmen that hide      across from the Strip Club in the Red
DO NOT park at the marker in front of     and take fire. Take them out as you        Light District. Enter the Freeway to
the City Hall sidewalk. Instead, park     work your way to the top.                 trigger the mission. Tony will ride in
nearby and then exit the vehicle and                                                the back while a driver controls the
head for the marker on foot. Bust out     PART 5: DESTROY THE                       bike. Shoot all the targets indicated
the M4 and start wasting the mobsters     HELICOPTER                                on the screen as you drive past them.
that try to ambush you. Kill all the      Once you reach the top, a cutscene        Eliminate all of them to complete the
mobsters to trigger a cutscene.           will occur. Equip the rocket launcher     mission.

                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                                015
 strategy guide


                                                                                                                                   extra missions: portland
CAR SALESMAN                               tracks and win first place. Win first place    challenge. There are three colored
You’ve got four cars and four customers    in this race to complete the mission.        coronas to collect in the challenge.
per car. The point of this mission is to                                                Collect as many red ones as you can
take them for a ride and impress them      BUMPS N GRINDS                               and try to beat the highest score.
with what the vehicle can do. When         Just near the ferry docks in Harwood,        When the score is past 20 points, the
the meter reaches maximum, the sale        you will find a dirt ring track. Find         mission is complete after the timer
is made. Take the car to Pay-N-Spray       the Sanchez parked there and enter           runs out.
and then back to the dealership to         it to start the mission. There are 10
close the deal. There are four types       time-trial races to beat (all solo races).   NOODLE PUNK
of cars: fast car, family car, muscle      Beating the time limit for all 10 races      Similar to the pizza delivery mission in
car, and rugged car. For the fast car,     unlocks the Manchez bike.                    Vice City, the goal is to drive around
simply drive around at top speeds to                                                    town delivering noodles to hungry
impress your customer. For the family      RC TRIAD TAKEDOWN                            customers. When driving the scooter,
car, drive around slowly and be a good     Just like the RC challenge in GTA III,       use the drive-by method to toss the
driver. For the muscle car, drive around   simply control the RC and blow up            noodles at the patrons. The number
hitting pedestrians and smashing into      as many Triad members as possible            of deliveries required depends on the
other cars. For the rugged car, take it    before the timer runs out. Once              level number (Level 1 = 1 customer,
up through the nearby mountain (near       the timer runs out, the mission is           Level 2 = 2 customers and so on).
Salvatore’s mansion,) and go crazy with    complete.                                    Make it to Level 10 to increase
the handling. After all four customers                                                  your health.
are satisfied, the level is complete.       SCOOTER SHOOTER
Complete level 6 to unlock the             Just like the 9mm Mayhem challenge,          THRASHIN’ RC
Hellenbach GT and to start generating      your goal is to eliminate all the targets    Enter the white van in the construction
some profits (like in Vice City and San     while you sit in the back of the scooter.    site at Hepburn Heights to start this
Andreas) for the company.                  Eliminate all the targets within the time    challenge. The goal is to outrace
                                           limit to complete the mission.               the other RC cars. Finish the race
WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS                                                                in first place to gain a completion
Head to the El Train tracks station just   SCRAPYARD CHALLENGE                          percentage point.
across from the Head Radio building        Across from the crusher in Harwood is
to find a parked Sanchez. The goal          a Sanchez parked next to the shack.
of this mission is to race down the El     Enter the Sanchez to trigger the

                                              Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                                016
 strategy guide

                                                                                       is to drive the tourist to the destination
                                                                                       they ask, take a picture of them at that
                                                                                       place, and then drive them back to
                                                                                       the airport within the time limit. There
                                                                                       are 12 missions and all missions can
                                                                                       be done non-consecutively. Once
                                                                                       you complete level 12, you unlock a
                                                                                       bulletproof Landstalker next to the safe
                                                                                       house in Shoreside Vale.

                                                                                       100% COMPLETION

                                                                                                                                     extra missions: staunton island, shoreside vale • odd jobs
                                                                                       ODD JOBS

                                                                                       Odd Jobs are also known as R3
                                                                                       Missions (it’s a PS2 term from other
                                                                                       GTA games). Whenever Tony enters
                                                                                       a job-specific vehicle, a pop-up will
                                                                                       appear to remind you that you can
                                                                                       partake in an odd job mission. Press
                                                                                       up on the D-Pad to trigger the mission.
EXTRA MISSIONS:                            Go to Hogs and Cogs in Belleville           All of these missions are necessary
STAUNTON ISLAND                            Park (next to the Fire Station) to start    in obtaining 100% completion. Most
                                           this mission. The goal is the same as       of these missions don’t open up until
GO GO FAGGIO                               the Car Saleman mission. But unlike         completing a specific story mission;
Similar to the checkpoint challenge        the Car Salesman mission, Tony must         however, some missions are open for
in Harwood, go to the loading docks        sell 10 bikes total of each of the same     trial as soon as the game starts.
in Newport (next to Asuka Kasen’s          model in the lot (Faggio, PCJ-600,
condo) and enter the Faggio parked         Freeway, Sanchez). Reach level 10           TAXI
in front of the entrance. Collect all 35   to complete the mission and to start        Enter a taxi and press up on the D-
coronas in the area to complete the        generating profits.                          Pad to trigger the mission. Deliver 100
mission.                                                                               passengers (non-consecutively) to
                                           RAGIN’ RC                                   their destinations and you will unlock
WELL-STACKED PIZZA                         Enter the white van next to the shack       the red Bickle ’76 Taxi at the Borgnine
Similar to the Noodle Punk mission in      in the park in Belleville Park to trigger   Taxi place in Harwood.
Portland, enter the Pizza Boy just near    this challenge. Finish in first place to
the pizza place in Bedford Point. Make     gain a completion percentage point.         AMBULANCE
it to Level 10 to increase your health.                                                Enter an ambulance and press up on
                                           EXTRA MISSIONS:                             the D-Pad to trigger this mission. Your
CAR-AZY CAR GIVEAWAY                       SHORESIDE VALE                              goal is to pick up bleeding civilians
There are 16 cars that you need to                                                     located on the radar and bring them to
deliver to the garage at the Love          AWOL ANGEL                                  the hospital within the time limit. The
Media building. Each car garners           In Wichita Gardens near the GTAIII          number of patients increase with the
lots of cash. Here is the list: Faggio,    save house is a parked Angel bike.          level (Level 1 = 1 passenger, Level 2 =
Hearse, Freeway, Manana, PCJ-              Enter the bike to trigger this mission.     2 passengers, etc.). You need to pick
600, Hellenbach GT, Landstalker,           The goal is to eliminate all the targets    up 76 consecutive passengers (Level
BF Injection, Sentinel, Thunder-           within the time limit. A driver will        12) to complete the mission. Finishing
Rodd, Banshee, Patriot, Phobos VT,         control the bike while Tony does the        this mission unlocks Infinite Run.
Infernus, Deimos SP, and finally, the       shooting. Kill 10 or more targets to
V8 Ghost. Think you can find them all?      pass the mission.                           FIREFIGHTER
                                                                                       Similar to the mechanics introduced
KARMAGEDDON                                CHASIN’ RC                                  in Vice City, you must extinguish the
Similar to the mission of the same         Enter the white van inside Francis          number fires in compliance with the
name, simply cause as much                 International Airport to trigger this       mission level (Level 1 = 1 fire, Level 2
destruction as possible within the time    challenge. Finish the race in first place    = 2 fires and so on). You are required
limit (you do NOT have to destroy          to gain a completion percentage point.      to extinguish both the car fire and
the fire truck). Go to the fire station                                                  burning pedestrian(s) to get to the next
in Belleville Park and enter the fire       SEE THE SIGHT BEFORE YOUR                   level. Extinguish 76 fires (Level 12) to
truck. Raise the destruction meter to      FLIGHT                                      unlock the Fireproof cheat.
max before the timer runs out and the      Across the airport is a set of stairs
mission is complete.                       that lead to the subway. Look for the       VIGILANTE
                                           booth near the fountain and enter the       Enter a Police Cruiser and press up
BIKE SALESMAN                              marker to start this mission. The goal      on the D-Pad to trigger this mission.

                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                            017
 strategy guide

Do drive-bys on the criminals to get       identity) and press up on the D-Pad       Red Light Racing (Bike)
them out of their cars and then whack      to start the mission. The goal is to      Answer the payphone in Chinatown to
them to complete each level. Eliminate     eliminate a large number of baddies       trigger this race.
76 criminals (Level 12) to unlock 150      within the time limit using any vehicle
Armor pickups. We suggest doing the        to get to the next level. There are 15    STAUNTON ISLAND RACES
Vigilante missions after you steal and     levels to complete per island to unlock
save the Rhino during the “Shogun          a slew of prizes: a bulletproof bike      Deimos Dash (Car)
Showdown” mission. It’s easier with        called the Avenger at the Portland safe   Answer the payphone across from
the Rhino than with a Police cruiser.      house, cost-free arrests in Staunton      Aspatria Stadium to trigger this race.
                                           Island, and the super-hero costume in
TRASH DASH                                 Shoreside Vale.                           Torrington TT (Bike)

                                                                                                                                street races • unique stunt jumps
This is more of a checkpoint challenge                                               Answer the payphone just down the
than an actual mission. Enter a            STREET RACES                              street from Donald Love’s building to
Trashmaster and then press up on                                                     trigger this race.
the D-Pad to trigger the challenge.        After completing the third mission for
Collect all the checkpoints to increase    your Ma (“Grease Sucho,”) Tony can        SHORESIDE VALE RACES
your time as you reach the next level.     partake in one car race per island at
Complete the challenge in all three        any time. For bike races, complete        Wi-Cheetah Run (Car)
islands to gain percentage.                Maria’s mission “Booby Prize” to          Answer the payphone at the lower
                                           unlock these races. Remember, you         area of Wichita Gardens to trigger this
AVENGING ANGELS                            only need to win the race ONCE to         race.
After completing the “Frighteners”         earn the completion percentage. Note:
mission, you can access this mission.      No motorcycles are allowed in car         Gangsta GP (Bike)
Equip the Avenging Angels outfit and        races and vice versa.                     Answer the payphone just down from
then head to the location to find the                                                 Pike Creek near the Bridge to Wichita
other Angel members. There are three       PORTLAND RACES                            Gardens to trigger this race.
locations (one for each island) where
you’ll find Angel members: Chinatown,       Low-Rider Rumble (Car)                    UNIQUE STUNT JUMPS
the park in Belleville Park, and Wichita   Answer the payphone just across
Gardens. Walk up to an Angel member        from the building that becomes Joey’s     It is recommended that you complete
(a pop-up will appear to confirm their      garage in GTAIII to trigger this race.    every Unique Stunt Jump using the
                                                                                     PCJ-600. It is probably the only
                                                                                     vehicle that can achieve top speed and

AFTER COMPLETING                                                                     fit in those small ramps. Complete one
                                                                                     Unique Stunt Jump to unlock a special

‘GREASE SUCHO’ FOR                                                                   costume.

                                                                                     PORTLAND JUMPS
MA, YOU CAN PARTAKE IN                                                               Callahan Point

STREET RACES                                                                         The area behind the Rusty Brown’s
                                                                                     donut shop has a mound. Make the
                                                                                     jump through the donut hole and land
                                                                                     on the street for the bonus.

                                                                                     On the street just down from
                                                                                     Chinatown is a boardwalk. In the
                                                                                     grassy area is a large concrete ramp.
                                                                                     Jump the ramp over the train tracks for
                                                                                     the bonus.

                                                                                     Atlantic Quays
                                                                                     Behind Vincenzo’s warehouse is a dirt
                                                                                     mound. Jump the mound and land on
                                                                                     the boardwalk on the other side for the

                                                                                     Portland Harbor
                                                                                     In the Docks area past the Supa
                                                                                     Save look for a bunch of unfinished
                                                                                     warehouses. One of them has a ramp
                                                                                     for a jump. Make the jump and land on
                                                                                     the beach to get the bonus.

                                               Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                               018
 strategy guide

Just down the corner from the Bitchin’
Dog Food factory is a wooden ramp.
Jump across the lot to the street on
the other side to get the bonus.

Next to the tanker ship in the Docks is
a large warehouse with a set of metal
stairs that lead to the roof. Head up
there and then you’ll see the ramp at
the end. Jump the ramp and land in
the parking lot of the building across

                                                                                                                                     unique stunt jumps
the street to get the bonus.

Get on the tanker ship and you’ll see
the ramp in the back of the ship. Make
the jump and land over the fence to
get the bonus.

At the ferry docks, you’ll see a broken
down boat with a ramp. Jump the ramp
and land on the street for the bonus.
                                             STAUNTON ISLAND JUMPS                      is a grassy mound on the side of the
In the Dirt Ring area next to the ferry                                                 highway just near the water. Jump the
dock, you’ll see a large mound that          Fort Staunton                              mound and land over the billboard for
points towards the ferry dock. Make          Just past the dual-split highway in        the bonus.
the jump over the fence of the docks to      Newport, there is hard-to-see grassy
get the bonus.                               mound. Jump the mound over the river       Across from the casino is a grassy
                                             to the street below for the bonus.         mound (just down the street from the
In the same Dirt Ring area, there is a                                                  Love Media building). Make the jump
jump that leads over the train tracks.       Belleville Park                            and land in the casino parking lot for
Make it over the tracks to get the           On the road leading to the closed-         the bonus.
bonus.                                       off bridge (with the Union workers
                                             blocking the way), there will be           SHORESIDE VALE JUMPS
Trenton                                      a wooden ramp just before the
In the upper grassy area between             billboards. Make the jump to the lower     Wichita Gardens
the police station and the hospital is       area underneath for the bonus.             On the street across from the GTAIII
a concrete ramp. Jump the ramp and                                                      save house is a metal ramp. Make the
land in front of the police station to get   Bedford Point                              jump over the overpass for the bonus.
the bonus.                                   There is a grassy mound just before the
                                             entrance to the lower docks in Bedford     Cochrane Dam
Portland View                                Point (where you take the boat from the    Inside the Underground Storage
Across from Marco’s Bistro is the            “Shoot the Messenger” mission). Jump       Company building is a wooden ramp
stairs going to the El train station. Look   and land on the pier for the bonus.        that leads out a window. Jump and
on the grassy area to see a Police           Aspatria                                   land in the grassy area of Cochrane
Bribe Icon in mid-air. Jump the mound        Just across from the Aspatria Stadium,     Dam for the bonus.
towards that icon and land behind the        look for a dirt mound covered by trees.
Supa Save parking lot for the bonus.         Jump to the other side of the street for   Pike Creek
                                             the bonus.                                 Across from the police station is a
Red Light District                                                                      metal ramp. Jump the ramp and land
After the “Blow Up ‘Dolls’” mission,         Torrington                                 on the roof of the station for the bonus.
you’ll unveil a new ramp. Jump towards       In the lower area of the freeway
the construction site to get the bonus.      before heading to the casino, there        Head into the parking lot of Liberty
                                                                                        Pharmaceuticals to see a wooden
                                                                                        ramp. Jump and land on the road at

USE THE PCJ-600 FOR ALL                                                                 the bottom of the area for the bonus.

UNIQUE STUNT JUMPS,                                                                     On the left side of Donald Love’s area
                                                                                        is a wooden ramp on top of a container

                                                                                        trailer. Make the jump and land on the
                                                                                        street near the guard’s booth.

MANEUVERABLE                                                                            Across from the previous jump, you’ll
                                                                                        see a warehouse with a light green-

                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                            019
 strategy guide

                                                                                     PORTLAND BEACH
                                                                                     20. At the top of the large arched
                                                                                     mountain behind Salvatore’s house.
                                                                                     21. At the lighthouse. You need a boat
                                                                                     to get there.

                                                                                     CALLAHAN BRIDGE
                                                                                     22. On top of a metal beam in the
                                                                                     middle of the bridge.
                                                                                     23. Just before Rusty Brown’s Donuts
                                                                                     is a concrete ramp on the grassy area

                                                                                                                                hidden packages
                                                                                     under the bridge. Use a stunt jump to
                                                                                     land on the metal beam above.

                                                                                     PORTLAND HARBOR
                                                                                     24. On top of a construction site
                                                                                     building near Portland Beach. Use the
                                                                                     nearby ramp near the Supa Save and
                                                                                     stunt jump to the top.
                                                                                     25. Near the end of the dock are large
                                                                                     stacks of different colored containers.
                                                                                     Use an Ambulance or a big truck
colored roof. Make your way up to that     PORTLAND VIEW                             and jump to the top of the stack of
roof to find a metal ramp. Jump and         13. On a top ledge right behind the       containers to find it.
land in the parking lot of the previous    hospital.                                 26. On the mountain ledge just across
stunt jump for the bonus.                  14. Next to the steps near the Supa       from Salvatore’s mansion, on a
                                           Save store.                               precipice.
In the eastern part of Pike Creek,         15. Next to the Police station, between   27. On the roof of the large warehouse
you should see a large dirt ramp that      the trees.                                in the middle of the Docks. Find the
overlooks Aspatria Stadium in the          16. Across the hospital entrance, in      metal stairway in the back and go to
distance. Jump and land in Wichita         front of a garage door.                   the roof.
Gardens for the bonus.                                                               28. In the back of the ship (from the
                                           CHINATOWN                                 “Portland Chainsaw Masquerade”
HIDDEN PACKAGES                            17. Under the El train station across     mission).
                                           from Marco’s Bistro.                      29. Between two containers at the end
SAINT MARK’S AREA                          18. Atop of the train station rooftop     of the dock, near the grassy area.
1. Inside an alley near the Leone          across from the Red Light District.
Casino, behind a large concrete wall.      Use a PCJ-600 to jump the stairs to       TRENTON
2. On the Marco’s Bistro patio.            the top.                                  30. Jump from the train tracks to the
3. Next to the car dealership is a stack   19. In the three-tiered walkway behind    rooftop of Bitchin’ Dog Food.
of crushed cars. It’s in one of them.      the Laundromat.                           31. On the roof of the AM building
4. On the roof of the gas station. Use a                                             (across from Bitchin’ Dog Food). Use
face plant maneuver from a PCJ-600.
5. On a small roof at the safe house.
Use an Ambulance to jump to the top.
6. Inside an alleyway behind Ma
Cipriani’s house.
7. In the alley behind Ammu-Nation.

8. In a guard post just before the end
of the ferry dock.
9. On top of a large rock formation in
the ocean. You need a boat to get it.
10. Near the ferry dock, behind a large
boarded up wall. You need a boat to
get it.
11. Behind the crusher.
12. On the dirt road next to the ferry
dock, on top of a mound under the
El train tracks (where you do the
Sanchez challenge.)

                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                             020
 strategy guide

the wooden ramp to jump to the top.        HEPBURN HEIGHTS                           51. Inside the construction yard tunnel.
32. Behind the building where you find      40. Between the trailer houses at the     52. To the far northeast, where the
the BUS vehicle.                           construction site.                        water hits the rock.
                                                                                     53. Brick wall just north the hospital.
PORTLAND BEACH                             BEDFORD POINT                             54. Across from the previous package,
3. Farther down from the Harwood           41. Phil Cassidy’s Fully Cocked Gun       hidden in the shrubbery.
crusher, next to the concrete walkway      Shop, second floor.
on the grass at the very end.              42. The church cemetery, hidden in        BELLEVILLE PARK
                                           the bushes.                               55. The park monument statue.
ATLANTIC QUAYS                             43. Atop the stairs of the incredibly     56. In the middle of the road where the
34. At the very end of the dock behind     white government facility.                plants are located.

                                                                                                                                 hidden packages
Vincenzo’s warehouse.                                                                57. On a railing along the Shoreside
35. At the other side of the previous      FORT STAUNTON                             Vale bridge entrance, need to jump
package, across from the tanker ship.      44. Inside the subway, in front of the    over the railing.
It’s between a set of dumpsters.           restroom.
                                           45. Staunton Café roof, use an            ASPATRIA
RED LIGHT DISTRICT                         Ambulance vehicle to reach it.            58. Just farther down from Aspatria
36. Inside the building after the “Blow    46. After the “Bringing Down The          Stadium, in the grass.
Up ‘Dolls’” mission.                       House Mission”, climb the rubble near     59. Behind the concrete ramp (where
37. After the “Blow Up ‘Dolls’” mission.   the café.                                 you take McCaffrey’s missions.)
Use a PCJ-600 and do a stunt jump to       47. Behind a dumpster in an alley         60. In the Aspatria Stadium parking lot.
the construction building across from      (where you rescued Salvatore.)
you. Land in the building floor and then    48. Behind the Bottliglia sign, use an    NEWPORT
head to the ledge and you will see the     Ambulance to reach the top awning.        61. Between a ramp and a hauler.
package below. Jump down to get it.        49. Bottom of the bridge, very close to   62. On an awning to the north of the
38. The GTA3 safe house, between           the water.                                Callahan Bridge. Back an ambulance
the dumpsters.                                                                       up to reach it.
39. In the plants in the middle of the     ROCKFORD                                  63. Donald Love’s building, hidden in
road (near the Red Light District).        50. At the ferry dock, between two        the shrubbery.
                                           containers (where you did the second      64. Docks, near Asuka Kasen’s condo
                                           “Church” mission.)                        (from GTAIII.)


                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                           021
 strategy guide

65. 8-Ball’s Shop, between the

66. Ramp under the bridge.

67. Liberty Tree parking lot.
68. Just further down from the
previous package.
69. Behind Kenji’s casino, next to the

                                                                                                                               hidden packages
70. Portland/Staunton. In the rock
formation between the islands, need
a boat.

71. Shoreside Vale bridge entrance.
72. Fire station roof, use the ramp and
do a stunt jump to reach it.
73. Airport ramp, further down from
the previous one.
74. Between the three yellow-colored       old hideout.                             92. Near the doors of the Dam.
ramps on the runway.                       84. In front of a garage door, near
75. Grassy area past the airport           Police Station.                          CEDAR GROVE
parking lot.                               85. KLUNT building, use the stairs to    93. Inside the blocked off tunnel.
76. Behind Avery’s hangar.                 reach it.                                94. Behind a billboard near Wichita
77. Atop of a ledge, behind a sign on      86. Building roof behind the hospital,   Gardens.
a protruding rooftop. Reach it via the     use a stunt jump from the hospital to    95. Next door to a pink house.
stairs.                                    reach it.
78. At the very end of the runway.         87. Behind the giant tanks.              WICHITA GARDENS
79. Amidst the crates in the center                                                 96. On the rocks (where you chased
of the airport lot, near the terminals.    SHORESIDE VALE                           after Paulie.)
Reach the inside of it via the staircase   88. Grassy area, along the ocean.        97. In the grass, near the lower
to the left.                               89. Near the water, across from the      entrance to Wichita Gardens.
80. On top of an airplane, use the         picnic area.                             98. Up in a precipice near the tunnel.
walkway to reach it.                                                                99. Behind the set of billboards across
                                           COCHRANE DAM                             the airport.
PIKE CREEK                                 90. Bottom of the dam, hidden in the     100. In front of the doors near D-Ice’s
81. Behind 8-Ball’s place.                 bushes.                                  payphone (from GTAIII.)
82. AM building, hidden in the bushes.     91. Behind some crates near the Dam
83. Dumpster behind Donald Love’s          building.                                RAMPAGES

                                                                                    All Rampages have a 2:00 minute
                                                                                    timer. Unlike GTAIII, the location of
                                                                                    the Rampage icon does not change if
                                                                                    you fail.

                                                                                    PORTLAND LOCATIONS

                                                                                    Location: Harwood - behind Borgnine
                                                                                    Taxis building
                                                                                    Details: Kill 25 Diablo members
                                                                                    Weapon: Flamethrower

                                                                                    Location: Chinatown - behind the
                                                                                    Details: Kill 30 Triad members
                                                                                    Weapon: AK-47

                                                                                    Location: Saint Marks - inside an
                                                                                    alleyway with multiple walls
                                                                                    Details: Kill 25 Leone Mafia members
                                                                                    Weapon: Shotgun

                                              Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                               022
 strategy guide

                                                                                       Location: Francis Int’l Airport - in
                                                                                       grassy mound across Pike Creek
                                                                                       Details: Kill 25 pedestrians
                                                                                       Weapon: Sniper rifle

                                                                                       COMPLETION CHECKLIST

                                                                                       To get 100% completion of the game,
                                                                                       you need to complete the following:

                                                                                                                                    rampages • completion checklist
                                                                                       All 100 Hidden Packages
                                                                                       All 26 Unique Stunt Jumps
                                                                                       All 20 Rampages
                                                                                       All Main Missions
                                                                                       All Extra Missions
                                                                                       All Odd Jobs
                                                                                       First Place In All RC Races
                                                                                       All Cars for Donald Love’s Car-Azy
                                                                                       Car Giveaway

                                                                                       When you achieve 100% completion,
                                                                                       you get the same thing as in San
Location: Red Light District - behind a     Location: Belleville Park - front of the   Andreas: a Rhino tank in Fort
wall next to the strip club                 courthouse                                 Staunton.
Details: Destroy 10 vehicles                Details: Kill 25 pedestrians

Weapon: Grenades                            Weapon: Chainsaw

Location: Saint Marks - behind the          Location: Love Media building - next       Do not save the game while codes
wall across from the gas station            to the stairs near garage                  are enabled! It may cause glitches or
Details: Destroy 7 vehicles                 Details: Kill 40 pedestrians               affect game stats. Some codes can’t
Weapon: Molotovs                            Weapon: Car only                           be disabled. All codes are entered
                                                                                       during gameplay.
Location: Portland View - in stairs         SHORESIDE VALE LOCATIONS
next to Supa Save                                                                      PSP CODES
Details: Run over 30 pedestrians            Location: Wichita Gardens - front of
Weapon: Car only                            GTAIII save house                          FULL HEALTH
                                            Details: Kill 40 pedestrians               Press L, R, X, L, R, Square, L, R. A
STAUNTON ISLAND LOCATIONS                   Weapon: Molotovs                           message will indicate correct entry.
                                                                                       Note: You must enter this code
Location: Belleville Park - between         Location: Cedar Grove - house              multiple times to increase your total
buildings with nice decorations             across from Donald Love’s mansion          money. If this code is enabled when
Details: Destroy 10 vehicles                Details: Kill 35 Colombian members         your car is smoking or damaged it will
Weapon: Grenades                            Weapon: Car only                           get repaired.

Location: Aspatria - behind the             Location: Liberty Pharmaceuticals          EXTRA ARMOR
hospital sign                               - front door                               Press L, R, Circle, L, R, X, L, R. A
Details: Kill 30 Forelli members            Details: Kill 25 colombian members         message will indicate correct entry.
Weapon: M4                                  Weapon: Stubby Shotgun
Location: Torrington - underground          Location: Wichita Gardens - in a little    Press L, R, Triangle, L, R, Circle, L, R.
parking lot                                 alley near apartment                       A message will indicate correct entry.
Details: Kill 25 Yakuza members             Details: Destroy 8 vehicles
Weapon: Flamethrower                        Weapon: Drive-by only                      WANTED LEVEL DISABLED
                                                                                       Press L(2), Triangle, R(2), X, Square,
Location: Belleville Park - in the little   Location: Pike Creek - rooftop across      Circle. A message will indicate correct
island in the park                          from warehouse with light-green roof       entry. If this code is enabled, you can
Details: Kill 25 pedestrians                Details: Destroy 10 vehicles               never have a wanted level.
Weapon: Shotgun                             Weapon: Rocket launcher
                                                                                       WANTED LEVEL INCREASED
Location: Bedford Point - alleyway          Location: Cochrane Dam - western           Press L, R, Square, L, R, Triangle,
near the stunt jump to the docks            walkway                                    L, R. A message will indicate correct
Details: Kill 30 Yakuza members             Details: Kill 35 pedestrians               entry.
Weapon: Shotgun                             Weapon: Chainsaw

                                             Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                               023
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                  cheat codes
Press L, Up, Right, R, Triangle,
Square, Down, X. A message will
indicate correct entry. Keep breaking
the law until the media attention level
is displayed.

Press Circle, X, Down, Circle, X, Up,
L(2). A message will indicate correct

Press L, Up, Left, R, Triangle, Circle,
Down, X. A message will indicate
correct entry. Press Down after this
code is enabled to make your car jump.

Press L(2), Left, L(2), Right, Triangle,
Circle. A message will indicate correct
                                           A message will indicate correct entry.      SUNNY WEATHER
SPAWN TRASHMASTER                                                                      Press L(2), Circle, R(2), Square,
Press Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle,    BLACK TRAFFIC                               Triangle, X. A message will indicate
Circle, Up, L(2). A message will           Press Circle(2), R, Triangle, L,            correct entry.
indicate correct entry.                    Square(2). A message will indicate
                                           correct entry.                              CLEAR WEATHER
CHANGE MOTORCYCLE TIRE SIZE                                                            Press Up, Down, Circle, Up, Down,
Press Circle, Right, X, Up, Right, X,      WHITE TRAFFIC                               Square, L, R. A message will indicate
L1, Square. A message will indicate        Press X(2), R, Circle(2), L, Triangle(2).   correct entry.
correct entry. Repeat the code to cycle    A message will indicate correct entry.
the tire sizes between large, small,                                                   OVERCAST WEATHER
and normal.                                CHROME TRAFFIC                              Press Up, Down, X, Up, Down,
                                           Press Triangle, R, L, Down(2), R(2),        Triangle, L, R. A message will indicate
DESTROY ALL CARS                           Triangle. A message will indicate           correct entry.
Press L(2), Left, L(2), Right, X,          correct entry.
Square. A message will indicate                                                        RAINY WEATHER
correct entry.                             TRAFFIC LIGHTS ALWAYS GREEN                 Press Up, Down, Square, Up, Down,
                                           Press Triangle, Triangle, R, Square,        Circle, L, R. A message will indicate
AGGRESSIVE DRIVERS                         Square, L, X(2). A message will             correct entry.
Press Square(2), R, X(2), L, Circle(2).    indicate correct entry.
                                                                                       FOGGY WEATHER
                                                                                       Press Up, Down, Triangle, Up, Down,
                                                                                       X, L, R. A message will indicate
                                                                                       correct entry.

                                                                                       PEDESTRIANS RIOT
                                                                                       Press L(2), R, L(2), R, Left, Square. A
                                                                                       message will indicate correct entry.

                                                                                       PEDESTRIANS ATTACK YOU
                                                                                       Press L(2), R, L(2), R, Up, Triangle. A
                                                                                       message will indicate correct entry.

                                                                                       PEDESTRIANS HAVE WEAPONS
                                                                                       Press R(2), L, R(2), L, Right, Circle. A
                                                                                       message will indicate correct entry.

                                                                                       PEDESTRIANS FOLLOW YOU
                                                                                       Press Down(3), Triangle(2), Circle,
                                                                                       L, R. A message will indicate correct

                                               Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories                                            024
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                 cheat codes
RANDOM PEDESTRIAN COSTUMES                  COMMIT SUICIDE                            CHROME TRAFFIC
Press L(2), Left, L(2), Right, Square,      Press L, Down, Left, R, X, Circle,        Triangle, R1, L1, Down, Down, R1, R1,
Triangle. A message will indicate           Up, Triangle. A message will indicate     Triangle
correct entry.                              correct entry.
                                                                                      ALL TRAFFIC LIGHTS GREEN
FASTER GAMEPLAY                             VIEW GAME CREDITS                         Triangle, Triangle, R1, Square, Square,
Press R(2), L, R(2), L, Down, X. A          Press L, R, L, R, Up, Down, L, R. A       L1, X, X
message will indicate correct entry.        message will indicate correct entry.      DESTROY ALL CARS
                                                                                      L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, X, Square
SLOWER GAMEPLAY                             UNKNOWN CODES
Press R, Triangle, X, R, Square,            Press X, Square, Down, X, Square,         CARS DRIVE ON WATER
Circle, Left, Right. A message will         Up, R(2). A message will indicate         O, X, Down, O, X, Up, L1, L1
indicate correct entry.                     correct entry.
                                                                                      PERFECT CAR HANDLING
FASTER GAME TIME                            Press Up(3), X(2), Square, R, L. A        L1, Up, Left, R1, Triangle, O, Down, X
Press L(2), Left, L(2), Right, Circle, X.   message will indicate correct entry.
A message will indicate correct entry.                                                SPAWN A RHINO
                                            Press Up(3), Square(2), Triangle, R, L.   L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, Triangle, O
BIG HEAD MODE                               A message will indicate correct entry.
Press Down(3), Circle(2), X, L, R. A                                                  SPAWN A TRASHMASTER
message will indicate correct entry.        Press Up(3), Circle(2), X, L, R. A        Triangle, O, Down, Triangle, O, Up,
                                            message will indicate correct entry.      L1, L1
Press Down(3), X(2), Square, R, L. A        PS2 CODES                                 ADD HEALTH
message will indicate correct entry.                                                  L1, R1, X, L1, R1, Square, L1, R1
                                            INSTANT $25,000
UPSIDE UP                                   L1, R1, Triangle, L1, R1, O, L1, R1       ADD ARMOR
Press X(3), Down(2), Right, L, R. A                                                   L1, R1, O, L1, R1, X, L1, R1
message will indicate correct entry.        FASTER CLOCK
                                            L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, O, X         WEAPON SET 1
RETURN TO NORMAL FROM                                                                 Up, X, X, Down, Left, X, X, Right
UPSIDE DOWN                                 AGGRESSIVE DRIVERS
Press Triangle(3), Up(2), Right, L, R.      Square, Square, R1, X, X, L1, O, O        WEAPON SET 2
A message will indicate correct entry.                                                Up, Square, Square, Down, Left,
                                            BLACK TRAFFIC                             Square, Square, Right
RETURN TO NORMAL FROM                       O, O, R1, Triangle, Triangle, L1,
UPSIDE UP                                   Square, Square                            WEAPON SET 3
Press Up(3), Triangle(2), Square, R, L.                                               Up, O, O, Down, Left, O, O, Right
A message will indicate correct entry.      WHITE TRAFFIC
                                            X, X, R1, O, O, L1, Triangle, Triangle    INCREASE WANTED LEVEL
                                                                                      L1, R1, Square, L1, R1, Triangle, L1, R1

                                           Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories     025
 strategy guide

                                                                                      cheat codes
L1, L1, Triangle, R1, R1, X, Square, O   Up, Down, O, Up, Down, Square, L1,
L1, Down, Left, R1, X, O, Up, Triangle   ALL PEDS HAVE WEAPONS
                                         R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, Right, O
R1, Triangle, X, R1, Square, O, Left,    PEDS ATTACK YOU
Right                                    L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, Up, Triangle

SPEED UP GAMEPLAY                        PEDS RIOT
R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, Down, X          L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, Left, Square

R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, Down, X                                                 END

L1, L1, O, R1, R1, Square, Triangle, X

Up, Down, Triangle, Up, Down, X, L1,

Up, Down, X, Up, Down, Triangle, L1,

Up, Down, Square, Up, Down, O, L1,


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