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Greeting/Christmas cards

Thanks to a generous donor, we receive beautiful Christmas cards and
greeting/thank you cards to sell. Large boxes of 18 cards are $5/box. Small
boxes are 3 for $10. Connie S. coordinates this very profitable fundraiser for us.

Dairy Queen Cakes

The Dairy Queen Cake fundraiser is held each spring. The certificates can be
redeemed for one year after purchase.

St. Edward School receives 50% profit from all cakes sold!

Thanks to Kim H. for coordinating this fundraiser and ...

Thank you, DQ!

Box Tops for Education

Collect box tops from General Mills products and return them to St. Edward
School. General Mills will donate monies to the St. Edward education program.
Nancy E. handles this fundraiser.

Thank you for your box tops!

Newspaper Drive

Newspapers are collected in a pick-up truck in front of church on the third
Sunday of every month. St. Edward School receives money for the papers

Thank you for your newspapers!

Soup Labels

Collect Campbell's soup labels and turn them in to the school office or drop them
off in the entrance of the church. Nancy E. handles this fundraiser.

Thanks for your labels!

Cub Food receipts

Bring your Cub Food receipts in to the school or the back of church and Lisa S.
will turn them in. The school gets reimbursed a percentage of the total sales on
the receipts.