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                     Certificate in
 The Future for Accountants Looks Bright!

 A        ccording to the Bureau
          of Labor Statistics, the
 field of accounting is projected
                                                     The Accounting Profession
                                                     As businesses globalize, accountants are
                                                     broadening their skills above and beyond
                                                     the technical requirements in the field.
 to grow an estimated 18 percent                     There is a high demand for accountants
                                                     who can display good interpersonal skills,
 by the year 2016. Changes in                        sales abilities, and global business knowl-
 financial laws and accounting                       edge. Team-building and general managerial
                                                     competencies also are important.
 regulations, greater scrutiny of                    Accounting professionals can choose from
                                                     a number of career paths that present
 company finances, and a new
                                                     exciting opportunities, including:
 focus on ethical accounting prac-                   JJ   Corporate Accounting
                                                          Public Accounting
 tices are fueling the demand for                                                                     UCLA Extension’s

                                                     JJ   Internal Auditing and Control
 qualified accountants.                              JJ   Tax Compliance                              Certificate in Accounting
                                                     JJ   Forensic Accounting
                                                                                                      Recognized by employers throughout
 The high demand for accountants                     JJ   International Accounting                    Los Angeles and beyond, UCLA Extension’s
                                                          Government Accounting                       Certificate in Accounting equips students
 means career stability, better

                                                     JJ   Financial Analysis                          with a thorough understanding of accounting
 salaries, and upward job growth                                                                      standards and principles. The program is
                                                     No matter which career path you choose,
                                                                                                      designed for students who are preparing to
                                                     the accounting profession can enhance both
 opportunities.                                                                                       sit for the CPA Examination by fully meeting
                                                     salary and advancement potential for quali-
                                                                                                      the educational requirements for this nation-
                                                     fied business professionals, opening a variety
                                                                                                      ally administered examination. In addition,
                                                     of doors in all sectors of the business world.
                                                                                                      the program provides relevant coursework
                                                                                                      for students considering the CMA®, CIA®,
                                                                                                      and CFA® certifications.
                                                                                                      Businesses and organizations acknowledge
                                                                                                      the value of UCLA Extension’s Certificate in
                                                                                                      Accounting based on its academic excellence
“UCLA Extension was a great program for me to continue my education                                   and emphasis on real-world learning. The
 while working full time. The instructors gave interesting and practical appli-                       program is ideal for recent college graduates,
 cations of the coursework to real-world situations. Classmates also added to                         individuals considering a career change, or
 the curriculum by providing insight into their own work experiences. The                             financial professionals who desire career
 [Certificate in Accounting] provided me with the coursework needed to                                advancement. To meet the busy schedules of
 advance in my current career.”                                                                       working professionals, students have the
                                                                                                      flexibility to complete their coursework
 Julia Miles                                                                                          through live classroom sessions or through
                                                                                                      our instructor-led online classes.
Certificate in Accounting

The California State Board of                       Program Curriculum                               “I enjoyed receiving
Accountancy recognizes UCLA Extension                                                                  my [Certificate in
as a qualified provider of coursework to            Students are advised to complete X 1A and          Accounting] at UCLA
                                                    X 1B Principles of Accounting (or equivalent)      Extension. The opportu-
sit for the CPA Examination. To satisfy the
                                                    since they are prerequisites for many courses      nity to learn from experi-
educational requirements for the CPA                in the curriculum.                                 enced instructors, to
Exam, students must have a baccalaureate                                                               interact with exceptional
                                                    GROUP A: CORE ACCOUNTING COURSES
degree (any major) from an accredited col-                                                             students, and the flexibil-
                                                    (All Nine Courses Required)
                                                                                                       ity of online study con-
lege or university and have completed 36            X 120A     Intermediate Accounting                 tributed immensely to
quarter units (equivalent to 24 semester                       Theory and Practice*+
                                                                                                       the whole experience.”
units) of accounting courses and 36 quar-           X 120B     Intermediate Accounting
                                                               Theory and Practice*+                  Jessica Ovbiagele
ter units of business-related courses. UCLA
                                                    X 120C     Intermediate Accounting
Extension’s accounting certificate program                     Theory and Practice*+
also provides relevant coursework for               XL 122     Management Accounting*+                Program Information
students considering the CMA®, CIA®, and            X 124A     Advanced Accounting Theory
CFA® certifications, as well as for accounting                 and Practice                           Cost of the Program
                                                    X 124B     Advanced Accounting Theory
professionals seeking CPE credit.                                                                     Visit to review
                                                               and Practice
                                                                                                      current program costs.
Candidates completing the program are               X 127      Federal Income Taxation
                                                    X 423      Auditing: Financial*+                  Online Courses
awarded a certificate that bears the gold
                                                    X 423.2    Internal Auditing (Operational         The Certificate in Accounting Group A curricu-
seal of the University of California and is
                                                               and Management)*+
                                                                                                      lum may be completed with online instructor-
signed by the Dean of UCLA Extension.
                                                    ETHICS REQUIREMENT                                led courses. Most of the Group B courses also
                                                                                                      may be taken online.
                                                    X 423.422 Ethics in Accounting
Program Requirements
                                                    GROUP B: SUGGESTED BUSINESS-                      Course Schedule
Students must:                                      RELATED ELECTIVES                                 Students are advised to meet with the
                                                    (Up to Nine Courses Required)                     Certificate Program Advisor to review a
JJ   Complete all nine Group A core account-

     ing courses for a total of 36 quarter units    X 100     Business Economics*+                    recommended sequence for completing
                                                    X 108      Business Law*                          courses. To determine when a course(s) is
JJ   Complete an additional 36 quarter units of
                                                    X 110      Mathematics for Management             being offered, see the quarterly schedule of
     business-related electives that may be
     acquired through:                              X 115      Business Statistics*+                  courses in the UCLA Extension catalog or
                                                    X 130A     Basic Managerial Finance+              visit
     a) accredited business-related courses
        previously taken and approved by the        X 420.18 Accounting and Automated
                                                               Information Systems*                   Internship
        department’s Certificate Program
                                                    X 423.18 Nonprofit Accounting                     The Internship in Accounting (X 423.42) pro-
        Advisor, and/or
                                                    X 423.4    International Accounting               vides opportunities for certificate students to
     b) courses listed under Group B electives.
                                                    X 423.42 Internship in Accounting (5 units)       further apply their classroom learning in a
        Thus, the number of electives taken
                                                    X 423.421 Forensic Accounting                     practical, work-related environment.
        from Group B ranges from 0-9 courses,
        depending upon a review of each             X 427.8    Taxation of Corporations and
                                                                                                      Program Completion
        student’s university/college transcripts.              Shareholders*
                                                    X 427.9    Partnership Taxation*                  Students have up to five years to complete
JJ   Receive a grade of “C” or better in all
     required courses                               X 429.4    Financial Control of Operations*       both the required Group A courses in this
                                                    X 432.3    Analysis of Financial Statements       certificate program as well as any Group B
JJ   Complete the Ethics in Accounting course,
                                                                                                      courses taken through UCLA Extension.
     which may be taken at any time during the      All of the courses in this program are
     program                                        relevant for students planning to sit for the
                                                    CPA Examination.
                                                    * Recommended for students planning to sit for
                                                      the CMA Examination.
                                                    + Recommended for students planning to sit for
                                                      the CIA Examination.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for enrolling                   who are working professionals in the field.
in the Certificate in Accounting?                   Professional associations and industry firms
An Application for Candidacy must be submit-        also are involved with our certificate pro-
ted with a non-refundable application fee of        grams and may hold career-oriented events.
$150. The content and course requirements           In addition, UCLA Extension hosts an annual
for the program are subject to change, so           “Meet the Firms” day and other career
only those students who have officially             events for students enrolled in the program.
enrolled are assured of completing the pro-
gram under its current requirements. To             Do you offer an internship?
apply online, visit        Yes; the Internship in Accounting (X 423.42)
                                                    provides opportunities for certificate students
What are the prerequisites for entering             who enroll in the internship program to fur-
the program if I plan to sit for the CPA            ther apply classroom learnings in a practical,
Examination?                                        work-related environment. The internship is
Baccalaureate degree (any major) from an            restricted to students who are officially
accredited college or university. Students also     enrolled in the certificate and have success-
are advised to complete X 1A and X 1B               fully completed a minimum of five courses         Can I transfer another class for
Principles of Accounting (or equivalent) since      in the program.                                   Ethics in Accounting?
they are prerequisites for many courses in                                                            A previous course taken in accounting ethics
the curriculum.                                     Do the courses in the certificate                 might be allowed, based on a review of the
                                                    programs apply toward an under-                   course description and the core topics covered.
May I take a course toward a                        graduate/graduate degree?
certificate that is not listed as part              If you wish to transfer UCLA Extension            If I have taken courses in accounting,
of the program requirements?                        courses to another college or university,         may I transfer them into your program?
Any course taken outside of the established         students must check with that institution for     A maximum of two courses can be transferred
core curriculum must be discussed with and          approval and to see how many units will be        for the Group A accounting core courses. All
pre-approved by the department’s Certificate        accepted for undergraduate degree credit.         Group A courses must have been taken within
Program Advisor.                                                                                      the last five years. If courses were taken beyond
                                                    I have an undergraduate degree in                 this time period, students may be allowed to
May I take courses without being a                  business and have completed 24 semes-             take alternative courses in consultation with the
candidate for a certificate program?                ter units of business courses. Do I still         Certificate Program Advisor.
Yes; UCLA Extension’s courses are considered        have to take additional “business-
open enrollment for all students. Exceptions to     related” courses for the certificate?             How can I find out how many classes
this policy are noted in the course descriptions.   No; you are required to complete only the         will transfer before officially enrolling?
Students also should review any prerequisites       nine Group A accounting core courses. An          Fax a copy of your transcript to our
for individual courses.                             official transcript will be required once you     Certificate Program Advisor at (310) 206-
                                                    have officially enrolled in the program.          7249. Include your email address so the
May I take courses on a                                                                               results of our evaluation can be sent to you.
Passed/Not Passed status?                           If I completed my business degree                 Please do not send your official transcripts
No; all courses applied to a certificate program    20 years ago, will you still accept it to
                                                                                                      until you have enrolled in the program.
                                                    fulfill the “business-related” course
must be taken for a letter grade and a grade
                                                    requirements?                                     If I have a non-business-related
of “C” or better is required.
                                                    Yes; only the nine Group A accounting             undergraduate degree, how many
Does the program provide job                        core courses must have been taken within          courses must I take to sit for the
placement?                                          the past five years to transfer. The California   CPA Examination?
UCLA Extension does not provide formal job          State Board of Accountancy is permitting all      You need to complete 24 semester units
placement services; however, our programs           of the business-related courses to transfer.      (or 36 quarter units) of accounting courses
do offer students an excellent opportunity to                                                         and 24 semester units (or 36 quarter units)
network with instructors and other students                                                           of business-related courses.

  Further questions? Visit for detailed program information or refer to the contact list on the
  back of this brochure.
Industry Certifications and Resources

Industry Certifications                                Exam Review Programs                              Industry Resource Guide
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)                      Becker CPA Review                                 California Board of Accountancy
CPA candidates must pass a rigorous four-part          Students who are preparing to sit for the         (916) 263-3680
exam called the Uniform CPA Examination that           CPA Examination are highly encouraged to
is prepared and administered by the American           enroll in the Becker CPA Review Program,          National Association of State
Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).     which UCLA Extension offers in cooperation        Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
The AICPA has made the specific testable con-          with Becker Professional Review. Enrollment       (615) 880-4200
tent available at Candidates             through UCLA Extension is restricted to stu-
should check for the specific rules that apply         dents who have successfully completed the
                                                                                                         American Institute of Certified
to each state or jurisdiction at or          Certificate in Accounting or those who are
                                                                                                         Public Accountants (AICPA)                                   currently enrolled in the certificate program
                                                                                                         (888) 777-7077
                                                       and have completed a minimum of five
Certified Internal Auditor (CIA®)                                                              
                                                       courses. For more information about the
The CIA® certification is the only globally                                                              Financial Accounting
                                                       Becker CPA Review visit
accepted designation for internal auditors. It is                                                        Standards Board (FASB)
a four-part exam that remains the standard by                                                            (203) 847-0700
                                                       CIA® Review
which individuals demonstrate their compre-                                                    
                                                       UCLA Extension offers the CIA Review
hensive competence and professionalism in the
                                                       Program to prepare students for the Certified     Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)
internal auditing field. For information, visit
                                                       Internal Auditor® (CIA®) certification examina-   (407) 937-1100
                                                       tion. This program is delivered in a blended
Certified Management                                   format consisting of printed workbooks and        Institute of Management
Accountant (CMA®)                                      web-based support. These tools are augment-       Accountants (CMA)
The CMA designation represents a broad
                                                       ed by the expertise of experienced instructors    (800) 638-4427
business competency and mastery of the                 in a live classroom format.             
management-level skills required to add
value, drive business performance, and build                                                             CFA Institute (CFA)
quality financial practices within organizations.                                                        (800) 247-8132
To learn more, visit                                                                                                                                           Becker Professional Review
                                                                                                         (800) 868-3900 (CPA)
Foreign Education for                                                                          
CPA Board Approval                                                                                       (877) 727-7232 (CFA)
Applicants who attended or graduated from
foreign schools may be admitted to the
CPA Examination based upon an evaluation
of foreign transcripts by any of the Board-
Approved Credentials Evaluation
Services listed below.
Academic Credentials
Evaluation Institute, Inc.
(310) 275-3530
Center for Applied Research,
Evaluation, and Education, Inc.
(562) 430-1105
Global Services Associates
(310) 828-5709
International Education
Research Foundation, Inc.
(310) 258-9451
It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure
the timely submission of the evaluation.
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Contact a UCLA Extension represen-                                 As part of the
tative today for more information on                               University of
the following:
                                                                   California’s tradi-
Certificate Programs                                               tion of excellence
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This unit provides many services                                   nation’s largest
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programs, including course selection,
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advisement, record maintenance,
transcript evaluations, problem             ing education providers, UCLA
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Individual Courses
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                                            grams linking 60,000 adults of diverse
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Internships provide students with
practical application of material studied   demic, and personal growth opportuni-
in their declared programs as well as       ties through lifelong learning.
opportunities for employers needing
immediate assistance with projects for
skilled and dedicated interns.

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