2004 AGM Minutes

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					                Saskatchewan Athletic Therapist Association

                        ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                      Sunday April 25, 2004 8:00-9:30pm
                              Conference Call


Blaine Whyte, President
Coral Istace, Vice President
Kim Jones, Treasurer
Lisa Swallow, Secretary
Schad Richea
Joelle Burley
Kari Hiebert

Rhonda Shishkin
Corey Young

1. Call to order/welcome

Whyte opened meeting at 8:00 pm. 7 members were present.

2. Review/Approval of 2003 AGM Minutes

Whyte asked for review/approval of last AGM minutes.

Motion- it was moved to accept minutes as distributed

Jones/Istace CARRIED

3. Review of Agenda

Whyte asked if there were any changes and/or additions to the agenda as

Motion- it was moved to move agenda item 5.4 Call for Applications for Vice
President to before Old Business

Jones/Istace CARRIED
4. Call for Applications of Vice President

Whyte asked the members for nominations from the association for the position
of Vice President

Swallow let name stand for position of Vice President and was elected Vice
President by acclamation.

5. Old Business

5.1 Insurance Update

Jones gave update on Blue Cross proposal for insurance coverage, which was
successful. Discussed work with WCB which is currently at a stand still due to
regulatory issues

5.1 Sport Medicine and Science Council Update

Swallow gave update on SATA inclusion as voting members within the
Saskatchewan Sport Medicine and Science Council. Polled present members on
interest in Sport Taping Course and Sport Event Coverage within the council.

Sport Taping- Swallow to let council know of SATA support for re-vamping and
continuing the Sport Taping Course. Richea, Jones and Hiebert expressed
interest in working with the council to restructure the current program. Will look
at Alberta and Manitoba’s programs as model for restructure.

Sport Event Coverage- Swallow to let council know of SATA support for having
their members provide event coverage. Will assist council in sending out the
paper work associated with a membership poll. Will look at possible solutions to
offer the council regarding filling event coverage by looking at similar programs at
the University of Calgary and the MATA.

5.2 Website

Jones gave update on website for the SATA unsure of viability at this time.

Hiebert to talk to AATA about how they set up their website. Will look into home
page link with the CATA and the Sask. Sport Medicine and Science Council.

Jones to finalize logo for the SATA and develop letterhead.
5.3 Regulatory Board

Whyte gave update on the regulatory board and CARF documentation. CARF
process is quite redundant and suggested alternate means of looking at
regulation at the national level

Istace to propose a sub/Ad Hoc Committee for AT Regulatory Board at upcoming
CATA President’s meeting. Attempt to establish a national committee with
representation from all the provinces to work towards establishing self-regulation
within AT nationally.

6. New Business

6.1 Canada Games- Therapist Recruitment

Swallow updated membership on therapist recruitment for the upcoming Canada
Summer Games in Regina August 6-20th 2005. Also notified membership to look
out for upcoming educational courses that will be offered in the upcoming year in
association with the games.

6.2 Financial Update

Jones notified the membership of the current balance within the SATA account
as being $5000.01. Whyte asked the members for ideas on how the money
could be utilized by the SATA.

Hiebert to look into offering continuing education courses through the SATA with
those funds. Initially to look at offering muscle energy course. Suitable times
during the year were agreed to as early fall (late August) and spring (mid April).

Jones to look into the purchase of two signs with SATA logo for use at sporting
events, being covered by SATA members.

6.3 Insurance/Marketing

Numerous ideas were discussed regarding insurance and marketing issues.

The members agreed it was best to hold off on attempting to obtain SGI and
WCB approval until the issues regarding regulation were addressed.

Hiebert to look into website and continuing education courses as discussed
Jones to look into signage with SATA logo to be displayed at events covered by
SATA members. Also to look into jackets or vests with SATA logo to sell to
membership for wear at events.

Richea to look into development of an instructional CD-ROM for Sport Taping in
conjunction with the potential restructuring of the Sport Medicine and Science
Council’s program

Richea to develop a Marketing Proposal/Plan (5 year) for the SATA

Istace to look into bidding process for hosting the national conference and AGM
at upcoming national president’s meeting

7. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Motion- it was moved to adjourn the meeting

Whyte/Burley CARRIED