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					                          Morgan Park High School
                          1744 West Pryor Avenue
                           Chicago, Illinois 60643
                               (773) 535-2550

September 8, 2009

Dear Parents and Students,

       I am looking forward to work with your son/daughter this school. The following
information will describe the course, the content that will be taught, what the student is
expected to learn, classroom rules, and an explanation of the grading scale.

       Credentials:   Masters in Education from National Louis University. Secondary Reading
                      Endorsement from the University of Illinois-Chicago.
                      Bachelor of Science – Biology from Loyola University.
                      Elementary Teaching Certificate, Secondary Teaching certificate in Biology,
                      Botany, Earth Science, General Science, Physiology, and
                      Zoology. Teacher training for the International Baccalaureate Diploma

                                        Course Description:

        Biology is a search for information about living things. This search requires the
use of inquiry and the use of appropriate technology to solve problems. Biologists
conduct experiments to test hypotheses about how organisms and living systems work.
The scientific method should be employed throughout the academic year and will become
part of the working habits of students as their curiosity guides them in discerning
functions and relationships among living things. The goal is to view science as a process.

        During this school year the following topics will be explored: the scientific
method, chemistry of biology, cell structure and function, DNA and protein synthesis, the
principles of heredity, natural selection, evolution, and adaptation, taxonomy, and
environment cycles. Our targeted instruction area (TIA) is reading in the content area.

       Students are required to complete and submit all work on the assigned day; late
assignments will not be accepted. Students are expected to study for this course at least
two hours per week. All students will be required to submit an independent science
research project. Assignments can be viewed on the school’s web page.

        Students are expected to have good attendance and punctuality. Permission for
excusal from class for an official school activity must be obtained from the teacher prior
to the activity. Any student that cuts class will receive a zero for any work assigned,
including tests. Any student with an excused absence will have five days to make-up
any work missed. If the missing assignments are not completed within the assigned time;

the grade will be a zero. It is the student’s responsibility to see the instructor to receive
assignments missed. Additionally, it is the student’s responsibility to get any class notes
missed. Please check the school’s website for current assignments and the tests schedule.
If you should score below 60% on any test; you may schedule a re-test on the material
that was not mastered.

       Students are expected to follow all rules as explained in the student handbook, in
regards to discipline, attire, and conduct. Your son/daughter’s grade will be determined
based on a numerical average per quarter. The grade breakdown is listed below:

100---90%     =   A                    Exams, Quizzes                         ----20%
 89---80%     =   B                    Labs/Design labs/ Projects             ----15%
 79---70%     =   C                    Others: homework, notes                ----10%
 69---60%     =   D                    Quarter/-Final                         ----20%
 59-----0%    =   F                    Quiz                                   ----15%
                                       Classwork                              ----20%

        Students will receive online grades, with the year to date grade, including a
percentage and letter grade. Students should obtain the following materials for class: a
spiral notebook (biology only), composition notebook, pens, pencils, calculator, graph
paper and colored paper. Students will be asked to pay a class fee of $20.00. This fee
covers equipment, living materials, and any expendable items. AP and IB biology class
fee is $30.00. The instructor retains the right to vary the syllabus if the school’s schedule
changes or the instructor deems necessary due to circumstances.

I am looking forward to meeting you during high school report card pick-up, on
Thursday, November 19, 2009 and April 22, 2010. A detailed syllabus will accompany
this letter; please sign the following page to indicate your receipt of the class material.


Mrs. E. Gonzalzles
Science Department

September 8, 2009

Please sign below, indicating that you and your son/daughter have read and understand
the above letter and syllabus. Return the bottom signed portion to Mrs. E. Gonzalzles.

_________________________________________________Student’s Signature/Date

_________________________________________________Parent/Guardian’s Signature

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