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									                                                                   The Nutshell
                                            The Walnut Creek Newcomers’ Club
                                 Volume 47, Issue 2                 www.walnutcreeknewcomersclub.org       February 2007

The President’s Monthly Message...”New Ideas…”                                                     Inside this issue:
We are off to a great start for 2007; we have 14 new members so far with several
                                                                                           Visit to Oakland Museum. ..... 3
more who are interested in joining, we are financially sound, and we have many new and
exciting activities and events planned for the coming months. I want to send a special     Documentary & Discussion ..... 4
thanks to the Board of Directors, the Standing Board Committee Members and the
Activity Group Chairs, all of whom give many hours of their time to make sure the
                                                                                           Club Name Change ............. 6
Newcomers’ Club runs smoothly and that we all have lots of fun. I appreciate all of you.   New Small Group Proposal ..... 6
As a final reference to 2006, a lovely note was read at the January Coffee from            February Monthly Luncheon ... 10
Hospice of Contra Costa thanking us for our donation of $538.50. They mentioned in
the note that many of their patients have no insurance or their coverage is inadequate
and it is through gifts such as ours that they can offer the full range of services,
regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. What a generous group of ladies!
                                                                                               New Faces, New Places,
During January, we had an outstanding luncheon experience at Nibblers Eatery and                   New Friends
Wine Bar. Great job, members, for putting this fun luncheon together. Also in
January, the Sunday Matinee performance of Jersey Boys was absolutely fabulous. Our
upcoming January Bay Area Excursion takes us to Davies Symphony Hall and the San
Francisco Opera House. Don’t miss this opportunity!
It is so great to have new ideas for small activity groups. This keeps our group fresh     The contact person for all information
and enables us to meet the interests of our members. Another new group, Knitting and
                                                                                           & activities listed in this newsletter is
Needlework, has recently been suggested. If it looks like there will be interest, the
                                                                                           Vinita. Contact her at (925) 465-
group will be formed, approved by the Board and added to the menu of our small
activity groups. Thank you so much ladies for your ideas and follow through.
                                                                                           4961 for further details.

Planning for many wonderful future events is underway. Be sure to read the newsletter
thoroughly each month, mark your calendar, and RSVP to the person in charge.               Special points of interest:
Remember, ―You can’t win if you don’t play!‖ Anyone interested in being on the
committee planning our Spring Social is encouraged to contact the committee chair. A       Be sure to wear something red,
nominating committee will be formed at the February Coffee to determine a slate of         pink or white to the February
next year’s officers. –Happy Valentines wishes to all of you!      The President           Coffee in celebration of Valentines’

                                                                                           Our Monthly Coffee Guest
                        February Welcome Coffee
                                                                                           Speaker will be a licensed
When:            February 14th at 10:00 a.m. The Board meets at 8:45 a.m.                  nutritionist & a counselor at John
                                                                                           Muir Hospital for heart attack
                                                                                           victims. Don’t miss this very
                                                                                           informative talk!

         The Nutshell                                   February 2007                                                   Page 1
                                   The purpose of the Newcomers’ Club is to provide opportunities for
                                   fellowship among new residents of Walnut Creek and the Diablo Valley area
                                   and to assist them in exploring the community. Monthly coffees are for
                                   both current and prospective members, and we hope you will join us
                                   frequently. All coffees are held on the second Wednesday of each month.
                                   While we welcome all newcomers to the Walnut Creek area as individuals to
                                   join, we do not authorize memberships for individuals or organizations
                                   wishing to use the club for private gain. Non-members are welcome to
                                   attend any three activities before joining Newcomers. If you are
                                   interested in joining, or getting more information, please contact our
                                   Membership Chairperson, Vinita, at (925) 465-4961.

                                    Current Small Activity Groups

Executive Activity Chairperson
Bay Area Excursions
Book Discussion Group
Casual Bridge
Chick Flick Sundays
Community Outreach
Documentary & Discussion
Duplicate Bridge
Lunch Bunch
Marriott Bridge
Night Owls
Partnership Bridge
Supper Club
Walk & Talk
Wine & Dine

                           2006-2007 Executive Board of Directors
  1st Vice President                                             Luncheons
  2nd Vice President       Vinita (925) 465-4961                 Membership
  3rd Vice President                                             Coffees

         The Nutshell                         February 2007                                        Page 2
                                   Small Activity Groups
Bay Area Excursions                                             Bridge
What makes California, California? Explore that
                                                                We meet once a week for as many rounds of this
question in the Cowell Hall of California History in
                                                                game as we can fit in! The requirements of this
the permanent exhibition California: A Place, A
                                                                group are to know how to play Bridge and have a good
People, A Dream. Meet the people who have shaped
California -- natives, adventurers, wealth-seekers,             time! Please contact the Bridge Chairperson, for
health-seekers, colonists, settlers, newcomers, old-            further details & locations.
timers, sun-worshippers, reformers, upper class to              When: Friday, February 2, 12:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
underclass -- people of all colors -- and the dreams
they have pursued. Meet at the Box Office at 11
a.m. for touring on your own and a little shopping.
We will have a noon lunch at the Museum Cafe which              We play with our notes and ―cheat sheets!‖ Our
offers casual dining (soup, sandwiches) with live               friendly group meets first for a light lunch and then
music in an elegant setting. At 1 p.m. we will have a
                                                                rounds of bridge. The hostess and location change
private docent tour of the Cowell Hall of California
                                                                each week.
History "A Walk through Time."
                                                                When:    Every Friday, 11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
When: In February
Where: Oakland Museum
RSVP:  Activity Chairperson
                                                                Bridge — Duplicate
                                                                This dynamic group meets once a month in different
                                                                members’ homes. We meet on the first Monday of
                                                                the month to play a friendly two or three table
Book Discussion Group                                           duplicate game. Please call the Chairperson, if you
Our book for February was selected by the "City of              have questions.
Walnut Creek Reads" last summer, so many of you                 When: Monday, February 5, 12:30 p.m.
may have read it. It is The Namesake by Jhumpa
Lahiri. This is a cross cultural story of an immigrant
couple from India. It explores the effects of their
son's conflicted feelings of living in America, while
                                                                Bridge — At a hotel
they still have strong emotional ties to India. Ann             This group meets every month at a hotel in Walnut
McBride will be the reviewer. Come join us for what             Creek, beginning play in the morning. A lunch break is
should be a very interesting discussion.
                                                                scheduled around noon. Our members rotate
                                                                hostessing duties.
If you have any questions about the book club, you
can contact the Activity Chairperson. We hope you’ll            When: Wednesday, February 28th
join us!

When: Tuesday, February 27th at 1 p.m.

     The Nutshell                               February 2007                                                 Page 3
                                         Small Activity Groups
Bridge — Partnership                                           Community Outreach
Partnership Bridge is for twosomes to play an                  Our group will be back meeting each month, after the
evening of bridge as partners. We meet the                     holiday break. This is a good time to try out a new small
fourth Saturday evening of every month at a                    group, especially one that gives back to our community.
member’s home. We welcome new members to the                   You may attend the next meeting on your own, but if you
group. Please contact either one of the                        have any further questions, please contact the Activity
Partnership Bridge Chairpersons for further                    Chairperson.
details.                                                       When: Monday, February 5th, 10:00 a.m.
When: Saturday, February 24th, 7:00 pm
                                                               Documentary & Discussion
                                                               Jesus Camp (2006)
                                                               This riveting documentary offers an unfiltered look at a
This fast-paced dice game is extremely popular in
                                                               revivalist subculture where devout Christian youngsters
our Newcomers’ Club! Right now we are looking for
                                                               are being primed to deliver the fundamentalist
substitutes only. Please contact the Activity
                                                               community's religious and political messages. Building an
Chairperson for more details.
                                                               evangelical army of tomorrow, the Kids on Fire summer
When:     Thursday, February 8, 7:30 p.m.                      camp in Devil's Lake, N.D., is dedicated to deepening
                                                               the preteens' spirituality and sowing the seeds of
                                                               political activism as they're exhorted to "take back
                                                               America for Christ."
Chick Flick Sundays
Join us for a Chick Flick…those thoughtful,                    This documentary has created a lot of controversy, so it
romantic, musical, costume movies that make us                 should generate a very interesting discussion within our
glad to be a woman! We meet in front of the box                group as well.
office about 15 minutes prior to show time.                    When: Monday February 12 or Tuesday, February 27, 10 a.m. for
Movies are selected by consensus and everyone is               both dates
emailed or called every week with a movie review,
theater and time. Everyone is welcome.
When: Almost every Sunday, around 11:30 a.m.

                                                                 Late notice!

                                                                 The Bay Area Crisis Nursery Crab Feed will be
                                                                 in January at a local Catholic Church,.
                                                                 Cocktails begin at 5pm until 6pm, with dinner
                                                                 following. Tickets are $35.00 per person. There
                                                                 will be a silent auction & raffle. Contact the
                                                                 Chairperson for last minute details.

        The Nutshell                           February 2007                                                     Page 4
                                   Small Activity Groups

Golf                                                         Ready, set, time to scrapbook! If you are looking
                                                             for a new group in this New Year, you might want to
Gray skies and rainy weather getting you down?
                                                             give Scrapbooking a chance. This group meets once
If the grounds aren’t too wet, join us and try golf!
                                                             a month, usually at area Scrapbooking stores or
Of course, the weather is very unpredictable at
                                                             outlets. Everyone helps each other, and you can
this time of the year, but usually our group tees
                                                             come away with lots of great new ideas for your own
off each week, except the third week of the
                                                             work—for free! Contact the Chairperson with any
month. We do play on several courses in the area.
                                                             questions and also if you’d like to carpool to this
If you plan on joining us, be sure to RSVP five days
in advance.                                                  month’s venue.
                                                             When: Wednesday, February 21; 10 until 2 pm

                                                             Supper Club Group
Lunch Bunch                                                  We meet once a month for food and friendship. The
A French country meal is on the agenda this month
                                                             hosts provide the entrée and set the theme; the
at the home of a Newcomer member. Her entrée
                                                             guests fill in with the sides. This fun evening is open
will be Boeuf Bourguignon ! Don’t miss this yummy
                                                             to the first 8 people that sign up. This month’s
treat: give her a call to discuss what you can bring
                                                             supper theme is ―Chocolate is for Lovers ...‖
to share. Everyone is welcome! You will join us,
                                                             Categories available are appetizer, side dish/salad
n’est-ce pas?
                                                             and dessert.
When: Monday, February 26, at noon
                                                             When: Saturday, February 17, 6:30 p.m.

Night Owls
This group meets once a month for a fun girls’
night out. Sometimes, the evening plans include a
movie and dinner, or other times, a movie with
dessert. Regardless of the plans, make some time             The rain has arrived (sort of), but we will still try to
just for yourself and join the fun! Suggestions              hit the courts as often as we can! If you are
for new activities are very welcome.                         interested in joining us for some great exercise and
                                                             fun, please phone or email the Chairperson for more
When: TBA                                                    details.

                                                             When:     Monday and Thursday mornings, 8:45 a.m.

      The Nutshell                           February 2007                                               Page 5
          Small Activity Groups
Walk & Talk
Easy hike/walk: We will be going to a shoreline where we will walk
on a flat paved trail with beautiful bay views. Dogs are allowed
off-leash at this popular location. We can stop at a cafe for
coffee, a snack or lunch if we wish.
Contact the Chairperson for details.

Moderate hike: We will go to a wilderness area where we will
take a dirt trail with beautiful views which passes an old olive
orchard. There is some elevation change at the beginning and end
of this hike but large parts of this trail in the middle of the hike
are flat.
Contact the Chairperson for details.

                                                                             Lots of best wishes for a year of happiness to all
                                                                                           February celebrants

Wine & Dine
If you are interested in joining a permanent group
of Newcomer members in a once a month dining and
wine tasting experience, please contact the
Chairperson. She will be happy to give you more                                           Bits & Pieces
information regarding the formation of new groups.                           During the December Coffee, we announced that there have been
This month’s event will be as follows:                                       some discussions in the Board Meetings about changing the name of
                                                                             the Newcomers’ Club of Walnut Creek. This topic emerged because
When: Saturday, February 10th, 6:00 p.m.
                                                                             in any Community Calendar we are naturally listed at the very end of
                                                                             the alphabet. As a result, there are Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and
                                                                             other area residents that are finding the Alamo/Danville Newcomers’
                                                                             Club first, instead of us. It has been suggested that The Diablo
                                                                             Valley/Walnut Creek Newcomers’ Club (or something to that effect)
                                                                             become our name. Changing the name would be a process that would
                                                                             require board approval and then general membership approval. It
                                                                             would also include a bylaws change, new checks, editing the website,
                                                                             new brochures, and corrections on publicity and the newsletter. We
                                                                             would only take this step if the membership were strongly in favor of
                                                                             making this change. I am inviting you to email me with your comments.
                                                                             Thanks! The President.

                                                                             An idea for a new activity group has been proposed by a
Don’t forget about the Valentine's English
Tea February 10 at 3:00 pm. The cost is $22.00. It is                        member. She would like to see if there is any interest in
fun event with music, raffle prizes and wonderful savory                     forming a knitting & needlework group within the membership.
and sweet treats. It benefits Bay Point Family Health                        She would be teaching this class. If you are interested,
Center (helping new single moms in the Bay Point                             please give her a call and let her know. This is the first step
Area) and Living Grace Home in Lafayette (houses                             in the process of forming a new activity group. If there is
mentally challenged women).                                                  enough interest, the next step will be a formal petition to the
                                                                             Board of Directors. Also, if there are any other members
If you are interested in attending, please contact the                       with great new group ideas, please contact the President, and
Chairperson. The sooner the better as we need to                             she will help guide you through the process.
confirm our table. Hope to see you there.

             The Nutshell                                    February 2007                                                           Page 6
                 Standing Board Committee Members, 2006-2007
Newsletter Editor:


                     New Faces, New Places, New Friends

We are excited to welcome our very newest member. Please introduce yourself to her at the
next Newcomer event. Also, please add her name and address to the back of your new 2006-
2007 Newcomer Membership Directory.

*Check out the website: www.walnutcreeknewcomersclub.org.

* Contact Membership Chairperson, Vinita, at (925) 465-4961 for details or questions
concerning membership in the Walnut Creek Newcomers’ Club.

  The Nutshell                     February 2007                                       Page 7
                           Sunshine Notes…by Connie Wylie
A member is just back from Maui where she and her husband shared in the wedding of their son and
his new bride. The beach wedding took place at a resort and was a romantic and intimate celebration
attended by thirteen. She says that the wedding celebration was incredibly happy and very relaxed;
that sentiment was evident when she shared her pictures at the December coffee. They are also
thrilled that they not only have a new daughter, but also have new granddaughters who served as
bridesmaids. Congratulations to everyone!!

Again, the Newcomers’ Club wishes to thank everyone who contributed to our holiday charity this
year. We were able to donate about $530.00 to the Hospice of Contra County. Special thanks to a
Newcomer husband who lent his talents at selling raffle tickets at the Holiday Social.
Congratulations to three members who won the raffle gifts.

December brought us out-of-town members, and we were glad to see them join us in many for our
December activities. We hope that a member’s knee will be improved by her return in the spring as
we missed her on the tennis courts.

We all know that we have talented members in the club and one of our newer members, is added to
that list as she decided to pick up her clarinet after many years of rest and joined the All Volunteer
Band. They recently had a public performance, and although she was a bit nervous, it was great fun.

 A Newcomer member has a brand new pink bundle of joy: her second grandchild was born December
28th. The baby weighed in at a dainty six pounds, 4 ounces and measured 18-1/2 inches long. This
member’s other daughter, has accepted a job with a San Francisco law firm. Congratulations to all
three families!

Our condolences, love, and prayers go out to the family of one of our long time members.
Her young nineteen year old niece passed away on January 20th after a gallant fight with
multiple health issues. Our Newcomer member will remain out of town for a time. If you
wish to send a card please use her local home address. Donations may also be made: contact
the President for details.

  The Nutshell                          February 2007                                           Page 8
         The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s The Complete History of America will be
          presented at the Dean Lesher Theater in Walnut Creek from February 1 through March
          3rd. Tickets can be purchased at the cost of $28-$38 per person. For more information,
          please contact the box office at (925) 943-7469 or online at www.lesherartscenter.org.

         Another outstanding opportunity is coming your way: The East Bay Women’s Conference
          which will be held this year at the San Ramon Marriott. Activitist Gail Sheehy is slated to
          be the Keynote Speaker at this March 5 event. The Conference will be held from 8 a.m.
          until 5:30 p.m. and includes a continental breakfast, lunch and afternoon reception. The
          cost is $145 per person. Please call (925) 934-2007 for reservations and more details.

         Try something brand new! Café Gratitude is a vegan restaurant located at 1730 Shattuck
          Avenue, Berkeley, that serves organic, raw food. During a lunch time visit in January, five
          of us ordered a variety of dishes and shared them. We were all surprised at how much we
          enjoyed the food, and unanimously agreed that we would be happy to return. A very
          healthy way to start the New Year! If you’d like more information, give them a call at
          (415) 824-4652.

Remember: This page is dedicated to any member who has visited, shopped, toured, --whatever—
a venue that they wish to share with all other Newcomer members. These events are not
currently scheduled Newcomer activities. Everyone is encouraged to send in similar items
throughout this year.

The Nutshell                            February 2007                                           Page 9
      February Monthly Luncheon
     Treasure Island Job Corp Advanced Culinary Academy

The students at the Fine Dining program are trained in culinary techniques that prepare them to
enter the job market, working at a four or five star restaurant level. Students learn to prepare
soups, sauces, salads, appetizers and entrees. During our luncheon visit, we will be offered a
three-course meal that changes weekly and encompasses various ethnic cuisines.

The restaurant is located in a former hangar on Treasure Island. We are guaranteed space for 12
guests, so please call the Chairperson immediately if you plan to attend. Be sure to leave your cell
phone number, as well as your home phone number with her.

Please note: If you make a reservation, you are responsible for the cost of the meal. Thank you
for your understanding!

    The Nutshell                      February 2007                                      Page 10
                                            February 2007
    Sunday               Monday            Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday             Friday          Saturday
                                                                             1                 2               3
                                                                                               Bridge 12:30-
                                                                                               3:30 pm-


4                    5                 6                   7                 8                 9               10
Chick Flick          Community                             Golf, tee times   Bunko             Bridge: TBA     Wine & Dine
Sundays              Outreach-10am                         vary              7:30pm                            6:00 pm
                     Duplicate                             Welcome Brand     Tennis            Bridge/         Valentine’s
                     Bridge-12:30 pm                       New Members       8:45am                            English Tea
                                                           Coffee 10am                                         3pm-
                     Tennis, 8:45 am

                     Walk & Talk-

11                   12                13                  14                15                16              17
                     Documentary &                         Newcomer          All newsletter    Bridge: TBA     Supper Club
                     Discussion-10am                       Coffee-10a.m.     entries are due                   6:30 pm
                                                                             on the 15th of
                     Tennis                                                  each month.       Casual Bridge

                     Walk & Talk                                             Tennis

18                   19                20                  21                22                23              24
                     Tennis                                Scrapbooking      Tennis            Bridge          Partnership
                                       Monthly             10-2pm                                              Bridge 7:00pm
                                       Luncheon                              Bay Area          Casual Bridge
                                       Treasure Island     Golf              Excursion-

25                   26                27                  28
                     Lunch Bunch       Book Club-          Marriott
                                       1pm                 Bridge-
                     Tennis            Night Owls-
                                       D&D/Ramsay          Golf

      The Nutshell                                   February 2007                                                  Page 11

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