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Francesca Tower


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    In the heart of timog area q.c,corner of EDSA, 10 meters away from belo clinic, walking
    distance to the best restaurants, watering holes and to ABS-CBN and GMA 7. just 5- minute
    ride to SM CITY and the newly opened TRINOMA MALL
    Up to 4 people, affordable accomodation,central location,24-hr security,furnished w/
    airconditioning, 2br, 1tb, cable, SANITIZED and CLEAN!! An excellent vacation home!

    Area: South Triangle/ Edsa, Quezon City
    County: Metro Manila, Philippines
    Year Built: 2007
    Style: Excellent interior design- Modern and Eclectic
    Approximately 42 sq.m (flr.area)
    - 2 Story
    - 2 total bedrooms
    - 1 Bath
    - Living room and Dining room for up to 4 people
    - Interior features: Fully furnished. Just move in.
    2 double beds and(linen included)
    Modern furnitures
    Ceramic tile and carpeted bedroom
    - Exterior features:
    Fire Exit

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Ready-For-Occupancy Condo At a Low Price – Francesca Tower Condominium near
« on: August 03, 2010, 05:01:50 pm »
Edsa Ave. cor. Scout Borromeo St., Quezon City.
(Near Timog Ave.)


- Francesca Tower is so convenietly located along Edsa Ave. and at the heart of Timog area in
Quezon City. .
- Francesca Tower is just in walking distance to the best bars and restaurants, ABS-CBN and
- Francesca Tower is just minutes away from SM CITY and TRINOMA MALL.
- Francesca Tower is just a block away from GMA-Kamuning MRT station.
- Francesca Tower has multiple-access to transportation like the MRT, Bus and Taxicabs just
right at the building’s doorstep.


- Francesca Tower is now Ready-For-Occupancy! Meaning you don’t have to wait for months or
years before you can enjoy your property.
- Francesca Tower offers very affordable price per unit compared to other condominiums of the
same size and location.
- Francesca Tower offers in-house financing scheme for fast financing approval and minimal
document requirements.
- Francesca Tower offers a very flexible payment scheme. The Downpayment is payable up to 12
months without interest.
- Francesca Tower requires only 5% of the selling price for the buyer to move-in.
- Francesca Tower has no overlapping payment schedules from monthly downpayment up to the
monthly amortizations.
- Francesca Tower is also a good option for condominium rental business due to its great
location, spacious units and low monthly condominium dues.

- Sample Unit Selling Prices:
42.7 sq.m. unit(with balcony) — Php 1,883,070.00
52.10 sq.m. unit(with wide balcony) — Php 2,297,610.00


- Francesca Tower prouds itself to have low monthly maintenance dues to be collected from its
unit owners.
This is because the building was constructed on a practical perspective. Only essential
condominium facilities to be maintained.
- Francesca Tower has BARE FINISH Loft Type Units. And the loft levels can be converted up
to 3 bedrooms.
Our units can accomodate the whole family!
- Francesca Units has spacious units compared to other condominiums of the same price and
- Francesca Tower has 4 high-speed elevators with services allocated to certain floors for
effeciency and security.
- Francesca Tower has generously spacious hallways and staircases for effeciency and comfort.
- Francesca Tower is only a 12-storey condominium ( with higher privacy compared to high
population condominums).
- Francesca Tower houses private commercial establishments on the ground and second floor
(primarily essential products)


Here is a sample comp*tation for a 42.70 sq.m. unit.

Unit Selling Price: Php 1,806,210.00
Misc. Fee: Php 20,000.00
Gov. Fee: Php 63,217.35
Total Contract Price: Php 1,884,427.35

10% Downpayment: Php 180,621.00
Downpayment in 12 mos.: Php 15,051.75

90% Balance: Php 1,625,589.00
Monthly for 14 years: Php 22,115.98

Misc Fee + Gov. Fee: Php 78,217.35 upon completion of 90% balance.


- If our property met your standards, choose a unit of your choice and fill up the reservation
- Only Php 5,000.00 is required for you to reserve your chosen unit now.
- The reservation will be valid for 30 days.
- The first monthly downpayment will commence 30 days after the reservation date.


- Marriage/Birth Certificate
- Post Dated Checks
- Picture (3 pcs. 1×1)
- Cedula
- T.I.N.
- Photocopy of 2 valid ID
- Proof of billing address


Call or Text,
Mobile Number: 09108600334 /09099752755
Email: soncan_15@yahoo.com
Look for: Mr. Sonny P. CAnto

- Price indicated is in Philippine Peso currency.
- Bare units will be turned-over to the buyers.

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Ready-For-Occupancy Condo At a Low Price – Francesca Tower Condominium near GMA-


- Floor Area: Spacious 42.70 sq.m. (convertible up to 3 bedrooms)
- Spacious Loft-Type(2 Level) Units.
- Only 5%DP for you to move-in.
- Ready For Occupancy Units.
- With Balcony.
- USP: Php 1,883,070.00

FEATURES elegant reception area with 24/7 concierge security with FREE guest
parking. Just a stone throw away from GMA network office, ABS-CBN, and only four(4)
blocks away from Tomas Morato. Very accessible, just 3-5 mins, going to UP, Ateneo,
East Avenue Hospital, Philippine Heart Center, Philippine Children’s Hospital, St.
Luke’s Hospital, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Office of the Ombudsman,
NEA, SM City, Trinoma.

Should you buy a pre-selling condo or a ready-for-occupancy
condo unit? – Part 1
Posted on June 7, 2011 by abisoft

If you are a first time condominium buyer in Metro Manila’s major cities such as
Makati, Mandaluyong, Quezon City or Paranaque City , there will be a moment where
you have to decide on wether to buy a condo at pre-selling stage or buy it ready for

A ready-for-occupancy unit can be really tempting but as well as the benefits that you
can get on a condo at pre-selling stage. a pre-construction condo or as a lot Filipinos
consider as pre-selling condo is distinct in many ways compared to a ready-for-
occupancy unit. They may be the same real estate but the benefits they offer differ
variously. So as the effect on your planned condo rental business.

Lets start with the benefits of a pre-selling condo unit.

It is true that pre-selling condos may take time to be realized. But if you know the many
benefits of buying it aside from the lower prices, you might just be more patient until the
unit is turned-over to you.

As a condo rental business entrepreneur in Manila, buying a property at pre-selling
prices gives a lot of room for profit in the near future. Not only that having a new
condominium unit can give you an added advantage in attracting new tenants, a newly
opened condo rental unit can also command higher rental rates by the time you offer it
to your prospective tenants. Here are some reasons why a buying a condo at pre-selling
stage is an attractive option.

A condo unit is a lot cheaper at this stage.
The main deciding factor in investing on a property is its purchase price. That is why if
you can buy a property with a price that is 30% lower, then it should be a no brainer
decision. And yes there might be a lot of other factors that you need to consider(and you
should) before you actually purchase the unit, but having to avail a lower price which
you might not enjoy you if you wait a little longer is a one sparkling opportunity that is
hard to regret about. A Makati condominium with a price of a Quezon City
Condominium is a good example.

Easy payment schemes and streched downpayment.

The downpayment is sometimes the hardest barrier that stops most people from buying
their very first condominum unit. You may be able to afford the monthly amortization,
but without savings for the downpayment, your desired finished condominium unit is
still unlikely to be realized. During the pre-selling stage, most developers offers a
stretched downpayment where the monthly payment for the downpayment is
sometimes lower than the monthly amortization. With this very generous offer, you may
be able to get hold of a unit right now, even without enough money for the
downpayment. and that could mean that you are already protected from the future price
increases and already take advantage of earnings on equity as the property appreciates
on value.

You can still choose the best locations.

In real estate, location is the best factor that you can hold on to. That is also true
specifically on a condominium property. After the purchase, you can negotiate almost
every other factor such the design of the unit but not the location of the unit and the
location of the condominium building itself. At the pre-selling stage, you still have the
luxury of choosing the best locations since the project is still fresh on the market and
there is a lot of units available to choose from. Let’s say there are only few corner units
with the best view and you can stil get it at an introductory price. Once all the corner
units a sold-out, you now have a better command at the price if ever you decide to offer
your unit for rent or resale. And if you decided to just live in it, it would be really nice to
know that your condo had the best view, yet with the best price!

Prices tend to be higher when the unit is turned-over to you.
Real estate always goes up. Well, that might not be so true at some very seldom
circumstances but real estate really goes up in value. In pre-selling prices, the value
appreciation is even more faster until the unit is turned-over to you the unit owner.
Early movers are being rewarded with equity earnings that can be derived from the
accelerated value appreciation as the condominium property development proccess
nears completion. Another thing is, as the the property develops, risk is also minimized
from an intangible, planned, ”contract-to-sell” asset to a finished and tangile
condominium property with amenities that you can really enjoy.

As an investor or a condo-for-rent businessman, purchasing a condo at pre-selling stage
gives you an opportuniy to earn on real estate equity even if your condo unit is not yet
turned over. For those who are not yet familiar with the word, real estate equity is the
difference between what the property is worth and what the owner owes from the
developer or most of the time, the financing institution for the said property,

But of course there are also condo buyers who would want to buy a finished condo unit.
On what their reasons are, it must include some or most of the benefits of buying a
ready-for-occupancy condo listed on my next post: The Benefits of a Ready-for-
Occupancy Condo unit. Thank you for reading.

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