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									Fact Sheet
The Little Love Books are pre-designed scrapbook photo albums that combine the charm of handcrafted
scrapbooks with the ease of photo albums. All that’s left to do is slide in your photos! We’ve even
included everything you need; a sheet of double-sided mounting tape and a free archive-safe pen to
journal your memories.

Everyone, everywhere is interested in preserving their memories and sharing their experiences. For
many, scrapbooking is a fantastic means to collect, preserve and present these memories. However, for
many more the significant investment of time and supplies is too high a barrier to pursue this hobby.
Others feel that they simply don’t have the “talent” to create beautiful craftwork. More often than not
people resort to simply stashing away their memories into cumbersome albums or simply dumping their
photos into a shoebox. Even those consumers embracing the digital photography phenomenon are
grappling with ways to preserve and share their memories.

Product Description
Designed as a fun and easy way to preserve memories in today’s busy lifestyle, each “Little Love Book”
contains 20 hand-designed, themed pages with die cut windows where photos simply slip in. Every page
is made from heavy archival safe paper and wrapped in a softly padded and stitched leatherette cover
which also features a window to add a photo. This distinctive design means each book can be completed
in just minutes.

All of the books are hand-designed by scrapbooking and memorabilia enthusiast, Lisa Lee. As a busy
mom of three, Lisa created the Little Love Books as a way to share her love of scrapbooking with her
friends and family by taking the time, expense and effort out of the process. Currently available in Baby
Boy, Baby Girl, Love and Home editions, the Little Love Books are the perfect gift to help preserve
memories in a fun and easy way. At an attractive MSRP of only $24.95, the “Little Love Books” are priced
to appeal to anyone looking for a personal and memorable gift.

Industry Research
The 2004 “Scrapbooking in America”™ (SIA) survey estimates annual industry sales at $2.5 billion, a
27.8 percent increase from 2001 & according to the Craft & Hobby Association, scrapbooking is the
nation’s 3rd most popular craft. In the photo industry, total digital imaging shipments are expected to
exceed 32 million units, with revenues projected to reach $8 billion according to the Consumer
Electronics Association (CEA)

        “The typical U.S. picture-taker is a mother with two children, who is fully occupied sixteen hours a
        day. Her albums are the family's archive-maybe their most emotionally valuable possession. She
        wants to personally show those pictures, or send hard copy prints - not just e-mail them - to her
        friends and relatives."

           Martin Coyne II, Eastman Kodak Photography Group Executive

Lisa Lee - Founder & CEO
Recognized as an avid scrapbooking and memorabilia enthusiast for over a decade, Lisa is an expert on
the tools, techniques and people in today’s billion-dollar scrapbooking industry. She’s been repeatedly
commissioned to create custom albums and has developed dozens of her own. Having traveled to
numerous tradeshows to share her work and passion for scrapbooking, Lisa has been recognized by the
industry’s top professionals for her natural talent and enthusiasm. She has developed an extremely
versatile style and an ability to design unique pages appropriate for a variety of interests, audiences and

          Phone: 954-323-8806 • Fax: 954-234-2970 | | 905 Nandina Dr. Weston, FL 33327
tastes. Lisa serves as Creative Director for the Little Love Books and she is responsible for the content
development, page designs and overall creative direction.

For more information or wholesale and retail opportunities visit or call (888) 697-

           Phone: 954-323-8806 • Fax: 954-234-2970 | | 905 Nandina Dr. Weston, FL 33327

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