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                    COLUMBIA CITY HIGH SCHOOL
This is a training agreement between the student-intern, the teacher, the school and the parents of the student-intern. All
parties concerned acknowledge that the purpose and intent of the Training Agreement is to insure the educational value of
the student’s internship experience; and to establish an agreement with objectives to this end, that the participants are
aware of, committed to and concerned with. All parties entering into this agreement will ensure equal opportunity
experiences regardless of race, color, religion, gender, handicapped conditions, or national origin, including limited
English proficiency.


Intern Mentor_______________________________________________________________________________

Internship Coordinator _______________________________________________________________________

School Year ______________________                           Trimester __________

The Student-Intern Agrees To:
1. Comply with the policies and procedures of the classroom in which he or she is interning in.
2. Abide by the rules and regulations of Columbia City High School as outlined by the student handbook.
3. Wear ID badge and lanyard at all times during in-house internship.
4. Stay on school grounds at all times. Leaving school grounds for any reason will result in loss of credit and
   removal from in-house internship, and placement in in-school suspension.
5. Comply with the confidentiality agreement.
6. If I am unable to fulfill my duties in a professional manner and abuse this freedom, I can be released from
   my position and placed in in-school suspension for the duration of my internship with loss of credit.

Intern-Mentor Agrees To:
1. Report intern absences to attendance secretary each period.
2. Provide tasks to be performed in accordance with the interns training plan.
3. Monitor intern daily to ensure they are wearing their ID badge, report on time and act in a professional
4. Evaluate the student-intern’s performance every 6 week grading period.
5. Contact the Internship Coordinator if issues occur with intern.

Intern-Coordinator Agrees To:
1. Provide evaluation rubrics to Intern-Mentor to be administered by the mentor and returned to the
2. Input all two week, midterm and final grade in Harmony.
3. Service as the liaison between parents, student-intern, intern-mentor and school personnel in regards to

Parent/Guardian Agrees To:
1. Communicate any concerns or questions with the teacher and the Internship Coordinator.
2. Encourage student-intern to maintain good work habits at school.


Intern Mentor______________________________________________________________________________