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The Greens unexpected ancestors


Everybody is labeling the Greens. Most of the labels, with considerable justification, seek to highlight various origins on the political Left. However, there are also aspects of the Greens which clearly hold significant appeal to a certain segment of the moral middle class, a group which, particularly in Victoria, is often associated with the Deakinite tradition within Australian liberalism. More prosaically, former Victorian Labor Premier, John Brumby, keen to ensure that the Greens were held to the same standards of accountability as the major parties during the recent election campaign, never referred just to 'the Greens' but always used the longer label, 'the Greens political party'. The more recent policies of both the major parties have been less appealing to people of this worldview. The Greens are now the best fit for many of them. And make no mistake, the Greens are a profoundly middle class party.

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