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									                                              PORT QASIM AUTHORITY
                                                    (STORES DEPARTMENT)

                                           TENDER FOR PURCHASE OF GPS SYSTEM.
                                               TENDER OPENED ON 05.08.2010

                                                    EVALUATION REPORT
                                         Note: Rates mentioned below are inclusive of 17% GST.

File No. PQA/ST/P-145/06-07
Dated :- 26.02.2011

S. #    DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS                                                     Qty.        M/s East West Infiniti
  1     GARMIN GPSMAP521                                                        05 Nos        Unit Price 68,000.00
        Compact chartplotter that features an ultra –bright 5// (12.7 cm)                    15% GST Exempt
        QVGA color display along with an improved high-speed digital                         Total Price.
        design for increased map drawing and panning speeds, built-in,                       340,000.00
        satellite-enhanced worldwide basemap and an easy-to–use
        interface designed to help you navigate the open waters with
        ease. The GPSMAP 521 also accepts BlueChart g2 vision
        cards for added features and functionality such as high-
        resolution satellite imagery, 3-D views and Auto Guidance
  2      OPTIONAL: Add-on Sounder                                               05 Nos       Unit Price 9,000.00
        Power dual frequency transducer that clearly illustrates depth                       15% GST Exempt
        contours, fish targets and structures whether in freshwater or off                   Total Price.
        the coast. The GPSMAP 421 is NMEA 2000- certified for easy                           45,000.00
        connectivity with sensors, instruments and future marine

  3     Optional: detailed SD Card Indian Ocean Charts                          05 Nos       Unit Price 32,000.00
        Two detailed charts are available                                                    15% GST Exempt
        HXAWOO3R Indian Ocean or/ and HXAWOO5R The Gulf, Red                                 Total Price.
        Sea and Pakistan.                                                                    160,000.00

                                                                     Grand Total Rs. 5,45,000.00
             The Tender was advertised on Print Media PPRA & PQA website which was opened on 05.8.2010, in response only
       one quotation of M/s East West Infiniti was received and Cost Centre recommended for purchase of items.


    The committee member recommended M/s. East West Infiniti , the only supplier submitted the quotation and recommended
     by the Cost Centre, the total cost involves to purchase the items comes to Rs. 5,45,000.00.

   Members of the Evaluation Committee.

                           DM (Finance)                   Rep. of DD Vigilance              DM (Proc)
Indenting Deptt          Member of the Committee         Member of the Committee        Member of the Committee

                                          (In presence of Abdul Sattar Bhatti)
                                                Manager (Procurement)

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