Complaint Procedures

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					                                  Complaint Procedures

Miller County School system follows the basic guidelines for filing a complaint as the
Georgia Department of Education for:

    A.   Grounds for a Complaint
    B.   Federal Programs for Which Complaints Can Be Filed
    C.   Filing a Complaint
    D.   Investigation of the Complaint

Grounds for a Complaint

Any individual, organization or agency may file a complaint with the LEA (Local
Education Agency, also referred to as Miller County Schools) if that individual believes
that the LEA is not meeting the requirements of ESEA- Elementary and Educational
Education Act of 1965 or the requirements put forth for LEAs by the Georgia Department
of Education.

Federal Programs for Which Complaints Can Be Filed

   Title I, Part A- Improving Academic Achievement
   Title I, Part C- Education of Migrant Children
   Title I, Part D- Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children Who Are
    Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk
   Title IIA- Improving Teacher Quality
   Title IID- Enhancing Education Through Technology
   Title III- English Language Acquisition, Language Development, and Academic
   Title VIB- Rural and Low Income Schools

Included within Title IA are complaints in regard to services provided to Private Schools,
Public School Choice and SES (Supplemental Educational Services).

Filing a Complaint

A complaint must be in writing and signed by the complainant. The complaint must
include the following:

   A statement that the LEA, agency or consortium of agencies has violated a
    requirement of a Federal statute or regulation that applies to an applicable program;
   The date on which the violation occurred;
   The facts on which the statement is based and the specific requirement allegedly
    violated (include citation to the Federal status or regulation);
   A list of the names and telephone numbers of individuals who can provide additional
   Whether a complaint has been filed with any other government agency, and if so,
    which agency;
   Copies of all applicable documents supporting the complainant’s position; and
   The address of the complainant.
   The complaint must be addressed to:
    Robert Green- Title I Director
    Miller County Board of Education
    96 Perry Street
    Colquitt, GA. 39837

Investigating a Complaint

Within 48 hours of a written complaint, the Title I Director will contact the complainant
for an appointment to review the complaint and obtain any addition information
necessary to the complaint.

Following the initial meeting with the complainant, the Title I Director will review the
complaint with the Superintendent of Schools and recommend 1 or more of the

   Contact the complainant to review written documentation signed by the Director and
    Superintendent as to how the school system believes the complaint is unfounded with
    recommendation to contact the Georgia Department of Education to further pursue
    the complaint if desired. Meeting will be scheduled within 14 days of written of
    written complaint and/or complainant will be given documentation as to the system’s
    need for additional days.
   Attend a meeting with the Director and the Superintendent to review an action plan to
    resolve the complaint. All applicable parties will attend the meeting. The action plan
    will include the timeline and resources recommended to resolve the complaint. The
    action plan will include information as to how to contact the Georgia Department of
    Education if the complainant disagrees with the action plan. The action plan will be
    signed by the Superintendent, Title I Director, all applicable parties, and the
    complainant if in agreement.
   Inform the complainant that the complaint has been forwarded to the Georgia
    Department of Education or school system legal representative within 14 days of
    written complaint. The complainant will receive a certified letter signed by the
    Superintendent and Title I Director outlining how the school system intends to inform
    the complainant of guidance given by the Georgia Department of Education or system
    legal representative(s).